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Randi's Rock Star Fiction
The Man In My Dreams

A Joe Elliott Story

Dec 31st, 2003 - Jan 3rd, 2004



Part 1

Randi sat on her couch still debating on going to the concert tonight.  She really did want to see the show, but she would have to go alone. Randi had never been to a concert without a friend accompanying her, but this time would be different.

“Oh what the hell.” Randi said to herself as she stood up. “I already bought the ticket I might as well go. If I don’t enjoy it I can always get up and leave.”

Randi went to the bathroom to shower and get ready. After her shower, she got dressed. Then Randi dried and styled her hair and put on her makeup. She still had about an hour before the doors opened to the arena. She stepped outside. It was nice out. The arena was only a few blocks away from her house so she thought she would walk. This way she wouldn’t have to fight for parking place.

Randi took one last look in the mirror before grabbing her keys. A few minutes later she was on her way. The whole way there she thought of how wonderful it would be if she could talk to Joe, even if only for a minute. Randi shook her head at the idea.

“Who am I kidding? Even if he does see me, he wouldn’t talk to me.”

Before she went to stand in line to get in Randi decided to walk past the buses. She was hoping to catch a glimpse of Joe. She stood there for several minutes watching, but didn’t see anyone. She finally gave up and walked towards the doors. Randi stood in line waiting patiently for the doors to open. Finally the doors opened and the crowd started to move.

She went to the souvenir stand to purchase a few things. She got a new shirt, a key chain, and a poster then went to find her seat. She had a floor seat, but it was the very last row on the floor.

“Oh well, I guess it’s better then being in the balcony.” Randi said to herself as she sat down. The arena was getting full and Randi was anxious for the concert to start. The lights dimmed and the music started.


The concert was great. Randi really enjoyed herself. When it was over the band said goodnight and left the stage. Slowly the crowd filed out of the arena. Randi waited until most of the crowd was gone before she got up. Once she exited the arena she found herself near the tour buses again. She didn’t have anything better to do so she decided to hang around for a while. Somehow she managed to get close enough to the buses that the guys would without a doubt see her if they came out.

After about half an hour she was about to give up and go home when the back door to the arena opened. Out came The Leps with Mal following close behind. Randi started to smile, this was her chance, and maybe this would be the night she would get to meet Joe Elliott. When the guys got close to the buses they noticed Randi standing there. They all waved at her as they got on the buses.

Joe looked Randi deep in the eyes when he reached her. He was about to stop and talk to her when Mal butted in. “Sorry ma’am, but we are in a ‘urry, no autographs tonight. Maybe next time.”

Randi fought the tears, and Joe seen the look of disappointment on her face. Reluctantly he got on the bus, and he watched out the window as Randi walked away with her head hung low. It was hard to tell with the tinted windows, and the fact that it was dark out, but he thought he saw a single tear slip down the fans cheek.

Randi decided to walk around for a while before going home. She couldn’t believe she had come so close, and didn’t even get to talk to him. Randi found herself in the park and decided to swing for a while…


“Damn it Mal, why did you ‘ave to do that?” Joe snapped as the entered the hotel.

“Why did I do wot?” Mal said.

“Say that to that fan? It was only one person. It wouldn’t ‘ave ‘urt for us to stop and talk to ‘er for a minute.”

“You guys need to get some sleep, that’s why. You ‘ave another show tomorrow.”

“I don’t need any sleep. I want to talk to that lady.” Joe said hatefully as he started to walk away.

“Joe don’t you dare leave.” Mal demanded.

“I will leave if I want, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it Malvin.” Joe said as he stormed towards the door.

“You better ‘ave your arse back here in time for the next gig.” Mal yelled.

“Yeah, wotever.” Joe yelled back.

Everyone in the hotel lobby was standing silently watching the commotion. The rest of the band just shook their heads.

“Why does ‘e ‘ave to be so damn stubborn?” Mal muttered.

“You know ‘ow Joe is mate. ‘E will be back.” Phil said.

“Well ‘e better be.” Mal said as he walked to the desk…


Part 2

Randi was still sitting in the park on the swings. The tears slid down her face as she lectured herself. “Pull yourself together Randi. You knew you wouldn’t get to talk to him, so why are you sitting here crying about it?”

Just then she noticed a man walking down the sidewalk. She lowered her head back down, but quickly jerked it back up. “Oh Randi, who are you kidding? It’s just wishful thinking. There is no way Joe would be walking around by himself like that.”

