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Randi's Rock Star Fiction

Love Bites-Chapters 301-End

A Joe Elliott Story


Part 301 May 20th Another Doctor Appointment…

Joe and Randi went to Dr. Sparks’ office for Randi’s appointment. They were going to try and find out the sex of the baby today. They were both nervous, yet excited at the same time as they waited to be called back to the exam room. Bonnie finally came and got Randi and Joe and took them to a room. She gave Randi a gown and left the room. Randi changed into and lay down.  A few minutes later Dr. Sparks knocked on the door and came in. Dr. Sparks turned on the ultrasound machine and began the procedure. Everything looked great, the baby looked healthy. 

“Did you want to know the sex of y’er baby?” Dr. Sparks asked.

“Yes please.”  Joe and Randi both said at once.

“Ok then, lets see if this little one will turn around for us to get a look.” Dr. Sparks said smiling. 

Joe and Randi both watched the screen waiting for Dr. Sparks to say something. Finally he stopped and looked at the screen then to Randi and Joe then smiled.

“Well it looks like y’er going to ‘ave a baby girl.” Dr Sparks. Randi’s eyes filled with tears as Joe stood up and hugged her then gave her a kiss.

“I love you.” Joe said smiling.

“I love you too Joe.”

“Would you like me to print this out for you?” Dr. Sparks asked.

“Would you please?” Randi said wiping the tears away.

“Sure thing dear.”

After he had printed it out for them he shook Joe’s hand then gave Randi a hug and left the room so Randi could get dressed. Randi got dressed and they walked out of the room. Randi scheduled another appointment and then they left. She couldn’t wait to tell everyone they were having a little girl.


Part 302 May 27th The Baby Shower…

Everyone arrived at Joe and Randi’s on the 26th. They were going to have a baby shower for Randi a few days before the wedding. Randi and Joe had called everyone and told them they were having a little girl. Everyone was happy to find out the sex of the baby, it made it easier to buy the gifts that way.

Cindy and Thelma decorated the den for the baby shower. The other ladies kept Randi occupied while they did it. When they were done they led Randi to the den and surprised her. Randi didn’t know what to say. She wasn’t expecting it. She began to hug everyone. They guys had Scott and Tyler in the game room with them, but Lily and Una joined the ladies for the baby shower.

Randi sat down to start opening her gifts just as Tina came in with punch and snacks for everyone. Randi asked Tina to stay in the den with them. She happily agreed and found herself a seat. Marie handed Randi a present from her and Phil. It was two pink shirts. One said “I love my Aunt Marie” and the other said, “I love my Uncle Phil.” Randi giggled then showed them to everyone else and hugged Marie.

Randi continued opening her gifts. She received bottles, blankets, clothes, pacifiers, toys, diapers, a car seat, a baby swing, bibs, a diaper bag, and everything else she would possibly need for the baby. After Randi was done opening her gifts she showed the ladies the printout from the ultrasound. Everyone wanted to know if they had decided on a name yet, but Randi refused to tell them. She wanted it to be a surprise.


Part 303 The Bachelor Party…

The guys rented a hotel room for the night then went to the bar downstairs. They sat around drinking and talking, giving Joe a hard time about tying the knot. But he assured them that he was not getting cold feet and he couldn’t wait to make Randi his wife. After a few drinks they went back to their room. They guys had some presents for Joe. They decided to get him some gifts that they thought would be useful on his honeymoon. Once Joe had opened the toys and other novelty items Joe senior handed him a small box.

“Wot’s this Dad?” Joe asked him.

“Open it.” Joe opened it and found a pocket watch. He had a confused look on his face. He looked up at his Dad. “That was y’er grandfathers watch. ‘E gave it to me when y’er mother and I got married, and now I am giving it to you. ”

“Thanks Dad.” Joe said as he got up and hugged him. “It’s beautiful.”

“Y’er welcome son.” Joe Sr. said as he patted his son on the back.

Shortly after that there was a knock at the door. Room service had brought there supper to them. They all set around eating and drinking and watching movies the rest of the night before one by one they started passing out.


Part 304 The Bachelorette Party…

The ladies stayed at home for Randi’s party. They figured Randi would be more comfortable that way. Tina had made a variety of snacks for the ladies, and non-alcoholic punch. The ladies sit around the den and watched the concert where Randi and Joe had met.

After that they watched movies and talked. Later they gave Randi her presents.  Like the guys did Joe, the ladies had bought Randi a selection of things they thought she could use while on her honeymoon.

A little while after Randi had opened her presents she felt the baby kick for the first time. She jumped a little and gasped. She wasn’t expecting. Everyone stopped what they where doing and turned to Randi and looked to see if she was ok.

“Randi dear, are you ok?” Thelma asked.

“Yeah, I think so Mom.” Randi said as she placed her hand on her belly. “The baby just kicked that’s all.”

Everyone began smiling and gathered around Randi placing their hands on Randi’s belly. The baby kicked again. After the baby had calmed back down everyone took turns hugging Randi. Then they began talking again.

“Where are you going for your honeymoon?” Meg asked.

“Joe has a house in Spain too. He wants to take me to see it.” Randi said smiling while she was rubbing her belly. She just couldn’t believe her and Joe’s baby had finally kicked.

“You will love it Randi.” Jewels said. “It’s beautiful.”

“Yeah, its right along the beach. It overlooks the Mediterranean.” Paige told her. “Really?” Randi asked in amazement. “Joe didn’t really tell me anything about it, he just asked if I wanted to go see our other home.”

Around midnight the ladies decided to head for bed. They had a long and early day ahead of them the next day.


Part 305 The Morning Of The Wedding…

The ladies awoke early the next morning to lots of commotion outside. The decorators, caterers, etc were starting to arrive and was sitting things up. Just as Randi looked out the window, the doorbell rang. It was Tonya and a several of her assistances. They were going to help the ladies get ready. Tonya had also sent a few of her assistances to help the guys. Randi opened the door and let them in. While they were talking Una came up behind them and began tugging on the back of Randi’s shirt.

“Auntie Randi…” She said sleepily. Randi turned around and looked at her.

“What is it honey?” “

I am hungry.” Una told her yawning.

“Well you go on into the kitchen. Tina is making breakfast right now.”

“Ok” Una said as she started to go towards the kitchen.

