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Randi's Rock Star Fiction

Love Bites-Chapters 251-300

A Joe Elliott Story

Part 251 The Surprise…

After Joe got the car loaded Randi came outside and got in. Joe still wouldn’t tell her where they were going. He just assured her that she would enjoy herself. Randi sat back in her seat and looked at the scenery as they were driving down the road. It was very beautiful and since Joe wouldn’t tell her what he was up to she just focused on enjoying the view.

A couple of hours later they pulled up in front of a small bed and breakfast. The town was small and seemed very quiet. There were hills surrounding the town. The view was breath taking.

“Well ‘ere we are.” Joe said as he shut off the engine.

“Ok here we are, but where exactly is here?” Randi asked.

“Some friends of mine own this bed and breakfast and they are anxious to meet the lady I am going to marry. So they asked me to bring you over for a few days.”

“Oh ok.”

“Don’t worry luv, they are nice people. They ‘ave been friends with my parent’s since before I was born. And you will ‘ave a blast. I ‘ave a lot planned for us to do while we are here.”

“Alright.” Randi told him.

“Shall we go in?” Joe asked as he opened his door.


They walked in and were greeted by the owners. They were an older couple, maybe about the age of Joe’s parents. They each gave Joe a hug, and then waited to be introduced to Randi. Joe kissed Alma on the cheek and told her how beautiful she looked. Alma blushed, and Alton started laughing.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kensington this is Randi ‘Enderson.” Joe told them.

“‘Ello Randi, I am Alma. This is my ‘usband Alton. It’s so nice to meet you. We ‘ave ‘eard all about you from Cindy. We ‘ave known Joe since ‘e was a baby. It’s good to see ‘im finally settling down.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Randi said blushing as she shook each of their hands.

“We are glad you decided to come Joe. Your Mum and Dad ‘as done nothing, but talked about ‘ow sweet Randi is. We are glad you brought ‘er to meet us. I ‘ope you enjoy your stay ‘ere.” Alton told him.

“I am sure we will, with ‘osts like y’er selves.” Joe said smiling.

“If you follow me Randi I will show you to the room you and Joe will be staying in. Joe and Alton can get your things out of the car.”

“Ok.” Randi said as she started following Alma. Joe and Alton walked back outside to get their bags.


Part 252 Their Room…

Alma took Randi to the room her and Joe would be staying in. She still couldn’t believe Joe had brought her here. It was so different from where Joe usually stayed. It wasn’t big or fancy. It was very nice, but not extravagant like the other places she had stayed at with Joe. It was different, but Randi had a feeling that Joe was right and that she would have a nice time.

“Well this is it.” Alma said bringing Randi out of her thoughts. “Is this room ok?”

“It’s wonderful. Thanks.” Randi told her just as Joe and Alton came in with the bags. “‘Ere you are Joe. The room you asked for.” Alton told him.

“Thanks Alton. This room ‘as the best view.” Joe said looking to Randi. “Go take a look out the window.”

Randi walked over to the window and pulled the curtain back.


“See I told you.” Joe said laughing.

Alton and Alma joined him. Randi just stood there looking out the window in awe at the beautiful scenery before her.

“Well we will get out of ‘ere and let you two get settled in. If you need anything you know where we will be Joe.” Alma told him.

“Ok thanks. See you after while.” Joe said as Alton and Alma left the room. “So wot do you think?” Joe asked as he sat their bags on the bed.

“It’s beautiful, but this is so unlike you. It’s not big and fancy.” Randi told him.

“Even us rock stars like a lil’ quiet time every so often.” Joe said smiling.

“Ok. Well I guess we should get unpacked.”

They unpacked their clothes and put them into the dresser. Randi noticed that Joe seemed to be hiding something from her in his bag. He had something else up his sleeve. She just knew it.


Part 253 Thursday December 1st

Randi and Joe woke up early. As soon as Alma found out they where awake she brought breakfast to their room. Joe and Randi sat in bed while they ate and discussed what they were going to do today. They decided on going for a hike in the hills surrounding the small town. Then they would offer to take Alton and Alma out to dinner.

After they had finished their breakfast and Alma had come and took their dishes, Joe and Randi got showered and dressed. They went downstairs and invited Alma and Alton out for dinner with them. At first Alma told Joe it wasn’t necessary for him to take them out, but he insisted so she finally gave in. Joe told them that him and Randi would be back before dinner then they would all go out.

Joe and Randi left and headed towards the hills. Just the two of them, spending the day together with no one else around. Joe was familiar with the area and knew just where to take Randi for the best view. They spent most of the day talking. After hiking for a few hours they stopped by a small pond. Joe had brought a backpack with him. It had a blanket and something to drink and snack on for him and Randi in it. He spread the blanket out under a tree and they sat down. 

Once they were down with their snack they laid down to relax for a few minutes before returning to their hike. Joe started kissing Randi gently.

“Are you enjoying y’er self luv?”

“Yes I am. It’s beautiful here.”

“I am glad you like it ‘ere.” Then Joe pulled Randi closer to him. 

Randi laid her head on his chest and started to daydream. She was lost deep in her thoughts when Joe started talking to her.

“Randi luv?” Joe said. “Randi are you awake?”

“Yes I am awake. Sorry I guess I was daydreaming.”

“That must ‘ave been some daydream. I ‘ave been trying to talk to you for 5 minutes now. Is everything ok?”

“Yeah, I am fine.” Randi said smiling. “I was just enjoying laying in your arms, that’s all.”

“Well are you ready to ‘ead back. We will need to shower and change our clothes before we go out to dinner.”

“Ok. I am ready whenever you are.” Randi said as she sat up.

Joe stood up then helped Randi up. She stretched while Joe folded up the blanket and picked up their trash. When he was done they headed back to where they were staying.


Part 254 Dinner With Alma And Alton

Joe and Randi returned just in time to get showered and changed. When they were ready Joe drove every one to the only restaurant in town. It was small and quiet, and it wasn’t very busy. Of course everyone who worked there knew Alton and Alma and a few people recognized Joe and asked for an autograph. He gladly gave them autographs before they ordered their food. While they were eating Joe invited Alton and Alma to the wedding. They said they would love to come. Alton asked about Joe’s parents. Joe told him they were doing great. Then Alma started talking to Randi.

“Can I ask you a question Randi? You don’t ‘ave to answer it if you don’t want.”

“Sure go ahead.’ Randi said smiling.

“Cindy told me you ‘ad surgery for cancer. Are you better now? Did the doctor get rid of it completely?”

“Yes I am better now. I am completely cancer free. Thanks to Joe for getting me the help I need.”

“That’s wonderful. I am so glad to ‘ear that. Joe we are proud of you for taking responsibility.” Alma told him.

“Thanks.” Joe said.

“Joe it looks like you found yourself a real nice lady. Your parents must be proud.” Alton told him. Randi started blushing.

“Yea’ Mum and Dad think Randi is great.” Joe said smiling at Randi.

“Well they should.” Alma said. “Randi y’er so sweet.”

“Thank you.” Randi said blushing even more.

They finished supper without saying much. Joe and Randi were wore out from their hiking trip, and Alma and Alton were used to going to bed early since they made breakfast early every morning for the guests who stayed at their bed and breakfast. When everyone was done eating Joe paid the bill and they drove back to Alton and Alma’s. They said their goodnights then Joe and Randi went to their room.


Part 255 Thursday Night Part 1…

When they got to their room Joe took a quick shower. Then he lay down to watch TV while Randi took a bubble bath. After she was in the tub Joe decided now would be a good time to set up his little surprise for her. Randi was going to flip when she found out what he had done. Joe just laughed as he got into his bag and took the tape out and popped it into the VCR, but he didn’t push it in all the way. He hoped she would notice it when she got out of the tub.

He also got out the Kama Sutra game they had bought and the other things they bought the night they went to the sex store.  Then Joe went and made sure the door was locked, just to be safe.  Joe lit a few candles and dimmed the lights. Then he lay back down on the bed. He heard Randi getting out of the tub and tried to act like he wasn’t up to anything.

Randi came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Joe whistled his approval and she blushed. She noticed he had dimmed the lights and lit candles. Then she saw the game sitting on the table and raised her eyebrow. She knew he had been up to something. Joe just sat there smiling at her. Randi shook her head then walked over to him. When she sat down she noticed the vibrator, handcuffs, blindfold, and feathers too. Randi picked up the handcuffs and before Joe knew what was happening she had one of his wrists in the handcuff. Randi laughed wickedly as she latched the handcuff to the headboard, then proceeded to do the same with Joe’s other wrist. 

“Now it’s my turn.” Randi said smiling. “I am going to torture you the way you tortured me.”

“I love it when y’er naughty.” Joe said smiling as he started becoming aroused.

He loved it when Randi took control of things. She was so hot and sexy when she became demanding. It was a pleasant change from when they first met. She was so shy and scared when they first met, and now that she was feeling better she had became a leopard. Joe loved every second of it. Randi stood up and tossed her towel to the floor.

Joe’s erection grew larger at the sight of Randi’s naked flesh. Her nipples were already hard and swollen. Locking Joe into the handcuffs was really turning her on. Now she could have her way with him like he had done to her. Joe’s eyes slowly moved down Randi’s body. When his eyes reached her mound he gasped and his eyes got big. He couldn’t believe what he had just seen. He looked back up at Randi’s face she was blushing.

“You really are getting braver aren’t you luv?” Joe asked smiling from ear to ear.

“Do you like it?” Randi asked blushing. “I have never done that before.”

“I love it. I think it’s sexy. I just wish I could ‘ave ‘elped you shave.” Joe said grinning. “Well since you like it so much I will let you do it next time. Ok?”

“Mmm sounds great. I can’t wait to taste you.” Joe said.

“Not so fast stud. I am in charge right now.” Randi reminded him. “You are going to be tortured the way you tortured me the other night.”

“I can’t wait.” Joe said trying not to laugh.

Then Randi noticed there was a tape in the VCR. She got up and walked over to it.

“What’s this?” She asked looking at Joe.

 He just smiled and wouldn’t answer her. So she pushed it in and hit play. Randi started blushing furiously when she saw what it was.

“Joseph Thomas Elliott, I can’t believe you did this. Why didn’t you tell me you was recording us in the game room?” Randi said trying not to smile. She wanted Joe to think she was mad.

Joe was lying there helplessly handcuffed to the bed. He smiled, and hoped she wasn’t really mad. He did it hoping she would enjoy watching.

“I am sorry luv, I wanted it to be a surprise for you. I figured since I ‘ad you blindfolded and you couldn’t see wot was going on, you might like to watch it.”

“You just think of everything don’t you?” Randi said unable to keep a straight face any longer and she started laughing.

Randi went and sat back down on the bed and started watching the video. At first she was really embarrassed, but then it started to turn her on. She got up and got the blindfold and cover Joe’s eyes. She was going to get him good. Randi raked her fingernails gently down Joe’s chest, leaving a trail of goose bumps. Randi smiled as she watched The Python get bigger.  She rose up and started kissing Joe’s neck then began nibbling on his ears. Joe started squirming around a bit.

“You can’t get away so you might as well be still.” Randi said trying not to laugh.

“Ok luv.”  Joe said as he stopped moving. 

Randi captured his lips with hers and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Joe growled his approval of Randi’s tongue probing around inside his mouth. She broke the kiss and left a moist trail down the center of Joe’s chest down to his belly button with her tongue. Joe felt her move away from him. Then a moment later he felt the feathers gently caressing his sensitive skin just below his scrotum. Joe just about came up off the bed as Randi swirled the feathers around in circles. She was going to drive him insane and she was just getting started.

“You like that huh?” Randi said smiling as she watched Joe struggling.

“You know I do.” Joe groaned.

Randi continued to watch the video while proceeding with her sweet assault on Joe. Randi moved the feathers to tease the tip of Joe’s cock, and then slid them up and down his swollen shaft before caressing his thighs with them.

“Randi.” Joe moaned. She laughed and began tickling just below his scrotum again. “Luv, if you keep that up I am going to cum right now.” Joe groaned.

So Randi sat the feathers down and took his balls into her hand and began massaging them, then took the head of his cock into her mouth. Joe’s body tensed up as he hit the back of Randi’s throat. She was amazing she drove him wild. Then Joe felt the feathers again. Randi was skimming them across his chest. She increased her pace and started sucking him faster and taking him in farther. Randi wrapped her legs around one of Joe’s and when her wet, shaved mound rubbed against him, it sent him over the edge and his seed spilled down Randi’s throat.

When Joe’s breathing had returned to normal Randi removed the blindfold from his eyes then started kissing him passionately. When she felt Joe getting hard again she decided to let him out of the handcuffs too. That way he could take care of her.


Part 256 Thursday Night Part 2…

After Randi released Joe from the handcuffs he led he over to the table where he had sat the game up.  Randi sat down in one chair and Joe sat down across from her. Joe went first. He landed on the spot that read

“Give a massage without using your ‘ands.”

“Well luv, it says I ‘ave to give you a massage, shall we go back over to the bed?” Joe said smiling.

“Ok.” Randi said as she got up and walked back to the bed.

“Lay down.” Joe told her. “Since I can’t use my hands I guess I will just ‘ave to do my favourite thing and massage y’er clit with my tongue.”

“Mmm.” Randi said as she lay down and spread her legs for him.

Joe lay down and positioned himself between Randi’s legs then lowered his head. He began to flick his tongue across the outer edges of Randi’s mound, over the sensitive skin she had shaved. Randi felt goose bumps spread across her flesh. Joe looked up and smiled then lowered his head back down. Since Joe couldn’t use his hands Randi spread herself open for him. And he began skimming his tongue up and down her slit.

“Oh Joe.” Randi cried out. Joe began circling Randi’s clit with his tongue.

“You taste so good luv.” Joe purred.

“Don’t stop.” Randi demanded.

“Ok luv.” Joe said as he went back down on her. Randi couldn’t believe how much more sensitive she was since she shaved. She wished she had done it sooner.

Joe felt her starting to tense up under his tongue and increased his speed. Randi wrapped her legs around Joe as he plunged his tongue inside of her. Randi started to cum and gushed all over Joe’s tongue. He groaned as he began licking up the sweetness flowing from her. Once Randi had recovered from the orgasm they got back up and went back to the game.


Part 257 Thursday Night Part 3…

They sat back down at the table and Randi took her turn. She landed on the space titled “Try a new sex position. We recommend Barre or Brouette if you haven’t done them before.” Randi looked at Joe and he could tell that she was embarrassed.

