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Randi's Rock Star Fiction

Love Bites-Chapters 151-200

A Joe Elliott Story

Part 151 Going Back To South Carolina

The two couples packed the car up and got ready to leave. Duane and Thelma would be flying to South Carolina in a few days. Then they would all be leaving for Ireland. Joe was going to take care of getting Randi and Marie’s office closed up and ready to sell. From now on Joe and Phil would be taking care of the ladies, and getting them the things they needed. There was no reason for either of them to worry about working. They said their goodbyes and told them to be careful going home. Thelma and Duane both thanked Joe again for what he was doing for their daughter. They could finally stop worrying about her. They knew Joe meant what he said. And he was going to get Randi taken care of. They were also happy about Marie and Phil. Marie had always been so good to Randi and she was like a daughter to them. They were glad she had found herself such a great guy too.

Soon they were on the road heading home. Randi and Marie had a lot to do before they could leave for Ireland. Including getting Randi’s medical records from the so-called doctors she was seeing. Joe was going to getting to the bottom of this and find out what was making the women he loved so sick. And he still had to figure out how he was going to ask her to marry him.

Randi was nervous about everything. She couldn’t believe she had gotten so sick that everyone insisted she sell her office. She never dreamed she would get this sick. When it started out it wasn’t that big of a deal. She thought she was seeing good doctors, but she knew Joe was right. There was no since in them letting it get this bad. She was happy Joe was going to get her into better doctors, but then again she was scared that these better doctors would find something more then cysts.

Joe and Phil took turns driving the whole way. Randi was in no shape to drive. She was feeling bad again. And since Marie had been with her so much since she had got sick the guys thought it would be best if she kept an eye on Randi and left the driving for them. Randi slept most of the way. She decided she might as well rest instead of being stubborn and trying to act tough.


Part 152 Taking Care Of Business…

Joe and Phil took care of most of the stuff that needed to be done. They dealt with getting the office closed up. But Randi had to get her medical records herself. Since her and Joe weren’t married, the doctor’s office would not release them to him. When Randi went to get them they was hassling her. After all they knew they would be losing a patient if they gave Randi their records. And they were raking in too much money from her to lose her to another doctor.

She finally got mad and left then returned later with Joe. They had already dealt with him once. He didn’t lose his temper the first time, but they knew they had angered him. When they seen Randi come back in with him, they knew they better not argue any more. She meant business. Randi finally got her medical records. Then Joe and Phil took the ladies to get their passports so they could go to Ireland. Duane and Thelma was going to get theirs before they flew to Randi’s so they would be ready to make the trip when they arrived.

Marie and Phil spent a day at her house getting everything ready for the trip to Ireland.  It also gave both the couples a chance to spend some time alone. Joe made several calls to Ireland trying to make arrangements to get Randi into the doctor as soon as they got there. She was going to be taken care of right way. He couldn’t stand to see her hurting so bad and being so sick. She continued to get worse. It was more noticeable now, then when they first met. He couldn’t sleep at night unless he had his hand on her belly. He didn’t know if it helped her any or not, but he hoped it helped ease some of the pain.


Part 153 Before Duane And Thelma Arrived…

Note: possible tissues

Duane and Thelma arrived on Thursday. Randi was feeling bad again and had come close to blacking out. She didn’t forget her medicine this time. Every one was really worried. She insisted on going to the airport to get her parents, but she was out numbered. Joe stayed home with her while Phil and Marie went and picked them up. Joe was lying in bed with her holding her. Trying to ease her pain as much as he could.

He began caressing her belly. “Randi luv?” Joe said to her as he continued to move his hand across her belly. “Does it ‘elp any when I ‘old y’er belly?”

“Yes Joe it does. Thank you. Just having you hold me helps.” Randi told him as her eyes began to fill with tears. “Joe?”

“Wot is it luv?” He asked as he wiped a tear from her cheek.