Randi started swinging again as the man disappeared down the sidewalk. She started daydreaming about what it would have been like to meet Joe. A moment later she heard something move behind her and it jarred her out of her daydream. She looked behind her, but didn’t see anyone or anything.


“ ‘Ello luv.” She heard a deep voice say.

She nearly jumped out of her swing. She turned to see a tall, sexy, blonde haired, green-eyed man standing beside her.

“Ok now I know I am dreaming.” Randi said to herself.

“Wot was that luv?” Joe said smiling. “I assure you, you aren’t dreaming.”

“Is it really you?” Randi asked still in disbelieve.

“Well luv, that depends on who you think I am.” Joe said as he flashed his brilliant green eyes at her.

“Joe??? Joe Elliott of Def Leppard?” Randi stuttered.

“The one and only.” Joe said as he took Randi’s hand and kissed it gently.

“How did you find me? What are you doing here?” Randi started to ramble. Now that Joe was talking to her, she was a nervous wreck.

“Shh…” Joe said as he took both her hands and lifted her up out of the swing. “Slow down luv, you are talking so fast I can barely understand you.”

“I am sorry Joe, I guess I am just a little nervous.”

“Nervous? Now why would you be nervous? It’s just lil’ ole me.” Joe said with his thick accent.

“Just lil’ ole you?” Randi said incredulously.

“Luv you really need to relax a little if you expect us to ‘ave any type of conversation. Wot is your name luv?” Joe asked.

“It’s Randi.”

“Well Randi, how about I help you relax a little.” Joe said as he moved towards her.

“I don’t know…” She started to protest, but it was too late.

Joe leaned down and brushed his lips across Randi’s. Her breath caught as she breathed in the scent of Joe’s cologne. She was about to move away when Joe wrapped his arms around her and kissed her again, harder this time. Randi’s body melted against Joe. Slowly Joe started tracing Randi’s lips with his tongue, before plunging it deep into her mouth.


Once Randi seemed to be relaxed Joe let go of her. She took a step back and looked at Joe.

“Are you ok luv?” Joe asked.

“Yes…that, that was amazing.”

Joe flashed a smile at her. “Now Randi, why don’t we try talking again.”

“Ok. What are you doing here? I heard Mal tell you guys that you didn’t have time to stop and talk to me.”

“Yeah, well ‘e can kiss me British arse. No one tells me when I can or can’t speak to a beautiful lady.” Joe said with a smirk.

Randi blushed. “But why Joe? Why would you waste your time on me? Mal is right you need your rest. You really should get back.”

“Nonsense Randi. When I seen the look on your face when Mal said I couldn’t stop and talk to you, I knew I ‘ad to find you. I couldn’t stand the ‘urt in your eyes. I ‘ad to come apologize to you.” Joe said looking deep into her eyes.

“I really appreciate this Joe, but how did you find me?”

“I watched you walking away as the buses pulled away. When we got to the hotel I went off on Mal, then stormed out. I just started walking in the direction I saw you last.”

“How did you know it was me sitting over here?” Randi asked.

“I didn’t know for sure, but I saw you watching me when I walked past so I thought I would try me luck. So I crossed me fingers and walked over this way ‘oping it would be you.”

“I never thought this day would actually happen. Thanks for taking the time to find me and talk to me Joe. It means a lot. It was nice meeting you. You have no idea how long I have dreamed of meeting you. Maybe I will see you next time you perform here. Goodnight.” Randi said as she kissed Joe gently on the cheek then started to walk away.


Joe stood there for a moment just watching her. He couldn’t believe she was leaving. Maybe he stepped over the line by kissing her the way he did. He couldn’t let her go like that. He left the hotel with the intention of getting to know her, and he planned to do it.

She was still walking away, slowly. Deep down she was hoping Joe would follow her, but she wasn’t about to let him know that. She didn’t want him, the man she adored, to think she was easy, or throwing herself at him.

“Randi…” Joe said. He was still standing by the swing. Randi slowed down, but didn’t stop.

“ ‘Ey Randi… Please wait up.” Joe said as he started jogging towards her.

Randi stopped and waited for him to catch up.

“Why did you take off? Did I do something to upset you?” Joe asked.

“You said you just wanted to find me to apologize. You apologized, so I figured you were ready to head back to your hotel. I didn’t want you to feel like I was trying to force you into staying.” Randi told him.

“Randi luv, I told you earlier no one forces me to do anything.” Joe said smiling. “ ‘Ow about we go get something to eat? I am starved.”

“Ok.” Randi said.

Joe took her by the hand and led her to the sidewalk.