“Wot’s wrong luv? I thought you wanted to try new things.” Joe said gently.

“I do, but I have no idea what either of those positions are.” Randi said blushing again. “Would you like me to describe ‘em to you?” Joe said smiling. “Then you can decide which one you want to try.”

“Ok that will work.” Randi said quietly.

“With the Barre position, you lay on y’er side with one leg in between mine with it bent slightly, and one leg stretched up to my shoulder.  I straddle you and hold on to each of y’er legs while I make love to you.” Joe told her.

“Umm ok.” Randi said. “Now what about the other?”

“The Brouette position is where you lay on y’er back and I kneel on my knees and lift y’er ‘ips into the air and ‘old onto y’er arse while you ‘old onto my legs and we make love that way.” Joe said smiling.

“You sure know a lot about this stuff.” Randi said with her eyebrow raised.

“Wot can I say? I like to keep my woman satisfied.” Joe said grinning.

“You are so bad.” Randi said smiling. “I think I want to try the second one.”

“Ok luv. Lets get started.” Joe said as he stood up and walked back to the bed.

Randi followed him and lay down on her back. Joe knelt onto his knees then lifted Randi’s hips. She grabbed a hold of his legs as he slid inside of her. Joe placed his hands on Randi’s ass and started moving in and out of her. She was warm and wet still from what he had done to her earlier.

Her being shaved added to the excitement. Joe was still in shock that Randi had shaved, but he was sure glad she had done it. Randi could feel herself tightening around Joe. Something was happening to her and she didn’t know what. She had never felt anything like she was feeling right now. Joe was penetrating her deeper then he had ever done before in all the times they had made love. Maybe that’s what was causing it. Joe knew just by the look on her face that something was going on with Randi. And he had a pretty good idea about what was happening. He could feel her tightening around him the walls of her vagina were quivering. He was stimulating her g-spot and he knew it. He decided he better talk to her.

 “Randi luv are you ok?”

“What’s happening to me Joe? I can’t describe the sensations I am having right now.” “Do you like the way it feels?” Joe asked softly.

“Yes, but what is going on?” Randi asked.

“Randi, ‘ave you ever ‘eard of the g-spot or a g-spot orgasm?”

“Yes, I think so.” Randi said feeling a little nervous.

“Well with us being in this position I am stimulating y’er g-spot and y’er getting close to ‘aving a g-spot orgasm.” Joe said smiling big. He was proud of himself.

“Oh.” Randi said as she felt herself tightening up again. “Joe…” 

“Just relax luv. Let it run its course. I promise you will like it.” Joe told her.

“Ok.” Randi whispered. “I… Oh… Joe… Oh my…” She cried out as her hips shook violently in Joe’s hands.

Joe felt Randi’s juices gushing out of her. Then he finally started to cum too. The orgasm Randi had experienced was so intense and earth shattering it brought tears to her eyes. She didn’t know what to say or do. Joe slid out of her and lay down beside her. He took her in his arms and pulled her close then kissed her gently and wiped the tears off her cheeks.

“Are you ok luv?” Joe asked. Randi shook her head yes. “Did you like that?”

“Yes, thank you. You are amazing Joe.” Randi said smiling.

“I am glad I can pleasure you luv.” Joe told her. “Do you want to play some more of the game?”

“No I think I would rather go to sleep in your arms.”

“Ok luv. Let me blow out the candles and I will ‘old you.”

Joe got up and blew out the candles then shut off the lights the rest of the way. Then lay back down beside Randi. He placed his hand on Randi’s belly and began gently caressing her scar. Randi laid her head on his chest, and before he knew it she was asleep.


Part 258 Sav’s Birthday…

After Joe and Randi had breakfast Friday morning Joe called Sav to wish him a happy birthday. Sav said him, Paige, and the boys where spending the day at home together. When Scott found out Sav was talking to Joe he begged to talk to Randi. Sav told him he had to wait until he was done talking. Joe and Sav talked a little while longer then Joe put Randi on the phone. She told him happy birthday and asked how he was doing. They chatted for a moment then Sav told Randi someone wanted to talk to her. Then Scott got on the phone.

“Hi Auntie Ranni.”

“Hi sweetie.”

“Miss you.”

“I miss you too. Are you being a good boy?”

“Yes.” Scott said smiling.

“Ok.” Randi told him.

“Auntie Ranni preeettttteee.”

“Thank you Scott. I love you.”

“Love you Auntie Ranni.”

“Can I talk to your Mummy now?”

“Ok.” Scott sat down the phone and went to get Paige.

A few minutes later she got on the phone. The ladies talked for a little while before saying their goodbyes. Joe was ready to go out for the day. So Randi hung up and got ready to leave. Joe wanted to go buy some Christmas presents. Even though Randi didn’t like to go shopping that much she knew she had to get her Christmas shopping done sooner or later. So they spent a few hours looking through the few stores the little town had and found a few gifts. 


Part 259 Sunday…

Sunday afternoon Joe loaded up the car for them to go back home. They spent a little time with Alton and Alma before leaving and promised to send them a wedding invitation as soon as they picked them out. Alma thanked Joe for bringing Randi to meet them, and then Alton thanked him for taking them out to eat while he was there, and welcomed them back anytime. Joe and Randi left and started the drive back home. Randi enjoyed the scenery like she did on the way there. During the ride home they talked about different things, like plans for the wedding, and who all was coming for Christmas. About half way home Randi dozed off. When she woke back up they was about mile from home. When they got home they unloaded the car. Randi put their dirty clothes in the wash while Joe put everything else away. Then Randi made supper for herself and Joe and they snuggled on the couch together and spent the evening watching movies. Randi finally got up and put their dishes in the dishwasher. 

While Randi was in the kitchen Joe got the video from the concert on Randi’s birthday out. It had been a while since they watched it and he figured it would be a nice surprise for Randi since she wasn’t expecting it. When she returned to the living room and sat down Joe pushed play. Randi thought for sure he had put in the tape of them in the game room. She was relieved when she saw that it was of the concert. She scooted closer to Joe and he began to sing each song to her as he sang them on the tape.  By the time it was over she had fell asleep in his arms, so Joe carried her to bed.


Part 260 Over The Next Week…

During the next week Joe and Randi spent a lot of time shopping. The wanted to get it all done before their parent’s and Marie, Phil, and Connie arrived. Well all except for each other’s gifts. They would do that after Marie and Phil got there. Then Marie and Randi could go shopping together, while Joe and Phil go shopping. Then of course their parent’s would be meeting for the first time. That should be interesting they both thought.

They went shopping nearly everyday, and ate out quite a bit. Randi never thought she would say it, but she was actually starting to enjoy going shopping. Maybe it was because she was shopping with Joe, or maybe it was just the fact that she felt so much better now. She didn’t know what the reason was, she was just glad she was starting to like it.

By the end of the week they had bought Christmas presents for everyone on their list except for each other. After they had the gifts bought they bought wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, and gift tags to wrap everything with. Then they bought decorations for inside and outside of the house. Joe being single and all, he usually didn’t spend Christmas at home so he never felt the need to decorate.

Now that Joe would be getting married, and hopefully starting a family, he decided it was time to start getting into the mood. Luckily they got Marie and Phil’s presents wrapped first because they decided to surprise them and came early. Connie would be flying in closer to Christmas, but Phil wanted to spend his birthday with his best mate, and Marie missed Randi. She couldn’t wait until Christmas to see her. They had never been this far away from each other, and they were both still trying to adjust to the change.


Part 261 Phil’s Birthday Part 1…

Marie and Phil showed up early in the morning on his birthday. Joe and Randi where still sleeping. They didn’t know that they were coming. Phil pounded on the door and rang the doorbell until finally a very grumpy Joe answered the door. Him and Randi were up late, and it was very early.  He hadn’t had much sleep at all.  And as happy as he was to see his best mate, and Marie, but it was still too early to be up. He let them in and told them to make themselves at home. He was going back to bed and would see them in a few hours. Phil laughed and told him ok. He carried their bags to the bedroom he always used. Then him and Marie went to the kitchen and made a pot of hot tea.

“Well ‘ow do you like that? ‘E didn’t even tell me ‘appy birthday.” Phil said pretending to pout to Marie.

“You know how Joe is when he gets woke up. He probably doesn’t even realize today is your birthday. I am sure he will tell you when he gets back up.”

“I know, I was just kidding. I know ‘e’s a grump when ‘e gets woke up, believe me I know.” 

When Joe returned to the bedroom Randi yawned and asked who was at the door. When Joe told her it was Phil and Marie, Randi jumped out of the bed and threw her robe on. She couldn’t believe they came without telling her they were coming. She found them in the kitchen at the table. Marie stood up and right away the two ladies hugged. After they were done Randi gave Phil a hug.

“‘Appy Birthday Phil.” Randi told him.

“Thanks. At least you thought of me. Joe didn’t even tell me.” Phil said laughing. 

“Yeah, well you know how he is. What are you doing here anyway? I thought you wasn’t coming back until closer to Christmas?”

“Well we talked about it and Marie was really missing you, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend me birthday then with me best mate and me fiancÚ’s best friend.” Phil said smiling.

“I am glad you are here. I really missed you too Marie.”

Randi made breakfast for the 3 of them then they sat around the table eating. Randi told them about Joe taking her to meet Alton and Alma. And she told Marie she was actually starting to enjoy shopping. Marie was thrilled and couldn’t wait to go shopping with Randi now that she was starting to enjoy it. About two hours later Joe got up and was in a much better mood. He told Phil happy birthday, and said he was glad they were there, and then sat down to eat breakfast.


Part 262 Phil’s Birthday Part 2…

After Joe was more awake him and Phil went to the game room to shoot some pool while Randi and Marie talked. Joe asked Phil if he wanted to go out for supper to celebrate his birthday. Phil said he didn’t have to take him out, but Joe insisted. Meanwhile Randi and Marie were discussing flying to Sheffield for a few days to take Sav, Page, Tyler, and Scott their Christmas presents. And that would give them a chance to do some shopping for Joe and Phil’s gifts. They decided they would discuss it over supper.

Around 2:00 the guys came out of the game room and asked the ladies if they wanted to go out for awhile.  Marie and Randi went and got ready to go out while Joe called a limo and made reservations for supper. The limo arrived just as the ladies were finishing up their makeup.  The two couples went and got in the limo and the limo pulled out of the drive. Joe told the driver where to take them and they were on the way. They decided to go to the theater and watch a movie before going out for supper. They watched the movie and ate popcorn.

After the movie several people came up to them and asked for autographs. Some of them took pictures. And one person even told Phil happy birthday, which made him really happy because a fan remembered his birthday. When they were done they still had a couple of hours before their dinner reservations. Randi suggested they go shopping to get Phil a birthday gift. He said it wasn’t necessary, but Randi and Joe both insisted. So he finally gave in and they went. Randi also found a few more gifts for the kids. She loved buying presents for them.


Part 263 Phil’s Birthday Part 3…

By the time they were done shopping it was almost time for their reservations so they headed for the restaurant. While they were waiting for their food a few people came up and said happy birthday to Phil, and asked for pictures and autographs. While they were eating their food no one bothered them. But when their dessert was brought out everyone who was in the restaurant, employees and customers, gathered around the table they were seated at. Marie, Randi, and Phil had no idea what was going on. Joe started laughing when he seen the look on their faces.

“‘Appy birthday mate.” Joe said then everyone started singing happy birthday and a piece of cake with a candle in it was sat in front of Phil. Phil was in shock. He wasn’t quite sure what to say. He should have known Joe was up to something. He always had something up his sleeve.

“Thanks.” Phil told everyone as he blew out the candle.

Everyone started clapping then one by one shook his hand and returned to their tables and their jobs. They finished their dessert without any disruptions. When they were done Joe paid the bill and they left. Joe told the driver to take them to a small pub on the edge of town. He wanted to buy Phil a birthday drink.

When they arrived they found a small booth in the back of the pub. There were only a few people in there and no one bothered them. Everyone except Randi ordered an alcoholic drink, for some reason she just didn’t feel like drinking so she ordered a soda. After a little while Joe got up and put some money in the jukebox and asked Randi if she wanted to dance. They started dancing, shortly after that Phil and Marie joined them on the dance floor. They danced to a few songs then returned to the table and had a few more drinks before calling it a night and heading home.


Part 264 December 11th

Randi called Paige on the 9th and asked if it would be ok for her and Marie to come see them for a few days so they could bring their Christmas gifts to them. Paige said that would be fine and that her and Sav would pick them up at the airport. Joe and Phil drove them to the airport so they could go to Sheffield. They were going to stay behind so they could finish up their Christmas shopping.

Joe told Randi to be careful and for her to call him as soon as they arrived at Sav’s then gave her some money to spend while she was there. Phil gave Marie some money too. Joe and Randi kissed quickly as the plan started boarding. The Phil and Marie started kissing. Finally they boarded the plane just in time. Marie and Randi talked the whole flight. They were both excited about seeing Scott and Tyler. Paige said she would keep it a secret that they were coming so it could be a surprise for the boys.

They finally arrived at the airport in Sheffield. Sav and Paige were waiting for them. They left the boys at home with their housekeeper Val. They all exchanged hugs then got Marie and Randi’s bags and headed for the car. It didn’t take long to get to Sav and Paige’s house.

When they arrived the boys were in their bedroom playing. Randi and Marie gave Sav their bags and he took them to the guest room. Paige led them to the boy’s bedroom.  “Surprise.” Randi and Marie yelled at the same time.

“Auntie Ranni.” Scott yelled as he ran to her.

“Hi Aunt Marie.” Tyler said blushing then walked over and hugged her.

They both said hi to the boys then Randi picked up Scott and Marie picked up Tyler and carried them to the living room. They sat the boys down and told them to close their eyes. Randi had told Sav which bag had the gifts in it and he carried it into the living room. Both boys closed their eyes like they were told and Marie laid one of the gifts her and Phil had bought for them in each of their laps. When they opened their eyes the both smiled and started giggling because they had presents. 

Randi gave them a gift next. Then gave Sav and Paige theirs. When they finally had all the gifts passed out and unwrapped Randi helped the boys carry their new toys to the bedroom. She played with them for a few minutes, and then joined the adults. For some reason she was feeling really tired. It must have been from the flight. So she apologized and excused herself and said she would see everyone in the morning then went to bed.


