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Randi's Rock Star Fiction

Love Bites-Chapters 201-250

A Joe Elliott Story

Part 201 Friday…

Joe and Phil took Marie and Randi to the bank Joe used to get the checks from selling the office cashed so they could send it to Duane and Thelma. Randi hadn’t told her parents they were going to give them the money so it would be a nice surprise for them when they received it.

After they got it mailed out they went shopping for a short time. Randi was so tired of being cooped up in the house she was going stir crazy. It had been a month since she had been out of the house other then to go to the doctor. She was still feeling good after their short shopping spree so the guys suggested they go out to eat for supper. Joe had given Tina the weekend off. Both ladies agreed. Then the guys told them they wanted to talk to them about something while they ate. Randi and Marie looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. They didn’t know what to expect any more when Joe or Phil said they wanted to talk.

Joe took them to a small, quiet, romantic, expensive Italian restaurant.  The tables all had candles burning on them, and the lights were dim. Joe decided he would talk to Randi first. He knew she would be moving in permanently with him eventually, but he wanted to know when. He also wanted to know when she wanted to get married, but he decided he would wait a little while before throwing that question at her.


Part 202 Supper On Friday…
 Note: Possible tissues

“So luv, when do you want to move y’er things into my ‘ouse? Excuse me, our ‘ouse that is.” Joe asked her.

“I don’t know Joe. Dr. Sparks said I can’t travel yet, and I feel so guilty that I am going to be leaving Marie there is South Carolina. We have always lived close to each other.” Phil knew that now would be a good time to tell Marie what he wanted to talk about. “You won’t be leaving ‘er behind.” Phil assured her. “That is if she will accept my offer.” Marie set her glass down nervously, “And what would that be?”

“I want you to move to California with me. I ‘ave lots of room. And I will take care of you completely. Anything you want or need I will supply for you.” Phil told her.

Marie started to talk, but was interrupted by Phil. “Oh and you can see Randi anytime you want. We can fly to see ‘er and Joe anytime you want, or they can come see us. And just one more thing luv.” Phil said as he started to reach in his pocket. “Close y’er eyes.” Marie closed her eyes and she felt Phil take her hand in his.

“Now open ‘em.” Phil told her. When she opened her eyes he was knelt down in front of her getting ready to slip a ring on her finger. “Marie luv, will you marry me?” He asked as he slipped the diamond ring that matched her diamond earrings onto her finger.

“Oh Phil!” Marie said almost in tears as she looked back and forth between the ring on her hand, Phil, and Joe and Randi. “It’s beautiful. Thank you.” She said as she kissed his cheek.

“So is that a yes?” Phil asked smiling shyly. 

“Yes Phil I will marry you.” Marie said before giving Phil a passionate kiss.

Joe tapped his fork on his wine glass. “I would like to propose a toast.”

Phil and Marie stopped kissing to hear what Joe had to say. They picked up their glasses. So did Randi.

“‘Ere is to the wonderful ladies in our lives.” Joe said.

“I second that.” Phil said. Marie and Randi both blushed then tapped glasses with the guys.


Part 203 One Week Later…

Everyone was sitting in the living room watching TV when the phone rang. Tina got up to answer it. It was Thelma and she sounded like she was crying. Tina quickly put Randi on the phone.

“Hi Mom.”

“Hi honey.” Thelma said through her tears.

“What’s wrong Mom? Are you and Dad ok?”

“Yes dear we are fine. We just wanted to call and say thank you. You girls didn’t have to give us that money.”

“We know we didn’t have to. We wanted to.” Randi told her. “If you and Dad hadn’t helped us buy the building we wouldn’t have been able to open the office in the first place. Just our way of saying thanks.”

“You girls are the best.”

Randi was trying to hide the fact that she was blushing so she changed the subject. “Listen Mom, since I have you on the phone there is something I want to tell you.” “What is it Randi?”

“I am going to be going back to my house soon and packing all my things. Since Joe and I are going to get married any way, I decided to go ahead and move in with him.”

“That’s wonderful. I think that’s a good idea.” Thelma told her.

“There’s more Mom.” 


“Marie is moving to California with Phil. He asked her to marry him.”

“Really? Oh we are so happy for you girls. My baby and her best friend are both marrying such wonderful men. Are you going to come see us while you are in the states?”

“I don’t know Mom. But any time you want to see me all you have to do is call and Joe will get you here.” Randi told her.

“Ok honey. Well I will let you go. I love you.”

“I love you too Mom. Bye.”



Part 204 The Next Week…

Phil had taken Marie and went back to the states. They were going to spend a week or so at his house while Joe took Randi to Sheffield to meet his parents. After their visit they would meet Phil and Marie in South Carolina and both ladies would be moving at the same time. They decided it would be easier that way.

It had been over a month and a half since Randi had surgery and she felt wonderful. Dr. Sparks had released her to travel as long as she didn’t overdo it. So they caught a flight to Sheffield so she could meet her future in laws and see where Joe had grew up. Joe had told his parents all about Randi and they were anxious to meet her.

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott fell in love with her instantly. They was so glad to see that their son was finally going to settle down with a decent lady. When Joe didn’t have Randi out sightseeing, Cindy was busy showing Randi old pictures of Joe from when he was a little boy and telling her stories from Joe’s childhood.

Randi was really enjoying being there, and Joe Sr. and Cindy was enjoying having Randi and their son visiting. But at the end of the week Joe announced that they had to leave. His parents begged him to stay longer, but he said they had to get Randi’s stuff moved. Then he promised they would be back to visit again soon.


Part 205 Meeting Marie And Phil In South Carolina

Phil and Marie had returned to South Carolina a day before Joe and Randi. They had already begun packing her things. They met Joe and Randi at the airport and took them to Randi’s.  Once they got there Joe decided he was going to try again to see what was in Randi’s old toy box that she was so embarrassed for him to find out about. After all they would be getting married soon. There was no reason to hide anything from each other. Marie and Phil hung around for a while. Surely Marie knew what was in the box. Maybe she could convince Randi to tell him.

“So luv, when are you going to let me see wot’s in that toy box of y’ers?” Joe asked innocently.

Marie started laughing as Randi’s eyes got big and she started blushing.

“What are you laughing at?” Randi said a little sharp to her friend. “You have the same things in yours as I do mine.”

Marie stopped laughing when Randi reminded her of that. And it sparked Phil’s interest. “Really? Well wot exactly do you ladies ‘ave in these toy boxes?”

“Nothing that would interest you guys. Its not important.” Marie answered quickly.

“Oh come on you two. You can’t ‘ide things from y’er future ‘usbands.” Joe pointed out. “Yes we can.” Randi answered.

“I wouldn’t ‘ide anything from you.” Joe told her.

“I wouldn’t either.” Phil said turning to Marie.

Randi let out an irritated breath. “Fine, I will show you what’s inside mine Joe, but you better not laugh at me.”

“Why would I laugh luv?” Randi rolled her eyes and walked into her bedroom.


Part 206 Looking In Randi’s Old Toy Box…

Everyone followed Randi to her bedroom. Marie couldn’t believe Randi gave in. If she showed Joe everything that would mean she would have to show Phil what was in hers. Marie blushed at the thought.

Joe, Phil, and Marie sat down on Randi’s bed while she opened up her toy box. She began pulling out posters, magazines, newspaper clippings, and etc. then handed them to Joe. He started looking through them. Everything had Def Leppard on it. Then Randi started pulling out souvenirs from all the Def Leppard concerts she had been to. She had emptied everything out except one thing and she hoped Joe and Phil hadn’t noticed that.  Randi was crazy for thinking she could sneak it past Joe.

“There are you happy? I showed you everything in there. Everything I ever found with you in it.”

“You showed us everything luv?” Joe asked with a mischievous grin.


“Really? Well then wot was in the tin can you didn’t take out of there.”

“Joe you are impossible. Its nothing important really.”

“Then why are you so afraid to show me?” He asked smiling.

“Fine.” Randi said rather loudly. Her stubbornness was starting to show as she lifted the tin out of the bottom of the toy box.

Marie sat there froze. If she gave that tin to Joe then she would have to give hers to Phil when they went back to her house.

“Here. Take it. Read every single letter in there. I don’t care. Now you can see how crazy I am. Every letter in there is to you. I never had the guts to send them. Go ahead read them. Embarrass me who cares.” Randi said as she stormed out of the bedroom.

Joe wasn’t quite sure what to do or say. Phil didn’t say a word. He was wondering if Marie had a tin full of letters to him.

“Marie?” Joe asked.

“Yes Joe?”

“Are all of these really to me?”

“Yes they are. She used to write you all the time. She has for years.”

 “Well why didn’t she ever mail ‘em?” Joe asked.

“For one she was embarrassed. She was confessing to how much she admired you. And another, she didn’t figure you would ever read them and if you did you would think she was a nut case.”

“Why be embarrassed? I am ‘onored that she feels that way. And I always read all of my fan mail. It may take me a lil’ while to get around to it, but I always read it.” Joe insisted. “So Marie?” Phil began talking. “Randi says you ‘ave the same things in y’ers. Does it include a bunch of letters to me?”

Marie blushed and looked away.

“Well?” Phil asked.

“Yes Phil it does. And yes I will give them to you.”

“Well…” Joe said as he stood up. “I am going to go find ‘er and calm ‘er down. I don’t think she is nuts for saving these letters I am glad she did.”

Then he walked out of the room.


Part 207 Calming Randi Down…

Joe found Randi in the kitchen slamming things around.

“Randi luv, come ‘ere please.” Joe begged.

“No.” Randi said as she continued slamming things.

“Ok then I will come to you.” Joe said as he closed the gap in between them. 

Randi tried to ignore him. But then he grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her around to him. She had tears in the corners of her eyes.

“Randi luv, please calm down.”

“Calm down?” She asked. “Do you have any idea how embarrassed I am?”


“Because some of those letters are from when I was a teenager. Do you have any idea how childish they must sound? You are going to think I am some basket case if you read them.” Randi said.

“No I won’t. I think its sweet that you saved ‘em. Besides don’t forget, I was still young when we first started. And I think it will boost my ego to see what me future wife thought of me before I made it real big. Now come ‘ere and let me ‘ug you.”

Randi finally gave in and leaned her head onto Joe’s chest. He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight squeeze.

“I love you Randi.”

“I love you too Joe. I am sorry for losing my temper. I just never thought the day would come when you would actually see those silly love letters.”

Joe pushed her away from him so he could look her in the eyes.

“Love letters now are they? I am liking this more all the time.” Joe said as he lowered his head and kissed Randi lightly. “Come on lets start packing.”

Then he took her by the hand and led her back to the bedroom.


Part 208 Finishing Up The Packing…

Marie and Randi got everything packed. Joe and Phil arranged for private planes to fly their belongings to their destinations. They also arranged for the same realtor who sold the office for them to sell the houses. Marie had given Phil all the letters she had wrote him.  Like Randi she was very embarrassed, but Phil was tickled. They checked their houses once more to make sure they weren’t forgetting anything. Then went to tell a few friends goodbye.

The movers came and got the stuff and took it to the airport. Marie and Randi’s belongings were on its way to their new homes before they were. The two couples went out for lunch together before going their separate ways. Joe and Randi would be returning to Dublin. And Phil and Marie would be going to California.

It would be a couple of months before they seen each other again. In fact they most likely wouldn’t see each other again until it was time to start getting things ready for Randi and Joe’s wedding. Teary eyed the ladies said goodbye at the airport. Their flights left about the same time.

The guys stood back talking quietly while Randi and Marie said their goodbyes. This would be the first time in their lives that they had lived more then a couple of miles away from each other.


Part 209 Moving Into Their New Homes…

When Randi and Joe returned to his house, Randi’s things had already been delivered. Tina had everything put in the room Joe had emptied out for Randi to put her things while she unpacked. She was relieved that the moving was over. That part was out of the way. However she knew it would take forever for her to get her things unpacked, she had Joe, Marie, and Phil helping her pack it. And since she wasn’t allowed to do a whole lot yet, it would be a long drawn out job for her.

Marie’s things had also arrived before her and Phil did. Phil’s housekeeper Sanya had everything put in the den until they arrived and could decide where they wanted everything.  This was the first time Marie had met Sanya.  She was not there when Marie was there before. She was visiting a friend since Phil was gone. She was as sweet as Joe’s housekeeper Tina.

Marie was relieved to know that Sanya was nice and she was sure they wouldn’t have any problems getting along. It may even help to easy some of the loneliness of Randi being so far away from her. She never dreamed they would live in different towns, let alone different countries. But nonetheless, she was happy for her and happy that she would be Mrs. Phil Collen eventually.

Marie was exhausted from traveling and all the packing they had done in the last week and decided to go to bed. She told Sanya it was nice to meet her once again and then said good night. Phil kissed Marie and said he would be in there soon. He wanted to talk to Sanya for a few minutes before going to bed.


Part 210 One Month Later…

Joe and Randi had set a date to get married. Randi called Marie and asked her to come help her get everything ready. She needed to pick out dresses, decide who would be in the wedding, send out invitations, and a million other things that she couldn’t remember at the moment. Marie told Phil that Joe and Randi had set a date and they were on the next flight out. They were as excited as Randi and Joe were. Marie had to laugh to herself though. Randi had always said she wanted a small wedding if she ever got married, but Marie knew there was no way she would get by with that if she planned to marry Mr. Joe Elliott. And she was sure Randi knew that too.

Both Joe and Phil had read all the little love letters their fiancés had wrote to them over the years. And both fell deeper in love with them. They just couldn’t get over the idea that they had saved all those letters. Joe and Randi were waiting at the airport when Marie and Phil’s plane arrived. When they exited the plane Marie ran to Randi and hugged her. She looked so much healthier now. And she was happy. Neither one of them ever thought when Marie got the tickets for the concert on Randi’s birthday that they would end up meeting their future husbands that night.


Part 211 Returning To Joe and Randi’s…

When they arrived Phil carried his and Marie’s bags to the bedroom. Tina had supper waiting on the table for them.  Every one else went and sat down at the table waiting for Phil before they began eating. Marie and Randi were talking about her and Phil’s house and how beautiful it was. They lived on a private beach. If you walk onto the back patio you was standing above the ocean. Phil came into the kitchen and sat down.

 “Randi, you look great.” He told her. “You look like a different person.”

Randi blushed just slightly. “Thank you Phil. I feel like a different person. I am so glad it’s all over with.” She said as she leaned over and pecked Joe on the cheek. 

“Me too luv.” Joe smiled. “So Marie do you like California?”

“Yes I do, but I miss living close to Randi.” Marie smiled weakly. “But I just remind myself that she is with you and I cheer up.”

Joe laughed. “Well you know y’er welcome to come visit anytime.”

“Yes I know. Thank you.”

“‘Ow is Sanya?” Tina asked.

“She is just fine. She asked me to tell you ‘ello.” Phil told her.

“That’s good to ‘ear. Is she going to come for the wedding?”

“I don’t know she ‘asn’t said.”

“I ‘ope she does. It’s been a long time since I saw ‘er.” 

“Well I will try to talk ‘er into it. You know she doesn’t like to fly.” Phil laughed.

 “Yes I know. She ‘as always been such a chicken.” Tina said as she got up from the table and began clearing the dishes.

“Randi, Joe, ‘ave you guys picked out any decorations or made any plans other then setting the date yet?” Phil asked.

“No decorations yet, but we decided where we are going to get married at.” Randi told him.

“Really? Where at?”

“Right ‘ere. Ok, in the back yard.” Joe told him. 

“That’s great.” Marie spoke up. “Randi I just know it’s going to be beautiful.”

Joe and Randi both smiled. “So ‘ow about you two love birds?” Joe teased. “Any plans yet?”

“No not yet.” Phil said.

“We are going to wait a little while, wait until all the excitement from your wedding dies down.” Marie added.

“Gee, thanks Marie. Put the blame on us.” Randi joked.

“Ha, ha.” Marie told her. “No blame is being put any where. We just want to make sure your wedding is perfect. You deserve it.”

“Thanks Marie. Thanks Phil. You two are the best.”

Marie just smiled and gave her friend a hug.