They went to a small bar. They both ordered a hamburger and fries and a drink. Joe and Randi sat talking while they ate. When they were done Randi asked Joe if he wanted to come to her place for a while. She didn’t know what had come over her, and couldn’t believe she had gotten the guts to invite him to her home.

Joe agreed to go. He paid the tab, and then they headed towards Randi’s.


Part 3

When they reached Randi’s she got out her keys and unlocked her door. Joe opened it and they walked in. She wasn’t sure what to expect. She had always had all these fantasies of Joe Elliott coming home with her, but she never in a million years thought it would really happen.

“So luv, is there anything you would like to do?” Joe asked with an evil grin.

“Well…” Randi blushed. She couldn’t believe what she was thinking.

“I am all yours.” Joe told her.


Randi didn’t know what was coming over her, but she suddenly felt overly brave. She walked over to Joe and wrapped her arms around his neck and began kissing him. Joe placed his hands on her ass and lifted her up. Randi could feel the bulge in his pants growing. She broke the kiss and look at Joe. Her cheeks were flushed from the heat of the kiss, and Joe’s eyes were a deep green. She knew he wanted more. Randi let go of Joe and he let her down. Randi took him by the hand and led Joe to her bedroom.

Randi turned on her bedroom light. Joe pulled her up against him. He dipped down and started kissing her neck. Randi sighed slightly. Joe began running his hands up and down the front of Randi. He could feel her getting weak. So he picked her up and carried her to the bed. Randi sat on the edge of her bed and removed her shirt. Joe noticed immediately that her nipples were hard. He reached out to her and ran his palms over her hardened nipples through the silky material.  Randi arched her back slightly as her body began to tingle. Joe stopped and shed his shirt. Randi marveled at his muscles. She longed to be against him. She wanted to feel his strength. Randi was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the zipper on Joe’s pants. She looked up and saw for herself that the rumors were true. Joe was going commando. She gasped when she saw Joe’s manhood as he slid his pants down.  Randi suddenly felt extremely warm. Joe walked closer to her. Randi reached out and pulled him even closer to her. The python was at full attention.

“Do you like wot you see luv?” Joe asked in his sexy voice.

“Oh yes.” Randi said smiling.

 Joe closed his eyes as Randi brought her mouth to the head of his penis and began running her tongue over it. She took him in a little at a time until she had the whole length of him in her mouth. She grasped his balls with one hand and placed her other hand on his ass. Randi started to move her head up and down on him slowly at first, but she gradually picked up the speed. Joe couldn’t believe the way it felt. He had never had a blow job that felt this good before. He started fumbling with the clasp on Randi’s bra. He finally got it undone, and it slid down to her elbows. He watched as her breasts moved slightly. He wanted to touch them so bad. He reached out and began gently squeezing them. Randi moaned quietly as Joe continued to fondle her breasts. She could feel Joe starting to throb and knew he was getting close.  Randi went down on him as far as she could causing him to hit the back of her throat. Joe groaned loudly. Randi squeezed his balls and soon she felt his warm seed spill into her mouth. Once she had sucked every last drop of cum she let go of him and stood up. Joe was breathless.

“That was the best damn blow job I ‘ave ever ‘ad luv.” Joe said still trying to catch his breath.

“Really?” Randi asked, obviously embarrassed.

“Yes really. Where in the ‘ell did you learn to do that at?” Joe asked.

“Umm…” Randi said nervously. “Actually, that is the first time I have ever given a blow job before.”

“You’re shitting me.” Joe said looking at her. “Well you did a ‘ell of a job.”

“Thanks.” Randi said looking down and blushing.

“Now it’s me turn to take care of you luv.” Joe said as he pulled her up.

“Ok. I guess.” Randi said nervously.

“Wot’s wrong luv?” Joe asked. He knew something was wrong.

“I just don’t want to disappoint you that’s all.”

“You aren’t going to disappointment luv.”

“Joe I have only had sex twice, and it was over four years ago. My ex boyfriend was a jerk. He didn’t care about how I felt. After we split up I swore off men.” Randi said fighting back the tears.

Joe wrapped his arms around her. He wanted so much to take away her pain. Randi placed her head on Joe’s chest as he ran his fingers through her hair. “I promise you luv that I won’t ;urt you. I will make this a night you will never forget. That is, if you want me to. And I promise if you ask me to stop I will. I don’t believe in forcing me self on any woman.”

“Ok Joe.” Randi said as she pulled away from Joe to take off her jeans.