Part 265 The Next Morning…

Randi woke up the next morning around 5:00am. She was sick to her stomach. She lay in the bed for a few minutes hoping it would go away, but it didn’t. Instead it got worse and she knew she was about to get sick. So she ran to the bathroom just barely getting in there in time. She couldn’t believe she was throwing up. She never threw up. She must be getting the flu. Now was a fine time for her to get sick, while she was here visiting Sav and his family. When she was finally able to move away from the toilet she got a washcloth and washed her face off. Then went to the kitchen for a drink. Paige and Val were sitting at the table talking.

“Are you ok Randi?” Paige asked. “You don’t look too good.”

“Not really. I just got sick. Do you have some crackers or something?”

“Sure just a second.” Val said as she got up. She got Randi some crackers and a cup of hot tea.


“Y’er welcome.”

“What’s wrong? I mean what made you sick?” Paige asked.

“I don’t know I guess I am getting the flu or something. I guess we will have to cut our trip short. I don’t want to make anyone sick.” Randi told her.

 “Let me see if you have a fever.” Paige said as she reached her hand out to Randi’s forehead. “You aren’t running a fever. Maybe you ate something on the flight yesterday that didn’t agree with you.”

“Yeah, maybe. Who knows?” Randi sat and nibbled on the crackers Val had got for her and sipped her tea. Her stomach finally eased down some. She thanked Paige and Val for their helped and returned to bed for a while.


Part 266 Later That Morning…

Randi woke back up about 9:00. She was about to get sick again. She got up and ran to the bathroom. Marie was walking out. Randi pushed her out of the way before she threw up everywhere. Marie stood in the doorway watching her friend and waiting to make sure she was ok. Randi finally got up and washed her face again. Marie was still standing there watching.

“What?” Randi asked.

“Are you ok?” Marie asked her.

“I am fine. I must be getting the flu. You know, I am not used to cold weather.”

Marie crossed her arms and looked at Randi with an eyebrow raised. “You aren’t getting the flu. You are pregnant. I have known you long enough to know that you don’t throw up, even when you get the flu.”

Randi rolled her eyes and walked out of the bathroom. “Yeah right, you heard what Dr. Sparks said. I only have a 5% chance of getting pregnant. And the way my luck is that’s not enough for it to happen.”

“Well will just see about that. I know you aren’t getting the flu. I will bet money on it.” “Whatever.” Randi told her as she walked to the kitchen. Marie and Randi walked into the kitchen Sav, Paige, and Val was sitting at the table. The boys were still asleep.

“Are you feeling better?” Paige asked.

“Not really. I just got sick again.”

“I am sorry.”

“I will be ok. Don’t worry about it.” Randi said smiling. “Do you mind if take a shower? Maybe that will make me feel better.”

“Sure go ahead.” Paige told her.

“Thanks.” Randi said then turned and headed back to the bathroom.

When Marie was sure Randi couldn’t hear she started talking.

“She is so full of it. I don’t know who she thinks she is kidding.”

“Wot are you talking about?” Sav asked.

“She isn’t getting the flu. I have known her my whole life. She never throws up, even when she gets the flu.”

“Well wot do you think is wrong?” Sav asked.

“You don’t think she’s?” Paige trailed off.

“Pregnant?” Marie asked.

“No way.” Sav said. “Joe will be beside ‘im self.”

“Do you really think so Marie?” Paige asked.

“Yes I do.” Marie told her. “I have known her a long time, and something is definitely going on. And it’s not the flu.”

“I think I have a home pregnancy test in my bathroom. Should I ask her if she wants to use it?” Paige asked.

“You can try, but I have a feeling she will be stubborn about it.”

While Randi was in the shower she was thinking to herself.

“What is wrong with me? I know I am late this month, but there is no way I am pregnant. It’s got to be stress. Dr. Sparks said I would most likely never get pregnant. It’s got to be the flu.”

By the time she was done with her shower she was feeling much better. Maybe it was just jet lag. She was going to be fine.


Part 267 Later That Day…

Randi, Marie, and Paige went shopping while Sav watched the boys. Randi was feeling a lot better now.  And she was enjoying herself. She found some really nice things for Joe. While they were out they decided to surprise Joe’s parents and stopped by to see them. Cindy and Joe Sr. were thrilled to see Randi. Right away Cindy noticed something was different. After Joe Sr. left the room Cindy started talking to the ladies.

“Randi wot’s wrong luv?” Cindy asked.

“Nothing why?”

“Now don’t feed me that I know better. I am a nurse. Remember? Besides I can see it in y’er eyes.”

“Just a little jet lag from the flight yesterday. I threw up a couple of times this morning, but I am fine now.”

“Nonsense child. You can’t fool me. It’s not jet lag. Y’er pregnant aren’t you?”

“Why does everyone keep saying that? You all know what Dr. Sparks said.”

“I am a firm believer in miracles. And you and Joe deserve to be parents. Now Paige I want you and Marie to go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test and bring it back.” “Ok.” They both said at the same time. Then turned and walked to the door.

Randi sat down at the kitchen table and threw her head in her hands and started crying. Cindy walked over to her and wrapped her arms around her. Joe Sr. heard someone crying and came to see what was wrong.

“Wot’s going on?” He asked.

“I think Randi is pregnant dear.”

“Really?” He said excitedly.

“Yes, Paige and Marie are going to get a test right now.”

“Great. Why are you crying Randi?” He asked her.

“This isn’t fair.” She sobbed. “It’s just stress. I skipped a period, big deal. You two heard what Dr. Sparks said.”

“Yes we did. ‘E said there was a small chance. Does Joe know about this?”

“No I just started feeling bad this morning.”

“Well don’t tell ‘im until you know for sure. If the test shows positive you need to call Dr. Sparks and make arrangements to see ‘im right away.” Cindy told her.



Part 268 Marie and Paige Returning…

About 20 minutes later Paige and Marie returned with a pregnancy test. Cindy led Randi to the bathroom and explained to her how to do it since she had never used one before. Then she left closing the door behind her. Randi did exactly what Cindy had told her, and then waited for the results to show up. She watched nervously as the line showed up in the window saying it was working. Then tears started falling from her eyes as a line slowly started to appear in the second little window. She could hear Cindy, Marie, and Paige standing in the hall talking. She stood up and opened the door as the tears continued to fall from her eyes. She handed the test to Cindy. Cindy’s eyes started getting moist as she yelled for her husband then handed the test to Marie.

“We are going to be grandparents ‘oney.” She said as Joe Sr. joined them.

Marie grabbed Randi and hugged her as Joe Sr. and Cindy hugged. Then they started hugging Randi. When they were done Paige hugged her.

“This is so great Randi. I am so happy for you.” Marie told her as she started to cry too. “Well I guess this means we are going to have to cut our trip short huh?” Randi said trying to muster up a smile.

“Yes I think that would be a good idea.” Paige told her. “You need to get home to see the doctor.”

“Ok then I guess I need to call him now so I can see him right away. I don’t want Joe to know yet. Just in case that test was wrong. And if it’s right, I want to wait until Christmas to tell him.”

Everyone agreed not to say anything. Then Cindy showed Randi were the phone was. Dr. Sparks told her to get home immediately and for her to come to his office as soon as she landed. The ladies left to go back to Sav and Paige’s house to get their things and see when the next flight was back to Dublin. Paige told Sav what was going on when they returned. He hugged Randi and congratulated her. Now they just had to figure out how she was going to keep Joe from finding out before Christmas.


Part 269 Going To The Airport…

Sav called Joe and asked if him and Phil could please fly in to see him and Paige for a few days. Randi and Marie didn’t want them there when they got home because they had bought Christmas presents for them and didn’t want the guys to see them. Joe and Phil agreed to come and left on the next flight. Paige took Marie and Randi to the airport to catch their flight.

They were heading back to Dublin about the same time Joe and Phil was heading for Sheffield. When Marie and Randi landed they called a limo and had the driver help them with their bags then told him to take them directly to Dr. Sparks’ office.  The driver did as he was asked and waited for the ladies to get done. They didn’t even go home first. They just left their bags in the limo and went straight to see the doctor.

When Joe and Phil arrived in Sheffield Sav was waiting for them. He did his best at pretending nothing was going on, but he knew it was going to be hard. He took them to his house and as soon as they got there both boys came running and hugged Joe and Phil. Joe was so great with the kids and so was Randi. Sav and Paige were both so happy that Randi and Joe were being blessed with a baby of their own.


Part 270 At The Doctor’s…

Dr. Sparks took a urine sample and drew some blood, then examined Randi. He wanted to be certain of what was going on.  He didn’t want to tell her one thing and it be something else. He knew how much it meant to her and Joe. He waited for the results from the tests to come back. Randi sat nervously in the room wondering what was taking so long. Marie tried to keep her calm. Finally Dr. Sparks and Bonnie came back into the room. Bonnie was carrying a bottle of prenatal vitamins and both her and Dr. Sparks were smiling.

“You dear are going to be a mummy.” Bonnie said.

“Really?” Randi asked still not sure she believed it.

“Yes ma’am.” Dr Sparks said as he shook her hand. “Now I want you to go ‘ome and rest. I won’t put you on total bed rest unless you start ‘aving problems, but please don’t overdo it, or you will ‘ave problems.”

“Ok.” Randi told him as the tears filled her eyes. “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. I didn’t do it. I would say this was Joe’s doing.” Dr. Sparks said laughing.

“Yeah, I guess you are right.” Randi said blushing.

“Make sure you take one of these every morning.” Bonnie told her as she handed Randi the vitamins.


“If you ‘ave any trouble, or are concerned about anything you call right away.” Dr. Sparks told her.

“I will.”

“Well I guess we are done for today. I want to see you back ‘ere the second week in January so we can do an ultrasound.”


“‘Ave a Merry Christmas.”


Bonnie walked them out and scheduled Randi another appointment. Then Randi and Marie left and got back in the limo and told the driver to take them home. When they got home Marie made Randi go in and lay down and asked the driver to help her carry their bags in. He said he would be glad to help. So Randi went inside and went to her room while Marie and the driver brought everything in.


Part 271 Mal Calling Sav…

Mal called Sav’s house after he called Joe’s and Randi told him that Joe and Phil were at Sav’s. They had been asked to come do an interview and perform a song on Jay Leno, and a photo-shoot for Metal Edge magazine. He promised they would be back in time for Christmas, and begged them to go he told Joe this would be the perfect chance to announce that he was getting married.

After much begging and pleading Mal finally convinced Joe, Phil, and Sav to go to the states for a week or so. He knew it wouldn’t be a problem with Rick and Viv since they lived in the states anyway. Mal told them he would call back after he talked to Rick and Viv so he could tell him whose house they would be staying at. They hung up and he called Viv then Rick. Rick agreed to let everyone stay with him and Mandy while they were in the states. Mal told him they would all be there in a couple of days.

He called Sav’s house again and told them to be ready to go by Wednesday afternoon. They would be on Jay Leno on Friday the 16th. Then the photo shoot would be Monday the 19th. Sav packed his bags to take with him to the states. Tuesday morning him, Joe, and Phil would catch a flight back to Joe’s so he could pack his bags. Then they would fly to the states. They hated doing stuff like this right before Christmas, but since Mal promised they would be back before then they said ok.


Part 272 Going to Joe’s…

When Joe, Phil, and Sav arrived on Tuesday afternoon Marie and Randi were both surprised to see them. They hadn’t told them they were coming back. Luckily Randi was over her morning sickness for the day so Joe wouldn’t suspect any thing. She just hoped Sav hadn’t slipped up and told him. They were even more surprised when they announced that they were going to the states. 

At first Randi started to object, but then Joe promised he would be back before Christmas so she said ok. He also told her he would be announcing that they were getting married. She was a little embarrassed, but knew it wouldn’t do any good to argue. He already had his mind made up. Joe packed his bags then they decided to go ahead and stay the night and catch an early flight Wednesday morning so Phil could go to his house and get what he would need.

Everyone went to bed early since they would be taking such an early flight. Besides Joe wanted an excuse to get to hold Randi for a while since it had been a few days since they had been together. Before they went to sleep Randi asked what song they would be performing on Jay Leno. Her eyes started to fill with tears when he said “Promises.” That was the song he had written for her. He hugged her tight and told her loved her. He was hoping he would get lucky before he left, but he noticed that Randi seemed extremely tired, so he didn’t even ask. He just cuddled with her and sang her to sleep.


Part 273 In The States…

Joe, Phil, and Sav arrived in California late Wednesday evening. They went to Phil’s first, then drove to Rick’s house. They were all wore out from the long flight. All they wanted was to eat and go to bed. Luckily when they arrived at Rick’s, Mel had supper waiting for them. Viv was already there.  And Mal would be in Thursday morning.

They ate supper and discussed what they were going to do on Jay Leno. Joe asked if everyone was ok with performing “Promises” and they all said it sounded wonderful. Then Joe told them he would be announcing that him and Randi were getting married. Everyone looked at him like he was nuts.

“Joe are you sure you want to do that?” Viv asked him.

“Yea’, why not?” Joe asked.

“Because the flipping media will be bugging you non-stop if you announce it. That’s why not.” Rick told him.

“Big deal.” Joe said smiling. “Besides you know I love the attention.”

“Y’er so stuck on y’er self.” Phil told him. 

“I know. Isn’t it great?” Joe said laughing.

All the other guys just rolled their eyes and continued eating.  When they were done eating they said good night and headed for bed. They needed to get some rest. They next few days would be long and busy. Tomorrow they would be talking to Mal about what they could and couldn’t talk about with Jay. Then Friday they would be busy all day with taping the performance and interview. They would have the weekend to rest and then Monday would be busy again with the photo shoot.


Part 274 Making Phone Calls…

Since Joe’s Mum and Dad were already certain that she was pregnant she called them first. She wanted to let Cindy know that she was right and that they would indeed be grandparents. Randi decided to wait until Christmas to tell her parent’s. It would be better to tell her mother in person then to do it over the phone.

Cindy and Joe Sr. were thrilled. They were beaming with joy and pride. Their son and the wonderful woman he was marrying were going to bring a child into the world. Cindy told Randi they would see her in a few days and for her to take it easy. Randi promised she would and thanked her for making her take the test.  After she hung up with them she called Paige. 

“Paige this is Randi.”

“Hi Randi. How are you feeling?”

“Ok right now. Thanks.”

“That’s good.”

“Listen I know we planned for everyone to come back towards the end of January, but considering my little surprise I was wondering if you, Sav and the boys would come here from Christmas? I want to tell everyone on Christmas that Joe and I are having a baby.”