“I am scared. I am starting to feel a lot worse every day. Are you sure these doctor’s are going to be able to help me?” Randi asked as she scooted closer to Joe.

“Don’t worry, I am going to get you taken care of. If the doctors in Dublin can’t ‘elp you I will take you where ever you need to go so they can.” Joe told her as he placed his hand on her belly again.

“Thank you Joe. I am so sorry I kept this from you. You didn’t deserve to be lied to.”

“Its ok. The important thing is that I know now. And I am going to get you ‘elp. Now you need to rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.”

“Ok Joe. Will you stay in here with me please?”

“Of course I will luv. Go to sleep I will be right here.”

Randi closed her eyes and Joe pulled her to him as close as he could get her. Randi placed her hand on top of Joe’s as she slipped off to sleep. Joe lay there watching her. Tears began sliding down his cheeks as he thought about how much pain she was suffering. He finally fell asleep too, keeping Randi in his arms the whole time.


Part 154 Duane And Thelma Arriving…

Duane and Thelma arrived at the airport. Marie and Phil were waiting for them when they exited the plane. Thelma immediately asked where Randi and Joe were. Before Marie had a chance to answer Phil spoke up.

“Joe and Randi stayed ‘ome. Randi is not feeling well again so we told Joe we would come pick you up so Randi could rest.”

“Is she alright?” Duane asked.

Marie’s eyes got moist as she hugged Duane and Thelma. “She is really starting to scare me. She just keeps getting sicker and sicker.”

Thelma started crying. “Oh dear, I hope its not too late to get some thing done for her.” “Come on honey.” Duane said as he took her hand. “Let’s get our bags so we can get out of here.”

Phil helped Duane carry the bags while Marie tried to calm Thelma down. Her being so upset wouldn’t help Randi any. She wanted to make sure she was calmed down before they got to Randi’s.

When they arrived at Randi’s house Joe and Randi were still sound asleep. They did their best to be quiet. They didn’t want to wake them. Randi needed all the rest she could get. Everyone knew that if she was asleep, she wasn’t as aware of the pain. And the less pain Randi had to suffer the better.

About an hour later Joe and Randi woke up. She was feeling a little better and she heard her parent’s voices coming from the other room and wanted to see them. So her and Joe got up and went in the other room to visit. Duane and Thelma both hugged Randi at the same time. They were happy to see that she was feeling well enough to get out of bed. Then Duane shook Joe’s hand and Thelma gave him a hug. Everyone visited for a couple of hours.

Marie made supper for everyone. Randi offered, but once again she was out numbered and told she didn’t need to do it. So she just gave up and didn’t bother with arguing. She knew they were right. Shortly after supper everyone went to bed. They had to get up early the next morning and it was going to be a long day.


Part 155 Leaving For Ireland

Joe and Phil had gotten everything with the office taken care of. All of Marie and Randi’s personal items were brought home. And Joe had spoken with a realtor and had it ready to be put up for sell. Randi and Marie no longer needed to worry about it. The guys were handling everything.

Friday morning they all got up before sunrise. Their flight left at 7:00a.m. Thankfully Randi was feeling better so the flight wouldn’t be too rough on her. They didn’t bother with eating breakfast. Since it was such a long flight meals would be served on the plane. Joe had a limo come pick them up since there was 6 people this time and so much luggage. He didn’t want to have to take two or three different cabs. So he figured it would be just as easy to go in a limo.

They arrived at the airport just in time to get through security and get their bags checked in. Shortly after they got everything done they started boarding the plane. Everyone was still very sleepy and decided they would just go back to sleep until they served breakfast in about an hour and a half.

There were only a few people on the plane so it was going to be a quiet and peaceful flight. No one really said anything to Joe or Phil like they normally did when they took a public flight. And they were both relieved. Especially Joe, he was so worried about getting Randi to his house and getting her taken care of he didn’t feel like signing autographs or taking pictures.