Joe picked her up and laid her on the bed. “So luv, do you know wot me favorite thing to do is?” He asked with and evil grin.

“Well I have heard rumors.” Randi said trying not to look him in the eye.

“And wot rumor is that?” Joe asked.

“That you like to go down on women.” Randi said blushing.

“Well luv, its not a rumor.” Joe said. “Now ‘ow about I show you just ‘ow much I like it.”

Joe went down to the foot of the bed. He lifting one of Randi’s legs and began placing and trail of kisses from the bottom of her leg up to her inner thigh, then back down. When he was done he did the same to the other leg. Randi broke out in goose bumps. Joe lay down on the bed. He ran his fingers through Randi’s silky curls making her squirm. He ran his tongue around the outer edge of Randi. She closed her eyes and waited to see what Joe planned to do next. She felt his fingers spreading her apart. She was glistening wet. He slid a finger slowly up and down the length of Randi.  Joe heard her whisper is name.

“Do you like that luv?” Joe asked in a deep husky voice.

Randi could only nod in response. Joe leaned down and flicked his tongue across Randi’s throbbing clit and she gasped. Joe chuckled.  He began sliding his tongue up and down her. Then he began circling her clit with his tongue before sucking on it gently. Randi could feel her body tensing up.

“Joe please don’t stop.” She begged. Joe slipped a finger inside of her in response. “Oh God.” She cried out. Joe slipped another finger inside of her, and then started moving them in and out of her. He found her g-spot. “OH JOE. I THINK I AM GOING TO CUM.” She yelled as her hips bucked.

“That’s it luv.” Joe said as the sweet juices came rushing out of Randi. Joe didn’t stop until he had lapped up everything she offered him.

Joe got up and went to lie beside her. He put an arm under Randi and pulled her close to him. Randi laid her head on his chest. She skimmed her finger up and down Joe’s chest and stomach. Joe was becoming aroused again. Randi sat up and began kissing Joe passionately. She plunged her tongue deep into Joe’s mouth. Joe kissed back for a moment before sitting up too. He laid Randi down on the bed.

“Do you trust me enough to make love to you?” Joe asked. Randi nodded. Joe began kissing her again as he positioned himself over her.

“Joe, please be gentle. You’re so big.”

Joe smiled proudly. “I will I promise.” Joe guided himself to Randi’s waiting entry. He slid the head of himself up and down her and few times before trying to enter her. Slowly he began sliding into her. He felt her tense up so he started talking to her. “I promise to be gentle luv, all you ‘ave to say is stop if I ‘urt you.” She relaxed a little as Joe tried again. Randi whimpered a little as he entered her.

“Oh God.” Joe growled. “Oh luv, you are so hot and tight. You feel so damn good. I am not going to last long.”

“Joe.” Randi whispered as he started to move slowly inside her. Joe watched her closely. She had her eyes closed.

“Open your eyes luv, look at me please.” Joe coaxed gently. Randi opened her eyes. Joe’s eyes were the most beautiful green she had ever seen.  “Are you ok luv?”

“Yes please don’t stop.” Randi begged as she started moving her hips to match Joe’s thrusts.

“Oh Randi, I could make love to you all night.”

“Joe.” She whispered again as she felt Joe starting to throb inside of her. Joe placed his hands on Randi’s breasts he began caressing them tenderly.

“Oh luv, you are so tight, I can’t wait any longer I am going to cum.” Joe growled as he shot inside of her.  He continued to move inside of her until he felt her muscles tightening around him.

“Oh Joe.” She cried as her body trembled underneath him. “Joe…”

Joe ran his fingers through her hair as he watched the look of pleasure on her face while her orgasm took over her. When she was done Joe collapsed on top of her.

“Thank you Joe.” Randi whispered into his ear.

“No thank you luv, you were wonderful.” Joe said as he kissed her again.

After they both caught there breath they got up and got dressed.

“Randi, I would really like to see you again if that’s ok with you.” Joe told.

“I would like that too.” Randi said smiling.

“Well ‘ow about you come to the concert tomorrow and we can go out afterwards.”

“I don’t have a ticket.”

“I didn’t ask if you had a ticket. I asked you to come to the concert.”

Randi blushed. “Ok.”

“Well luv its really getting late. I need to get some rest. Promise you will be at the concert tomorrow?”

“I promise.”

“Ok then luv, I will send for a limo to pick you up tomorrow afternoon.”

“Ok Joe, thank you.”

“Thank you for a wonderful night.”