“Are you sure you want all of us there?”

“Yes I am sure.”

“Ok then. I am sure Sav will be fine with it. This won’t be the first time we spent Christmas with Joe.” Paige laughed.

“Alright I will see you in a few days.”

“Ok take care.”

“I will. Bye.”


Next she called Meg then Jewels. She wouldn’t tell Meg why she wanted her there; she just begged her to come. She said she would try. Randi asked Jewels to call Mandy and have her call when the guys left for the taping of Jay Leno. She said she would be glad to and told her she was sure Viv would be fine with coming for Christmas.

Paige called Rick’s to talk to Sav. Randi had told her that she really wanted everyone there for Christmas, and Paige knew Mal was funny about spending Christmas with other people, even the band. So she wanted Sav to talk to him. Mandy called Friday morning as soon as they guys left. Randi asked for her and Rick to join them for Christmas. She said she would love to, and would ask Rick as soon as they returned.


Part 275 Jay Leno…

The Leps started out the taping of Jay Leno by singing “Promises.” The audience loved it. They got a standing ovation when it was over. The all bowed then left the stage and joined Jay Leno on the other stage.

Jay Leno: “Everyone please give another applause for Def Leppard.”

Everyone stood up again and clapped and whistled. When they sat back down Jay started talking again.

J.L.: “That was an amazing song. I don’t think I have heard it before. Is that new material?”

Phil Collen: “Yes it is Jay. Joe wrote it a few months ago.”

J. L.: “Speaking of Joe, I understand you have a bit of news to share with us.”

Joe Elliott: “Yes I do as a matter of fact.”

J. L.: “Well please go ahead and share your news.”

J. E.: “Ok Jay. Thank you.”

Joe reached down beside him and picked up the picture Randi had made of herself for him and handed it to Jay.

J. L.; “She is a very pretty lady. Can we get a close up of this picture? Who is she Joe?”

J. E. “That is Ms. Randi ‘Enderson. I met ‘er in South Carolina while we were on tour.” J.L.: “She looks like an incredible woman.”

J. E.: “You ‘ave no idea Jay. Anyway, back to wot I was saying. I would like for all the fans to know that Randi and I will be getting married over the summer. Oh and “Promises” was wrote for her.”

The crowd started cheering and clapping.

J. L.: “Really? Wow.”

Rick Savage: “I bet you never thought that rock stud Joe Elliott would settle down and tie the knot did you Jay?”

J. L.: “I have to say, I am surprised. I thought maybe you was announcing the release of a new album or something.”

J. E.: “Well that won’t be ‘appening until after the wedding and the ‘oneymoon. Oh and y’er the first in the media to know about this.”

J. L.: “Thanks Joe. I feel privileged that you decided to announce it first on my show.” Vivian Campbell: “‘ey Jay?”

J. L.:  “Yes Viv?”

V. C.: “Don’t let Phil and Rick get out of ‘ere with out talking to you.”

J. L.: “Ok then, Rick, Phil who wants to go first?”

P.C.: “I am dating Randi’s best friend. We are engaged, but ‘ave not set a date yet.”

J. L.: “Wonderful. What do you have to tell me Rick?”

Rick Allen: “I am also dating one of Randi’s friends. ‘Er name is Mandy.”

J. L.: “Any plans for marriage?”

R. A.: “No not right now.”

R. S.: “Since Mal wouldn’t join us on stage I am going to tell on ‘im.”

J. L.: “Ok Sav. What would you like to share with us about Mal?”

R. S.: “Mal is also dating one of ‘er friends. ‘Er name is Meg.”

J. L.: “That must have been some concert you guys put on.”

V. C.: “Yea’ it was. I think that was the best concert we ‘ave performed since I joined the band.

J. L.: “Well thanks for coming on to the show. You will have to come back after the wedding.” 

J. E.: “Ok Jay, we’ll see wot we can work out.”

J. L.: “Maybe you could even bring Randi with you.”

J. E.: “Well I can’t say yes or no on that one. She is pretty shy.”

J. L.: “Ok then. I understand if she doesn’t want to come. Ladies and gentlemen let’s hear it for Def Leppard.”

Once again the audience stood up to cheer and clap as the guys shook Jay’s hand and left the stage.


Part 276 The Photo Shoot…

The guys arrived at the Metal Edge studio for their photo shoot bright and early Monday morning. The newspapers and media were already going wild over Joe’s announcement on Jay Leno. The photographer took several pictures of them for the magazine. Since Joe announced that he would be getting married, and Phil, and Rick were both dating some one, Metal Edge had decided to make The Leps lay out bigger then originally planned, and try to get an interview.

“Mal didn’t say anything about an interview for the magazine.” Sav said.

“Well since Joe announced that he is getting married and you guys performed that new song we would like to get an interview too.” The interviewer explained.

“Well wotever.” Sav said.

“Oh come on Sav. Lighten up a bit.” Viv told him.

“Yea’, we can never get too much attention.” Joe said smiling.

“Is that all you think about mate?” Phil joked.

“Well that and one other thing.” Joe said laughing.

“Only you Joe.” Rick said shaking his head.

They did an interview explaining how they had met Randi and the other ladies. Joe also told them when he planned to get married. He didn’t say anything about how sick Randi had been. He wasn’t sure how she would feel about him telling everyone. When they were done they returned to Rick’s and found that Jewels and the girls were there.


Part 277 New York…

Tuesday afternoon they caught a flight to New York so they could get back to Joe’s before Christmas. When they had found that Jewels and the girls had came to Joe’s Mandy told the guys that Randi had asked everyone to come for Christmas and that Paige, the boys, and Meg would be meeting them there.

Sav had talked to Mal privately and he agreed to spend Christmas at Joe’s since it was so important that everyone be there. But for the life of him, he just couldn’t figure out what could possibly be so important. There weren’t any flights leaving for Dublin until Wednesday afternoon so they would have to stay in a hotel over night. Shortly after their flight landed in New York and they get settled into the hotel it started snowing hard. The wind was blowing terrible and the flakes were huge.

Joe had a gut feeling that this couldn’t be good. Like always his gut feeling was right. It snowed all night and was still snowing. Wednesday morning they got a phone call from the front desk of the hotel. The call was to inform them that the airport was closed until further notice because of the snow and they would not be able to leave until at least tomorrow.

As soon as Joe hung up with them he called Randi to let her know what was going on. He told her he wasn’t sure if he would be home in time for Christmas or not. Randi started to cry. She wanted him home so bad. She wanted to tell him he was going to be a daddy as one of his Christmas presents. He begged her not to cry and promised he’d do everything he could to get home in time for Christmas and he would keep her up to date with the weather.


Part 278 Leaving For Joe’s…

The snow finally let up late Thursday night. New York had really got a lot of snow. It was definitely going to be a white Christmas for them. In fact they had gotten so much it took them until Friday afternoon to get the runways clear enough for the airport to reopen.

Finally late Friday afternoon they was finally able to catch a flight and head for Joe’s. They knew it was going to be a long rough flight. There was snow falling in almost all of Ireland and everywhere in between New York and there. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as what they seen in New York. Randi, Marie, Paige, and Meg gave up on the others getting in on Friday and went on to bed after getting the boys to sleep.

About 11:00pm their plane landed. It was starting to snow harder. They were glad they made it to Dublin before it got to bad. By the time they got their luggage and caught a limo it was about 11:45pm before they arrived at Joe’s. Everyone snuck quietly into the house since it was dark. They knew everyone was asleep. They said their good nights and everyone went to bed. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and Joe’s parents, Randi’s parents, and Phil’s Mum would be there early in the morning, most likely shortly after sunrise. So they wanted to get at least a little rest before then.


Part 279 Christmas Eve Morning…

Duane, Thelma, Joe Sr., Cindy, and Connie arrived early Saturday morning. Randi was the only one awake. Luckily Joe hadn’t heard her get up and run to the bathroom. Morning sickness again, she was throwing up. She was sitting in the kitchen eating some crackers when the parents arrived. Duane, Thelma, and Connie didn’t think any thing about it, but Cindy and Joe Sr. new exactly why she was up so early and eating crackers for breakfast.

Thankfully Randi’s belly had settled down and she was sure she was over her morning sickness for the day. She got up to give everyone a hug. Cindy introduced Connie, and then Randi introduced her parents to Joe’s parents. Even though they had already been talking since their planes all arrived about the same time and they rode from the airport together. Randi went and woke Joe up to tell him his parents had arrived, but he was still wore out and wasn’t ready to get up. So she gave up and went back to the kitchen.  Everyone was hungry so Randi fixed breakfast. Once the food started cooking and the aroma started drifting through the house some the others started waking up slowly. Paige and Marie both got up about the same time. They had gone to bed about the same time as Randi, so they had plenty of rest.

They were both kind of shocked to see Randi cooking. They figured the smell of the food would turn her stomach, but she seemed to be doing well. They knew Randi didn’t want her parents to know until tomorrow, so they didn’t say anything about it.  Paige introduced Marie to Connie.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you. Is me Phil being good to you?” Connie asked Marie. “Yes ma’am he is. Your son is wonderful.”

“Well if ‘e gets out of line you tell me and I will take care of ‘im for you.” Connie said smiling.

Marie wasn’t quite sure what to say. “Uh, ok.” Everyone started laughing.

Slowly the rest of the crew started to rise. Phil was overjoyed to see is Mum. He hadn’t seen her since before the last tour started. He was glad to see that Marie and her were hitting it off so well. Other then the kids, Joe was the last to get up. At least he was in a better mood then he was when Randi had tried to wake him up earlier.

When Scott got up he went straight to Randi. She picked him up and immediately got a look from Paige, Marie, and Cindy. She knew what they were thinking so she sat down with him before anyone slipped and said anything. She didn’t want Joe to find out she was pregnant until she was ready to tell him. And she had a plan on how to tell him.


Part 280 Christmas Eve Joe’s Christmas Gift…

Randi was really tired again that evening so her and Joe went to bed early. Tomorrow would be a long, busy day anyway. When they got in the bedroom and shut the door Randi sat on the edge of the bed and started smiling.


“Yes luv?”

“Would you like one of your Christmas presents early?”

“You mean I get to ‘ave a present early? It’s just like being a kid again.” He joked.

“Yes, but you have to find it first.”

“Oh I see make me work for it.”

“That’s right.”

“Ok then.” Joe walked around the room and started looking around the room and in the dresser for anything he didn’t recognize. Randi slipped into a nightgown and watched him search. She finally started laughing.

“I will give you a hint.” She said as she sat down on the bed again.

“Good I need one.”

“It’s in the bed.”

“Really?” Joe said grinning as he walked over to her.

“Did you buy a new sex toy while I was gone?”

“No.” Randi said blushing. “You’re the expert in that department.”

“Ha, ha very funny.” Joe teased. He was looking under the blankets and pillows and between the mattresses.

“You really have no idea what your present is do you?”

“No I don’t.”

“Come here and I will show you.”

Joe sat down on the bed and looked Randi in the eyes. “Ok I am ready for it.”

“Give me your hand Joe.” 

Joe placed his hand in hers. He wasn’t sure what she was doing. To be honest she was confusing him. Randi placed his hand on her belly.

“Your present is right here Daddy.”

Joe felt tears building up in his eyes as he looked down at their hands then back to Randi’s eyes. She had tears in her eyes too.

“Did you just call me Daddy?” Joe asked afraid he had heard her wrong.

“Yes Joe I did. We are going to have a baby. Merry Christmas.”

“Really? When did you find out? Why didn’t you tell me? Does any one else know?” Joe was rambling on.

“I found out when Marie and I went to Sheffield. And yes a few people know.”

“You ‘ave got to get into see Dr. Sparks right away.”

“I already have Joe. That’s why Sav and Paige asked you to come to their house, so I could go with out you knowing.”

“Why did you want to ‘ide it from me luv?”

“I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Well it’s definitely a surprise, and the best present I ‘ave ever received. So who else knows?”

“Marie, Paige, Sav, your parents, and Dr. Sparks and Bonnie of course.”

“You told me parents before me?”

“Your Mum was the one who insisted I was pregnant.”

“Oh. Remind me to thank her tomorrow.”

“Ok. I love you Joe. Can you believe we made a baby? You and I are going to have a baby of our own.”

“I love you too. I am so ‘appy.”

The tears were now falling freely from both their eyes.

“I want to make love to you slow and gentle.”

“Ok Joe.”

Joe turned off the light and got in bed. He started kissing Randi softly. He couldn’t believe this wonderful woman was carrying his child.

“If I ‘urt you please tell me.” Joe said as he positioned himself over her.

“I will.”

Joe slid himself into her. He moved in and out slow and gentle, yet it was still passionate.  It was the first time they had made love since they stayed at the bed and breakfast. Joe was so emotional he was beside himself. Randi looked like an angel underneath him. She was so beautiful and such a special woman. He couldn’t think of anyone else he would rather have bare his child. When they were done making love Joe laid down beside Randi. He wrapped he tightly in his arms and began caressing her belly, the place that was keeping their baby safe. He held her close all night; he wasn’t about to let go of her, or the baby.


Part 281 Christmas Morning…

Scott, Tyler, Lily, and Una woke up bright and early. They couldn’t wait to open up their presents. Randi was the only adult awake. And once again she was in the bathroom getting sick. The girls heard someone in the bathroom so they knocked on the door. Randi asked whom it was then started to get sick again so the kids ran to wake Joe up. They finally woke him up.

“Auntie Ranni sick.” Scott told him. 

Joe rubbed his eyes and looked at each of four faces watching him.

 “She’s in the bathroom.” Lily told him.

“Ok come on everyone go to the playroom I will go check on Aunt Randi.” Joe said as he got out of bed. Joe went and knocked on the bathroom door then walked in. Randi was washing her face. 

“Are you alright luv?”

“Yeah, just morning sickness.”

“I can’t believe we are going to ‘ave a baby.” Joe said as he pulled her close and gave her a kiss.

“Me either.” Randi said.

“When are you going to tell everyone else?”

“Today, if that’s ok with you.”

“That sounds wonderful. I think that would make a great present for everyone.”

Randi and Joe walked out of the bathroom and went to the playroom. The kids were all playing, but when they heard Joe and Randi they stopped and looked at them.

“Do you feel better Aunt Randi?” Tyler asked.

“Yes honey. Thank you kids for waking Uncle Joe up to help me.”

“Your welcome Aunt Randi.” Lily told her.