Randi returned her attention to Tonya and her assistants. She led them to the den and offered them a seat. Tina came in and offered them hot tea and donuts. They sat for a few moments and talked while waiting for the rest of the ladies to join them. Una was already in the kitchen eating, when Tina found Lily and made her join her sister. Once everyone had washed and ate they decided they should start getting ready. After all, not only did they have to get their dresses on, but also the beauticians would be there in a while to fix the ladies hair and put on their makeup. Tonya assigned each of assistants to a different lady, leaving Randi for herself. She wanted to make sure everything was done perfect especially for Randi.


Part 306 The Ladies Getting Ready…

Each of the ladies went to the bedroom they were staying in. The assistant that had been assigned to each followed them. Jewels made Lily and Una come with her even though they had begged to be with Aunt Randi. She felt that Randi had enough to worry about without having those two in her hair. Tonya helped Randi get her dress on. Luckily she hadn’t put on too much weight from being pregnant and it still fit her comfortably. Right after Randi got her dress on, the baby kicked. Randi had to sit down for a minute and catch her breath while the baby continued to move around inside of her.

“Are you ok?” Tonya asked.

“Yeah I am fine. The baby is kicking that’s all.” Randi said smiling weakly while rubbing her belly. “Would you like to feel?”

“Umm…” Tonya hesitated. She wasn’t sure what to say. She didn’t want it to seem like she was intruding or anything.

“Tonya.” Randi said. “Its ok really I don’t mind. Actually I am glad when she does this when other people are around. I can tell already she is going to be just like her daddy, loves attention.”

Tonya laughed and laid her hand on Randi’s belly. Just as she did the baby kicked again. “It feels like she is going to be a wild one.” Tonya smiled.

“You’re telling me.” Just then there was a knock on the door. “Come in.” Randi said.

The door opened and Phil and Scott walked in.

“WOW.” Phil said when he saw Randi’s dress.

“Hi Auntie Ranni.” Scott said smiling as he ran to her and started hugging her.

“Well hello sweetie.” Randi said as she kissed the top of his head. Scott looked at her and then to Tonya and Phil.

“Auntie Ranni preeettttteee” He said smiling real big.

Then he got up and walked back over to Phil. Randi noticed Phil hand Scott a small box. Then Scott walked back over to Randi.

“I got you something Auntie Ranni.” Scott said proudly.

“You did? Well wasn’t that sweet of you.”

“Now Scott…” Phil spoke up.

“Wot?” He asked innocently.

“You tell Aunt Randi the truth.” Phil told him.

“But Unca Phil…” He whined

“No buts Scott. You promised.” Phil said.

“Fine” Scott huffed. “‘Ere Auntie Ranni, Unca Joe got this.” Then he handed her the box. “‘E meant to give it to you last night before we left, but ‘e forgot. So ‘e asked me to bring it to you. And of course Scott wanted to tag along.” Phil spoke up.

Randi opened the box and gasped, and then her eyes began to fill with tears. A single tear slid down her cheek. Scott wrapped his arm around her and got close to her face.

“Wot’s wrong Auntie Ranni?” Scott asked her.

“Nothing honey. Thank you so much for bringing this to me. It’s beautiful.” Randi told him then she hugged him. Scott beamed with happiness over getting a hug.

“Y’er welcome Auntie Ranni.”

Randi got up and walked over to Phil. “Thanks Phil.”

“Y’er welcome Luv.” Phil said as he kissed her cheek. “Phil, do you know if this is the same choker I was looking at in the antique shop?”

“I believe that’s wot Joe said.” Phil said smiling.

“That little sneak. I didn’t even know he saw me looking at it.”

“Well Luv, I guarantee you Joe is good at being sneaking. You should ever turn y’er back on ‘im.” Phil said laughing.

“Thanks for the warning.”

“Well Scott lets go so Aunt Randi can get ready.”

“Ok” Scott said. He hugged Randi and walked to the door.

“Phil?” Randi said.

“Yes Luv?”

“Would you put this on me?”

“I would be ‘onored.” Phil said as Randi turned around.

After he put it on her he took Scott by the hand and they headed back to the hotel. Shortly after they had left the beauticians started to arrive. Again some one was helping each of the ladies. It seemed like it took forever to get done with it all, but finally Randi’s hair, makeup, and nails were done. She went and looked in the mirror. There was a knock on her door. Thelma walked in.

“Oh Randi.” She cried.

“You are so beautiful. Let me look at you.” Randi turned slowly in a circle so her mother could see. Then she hugged her.

“How is it looking out there?” Randi asked her.

“Well the guests are starting to arrive and it looks like just about everything is set up.” Thelma told her.

“Great!” Randi said smiling.

Then Randi, Thelma, and Tonya walked to the living room where the rest of the ladies were waiting.


Part 307 The Wedding…
Note: Possible tissues

Randi peaked out the door nervously at all the guests sitting in the yard waiting for the wedding to start. She could see Joe standing there waiting for her to walk down the aisle. Randi was lost in her thoughts when Tonya started talking.

“It’s show time people.” She said loudly. “Marie you go first. The men are right out side waiting to escort each of you down the aisle.”

Marie turned to Randi and hugged her before heading towards the door. Randi watched as her best friend walked out the front door and took Phil by the arm and started towards Joe. Next was Mandy. Rick walked down the aisle proudly with her on his arm. If Mandy knew that Rick was hoping it would be them someday she would be beside herself. Paige and Sav followed close behind. Next were Jewels and Viv, then Meg and Mal.   Tonya and Tina stayed behind to help guide the children then they would be taking their seats before Randi started down the aisle.

Tyler and Lily walked together. Tyler was carrying Joe’s ring, and Lily was laying cream-colored rose petals down. Scott and Una were a few feet behind them. Scott was proudly carrying Randi’s ring and Una was laying down red colored rose petals. All the guests where admiring how cute the children were and how well behaved they seemed to be.

Once Scott and Tyler had taken their places beside Phil, and Una and Lily were by Marie, Randi got ready to make her entry. Duane walked over to his daughter and hugged her then kissed her cheek.

“I am so proud of you.”

“Thanks Daddy.” Randi said trying not to cry.

“Well shall we get this show on the road?” Duane asked smiling as he held his arm out to his daughter.

“Yes.” Randi said happily.