Part 156 Arriving In Ireland

The plane finally landed and everyone got off the plane. While the ladies went to the bathroom the guys got their entire luggage. Then Phil made arrangements for a limo to take them to Joe’s. The limo showed up a little while later. It would take about half an hour to get to Joe’s from the airport. He lived out in the country away from everything else.

When they arrived the three ladies were amazed. They had never seen such a big home before. And its beauty matched the size of it. Joe smiled when he seen the looks on there faces.

“See, I told you I ‘ad plenty of room!” Then he helped Phil unload everyone’s luggage. The limo pulled away and Joe led everyone to the door.

They went inside and Joe showed Duane and Thelma to the room they would be using. Phil had a certain room he used when he came to visit. So he took Marie and showed her where they would be staying.  Then Joe took Randi to his room. He left her to unpack her things while he made sure her parents were finding everything ok.

Randi told him she was going to lie down when she was done. She was starting to feel bad again and wanted to rest before it got bad. Joe went into the other room and let everyone know what was going on and helped everyone get situated.  He also told them he wanted to talk to them after Randi fell asleep. He hadn’t had a chance to tell Duane and Thelma when Randi would be seeing the doctors for the first time.


Part 157 Getting Randi To Sleep…

Joe went back to check on Randi. She had just finished unpacking her things and was about to slip into a flannel pajama set. Joe walked in and closed the door behind him. He walked up to Randi just as she took her shirt off. Joe stopped her before she could remove her bra. He began kissing her gently. Then took her bra off of her and took one of her nipples into his mouth.

“Are you ok luv?” Joe asked her.

“Yes Joe I will be fine. I just need to rest for a while. I guess that long flight got to me a little bit.” 

“Ok. Do you want me to lay with you until you fall asleep?”

“Yes please.” Randi told him as she got into her pajamas.

Joe turned the covers on the bed down and fluffed the pillows. Then he lifted Randi up and laid her in the bed. After he got her laid down he took off his shoes and got into the bed. He lifted Randi’s top up enough for him to be able to put his hand on her belly. “Randi luv, I promise you won’t ‘ave to suffer much longer. I ‘ave already spoken with the doctor you will be seeing and ‘e is sure ‘e can ‘elp you.” Joe told her while he moved a strand of hair out of her face.

“Thank you Joe. I don’t know what I would do with out you. I am so glad Marie took me to that concert on my birthday.”

“So am I luv. So am I. Now you go to sleep. I will stay right ‘ere until you fall asleep. Then I am going to go make sure y’er parents don’t need anything.”

“Ok Joe. I love you.”

“I love you too Randi. Now rest and get better.”


Part 158 Talking About Randi Seeing The Doctor…

After Randi fell asleep Joe snuck out of the room and went to see what everyone else was doing. He found them sitting around the table talking. Phil had got everyone something to drink and Marie was telling Duane and Thelma about how sick Randi was most of the week. When they seen Joe come in they stopped talking waiting to see what he had to say.

“She is asleep.” Joe told them as he got himself something to drink.

“Joe do you know how soon the doctor you called will be able to see her?” Duane asked. “Yes, she ‘as an appointment on Monday morning.”

 “Oh thank goodness they are going to see her right away.” Thelma said.

“Yes, when I told ‘im ‘ow sick she was ‘e said ‘e wanted to see ‘er as soon as possible. That’s why I wanted to get ‘ere today. This way she can rest up a lil’ before the appointment and so can the rest of us.” Joe told them.

“‘Ey Joe which doctor are you getting ‘er into?” Phil asked him. “

Dr. Sparks, ‘e is the best one in the area. And ‘e agreed to see ‘er right away.”

“Ah yes, I ‘ave ‘eard you speak of ‘im before. I am glad you got ‘er an appointment with ‘im.”

“Joe thank you so much for helping Randi. She is my best friend. I just don’t know what I would do if something happened to her.” Marie said as she began to cry.

Phil immediately wrapped his arms around her. “Don’t cry luv. Everything is going to be fine.”