“I love you Auntie Randi.” Una told her.

“Auntie Ranni preeettttteee.” Scott said.

“How about a group hug?” Randi said smiling. All four kids came running as Joe and Randi both knelt down to their level. Everyone hugged then Joe and Randi stood back up. The kids went back to play and Randi and Joe went to the kitchen.

Joe started a pot of hot tea while Randi sat at the table. Joe sat down with her while waiting for it to get done. When it was done Joe got up and poured them each a cup. He sat Randi’s cup in front of her and she started to take a drink.

“OH NO!” Randi said rather loudly as she jumped up and ran out of the kitchen.

Joe got up and quickly followed. He found her hunched over the toilet. He walked in and bent down taking her hair in his hands and pulled it back out of her way.

“I am sorry y’er getting sick again luv.”

Randi leaned her head over the toilet again. She remained there for a few minutes before finally standing up.

“Come on I will carry you back to bed. I think you need to rest a lil’ longer.” Joe said as he lifted her into his arms and headed towards the bedroom. Once they got in the bedroom Joe laid Randi down in bed then gave her the TV remote.

“I will go get you some crackers luv.”


Joe walked out of the room and went to the kitchen to find some crackers. Paige was sitting at the table.

“Good morning Joe.”

“Hi Paige.” Joe said as he started looking in the cabinet.

“What’s wrong?”

“I am just trying to find some crackers for Randi.”

“Oh.” Paige said quickly. She didn’t know if Randi had told him yet or not. Joe sensed she was uncomfortable.

“It’s ok Paige. I know. Randi told me last night. I am going to be a daddy.” The smile on Joe’s face was huge as he turned and walked out of the kitchen. Joe took the crackers to Randi then sat down beside her. Randi started nibbling on a cracker and flipped the channel on the TV.

“Thanks Joe.”

“Y’er welcome luv. Just trying to take care of my angel.” Joe said as he kissed Randi on the cheek.

Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Randi said. The door opened and Cindy walked in.

“Hi Mum.”

“Good morning Zeff. ‘Ow are you doing this morning Randi?”

“Not too good. It’s been a rough morning already.”

“I am sorry dear. It will get better. ‘Ow did you like y’er Christmas present Joe?”

“Oh Mum, isn’t it wonderful? I am going to be a daddy. And you will be a grandmum.” Joe said with moist eyes as he hugged Randi then reached out his arm to hug Cindy too. “Well Thelma and Connie are in the kitchen preparing to make breakfast. I am going to go help ‘em. You stay in ‘ere until you feel better. Don’t push y’er self.”

“Cindy, you, Connie, and Mom are our guests. I will make breakfast.” Randi said as she tried to get out of bed.

“Nonsense child. We will make breakfast for everyone. The only thing you need to worry about is taking care of y’er self and my grandchild. Now you take care of ‘er Joe and make ‘er rest. Someone will come get you when breakfast is done.”

“Ok Mum.”

“Thanks Cindy.”


Part 282 Christmas Breakfast…

Joe lay in the bed beside Randi and watched TV with her for a while. He started to talk to her and realized she was asleep. So he quietly snuck out of the bedroom. He went into the kitchen and found that everyone was now awake. They ladies were in the kitchen and the guys were in the living room watching TV. Cindy, Connie, and Thelma were cooking breakfast.

“It smells wonderful ladies.” Joe said smiling.

“Where is Randi?” Thelma asked.

“Still sleeping. She didn’t sleep much last night.”

“Oh ok.”

“Merry Christmas ladies.” Joe said.

Everyone said the same to him. Then he got another cup of hot tea and went to join the other guys. The ladies continued with breakfast while the guys watched TV. The four kids snuck into the den where the Christmas tree and presents were. Joe thought he heard voices coming from in there so he got up to see what was going on. He peered into the den and saw the kids picking up presents and shaking them.

“Wot are you kids doing?” Joe asked. All of them froze and looked at Joe.

“We are…” Tyler said.

“Can we open our presents now?” Lily asked.

“No not yet. We ‘ave to eat breakfast first and Aunt Randi is still sleeping. We can’t open presents without ‘er.”

“Ok.” They all said at once.

“Come on lets go see if breakfast is done.” The kids followed Joe out of the den and into the kitchen. They each sat down at the table.

“Is breakfast ready?” Joe asked.

“It will be in about 10 minutes.” Connie told him.

“Well I found these four trying to peek at their presents. I told ‘em they ‘ad to eat first.” Joe said.

“LILY, UNA. You girls no better.” Jewels said sternly.

“Sorry mummy.” Lily said quietly.

“So do you boys.”  Paige said.

“I’m sorry mummy.” Tyler said.

“Zeff why don’t you go see if Randi wants to join us for breakfast.” Cindy told Joe.

“Sure thing Mum.” Joe said as he turned and walked out of the kitchen. He went into the bedroom and found Randi awake. She was getting dressed.

“Feeling better luv?”

“Yes thank you.”

“Breakfast is almost ready.”

“Ok. I will try to eat.”

“Everyone is asking about you.”

“You didn’t tell them did you?”

“No I just said you was tired.”


“No problem luv.” Joe and Randi walked into the kitchen everyone else was already in there getting ready to eat.

“Good morning everyone.” Randi said as she sat down.

Everyone said good morning. Joe made Randi a small plate of food and sat it down in front of her.

“It smells great.” Randi said smiling at Thelma, Cindy, and Connie.

“Thank you dear.” Thelma told her.

Jewels and Paige gave the kids their food.

“You kids better eat up if you want to open presents.” Sav told them.

They all said ok then started eating. Randi was a little afraid to try and eat since the hot tea made her so sick earlier. So she just took a few small bites at first. When she realized she wasn’t going to get sick again she started taking normal bites. The adults talked some while eating, but the kids were silent. They wanted to hurry up and get done so they could open presents.


Part 283 Christmas Presents…

After breakfast the guys took the kids to the playroom while the ladies cleaned up breakfast. When they were done Marie went to the playroom and got the kids and the guys. Everyone went to the den and got ready to open presents. Joe found Randi before she went in there and pulled her off to the side.

“Do you want to tell everyone before we start opening gifts?” Joe asked her.

“That sounds good.” Randi said then kissed Joe lightly on the cheek. “I love you Joe.”

“I love you too.” Joe said as he took her hand in his and led her to the den.

Everyone was waiting for Joe and Randi to join them before starting to open the presents. Joe and Randi came in and Joe started talking.

“Everyone, before we start opening gifts Randi and I would like to talk to everyone. So please sit down for a minute.”

Everyone found a seat and sat down. They turned their attention to Joe and Randi. They were both smiling. Randi walked over to her mom and dad and took a hold of their hands. “Mom, Dad, Joe and I have something to tell you and everyone else.” Randi said as Joe joined her. He looked over at his parents. They both winked at him. Then he looked around at everyone else. The ones who didn’t know what was going on looked confused. Joe just smiled and turned his attention to Duane and Thelma.

“Yes we do. I ‘ope everyone is as ‘appy about it as we are.” Joe said.

“Well what is it honey?” Duane asked.

“Joe and I are going to have a baby.” Randi said smiling. “Merry Christmas.”

Everyone was silent. Those who didn’t already know about it had a shocked look on their face. They weren’t quite sure they had heard her right. Those who did know were smiling. Thelma had tears in her eyes.

“Did you just say you are pregnant?”

“Yes Mom. You and Dad are going to be grandparents. Joe and I are going to have a baby.”

“Oh my…” Thelma said as she reached out for Randi and hugged her. “I am so happy for you kids.”

Then she hugged Joe while Duane hugged Randi.

“That’s great dear. You two deserve a baby.” Duane told her.

When Duane and Thelma were done hugging them everyone else took turns hugging them and congratulating them. Then they sat down and started opening presents.


Part 284 New Year’s Eve…
Note: ADULT CONTENT language minor violence

Everyone had gone home except for Marie and Phil. Marie wanted to help Randi out until she got past the morning sickness. Joe had decided to take them to a party on New Year’s Eve. Randi was feeling pretty good so she agreed to go. She put on the dress and jewelry that Joe had bought her for Christmas. The dress was black, low cut, and short it had a few buttons on the front. Joe thought it was sexy so he got it for her, and the buttons would help prove easy access to her breasts if he decided he wanted to take a peek while she was wearing it. 

Luckily she wasn’t showing yet and the dress fit her ok. Joe had also got her a diamond tennis bracelet, and diamond necklace, and diamond earrings that perfectly matched her engagement ring. After she was dressed she put on her makeup and Marie helped her fix her hair. Randi was nervous about going to this party after what had happened the last time she went to a party with Joe. When the ladies were ready Joe called the limo to come get them. While they were waiting Joe pulled Randi into the den for a minute. He wanted to let her know how good she looked before they left, and how hot and bothered he was getting just looking at her.

“‘Ave I told you lately ‘ow sexy you are?” Joe said smiling mischievously.

“Not since this morning.” Randi smiled back.

“Do you know wot y’er doing to me?”

“No I don’t.” Randi said pretending not to know what he meant.

“Well let me show you.” Joe told her as he took her hand and placed it on his growing bulge. 

“Mmm, if you keep up like this we will never make it to the party on time.”

“So wot if we are a few minutes late.” Joe told her then pulled her in for a deep tender kiss.

Randi sighed as her body melded against Joe’s and she could feel his hardness pressing against her belly. Damn, she wanted him right here right now. Her hormones were in overdrive since she got pregnant.

“I want you right here, right now.” Randi told Joe.

“Really? I thought you was worried about being late for the party.”

“Who cares, let them start without us. I need you in me NOW.” Randi demanded.

“I like it when you get demanding.” Joe said smiling.

 “‘Ang on and I will go tell Phil and Marie to go on with out us. I will call another limo to come get us.”


Joe walked out of the den and went into the kitchen where Phil and Marie were waiting. “You two go on and go we will be there in a lil’ bit.”

“Is everything ok?” Marie asked, afraid that Randi may be feeling bad.

“Oh yes, everything is fine.” Joe said winking.

“Ok mate. I gotcha. See you after while.” Phil told him.

“Later.” Joe said as he walked back to the den. Joe returned to the den where Randi was eagerly waiting for his return.

“Its about time you came back.” Randi teased.

“I was only gone a minute.” Joe said in his defense.

“I know I am just playing with you.”

“Actually y’er not really playing with me yet.” Joe said as he unzipped his pants.

“Well come here and I will fix that.”

“Sure thing luv.” Joe said as he walked over to Randi. Just then they heard Phil and Marie walking out the door.

“Now we can get started. Come here big boy.”

Joe sat down beside her and Randi slipped her hand into Joe’s pants and began rubbing his throbbing member. Joe leaned over and breathed in the scent of Randi’s perfume. “You smell good luv.” Joe told her as he began lightly kissing her neck.

“Thank you Joe. Now when are you going to stop teasing me and give me what I want?” “I don’t know. ‘Ow bad do you want me?”  Randi took Joe’s hand and placed it between her legs. She was already dripping wet.

“Mmm.” Joe purred.

“Does that answer your question?”

“Yes ma’am.” Joe said as he laid Randi back.

Joe slid Randi’s panties off and unbuttoned her dress. He took a breast in each hand and began expertly caressing them. He knew Randi was going nuts waiting for him to enter her, but he just couldn’t help himself.

“Joe, please.” Randi begged. “I need you in me now.”

“Ok luv since you said please.” Joe said as he stood up and shed his pants and underwear then positioned himself over Randi. 

She was so warm and wet Joe slid into her without any trouble at all. Randi wrapped her legs around Joe and pulled him closer causing him to go deeper. Randi let out a breath of relief as Joe started moving in and out of her. She placed her hands on his ass and began pushing him into her harder.

“Randi luv, I don’t want to ‘urt you or the baby.”

“Don’t worry Joe, you aren’t hurting me. I will tell you if you do. Now please, harder. I am begging you.”

When they were done Joe called for another limo while Randi freshened up her makeup. The limo arrived a few minutes later and they were on the way to the party. They arrived at the party and found Marie and Phil at the bar getting a drink. Randi got soda; she wasn’t about to drink while she was pregnant. She was fortunate enough to have been blessed with the precious baby that was growing inside her. There was no way she was going to do something to jeopardize its health and safety.

They mingled with the other guests at the party. Joe was introducing his wife-to-be to everyone, making Randi blush. The party was going smoothly and Randi was enjoying herself, so was Marie. They excused themselves and went to the bathroom. When they were walking back out of the bathroom someone came up behind them and started yelling at Randi.

“What the hell are you doing here bitch?”

“Excuse me?” Randi said politely as she turned around to see what was going on.

“You heard me.” It was Tammy.

“Come on Randi she isn’t worth wasting your breath on.” Marie said as she pulled Randi’s arm. Randi started to follow, but Tammy started yelling again.

“Don’t you walk away when I am talking to you slut.” Marie and Randi both stopped and turned back around. 

“The only slut I see here is you.” Randi said trying to remain calm.

“Actually if you want me to tell you the truth, Joe is the slut.”

Randi just glared at her.

“That’s right you heard me. You didn’t honestly think he would be faithful to something like you when he can have me did you?” Tammy said laughing.

“I think you need to leave now.” Randi told her.

“I am not leaving until Joe is ready to leave. He is taking me home, not you. He’s kicking you to the curb. The proposal and announcing it on Jay Leno was purely for publicity purposes. He doesn’t love you, and he has no intentions of marrying you.”

“I am going to say it one more time. I think you need to leave now.”

“Yeah, Joe and the rest of the band told you to stay away.” Marie spoke up

“Why don’t you try and make me leave you slutty little bitch?”

Without a second thought Randi looked her in the eyes.

“Ok. If that’s what you really want. But remember, you asked for it.” 

Before Tammy knew what was coming Randi doubled up her fist and punched her right in the face. Tammy fell backwards and hit her head on the wall before hitting the floor. She was out cold.  Joe and Phil had come looking for the ladies afraid that Randi was getting sick. They found them just in time to see Randi punch Tammy.

“Wot the bloody ‘ell is that thing doing ‘ere?” Phil asked.

“Getting her ass kicked by Randi.” Marie said smiling.

“Are you alright luv? Did she ‘urt you?” Joe asked when he seen Randi rubbing her hand. “Phil, tell security to call the police and get ‘er out of ‘ere once and for all.”

“Yeah, I will be fine. I just need to put some ice on my hand for a few minutes.” Randi told him.

“Did she touch you?” 

“No, just talking trash about you and me both.”