When Randi walked out of the house everyone stood and clapped. Everyone was oohing and aahing over how beautiful Randi looked. She could see Joe watching her and he looked like he was fighting the tears. Randi and Duane finally made it up the aisle and Duane let go of her and went to his seat beside Thelma who was in tears already. The preacher began talking.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered ‘ere today to join Joseph Elliott and Randi ‘Enderson in ‘oly matrimony.” 

Joe was holding on to Randi’s hands and squeezed them gently. Randi smiled. The preacher started talking again.

“And since Joe and Randi ‘ave wrote their own vows, I will let them begin.”

Joe looked Randi deep in the eyes and began to speak.

“I Joe, take you, Randi, to be my partner in marriage and in life. I will love and ‘onor you and take y’er side, walk with you through life wherever it may lead, wotever may come. I promise to be faithful and true from this day forward. I promise to be a patient, always ‘onest and compassionate. I will be y’er best friend, y’er sweet ’eart, and y’er ‘elpmate throughout life, always putting you first above my own needs. I promise to live a life that will ‘onor the vows we ‘ave spoken and make you glad to ‘ave married me this day.” Randi’s eyes started filling up with tears. Those words were the most beautiful thing anyone had ever said to her. Joe and Randi both looked out at the guests and then to their parents. Both Cindy and Thelma were crying. Joe Sr. and Duane’s eyes were a little moist. They turned their attention back to the preacher. He nodded his head and Randi began to speak.

“I Randi, take you, Joe, to be my partner in marriage and in life. You are my once-in-a-lifetime, my miracle, and my life. May our lives intermingle and our love grow as we become one. You are all I could ever need in my life, my friend, my lover, my everything. I promise to be faithful to you, to love you, honor you, live with you and cherish you. You are God's precious gift to me, my hope and my joy. You are everything that's good and pure and true. How blessed I am to be able to say that you are mine, to be able to love and cherish you for the rest of my days. I vow to always put you first in my life, always be there to comfort you in y’er sorrow and rejoice with you in your victories. May our hearts and very breath become one as we unite this day as husband and wife. I promise to be your true love from this day forward and forevermore.”

This time it was Joe who got choked up and a single tear slid down his cheek. Randi smiled brightly at him. Randi and Joe could hear sniffling coming from the guests and knew it was their parents, but then the realized someone in the wedding party was crying too. Joe and Randi looked at each of the people standing with them. The four kids were watching them closely, smiling ear to ear. Scott blushed when he saw Randi look at him. When Randi looked at Marie she realized it was Marie who was crying. She was crying tears of joy for her friend.

“May I ‘ave the rings please?” The preacher said looking at Scott and Tyler. Both boys took a couple of steps toward him. 

“I ‘ave Auntie Ranni’s ring!” Scott said proudly. 

“Scott, SHH!” Tyler told his little brother seriously.

Lily and Una both giggled, and Scott blushed. The whole wedding party, the guest, and the preacher chuckled. Scott looked at Joe afraid he was in trouble. Joe smiled and winked, so Scott relaxed.

“Thank you gentlemen.” The preacher said kindly as he took the rings.

He handed Joe Randi’s ring.

“Do you Joe, take Randi to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do.” Joe said looking Randi deep in the eyes.

“Repeat after me… ‘With this ring I thee wed.” Joe looked Randi in the eyes and lifted her hand.

“With this ring I thee wed.” The tears rolled down Randi’s cheeks as Joe slipped the ring on her finger.

“And do you Randi, take Joe to be your lawfully wedded ‘usband?” The preacher said as he turned to her.

“I do.” Randi said as another tear slid down her face. The preacher then handed Randi Joe’s ring.

“Repeat after me… With this ring I thee wed.”

“With this ring I thee wed.” Randi said through her tears.

Joe was trying hard to swallow a lump in his throat, but it just wouldn’t go down. As Randi slid Joe’s ring on his finger tears began to stream down his cheeks too. The preacher gave them a moment to compose themselves before speaking again.

“If there is anyone who can give just cause why these two should not be united in marriage speak now or forever ‘old your peace.” He paused for a moment. “Then by the power vested in me by the church and by God, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

Joe looked at Randi; both still had tears in their eyes. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, then began kissing her deeply, squeezing her tightly. Everyone stood and cheered and clapped when they stopped kissing. Then they walked back down the aisle together hand in hand.


Part 308 The Reception…
After the wedding they had a reception in the yard. There were three very large tents. The walkways between the tents were lined with baskets of flowers. All tents were bathed in candlelight and clear mesh lights on the ceiling. Tables were set up with cream-colored tablecloths, candles floating in water bowls, roses everywhere, champagne flowing, caterers everywhere, servers pampering the guests like crazy.

The first tent had the food in it. There was lots of sushi and other Japanese foods. The caterers were also serving salad, salmon, Filet mignon, lobster, strawberry soup, Beef Burgundy, Shrimp Bisque, Black Tiger Shrimp appetizers, and a variety of other food. Everyone sat down to eat. After a few moments Phil stood up and tapped his fork on his glass then cleared his throat.

“I would like to make a toast. To my best friend and the wonderful lady ‘e made ‘is wife. I wish you lots of ‘ealth and ‘appiness, and many years together.” Phil said smiling at Joe and Randi. “To Joe and Randi.” He said as he raised his glass.

“To Joe and Randi.” Everyone else said as they raised their glasses.

Then everyone began clapping for the happy couple. After everyone had eaten they went into the second tent. The wedding gifts were on display on a fancy table.  Randi couldn’t believe how many gifts they had. The cake was white with cream-colored icing. It had five layers, with a fountain sitting between first and second layer. The groom cake was a small chocolate one sitting off to the side. Joe and Randi cut the cake then got ready to give each other a bite. Before Joe knew what happened, Randi smeared it in his face. Everyone started laughing, so Joe shoved a piece all over Randi.

Scott looked at Jewels and said, “‘E got my Auntie Ranni dirty.”

Jewels and Viv started laughing. The caterers then served cake and punch to everyone else. Everyone ate their cake and talked.  After everyone was done the single ladies all gathered around for Randi to throw the bouquet. Randi turned her back to the other ladies then tossed the bouquet behind her. It landed right into Marie’s hands. Everyone cheered and Marie blushed. Phil was grinning from ear to ear.