“No problem luv.” Phil said as they got up from the table to go watch TV.


Part 212 The Next Day…

The next day Joe and Phil spent a big part of the day in the garage working on a piece of music Phil had written. Randi and Marie were busy looking through different catalogs to see if they could find any thing that Randi wanted to get for the wedding. Every once in a while Tina would sit down with them and look too.

They could hear Phil’s guitar and Joe’s voice every so often, but wasn’t able to hear him clearly. The ladies didn’t have any idea what they were working on. Joe and Phil had made Randi and Marie promise not to come in while they were working. Tina would go in every once in a while to bring the guys a drink, but as soon as she would walk in the guys would stop what they were doing. And then Tina would be asked to leave as soon as she put the drinks down.

About 11:00am Marie and Randi decided to take a dip in the indoor pool. Randi hadn’t even had a chance to get in it since she had been there. Of course when she first arrived she didn’t feel like doing anything like swimming, but now that she was feeling better she decided it was time to try it out. Both ladies went a slipped on their bathing suits and got in the pool.

They were both swimming laps, and didn’t notice that Joe and Phil had snuck in and was watching them. The guys were getting hungry and decided to take a break and eat some lunch. But when they came out and Tina told them the ladies were in the pool they decided to go for a swim too before eating. Joe asked Tina to make lunch and bring it to the pool when it was done. The ladies still hadn’t noticed Phil and Joe standing in the corner watching them after 10 minutes.

So they decided to surprise them and both jumped in the pool just a few feet away from the ladies. Then went swimming after them. Both ladies screamed then laughed and took off swimming trying to get away. But they weren’t fast enough. Phil caught Marie first and they engaged in a passionate kiss. When Joe caught Randi he began tickling her until she squealed and started tickling him back. He was more ticklish the she was so it didn’t take long for Randi to win.


Part 213 Eating Lunch…

Tina brought lunch out to the pool, and the two couples got out to eat. Joe asked her to eat with them so she sat down. They started eating and after a few minutes Joe began talking.

“So did you ladies find any thing you liked?” Joe asked.

“No not really.” Randi answered.

“Nothing at all?” Phil asked.

“No. She is too stubborn.” Marie spoke up.

Tina giggled quietly and Randi shot Marie a dirty look.

“And wot are you being stubborn about now luv?” Joe teased.

“Its just…” Randi started then trailed off.

So Marie finished for her. “She is being stubborn. She has said her whole life if she ever got married she was having a small wedding. Nothing fancy.”

“Is that so?” Joe said sitting his fork down. “Well I am sorry luv, but if you plan to marry me, y’er not getting a small wedding. You deserve nothing less then the absolute best, fanciest, most expensive, wedding anyone ‘as ever seen.”

Randi started blushing. “But Joe…” Randi said as she looked up at him. “There is no need for you to spend a bunch of money just to marry me.”

“Randi, I said you deserve the best, and that’s wot y’er going to get, end of the story. Now after we eat why don’t you call Mandy and Meg and tell ‘em I want ‘em and Rick and Mal to come for a visit. After all, y’er friends are going to need dresses too. I will get a ‘old of Sav and Viv later and tell ‘em to make plans to come for a visit soon.”

“Joe you are impossible some times. You know that?” Randi told him knowing she wasn’t going to win the argument.

“Yes I know, but you still love me anyway.” He laughed.

“Yes I still love you. And fine if it will make you happy I will call them and tell them to come, but I still don’t see what the fuss is all about.”

“Get used to it Randi. If y’er going to be Mrs. Joe Elliott, be ready to spend you’re the rest of y’er life being pampered. Oh and Marie luv, don’t go thinking you will get out of a big wedding either.” Phil told them and smiled.

“They are being truthful you two.” Tina spoke up. “You know how rock stars are, they think they ‘ave to ‘ave bigger and better everything.” She teased Joe.

“That’s right. Why else would I ‘ave you as a ‘ousekeeper? I won’t settle for anything less then the best.” Joe told her.

Tina just shook her head and began gathering up the dishes to carry them to the kitchen.


Part 214 After Lunch…

“Well you ladies can get back in the pool for a while if you would like. I need to make a phone call. I might join you again when I am done.” Joe said as he stood up.

 “Ok Joe. Who are you calling?” Randi asked.

“Oh just a friend.” He smiled then embraced Randi in a bear hug. “It shouldn’t take too long luv.” Then he turned to go use the phone.

Phil had already got back in the pool and was waiting for the ladies to get back in. Joe picked up the phone and dialed his friend Tonya Zimmerman at work. He just hoped she was there today. He had to have her for the job. She was the best in the business. “Wedding Planners Inc, This is Tonya speaking. ‘Ow may I ‘elp you?”

“‘Ey Tonya this is Joe.”

“Hi Joe. It’s nice to ‘ear from you. ‘Ow ‘ave you been? Are you still seeing your lady friend you met in America?”

“I am doing great thank you. And yes I am still seeing Randi. In fact that’s why I called. Do you ‘ave time in y’er busy schedule to plan a wedding?”

“Well that depends on who’s wedding it is.” Tonya teased him.

“It would be my wedding.” Joe told her.

Tonya was silent for a minute. “I don’t believe that Joe Elliott is ready to settle down. So quit trying to pull one over on me. Whose wedding do you need ‘elp planning Joe?” “Believe it luv. I am settling down. Randi is the love of me life.”

“Alright then. You know I ‘ave time to ‘elp you out Joe.”

“When can you come over and get started? Randi is being very stubborn and doesn’t want to pick anything out. She thinks by being stubborn she is going to get out of ‘aving a big wedding.” Joe paused while Tonya laughed.

“Joe Elliott not ‘ave a big wedding? That’s a good one.”

“Yes I know. Anyway, I want you to take ‘er and the rest of the wedding party to Versace for the dresses. And Randi is not to know ‘ow much it costs.”

“Ok Joe. Well I will tell you what, you call me again when everyone who is going to be in the wedding gets there and then I will come over. Ok? I will start making arrangements between now and then.”

“Thank you Tonya.”

“Anything for you Joe. Cheerio” 



Part 215 Later That Night…

After Joe hung up with Tonya he called Sav and asked him and Paige to come to Dublin as soon as possible, and bring the boys. After all, he had to have all his best mates be a part of his wedding. And since Randi and him was both an only child, they had no nieces and nephews so Tyler and Scott would have duties too. Then he called Viv and told him the same thing and to bring the girls with them. They would be included too.

When Joe was done Randi called Mandy and Meg and asked them if they would be in her wedding. They both said they would be honored and would be there next week to help plan. After she hung up she joined everyone in the living room. They were all watching a movie.

“Well are they coming?” Marie asked as Randi sat down.

“Yes they will be here next week.” Randi told her.

“Wonderful. Sav and Viv will be ‘ere next week too. Now I can call Tonya back in the morning and tell ‘er when to come.”

Randi and Marie both looked at Joe. Phil started laughing he knew what they were thinking.

“And who is Tonya?” Randi asked. “Did you forget to tell me something?”

“Tonya Zimmerman. She is a good friend of mine. And she is a wedding planner. Since you decided to be so stubborn about picking things out I ‘ired ‘er. She will ‘elp us get everything ready. She is the best in Ireland.” Joe told her.

“Ah, yes she is. I am so glad she is going to be able to ‘elp you Joe.” Phil said. “She is such a sweet lady. Randi, you will love ‘er.”

“Ok, whatever makes you happy Joe.” Randi told him.

Tina joined them when she finished up the dishes from supper. She assured Randi that Tonya was a great lady and would do a wonderful job with the wedding.

Everyone continued to watch the movie. Randi and Marie both fell asleep and had to be carried to bed.


Part 216 Third Thursday In November Sav His Family Arriving…
 Note: I am going to start posting the month every so often to kind of help keep from getting myself so confused.

Everyone arrived at Joe and Randi’s about a week before Thanksgiving. They were like a big happy family anyway, so they figured they might as well spend the holiday together. Phil and Marie went out for the day so they could spend some time alone.

When Sav, Paige, Tyler, and Scott arrived the boys ran for Joe.

“Unca Jooooeeeee!!” They both yelled as they began hugging his legs. Joe laughed and picked them both up.

“‘Ello boys.”

Randi came in the room after he had put the boys down. Like their Daddy they were both shy so they ran behind Paige and hid. Randi just smiled and walked over to Joe. Joe gave Randi a kiss. Tyler and Scott both peeked around Paige to see what Uncle Joe was doing with that lady.

“Mummy?” Tyler whispered.

“Yes Tyler? What is it?” Paige asked him.

“Who’s that lady Uncle Joe is kissing?”

“Do you remember me telling you and Scott about Uncle Joe’s new friend Randi?” 

“Yes Mummy.”

“Well that is Randi.”

Tyler smiled and the whispered in Paige’s ear. “Mummy she’s pretty.”

Sav heard what he said and started chuckling. “‘Ey Joe you better look out. The lil’ stud is trying to take y’er lady already.”

“Is that so?” Joe said walking towards the boys. “And just wot did you whisper in y’er Mummy’s ear Tyler?” Joe asked as he knelt down in front of the boys.

Tyler started blushing and wouldn’t say anything.

“Unca Joooe?” Scott said while tugging on Joe’s shirt.

Joe turned and faced him. “Wot’s up Scott?”

Scott motioned for Joe to come closer to him. So Joe got closer.

“Preeettttteee.” Scott said.

Joe grinned. “Who’s pretty?”

“‘Er.” He said and pointed at Randi.

“Is that wot you said Tyler?” Joe asked him.

Tyler grinned from ear to ear and started shaking his head yes.

Joe, Sav, and Paige all laughed and Randi blushed a little.

“Well you know wot?”

“Wot?” Tyler asked shyly.

“That’s y’er Aunt Randi. You boys don’t ‘ave to be afraid of ‘er. She ‘as been waiting to meet you. She loves lil’ kids. Now why don’t you go give ‘er a ‘ug?” Joe told them.

They both looked at Sav and Paige.

Sav shook his head yes. “Go ahead boys. It’s ok. Remember she’s Daddy and Mummy’s friend.”

“Ok.” They both said and walked over to her.

“Hi Aunt Randi.” Tyler said quietly.

“Auntie Ranni preeettttteee.” Scott said.

“Hello Tyler. Thank you Scott. You are both a couple of cuties just like your Daddy.” They both hugged her quickly. Tyler got embarrassed and ran back to his Mummy.

Scott just stood there smiling. “Pick up.” He said.

“Scott, wot do you say?” Sav told him.

“Pick up pease.”

“Of course I will cutie.” Randi said as she reached for him.

Scott started smiling and stretched his arms out to Randi as she lifted him into her lap.

“I like Auntie Ranni.” He told Paige. Then he hugged her. “Preeettttteee.” 

Randi smiled and hugged him back.


Part 217 Viv And His Family Arriving…

Viv, Jewels, and the girls got to Joe’s just as Tina was getting lunch on the table.

“Hello everyone.” Randi said as they came in. 

“Hi Randi.” Jewels said as she hugged her. “You look so much better.”

“Thanks, I feel better.”

“‘Ey Randi.” Viv said and gave her a quick hug.

Lily and Una were standing quietly behind Jewels waiting to be introduced. Randi noticed how polite and quiet they were being so she decided to talk to them.

“And who are theses two beautiful little girls?” Lily started to talk but stopped when she realized Randi wasn’t done.

“No wait a minute. Don’t tell me. Let’s see if I can guess.” She looked back and forth between the two of them. “Lily Rose.” She said pointing at Lily.

Lily smiled and nodded he head.

“So that means you must be Una Marigold.” Randi said turning to Una.

“‘How did you know my name?” Lily said.

“Girl’s this is y’er Aunt Randi.” Viv told them. Lily and Una’s eyes got big.

“Uncle Joe’s Randi?” Lily asked.

Jewels laughed. “Yes sweetie. Uncle Joe’s Randi.”

Both girl’s giggled and went to Randi and hugged her.

“Hi Auntie Randi.” Una said.

“Are you going to marry Uncle Joe?” Lily asked.

“Mind y’er manners.” Viv told her.

“But Daddy, I just asked a question.” Lily told him.

“Yes dear I am going to marry your Uncle Joe. And you know what?”


“I want you to be in my wedding. Would you like that?”

“Yes Aunt Randi.”

“What about me?” Una asked. “Can I be your wedding?”

“Of course you can.” Randi smiled.

Just then Tyler heard Lily’s voice and came running.

“Lily, Una.” He yelled. Scott was right on his heels.

“Unnaa, Lily.”  Scott said trying to act like his big brother.

“Scott and Tyler are here Mummy. Can we go play?” Lily asked.

“Please Mummy.” Una begged.

“After you go say hi to Uncle Joe, Uncle Sav, and Aunt Paige.”

“Ok Mummy.”

Then both girls ran to the kitchen to give everyone a hug while Tyler and Scott hugged Viv and Jewels. Tyler ran to the kitchen as soon as he was done, but Scott stayed behind.  “Pick up pease Auntie Ranni.” He begged.

Viv and Jewels laughed as Randi picked him up.

“Well Randi it looks like the kids love you.” Viv told her

“I know. I just wish Joe and I could have one of our own someday.”

Well Dr. Sparks told you there was still a small chance of it happening. You never know.” Jewels told her.

“Yeah, I know, but the way my luck is.” Randi said disappointedly.

“Keep your chin up. You never know what might happen.” Jewels told her as they walked into the kitchen.


Part 218 Eating Lunch…

All the adults sat down and ate lunch while the kids went and played in the playroom Joe had set up for them. They were too worried about playing to eat lunch. And since they hadn’t seen each other in a while, the adults let them go play for a while. They would tell them when they got hungry.

While they were eating, Meg, Mal, Rick and Mandy came in. They all told Randi how much better she looked. Randi thanked them and gave them all a hug. Sav finally realized Phil and Marie weren’t there.

“‘Ey Joe? Where are Phil and Marie at?” 

“Oh they went out. They wanted to spend the day together. They will be back tonight.” “Ok.”

 “Don’t tell me you four made the children stay with some one again.” Mal told them. “Yea’, where are the kids?” Rick asked.

“They are in the playroom. Where else? You know they have to go to the playroom as soon as they get to Uncle Joe’s.” Paige told them.

Rick and Mal both laughed.

“Yea’, I guess I should ‘ave known that.” Rick told her.

“Well I am glad they are with you this time.” Mal told them. “I love those lil’ munchkins.”

“Well speaking of the munchkins…” Viv said directing his gaze to the doorway. “There’s one right now.”

Scott was standing in the doorway watching Randi. He wanted to sit in her lap, but he didn’t know who Mandy and Meg were so he was afraid to come in. He would have to walk past them to get to Randi.  Everyone looked toward him and smiled.

“‘Ey you!! Come here to Uncle Mal.” He said standing up.

Scott shook his head no.

“Why not?” Mal asked.

Scott pointed to Mandy and Meg.

“Well they aren’t going to do any thing to you. That’s y’er Aunt Meg and Aunt Mandy.” Mal told him.

“Oh.” Scott said and let Mal pick him up.

He carried him over to the table and sat back down. Scott wouldn’t look at Meg or Mandy. He was being shy again.

“Don’t worry. He will warm up to you. It just takes a little while.” Paige told Mandy and Meg.

“Down pease.” Scott told Mal.

Mal put him down and he ran to Rick.

“Hi Unca Rick.” 

“Well ‘ello there Scott. ‘Ow are you?” 

“‘Ug pease.” Scott said as he reached for Rick.

Rick chuckled and picked him up. Scott hugged him then whispered in his ear.

“Auntie Ranni preeettttteee.” He said as he pointed to Randi.

Rick started laughing.  “‘Ave you told Uncle Joe that?” “

Yes.” He said with a big grin. “I like Auntie Ranni.”

Then he got out of Rick’s lap and went to Randi. “Auntie Ranni, ‘old me pease.” Scott begged.

“Sure thing sweetie.” Randi said as she picked him up.

 “Well Randi, it looks like y’er going to be stuck with ‘im.” Sav told her. “‘E really likes you.”

“That’s ok. I don’t mind. I like him too.” Randi said as she tapped her finger on the end of Scott’s nose making him giggle.