“Stupid bitch.” Joe muttered.

“Well I am glad you didn’t let ‘er scare you away again. I don’t want to lose you again.” “Don’t worry you won’t.”

“Come on, let’s go get some ice on y’er ‘and.” Joe said as the police arrived to arrest Tammy.

He knew everyone would side with Randi. It was purely self-defense. And Tammy would be getting locked away for a long while. She had gone against the restraining order Joe had but against her after what she did at the last party. Standing up to Tammy had made Randi feel so good. And Joe was proud too, and very thankful that Tammy didn’t hurt Randi or the baby.

When the swelling in Randi’s hand had gone down, Joe led her to the dance floor. They were dancing at the stroke of midnight. And the DJ who was in charge of the music just happened to put on “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad.” Joe pulled Randi close and kissed her passionately. Randi was so lost in the magic of the kiss she forgot about everyone else that was at the party. In her mind it was just Joe and her.


Part 285 The New Year…

The New Year was off to a good start for Joe and Randi. They were going to have baby, they got rid of Tammy once and for all, and they were both happy. Phil and Marie decided to go ahead and stay a while longer instead of going home and then have to return in a few weeks to be fitted for what they would be wearing to Joe and Randi’s wedding. And Marie wanted to go to Randi’s next doctor’s appointment with her. Tina had returned from vacation. She served their dinner in the living room. Joe turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels. He stopped when he thought he heard his name. 

“Well I wonder wot the media is trying to get started now?” Joe said.

“It’s ‘ard to tell mate. You know they will publicize anything they can get their ‘ands on.” Phil told him.

“Isn’t that the truth?”

They turned their attention back to the TV. It was showing the party they had went to on New Year’s Eve. They didn’t even realize there had been cameras present.

“Rock God Joe Elliott, lead singer of the band Def Leppard announced right before Christmas that ‘e was going to be getting married believe it or not. We found ‘im and ‘is wife-to-be, along with Phil Collen, also of Def Leppard, and his new lady at this party in Dublin on New Year’s Eve. There was a lot of action going on at this party. The police and an ambulance was called after Mr. Elliott’s wife-to-be punched ‘is ex-girlfriend in the face knocking ‘er out after she shouted obscenities at ‘er.  Now our sources tell us, that Ms. ‘Enderson was ill when Joe met her, but she seemed to be feeling just fine ‘ere. There ‘ave even been rumors that Ms. ‘Enderson is pregnant. Joe sure doesn’t waste any time does ‘e?” The announcer said. 

Joe turned off the TV and shook his head. Randi wasn’t quite sure what to say or do. 

“I am sorry Joe. I didn’t know I was being taped. I didn’t mean to cause any problems.” Randi said close to tears.

“Don’t worry about it luv. I am used to the cameras following me. And now everyone knows just ‘ow big of a pain Tammy really is.” Joe told her as he pulled her close to hug her.

“Good thing you already told everyone y’er pregnant Randi.” Phil said.

“That’s for sure.” Marie told her. “Now everyone knows.”

“How did the media find out I am pregnant? I don’t understand.” Randi said.

“It’s ‘ard telling. They seem to find a way to know about everything. But that’s the price you pay when y’er rich and famous.” Joe told her.

“Yep, you two better get used to it if you plan on ‘anging around us from now on.” Phil said laughing.


Part 286 January 15th/Randi’s Doctor Appointment…

Joe, Phil, and Marie went with Randi to her appointment. Dr. Sparks would be doing an ultrasound to see how far along she was and to make sure everything was ok so far. “Good morning Ms. ‘Enderson.” Dr. Sparks said as him and Bonnie walked into the room.


“‘Ow are you feeling?”

“Still having morning sickness.” Randi told him.

“Well lets get started on the ultrasound.”

“Ok.” Randi was already in a gown and ready for the procedure.

She lay back on the bed as Bonnie turned on the machine. Dr. Sparks started the procedure. Joe, Phil, and Marie all sat back quietly watching trying to figure out what was what. They had no clue.

“Everything looks good.” Dr. Sparks told her. “I would say y’er about 6 weeks along. You should be due around September 1st or so.”


“If you ‘ave any problems at all please contact me immediately. And remember, I don’t want you to overdo it. You don’t need any stress. That could ‘urt you and the baby both.” “Don’t worry Dr. Sparks. I will make sure she doesn’t overdo it.” Joe told him.

“I know you will Joe. Y’er a good man. You will make a wonderful father.”


“Ms. ‘Enderson, I want to see you back in about a month for a check up.” Dr. Sparks told her. “When y’er ready to leave Bonnie will schedule it for you.”

“Ok thanks.”

“I will see you next month then. ‘Ave a good day and take care of yourself.”

Then he walked out of the room. Marie and Phil followed so Randi could get dressed. When she was dressed her and Joe came out. They went to the desk where Bonnie was waiting and made an appointment for February, then left. Joe took everyone out for lunch to celebrate. So far, so good. Randi was doing well, other then the morning sickness, and the baby was doing well too. Joe couldn’t be happier.


Part 287 January 25th Tonya Visiting…

Tonya came to see Joe and Randi on the 25th to make sure all the ladies were still going to be able to make it for the fitting on the 31st. She had seen the clip about what happened on New Year’s Eve and that there reports of Randi being pregnant, but she knew how heartless the media could be, so she wanted to wait until she heard it from Joe and Randi before believing it.

Tonya had to admit that she was glad Randi had knocked the crap out of Tammy though she got what she deserved. Tina let Tonya in and led her to the kitchen were Joe and Randi were sitting. Right away Tonya noticed that it looked like Randi had put on a little weight, but she didn’t say anything. If they wanted to tell her anything they would. She wasn’t going to be rude and pry into their business.

“‘Ello Tonya. ‘Ow are you today?” Joe asked as he got up and gave her a hug then kissed her cheek.

“I am doing good thanks. ‘Ow is the happy couple doing?” Tonya said turning to Randi. “We are doing great thanks.”

“Is the wedding party going to be able to make it to go to the fitting on the 31st?”

“Yes, Marie is already here. Everyone else will be here in a few days.”

“Great.” Tonya said smiling.

“There has been a slight change in plans though Tonya. I ‘ope it won’t be to much of a problem.” Joe said.

“Oh? What’s wrong?”  Tonya asked.

“We want to move the wedding date up a month.” Joe told her.

“Ok.” Tonya said. “Is everything ok?”

“Oh yes, everything is fine.” Randi spoke up. “Joe and I are going to have a baby. And I will be huge by July so we want to get married the first of June instead if that’s not too much of a problem.”

Tonya smiled real big. “Of course its not a problem. I am so ‘appy for the two of you. That’s wonderful.” Then she got up and hugged them both. “You will make wonderful parents.”

“Thanks.” Randi said blushing. “Well then, I guess that’s all I need. I will book a flight for us to fly to London. I will call you tomorrow and let you know what time the flight leaves.” Tonya said standing up.

“Sounds great.” Randi told her.

“Thanks for all y’er ‘elp Tonya. I greatly appreciate it.” Joe told her.

“No problem Joe. Oh, by the way, Randi…”


“I am so glad you took care of Tammy. I couldn’t stand that woman. I am glad Joe wised up and got rid of that thing.”

Randi laughed. “Yeah me too. It felt good to knock her out.”

Joe was laughing too. “I take it you saw the report ‘uh?” 

“Yes. I think everyone did.” Tonya said smiling. “Well I need to get going. ‘Ave a good day, and congratulations on getting pregnant.”

“Thanks.” Joe and Randi said at the same time. Then Tonya left and Tina served lunch.


Part 288 January 31st Off To London…

Everyone arrived at Joe’s on the 30th. Paige and Jewels decided to go ahead and bring the children. However the boys stayed with Sav and the rest of the guys. The flight for London left at 8:00 am. Tonya met everyone at Joe’s and they all rode to the airport together.

During the flight Tonya told the ladies all about Versace and what they would be doing when they arrived. Randi was eating crackers and sipping on 7up the whole way trying to keep her stomach calm. She really didn’t want to be sick on the flight.  When they arrived in London a limo took them to Conrad the hotel they would be staying at while they were there.

While the other ladies were settling in Tonya called Versace to make sure Donatella was still planning to be there for the fitting. After all this was for Joe Elliott’s wedding. Who better to help then the head of Versace herself? Donatella had been called away for a meeting and wouldn’t be back until later in the afternoon so Tonya left the number for the hotel and asked for her to call when she returned and they would be there. Tonya hung up and joined the other ladies.

They had just ordered room service for lunch. Randi was a little wore out from the flight so she decided to go lay down until lunch arrived. It was going to take 45 minutes to an hour for their meal to arrive, so she figured now would be a good time for her to rest up a bit. She wanted to be feeling good and awake for the fitting. Una was sleepy too from getting up so early and when she seen Randi going to lay down she followed her. She didn’t mind taking a nap when there was someone else taking on too.

Randi and Una went to one of the bedrooms and lay down. Una was asleep in no time. Randi was just about to drift off when she felt Lily sneaking into the bed too. Randi wrapped an arm around each girl and soon her and Lily were asleep too.


Part 289 The Fitting At Versace…

Donatella called the hotel around 4:30 and said she was ready for them to come then apologized for not being available for their appointment. Tonya told her they would be there by 5:00 and hung up the phone. She called for a limo then everyone went downstairs so they could leave.

They arrived at Versace Boutique on Old Bond Street right at 5:00 as promised. The ladies were in awe at the beautiful dresses on display in the window. Most of them had never seen such pretty dresses. Donatella met them at the door when they entered. After introducing herself she led the ladies into a room with a bunch of chairs and love seats then asked everyone to have a seat. A couple of the other employees joined them and they started talking.

Tonya got out her stuff and showed Donatella what Randi kind of had in mind, then told her there was a slight change in plans.

“Ms. ‘Enderson is pregnant so instead of a dress that’s straight on the bottom she ‘as decided to go with one that softly flows on the bottom.” Tonya told her.

“That is not a problem at all.” Donatella told her. “Congratulations Ms. ‘Enderson.” “Thank you.” Randi said blushing.

“Well if you ladies would just follow me we will go to the fabric room so you can chose the fabric you want the dresses made out of.” Donatella said standing up.

Everyone got up and followed her.  The ladies gasped when they seen all the different fancy fabrics. Randi had no idea she was going to have so much to choose from. After changing her mind several times she finally decided to go somewhat with what she had saw in the booklet. The top would be heavily beaded and halter style. But the bottom however would not be straight cut. She chose satin for the fabric, and after much convincing from her friends decided her dress would be white. Everyone else’s would be the color she saw in the booklet. Their dresses would be similar to hers only; there would not be as many beads, and it wouldn’t show as much cleavage as Randi’s would.

Next they went into a room where several men were waiting for them. Tonya knew that the ladies, especially Randi was going to be uncomfortable with this part, but it had to be done.

“Now if you ladies would just step into the dressing rooms and strip down to just y’er knickers and bras these gentlemen will get y’er measurements.” Donatella said.

“Excuse me?” Randi said blushing.

“They can’t get y’er exact measurements with y’er clothes on.” Tonya said hoping that Randi would be able to handle it.

“Well ok, I guess you are right.” Randi said and walked into one of the dressing rooms. “You will ‘ave to excuse ‘er.” Tonya said to Donatella. “She is not used to so much attention.”

Donatella laughed. “It’s ok. I can tell. She will be fine.”

When the ladies had stripped down like they were asked they came out of the dressing rooms and a couple of the men walked up to each lady and began taking their measurements. Randi looked at Marie who was blushing too then at Mandy and Meg. Una and Lily were sitting down waiting for there turn.  Paige saw the look on Randi’s face when one of the guys was measuring her stomach and started laughing. Everyone else turned to look and started laughing too. Randi joined in. They spent the rest of the fitting giggling and teasing each other.

Once they were done the ladies got dressed. Randi thanked Donatella for her help. Tonya told Donatella she would talk to her in a few weeks to set up a time to have the mock dresses brought to Joe’s to make sure they was going to fit and that it was what Randi wanted.  The limo was outside waiting to take them back to the hotel. They returned to the hotel and relaxed for a bit before deciding what they wanted to do for supper.


Part 290 Returning To Dublin…

The ladies spent an extra day in London to do some shopping. They weren’t about to pass up the chance to shop in London. They had a blast, but Randi’s hormones were in overdrive and she was ready to get home to Joe. The guys were all in the game room when they arrived home. It was late and the boys were already in bed. So the guys were having a drink. The girls feel asleep on the ride from the airport. Marie helped Jewels carry them to bed. Tina told the ladies where the guys were so they could let them know they were back. Tonya left to go home as soon as they arrived at Joe’s she was exhausted and ready for her own bed.

The ladies all went to the game room while Tina made them something to eat. The guys were kind of surprised to see the ladies walk in. They really weren’t expecting them back yet. Each lady walked over to their man and gave them a kiss and hug. Randi was horny and wanted to make sure Joe knew it. So while she was kissing him she gave his ass a squeeze then slipped her tongue into his mouth. Joe felt himself getting aroused right away. Joe and Randi excused themselves. Randi decided she wasn’t so hungry after all. Not for food anyway. The only thing she was hungry for right now was to feel Joe inside of her. Joe led Randi to the bedroom. She looked exhausted, and he wanted to relax her.  As soon as the door was shut they started kissing. Joe broke the kiss to ask her a question. “‘Ow was the trip?”

“Great. We had a wonderful time.”

“That’s good. I missed you.”

“I missed you too Joe. And I missed making love to you.”

“I like the sound of that.” Joe said with a smile. 

Joe started unbuttoning Randi’s blouse slowly exposing her silk bra. He groaned when he saw that her nipples were hard and brushed his thumbs across them. Randi sighed and started tugging on Joe’s pants. When Joe had Randi’s shirt completely unbuttoned he gently slid it off her shoulders then began tenderly kissing her neck. Randi wrapped her arms around Joe and pulled him close. Joe shed his shirt while Randi removed the rest of her clothes. Then Joe picked her up and laid her on the bed. Randi wanted him in her now. And Joe really did want to make love to her, but he was afraid of hurting her or the baby so he was hesitant.  Randi noticed that he seemed to be struggling with something. “What’s wrong Joe?”

“I am just afraid I will ‘urt you if we make love.”

“I am not going to break Joe. Just because I am pregnant doesn’t mean we can’t make love.”

“Ok if y’er sure.”