The guests and wedding party then made their way into the third tent. The formal was forgotten, girls took their shoes off and the party began. They had high tech stereo with loud party music and a DJ, everyone started dancing, and drinking. Randi danced with her father, then the DJ announced it was time for the spotlight dance with the bride and groom. Joe held out his hand. Randi took a hold of it and he led her to the dance floor. The music began to play. Randi couldn’t believe it. They were playing “Promises”, the song Joe had wrote for her. Her eyes filled with tears again as Joe pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her. They started to sway back and forth with the music then Joe started to sing to her. Everyone watched with smiles as the happy couple danced. When the song was over Joe and Randi left the dance floor. They began mingling with the guests for a while.

Once they had spoken to everyone and thanked them for coming, they got ready to slip out. Joe had a private jet waiting to take them to Spain. There stuff had already been loaded on the plane and the pilot was waiting for them. They hugged their parents and said goodbye to everyone and slipped off to the plane. Everyone watched as the plane took off. Joe and Randi waved out the window. Everyone waved until they were up in the air. The guests continued to party for a while before they slowly started to leave. When most of the guests had left the caterers started to clean things up. Phil and Marie hung around until everyone was gone and made sure the house was locked up, before they went to the airport to catch their flight back home.


Part 309 On The Jet…

Joe and Randi got settled on the jet. It was just them and the pilot, and he couldn’t see or hear what they were doing. Joe got a bottle of wine out of the mini bar and popped the cork. He poured each of them a glass then sat back down with his new bride.

“To us” He said as he tapped his glass to Randi’s.

“Yes, to us.” Randi said smiling. 

Joe took a drink of his, but Randi just sat her glass down.

“Wot’s wrong luv?” Joe asked her.

“I am sorry Joe, but I can’t drink that. I don’t want to take any chances in hurting our baby.”

Joe shook his head. “I am so sorry. I don’t know wot I was thinking.” 

“Don’t beat yourself up over it. It was an honest mistake. Its no big deal really.”

“Thanks luv.” Joe said as he pulled her close and kissed her. “‘Ow about I make up for it?” He said grinning mischievously as he handed her a present.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.”

Randi opened her gift. She couldn’t believe it.

“Joe you are such a naughty boy. Just what am I supposed to do with this?”

“Well I was ‘oping you would put it on for me.”

“Right here, right now?” Randi questioned.

“Sure why not?”

“Um, did you forget we are in a jet and there is a pilot up there?”

“So…” Joe trailed off.

“So? What if he hears us?” Randi asked.

“‘E can’t ‘ear us, I promise.” Joe assured her.

Randi stood up and walked to the bathroom to change. While she was in there Joe closed the curtains in the jet and dimmed the lights, then turned on some soft music. Randi walked back out of the bathroom. She had left her choker on. Joe whistled loudly and Randi blushed.

“Come ‘ere sexy, I want a better look at you.” Joe said as he extended his arm out. Randi walked over and sat on his lap. He ran his hand over the bulge of her belly from the baby. Just then the baby kicked, and Randi gasped.

“Are you alright luv?” Joe asked her.

“Yeah I am fine. I guess our little girl is saying hello to her daddy.”

Once the baby had calmed back down, Joe continued exploring his wife’s body. Her nipples were hard. Joe ran the palms of his hands over Randi’s breasts. She sighed, and felt Joe becoming aroused. He pulled her back then dipped his head down and nibbled gently on her nipples through her new teddy. Randi began to run her fingers through Joe’s hair. He lifted his head then pulled her back up to him. Randi brought her lips to Joe and he kissed her roughly. Joe groaned deep in the back of his throat and Randi smiled. Randi pulled away, breaking their kiss. She looked at Joe and smiled.

“Why don’t you get a little more comfortable?” Randi said as she began undressing Joe. “Sounds good to me luv.” Joe said as he started helping her. Randi got up so Joe could stand up and take off his pants. He sat back down and pulled Randi back onto his lap. She had her back him.

“Wot do you say we take this off for now?” Joe said as he reached for the clasp of the choker he had bought her.


Joe removed the choker, then got Randi’s hairbrush and began brushing her hair. Randi got a chill and shivered a bit. Joe chuckled.

“Are you cold luv? I would be ‘appy to warm you up.”

“Mmm…” Was all Randi could say.

Joe had begun kissing the back of her neck and shoulders. She leaned back farther onto Joe.  He started nibbling on her ear as his hands roamed hungrily over Randi’s body. Joe’s hand slid between Randi’s legs. He smiled when he felt her wetness through her clothes. Randi blushed.  Joe stood up, picking Randi up with him. She wrapped her arms around him afraid of falling. 

“I am not going to drop you luv.” Joe assured her. He walked over to the small bed and laid her down.

“I know y’er feet ‘ave to be sore from wearing those ‘igh-’eels. I don’t see ‘ow you women can were those things.”

Randi just smiled as Joe lifted one of her feet and began rubbing it, and then did the same to her other foot. She squirmed as he began running his hands up and down her legs. Joe skimmed his fingers along the wet edges of the teddy Randi was wearing. He ran his fingers through the hair that was sticking out of it.

“You love teasing me don’t you?” Randi said to Joe.

“You know I do.”

“Well I think its time you stopped teasing me.” Randi joked.

“Really? And just wot do you want me to do?”

“I think you know the answer to that big boy.” 

Joe chuckled as he reached for Randi’s hand so he could help her stand up. Randi stood up and Joe slid the teddy off of her then laid her back down. Joe went down on her. He swirled his tongue around her wetness. Randi ran her fingers into Joe’s hair and pushed him down farther onto her. She wanted more and she wanted it now. Joe gladly gave her what she wanted as he slid first one finger, then another, and another into Randi’s waiting emptiness. As he started moving his fingers in and out of her he sucked gently on her throbbing clit. Randi cried out his name, and Joe increased his pace. Randi wrapped her legs around Joe, digging her heels into his back. Joe ran his free hand through Randi’s wet silky curls. He could feel her starting to tighten around his fingers and knew she was close. 

“That’s it luv, cum for me.” Joe coaxed her gently, while flicking is tongue over her clit. Randi’s body jerked as she climaxed. She tightened around Joe’s fingers again and her body trembled. Joe could feel her juices gushing onto his fingers. Once Randi’s breathing had slowed and her body stopped trembling he slowly removed his fingers from her. Joe lay down beside his bride and pulled her on top of him.  Joe had a raging hard on and Randi was dripping wet. She slid herself onto Joe’s swollen shaft and began to rock gently on him. Joe growled with pleasure.

