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Randi's Rock Star Fiction
Lust In A Haunted House

A Joe Elliott & Phil Collen Smut

By Randi Snoddy

Please be kind this is my first smut story. I am a bit nervous and embarrassed.


Wednesday Morning

The guys were sitting around the table in the hotel room waiting for room service to bring their breakfast when Mal walked in.

“Guys I just got a call from Q-Prime.” Mal told them.

“Ugh.” Phil muttered.

“Wot now?” Joe asked with a hint of disgust in his voice.

“Well they are ‘aving a ‘aunted ‘ouse for ‘Alloween on Friday. All proceeds go towards a charity for underprivileged kids in New York.” Mal said looking around the room at each of the guys.

“Wot does that ‘ave to do with us?” Rick asked.

“They want you five to participate. You know, dress up as monsters and such.”

“Sounds like fun to me.” Viv said.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt.” Sav said shrugging his shoulders.

“Great, I ‘ave to go by there after while. I will let them know.” Mal said then turned and walked out of the room.

“Well I think I will go with ‘im. If I have to do this, then I want to see if that lil ‘ottie Randi is going. If I ‘ave to do it so does she.”


A Few Hours Later At Q-Prime…

“Good afternoon luv.” Joe whispered in Randi’s ear as he snuck up behind her.

Randi jumped and turned to see who was behind her. “Hello Mr. Elliott. What can I do for you?”

Joe raised an eyebrow at her. “’Ow many times do I ‘ave to tell you to call me Joe?”

“Sorry. What can I do for you Joe?”

“Do you know anything about this ‘aunted ‘ouse thing?” Joe asked as he flashed his sexy green eyes at her.

Randi noticed the look he gave her and her breath caught. “Yes I do. What would you like to know?”

“Well Mal said we were asked to take part in it. I was wondering if you was going to ‘elp out.” Joe said

“I am sorry, I have plans already. I made plans for Halloween a month before Q-Prime decided to do this. Marie and I are going to a party.” Randi said smiling faintly.

“Oh… Ok. That’s too bad. I am sure Phil would like for Marie to come too.” Joe said trying not to let on his disappointment. “Well I guess I will see you around Randi. ‘Ave a good day luv.” Then he lifted her hand to his lips and gently kissed it.

“Bye Joe.” Randi said as Joe walked away.


After Joe Left…

Randi was sitting at her desk trying to regain her composure. That man always got her so flustered. And he kissed her hand, of all things, why did he have to do that? Damn him, Randi wondered if Mr. Elliott really had any idea what he did to women. His smile gave her butterflies, and those eyes, oh those eyes made her weak in the knees.

Just then Marie walked in. She noticed right away that something seemed to be bothering her friend. That just made her feel even worse about the news she was about to break to her friend. After all they had this planned for a couple of months. They were supposed to go to a Halloween party at Marie’s boyfriends house, but last night she caught him cheating on her.

“What’s wrong Randi?” Marie asked.

“Is it that obvious?” Randi asked.

“Yeah kind of. So what’s up?”

“Mr. Elliott, I mean Joe, was just here.” Randi said getting flustered again.

“Oh really?” Marie said smiling. “And what did he want?”

“He asked if I was going to the haunted house. I told him I already had plans.”

“Well actually I need to talk to you about our plans.” Marie got up and closed the door, then burst into tears.

“Marie what’s wrong?” Randi asked.

“Last night I caught Kevin with another woman.” Marie sobbed.

“Oh Marie I am so sorry.” Randi got up and hugged her friend.

“Well how about we go to the haunted house instead? Joe wanted me to go, and I know you would like a chance to see Phil. Joe even said he was sure Phil would like to see you. You need to get your mind off that asshole.” Randi said as she handed Marie her box of tissues.

“You are right. He was a loser anyway. I don’t know why this upset me so bad. I should have known he would do something like this. Do you really think Phil wants to see me?”

“Yes, why would Joe lie about something like that?”

“Ok sounds good.” Marie said smiling. “Well we better get back to work. See you later.”

“Bye Marie”


Back At The Hotel…

“So mate did you get any good news from Randi?” Phil said as he slapped Joe on the shoulder.

“No…” Joe trailed off. “She said she already ‘ad plans.”