“It was me pleasure luv. Goodnight.” Joe said then he gave her one last kiss before leaving.


Part 4

Randi walked back her room and got ready to go to sleep. She brushed her hair then slipped on her leopard print nightgown. She turned out her light and got ready to slip into bed when the doorbell rang. At first she was afraid to answer. She couldn’t imagine who would possibly be at her door at this hour. Then it rang again followed by a knock on the door. So she put on her robe and went to the door. She couldn’t believe it; Joe was standing at her door.

“What are you doing back? I thought you was going back to the hotel to get some sleep.” Randi said

“I know, but I was thinking of you while I walked and when I got to the park I decided to come back ‘ere. There is no way I could go to the ‘otel and get any sleep. I want to stay ‘ere with you tonight, if that’s ok with you.” Joe said, hoping she wouldn’t turn him down.

“Ok, sure. Come on in.” Randi said as she stepped aside so Joe could come in.

Joe and Randi walked back to her bedroom hand in hand. Randi turned down the blankets and fluffed the extra pillows up.

“I ‘ope you don’t mind, but I sleep in the buff. Is that ok?” Joe asked.

“Sure, but just so you know, I sleep in the nude too.” Randi said smiling.

“Oh yeah!” Joe said as he shed his clothes. The two lay down and Randi turned off her lamp. She couldn’t believe Joe Elliott was spending the night with her. “Come ‘ere luv and I will ‘old you.” Joe whispered as he reached out for her. Randi moved over to Joe. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her against his muscular chest. Randi sighed, as she got comfortable. Joe began running his hand up and down Randi’s backside.

“Joe if you keep that up, we aren’t going to get any sleep.”

“Oh really?” Joe asked with a cocky grin. “Well ‘ow about if I do this?” Joe said as he tilted her head up and began kissing her passionately.

“Mmm…” Randi sighed as she sat up and slid on top of him. She could feel him get hard instantly as she began kissing his neck, and nibbling on his ears.

“You are such a beautiful woman Randi.” Joe whispered to her.

“Thanks Joe.” Randi said feeling her self blush. She sat up and began scraping her fingernails up and down Joe’s chest. Joe reached up and took a breast in each hand. He squeezed them roughly making Randi whimper. Joe pulled her down and took a taunt nipple into his mouth and began sucking and nipping at it with his teeth. Randi dug her nails into Joe’s back as he continued to tease her.

“I want to make love to you again Joe. Please.” Randi begged.

“Sure luv, anything you say.” Joe said as he sat up. He gently laid Randi down on the bed. He kissed her again. He slid his hand between her legs he slipped a finger inside of her; she was warm, wet and tight. He moved his finger in and out of her gently and slowly at first, and then gradually picked up his pace. He didn’t want to overdo it and hurt her. Joe began caressing Randi’s clit. She let out a low moan.

“Make love to me now Joe.” Randi demanded. “I want to feel you inside of me.” Joe smiled, and then positioned himself over Randi. She was more relaxed this time and he was able to enter her with ease. He moved in and out of her. Randi started moving her hips to match Joe’s thrusts.

“Are you ok luv?” Joe asked.

“Harder Joe.” Randi told him.

“Are you sure luv? I don’t want to ‘urt you.” Joe asked, afraid he would hurt her if he did it harder.

“Yes I am sure. Harder Joe, I want to feel you moving deep inside me.” Randi gasped. Joe started moving in and out fast and harder. Randi’s head tossed restlessly from side to side. She felt Joe place a hand on her breast, so she laid her hand on top of his. She squeezed his hand and wrapped her legs around him.

“Oh Randi.” Joe growled.

“Don’t stop Joe.” Randi told him.

“I won’t stop until you are ready.” Joe told her. Joe placed his free hand between them and began rolling Randi’s throbbing clit between his finger and thumb. Randi gasped.

“Cum for me luv. I want you cum baby.” Joe coaxed. Joe could feel her started to tighten around him.

“JOE, OH JOE.” Randi screamed.

“That’s it luv… Oh God…” Joe said between breaths. Randi’s muscles contracted around Joe’s rock hard shaft. Joe jerked as his orgasm claimed him too. He leaned down and kissed Randi before rolling off of her and lying down beside her. “You are incredible luv.” Joe said still trying to catch his breath.

“So are you Joe.” Randi told him. “Thank you for coming back.”

“It was me pleasure.” Joe said as Randi laid her head on his chest and draped her leg over his. “Good night luv.”

“Goodnight Joe.” Randi said as she closed her eyes. Randi slipped off to sleep with a smile on her face thinking about her night with Joe.