“You know I am not going to last long luv.”

“Shh…” Randi said as she put her fingers over his lips. Joe smiled, and then his body jerked as his hot seed spilled into Randi. Randi continued to rock gently until she was sure he was done. Then she collapsed on top of him. Joe wrapped his arms around her.

“I love you Mrs. Elliott.” Joe whispered into her ear.

For some reason those words brought Randi close to tears.  She didn’t know why, after all she knew she was going to be Mrs. Joe Elliott.  She told herself she was being silly and looked at Joe with dry eyes.

“I love you too, Mr. Elliott. I am so glad you are mine.”

After a few moments they got up. They would be landing soon and needed to get dressed before hand.


Part 310 Arriving In Spain

Randi gasped as the jet touched down. The view was gorgeous. She had no idea it would be this beautiful. The house overlooked the sea the view was breathtaking. Joe smiled as he rubbed Randi’s shoulders. The plane came to a stop and after a few minutes the door opened. Randi started to step out when Joe stopped her.

“And just where do you think y’er going luv?” Joe asked her.

“Well we are getting out aren’t we? I mean this is our other house isn’t it?” Randi asked him.

“Yes luv we are getting out, and this is our other ‘ouse, but y’er not walking.”

“What do you mean I am not walking?”

“Y’er my new bride, I ‘ave to carry you over the threshold, so come ‘ere to me.” Joe said playfully.

“Joe you really don’t need to be lifting me, I am getting to f…” Joe cut her off. “Nonsense luv, I don’t want to ‘ear that. Y’er perfect.” Joe lifted her up then kissed her before stepping out of the plane.

Joe carried Randi to the door. They walked in and Joe sat her down.

“Go ahead and look around luv, make y’er self comfortable. I am going to get our things out of the plane.” Joe told her.

“Ok.” Randi said as she started to walk around the house.

Joe returned a few minutes later carrying their bags. He found Randi in the master bedroom; she was trying out his waterbed. He knew she had to be worn out, but he also wanted to make sure she kept her strength up. She really needed to eat something, but he hadn’t been here in over two years. There wasn’t any food in the house. He would have to order them something for tonight. They could go grocery shopping tomorrow. Randi yawned as she stretched out on the bed. She started to get up but Joe stopped her.

“Randi luv, why don’t you lay ‘ere and rest a bit?” Joe suggested.

“I am fine Joe, really.” Randi argued.

“Maybe so, but I still would like for you to rest. It’s been a long day. You need to rest. I will order us some supper then we will go sit on the beach and eat while the sun sets. ‘Ow does that sound?” He asked as he looked at Randi.

She just mumbled and sighed, she had already drifted off to sleep. Joe moved closer to the bed. He gently pushed a strand of hair away from her face. Randi moved just a little. Joe sat down on the edge of the bed admiring how beautiful and peaceful she looked. He kissed her forehead then stood up. Joe covered Randi up then left the room closing the door quietly behind him.

Joe called Phil to let him know they had arrived and asked him to get a hold of everyone else and let them know. Phil said he would be glad to. Marie wanted to talk to Randi, but Joe said she was sleeping and she would have her call later. After he hung up with Phil he called and ordered them something to eat. It would be a while before it arrived so while he waited for the food to arrive he got a few things ready to take down to the beach such as a blanket, and a picnic basket. Then he would wake Randi up when it was close to time for the food to be delivered.


Part 311 Sex On The Beach… 

Joe went to down to the beach and spread the blanket out. Randi was in the bathroom freshening up. Joe returned to the house to get the food. Randi met him at the door and helped him carry their food. They walked hand in hand down to the beach. Randi and Joe sat on the beach listening to the waves crashing against the rocks and to the birds flying above the sea.  Randi and Joe ate their dinner without saying much. Randi was enjoying the view. 

She was lost in her thoughts when the baby kicked hard bringing Randi out of her thoughts. She grabbed her stomach and Joe was quick to reach for her. He pulled her over to him and she leaned back on him. The pain slowly eased as Joe caressed Randi’s belly. Randi relaxed and leaned back farther onto Joe. He nuzzled her neck and started kissing it gently. Randi squirmed a bit as Joe’s hot breath tickled the hair at the back of her neck. Joe slipped his hand inside the waistband of Randi’s shorts. He skimmed his hand across her scar, rubbing it gently from one side to the other. He could hear Randi’s breathing getting a little heavier and knew she was becoming aroused. Joe tilted Randi’s head towards him and kissed her passionately, plunging his tongue deep into her mouth. Randi responded hungrily as her tongue intertwined with Joe’s. 

Randi turned and faced Joe then pushed him back gently. Joe lay back on the blanket and watched Randi’s every move. Randi began tugging at Joe’s pants. He lifted his hips slightly so Randi could pull them down. Once they were out of the way Randi turned her attention to Joe’s throbbing member.  She slid her fingers up and down the length of him then traced circles around the tip of him. She watched as the pre cum started to seep out, then bent down and flicked her tongue over it. Joe took a deep breath as he watched his wife. Randi’s nipples hardened as she continued to tease Joe. Randi began to gently squeeze Joe’s balls as she took him in as deep as she could. She started moving up and down on Joe. Joe groaned loudly.

“Oh Randi.” He said in between breaths. “That feels so good luv.”

Randi just patted his belly with her free hand and kept doing the task at hand.  When Randi felt Joe’s body getting tense she stopped. Joe started to protest, but Randi stopped him. She started stripping. Joe laid back and watched. When Randi had removed all of her clothing she eased herself onto Joe. 

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean I don’t want to ‘urt you or the baby.” Joe worried.

“Everything is fine.” Randi smiled wickedly.

She began to rock gently back and forth on Joe. Joe reached up and squeezed Randi’s swollen nipples making them harder. Randi moaned quietly as she reached between herself and Joe and started rubbing her clit with two fingers.

“That’s it luv.” Joe said as he watched Randi closely. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer. Seeing Randi touch herself always drove him wild. Randi closed her eyes and arched her back. She cried out Joe’s name as her muscles tightened around him. Ripples of pleasure shot threw her as her orgasm claimed her. She felt Joe’s body jerk underneath her own then immediately felt his warm seed spilling inside of her. 