“That’s too bad Joe. Well you never know. Maybe she will change ‘er mind and show up.” Phil said trying to lighten Joe’s mood.

“Yeah maybe, but I doubt it.”

Just then Mal walked in with some costumes. “Ok guys, who wants to be which monster?”

Joe walked over to him first. He saw the Count Dracula costume and took it from Mal. “This looks like it will fit me. I will take this one.”

The other guys walked over and looked to see what else Mal had. Viv picked out the werewolf costume. Rick decided to be the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Sav was going to be Frankenstein. And Phil was going as a warlock.


Halloween At The Haunted House…

The band arrived at the haunted house dressed in the costumes. Joe looked around hoping to see Randi, maybe he’d get lucky and she had changed her mind. Sadly he didn’t see her anywhere. So he joined the other guys to find out where they were supposed to be and all that. People started arriving as it started to get dark.  They guys were enjoying jumping out grabbing and scaring the kids and even some of the adults. It had been a long time since they had so much fun other then when they were on stage. Randi and Marie showed up about an hour after it started. They found Mal and asked which monsters were Joe and Phil. Mal told them and the ladies went inside. They wanted to see where they were at for now. They would have some fun later. Randi and Marie went through the haunted house. They found out where Joe and Phil were and came back out. They decided to lay low for a while. They knew the guys would be getting a break soon and they didn’t want them to know they were there.

A little while later the guys came out of the haunted house and sat down at a table to have a drink. Randi and Marie managed to stay out of their sight, but were close enough to hear what they were saying.

“ ‘Ey Joe did you see those belly dancers that went through earlier?” Phil said with a mischievous grin.

“You know I did. They were ‘ot. I wish I could have got the name of the one wearing the red.” Joe told him.

“You are such a sucker for women in red.” Phil laughed.

“Wot can I say? Its me favorite color.”

Randi and Marie heard the conversation and smiled to each other. This was going to be more fun then they had planned.

The guys went back inside and the haunted house. Randi and Marie hung around outside until the last group of people had went through. Once they had enough time to get about half way through Randi and Marie went in. The entrance was closed behind them. The ladies split up hoping that Joe and Phil wouldn’t realize it was them.


The Naughty Belly Dancers…

Marie found Phil standing where he had been earlier. Even though it was pretty dark she could tell Phil was shocked to see her there again. She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him. Phil skimmed his hand across her belly. Marie sighed then leaned in to kiss Phil. He couldn’t believe this was happening. When he agreed to do this he had no idea anything like this would happen, but he wasn’t about to stop this naughty little belly dancer. They kissed passionately before they started to undress each other slowly. Phil started to remove the veil from Marie’s face and she froze for a moment.

“Oh what the hell.” She said to herself as she helped him undo it. Phil couldn’t believe it when he saw that Marie was one of the belly dancers. Just then they heard a loud thud like some one hit the wall or something.

Randi found Joe. Right away she began rubbing his manhood through his costume. He groaned with pleasure. Slowly the belly dancer started to remove Joe’s costume. Joe’s erection grew. He couldn’t imagine who this could possibly be. Soon his throbbing cock was free. The belly dancer took him into her mouth as far as she could. The tip of Joe’s cock was brushing the back of her neck. The excitement of it was more then Joe could stand and he hit the wall trying to keep from falling. After a few minutes he stopped this mysterious woman and lifted her up to him. If she kept up the way she was going he would cum in no time. Joe tried to remove the veil, but she wouldn’t let him. She wouldn’t speak to him either. Now Joe was really wondering about this woman, but he decided he might as well go with the flow and do it the way she wanted instead of taking a chance in ruining the fun. Joe began sucking on her neck; after all he was dressed as a vampire tonight. He could feel her getting weak and pulled her against him. After he succeeded at leaving a hickey on her he stopped for a moment. She backed up a bit to look at him. Joe started to remove the pants off the belly dancer. She gladly let him. Once her pants were out of the way Joe lifted her up facing him and onto his shoulders then leaned her against the wall to help steady her. Randi gasped as Joe’s expert tongue went to work on her aching clit and swollen folds. She squeezed Joe’s head with her legs as her excitement grew. Joe could feel her getting closer to orgasm and it aroused him more. She started to moan, but with the veil still wrapped around her face it was a bit muffled and Joe still had no clue who it was. Soon he felt her releasing her juices as she cried out again while the waves from her climax rippled through her. Once her breathing had slowed and she relaxed a bit Joe let her down just to turn her backside to him and bend her over. She couldn’t believe he was going to screw her doggy-style, but she wasn’t about to complain. If his dick worked as good as his tongue, she knew she’d be in heaven. Joe entered her silky folds slowly then set a pace. Once their rhythms matched Joe began caressing her breasts. He had got so excited over going down on her he was ready to explode, he hoped she wouldn’t be upset that he wasn’t going to last long. Soon she felt his warm seed shoot into her and she tightened around him. When he was done Joe slid out of her and helped her stand up. He tried to remove the veil again, but she still refused. So Joe got dressed and handed the belly dancer her pants. After she was dressed she pushed Joe against the wall and covered his eyes with her hand. He figured out that she wanted his eyes closed. So he closed them and she moved her hand. Randi removed her veil then began kissing Joe, plunging her tongue deep into his mouth. When the kiss was over Joe opened his eyes to find Randi smiling at him. He couldn’t believe it was her, but he didn’t want to ruin it by asking a bunch of unnecessary questions. So he just took her by the hand and led her out of the haunted house. This was one Halloween Joe would never forget.