“Yes Joe I am sure. Now will you stop worrying and put it in me. I need you inside of me. I want to feel you. Please.”

”Ok luv.” Joe finally put his fears aside and positioned himself over her.

He guided his cock with his hand using the head of it to tease Randi’s throbbing clit.  Randi was quiet for a moment enjoying the sensations that were pulsating through her, but finally she couldn’t stand it anymore so she spoke up.

“Joe just put it in me and stop teasing.” Randi demanded. “You are driving me nuts.”

“Ok luv.” Joe said trying not to laugh. Then slid inside of her. 

Randi moaned quietly as she wrapped her legs around Joe. “Faster Joe.” She whispered Joe increased his pace like Randi requested. As his erection grew harder he started to forget all about the possibility of hurting her. So he increased his pace more and Randi began tightening around him. She cried out his name as her orgasm claimed her. Joe climaxed shortly after her then collapsed on the bed beside her. After they caught their breath Joe started talking to her.

“You know luv, you really should eat something. You need to keep y’er strength up for the baby.”

“You are right. I should. Are you hungry?”

“A lil’. Let’s go see if there is anything left to eat from wot Tina made.”

“Ok.” They slipped into there pajamas and went to the kitchen. Everyone else was already in bed. Joe got the leftovers out of the refrigerator and Randi made them each a plate and warmed it up. Then they returned to the bedroom to eat so they wouldn’t wake anyone up.


Part 291 The Guys Going To London…

Tonya called about a week and a half after they returned from London to see if the guys were ready to go to Harrods and to let them know that the mock dresses would be delivered soon. Tonya was going to send a couple of her assistants with the guys so she could be with the ladies when the dresses arrived. And she wanted to make sure that Joe wasn’t there. He just couldn’t see the dress before the wedding. 

Eric Blythe and Devon Fields went with the guys to London. They were Tonya’s top assistants. And since she couldn’t make the trip, she sent the next best. They caught a flight and headed for London. They would be staying in a hotel close to Leicester Square. If Tyler and Scott were good during the fitting they were going to take them to have a little fun.

It was evening by the time their flight arrived. Their appointment at Harrods wasn’t until the next day. So they decided to get something to eat and relax a bit. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. They got up the next morning and Eric called Harrods to make sure they were still on the schedule. After breakfast they called a limo and left for Harrods.

When they arrived several employees assisted them right away. They got everyone’s measurements then took them to a room to ask questions. Tonya had sent all the information needed with Devon and Eric. The suits were to come from Armani; white silk shirts, with a simple X at the throat; and black jackets and pants.

When they had everything taken care of Eric and Devon returned to the hotel while the guys took the boys to Leicester Square. Scott and Tyler had both behaved very well during the fitting so Joe wanted to take them out for a special treat. Leicester Square had merry-go-rounds, movie theaters, and artists all over the place that did portraits with charcoal.

The guys all thought that portraits of themselves would make nice gifts for the ladies. Tyler and Scott were having a blast one the merry-go-rounds.  But the guys made them stop for a while so they could get their portraits done.

“I want Auntie Ranni to ‘ave my picture.” Scott told Sav. Joe heard him and chuckled. “Well wot about Mummy?” Sav asked him.

“Mummy ‘as pictures of us.” Tyler told him.

“‘Ow about we get one for Auntie Ranni, and one for y’er Mummy?” Joe suggested. “Ok.” Both boys agreed at the same time.

The guys split up and went to different artists that were sitting around so they could all get done. Joe’s picture, and the picture from the boy’s would be birthday gifts for Randi. As for the rest of the guys, they would save theirs until after they returned home so Randi would suspect anything.

When everyone was done they took their pictures back to the hotel then took the boys to see a cartoon that was playing at one of the theaters. After the cartoon they went out to eat. By the time they were done eating, both Tyler and Scott were yawning and ready to fall asleep so they decided to call it a night and returned to the hotel. They would be heading back home tomorrow morning.


Part 292 The Mock Dresses Being Delivered…

Note: I want to apologize to my readers if the story isn’t as good as it was. I am going through a lot right now and I am having a bit of trouble getting into my story like I was. Hopefully I will be able to get back into it soon. Thanks for reading.

Tonya arrived at Joe and Randi’s about an hour before the mock dresses delivered. The ladies were all sitting around the kitchen table talking when she arrived. They decided to go to the living room and wait for the people from Versace. When they got there Tina lead them to the ladies. Tonya inspected everything and then the ladies looked over them to make sure it was what they wanted.  Everyone went and tried on the dresses to make sure they would fit.

After they had tried the dresses on then got back into their clothes they returned to the living room. Randi’s was a bit big on her right now, but she knew that she would need that extra room by the time of the wedding. The ladies were all satisfied with the mock dresses and Tonya was too. Just like always, Donatella had done a great job. Tonya knew that Randi was going to be amazed when she saw the finished result.

When they were done the people from Versace left. Tina had just finished cooking lunch. Tonya was about to leave when Randi insisted she stay for lunch. She finally gave in and joined them for lunch. They sat around the table laughing and talking while they ate. Tonya still couldn’t believe that Joe was settling down, but she was sure glad it was with Randi and not Tammy.

After lunch Tonya stayed a while longer and visited until she had to get back to her office for another appointment. Randi and the other ladies thanked her for her help. Then Randi walked her to the door and told her to have a good day and be careful. It had started snowing again and the roads were getting slick.


Part 293 The Guys Returning From London…

The guys returned to Joe’s the day before Valentine’s Day. They had bought presents for the ladies while they were in London. They couldn’t wait until tomorrow so they could give them their gifts. Joe was going to ask Tina to watch the children so they could all go out for a romantic dinner.

Luckily the ladies were in the pool when the guys got back so they were able to hide the presents without them seeing. They decided to surprise the ladies and got into their swimming trunks and joined them in the pool. Everyone swam and played in the pool until Tina came and told them that lunch was ready.

After lunch Scott, Tyler, Lily, and Una went to the playroom. The adults went to the living room to watch a movie and spend a little time together since the guys had been gone for a few days. A little while later Scott snuck quietly into the living room and went to Randi.

“Auntie Ranni?” Scott said to her.

“What is it Scott?” Randi asked him.

“Will you read to us pease?”

“Ok sweetie since you asked nicely. Go on back to the playroom I will be in there in a minute.”

“Ok.” Scott said smiling as he turned to go back to the playroom.

“You know you don’t ‘ave to jump every time ‘e asks you to do something Randi.” Sav told her.

“Sav is right. You can tell him no.” Paige told her.

“Yea’ the same goes for the girls.” Viv told her.

“Nonsense, as along as they are nice about it and behave like they are supposed to I will not tell them no. I am not busy right now, there is no reason why I can’t go read to them.” Randi told them.

“You are really spoiling them. You know that don’t you?” Jewels asked her.

“Yes I know.” Randi said smiling. Then she turned to Joe and kissed him. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Joe told her.

Randi went into the playroom the kids had already picked out a book for her to read to them. They all piled on to the love seat. Scott got in Randi’s lap like always. Before she started reading Una asked if she could sit in her lap too. So Randi made Scott scoot over onto one leg and Una sat on the other. Lily and Tyler slid over as close as they could get.  Randi started reading. She was getting really tired. All the swimming had worn her out but she promised she would read to them and she wasn’t about to break her promise. Before she finished the first page Tyler was asleep. Scott fell asleep shortly after Tyler. Randi continued to read to the girls. About half way through the book they both fell asleep too.

Randi sat the book down and yawned. She couldn’t get up, Scott and Una were asleep in her lap and Tyler and Lily was both leaning against her. So she decided she might as well take a nap too. A little while later Joe came to check on them. He found them all snuggled up together asleep and chuckled to himself. She was an angel with those kids. He was so glad she was going to be the mother of his baby.

Joe got a blanket and wrapped it around them then kissed Randi on the forehead and left the room shutting the light off as he went. Joe returned to the living room and told everyone Randi and the kids were asleep. Sav and Viv just shook their heads. 

“Joe if she spoils ‘em too bad, we just might send ‘em to stay with you.” Sav said laughing.

“Well I am sure Randi wouldn’t mind that, but you would go nuts not ‘aving y’er boys around and you know it.” Joe told him.

“Y’er right mate. I would go nuts.”

“Wot do you mean you would GO nuts?” Phil said smiling

“Yea’ really Sav, you’re already nuts.” Viv told him.

Everyone started laughing.

“Well wot do expect, I ‘ang around with you guys all the time. That’s enough to make any one nuts.” Sav told them.

“Yea’ right, you were nuts before you met us.” Rick said laughing.

“Maybe so, but that didn’t stop you guys from sticking around so that must mean y’er all nuts too.” Sav said smiling.

All the ladies laughed. Marie spoke up. “He got you there guys.”

Everyone laughed again then turned their attention back to the movie and finished watching it.


Part 294 Valentine’s Day Part 1…

All the guys got up early before the ladies. Tina had breakfast ready and waiting when they got up. Each of the guys made a plate of food and put it on a tray. Then each of them returned to their bedrooms. They were taking the ladies breakfast in bed for Valentine’s Day. 

Tina agreed to watch the children so the couples could spend the day alone. After breakfast each of the couples got ready for their day alone. Tina got the children their breakfast and took them to the playroom after they ate. Slowly each of the couples left to go do what the guys had planned for their ladies. Each of the couples went to separate restaurants for dinner.

During dinner the ladies received their gifts from the guys. While they were in London each of the guys had bought a box of Godiva chocolates. The chocolate also came with an ankle bracelet with a tiny little heart on it. After they ate Mandy and Rick went to a movie. Meg and Mal went dancing. Paige and Sav met up with Jewels and Viv later in the evening and all went out for a drink.  Marie and Phil went for a drive. Phil had borrowed one of Joe’s cars instead of taking a limo. They ended up back on Joe’s property and parked the car. They spent the rest of the evening talking and acting like teenagers.


Part 295 Valentine’s Day Part 2…


Joe took Randi to the restaurant they went to the night they went out when everyone had gone back home after Thanksgiving. Randi blushed a bit when she realized where they were. She still couldn’t believe she had got the guts to have sex in a public bathroom. Joe was remembering what happened too and his pants started getting a little snug. So he tried to shake the feeling off before going in.

He knew the restaurant would be busy tonight with it being Valentine’s Day so he made reservations ahead of time for the same table they sat at last time. A few fans came up to them asking for autographs, but most of the couples were to wrapped up in their own romantic evening to notice that Joe was there. While they were waiting for their meal Joe gave Randi her box of chocolates. When she opened the box and found the ankle bracelet Joe put it on her.

Shortly after they ate Joe and Randi left. He wouldn’t tell Randi where they were going. She couldn’t imagine what he had up his sleeve for tonight. Soon the limo pulled up in front of a very fancy hotel. Randi couldn’t imagine what they were stopping here for. “Why did the driver stop here Joe?”

“Because this is where we are staying tonight.” Joe told her.

“What? Why are you spending the money for a hotel when we are right here at home?” Randi asked him.

“I want to spend the evening with just you. And since everyone is still ‘ere this is the only way.” Joe said smiling.

“Ok.” Randi told him as they got out of the limo.

They went inside was led to their room. Joe hoped that they had everything ready for them. Joe made Randi close her eyes before he opened the door. Joe took Randi by the hand and led her into the room. The lights were dim, there was music playing softly, and several candles where lit through out the room. Randi still had her eyes closed, but she could smell the burning candles, and could hear the music playing. She wondered what Joe was up to, but did not open her eyes.

Joe took her into the bathroom then told her to open her eyes. The tub was filled hot water waiting for them to take a bath. And there were flowers all over the bathroom. There were even red rose petals floating on top of the water. Then Randi noticed a couple of bottles of champagne in a bucket of ice along with two glasses.

“‘Appy Valentine’s Day luv.” Joe said smiling.

“Thank you Joe.” Randi said as she kissed Joe on the cheek.

“Well you better get in there before y’er water gets cold.” Then he started unbuttoning Randi’s blouse.

Joe pushed Randi’s blouse off her shoulders, then undid the clasp on her bra. Randi slid her skirt and panties off. Joe took Randi by the hand and helped her into the tub. Once Randi was settled he lifted a few of the rose petals out of the water and let them fall out of his hand and they landed on Randi’s chest. Joe took his clothes off then he popped the cork on one of the bottles of champagne. Then joined her in the tub. He started to pour the champagne on Randi’s chest and licked it off as it hit her nipples, giving her shivers, but at the same time turning her on. Joe then poured them each a glass of champagne and sat the bottle down.

They began kissing passionately. Joe sat back in the tub and Randi turned and straddled him. She started kissing on Joe’s neck and running her nails down his chest. She could feel Joe becoming more aroused and smiled. The water was glistening on Randi’s breasts. Joe was beside himself admiring her beauty and how sexy she looks. As Randi slid herself onto Joe’s swollen shaft he took one of her nipples into his mouth and began rolling it around with his tongue.

Then a moment later he started doing it to the other nipple. Randi started to increase her pace as Joe continued to suck on her breasts. The water started sloshing around and out of the tub. Joe could feel Randi tightening up a bit and placed his hands on her ass and started helping her move up and down on him. The water was still dripping from Randi’s her. As she neared orgasm she threw her head back and the water from her hair sprayed all over Joe. Randi wrapped her arms around Joe’s neck and arched her back as she began to climax. Joe took a nipple into his mouth again and sucked furiously as the waves of passion flowed through Randi.

When her body had relaxed and Randi’s breathing returned to normal she suggested they get out of the tub and continue in the bed. Joe agreed and helped Randi out of the tub. They didn’t even bother to dry off before leaving the bathroom. They started to head for the bed when Joe got an idea.

“I ‘ave a better idea luv follow me.” Joe told her. Randi followed him to the fireplace. “Let’s make love right ‘ere in front of the fireplace.”

“Ok.” Randi said smiling, eager to finish what they started in the bathtub.

Randi had cum so quick Joe didn't even have a chance to. Joe helped Randi get down on the floor then he joined her. He wondered if she would take control of things tonight. He was kind of hoping she would. It really turned him on when she let loose and showed her wild side.

As Joe was getting on the floor, he got the answer to what he was wondering. Randi was waiting for him to make love to her doggy style. Just looking at her in that position made Joe’s erection harder. Joe got behind her and started rubbing his hands up and down her sides and hips before pulling her against him. He teased he dripping folds with the head of his cock for a bit before slowly entering her. Joe started sliding in and out of Randi. He gradually increased his pace until he was pounding in and out of her. Just when Randi thought it couldn’t feel any better Joe grabbed a hold of Randi by the hair with one hand and pulled her back to him.