“Oh luv, you feel so good.” Joe moaned. “I love you so much Randi.”

“I love you too Joe.” Randi said as she collapsed on top of him.

They stayed connected for a few minutes before Randi rolled off of Joe and laid beside him. Randi rested her head on Joe’s chest. Joe ran his hand up and down Randi’s back as the sun slowly set. After the sun had slipped below the horizon Joe started talking. “Maybe we should get inside luv. The breeze off the ocean will be getting cool soon. I don’t want to take a chance in you getting sick.”

“You are right. That’s the last thing I need right now.” Randi said as she kissed Joe lightly on the lips then sat up. Joe stood up and then helped Randi get up. After they were dressed the picked up their stuff then headed back towards the house.


Part 312 The Rest Of The Honeymoon…

Joe and Randi spent two weeks at their home in Spain. Randi loved the house and the beach. She told Joe they would definitely have to come back again after the baby was born. Joe brought Randi breakfast in bed several times during the honeymoon. And they spent most of their time in the bedroom or on the beach making love. When they weren’t making love Joe was showing Randi around, and taking walks on the beach. Joe took Randi to every romantic place he could think of. 

They were really enjoying themselves, but the baby was starting to kick more and more, and Randi was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.  Joe made Randi take it easy the last few days. She took bubble baths, and relaxed in the spa. Joe rubbed her feet, legs, and back. He had flowers and chocolates delivered to Randi. When it was time for them to go back to Dublin neither of them wanted to leave, but Randi had a doctor’s appointment in a few days. It was time for a check up for her and the baby. Randi helped Joe pack up their things then they took one last walk on the beach before the private jet arrived to take them home.

On the flight home they listened to music and talked about how happy they were. Randi and Joe were both becoming more and more excited about the baby coming. Randi looked out the window lost in her thoughts. She never dreamed she would ever be this happy. She was bought out of her thoughts when Joe touched her shoulder. She turned to look at him. Joe was smiling mischievously.  Joe took her by the hand and led her to the bed. They lay down and Joe held her tight the rest of the way home. Randi drifted off to sleep and Joe lay watching her. Randi woke up as the plane started to land. Once they landed Joe made Randi go on inside, and Tina helped him unload the plane.


Part 313 Returning Home / Randi’s Check Up…

As much as they enjoyed their honeymoon and being at their home in Spain they were glad to be back in Dublin. Joe insisted that Randi rest. He took care of letting everyone know they were home. Tina unpacked the bags and started washing their clothes, then made them something to eat.

Joe took Randi to the doctor. Dr. Sparks was impressed with how well Randi was doing and how healthy the baby was. He listened to the baby’s heartbeat, and felt around on Randi’s stomach. The baby started kicking. Dr. Sparks said that was great. He said Randi’s weight was good, and for her to keep up the good work. He told Randi she had to start resting more. He didn’t want her taking any chances. Joe promised to make sure she did. Dr. Sparks said he wanted to see her again in a month. And told them to call if Randi had any problems.

Bonnie scheduled Randi another appointment then got up and hugged her and Joe. She told them she was happy for them, and told Randi to take care of herself and the baby. Joe and Randi went back home. Joe made Randi go lay on the couch while Tina made their lunch. Joe called his parents and then Randi’s parents to let them know how the appointment went. Both Cindy and Thelma wanted to talk to Randi, but she had fell asleep, so Joe said he would have her call them later.


Part 314 False Labor??…
Note: Language possible tissues

Joe went to the airport to pick his parents and Randi’s parents up. Their flights were both arriving in the early evening. Everyone was coming in for Joe’s birthday. Well he was gone Randi and Tina were sitting things up for Joe’s birthday party they would be throwing for him the next day.  All of a sudden Randi had a sharp pain and cried out. Tina rushed to her and helped her sit down.

“Are you ok?” Tina asked her.

“Yeah I am fine, the baby is kicking that’s all.” Randi said.

“Are you sure? Maybe you should go lay down and rest for a bit.”

“I will be ok.” Randi said as she tried to stand up. “OH SHIT!” Randi yelled and tears started streaming down her cheeks. “I wish Joe was here.”

“Come on Randi, let me ‘elp you to the couch. Then I will call Joe.”

“Ok.” Randi said giving in.

Tina got Randi onto the couch then she called Joe’s cell phone. He was still waiting at the airport. Neither of the flights had come in yet. Joe could hear Randi in the background crying. He told Tina to make Randi as comfortable as possible and he would be home as fast as he could.

He arranged for a limo to bring his parents and Randi’s parents to their house when they landed. Joe hung up with Tina and called Dr. Sparks. He said it sounded like false labor and for him to get Randi to the hospital as quickly as possible, and said he would meet them there. Joe hung up and was on his way home. His phone rang again. It was Randi. She was begging him to come home. He told her he was on the way and for her to stay laid down and try to relax. Randi handed Tina then phone to hang it up for her.

A few minutes later Joe came speeding down the road and into the driveway. He slammed the brakes and the car came to an abrupt stop. He ran in the house as fast as he could. Tina was standing over Randi wiping her face with a wet washcloth. Randi was in tears and clenching her stomach. Tina moved out of the way and Joe picked Randi up. Randi rested her head against Joe’s chest as he carried her out to the car.

Tina stayed at the house so she could tell everyone what happened when they got there. Joe and Randi arrived at the hospital the same time Dr. Sparks did. Randi was taken to a room right away. Dr. Sparks started examining her. Randi was still in tears. The pain hadn’t eased any yet. Joe was doing his best to console her, but nothing seemed to work. Finally he started singing to her and ran his hand through her hair.

“‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn’t ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard, that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad?” Joe continued to sing.

Randi was still in pain and crying some, but she had relaxed. Dr. Sparks continued to examine Randi for a few more moments before standing up and talking to Joe and Randi. Joe was still singing quietly to Randi. Dr. Sparks cleared his throat hoping to get their attention. Joe stopped singing and they both looked at Dr. Sparks.

“Well Joe, I ‘ope y’er ready to be a daddy.” He said smiling.

Joe was confused. “Wot are you talking about? She still ‘as another month.”

Randi was looking at Dr. Sparks with a puzzled look.

“You said on the phone it was false labor.” Joe said seriously.

“Yes, I know I did, but your little girl seems to be impatient. She is ready to come out now.” Dr. Sparks turned to Randi. “Y’er dilated two centimeters dear.”