Part 219 Marie And Phil Returning…

When Marie and Phil returned to Joe’s everyone was in the living room watching TV. The kids had came out long enough to eat then went straight back to the playroom all of them except Scott. For some reason he wanted to be in Randi’s lap. So he watched TV with the adults. 

Scott had Randi’s hair wrapped around his fingers and was almost asleep when Phil and Marie came in.

“‘Ey everyone.” Phil said. Everybody said hi to him and Marie.

When Scott realized Uncle Phil was there he jumped off Randi’s lap.

“Unca Phil!” He yelled and ran to him.

“Hi Scott.” Phil said picking him up.

“Tyler, Lily, Unnaa…” He yelled. “Unca Phil’s ‘ere.” Then he noticed that Marie was standing there behind Phil and wiggled out of his arms.  “Auntie Ranni.” He cried as he jumped back in her lap. “Who that?”

“That’s Aunt Marie. She is my friend.” Randi told him.

About that time the other kids came running into the living room and began hugging Phil. Lily and Una said hi to Marie, but Tyler’s shyness got the best of him again and he ran to Sav.

Randi and Scott were still talking.

“She’s you friend?”

“Yes. And she likes little kids too.”

“Like you?”

“Yes. Marie, come here.” Marie walked over to her. “Scott this is Aunt Marie. Marie this is Scott.”

“Hi Scott.” Marie said smiling.

He blushed a little. “Hi Auntie Marie. This is Auntie Ranni. She preeettttteee.”

Marie laughed. “Well yes she is. Can I sit by you and Aunt Randi?”

Scott shook his head yes and smiled. After Marie sat down Tyler walked slowly over to her.

“Hi Aunt Marie. I am Tyler.”

“Hello Tyler.” Marie said. 

“Do you know my Mummy and Daddy?”

“Yes I do.”

“Ok. Can I sit with you?”

“Sure you can.” Marie told him as she patted her hands on her legs. Mal started teasing. “Joe, Phil, you two better keep y’er eye on those boys. They just might steal Randi and Marie’s ‘earts away from you.”

Everyone laughed. Joe put his arm around Randi and pulled her and Scott closer to him. “Are you going to take Randi from me?” He teased Scott.

“My Auntie Ranni.” Scott said as he wrapped his arms around her.

“‘Ow about we share her?” Joe offered.

Scott looked at him then at Randi for a minute then back at Joe. “Ok Unca Joooe.” He said smiling.

Joe rubbed his hand across Scott’s head messing up his hair and Randi just laughed.


Part 220 Supper Time…

Tina came into the living room just as the movie was ending and told them supper was ready. The kids had finished watching the movie with them. And by the time it was over they had warmed up to all the ladies. But Scott still wanted to be with Randi. He begged to sit in Randi’s lap while he ate, but Sav told him no, he had to sit in his own chair. Randi promised him that as soon as supper was over she would hold him again. Scott happily agreed and got in his own seat and started to eat.

 “Aunt Randi?” Lily asked.

“Yes Lily?”

“Is Tyler going to be in your wedding?”

“If he wants to be.” Randi told her.

“Cool. Tyler do you want to be in Uncle Joe and Aunt Randi’s wedding with me and Una?”  She asked him.

“I don’t know.” Tyler said shyly.

“Come on it will be fun.” Lily told him.

“I be it Auntie Ranni pease?” Scott asked.

“Yes honey. You can be in it too.” Randi told him.

“Tank you Auntie Ranni.”

“Your welcome.”

Now Una was begging too. “Please Tyler?”

He looked around at everyone.

“‘Ey Tyler, will you be in it for me?” Joe asked him.

“Umm…” He thought for a minute. “Ok Uncle Joe.”

“YAY” Lily and Una both yelled.

Everyone laughed and returned to eating their supper. When they were done Randi held Scott again as she promised. She sat down on the couch with him and he fell asleep with in 5 minutes. Joe took him from her and carried him to the bed he would be sleeping in. Tyler had taken Marie to show her the playroom after supper. He was busy showing his favorite toys to Marie when Paige and Jewels came in and told the kids it was bedtime. “But Mummy.” They all said at once.

“No buts girls. Its bedtime.” Jewels told them.

“Mummy I am showing Aunt Marie the toys.” Tyler told Paige.

“Well you will just have to finish showing her tomorrow. It’s time for bed.” Paige told him.

“Ok Mummy. Aunt Marie will you tuck me in please?”

“Ok honey. Come on before you get in trouble.” Tyler took Marie’s hand and they followed Paige to the room he would be sleeping in. Marie laid him down and tucked him in. He was asleep before she even left the room.


Part 221 After The Kids Went To Sleep…

After the kids were asleep the adults sat around the table talking about different things. “So have you made any plans for the wedding yet?” Jewels asked.

“Well not really. Ok a little, but not much.” Randi told her.

“What have you decided on?” Paige asked.

“Well I know we are going to have it outside in the backyard.”

“I ‘ired Tonya Zimmerman to ‘elp plan it. Since lil’ miss I don’t want a big wedding is being so stubborn.” Joe teased.

“Honey, you might as well get used to it now. As long as you are with Joe everything has to be big.” Paige told Randi.

“I know, I know. We have decided on one thing.”

“Wot’s that?” Viv asked.

“We would like for all of you and the four kids to be apart of the wedding.” Randi told them.

“All of us?” Rick asked.

“Well yea’. I ‘ave to ‘ave me best mates standing up there with me.” Joe told him.

“And I want my friends with me.” Randi told them. “And since Joe and I are both an only child we don’t have any nieces and nephews to fulfill the duties of flower girl and the ring duties, we thought it would be nice if Lily, Una, Tyler, and Scott did it. That is if they want to.”

“That sounds good to me.” Paige said. “I know Scott will be happy to do it since he seems to like you so well Randi.”

“Me too.” Jewels said. “And the girls have already asked if they were going to be included.”

“It’s ok with me.” Sav said.

“Yea’, same ‘ere.” Viv told them.

“‘Ow about the rest of you? Are you going to take part in our wedding?” Joe asked as he looked around the table at everyone. They all shook their head in agreement.

“Great. I will call Tonya tomorrow and tell ‘er ‘ow many will be in the wedding party.” Joe said.

“Well I ‘ate to be the party pooper.” Rick said. “But it’s been a long day and I am getting sleepy.” He said yawning. “I will see you in the morning. I am going to bed.” Then he stood up.

Mandy followed. “Goodnight everyone.”

They all said goodnight as Mandy and Rick left the room. Everyone else talked a little while longer before they all went to bed too. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.


Part 222 Friday Morning…

Joe called Tonya first thing Friday morning and asked her to come over. She said she would be there around 11:00 that way everyone had time to get woke up and dressed before she got there.  Randi was just finishing up her breakfast when Scott came into the kitchen.

“Auntie Ranni.” He said sleepily.

“I am right here.” Randi told him reaching her arms out for him.

“Well I see ‘ow I rate.” Joe teased. “I used to always get the first ‘ug of the morning when you guys are visiting.”

“You? Wot about me mate? I am ‘is Dad. ‘E walked right past me.” Sav complained. “Now, now boys.” Paige spoke up. “Stop acting jealous. He’s just a little boy. Besides I think it’s wonderful the way he’s warmed up to her. Randi, don’t pay any attention to these two whiners.”

Randi laughed. “Don’t worry. I am ignoring them.”

“See Joe.” Mal spoke up. “I told you ‘e was going to steal ‘er away from you.”

 “Yea’, well ‘e may ‘ave ‘er during the day, but who does she go to bed with at night?” Joe joked.

“JOE!” Randi said.

“Wot?” He said smiling.

“There are little ears in here.”

“Oh yea’, sorry.”

“Auntie Ranni preeettttteee.” Scott said. He wasn’t even paying attention to wot Joe and the others were saying about him.  “I ‘ungy Auntie Ranni.”

“Ok sweetie, let’s get you something to eat.” Randi said as she stood up with him and walked to the stove to see wot was left.

Pretty soon other kids came walking into the kitchen. After he hugged Sav and Paige Tyler went to Marie and asked her to come to the playroom with him.

“Not until you eat breakfast young man.” Paige told him.

“Ok Mummy.” He said with a sigh and sat down beside Marie.

“Good morning girls.” Phil said to Una and Lily.

“Hi Uncle Phil.” They both said as they gave him a hug.

The girls said good morning and gave hugs to everyone then sat down just as Tina was sitting their plates on the table. After they were done eating Marie followed Tyler, Lily, and Una to the playroom. She told Tyler she would look at the toys for a little while, and then she had to go back with the adults.

Scott stayed with Randi for a little bit while the other kids played. He sat on her lap while Joe told everyone when Tonya would be arriving. Finally after about 30 minutes he decided to go play too. But first he gave Randi a kiss on the cheek and told her she was pretty again.


Part 223 Meeting Tonya The First Time…

As promised Tonya arrived at Joe’s at 11:00. Everyone was waiting for her to get there. Tina let her in and she joined everyone in the kitchen.

“‘Ello Tonya.” Joe said as he got up and gave her a hug. “Thanks for coming.”

“No problem Joe.”

“Randi, this is Tonya Zimmerman. She is a good friend of mine.” “

Hello.” Randi said shaking Tonya’s hand. “I am Randi nice to meet you.”

“Same to you.” Joe introduced everyone else who didn’t know Tonya already. And when they were done she sat down.

“Ok, so ‘ow many people will be in the wedding party?” She asked as she took a pen and notepad out of her bag.

“Well there will be Randi and me self of course.” Joe started. “Marie will be the maid of ‘onor, and Phil will be the best man. Then Mandy, Meg, Jewels, and Paige will be the bridesmaids. Rick, Mal, Viv, and Sav are the groomsmen. And then we ‘ave Tyler and Scott for the ring duties. And Lily and Una for the flower girls.”

“Ok so counting the bride and groom that’s 16 people. Boy you wasn’t joking when you said you wanted it big.” Tonya told him.

“Yea’, well you know me.” Joe told her with a grin.

“Ok then do you ‘ave any certain colours you would like to use?” 

“Yes.” Randi answered. “Light red for the ladies and black and white for the men.”

“Ok ‘ow about decorations and flowers. Any certain colours?”

Joe spoke up. “Red, white, and cream colours.”

“Ok sounds great. Now ‘ow old are the children who are taking part in this?”

Tyler is 3 and Scott is 2.” Sav said.

“And Lily is 4 and Una is 2 ˝.” Viv told her. 

“Ok great. And when are you planning on getting married? I mean ‘ave you set a date?” “Yes, July 1st of next year.” Joe told her.

“Ok. Well I think that’s all I need from you today. Oh one more thing. You said you wanted to get the dresses from Versace right? And do you want to go to Harrod’s to be fitted for their Armani tuxes? ”

Luckily Randi wasn’t paying attention so she didn’t her Jewels and Paige gasp. Joe shot them a look asking them to keep quiet.

“Yes that’s right. And Harrod’s sounds wonderful”

“Ok then. I will get in touch with you on Monday. ‘Ave a good weekend.” She said as she stood up. “It was nice to meet you Randi.”

“Thanks for your help.” Randi told her.

“No problem.” Tonya said as she picked up her bag and turned to go to the door.

Joe walked her to the door and thanked her again as she was leaving. Randi excused herself and went to check on the kids. When Joe walked back in the kitchen Jewels started talking.

“When you say you want big and expensive you don’t joke around do you?”

“Really, are you out of your mind Joe?” Paige asked. “Versace is extremely expensive. And so is Harrod’s. Are you sure you want to pay that much money for all of us? I mean I can see paying for Randi to get her dress from Versace, and your tux from Armani, but all of us?”

“No I don’t joke around when I say I want big and expensive. No I am not losing my mind. And yes I am sure I want everyone’s clothes to come from there. And Randi is not to find out just ‘ow expensive Versace is. A man ‘as never pampered that lady before, and I am going to make up for it.  I am going to show ‘er the way a lady is supposed to be treated.”

“Ok whatever you say Joe.” Jewels said as she shrugged her shoulders.

“I am lost.” Meg said a little embarrassed. “What is Versace?”

“Versace is one of the biggest fashion houses in the world.” Jewels told her.

“And one of the most expensive.” Paige added.


Part 224 After Tonya Left…

When Randi didn’t come back from checking on the kids after 20 minutes, Joe decided to go see what was going on. He quietly peeked inside the playroom so he wouldn’t be noticed. Randi was sitting on the floor with Scott in her lap. Tyler was in front of her. And Lily and Una were on either side of her. She was reading a story to them. Joe felt his heart skip a beat and tears swell up in his eyes. She was so good with kids. Why was she being punished? She loved them. And Joe knew she would make a wonderful mother. She didn’t deserve to go through what she did. Dr. Sparks did tell her there was a small chance of it happening. So maybe by some miracle it would. Just as Joe was getting ready to walk away Tyler noticed him.

“Uncle Joe.” Randi stopped reading and everyone turned and looked at the doorway. “Uncle Joe, Aunt Randi is reading to us.” Tyler told him.

“I know. I see that.” Joe said to him.

“Come sit with us Unca Joe.” Una told him.

“Aunt Randi will read to you too.” Lily told him.

“Pease Unca Joooe.” Scott begged.

“Ok, ok, you win. I will come listen to the story too.” Joe said as he came into the playroom and sat down on the floor with them.

Randi looked at him and smiled then continued reading. Joe sat back and observed the way the kids were admiring Randi. He had never seen them so comfortable with some one they just met. Especially Tyler and Scott. They were just like their Daddy, extremely shy.

In the other room everyone was talking about Joe’s decision to get everything through Versace And Harrod’s. They agreed that Randi deserved to get her dress from there, but it really wasn’t necessary to get everyone’s. But they knew it wouldn’t do any good to argue with Joe about it. He had made up his mind and there was no changing it. They were also talking about the kids and how much they seemed to adore Randi, and that she felt the same way towards them.

They were all so happy Randi was so different from Tammy. Even the kids didn’t like her. They were all scared of her. Then they started asking Marie about Randi’s health and how she had been since the last time they were there. Marie told them Randi was doing much better and Dr. Sparks had released her to resume full activities.

Just then they heard laughter coming from the playroom and wondered what was going on. Not only were the kids laughing, but so were Randi and Joe. So they all got up to go see what was so funny. In the playroom they found Joe holding Randi down while all the kids tickled her. Randi was yelling for someone to help her. Joe was laughing so hard he could barely keep a hold of her. And the kids were taking turns tickling Randi. And when they weren’t tickling her they were rolling on the floor laughing. Everyone else started laughing at them too. Joe loved having the kids around, and Randi made it even more enjoyable.

“Ok I give. You win.” Randi said trying to catch her breath.

“Are you sure?” Joe said laughing.

“Yes I give. I can’t take any more right now. I am out of breath.” 

“Ok.” Joe said as he let her up. 

Scott noticed everyone watching them and ran to Paige. “Mummy I tickle Auntie Ranni.” He said giggling.

Everyone started laughing again.

“I know you did sweetie. I saw you. Now go over there and give her a hug and tell her you love her.” Paige said.

“Ok Mummy.” Scott walked back over to Randi and tapped her on the shoulder. “Auntie Ranni?” He said waiting for her to turn around.

“Yes Scott?” Randi said looking at him.

“I love you Auntie Ranni.” Scott told her ad he wrapped his arms around her neck and hugged her. “I love you too.”

“I want a ‘ug.” Tyler said when he seen Scott hugging Randi.

“Me too.” Una said.

“Can I have a hug too Aunt Randi?” Lily asked.

“Come here all of you. I have plenty of hugs to go around.” Randi said as Tyler, Una, and Lily ran over to her and started hugging her.

“‘Ey now, don’t forget about me.” Joe said as joined in on the group hug.

After they were done hugging, Scott started talking to Randi again. “Auntie Ranni, I ‘ungy.”

“Well come on, let’s go find something to eat.” She said standing up and taking him by the hand. Joe and the other kids followed them to the kitchen where Tina had their lunch waiting.