She turned her head towards him and they started kissing frantically. Randi plunged her tongue deep into Joe’s mouth. Joe continued to hold Randi by the hair while he slipped his other hand in front of them and slid it between Randi’s legs caressing her throbbing clit. Randi screamed out Joe’s name. He was driving her wild. Hearing her scream out his name sent him over the edge and he spilled his seed into her. He knew Randi was close by the way her body was tensing up. So he let go of her hair and began fondling her breast and continued caressing her clit. Then he began to nibble on her ear breathing heavily into it.

Randi was ready to climax, and Joe stopped nibbling on her ear. She wondered why he stopped just as she felt him nuzzling against her neck. Joe began kissing on Randi’s neck and then sucking on it. Randi couldn’t believe it. She opened her eyes and looked at Joe not sure she wanted him to continue doing that.

“Just close y’er eyes and enjoy it.” Joe whispered to her.

Randi closed her eyes and relaxed and let Joe continue. She couldn’t tell him no. It just felt so good. Joe could feel Randi getting weak and knew she was close. He continued to caress her clit and fondle her breast when she started moaning his name. Randi’s muscles tightened around Joe as her orgasm began.

After they both caught their breath Joe stood up then picked Randi up and carried her to the bed. It was covered with red rose petals. And there was a mirror above the bed. Just looking at Randi’s naked flesh lying on top of the soft rose petals caused a stir in Joe’s groin. She was looking at her self in the mirror above the bed and noticed that Joe had succeeded at leaving a hickey on her neck.

At first she was a little embarrassed since she had never had one before, but then she decided she would just get even. Hers was towards the back of her neck where her hair would hide it. She was going to leave one right on the side of his neck for everyone to see. Joe lay down beside her and was looking up at their reflection too. Then Randi rose up and turned towards Joe. She cuddled up beside him and started kissing on his neck. Joe lay watching her in the mirror. Slowly the kisses turned to sucking and soon Joe was hard again. After a little while Randi lifted her head to examine her work. She was satisfied with the mark she had left. The guys would never let Joe live that down.

Joe continued to watch Randi as she sat up then scooted down in the bed. She took Joe into her mouth as deep as se could get him. Joe watched for a moment before closing his eyes. Randi moved up and down on him, swirling her tongue around. Joe started sliding his hand up and down Randi’s leg giving her goose bumps. She felt his body get stiff and seconds later his seed spilled down her throat. When she was sure he was done she got up and lay back down beside him. Joe wrapped his arms around her and kissed her again. Randi rested her head on Joe’s chest, then draped one of her legs over his and closed her eyes. Joe placed on hand on the scar on Randi’s belly and left the other arm wrapped around her. Within minutes they were both asleep.


Part 296 The Next Day…

Joe and Randi returned home the next morning. Everyone was up and eating breakfast. They were discussing going home. Marie and Phil had hardly been at home since the tour had ended. They were ready to spend sometime alone. Rick and Mandy needed to go visit his Mum. Meg wanted to take Mal to meet her parents. And Viv and Jewels, and Sav and Paige wanted to get the kids home for a while. Everyone decided to go ahead and spend one more day at Joe and Randi’s and catch a flight home the next day. They wouldn’t be getting together again until April for Randi’s birthday.

Randi and Marie spent part of the day in the playroom with the kids. All the guys were sitting around the living room talking about what each of them did for Valentine’s Day when Rick noticed the hickey on Joe’s neck and started laughing. He nudged Viv in the side and looked towards Joe. Viv saw it too and started snickering. Phil, Mal and Sav all looked to see what was so funny. They noticed it too and started laughing. Joe didn’t realize what they were laughing about. And gave them all a funny look.

“So Randi get rough with you last night?” Rick said laughing.

“Yea’ really, I ‘ave never saw you with a mark from ‘er before.” Phil said. Joe remembered the hickey Randi had left on him and raised his hand up to his neck.

“Oh yea’, about that…” Joe said smiling mischievously. 

“Looks like she is turning wild on you Joe.” Mal told him.

“Really, wot ‘appened to the quiet, innocent, shy woman you met last April?” Sav asked him. 

“Well you know I ‘ave that affect on women.” Joe said smiling from ear to ear.

“‘Ere we go again, Joe is getting a big ‘ead.” Viv teased. 

Everyone started laughing again. Joe just shook his head at them.

“Mates, y’er just jealous that you didn’t ‘ave as much fun as I did last night.” Joe laughed.

Just then the ladies came walking towards the living room, so they changed the subject. Marie and Randi came out of the playroom and joined them. All the kids had fallen asleep. So they put them to bed. Each of the ladies was wearing the ankle bracelet that came with their box of chocolates.

While Tina made lunch each of the guys made arrangements for them to fly home the next day. The kids woke up just as the adults were sitting down to eat. Tina made each of the children a plate as they sat down at the table. Scott sat down in a chair beside Randi. He looked around at everyone then back to Randi and smiled.

“Auntie Ranni preeettttteee.” He said sleepily.

Everyone laughed and Scott blushed.

“Thank you Scott.” Randi said and kissed him on top of the head.

“There ‘e goes again Joe, trying to move in on y’er woman.” Mal said laughing.

“I ‘ear you.” Joe smirked. “Are you going to take Aunt Randi away from me Scott?”

“My Auntie Ranni.” Scott grinned and leaned towards Randi. Joe just laughed and started eating again.


Part 297 After Everyone Left…

Joe and Randi decided to start preparing things for the baby. They knew they still had several months, but there was no need in waiting until the last minute. Joe took everything out of the bedroom across the hall from theirs. That would be the nursery. After Joe got everything out of there him and Randi went shopping for some things.  They went to pick out paint and a few area rugs. That would be enough for now. No need to get anything else until the room was painted.

At the store they looked at several different colors of paint before finally deciding on light yellow. Joe put several cans of it in the cart then they moved on to the rugs. They had decided to decorate the nursery with Precious Moments. Randi was overjoyed when she found some rugs with different Precious Moments characters on them. Joe picked up all of them and put them in the cart. If they had to many, they could always put a few up and save them for backup. They went to the checkout and paid for what they got then went back home.

Cindy called shortly after they returned home. Joe told her what they were about to do and Cindy got onto him.

“Joseph Thomas Elliott, you will do no such thing.”

“Wot are you talking about Mum? You ‘ave seen that room, the paint in it is not for a baby.” Joe told her.

“Do you want Randi to get sick, or even worse something ‘appen to my grandbaby? Don’t you two know that a pregnant woman shouldn’t even be in the ‘ouse with paint fumes, let alone doing the painting?” Cindy said sternly.

“Uh, no Mum, I didn’t know that. Great now wot?” Joe said to himself.

“Well ‘ow about you send Randi ‘ere to visit with us for a week or two while you get the painting done? Y’er father and I would love to ‘ave ‘er ‘ere.” 

“Ok Mum, I will ask ‘er. I will call you back in a little while. I love you Mum.”

“I love you too Zeff. Cheerio.”

“Cheerio Mum.”

Joe hung up the phone and went to find Randi. He told her what his Mum had said. Randi didn’t realize it was so dangerous for her to be around paint either. She agreed to go visit Cindy and Joe Sr. while Joe got the nursery painted. Then when it was safe for her to come back home they would start picking out things to put in the room.

After that was settled Joe went to call his Mum back and Randi went to take a bubble bath. She was feeling a little tired and needed to relax for a bit. When Joe was done talking to his Mum, he made arrangements for a private plane to take Randi to Sheffield. He didn’t want her to have to deal with the stress of a busy public airplane. Once Joe was done making phone calls he went to find Randi.  Since she would be leaving tomorrow he wanted to spend the rest of the evening cuddling with her.


Part 298 After Randi Returned From Sheffield…

 Joe had got the room painted, and laid some of the rugs out. Once Randi was rested from her trip they went shopping for the rest of the things they would need for the room. They stopped at a small antique store and went in. Joe loved antiques. As they were looking around Randi spotted a white whicker crib in the back corner of the store. She quickly walked back to where it was. Then she saw a matching dresser, changing table, and rocking chair.

“Do you like these luv?” Joe asked as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Oh Joe, they would be perfect.” Randi said smiling.

“Ok then, lets get ‘em.” Joe said as he kissed Randi gently on the check then went to find someone to help them.

While Joe and the cashier was getting the items ready to take to the cash register Randi went to look at the jewelry. She saw an antique choker with a teardrop diamond. Joe snuck up behind her to see what she was looking at. Then he walked away without her knowing he had been there. Once Randi had moved away from the jewelry Joe had the employee get the choker out of the case and hide it in a bag from him. He was going to save it for the wedding.

After everything had been paid for and loaded into the truck that Joe and Randi were driving they went to finish their shopping. When they were done they returned home and took everything to the bedroom. They arranged everything the way they wanted then stood back to admire their work. Both Randi and Joe were satisfied with the way it looked. They stood in the middle of the room for a few moments with their arms wrapped around each other before going to eat supper.


Part 299 April 9th Randi’s Birthday Part 1…

Joe had decided to surprise Randi for her birthday. Of course her birthday also marked the anniversary of when they met. He arranged for a private plane to fly them to South Carolina. He had made reservations for the room at the hotel that they stayed in when they met. He had also invited the rest of the band and their ladies, all the housekeepers, Randi’s parents and his parents. They were going to throw a party for her.

Randi had figured out they were going to the states, but she had no clue they were going to South Carolina. She just assumed they were going to visit her parents or something. She fell asleep during the flight from New York to South Carolina, so she was quite surprised when she awoke from the plane touching down and saw where they were. There was a limo waiting for them as soon as the stepped off the plane. Joe made Randi keep her eyes closed on the way to the hotel. He continued to make he close her eyes as they pulled up to the hotel. He didn’t want her to know where they were going until they got to the room. Joe carefully led Randi to the room, when he opened the door he told her to open her eyes. Everyone yelled surprise. There were balloons everywhere and a cake was sitting on the table. Scott ran to Randi and she picked him up and hugged him. “Auntie Ranni preeettttteee” Scott said smiling. “‘Appy birday.” 

“Thank you Scott.” Randi said as she sat him back down then turned to Joe.

He had a big grin on his face. “Are you surprised?” He asked her.

“Yes, very.” Then she hugged him and walked towards everyone else and started hugging and thanking them for coming.

After they ate the cake they started giving Randi her gifts. When they gave her the pictures they had done while they were in London Randi being to tear up. The picture of the boys was absolutely adorable and Joe looked great too. She couldn’t wait to get them home and hang them on the wall. Everyone sat around and visited for a few hours.

In honor of Randi’s birthday they all watched the tape of the concert from Randi’s birthday last year. The kids were enjoying seeing Randi and Marie on TV and of course seeing Viv and Sav play their guitars. Joe had room service bring dinner for everyone. The kids finally starting getting sleepy and everyone decided to go to their own rooms for the night that way Joe and Randi could be alone.


Part 300 April 9th Randi’s Birthday Part 2…


Once they were alone Joe dimmed the lights and turned some music on. Then he led Randi to the bathroom. Joe ran some water into the tub and poured bubble bath into it. He lit some candles then started to undress Randi slowly. After he had removed her shirt he started lightly planting kisses on Randi’s neck while he reached around her to undo the clasp on her bra.

After taking her bra off Joe took a nipple into his mouth and began suckling on it, then did the same to the other before undressing Randi the rest of the way. Once Randi was undressed Joe undressed himself and the two got into the tub for a bit.  They just relaxed in the tub for a while. Joe had his arms wrapped around Randi and was caressing her belly.

When Joe moved his hand down farther and started running his fingers along Randi’s scar she started to become aroused. Her body started tingling. Joe must have sensed it because he tilted Randi’s head towards him with his other hand and started kissing her passionately. This made Joe excited too, and Randi could feel his member starting to poke into her backside. Randi deepened the kiss causing Joe to let out a low moan deep in his throat. He slid his hand back up until he found one of Randi’s breasts. Her nipples were hard and swollen. Joe tugged at her nipple gently with his fingers.

Randi began caressing Joe’s muscular thighs. Feeling the power and hardness of them turned her on even more. She wanted him now. Randi broke the kiss and suggested that they get out of the tub and go somewhere a little more suitable to have sex. Joe agreed and they got out of the tub. Randi was about to start drying off when Joe stopped her. He took her by the hand and led her to a wooden chair that was in the bathroom in front of the mirror. Joe sat down in the chair then pulled Randi onto his lap and slid himself into her wet folds.  Randi closed her eyes as Joe began to suck the water off her nipples. Randi wrapped her legs around the back of the chair. Joe placed his hands on Randi’s hips and began helping her move up and down.

As Randi neared orgasm Joe took a hold of her hands as she leaned back a bit arching her back. Joe could see where they were connected and it drove him wild. He watched Randi in the mirror. Seeing her move up and down on him was driving him wild and as Randi tightened around him he felt his own body jerk. He threw his head back and water sprayed everywhere from his hair.

When they had both caught their breath Joe stood up lifting Randi with him, and carried her to the bed.  He planned on giving her a massage, but when he started to ask her to roll over onto her belly she pulled him down onto the bed beside her. Before Joe knew it, Randi was straddling him, but she was facing his feet. He couldn’t believe it. She had thought of this all on her own, and he loved it.  He watched her ass as her body moved up and down. Randi held onto Joe’s legs tightly as Joe started rubbing his hands up and down her sides. Randi could feel herself getting closer and began rubbing her clit with two fingers. Joe could feel her hand brush against him every so often and knew what she was doing and it made him even hornier. Joe took in a deep breath as Randi placed her other hand on his balls and began squeezing them.

“JOE…. I…. OH MY…. I’M….” Randi screamed as her second orgasm claimed her sending ripples of pleasure pulsating through her body.

“That’s it luv.” Joe managed to say as he started to release his seed into her.

“Y’er so sexy baby.” Once Randi had regained her strength she got off of Joe and laid down beside him. Joe wrapped his arms around her and she laid her head on his chest.

“‘Appy birthday luv.” Joe whispered to her.

“Thank you Joe. I love you so much.” Randi said yawning.

“I love you too.” Joe said as he gave her a slight squeeze. “Now wot do you say we get some sleep. I know you ‘ave to be wore out.”

“Ok Joe. Good night.” Randi said as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

“Good night luv.” Joe said as he shut of the lamp beside the bed. And soon he was asleep too.

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