“You are joking right?” Randi said.” This can’t be happening. Tomorrow is Joe’s birthday, we have a party planned.”

“No Mrs. Elliott I am not joking. I am sorry, but it looks like you will be spending Joe’s birthday right ‘ere. Now I am going to go call Bonnie and tell ‘er to get up ‘ere. You just lay there and relax the best you can.” Dr. Sparks told her as he walked out the door.

Dr. Sparks returned a few minutes later. He told Randi Bonnie would be there shortly. Dr. Sparks told Joe to go make any phone calls he needed to. It would still be a while, but the baby was definitely on the way. Joe kissed Randi on the cheek then squeezed her hand.

“I love you Randi. I will be back in a few minutes.”

“I love you too Joe. Please hurry.” Joe left the room and went to make phone calls.

He called Tina and told her to bring his mum and dad and Thelma and Duane to the hospital as soon as they got there. Tina said ok. Then Joe started calling the other band members. Once he had called everyone he returned to the room. Bonnie was in there. Her and Dr. Sparks were getting things ready. Joe walked back up to Randi’s side and tried to comfort her. He saw Dr. Sparks pick up a stainless steel pick and turn towards Randi. Joe turned white.

Duane, Thelma, Joe Sr., and Cindy came to the door just then. They stood back out of the way. They were talking quietly to each other and giggling to each other over Joe reacting the way he was. They all knew having the doctor break your water wasn’t that bad. “Wot… is… that…for…??” Joe stuttered.

Bonnie started talking. “We are going to ‘ave to break Randi’s water.”

Joe got weak in the knees and he grabbed the bed rail to keep from falling.

“JOE” Randi yelled. “Are you ok?” She said forgetting about her own pain for a minute. “Yea’… I think so. I will be fine, just a lil’ woozy that’s all.”

Dr. Sparks looked at Bonnie and nodded her head.

“‘Ere Joe sit down.” She commanded. “We can’t ‘ave you passing out on us. Randi needs you right now.”

“Ok.” Joe said as he sat down.

Their parents knocked on the door and walked into the room right after Dr. Sparks broke Randi’s water. They all gathered around Randi, as Dr. Sparks steeped out of the way. It would be a little while before he could do anything else. Randi needed to be dilated to ten centimeters before she could deliver.


Part 315 The Delivery…
Note: Language possible tissues

Slowly everyone else arrived at the hospital too. Dr. Sparks let them go in a few at a time to see Randi. Tina stayed at Joe and Randi’s with Scott, Tyler, Lily, and Una. Everyone thought it would be best if the kids didn’t see Randi in her condition. Dr. Sparks offered Randi something for the pain. She refused.

“Randi luv, are you sure you don’t want something? You know I ‘ate to see you in pain.” Joe said with a lump in his throat. He was glad he was going to be a daddy, but he hated seeing Randi in pain.

“Absolutely not. God blessed us with this baby, I am not taking anything that might hurt her.” Randi insisted.

“Ok, if y’er sure.”

Everyone except Joe had dozed off in the waiting room. Joe refused to leave Randi’s side. Around midnight Randi had dilated to nine centimeters. She realized what time it was and started talking to Joe.

“Happy birthday Joe.” Randi said trying to smile.

“Thanks luv.” Joe said as he placed a kiss on Randi’s lips.

Randi tried to keep talking to Joe, but the pains were getting worse. She couldn’t think of anything other then the pain. Her breathing was getting heavier. 

“Are you ok luv?” Joe asked as he took a hold of her hand. “Joe… I think…” Randi gasped from the pain. “I think its time. The baby is starting to push.”

“Oh shit…” Joe said. “Let me go get Dr. Sparks.” He said as he let go of her hand and ran out of the room. Joe returned with Dr. Sparks and Bonnie. He checked her. She was dilated to ten.

“Are you sure you don’t want anything for the pain?” Dr. Sparks offered once more.

“I am sure.” Randi said hatefully. The pains where becoming more intense.

“Ok then, its time to get this show on the road.”

Bonnie and Dr. Sparks prepared to deliver the baby while Joe sang to Randi trying to help relax her. The tears were streaming down her face. And Joe was having a hard time singing to her. Seeing her in so much pain was choking him up.

“‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad… ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn’t ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard… that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad…”

“Randi I need you to breath for me.” Dr. Sparks told her. “Randi take a deep breath.”

She did as she was told.

“Now push.”

Randi pushed for a moment.

“Ok relax.” Dr. Sparks told her.

Everyone was awake now. They were waiting patiently to find out how Randi was doing. Thelma and Cindy desperately wanted to be in there with Randi and Joe, but they knew they couldn’t be. Everyone was talking when they heard Randi screaming.

“Ok Randi this is it.” Bonnie told her. “Push as ‘ard as you can. The baby’s head is getting ready to come out.”

“Ok.” Randi managed to say. She was squeezing Joe’s hand as hard as she could. Joe couldn’t believe how hard she was squeezing.

“OH MY GOD…” Randi screamed.

“Y’er doing great Randi.” Dr. Sparks told her. “Keep up the good work. Get ready to push again.”

Randi pushed again. The baby was trying to come out. She screamed again.


“Bonnie, she is going to need to be cut… She is going to tear if we don’t.” Dr. Sparks said.

“She wot?” Joe said as he slumped down into the chair he was sitting in.

“‘Ow did I know that was going to ‘appen?” Bonnie said as she shook her head.

“Are you ok Randi?” Dr. Sparks asked her.

“What happened?” She asked in between short heavy breaths.

“The baby was too big, you were going to rip. I have to do an Episiotomy and then we’ll stitch you back up after the baby is born. Do you understand?” 


“You’re going to cut ‘er down there?”  Joe asked fearfully.

“Yes, if I don’t she’ll tear and it will take longer to ‘eal.” 

"Oh Jesus." Joe said softly. "Baby I’m so sorry y’er feeling all this pain."

"SHUT UP JOE. ITS OUR BABY, I'LL BE FINE." Randi said through her pain. 

After the doctor performed the procedure he looked up at Joe who was white as a sheet. Joe had been avoiding the mirror that was positioned above Randi’s head like it had the plague, but yet at the same time he was curious as well. 

"If you promise not to pass out you can come down ‘ere with me and watch the baby’s birth.”