Part 225 Joe And Randi In Bed Friday Night Part 1…

Scott fell asleep in Randi’s lap again. So Joe carried him to bed again. All the other kids had already fallen asleep. Randi was worn out from playing with the kids all day and was ready for bed. So her and Joe said goodnight then headed for their room. As soon as they got in the bedroom and closed the door Joe began kissing Randi gently, tracing the outline of her lips with his tongue. He felt Randi shiver and he smiled at her.

“You know y’er absolutely amazing with kids.” Joe told her as he lifted her shirt off of her. Then shed his own.

“You aren’t bad yourself.” Randi told them.

“Yea’, but they ‘ave been around me since they were born. They just met you. And I ‘ave never seen ‘em warm up to some one that fast before.”

“Really Joe?” Randi asked.

“Really luv. Those kids love you. You would make a wonderful mother.”

“Please don’t remind me that it will never happen.” 

“Never say never, ever ‘eard of miracles? If nothing else we could always adopt.” Joe told her.

“I know. I just hate myself because I most likely won’t be able to give you a baby of our own.”

“Don’t worry about it luv. Please.” Joe said as he led her to the bed. Randi got undressed the rest of the way and lay down.

Joe stripped out of his clothes and joined her. He lay beside her staring deep into her eyes. Then his gaze slowly moved down her body stopping for a moment to admire her breasts before continuing down to the scar from her surgery. When Joe’s eyes fell upon it he moved his hand onto Randi’s belly and began skimming his fingers across the scar giving Randi goose bumps.

“Randi luv, y’er the sexiest lady I ‘ave ever seen.” Joe told her.

She started to say something, but he stopped her by putting his other hand up to her mouth.

“Even y’er scar is beautiful.” Joe told her as he continued to rub his fingers across it. “I am so glad y’er better luv. It was breaking my ‘eart seeing you so sick.”

“Thank you for getting me the help I needed.” Randi told him. “ Joe?”

“Yes luv?” 

“I want you to make love to me.”

“That sounds great luv. But first I want to make love to you with my tongue.” Joe said with a mischievous grin. “‘Ave I ever told you that’s my favourite thing to do to a lady? Especially a lady I love as much as I love you. I love pleasuring you with my tongue. I love to taste the sweetness that flows from you. And the way y’er hot silky folds feel against my tongue.”

Randi was blushing furiously.

“Why are you blushing luv? Don’t you like for me to pleasure you that way?” Joe asked. “Oh no, it’s not that. I love when you do that. I just never realized just how much you enjoy doing that to me.” Randi told him with a smile.

“Well now that we know we both enjoy it, why don’t I get to work?” Joe said as he scooted down in the bed.


Part 226 Joe And Randi In Bed Friday Night Part 2…

Randi gasped, as Joe spread her swollen aching folds apart with his fingers. Joe smiled at her response. She was already hot and wet and he hadn’t even done anything yet. He knew they were going to have some fun tonight. Joe slowly glided his fingers up and down Randi’s wetness lingering around her clit for a moment before sliding down the whole length of her again.

“Randi luv, y’er so wet.” Joe growled. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

Randi just sighed in response.  Joe scooted down farther. Randi spread her legs apart and Joe positioned himself in between them. Randi’s breath caught was Joe began lightly kissing her inner thighs, flicking his tongue across her sensitive flesh every so often. “Y’er breathing ‘eavy luv. Do you like that?” Joe asked seductively.

Randi could only nod in response. “Well luv, I am glad you like it, but I am just getting started. I really ‘aven’t done anything yet.” He told her as he began trailing his tongue around the edges of her mound.  “If you keep this up, y’er going to cum, before I get to the best part.”

“I am sorry Joe. You just make me feel so sexy I can’t keep from getting so worked up. Every where you touch me, my skin feels like it’s on fire from the sensations.” Randi told him.

“Really?” Joe said looking up at her. “So when I do this…” Joe paused and spread Randi apart again then slid his tongue up and down her wetness. “You feel like y’er on fire?” Joe said smiling seductively at her.

“Yes.” She told him in a low voice.

“I think I am going to like this even more now.” Joe told her as he lowered his head back down to her hot, wet, throbbing folds. “Will you ‘old ‘er open for me luv?” 

Randi did like she was asked. Joe began teasing her with the tip of his tongue, just barely touching her. But Randi wanted more so she moved one of her hands and pushed his head down onto her then put her hand back in place.

“Getting a lil’ feisty there aren’t we luv?” Joe said smiling then flicked his tongue across Randi’s aching clit.”

 “Oh Joe.” She whispered. Joe didn’t look up he was getting into what he was doing and didn’t want to stop.

While his tongue teased her clit he slipped a finger inside of her and began moving it around. Slowly he added another and began searching for her special spot. He felt Randi’s body tense up momentarily and knew he found it. When she relaxed again he began moving his tongue faster and moving his fingers around inside of her, making sure he didn’t lose her magical spot. Randi’s breath was getting heavy and she whimpered quietly as the first contraction took over her body. Joe felt her tighten around his fingers and his erection grew harder.

“Joe I’m cumming.” She moaned as the second contraction of her climax claimed her. Joe started to remove his fingers from inside her. “No Joe, don’t stop.” Randi cried. “Shh.” He told her and removed his fingers then plunged his tongue deep inside of her lapping up the juices she was releasing. His fingers took the place of where his tongue had been and was caressing her clit. “You taste so good luv, so warm and sweet. I would love to just lay around and do this to you all the time.” Joe said then plunged his tongue back inside of her so he could taste her again.

Once Randi’s body had relaxed and Joe had drank up every bit of the juices she had released he laid back down beside her.

“Joe that was amazing.” Randi told him as her hand found his raging hard on. 

“Well wot can I say?” Joe said grinning. Randi decided she was going to take control of things now.

And turned Joe’s head toward hers and captured his lips in a deep, passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss, Randi began talking to him.

“Now it’s my turn.” She said smiling. “I get to show you what I like to do.”

“I like the sound of that.” Joe told her.

“Now I get to tease you the way you was teasing me.” Randi said with a hint of laughter in her voice.

Randi lowered herself to Joe’s throbbing erection and teased the head of it with her tongue. Then she began gently massaging his balls.  Joe groaned as he became more aroused. Randi began licking her way up and down Joe’s hardened shaft. He wanted so badly for her to take him in her mouth, but he knew she wasn’t ready. So he just lay there enjoying the sweet torture she was putting him through. Randi applied a bit of pressure to his balls as she took the tip of him in her mouth swirling her tongue around it.

“Mmm Randi.” Joe growled at her as he felt her teeth gently brush against him.

Randi smiled and continued her assault, taking him in just a little farther. Then teasing him with her tongue some more. She continued this until she had taken him in completely. Joe moaned as the tip of him hit the back of Randi’s throat. Randi acknowledged his response by tightening the grip she had on his balls. Then slowly she began moving her head up and down his shaft, teasing him with her tongue the whole time.

“Randi luv, I am not going to last much longer if you keep it up like that.” Joe said quickly.

Randi just patted him on the belly with her free hand and continued the task at hand. A moment later she felt Joe’s body get stiff. Then he moaned rather loudly.

“I am going to cum luv. Get ready.” He warned her.

Randi took him in farther until he brushed the back of her throat again. And that was all it took to send Joe over the edge. Randi felt him jerk underneath her then his hot fluids were released and she could feel them going down the back of her throat. Randi kept him there until she was sure he was done. When Joe’s breathing returned to normal Randi released his balls from her grasp and got up and lay back down beside Joe.

“Y’er so good at that luv.” Joe said smiling slyly at Randi.

“Well I guess that means we are good for each other then huh?” Randi teased.

“Oh yea’.” Joe laughed as he began kissing her seductively.

If she thought they were done already she had another thing coming. Joe wasn’t done with her yet. He was just going to give her a breather before continuing.


Part 227 Joe And Randi In Bed Friday Night Part 3…

While Randi was recovering from the excitement they had just shared, Joe began skimming his fingers across the scar on Randi’s belly again.

“Damn why does he have to keep doing that?” Randi thought to herself.

As much as she had tried to convince him to leave it alone, she knew she couldn’t admit to him that it actually turned her on for some reason when he did it. Randi felt her skin turning to fire once more as he continued caressing her. She lowered her hand in between them and found him he was becoming aroused again. So she gently began stroking him. “So luv, do you feel like trying something we ‘aven’t done before?” Joe said with a big smile.

“And what would that be?” She asked.

“Turn over and I will show you.” Joe whispered in her ear.

His breath was hot against her flesh. Randi didn’t say anything. She just turned over like she was told to do. She lay on the bed flat on her belly. Joe looked at her backside and felt himself becoming more aroused.

“Randi luv?” Joe said smiling again. “As much as I am enjoying this view, we can’t do wot I ‘ad in mind with you laying that way.”

Joe told her as he positioned himself over her legs, putting one leg on either side of hers. “So come ‘ere.” He told her as he slid his hands under her belly lifting her up and pulling her against him at the same time.

Randi gasped when she felt his hardness pressing against her begging for access to her entrance.

“Now who’s being feisty?” Randi teased. Joe wasn’t sure how Randi felt about this position. They had never discussed it before.

“So luv do you want to give it a try?” He asked her as he guided himself with his hand to brush the head of his cock against her clit. Randi inhaled a deep breath when he did that. “Yes.” She answered.

“I was ‘oping you would say that.” Joe told her as he placed his hands on her hips and guided himself into her. Then he began slowly moving in and out of her, each time going in a little deeper.

Once their rhythms matched each other Joe let go of Randi’s hips and placed them on her breasts. Her nipples were hard and swollen, begging for attention. Joe gladly delivered as he began fondling them.

“Joe?” Randi said in between breaths. “Why haven’t you ever asked me to make love in this position before?”

“I wasn’t sure you would go for it luv.”

“Believe me, I will go for it any time you want.” Randi stopped for a moment as a ripple of pleasure spread through her. “This feels so good Joe. Harder please.” She begged. “‘Arder ‘uh?” Joe teased. “Well I guess this must mean y’er feeling better, and are over y’er fears of me ‘urting you because of the surgery.” Joe said to her.

“Yes, I am. Now please Joe harder.” She pleaded with him. “Ok luv. Wot ever you want.” Joe said as he began to move in and out of her harder and faster, and then tightened his grasp on her breasts.

He felt Randi getting weak and knew she was getting close. So he moved his hands back onto her hips to help steady her. Joe continued to pump in and out of her. He felt her muscles begin to tighten around him and slipped a hand under her belly to search for her clit. When he found it Randi moaned.

“Do you like that luv?” Joe asked as he began stroking her clit and continued plunging in and out of her.

Randi couldn’t answer, her orgasm was taken over her body. All she could think of was the sensations running through her. She felt Joe get stiff. 

“OH JOE.” She said almost yelling it. “I… AM… CUMMING.”

Joe thought to himself. ‘Good thing the bedrooms are so well insulated. Everyone in the ‘ouse would be awake right now.’

“I know you are luv. So am I. Just relax and let it flow. You feel so good Randi. You’re so wet and tight. I want to make love to you all night.”

Randi just sighed in response. When it was over they stayed joined together for a few moments trying to catch their breath. Joe finally slid out of her and collapsed on the bed, pulling her down with him. They both started laughing.

“We will have to do that again real soon.” Randi told him before kissing him.

“Any time luv, any time.”

They both got up long enough to slip into their pajamas. Neither felt comfortable sleeping nude with a house full of guests. After they were clothed they laid back down. Joe shut off the lamp and then pulled Randi up against him and wrapped his arm around her. She laid her head on his chest. Then he placed his free hand on her belly.

“Good night Joe.” Randi said yawning.

“Good night luv. Sweet dreams.” Joe said as he placed a gentle kiss on top of Randi’s head.

“Always.” She said smiling and fell asleep moments later.


Part 228 Saturday Morning…

Joe woke up as the sun was rising and started to light up the bedroom. He turned his gaze to Randi and watched for a while. She was still sound asleep. She looked like an angel lying there so calm and peaceful. He had worn her out last night. But it was well worth it. The lovemaking they had shared was the most mind-blowing Joe had ever experienced. He began running his fingers gently through her long brown hair.

“I love you Randi.” He whispered to her. Randi mumbled something and sighed. Joe just laughed to himself and decided to get up and let her rest. He slipped on a shirt and snuck quietly out of the bedroom.

Joe heard voices coming from the kitchen and could smell the aroma of bacon cooking. So he knew Tina was awake and preparing breakfast, but who else was up this early? He walked in the kitchen and found Mandy and Rick sitting at the table each drinking a cup of hot tea.

“You two are up early.” Joe said as he got himself a cup of hot tea. “Good morning Tina. The food smells wonderful.” Joe said as his stomach growled.

“Yea’ I know.” Rick told him. “You look like you ‘ad a rough night mate.” Rick said with a big grin on his face.

“Really?” Joe asked smiling. “Well that’s for me to know and you to wonder about.”

Mandy started laughing. “So it’s true huh? Randi get wild with you last night Joe?”

“You two wouldn’t believe me if I did tell you wot ‘appened.” Joe said as he took a sip of his tea.

“Is Randi still asleep?” Rick asked.

“Yea’ why?”

“I don’t want her to walk in while we are talking about ‘er.”

“Don’t worry, I am sure it while be a while before she gets up.” Joe said with a hint of humor in his voice. “Wot did you want to talk about?”

“The wedding, and you getting everything through Versace.” Rick told him.

 “Ok so wot’s up?”

“That’s going to cost an awful lot for you to get everything there. Are you sure you don’t want any ‘elp. I could pay for Mandy’s dress and my tux.” 

“Joe you really don’t have to spend that kind of money on a dress for me to wear. I know how expensive Versace is.” Mandy told him.

“Rick you know ‘ow much money I ‘ave. Going to Versace isn’t going to ‘urt me any. Come on. I want to do this. It’s my wedding, and I want Randi to ‘ave the best. And Versace is the best. And I can’t get married without all my best mates along side of me. So please stop worrying about it. Save y’er money for that expensive wedding gift y’er going to get Randi and I.” Joe said laughing.

Tina rolled her eyes, and Mandy started giggling.

“Ok mate. You got it.” Rick told him.

Tina sat a plate down in front of each of them and they began eating. They ate in silence for a few minutes before Mandy started talking.

“So Joe, is Randi completely healed from her surgery?” 

“Yea’. Dr. Sparks gave ‘er a clean bill of ‘ealth the last time ‘e saw ‘er. She is going to be fine.”

“That’s wonderful. I am so glad she let you help her.”

“So am I.” Joe said.

“So when are you two going to tie the knot?”

Rick raised an eyebrow at Joe.

“Not for quite awhile.” Mandy told him. “I am in no way, shape, or form ready for marriage.”

Joe started laughing. “Wot’s the matter Rick? Are you scaring ‘er away?”

“Sod off Joe.” Rick told him. “No I am not scaring ‘er away. We just both want to take our time and get to know each other a little better.”

After Joe was done eating he flipped on the TV and turned on the news. While they were watching the news Mal and Meg came in and sat down.

“Don’t you people sleep around ‘ere?” Mal asked yawning. “It’s too early to be up. We aren’t out on tour you know.”

“Well then why are you up?” Joe asked. “I know we wasn’t being that noisy.”

“It’s kind of ‘ard to sleep when there is food cooking.” Mal said looking at Tina and smiling. Meg sat a cup of hot tea down in front of Mal then sat down in the chair next to his.

“Good morning everyone.” Everyone said good morning to her and the ladies began talking while the guys turned their attention back to the TV.

About an hour later Joe noticed Scott peeking into the kitchen smiling.

“Good morning Scott. Come ‘ere and give Uncle Joe a ‘ug.”  Scott ran to Joe and jumped in his lap and then hugged him.

“Where Auntie Ranni? I ‘ungy.”

“Aunt Randi is still in bed. Come on I will make you something to eat.” Joe stood up and carried Scott over to the stove. Then made him a small plate of food.

“I want Auntie Ranni.” Scott said as Joe and him sat back down at the table. Everyone started laughing.

“I am telling you mate, ‘e is trying to steal y’er lady from you.” Mal said laughing.

“Yea’ Joe, you better watch out. Don’t forget ‘e’s got ‘is Daddy’s eyes.” Rick teased.