Part 5

Randi started to wake the next morning as the sun began to peek through the curtains. She was stiff, but wasn’t sure why. It must have been the dream she had last night. “Wow what a dream that was!” She thought to herself. “Joe Elliott, here in my house, in my bed, making love to me.” She nearly laughed out loud at the thought. She turned over in her bed and stretched out. There was something or someone in her bed. Randi’s eyes flew open and she was about to scream, but before she could she saw the two most gorgeous green eyes she had ever seen in her life looking at her. Randi gasped. She had to be dreaming, she just had to be.

“Good morning Randi.” The sexiest voice she had ever heard in her life said.

“Pinch me, I know I am dreaming. This can’t be real.” Randi rambled on.

“You are rambling again luv. Slow down. You aren’t dreaming.” Joe said smiling. “You are one fabulous lady. I am glad I came back last night.”

“My God, it really did happen.” Randi said more to herself then to Joe. “No wonder I am so damn sore.”

Joe chuckled. “I bet you are luv.”  Joe was looking at her with a cocky grin.

“Joe?” Randi asked nervously.

“Wot’s wrong luv?” Joe asked, putting his cocky attitude aside.

“Why did you come find me last night? I mean I know you wanted to apologize to me for the way Mal acted, but why did you come home with me, and make love to me the way you did?”

“You are right, I did want to apologize for the way Mal acted. I came ‘ome with you and made love to you because you seem like a special lady who needed a real man to treat you the way you needed to be. You deserved to feel the way you did last night.” Joe told her as he pushed a lock of hair out of Randi’s face.

“Excuse me?” Randi said. Joe looked at her shocked. He wasn’t expecting that response. “I don’t NEED anyone to do anything for me. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. I am not some charity case.” Randi snapped, she was fighting the tears as she sat up in bed and turned to face the wall.

“Randi…” Joe said as he reached out and touched her shoulder. “I didn’t mean it like that.” Randi looked back at him and rolled her eyes then jerked her head away. “Randi please listen to me. I didn’t do it because I thought you were a charity case. I knew right away you were someone special. I came onto you first remember? Most women throw themselves at me. They ‘ave no respect for themselves or anyone else. I got just as much out of last night as you did. And if you will agree to it, I want to continue seeing you. Not just tonight after the concert. I think there is a real chemistry between the two of us. Please Randi look at me.” Joe begged.

Randi scooted back and leaned her body against Joe. He wrapped his arms around her and ran his fingers through her hair. “Are you still upset with me luv? The last thing I wanted to do is ‘urt you. I am sorry for upsetting you.”

Randi lifted her head and kissed Joe. “I am sorry for jumping to conclusions. I guess I am just too insecure. I would really like to keep seeing you too. You have no idea how long I have dreamed of just getting the chance to meet you.”

“Well I am glad I got the chance to make your dream come true.” Joe told her.

“You did more then just make my dream come true. You made my biggest fantasy come true too.” Randi said blushing. “Would you like some breakfast?”

“Sure luv.” Joe said. He knew she was trying to change the subject so he let her comment go. He didn’t want to embarrass her more.


Joe followed Randi to the kitchen. She made breakfast then they sat on the couch and ate. They talked about different things. When they were done eating they went and took a shower together. Joe offered to wash her back for her. Randi gave him the soap and her rag. Joe suds up the rag and washed her back, then he moved the rag lower and began squeezing soap onto her ass. Joe gently pushed the upper part of her body forward and slid into her from behind. Randi’s breath caught as Joe slid into her. Her knees went weak instantly. Joe had to help her keep her balance. Joe watched as the water cascaded down her back as he pumped in and out of her. Randi reached around to the front of her and began touching herself. This turned Joe on even more and he began pounding into her. Randi cried his name as she drew closer to climaxing. Joe ran his hands up and down Randi’s body until her felt her tense up. Then he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him. Randi’s body shook as her orgasm ran its course.  When she was done Joe pulled out of her and turned her around to face him.

Randi bent down and took him into her mouth. Joe had to lean against the wall for support.  He watched as Randi moved up and down on him. He still couldn’t believe how good she was at it. Randi reached up and grasped his balls. Joe thought he would go insane. She wrapped her other hand around his pulsating cock and started moving it up and down matching the movement of her head. Joe jerked and bumped his head on the wall.