“Don’t worry Marie. I care just as much about ‘er as all three of you do.” He said as he looked to Duane and Thelma too. “I will make sure that she is taken care of. I promise. And Marie you know I always keep my promises.”

After they were done talking Joe went to check on Randi. She was still sound asleep. He went back into the kitchen and offered to order pizza for everyone. He didn’t have much to eat in the house since he had been out on tour. And when he was out on tour his housekeeper usually went to visit her family. Only coming to check on things about once a week. He would have to let her know he was home tomorrow.


Part 159 The Weekend Part 1…

Joe called Tina at her sister’s house to let her know he had returned and had company. She already knew he had met Randi, but she didn’t know anything about her. He told her she didn’t have to come back right now unless she wanted too since he had so many guests. Tina told him she didn’t mind and would be there in a couple of hours. Joe made out a grocery list with the help of his guests so he could make sure they had anything and everything they wanted during there stay.

When Tina arrived she would go shopping. Joe had never been good at doing the grocery shopping so he always left it to her. For the most part Randi was ok over the weekend. She took a couple of warm bubble baths and it helped keep the pain somewhat under control.  How ever she didn’t feel well enough to be getting out doing much. So Joe and Randi spent the weekend lounging around the house. Phil was familiar with the area so he took Marie, Thelma, and Duane out sightseeing. 

When Tina arrived she got her things put away and got ready to go shopping. Joe introduced her to Randi. She could tell right away that Joe had finally found himself a nice lady. Every since she found out Joe had got a new girlfriend she worried that she was going to be another woman like Tammy. She couldn’t stand that woman. Tammy always treated her like she wasn’t good enough just because she was a housekeeper. She was relieved to see how much kinder Randi was.

When Phil and the others returned from sightseeing Tina had already gone shopping and had their supper cooking. Joe introduced everyone to Tina. She told them she was glad to meet them and then told Phil it was nice to see him again. She was so glad Joe had brought such nice people home with him. It made her job so much easier trying to take care of people who didn’t look down their nose at her.


Part 160 The Weekend Part 2…

Everyone stayed home on Sunday. They wanted to make sure Randi had plenty of rest before her doctor’s appointment. Tina made breakfast, lunch, and supper for everyone. And whenever some one would start to do something she would take over. Thelma finally spoke up.

“Honey, you don’t have to do everything for Duane and I. We are quite capable of doing things ourselves.”

“I don’t mind Mrs. ‘Enderson. I am just doing my job.” Tina said sweetly.

Joe and Phil both laughed when they seen the look on Thelma’s face. They knew what was coming.

“Ok time out.” Thelma said to her. “I am Thelma-Louise and my husband is Duane. You don’t need to be calling us Mr. And Mrs. or sir and ma’am. Got that dear?”

Tina just stood there for a moment not sure what to say. She looked to Joe for help. He just nodded his head.

“Um, ok. I am sorry. I always call Joe’s guests Mr. or Mrs.”

“Well you don’t need to do it with us.” Duane told her.

Everyone went to bed early. Randi’s appointment was at 8:00am. Joe and Randi would be the only ones going to the appointment, but every one wanted to get plenty of rest. No one knew what the outcome of the appointment would be. And they wanted to be prepared for whatever the doctor told Randi.


Part 161 Randi’s First Doctor’s Appointment Part 1…

Everyone got up early with Joe and Randi. Tina had French toast ready when they got up. They sat around the table talking while eating, wishing Randi luck. Randi tried to act brave about going, but she knew that everyone could tell she was putting on an act. The truth was she was scared to death.

Joe took Randi into the doctor. She was the first patient of the day. Dr. Sparks had set a couple of hours aside to take care of Randi this morning. Judging from what Joe had told him over the phone, he wasn’t sure what to expect. The nurse led them to a room. She gave Randi a gown to put on and told them the doctor would be in shortly. Joe and Randi talked quietly while waiting. About 5 minutes later there was a tap at the door and the doctor came in. 