“I ‘ear you.” Joe said. “I tell you wot Scott.”

“Wot Unca Joooe?”

“You sit in Uncle Rick’s lap for a minute and eat y’er food while I get Aunt Randi some breakfast then me and you will go wake ‘er up.”

“Ok Unca Joooe.” Scott said smiling.

Then got down and climbed into Rick’s lap. Joe got up and made Randi a plate while Scott sat in Rick’s lap and ate. Just as Joe was pouring Randi a cup of hot tea and sitting everything on a tray Scott finished his breakfast.

“I done Unca Joooe.” Scott said proudly.

“Well come on then. Let’s go wake up Aunt Randi.”

“Ok.” Scott said as he got out of Rick’s lap and went to Joe grabbing a hold of his hand. Joe and Scott walked out of the kitchen and headed for the bedroom. Everyone started laughing when they were out of sight.

“That lil’ munchkin is something else.” Mal said laughing.

“I know. I can’t believe ‘ow fast ‘e took to Randi. I ‘ave never seen ‘im warm up to some one that fast.” Rick said.

“Well those boys are just like their Daddy.” Mal said. “Always shy.”

“It’s a shame Joe and Randi can’t have children of their own.” Mandy said with a sigh.

“I know they would make such wonderful parents.” Meg said. 

“Well you never know wot might ‘appen. Maybe they will be blessed with a miracle.” Mal told them. “You got to think positive luv.”


Part 229 Scott And Joe Waking Randi Up…

Joe led Scott into his bedroom where Randi was still sound asleep. Scott saw her and giggled.

“Auntie Ranni preeettttteee.” Scott whispered to Joe.

“I know she is.” Joe told him as he sat the tray down. “Come ‘ere and I will ‘elp you onto the bed.” Scott walked over to Joe and Joe sat him up on the bed.

“Auntie Ranni wake up pease.” He whispered.

“‘Ey Scott.” Joe said.

“Wot Unca Joooe?”

“Lay down beside ‘er and kiss ‘er on the cheek.” Joe told him. “Maybe that will wake ‘er up.”

“Ok.” Scott said with a shy grin and did like he was told. Then he giggled. Randi moved a little, but still didn’t wake up. “She not awake.” Scott told Joe seriously.

“Well I guess we are just going to ‘ave to tickle ‘er again.” Joe said smiling at Scott. Scott started smiling too.

“Can I tickle Auntie Ranni?”

“Sure. Go ahead.” Joe told him.

“YAY.” Scott yelled as he started trying to tickle her. “‘Elp Unca Joooe.” He said as he turned and looked at him.

“Ok.” Joe said as he reached for Randi’s feet while Scott returned to tickling Randi’s ribs.

“WAKE UP AUNTIE RANNI.” Scott yelled as he tickled her.

Randi’s eyes opened and she smiled. Scott started giggling.

“What are you doing?” Randi asked in a teasing voice.

“Tickle Auntie Ranni.” Scott said blushing. “Who said you could tickle me?” She asked. “Unca Joooe.” Scott told her shyly.

“Well guess what?”


“Now it’s my turn.” Randi said as she sat up.

“Oh no.” Scott said trying to get away, but he was laughing to hard to move and Randi grabbed him and began tickling him. “‘Elp Unca Joooe.” Scott said through his laughter. “No way, then she will tickle me.” Joe said laughing at the two. “Scott tell ‘er wot we brought ‘er.”

“Auntie Ranni.” Scott said trying to keep from laughing. “Look.” He said pointing at the tray of food. Randi looked over at it.

“Is that for me?”  Scott shook his head yes with a big smile on his face. “Well thank you.” Randi said as she gave Scott a hug.

“Welcome Auntie Ranni.” Scott said. “Auntie Ranni?”

“What is it Scott?”

“Unca Joooe did it.” Scott said smiling at Joe.

“Thank you Joe.” Randi said trying to please him. Joe just smiled and handed her the tray. 

“Can I sit by you Auntie Ranni?” Scott asked her.

“Sure you can sweetie.” Scott scooted up and sat beside Randi while she began to eat. Then tapped her on the shoulder. Randi turned her head and looked at him.

“You preeettttteee Auntie Ranni.” 

“Thank you Scott.”

Just then there was a light knock on the door. Joe went to the door to see who it was. When he opened it there stood Tyler, Lily, and Una smiling.

“Good morning kids.” Joe said smiling.

“Can we come in Uncle Joe?” Tyler asked.

“Please.” Lily and Una both said at the same time.

“Sure.” Joe said smiling as he opened the door the rest of the way so they could come in. “Aunt Randi.” Tyler said as he jumped up on the bed.

“Good morning Aunt Randi.” Lily said.

“Hi Auntie Randi.” Una said trying to get up on the bed with the other kids.

Joe saw her struggling and lifted her up.

“Thank you Unca Joe.”

“Good morning kids.” Randi said smiling.

“Aunt Randi?” Lily asked.

“Yes Lily?” 

“We want you to read us another story.”

“Please.” Una begged.

“Yea’ Aunt Randi. Will you read to us?” Tyler said to her.

“Pease Auntie Ranni.” Scott said to her.

“Let me eat my breakfast and get dressed. Then I will read to you.” Randi told them.

They all agreed and gave her a hug. Then Joe led them out of the room so Randi could finish up her food then jump in the shower.


Part 230 Back In The Kitchen…

Everyone was awake now and sitting in the kitchen. Joe walked in with the four kids and told them to sit down. Tina made Tyler, Lily, and Una each a plate of food and sat them in front of them. Scott got into Paige’s lap. The kids began eating while Joe got himself another cup of hot tea. Then he sat down with everyone else.

“Well?” Rick asked. “Did you succeed at waking ‘er up?”

“Ask Scott.” Joe said smiling.

“Did you wake Aunt Randi up Scott?”

“I tickle Auntie Ranni.” Scott said smiling. Everyone started laughing. “

Did she tickle you back?” Paige asked him.

“Yes.” He said as he started laughing.

“Mummy guess what?” Lily said to Jewels.

“What honey?”

“Aunt Randi is going to read to us when she is done eating.” Lily said smiling.

“Did you ask nicely?” Viv asked her.

“Yes Daddy.”

 “We said please Daddy.” Una told him.

“Ok.” Viv said.

“She is going to read to me and Scott too.” Tyler said proudly.

“Well you better tell ‘er thank you.” Sav told him.

“I will Daddy.”

The kids finished eating just as Randi came into the kitchen carrying her tray.

“Auntie Ranni.” Scott said happily as he wiggled his way off Paige’s lap and went to Randi. She picked him up.

“Aunt Randi are you going to read to us now?”  Tyler asked.

“Did you eat your breakfast?” Randi asked him.

“Yes. See?” He said showing her his empty plate.

“Una? Lily? Did you girls eat?”

“Yes Aunt Randi.” They both said at the same time.

“Well then go to the playroom and wait for me. I will be in there in a few minutes.” Randi said as she sat Scott down. “Go on in there Scott.”

“Ok Auntie Ranni.” Scott said as he ran after the other kids.

“Randi you don’t have to do everything they ask.” Jewels told her.

“She’s right.” Paige added. “You can tell them no.”

“I will not.” Randi told them. “They asked me nicely. Besides, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want to. I am overjoyed that they all like me so much.”

“Well if you get tired of messing with ‘em just say so.” Sav told her.

“Yea’, tell ‘em you need a break.” Viv told her.

“Don’t worry. I am a big girl. I think I can take care of it.” Randi told them smiling. “By the way Joe. Do you think we could move one of the extra chairs from the den to the playroom so I will have somewhere to sit other then the floor?”

“That’s fine, but ‘ow about we move the love seat instead. You know they will all want to sit with you luv.” Joe told her.

“Ok that sounds great. Thank you Joe.”

“No problem luv. ‘Ey Phil, will you give me a ‘and please.”

“Sure mate.” Phil said as he got up.

Randi headed for the playroom while Joe and Phil went to the den to get the love seat. “Ok kids. Uncle Joe and Uncle Phil are going to bring the love seat in here so I can sit down and read to you. I want you to pick up all the toys and put them away right now so they can bring it in.” They all said ok and did as Randi asked.


Part 231 In The Playroom…

The kids put all the toys away and Randi moved a few things around to make room for the love seat. A few minutes later Joe and Phil appeared in the doorway with it.

“Ok boss, where do you want it?” Joe teased.

“Ha, ha very funny.” Randi joked. “Over in the corner will be good.” Randi said pointing to the far corner of the room.

“Ok luv.” Joe said as he walked backwards into the room.

“Una, Lily, Tyler, and Scott, come over here by me and stay out of the way.” Randi told them.

They all did like they were told and watched the guys bring in the love seat and sit it down where Randi said.

“‘Ow is that?” Phil asked.

“Perfect. Thank you gentlemen.” Randi said to them then looked at the kids. “Go tell them thank you.”

The kids all went to Joe and Phil.

“Tank you.” Scott told them.

“Thank you for bringing it in here so Aunt Randi will read to us.” Lily told them.

“Thank you.” Una said to them.

“Thank you Uncle Phil and Uncle Joe.” Tyler said smiling.

“Y’er all very welcome.” Joe told them.

“No problem.” Phil said smiling.

“Uncle Phil?” Tyler said tugging at Phil’s shirt.

“Wot is it Tyler?” 

“Will you ask Aunt Marie to come in ‘ere with us please?”

“Ok since you said please.” Phil told him.

“Thank you.”

“Y’er welcome.”

Randi had sat down on the love seat. Scott and Una were both sitting in her lap and Lily was beside her.

“Come on Tyler.” Lily told him.

“Ok.” Tyler said as he joined them.

Then Randi began reading to them. About 5 minutes later Marie walked in.

“Can I listen to the story too Aunt Randi?” She laughed.

“Aunt Marie.” Tyler said happily. “Can I sit in y’er lap?”

“Sure you can.” Marie said as she at down beside Lily.

Tyler got up and went to Marie. Marie put him in his lap and Randi continued reading. By the time the story was over Una and Scott had both fell asleep in Randi’s lap. But Tyler and Lily were still awake and ready to play. Marie told them to be quiet so they didn’t wake Scott and Una.

“Go over to the toy box and find something to play with.” Randi whispered. “But be quiet. Aunt Marie and I are going to take these to and lay them down.”

“Ok.” Tyler and Lily whispered. Then went to the toy box.

Marie took Una from Randi and carried her to the bedroom she was sleeping in and laid her down. Randi carried Scott into his room and put him in bed. Then met Marie back out in the hall.

“Well I am going to go be with the adults for a little while.” Randi told her.

“Ok I will be in there in a little bit. I am going to go let Tyler and Lily know that they don’t have to whisper now.” Marie laughed.

“Ok. Thanks for your help.” Randi said and gave her friend a hug then walked away. Marie walked back into the playroom and found Lily and Tyler coloring.

“Hey you two.” Marie said smiling as she walked in.

“Hi Aunt Marie.” Tyler whispered.

“You don’t have to whisper any more.”

“Ok.” “

Will you color with us Aunt Marie?” Lily asked.

“Please Aunt Marie.” Tyler begged.

“Ok, for a few minutes, but then I have to go back with the other adults.”

“Ok.” They both said at once.

Marie sat down on the floor with them and Lily handed her a coloring book. Then Tyler handed her some crayons. Marie colored with them for about 30 minutes before she told them she had to go be with the adults and that she would play with them again later.


Part 232 After Putting Scott And Una In Bed…

Randi joined everyone in the living room.

“Finally get away from ‘em?” Viv teased.

“Una and Scott are asleep. Marie and I put them to bed. Tyler and Lily are still playing. Marie will be out in a little bit.” Randi told everyone.

“I am so glad the boy’s like you so much.” Sav told her.

“Me too.” Randi said as she went and sat down by Joe.

“Randi?” Jewels started talking. “We have been talking and was wondering if you and Marie would like to go shopping. You know just the girls for a few hours.”

“The guys can watch the kids. It won’t kill them.” Paige said laughing.

“Well I am really not much of a shopper, but it sounds like fun. As for Marie, yes she will go. She will shop till she drops.” Randi said laughing.

“Ok well let’s ask her and get going while Una and Scott are asleep.” Jewels said.

“We can grab a bite to eat while we are out.” Paige said.

Phil went and got Marie while the ladies got ready. Phil decided he would keep Tyler and Lily distracted while the ladies slipped out. Marie went into the living room to find out what they wanted. As soon as she heard the word shopping she was ready to go. Joe called for a limo to come pick the ladies up. When it arrived they quickly snuck out the door.

By the time the kids realized their mothers had left Tina had lunch ready for them. Phil took Tyler and Lily to the kitchen to eat. Shortly afterwards Scott and Una both woke up and wanted to eat too. All the guys joined Phil and the kids at the table and ate their lunch too.  After lunch they took the kids to the living room and let them watch cartoons while the guys talked.


Part 233 Grabbing A Bite To Eat…

Each of the guys had given their lady some money before they left and told them to get anything they wanted. Marie was surprised that Randi had so willingly agreed to go shopping. Maybe being with Joe and the fact that she was feeling so much better was making her loosen up a bit. She also noticed the Randi didn’t argue with Joe when he handed her a wad of cash. 

Randi had forgotten what a day out with the girls felt like. It had been so long since she had felt well enough to enjoy doing it. Shopping really wasn’t her favorite thing to do, but she was happy to be able to get out of the house, and to be surrounded by friends. The ladies decided to get some lunch before shopping. They found a quiet little restaurant and went to a booth in the back so they could hopefully have some privacy. The ladies talked while waiting for their food to arrive.

“Randi, I am so glad the boy’s like you so much.” Paige told her. “I never thought any one could be more shy then Sav, but they proved me wrong. They are more shy then Sav ever thought of being.”

“I absolutely adore them.” Randi told her. “Jewels I think the girls are wonderful too.” “Thanks Randi. They aren’t shy like Tyler and Scott, but they usually don’t like new people to well.” Jewels told her.

“So Randi?” Mandy asked. “Are you excited about the wedding?”

“I am thrilled.” She said smiling.

“Randi I want you to know that I am honored that you asked me to be in your wedding.” Meg told her blushing slightly.

“Well I am honored that you said yes. All of you thank you so much. I know Joe appreciates it too.” Randi told her friends.

“Hey Randi. I know Phil said I wasn’t going to get out of having a big wedding, but then he said something to me about going to Las Vegas and getting married. Are you going to be mad at me if I don’t have a wedding?” Marie asked.

“Well I really would like to be with you for your big day, but what ever you and Phil decide is fine with me. I am just happy you found some one so sweet.” Randi told her. “Thanks for understanding.” Marie said as she hugged Randi.

A few moments later their food arrived and they ate quickly without talking much. They wanted to eat so they could get some shopping done before it got late. When they were done they paid their bill and got back in the limo. Paige told the driver where to take them and they were on their way.


Part 234 Out Shopping…

On the way to the store Randi said she wanted to buy something for Joe, but she didn’t know what to get him. After all, the man already had pretty much everything he wanted. The other ladies said they would help her find something. Then she said she wanted to buy the children each a toy. Paige and Jewels both told her it wasn’t necessary, but Randi insisted. Jewels and Paige just shrugged their shoulders and went on.

“Randi you are going to have those kids so spoiled they won’t want to leave.” Marie told her laughing.

“So what’s wrong with that?” Randi said with a smile. “You know how much I like to spoil children.”

“I am interested.” Jewels started. “If you are an only child and don’t have any nieces or nephews of your own how did you learn to be so good with kids?”

“I used to baby-sit all the time. And I took childcare classes in high school.” 

“Really?” Paige asked. “That’s wonderful. No wonder you know so much about children. Maybe you could baby-sit the boys when Sav and I go on vacation, give his brother a break. I am sure Sav won’t care and Joe enjoys having the boys around. And I know Scott and Tyler would enjoy it.”

“I would love to take care of them while you are on vacation. Jewels I will watch the girls too if you and Viv want me to.”

“That sounds great.” Jewels told her.