“Oh Randi. I am getting close.” Joe growled. Randi stood up and increased the speed of her hand. “Get ready luv.” Joe told her. She felt him jerk and seconds later his hot seed shot onto her chest. When he was done Randi licked the cum off the tip of him then let go. She rubbed began rubbing herself, squeezing her breasts, letting her fingers slide through the liquid on her chest. Joe groaned at the sight. She was so damn sexy.

“If you keep that up luv I am going to have to make love to you again, right here right now.”

Randi laughed and got under the showerhead. “I guess I should quit then. You need to get back to your hotel before Mal puts out a manhunt on you.”

Joe laughed too. “Yeah you are right. Knowing Mal, ‘e probably would. We will continue this though.” Joe smiled mischievously at her.

“I am going to hold you to that.” Randi said as she turned off the water.


Part 6

After their shower Joe called for a limo to come pick them up. He took Randi back to the hotel with him. As soon as he got into his room Mal was pounding on his door. Mal walked in before Joe could answer it.

“Where in the ‘ell was you all night?” Mal yelled.

“You better calm down a lil’ mate. You are going to burst a blood vessel if you don’t.” Joe said with a smirk.

“Don’t you get smart with me. I am in no mood for your shit.” Mal told him.

“Well suit yourself then, go ahead and stay mad. However, nothing you do our say is going to change me mood. I had a fabulous night and a wonderful morning. I am back in time for the next show. So why don’t you get your knickers out of a knot and chill out.” Joe said laughing.

“Damn stubborn arse.” Mal mumbled as he walked out slamming the door behind him.

“It’s no wonder ‘e is going bald. ‘E is too damned serious about everything.” Joe said shaking his head.

“I am sorry I have caused so much trouble for you.” Randi said.

“It’s not you. Mal is always uptight about everything.” Joe said as he hugged her. “So are you coming to the sound check?”

“Uh, I guess so if you want me to. “

“Of course I want you too.” Joe told her. “That’s why I ‘ad you come with me now.”



Randi sat in the front row during sound check. Each of the guys said hi to her before they started tuning their instruments. Every once in a while she would see them laughing about something and looking towards her. She knew they were teasing Joe about her. She just hoped they didn’t think she was a floozy. They played for a while then got ready to go backstage for a bit before the show. Joe walked over to where Randi was sitting and reached out his hands. Randi put her hands in his and Joe lifted her up onto the stage. They walked hand in hand off the stage.


During the concert Randi sat a few rows back. She was a lot closer tonight then she was the night before. Joe made eye contact with her several times throughout the show. Randi didn’t take her eyes off him. He was so sexy, and being on the stage performing seemed so natural for him. When the concert was over Randi stayed in her seat until the crowd had left. She looked up and noticed Joe standing off to the side of the stage motioning for her to come backstage with him. Randi got up and went back stage. When she got back there the other band members were all in various stages of clothing. Randi could feel her cheeks flush at the site. The guys all noticed and gave her a hard time. After Joe had showered, he and Randi left.


Part 7

After they ate Joe took her back to his hotel room. He led her into the bathroom. There was a Jacuzzi in there. Randi noticed immediately that the bathroom had several mirrors. She thought to herself how interesting things could get. The thought of watching herself make love to Joe sent a chill down her spine. Joe walked up behind her. He pulled her hair over to one side and wrapped his arms around Randi’s waist.  Randi was watching him in the mirror. He dipped his head down and began suckling her neck. Randi watched him for a minute before closing her eyes and leaning farther back against Joe. She felt Joe’s hands starting to move, then felt his fingers fumbling with the buttons on her shirt. After a minute he slipped his hand inside her shirt. Randi’s nipples became hard instantly. She could feel him starting to poke against her backside. She turned around to face him. Randi pulled Joe to her and began kissing him while she unzipped his pants. Joe let out as sigh of relief. His pants were starting to become uncomfortable. They proceeded to undress each other. Once they were both naked Joe led her over to the chair that was in the bathroom.  He sat down. Randi stood in front of him. Joe was holding her hands.


“Do you want to watch us making love Randi?” Joe asked in a sultry voice. Randi nodded her head. “Turn around luv.” Joe told. “Face the mirror so you can watch.” Randi blushed; she couldn’t believe what she was about to do. Randi turned her back to Joe and eased herself onto him. She closed her eyes at first as she started moving on Joe, but after a moment she opened them. Joe was staring at her in the mirror. He noticed her watching his penis sliding in and out of her. “Do you like watching me sliding in and out of you? Does it make you ‘otter? I fucking love it." Joe whispered into her ear.