Joe looked with wide eyes first at the doctor and then at his wife. She was smiling through tears and nodded at him.

“Our baby Joe, ours.”  With a nod he walked down and looked at his wife’s womanhood. His eyes widened. He’d never seen anything like it and he fought the urge to cry out. Her body lay wide open, even more so since the doctor had to cut her.  Taking a deep breath he smiled up at Randi.

“It’s going to be fine baby.”

“Push again.” Dr. Sparks told her.

Randi pushed again. Randi pushed again and the baby’s head crowned. 

"OH GOD." Joe said to no one in particular.

"Randi, the baby’s ‘ead is out. One more push ought to do it." Dr. Sparks said with a smile. 

Randi cried tears of joy as she watched Dr. Sparks lift her precious baby up. The baby started to cry.

“Ten fingers, ten toes, so far everything looks good.” Dr. Sparks announced.

He turned to Joe and looked to make sure he was ok before speaking to him.


Yes Dr. Sparks?” He said nervously.

“Would you like to cut the cord?”

“Umm.” Joe hesitated. 

“Get over there and do it.” Randi ordered. Dr. Sparks showed him what to do.

With tears rolling down his face, Joe cut the cord.  Bonnie cleaned the baby up a bit, then weighed her and measured her. She checked all her vital signs then put a diaper on her and wrapped her in a blanket. Randi had already passed the afterbirth and was waiting to hold her little angel. Joe watched as Bonnie took care of his baby.

“Would you like to ‘old your little girl?” Bonnie asked as she walked up to Randi holding the little bundle of joy.

“Yes.” Randi said as her eyes filled with tears again.

Bonnie handed the baby to Randi. Joe just started at the little miracle in his wife’s arms. “Look at ‘er, she is beautiful. She, she looks just like you.” Joe said.

 “She has your eyes Joe.” Randi said smiling at her baby.

“I guess she does doesn’t she?” He chuckled.

“We will leave the three of you alone for a few minutes. When y’er done introducing y’er selves to your little girl there are some people out there waiting to see you.” Dr. Sparks told her as he walked to the door.

Joe stopped him and held out his hand. Dr. Sparks extended his and shook Joe’s hand. “Thank you so much. Thank you for taking such good care of the love of my life.”

 “Y’er welcome Joe. I was ‘onored to do it.”


Part 316 August 1st 

Note: possible tissues

First was Randi’s parents and then Joe’s. Marie and Phil came in after them. By then the baby was back to sleep. So everyone else decided to wait until later to visit. Joe stayed with Randi and their baby. He didn’t want to be away from either one for even a second. “Happy birthday baby.” Randi said as she reached to kiss Joe.

“Thanks luv. I couldn’t ‘ave asked for a better birthday present.” Joe said smiling.

Joe looked at the paper where Bonnie wrote down the baby’s weight and length.

“Well it looks like our lil’ bundle of joy weighs 5 pounds, 5 ounces, and it 18 inches long.” Joe said smiling.

Randi ran her hand gently over her baby’s head.

“She’s a dainty little girl. Mummy loves you my little angel.” Then she kissed her gently.

“So luv, are we going to stick with the name we picked out?” Joe asked her.

“Yes... Yes I think we will. I think it fits her perfect. And I know a couple of certain ladies who will be honored.” Randi said smiling. “Do you want to hold her?”

“Yes I do.” Joe said as he reached for their baby. “‘Ello lil’ miss Cindy Louise Elliott. I am y’er daddy.” Joe said as he held little Cindy close to him.

His eyes filled with tears and his heart filled with pride as he looked at the tiny life he helped make. Then he looked at Randi and saw that she had tears in her eyes too watching him hold their baby.

Joe handed little Cindy back to Randi. They were both exhausted. He pulled his chair up next to the bed and sat down. He wrapped on arm around Randi, and placed a hand on their baby. And soon the new family was sound asleep together.


The End…


Epilogue… One Year Later…

“‘Appy birthday to you ‘appy birthday to you. ‘Appy birthday dear Cindy and Joe, ‘appy birthday to you.”

“Blow out your candles Joe.” Randi told him.

Joe blew out his candles and everyone clapped.

“Ok I am not eating any of this cake until my precious lil’ birthday girl ‘as ‘ers.” Joe said as he went to their little girl. He sat a piece of cake down in front of her. “‘Ere you go Cindy. ‘Ere’s a piece of cake just for Daddy’s lil’ girl.”

“Joe she will be a mess if you just give her a piece like that.” Randi protested.

 “It’s ‘er first birthday luv. Relax, I will give ‘er a bath.” Joe said as he winked at Randi. “Alright fine.” Randi said. “Ok everyone, come get you some cake and ice cream.” Everyone had come to spend Cindy’s first birthday with them. Una, Lily, Scott, and Tyler liked her a lot. Randi was afraid they would be jealous of her since she took some of her and Uncle Joe’s attention away from them, but they didn’t seem to mind.

After everyone had ate their cake and ice cream Joe opened his presents while Randi helped open Cindy’s. By the time they were done Cindy was ready for a nap. Joe took her and washed her up then got her ready for her nap. Randi came into Cindy’s bedroom. She watched as Joe cooed at their daughter.

“Y’er Daddy’s lil’ angel. Yes you are.” Joe said playfully.

“Dada” Cindy babbled.

“That’s right I am Dada.” Joe said smiling. Randi walked over to them.

“I love you Cindy.” Randi said as she looked at her daughter.

“Mama.” Cindy said as she grinned.

“You go to sleep now sweet ’eart.” Joe told her as he reached down and kissed her.

Joe and Randi stood there for a few minutes. They wrapped their arms around each other and watched their little girl as she fell asleep. Joe felt a lump forming in his throat as he watched her. Randi noticed he was getting choked up about something.

“What’s wrong Joe?” She whispered.

“Nothing, I was just thinking about ‘ow ‘appy I am. And ‘ow much I love you and our lil’ miracle.” Joe said.

“Oh Joe, I love you and Cindy too. Thank you so much for making me so happy.” Randi said trying not to cry.

“No Randi, thank you. Being with you, and us bringing a baby into the world has made my life complete. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Joe leaned down and kissed Randi gently before they slipped out of the baby’s room quietly. They walked back to the living room hand in hand, each of them thinking about how much they meant to each other.


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