Just then the limo slowed and came to a stop. The driver got out and opened the door for the ladies. The ladies got out and went in to the shopping center. All the ladies bought them selves a new outfit along with a few other things. Randi found a baby doll for Una and Lily, and a stuffed dinosaur for Tyler and Scott. She figured that would give them something they could play with during the day, and cuddle with at night. They had been to almost every store and she still hadn’t found anything for Joe. She was about to give up when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. It was one of those instant photo booths. That was it; it was perfect. Joe didn’t have any pictures of her since before her surgery. And now that she was feeling better, she looked a lot better too. So she decided she would go get her picture taken and find a pretty frame for it.

“I think I know what I want to get for Joe.” Randi said to her friends.

Everyone stopped and turned to see what she was looking at.

“I am going to get my picture taken and buy a frame for it. Do you think he would like that?”

“He will love anything you give him.” Jewels told her.

“Ok.” Randi said as she walked towards it with the other ladies following her.

She chose to have her picture in the center of a heart with the words “I Love You” wrote across the bottom in red. After she chose the pose she liked she printed it out. Just as she was about to exit the booth Marie opened the curtain on one side. Mandy and Meg were standing behind her. Then Jewels opened the other side. Paige was standing next to her. “It’s our turn.” Meg said smiling.

“Yeah, we want a picture of the Lady’s Day Out.” Mandy told her.

“Ok.” Randi said as everyone crowded into the small booth. They finally managed to all fit in there. It was a tight squeeze, but they did it. They took several poses then printed out several so that each lady would have one. They also printed out one for each of the kids.

When they were done Randi went and found a frame for the picture of her for Joe. While she was searching for the perfect frame the other ladies found frames for the pictures of them together. She finally found a silver frame and then noticed a sign on the wall that said they would engrave personal messages into certain picture frames. She checked to see if they could engrave a message on the frame she had chose. The man said yes so Randi showed it to her friends. They all nodded in agreement.

“Ok I would like for it to say, “Joe, You are my life. Love Always, Randi” Randi told the man.

“Ok ma’am.” He told her. Then he took the frame and walked to the engraving machine. A few moments later he returned and showed it to Randi. “Does this look ok?”

“It’s perfect. Thanks.” Randi said smiling.

“You’re welcome. You ladies have a nice evening.”

“Thank you.” They all said at once.

After it was done, Randi and the other ladies paid for their picture frames and left the store. Once they got out side of the store they all stopped to put their pictures in the frames so they wouldn’t get bent. When they were done they went outside and got back in the limo and told the driver to take them home.

“Do you think Joe will like this?” Randi asked once the limo had started moving. She took the frame out of the bag and showed everyone.

“Will you stop worrying?” Marie said to her.

“He will love it.” Mandy told her.

“Really Randi, I think Joe would be happy with anything from you.” Meg said.

“I guess you are right.” Randi said. As she put it back in the bag.

“You look great in the picture.” Jewels told her.

“And the frame is perfect. He will be pleased.” Paige said as they pulled in front of the house.


Part 235 Returning From Shopping…

When the ladies came in they found all the guys along with the kids sitting at the table eating supper. Randi snuck off to the bedroom to hide Joe’s present and put her new outfit away. And take the tags off the kid’s toys so she could give them to them. When she was done she went to the kitchen.

“Mummy!” Scott said when he saw Paige. Then went to hug her. “Where Auntie Ranni?”  Everyone started laughing.

“She will be in here in just a minute.”

“Ok Mummy.” Scott said and turned to go sit back down.

“Hi Aunt Marie.” Tyler said blushing.

“Hi sweetie.” Marie said giving him a hug. “Now go finish eating. I have a surprise for you after you are done.”

Tyler smiled and went back to his seat. Lily and Una both hugged Jewels and told her they were good while she was gone. Then returned to eating their supper. Randi came into the kitchen just as the kids were cleaning off their plates.

“AUNTIE RANNI!” Scott yelled as he jumped out of Sav’s lap and ran to her. Randi picked him up and spun around in a circle while hugging him.

“Was you a good boy today?” Randi asked.

“Yes Auntie Ranni.” Scott said giggling. “Did you eat your supper?”

Scott shook his head yes and smiled.

“I have a surprise for you.” Randi told him.

“Yea’.” He said happily.

“I have something for to Tyler, Lily, and Una.”

“Can we ‘ave it now?” Tyler asked.

“We were good today.” Lily said.

“I didn’t cry.” Una told Randi.

“Yes you can have it now. Go sit back in your chair and I will give them to you.”

“Ok.” They all said at once and went back to their seats.

Randi walked out of the kitchen and came back with a bag.

“This one’s for you.” Randi said as she handed Scott his dinosaur.

“Tank you Auntie Ranni.” Scott said as he took it from her. “Grrrr.” He said pretending to be a dinosaur. Everyone started laughing again.

“Here you go Una.” Randi said as she took Una’s baby doll out of the bag.

“Thank you.” She said with a big smile.

“You are welcome.”

Tyler this one is yours.” 

“Thanks Aunt Randi.” Tyler said, as his eyes got big.

“And this is for you Lily.” Randi said as she handed Lily her baby doll.

“I like this Aunt Randi. Thank you.” Lily said.

“Your welcome sweetie.”

“Can we go play with our toys from Aunt Randi Mummy?” Tyler asked.

“No.” Paige said.

“Why not?” Tyler said pouting.

“Because I have something for you too.” Marie told him.

“Oh.” Tyler said as he started to smile.

“You have to promise you will take care of it.”

“I will.”

“Ok then here you go.” Marie said as she handed Tyler his copy of the picture.

“Thank you Aunt Marie.”

Mandy gave Lily hers while Meg gave Una hers.

“Here you go sweetie.” Randi said as she showed the picture to Scott. Scott started grinning.

“Tank you Auntie Ranni.”

“Your very welcome.”

“Auntie Ranni preeettttteee.” He said pointing at Randi in the picture.

“Ok give me your pictures girls so they don’t get messed up.” Jewels told Una and Lily. “Ok Mummy.” They both said as she reached for them.

“Can we play now Mummy?” Tyler asked again.

“Yes, go ahead.” Paige told him.

 Then the kids took off to the playroom with the toys Randi gave them.


Part 236 After The Kids Went To Play…

The ladies sat down at the table and Tina brought them each a plate. Joe got up and went to Randi and gave her a hug.

“Did you ‘ave fun today luv?”

“Yes I did thank you.”

“That’s good, but I ‘ave to say, I am a bit jealous?” Joe teased.

“Jealous? About what?” Randi asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Well you came in and gave the kids gifts, but not me.” Joe said as he pretended to pout. “You really are a big kid aren’t you?” Randi said with a hint of laughter in her voice. “You know it.” Joe said smiling.

“Well don’t worry little boy I didn’t forget about you. I got you something as well.”

“You mean I don’t get a copy of the picture of all you beautiful ladies like the kids did?” Joe joked.

“Nope, not a chance.” Randi said laughing. “Now if you will let me eat my supper I will give you your present when I am done.”

“Well can I at least take a look at the picture you gave the kids?” Joe asked.

“‘Ere you go Joe.” Rick said as he slid one of the picture frames across the table. Joe picked it up and looked.

“Stunning.” He said. “It looks like you ladies were ‘aving fun.”

“Yes we were.” Marie told him.

“That’s good.” Phil said as he put his arm on the back of Marie’s chair.

 “So was the kids good today?” Jewels asked.

“Of course.” Viv told her. 

“Yea’, the lil’ munchkins about wore me out today.” Mal said chuckling.

“It’s good for you.” Meg said patting his leg.

“I know luv. I enjoyed it.”

“Sav we was talking today and Randi and I made a decision.” Paige told him.

“And wot would that be luv?” Sav asked.

“If its ok with Joe, Randi is going to keep the boys when we take our next vacation instead of sending them to your brothers.” Sav looked at Joe to see what he thought about it.

“I’d love to ‘ave ‘em ‘ere.” Joe said smiling.

“Ok then.” Sav said. “That’s fine with me.”

“Viv, Randi said she would keep the girls for us too.” Jewels told him.

“Ok, I am sure they would enjoy that.” Viv said with a smile.

“I am going to go check on the children.” Marie said as she got done eating.

“Ok. Thanks.” Paige told her.

“No problem.”

“Well I hate to be the party pooper, but I am wore out. I haven’t done that much in one day in several months.” Randi said yawning. “I really need to go to bed.”

“We understand.” Jewels told her.

“Good night everyone.” Randi said as she got up from the table.

“See ya in the morning.” Joe said following close behind.

He wanted to make sure he got his present before she went to bed. Everyone said goodnight and Joe and Randi left the room.


Part 237 Giving Joe His Gift…

Joe followed closely behind Randi, watching the gently sway of her hips. He felt the fabric of his jeans getting snug and forced himself to shake it off. She said she was tired; the python would have to behave tonight. They walked in the bedroom and Joe quietly closed the door behind them. 

“So luv, wot did you get me?” Joe said with a child like grin.

“Just a minute. Stop being so impatient or I will make you wait until tomorrow.”

“You wouldn’t.” “

Try me.” Randi said with a wicked grin.

“Ok I believe you. I will just go sit on the bed and wait until y’er ready to let me ‘ave it.” Joe said as he walked to the bed and kicked off his shoes. Randi decided to tease him a little longer and got out her pajamas to change into before giving him his gift.

“Y’er enjoying this aren’t you?” Joe asked as Randi began changing her clothes.

“Every second of it.”

Joe laughed and decided to slip into his sleepwear too. After he was changed Randi told him to sit down and close his eyes. Joe did as he was told and heard Randi getting into her dresser again. Then close it and start walking towards him. She brushed against his leg once she got in front of him.

“Can I open ‘em yet? Joe asked. 

“No.”  Randi told him. Then unwrapped the picture. “Hold out your hands. And keep your eyes closed until I say so.”

Joe held out his hands. Randi pushed them closer together so she could lay the frame in them. Randi made sure that it looked ok again before gently placing it in his hands.

“Ok you can open them now.” Randi told him as she stepped back a few feet so she could see his reaction.

Joe opened his eyes and looked at the picture. He was silent. Randi heard his breath catch and noticed a lump forming in his throat.

“Do you like it?” Randi asked blushing.

“It’s breath taking.” Joe said as he looked at her. “My God y’er beautiful Randi.”

Joe looked back down at the frame. It was then he noticed that it had something engraved in it. He ran his finger across it the read it out loud.

“Joe, Y’er my life. Love Always, Randi” Then looked at Randi again. He had tears in his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Randi asked as she sat down beside him.

“Nothing.” Joe said trying to smile and hold back the tears.

“Then why are you getting ready to cry?”

“I guess I just didn’t realize just ‘ow much you care about me. Do you really mean I am y’er life?” Joe asked as a tear slid down his cheek.

“Every word of it.” Randi told him as she wiped the tear off his cheek and kissed it. “If it wasn’t for you, who knows how sick I would have ended up or if I would even still be alive. You are my life, my every thing Joe. I love you with all my heart.” Then tears started to slide down her cheeks too.

Joe sat the picture down on the bed and turned to Randi. He pulled her to him and onto his lap embracing her in a strong yet tender hug. He noticed her wet cheeks and gently wiped them with his hand. Then captured her into a heartfelt kiss.

“I love you so much Randi. I am so thankful I was able to ‘elp you. Any thing you ever need I will make sure you get it. You will never ‘ave to suffer like that again. I promise. And thank you for the picture. That is the most wonderful gift I ‘ave ever received.” “Thank you Joe. And I am glad you like it.” Randi said as she kissed his cheek again then stood up.

“Now let’s get some sleep. I am beat.” She said yawning.

“Ok luv.” Joe said as he turned down the blankets. They lay down and Joe shut off the lamp. “Come ‘ere to me you sexy lady.” Joe said as he reached for Randi.

“Ok.” Randi said laughing and scooted up against him.  Joe wrapped an arm around her then placed his hand on her belly. “Good night Joe.”

“Good night luv.” Joe said as he gave her a slight squeeze. Then started sing quietly to her.

“‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn’t ‘ave? …”


Part 238 Monday Morning…

Tonya called Joe bright and early Monday morning just as she promised to do. She said she had contacted Versace. Joe told her to come on over. So Tonya hung up and got everything together and left for Joe’s.

Everyone was sitting in the den talking when Tina led Tonya into the room. 

“Good morning everyone.”

Everyone said hello. Joe got up and took her things from her and sat them on the table then hugged her.

“Thanks for coming Tonya.” Joe said then gently kissed her hand. “‘Ow are you this morning?”

“I am fine, but y’er going to get yourself in trouble kissing my ‘and like that. ‘Ave you forgotten that y’er no longer single?” Tonya asked looking at Randi and praying she wasn’t upset.

“I ‘aven’t forgot.” Joe said laughing. “Just being polite.”

“Well should we get started?” Tonya asked as she walked towards the table Joe had sat her things on.

Everyone got up and followed her to the table and found a seat. Tonya spread everything out then passed them around the table so everyone could take a look. She had given the lady she talked to at Versace a basic description of what she wanted and they faxed her some samples. Tonya made copies of it and made a booklet for each of the adults who would be in the wedding. Randi started flipping through the booklet that Tonya gave her. She couldn’t believe how gorgeous the dresses were. How could she possibly choose one? 

“If you don’t see anything you like in these I can always get more samples.” Tonya told Randi.

“Ok.” Randi said smiling. She turned to the next page and gasped. “Oh my…” She trailed off as everyone looked at her.

“Wot is it luv?” Joe asked.

“This dress, it’s amazing, absolutely beautiful. Joe do you like it?” She asked pointing at it.

“Wow.” Was all he managed to say.

“Which dress are you looking at Randi?” Tonya said walking towards her so she could tell everyone else. She seen the dress and told everyone to turn to page 10 of the booklet.  It as cut straight. The bottom was basic satin. The top was heavily beaded, halter style and low cut in the back. It was very sexy, but extremely formal. Just low enough in the front to provide a good view of cleavage without being over top. It was the perfect color too. It wasn’t quite light enough to be pink, but not dark enough to be red either. Everyone turned to page 10 and looked. They all agreed with Randi and urged her to see if they had one that would fit her. 

“I think you will look fabulous in it luv.” Joe said as he kissed her cheek.

“Me too.” Randi said blushing.

“Wonderful.” Tonya said. “So do you like the colour too? Or just the style of the dress?”  “The whole thing is perfect, the style, and the color. I love it.” Randi told her.

 “Ok then let me make a note of that.” Tonya said grabbing her notepad and pen. “If you turn to page 11 you will find dresses for the maid of ‘onor, bridesmaids, and flower girls that match that one.”

Everyone turned to the next page and started looking.  The dresses were just as beautiful although not quite as exquisite as the one Randi had chose.  They were the same color and close to the same style with out all the beads. The back wasn’t quite as low cut and didn’t show as much cleavage. And of course the one for the flower girls completely covered the back and chest areas.

“I think we should bring the girls in and show them. I want to see what they think.” Randi told everyone.

“Randi it’s your wedding not theirs. If they want to be in it, they will wear what you choose.” Jewels told her.

“Nonsense. I want them to enjoy being in it. And I want them to be comfortable. So Joe will you please go get them for me.”

“Sure thing luv.” Joe said as he walked out of the den.

A few moments later Joe returned with Una and Lily.

“Go over to Aunt Randi.” He told them. “She wants to ask you something.”

They did as they were told and waited for Randi to talk to them. Randi turned and faced them.

“Do you girls still want to be in my wedding?”

“Yes Aunt Randi.” They both said.

“Ok then. I am going to show you a picture of a dress and you tell me if you like it or not.”

“Ok.” They both told her.

Randi got the booklet and laid it in her lap so the girls could see then pointed at the dress. “Do you like that?” She asked them.

“Yes Aunt Randi.” Lily told her. She turned to Una. She smiled and shook her head yes. “Will you wear it to my wedding?” She asked.

“Yes.” They both said with big smiles.

“Ok you can go play now.” Randi said as they turned and headed back to the playroom. “Well then. I guess that’s all we need to do today. I will contact Versace again and see when they can get you in to fit you ladies for your dresses. Since the children are so small it would be better to wait until closer till time for the wedding to get theirs.” Tonya told them. “I will call you back next week and let you know when they can get you in. I ‘ope you all ‘ave a ‘appy Thanksgiving.”