“‘Ello Joe.” Dr. Sparks said as he shook his hand.

“‘Ello Dr. Sparks. Thank you for getting ‘er in on such short notice. This is Randi ‘Enderson.”

“‘Ello ma’am. I am Dr. Sparks.” He said shaking her hand. “‘Ow long ‘ave you been ‘aving problems?”

“For about a year now.” Randi said nervously. The doctor looked up at her.

“You ‘ave been ‘aving problems that long and the doctor you was seeing didn’t remove the cysts?”

“No sir.”

“Well then why don’t you lay down and let me feel around and see wot is going on.” “Ok.” Randi told him as she laid back.

Dr. Sparks felt around on Randi’s belly for a few minutes. Every once in a while Randi would jump. Joe held her hand the whole time talking quietly to her, trying to keep her calm.

“Its ok luv, just remember ‘e is going to ‘elp you.” Joe told her.

Dr. Sparks moved to the other side of her belly and began feeling around. Joe could tell by the look on his face that something was definitely wrong. He knew it, his gut feeling was right. Dr. Sparks gently pushed down again and Randi cried out in pain then tears began sliding down her cheeks. Joe squeezed her hand.

“I am sorry ma’am. I know that ‘urt.” Dr Sparks said in a calm voice. “I need to run some tests on you. Draw some blood, do an ultrasound. Is that ok Randi?”

Still crying she shook her head yes.

“Go ahead and sit back up. Me nurse Bonnie will be in ‘ere in just a minute to draw some blood then take you to the ultrasound room.”

Then he got up and walked out of the room.


Part 162 Randi’s First Doctor’s Appointment Part 2…

Joe stood up and wrapped his arms around Randi and gently rocked her back and forth. She was still crying. Whatever Dr. Sparks had pushed on was hurting really bad.

“It’s going to be ok luv. I promise. I ‘ave known Dr. Sparks for a long time and if ‘e can’t do wot you need ‘e will tell me where to take you so they can.”

Bonnie walked in with a needle. “I just need to get a little blood from you then I will take you to get ready for your ultrasound. Ok dear?”

Randi looked up and said, “Yes.” She still had tears in the corners of her eyes.

“Are you ok?” Bonnie asked, as she got ready to stick Randi with the needle.

“Yeah I will be fine. The doctor just hit a tender spot.” Randi assured her.

“Ok I am all done. Now if you would just follow me I will take you to the ultrasound room.”

Joe helped Randi off the bed and held on to her as they followed Bonnie to another room. Bonnie had Randi lay down and she got everything ready for the doctor. Then she left the room. Dr. Sparks came in and put the gel on Randi’s belly. Then turned on the machine. He began looking around. Joe sat staring at the screen wondering what the doctor was going to find.

Randi kept her eyes closed. She was afraid to look at the screen. She tensed up as he moved over and looked at the area that had caused Randi to start crying. Dr. Sparks began talking to himself.

“Uh huh, just wot I thought.” “Wot is it Dr. Sparks?” Joe asked almost afraid to hear his answer. He shut off the machine and cleaned off Randi’s belly. “Let me get the results of the blood work back and give you a call this afternoon. Ok?”

“Yes sir. Is everything ok?” Joe asked.

“Well at this point I am not sure. Lets just wait until I get the blood test back before jumping to any conclusions. Now Randi, I want you to go ‘ome and go to bed. No strenuous activities, period. No excuses. Understand?”

“Yes I understand.” Dr. Sparks looked at Joe.

“I promise she won’t be doing anything.”

“Alright then. You go ‘ome and rest. Do wot ever you normally do to ease the pain and I will call you in a few ‘ours.”

“Ok thank you Dr. Sparks.” Randi said.

“Don’t thank me dear. I am just doing my job.”


Part 163 Returning To Joe’s…

Joe and Randi returned to his house. Joe got Randi inside and ran some bath water for her. She was going to take a bath to ease the pain a little then go to bed like she was told. Everyone was anxious to find out what went on, but they knew that Joe took Randi to the bedroom right away for a reason and decided they should just wait until Joe was ready to talk about it instead of bothering him.