“Oh yeah. Fuck me harder Joe. Touch me Joe; please make me cum. I want to cum for you baby.” Randi told him as she continued to watch the place where they were joined together. She arched her back as Joe began to rub her clit with his fingers. “Fuck me Joe.”

“Cum for me baby. I want to watch you cum.” Joe said as he started to suck on her neck.

“I am getting close Joe. Don’t stop.” Randi begged him. Joe pounded into her and continued to rub her clit.  Randi arched her back again.

“Cum for me Randi.” Joe whispered into her ear. “I love it when you cum.”

Randi began to moan and rock faster on Joe. He could feel her muscles starting to contract around him. “That’s it luv.” Joe coaxed.

“I… am… cumming… Joe….” Randi said in between breaths.

“I know you are luv. So am I.” Joe told her. “You feel so good.”


They sat there for a few minutes still connected and staring at each other in the mirror. After their breathing returned to normal Joe started talking. “How about we skip the Jacuzzi for now and continue this in the bed?” Joe asked her. Randi stood up and took Joe by the hands. She was going to lead him back to the bed, but he lifted her up.

“Joe what are you doing?” Randi asked. She hadn’t expected him to pick her up.

“Just taking you to bed luv, that’s all.” Joe said grinning from ear to ear.

Joe laid her down in the bed. Then he lay down on top of her. They began kissing wildly. After a few minutes Joe slid into her. Randi draped her leg over his hip and wrapped her arms around him, placing her hands on his shoulders. Joe started kissing her again as he rocked his hips back and forth. Randi matched his moves thrust by thrust.

“You are so damn sexy Randi.” Joe told her as he broke the kiss. Randi just smiled.

“I love the way you feel inside me Joe.” Randi told him as he continued to pound in and out of her.

“Baby I am getting close.” Joe told her. Joe rolled over in the bed making Randi be on top. She was a bit embarrassed at first, but it didn’t last long. Joe began kissing her breasts, sucking furiously on her nipples. Randi whimpered.

“Oh Joe.” She whispered as she continued to rock on him. Joe gently nibbled on her breasts. She couldn’t take anymore.

“OH MY GOD JOE… I AM CUMMING… DON’T STOP…” She screamed. Hearing her screaming from the pleasure he was giving her sent Joe over the edge and he shot into her. Randi collapsed onto him. Joe wrapped his arms tightly around her. This would be their last night together for now, and he wanted to keep her as close to him as he could while he had the chance.


They talked for a while before calling it a night. Randi fell asleep with a smile on her face. Her wish had come true; she finally got to be with the man in her dreams.




Joe and Randi kept in touch while Joe finished the tour. When the tour was over they made plans to get together again. It had been several months since they saw each other. Now that the tour was over Joe could spend time with her, without worrying about what Mal had to say about it.


Joe showed up at Randi’s door with a dozen red roses. Randi opened the door to let him in. She was so happy to see Joe she didn’t even notice the flowers at first. She immediately began kissing him. She had been longing to be in his arms again, and feel his lips against hers. When they finally stopped kissing Joe handed her the flowers. Randi thanked him, and then they went inside. She put her roses in a vase and sat them on the table. She had dinner ready for him. Randi had dimmed the lights and lit a few candles. Joe watched her as she sat things on the table. He offered to help, but she told him no.


While they ate dinner, they talked quietly. They spent most of the time staring into each other’s eyes. Randi had forgotten just how enticing Joe’s eyes were. After they ate Joe carried her to the bedroom. He was ready for dessert, and what he had in mind wasn’t in the kitchen. They kissed all the way to the bedroom. Once they got into the bedroom they began frantically undressing each other. They couldn’t wait to feel each other again.


Randi and Joe spent the rest of the night making love. The next morning after breakfast Joe said he wanted to talk her about something. He led her to the couch and they sat down. Joe held both her hands in his, and looked her deep in the eyes. Randi noticed he was shaking a little. He was obviously nervous about something.

“Joe what’s wrong?” Randi asked as she moved closer to him.

“Randi, I want you to come back to Dublin with me.” Joe said all in one breath.

Her eyes got big. “WHAT? Joe I can’t just drop everything.”

“Please Randi, I am begging you. I…” Joe started stumbling over his words.

“You what Joe?” Randi asked as she touched his cheek.

“I think I am falling in love with you. I just can’t stand the thought of being so far away from you. Please Randi I am begging you.” Joe said nervously. What would he do if she turned him down?

Tears began to slowly run down Randi’s cheeks. “I love you too Joe.” Then she lifted her head and kissed him gently. “Yes Joe, I will go with you.”


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