Randi got up and gave her a hug then thanked. Joe hugged her too then they walked her to the door. After she left everyone went to the kitchen to eat lunch.


Part 239 Late Wednesday Evening…

After supper Wednesday evening the guys went to the game room to shoot some pool and play darts.  The ladies went to the den to talk and sent the children off to the playroom. Tina was in the kitchen cleaning up from supper when the doorbell rang.

“Who in the world would be ‘ere this time of the evening, especially the day before a ‘oliday?” She thought to herself and went to answer the door. When she opened it she found the other band members housekeepers waiting to be let in.

“Surprise!” They all yelled.

“What are you doing ‘ere?” Tina asked as she started hugging all of them.

“Well we figured since the whole crew was here you might need some help cooking Thanksgiving dinner.” Karen, Viv and Jewels’ housekeeper said.

“I am so happy to see all of you. Sanya you look great.”

“Thanks so do you.” Sanya told her.

“I am interested in meeting the woman who tamed Joe’s ‘eart.” Val, Sav and Paige’s housekeeper said laughing.

“Well come on and I will introduce you to ‘er. She really is a sweet lady.”

“I haven’t met Mandy yet either.” Mel said as they headed for the den.

“So who’s idea was this?” Tina asked.

“Joe’s.” They all answered at once.

Tina laughed. “I should ‘ave known.” She took them into the den where all the ladies were talking. She introduced everyone who didn’t already know each other then excused her self. She wanted to go tease Joe for not telling her that her friends were coming. She went into the game room and found Joe throwing darts.

“‘Ello Tina.” The guys said as she walked in.

“Mr. Elliott, can I ‘ave a word with you?” She said pretending to be mad.

“Mr. Elliott?” Joe said.

“Y’er in trouble now mate. When they stop calling you by y’er first name y’er in for it.” Phil said laughing.

“Geesh Joe wot did you do this time?” Sav said laughing.

“Wot can I do for you Tina?” Joe asked trying to ignore his friends.

“Did you forget to tell me something?”

“No I don’t think so.” Joe said playing innocent. “Why?”

“Really?” Tina said as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Now you’re really in for it Joe.” Rick told him.

“You really screwed up this time Joe. Didn’t you?” Viv teased.

“Well if you didn’t forget to tell me anything ‘ow do you explain the guests who just arrived? You didn’t tell me we was having extra company for Thanksgiving.” Tina said trying not to smile.

Everyone started laughing. Joe gave her a hug. “I figured you could use the extra ‘elp and it would be nice for you to see a few old friends.”

Tina couldn’t pretend to be mad anymore. “Thanks Joe. That was sweet of you. Now I am going to go visit with my friends.” Tina told him as she turned to leave the game room.


Part 240 Thanksgiving…

All the other housekeepers got up early to help Tina prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Seeing how there were 16 mouths to feed, not including the 5 housekeepers cooking for everyone had been a lot of work. Tina was happy to have the extra help.  They served the meal around 1:00pm. Everyone visited while eating.  The meal was fabulous like always. The 5 housekeepers worked well together.

After they ate and everything had been cleaned up Joe asked Tina to come in the den for a moment. Joe and Randi went to the den to wait for her. A few minutes later she appeared in the doorway. She wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Is something wrong?” She asked nervously.

“No not at all.” Randi told her.

“Just another little surprise.”

“Oh.” Tina said not sure how to respond.

“‘Ere you go Tina.” Joe said handing an envelop to her.

“Wot is it?”

“Open it up and look.” Joe told her.

“Thank you, but what’s this for? Its not payday for me.”

“It’s a bonus. For all the hard work you have done the last few months.” Randi said. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re quite welcome. You deserve it.” Joe said smiling.

“There’s more.” Randi said. “We are giving you some time off with pay. You deserve a break after taking care of me and everyone else who has been here through it.”

“You don’t ‘ave to do that.” Tina said looking at Joe.

“I know I don’t ‘ave to.” Joe told her. “But I want to. You deserve it. You can leave Tuesday and you don’t ‘ave to come back until after the first of the year.”

“Thank you so much.” Tina said with tears in her eyes as she gave them both a hug.


Part 241 Monday After Thanksgiving…

Tonya called again Monday and told Randi that she had set up and appointment with Versace for them to get fitted for the dresses, but the soonest she could get was the last week in January. Randi told her that was fine and thanked her for helping. Randi hung up the phone and told everyone what Tonya had said.  Since it would be so long before they could really do anything else they decided they would go home. They made plans to come back towards the end of January.

Marie and Phil said they would be there for Christmas and asked if Connie, Phil’s Mum could come with them. Joe told them that would be wonderful because his parent’s and Randi’s parents would be staying with them for Christmas too. The kids didn’t want to leave. But Randi promised to see them soon and that she would send them Christmas presents. They finally agreed to leave, but were very unhappy about it.

Everyone packed their things and said their goodbyes. Tina and the other housekeepers decided they were going to go out before they returned home.  Since everyone was going to be leaving that day Joe told Tina she could go ahead and take today off too. So her and her friends left to go have a little fun. Joe loved having everyone there, but it would be nice to have the house quite and it just be him and Randi. Especially now that she was better and they could really enjoy them selves.


Part 242 Home Alone At Last…

Tina returned the next day and packed some things that she would need while she was off. She thanked Joe and Randi once again for the time off and the extra money then was on her way. Joe asked Randi if she would like to go out for the evening, just the two of them. It had been a while since they had gone out. Randi agreed and decided it would give her the perfect chance to show off her new outfit she bought last week.

Randi went to shower while Joe made reservations for dinner and called a limo to pick them up at 6:00. Their dinner reservations were for 6:30. Joe thought maybe after they ate they could go shopping. Randi had made Joe promise not to come in the bedroom until she was ready. She hadn’t let him see her new outfit yet, and she wanted it to be a surprise.

After Randi showered she put on a little makeup. Then slipped on the short black leather skirt and dark emerald green silk button up shirt she bought. After she was dressed she curled her hair and dabbed a little perfume on her neck. Then went and found Joe. He was sitting in the living room watching TV waiting for her. When Joe seen her he whistled then got up and walked over to her.

Randi was blushing. “Do you like it? Is it too much?” Randi asked.

“It’s sensational luv.” Joe said then breathed in the scent of her perfume and kissed her. “Joe if you keep kissing me like that we aren’t going to make it to dinner.”

“You’re right, but we will continue this later.” 


Just then the limo pulled up outside and honked. Randi grabbed her purse and they were on their way.


Part 243 Dinner… Note: language

Joe made reservations at a small elegant restaurant. There weren’t very many people there seeing how it was a Monday night. They were seated in the back of the restaurant close to the bathrooms. Randi made a mental note of that in her head for later on.

Joe ordered champagne for them to drink while they waited for their food. He kept staring at Randi something seemed different, but he just couldn’t put his finger on it. For some reason she seemed more bold and sexual then normal. He felt his pants getting tight and decided if he was going to make it through dinner he better stop thinking about it for now.

There food arrived and they ate while talking quietly about the wedding and how much the kids liked her. Randi scooted closer to Joe, as they were finishing up their supper. “What else did you have planned for tonight?” She asked him.

“I thought maybe we would go shopping after we ate.” Joe told her.

“Really? Well how about a little dessert first?” Randi whispered seductively in his ear. Joe felt his pants getting tight again.

 “Damn.” He thought to himself. “All she did was ask if I wanted a lil’ dessert before we left. Wot’s wrong with me?”

“Well do you?” Randi asked again smiling sexily at him.

“Sure luv. Wot ever you would like.” Joe said picking up the menu.

“The dessert I am talking about isn’t listed in there.” Joe turned and looked at her his eyes were as big as silver dollars.

“Did I just ‘ear you right luv?”

Randi smiled and started to get up. “Follow me.” 

“‘Oly shit.” Joe said quietly. “Wot the bloody ‘ell has got into you tonight?”

“Just follow me.” Randi demanded


Part 244 Dessert…
Note: ADULT CONTENT language

Joe got up and looked to make sure no one was watching and quickly followed. Randi was waiting by the door to the ladies bathroom. Joe couldn’t believe it. Randi had never acted this way before. For the love of God, he had to show her how to do it doggy-style. Well whatever was going on he was going to enjoy it while it lasted. Joe followed Randi into the bathroom and she closed the door locking it behind her.

“So luv, wot did you ‘ave in mind for dessert?” Joe asked trying to be innocent.

“Come here stud.” She said as she closed the gap in between them and shoved him against the door.

“Damn woman, wotever got into you tonight, I am glad it did.” Joe said smiling.

“Kiss me Joe.” Randi demanded. “Kiss me hard.” She told him as she crushed his mouth with hers.

“Mmm.” Joe mumbled. Then wrapped his arms around her. He ran his hands up and down her back. All of a sudden he broke the kiss and looked at her.

“What’s wrong?” Randi asked innocently. “Don’t tell me Joe Elliott is afraid of getting caught.”

“Not at all, but did you forget to put something on luv?”

“No I didn’t forget.” Randi said smiling.

“Oh God woman y’er going to drive me insane.” Joe said as he started unbuttoning Randi’s blouse exposing her creamy flesh. Joe instantly began caressing Randi’s breasts. Randi’s nipples got hard and Joe lowered his mouth to one then the other nibbling slightly causing Randi to cry out with pleasure.

Joe slipped his hand down to Randi’s leg lifting it up pulling her closer. Then he gently lifted her skirt just slightly. Joe gasped, as his jeans got unbearably tight.

“No knickers either luv?” Joe asked seductively. 

“Nope.” Randi said as she guide Joe’s hand to her waiting wetness.

“Oh Randi.” Joe nearly moaned. “You’re so wet and warm.” Then he slid a finger inside her. “And tight. I want you right ‘ere right now.”

Randi pulled away and began tugging at the button and zipper on Joe’s pants. When she finally got them undone Joe let out a long heavy breath of relief. Randi tugged at his pants making them slide down his legs along with his underwear. The python was at full attention.

“Come ‘ere luv.” Joe demanded.

“Not yet. We are going to do this my way.” Randi told him.

“And ‘ow would that be luv?” Randi walked over to the sink and got into her purse. Joe couldn’t see what she had but he saw her putting something in her mouth.

“Close your eyes big boy.” Randi demanded.

 “Ok.” Joe did as he was told. Randi walked back over to him and began stroking his hardened shaft. “Can I open ‘em yet?”

“No.” Randi told him as she took him into her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” Joe said as his head went back and he hit the door.

“Do you like that?” Randi teased.

“It’s burning my dick, but damn it feels good. Wot ‘ave you got in y’er mouth luv?”

“Red hots.” 

“Damn y’er being naughty tonight.” Joe said, as his body got tense. “Oh shit baby I am going to cum. Oh Randi.” Joe jerked as he released his seed and his head hit the door again.

When Randi was finished she stood up.

“If you keep hitting your head like that you are going to get us caught.”

“Sorry luv, but you was making it kind of ‘ard for me to stay still. Now its my turn.” Joe said huskily as he picked Randi up.

She felt her breasts crush against Joe’s hard muscular chest. She cried out in pleasure as Joe slid himself into her. 

“Oh Joe fuck me hard.” She begged.

Joe cupped her ass as he slid in and out of her. He started kissing her neck then left a moist trail with his tongue leading to her breasts, torturing her nipples with is tongue. “Joe I… Oh I’m…” Randi cried as her muscles tightened around Joe. “Harder.” She cried. “Please Joe, harder.”

Joe increased his pace.

“I’m cumming…” She cried out as her back arched.

When Randi relaxed Joe eased out of her so they could get dressed and leave before they got caught.

“So did you like my choice of dessert?” Randi asked with a wicked smile.

“I loved it.” Joe said as he smacked her ass playfully. “Lets go before I get caught in the ladies room and get me arse arrested.”

“Ok.” Randi laughed as she unlocked the door and checked to make sure the coast was clear.

Randi walked out and motioned for Joe to follow her. Joe slipped out unnoticed and went to pay the bill. Then they left the restaurant and got back in the limo.


Part 245 Shopping…
Note: ADULT CONTENT language

Joe and Randi got back in the limo. Joe told the driver where to take them and they were on their way. Joe decided since Randi was being so wild tonight he would see just how far he could get her to go. He told the driver to take them to a small store in town that sold sex toys. He just hoped Randi wouldn’t lose her nerve and refuse to go in.

“Joe where are we going?” Randi asked. She was still weak from their escapade in the bathroom.

“Just to a store. You did want to go shopping didn’t you?” Joe asked smiling mischievously. 

“Yes, but what store?”

“You will see when we get there. Promise you will go in with me?”

“Well I guess after what I made you do I can’t tell you no.” Randi said as the heat rose in her cheeks as she remembered what they had just done.

“Good. I think you will like it.” Joe said then he pulled her close to him for a kiss. Just then the limo slowed and came to a stop. “‘Ere we are luv.” Joe told her as he opened the door. Randi got out of the limo to see where they were.

“Joe I can’t believe you had the driver bring us to a sex toy store. I am not going in there.”

“Why not?”

“Its embarrassing.”

“You just made me fuck you in a public bathroom and y’er worried about going in to a store?” Joe said trying not to smile.

“Ok you are right. It’s only fair. Lets go.”

Joe and Randi walked into the store. She felt her cheeks turning red. She had never been in a store like this before. Randi couldn’t believe her eyes at some of the things she saw. “Y’er blushing luv.” Joe whispered in her ear.

“I know, I know.” Randi said. “I hope there isn’t anyone else in here.”

“Why? If they are its for the same reason as us.” Joe said as he put his arm around her trying to relax her a little. Joe felt her scoot closer to him and her body slowly became less tense.

“This looks like fun.” Joe said as he picked up The Kama Sutra Game. 

“What is it?” Randi asked feeling embarrassed because she didn’t know.

“Oh just a game. I think you will enjoy a lot.” Joe said smiling.

“Ok.” Then something caught her attention. She thought to herself.

“Ok two can play at this game. If he wants to embarrass me, I will get him good.” Then she let go of Joe and walked a few feet away.

“Wot are you looking at luv?” Joe asked as he walked to her.

“Oh just a few little things I think I want.” Joe looked at her not sure if he had heard her right. Of course after what happened at the restaurant he didn’t know what to think any more. “I think I will get this, and maybe this thing. This here looks interesting too.” Randi said smiling wickedly.

“Geesh you really are feeling naughty tonight aren’t you luv?” Joe said.

“You know it.” Randi whispered in his ear. She had picked up two sets of handcuffs, a blindfold, and feathers. Joe thought she was ready to leave then she stopped and grabbed something else.

“I think I will take one of these too.” Then she handed everything to Joe. “There you go big boy. Go pay for it so we can go home and put them to use.”

“Um ok.” Joe was in a state of shock. “Bloody ‘ell.” He thought to his self. “Wot did I do to ‘er? Damn I am glad she is feeling better. I am going to show her things she never imagined.”

“Well are you going to get them or not?” Randi asked tapping her foot.

 “Ok I am going.” Joe told her.

Then he walked to the cash register to pay for everything. He noticed batteries right beside the cash register and figured he better get them too. They would need them for the vibrator Randi had picked out. Joe paid for everything and him and Randi got back in the limo and told the driver to take them home.


Part 246 On The Way Home…

Joe pulled Randi over onto his lap and started kissing her. She kissed back hungrily. Joe undid a couple of the buttons on her blouse and slipped his hand inside. Randi’s nipples were hard and swollen. Joe broke the kiss and started kissing her neck flicking his tongue gently across the sensitive skin. Joe slipped his hand under Randi’s skirt. She was hot and wet, waiting for more. Joe ran his fingers through her dampened curls causing her to shiver.  Joe stopped and let go of Randi. He reached for the bag. He got out the batteries and then the vibrator. Then put the batteries in it.

“‘Ave you ever used one of these before?” Joe whispered into her ear. His breath was hot with desire.

“No.” Randi said suddenly feeling a little shy.

“Well I think its time we change that.” Joe said as he turned it on.