After The Haunted House…

By the time Joe and Randi came out of the haunted house the rest of the band was gone. Phil had gone home with Marie, and the other guys went back to the hotel. Joe walked Randi to her car, still holding her hand. They still hadn’t said anything to each other. When they reached Randi’s car she kissed Joe again then spoke to him for the first time that night.

“Do you want to come to my place for a while?”

“Sounds wonderful luv.” Joe said then opened Randi’s door for her then went around to the other side of the car and got in.

They didn’t say much on the ride to Randi’s house. They were too anxious to get there so they could continue what they had started. When they arrived Joe got out first then opened Randi’s door for her. When they got to the door Joe took the keys from her and unlocked the door then opened it for her. They went inside and straight to Randi’s bedroom. As soon as they were in the bedroom they began undressing each other. Joe was glad to be out of that costume. After they were both undressed Joe picked Randi up and carried her to her bed laying her down gently then he joined her. He started running his fingers through her hair then kissed her deeply. Randi found his throbbing cock and began stroking it gently. Joe responded by deepening the kiss. He ended the kiss and placed his mouth over one of her swollen nipples. He suckled it gently, flicking his tongue across it every so often. Joe then moved to her other breast and did the same thing and slid his hand down Randi’s body until his fingers found her mound. He began caressing her clit. Randi strained against his fingers begging for me. Finally Joe slid a finger inside her, then another. He started moving his fingers in and out slowly at first, and then increasing his pace. Randi called out his name and she became more aroused.

“I want to feel you inside of me again Joe.” Randi said in between moans.

“Sure thing luv.” Joe said as he removed his fingers then got up and positioned himself over her. He teased her clit with the head of his cock making her shiver. Finally he entered her. Joe groaned over how tight and hot she was. He still couldn’t believe little miss innocent and proper Randi was doing this. He slid in and out of her fast and hard. Randi wrapped her legs around Joe’s waist pushing him farther into her.  Joe bent down and started sucking on her neck again leaving another hickey. He started kissing her on the lips again just as she tightened around his hardened shaft. Joe called out her name as her muscles squeezed tightly around him. Randi moaned as another wave of excitement went through her, she felt Joe’s body jerk and saw him throw his head back and knew that he had just cum. When he was done Joe collapsed beside her then pulled her close to him wrapping his arms around her.

“You were amazing luv.” Joe said as he kissed the top of her head.

“You weren’t to bad yourself.” Randi said smiling.

“So tell me luv, wot made you decide to show up at the ‘aunted ‘ouse tonight? Oh and who was the other belly dancer that was with you?”

“That was Marie. She decided she wanted to take advantage of seeing Phil.”

“Well I am glad you came and I am sure Phil was ‘appy to see Marie.”

“I am glad I came also. I had a lot more fun with you tonight then I would have at that party.” Randi said as she kissed Joe on the cheek. “Now lets get some sleep and maybe tomorrow I will do a belly dance for you.”

“Sounds great luv. I can’t wait.” Joe said. Then he turned off the lamp beside the bed and within minutes they were both asleep in each other’s arms.



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