“Ok.” Randi said then held her breath. She wasn’t sure what to expect, or how it would feel.

Joe put the vibrator on the back of Randi’s neck massaging it for a few moments before sliding it to the front of her neck. Then he slowly worked his way down to her breasts, paying special attention to one then the other. He felt his pants get tight as he watched Randi’s nipples get hard. He continued to rub the vibrator in circles around Randi’s nipples, watching them continue to get harder. Randi let out a moan and ran her fingers through Joe’s hair.

“Do you like that luv?’ Joe whispered in her ear.

“Yes.” Randi said barely able to speak.

“Now aren’t you glad you went in there with me?”

“Yes I am. That feels so good. Joe I want you right now.”

“Patience luv. I am just getting started.” Joe turned his attention back to what he was doing with the vibrator. 

He pulled Randi’s skirt off her and slid the vibrator down the middle of her chest to her belly lingering around her belly button for a minute making her laugh.

“Joe that tickles.” 

“I am sorry luv.” Joe told her as he continued to work his way down.

Randi’s clit was aching, screaming to be touched. Randi thought Joe was about to do it but then he stopped again. He started gently rubbing it across the scar on her belly. She broke out in goose bumps.

“Oh Joe.” She cried out. “Please stop teasing me.”

“I am not teasing luv. I am just showing you ‘ow enjoyable this can be.” He continued sliding it back and forth across the scar until Randi thought she would go insane.

“Please Joe stop torturing me. I am begging you.” Randi cried out almost moaning. “

Ok luv since you asked nicely.” Joe said as he moved down farther.

He traced the edges of her mound just barely touching her throbbing clit. Then covered a breast with his mouth. The sensations were almost more then Randi could stand. She started moving her hips forcing Joe to move the vibrator where she wanted it.

Randi gasped as Joe started moving it around the inner edges of her mound sliding it up and down the full length of her. When he’d reach her clit Randi would get tense, then right away Joe would slide it back down. Joe felt her body starting to tighten and knew she was close. So he started rubbing the vibrator against her clit.

“Oh… Joe… Oh my… I’m… Oh Joe…” She cried out as her hips bucked violently.

“Do you like that luv?” Joe asked knowing she couldn’t answer him. He slid a finger inside her and found her special spot. And she tightened around his finger. 

“You feel so good luv.” Joe growled. 

Randi’s body finally slowed as they were pulling into the driveway. She quickly got dressed before the driver got out and opened the door. They would continue this once the got inside.


Part 247 Continuing the Fun…
 Note: ADULT CONTENT language

Joe and Randi went in. As soon as he closed the door they began kissing. Joe still had a raging hard on over what went on in the limo. And Randi was hungry for more. Joe picked Randi up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He carried her to the game room. Randi had seen the game room before, but hadn’t really been in it. She just glanced in there when Joe was giving her a tour of the house.  Joe sat Randi down in a chair then sat the bag of toys on the pool table. He lit the fireplace then told her he would be right back.

Joe left the room and came back a few moments later carrying two glasses and the tape they listened to the first time they made love. Joe put it in the stereo and pushed play. Then he got into the mini bar and poured them each a drink. Joe carried the glasses back over to where Randi was sitting and placed them on a near by table.

He sat down beside Randi and started kissing her. She had unbuttoned her shirt while waiting for him. Joe placed his hands on Randi’s breasts and began caressing them. Randi tugged at Joe’s shirt trying to pull it off him. He broke the kiss and stood up. He tossed his shirt to the floor then pushed Randi’s shirt off her shoulders. It fell on the floor into a crumpled pile of silk.

Joe got the feathers out of the bag and began tickling Randi’s ears with them, then her neck. He watched, as her nipples got hard again. Then trailed the feathers down to her breasts. Randi laughed quietly as Joe ran the feathers up and down her rib cage. Joe smiled. Then he stood up and took her by the hand leading her to the big furry rug that was between the fireplace and the pool table. Randi slid her skirt off before lying down. Joe went to the pool table and took the handcuffs out of the packaging and pulled the tag off the blindfold.

 “Are you sure you want this luv?” Joe asked as he walked to the rug.

“Yes.” Randi said boldly.

Joe knelt down on the rug, clasping each set of handcuffs to opposite legs on the pool table. 

“Scoot up a lil’ luv.” Joe demanded.

Randi did as she was told. Joe handcuffed one hand then the other. Randi had a chill down her spine. She couldn’t believe she was doing this.

“Now what?” She asked. She really had no idea what to expect. This was all new for her. “Close y’er eyes and be still.” Joe told her as he slipped the blindfold over her eyes. “What are you going to do to me Joe?” She asked.

“Nothing you won’t enjoy luv. I promise.” Joe whispered in her ear.

Randi suddenly felt nervous and her body got tense. Joe noticed she was uncomfortable. He bent down and whispered in her ear again.

“Y’er getting nervous luv. Don’t you trust me? You know I wouldn’t do anything to ‘urt you. Are the ‘andcuffs too tight?”

“I will be fine. Yes I trust you. The handcuffs are fine.” Randi said as she slowly began to relax again. Randi felt Joe get up and move away from her. With the blindfold on she had no way of knowing what he was doing. She heard him getting into the bag that had the toys in it again then felt him set something down beside her.

“I will be right back luv.” Joe said as he walked towards the door. “Don’t go anywhere.” He teased as he walked out.

Joe went into the kitchen and got some fresh strawberries out of the refrigerator.  He put some into a bowl then got out the whip cream and chocolate syrup. He closed the refrigerator and walked back to the game room where Randi was waiting. He sat every thing down on the edge of the rug.

“Did you miss me luv?” Joe asked with a bit of humor in his voice.

“Where did you go?”

“Oh just to get a few things we need.” Joe told her as he sat down on the floor.  Joe ran his finger down Randi’s silky folds. “Randi luv, y’er wet, and I ‘aven’t done anything yet.” Joe purred in her ear.

“I know.” She whispered.

Joe began tickling her skin with the feathers again. He ran it down the center of her chest to her belly. Then ran it across the sensitive scar along the bottom of her belly.

 “Joe.” She whispered. Then he moved the feather down farther and began teasing her inner thighs. Randi began squirming around a little bit. Then she giggled softly.

“Do you like that luv?” Joe asked seductively.

“Yes Joe.”

“Open y’er mouth.” Joe demanded as he took a bite of a strawberry. He then squeezed the strawberry making it juicy and rubbed it across Randi’s lips. Joe dipped the strawberry into the whip cream and Randi licked her lips.

“Now take a bite.” Joe told her as he put the strawberry back up to her mouth. Randi took a bite and the juice ran down her cheek.

“Let me get that for you.” Joe said as he gently licked it off her.

Randi shivered at the feel of his tongue running down her cheek and she felt herself gushing. She ate the bite of strawberry while Joe got another one. Joe squeezed the strawberry and made the juice drip onto Randi’s swollen nipples. Then added a bit of whip cream and chocolate syrup to them before lowering his head to suck on them. Randi cried out in pleasure. She had never done anything like this before. She had never even thought of doing things like this. What had Joe done to her? She was no longer so sweet and innocent. Joe fed Randi another strawberry, this time dipped in chocolate. The she heard the vibrator turn on.

“What are you going to do now?” Randi asked.

“Shh.” Joe told her as he put his finger to her lips.

Randi could taste the juice from strawberries on his finger and licked it before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. Joe let her do it for a moment then stopped her.

“I am running this show luv. Remember?” Joe told her as he took his finger out of her mouth. He had to make her stop. His pants were getting unbearably tight and she was making it hard not to ram it into her right now. He was going to make sure she got every ounce of pleasure she could before he had any.

Joe began caressing her neck with the vibrator trailing it along her collarbone. Her nipples tightened considerably. So he began teasing them with the vibrator too.

“Joe I want you.” Randi begged.

“Not a chance luv. Not until I am done taking care of you.” Joe told her.

Then he scooted down to her mound and spread her legs. She heard him messing with something but didn’t know what it was; she thought it sounded like her bag of red hots.

“I want to taste you luv.” Joe growled as he slid the vibrator up and down the length of her slit. Randi tried to get free so she could bury her hands into Joe’s hair and shove his mouth down on her, but was unsuccessful.

“Don’t ‘urt y’er self. You might as well just lay still. You can’t get out of ‘em until I am done.”

Randi sighed, but did as she was told. Joe put some red hots in his mouth then spread her open. Joe lowered his mouth to her folds. She was glistening from the wetness of her desire. Joe flicked his tongue across her clit and he heard her breath catch sharply. Joe smiled and continued. He started sliding his tongue up and down her wetness.

“Oh my God Joe.” Randi cried out as the heat from the red hots in Joe’s mouth seared her tender flesh.

“Now you know ‘ow I felt luv.” Joe said playfully then began sucking furiously on her clit swirling his tongue and the red hots around the swollen nub, then plunged his tongue deep inside of her.

“Joe…” Randi trailed off as she squeezed Joe’s head with her legs, shoving him farther onto her.

 Joe answered her demand by inserting a finger inside of her. Then continued his torment on her clit while his finger inside of her sent her spiraling towards release. Randi began moving around restlessly. But with the handcuffs securely around her wrists she was helpless and had to accept that she had no control. Joe’s tongue encircled her clit again as her hips bucked upwards and she tightened around Joe’s fingers. He increased his pace. Randi was lost in the ecstasy and could only moan in between short hard breaths. Joe placed his other hand underneath her to help steady her, holding on firmly to her ass. The tremors of passion finally slowed and eventually stopped. Joe slowly slid his finger out of her. They were both dripping with sweat. Joe took the blindfold off of Randi.

“Did you enjoy that luv?” Joe asked grinning.

“Oh yeah.” Randi told him, still short on breath.

“See I told you I wouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t like.” Joe told her.

He took the handcuffs off her and she sat up. Her head was still swimming from what Joe had just done to her. He pulled her over into his lap. Randi captured his chin in her hand and stared deep into his eyes.

“Thank you.” She whispered then began kissing him tenderly. Joe kissed her back for a moment before standing up pulling her up with him. He picked her up and placed her on the pool table.

“It was my pleasure luv.” Joe told her then pulled her in for another kiss.


Part 248 On The Pool Table…

Joe’s pants were so tight it was becoming painful. Randi was kissing his neck and scraping her nails down his back. Then brought her hands around to his chest and worked her way down. Joe let out a breath of relief as Randi unfastened his pants and they slid to the floor around his feet. He didn’t give her a chance to pull down his underwear before tugging them off on his own.

Randi was at the perfect angle for him to slide his throbbing cock into her. He gently pushed her back onto the velvety top of the pool table then spread her legs apart. She was dripping with desire. And Joe knew he wouldn’t last long. He lifted her legs placing a foot on either shoulder. He pulled her hips to the edge of the pool table and slid into her. Randi cried out as Joe growled deeply. He plunged in and out as far as he could, fast and furiously. 

Normally he was slow and gentle with her, but not tonight. After the incident in the bathroom, and what had just went on between them while lying on the rug, slow and gentle couldn’t be farther from his mind. He was ready to explode from being so worked up. He needed to be relieved from the agony of it and fast. Randi’s head was tossing restlessly from side to side as Joe started pumping into her harder. He held her legs firmly in place as her heels dug into his shoulders. Randi felt Joe tense up then jerk inside of her as he filled her with his seed and moaned her name.

When he was able to relax he helped her sit up. They were both weak from the intensity of the passion. Joe pulled her into his arms and they kissed. The fire had burned out already. So Joe lifted her into his arms and carried her out of the game room and into the bedroom gently laying her down on the bed.

Once Joe lay down Randi scooted closer to him and rested her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and started running his hands through her hair. They waited until they recovered from the frenzied lovemaking they had just shared before starting to talk.


Part 249 Laying In Bed…

Joe continued to run his fingers through Randi’s hair, and then began talking to her.  “You were amazing tonight luv.” Joe said with a smile on his face. “I am curious though. Wot brought on this change all of a sudden?”

“You.” Randi answered.

“Me?” Joe asked as he turned to look at her. “Wot did I do?”

“You brought me out of the shell I was covering myself with. You showed me that it’s ok for me to let lose. And you’ve helped me overcome some of my fears and shyness.” “Wow, I guess I didn’t realize the impact I ‘ave ‘ad on you. But I ‘ave to say I am enjoying every second of y’er new found boldness and attitude.”

“Joe I have never felt so beautiful and comfortable with acting the way I really want to. You make me feel so sexy, and you make me want to try new things.” Randi told him. “Really luv? So you want to try new things ‘uh? Well I will ‘ave to make sure we do just that.” Joe said with a big grin.

“I can’t wait.” Randi said as she lifted her head and began kissing Joe softly on the lips. “Well I don’t know about you, but I am ready to make love again, slow and gentle this time.” Joe whispered.

“Ok.” Randi said as she sat up and positioned herself over Joe. He slid himself into her. She was still wet from their fun in the game room.

“You feel so good luv.” Joe said to her as she started slowly sliding up and down on him. “Joe?” Randi said looking him in the eyes.

“Wot is it luv?”

“I wish we could have a baby. I want to give you a child, a family.” Randi said with a hint of sadness.

“I know you do luv. But please don’t let it get you down. We still ‘ave plenty of time to try and ‘ave a baby. Tonight lets just think about ‘ow much we are enjoying ourselves. Ok?” Joe said compassionately.

“Ok.” Randi said then bent down and started kissing Joe on the neck.

Joe wrapped his arms around her then began running his hands up and down her back. As much as he enjoyed what they had done earlier, he liked this more, taking his time being slow and easy with her. He loved the way being inside of her felt.

“I love you Randi.”

“I love you too Joe.” Randi started to feel herself getting closer and increased her pace a little then started kissing Joe again. Soon she felt his body getting stiff and knew that he was close too.

“Oh Randi.” Joe groaned as his seed spilled into her.

As Joe’s warm liquid filled her Randi began to cum too and her muscles tightened around Joe. When it was over she collapsed on top of him. She was exhausted from everything they had done tonight. Joe shut off the lamp and closed his arms around her. He started to say something to her but she was already asleep. Joe just smiled and closed his eyes and fell asleep too. She had worn him out tonight.


Part 250 Wednesday Morning…

Randi woke up to find that Joe had already got up. She looked at the clock and seen it was after 10:00am. She was really worn out last night, and she slept well. Randi decided to get up and see what Joe was doing. She slipped on her robe and walked out of the bedroom. She found him in the kitchen on the phone. She only caught the end of the conversation, but she thought he was making some kind of reservations. Joe hung up the phone and turned to Randi.

“Good morning luv. Did you sleep good?”

“Good morning Joe. I had a wonderful nights sleep thank you.” Randi told him as she gave him a kiss. “Who was on the phone?”

“You will find out soon enough. It’s a surprise.” Joe said grinning.

“Ok.” Randi said rolling her eyes then walked over to the coffee pot.

After she poured herself a cup of hot tea she went back to the table and sat down with Joe. They sat in silence drinking their hot tea for a few minutes before Joe started talking again.

“After y’er done with y’er hot tea you need to go pack y’er bag.” Joe told her.

“For what?” Randi asked a little confused.

“I told you it’s a surprise.”

“Ok well can you at least tell me how much I need to pack?”

“We will be leaving later today and won’t be back until Sunday evening.”

“Alright, do you want me to pack you some clothes too?”

“No that’s ok. I can pack mine. Just make sure you get y’er things together.”

“Ok Joe. I will do it in a little bit.”

“Don’t worry luv, you will enjoy it.” Joe said smiling.

A little bit later Randi went to the bedroom and began packing her clothes. She had no idea what Joe had up his sleeve this time. And she wasn’t going to even try and guess. She would find out when they got there. Randi packed her clothes and a few personal items she thought she would need.

Joe came into the room as she was finishing up and started packing his things. When he was done he carried both bags out of the bedroom and sat them by the front door.  They spent the rest of the morning just lounging around the house relaxing and watching TV. Randi made a small lunch for them and they ate while watching a movie.

After the movie was over Joe asked her if she was ready to go. Randi said she was. So Joe got up and carried their bags out to the car. This time he would be driving, instead of calling a limo. He thought it would be more romantic that way.


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