“Randi luv, you get in the tub and relax for a while. I am going to go tell everyone wot the doctor said then I will come check on you.” Joe told her.

“Ok. Joe?” Randi paused.

“Wot is it?” He asked.

“Thank you for helping me.”

“No problem. Just taking care of the woman I love.” Joe said as he gave her a kiss and left the room.

Joe found everyone in the living room, including Tina, waiting for him to come back out and talk to them.

“Well Joe, wot did Dr. Sparks say?” Phil asked when Joe sat down.

 “‘E ‘ad the nurse draw some blood. Then ‘e did an ultrasound.” Joe’s eyes were moist. “What is it Joe? What’s wrong with my baby?” Thelma asked. 

“I don’t know yet. ‘E said ‘e didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. ‘E is going to call when the results of the blood test are done.”

“How long will that take?” Duane asked.

“‘E said ‘e would call in a few ‘ours.”

“Is Randi ok?” Marie asked. “Why did she go straight to the bedroom?”

“Dr. Sparks told ‘er she ‘ad to come ‘ome and rest.”


Part 164 Waiting For The Doctor To Call…

Joe got Randi out of the tub and into bed. Like always he lay down with her until she fell asleep. Keeping his hand placed on her belly trying to relieve some of the pain. When she was asleep Joe got up and left the room. Shutting the door quietly behind him.

He joined the others. And waited for the doctor to call. After what seemed an eternity the phone rang. Joe jumped up to answer it.


“May I speak to Joe Elliott or Randi ‘Enderson please?”

“This is Joe.”

“Joe this is Dr. Sparks.”

“Wot did you find out?”

“Well Joe I really think it would be better to talk to you and Ms. ‘Enderson in person about this instead of over the phone. Does Randi ‘ave any family ‘ere with ‘er?”

“Yes, ‘er mother and father are ‘ere. And so is ‘er best friend. Why do you ask?”

“I want you and Randi, and the others in my office at 9:00 in the morning.”

“Ok, we will be there. Thank you. Cheerio.”

“Cheerio Joe.” Joe hung up the phone.

He was shaking. Everyone was watching him. Judging from Joe’s end of the phone call they knew it wasn’t good. Joe finally began talking.

“Dr. Sparks wants all of us in ‘is office at 9:00 in the morning.”

“What’s going on Joe?” Duane asked.

“I don’t know. ‘E wouldn’t tell me over the phone. ‘E said ‘e needed to talk to us in person.”

“Oh no.” Thelma said as she began to cry.

Marie went to her and began hugging her. “Don’t worry Thelma its going to be ok. Joe is going to get Randi taken care of.”

Joe excused himself and went into the bedroom with Randi. Tears fell from his eyes. He had known Dr. Sparks for years and he had never refused to tell him something over the phone. He knew it was bad, but he didn’t realize how bad until now. He just hoped what ever it was; it wasn’t too late to get Randi better. He lay down with Randi and put his hand on her belly. He knew she was still asleep and couldn’t hear him but he began singing anyway.

“‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad?”

 Joe sang as the tears continued to fall. He promised to get her taken care of. He had to do it. He needed her. She made his life complete.


Part 165 The Next Morning…

Everyone got up and got showered and dressed. Tina had breakfast made for everyone. Joe was a nervous wreck, but he was doing his best not to let it show. Randi needed him to be strong right now. He couldn’t let it show how scared he was. That would just make it harder on Randi, her parent’s and Marie. But even as hard as he was trying to hide it Phil knew Joe was a mess. He spent enough time with Joe to know how he was feeling. After breakfast they got ready and went to Dr. Sparks office again.

Tina stayed at Joe’s to clean up and have lunch ready for them when they returned. When they pulled into the parking lot everyone just sat there for a moment. No one wanted to be the first to get out. It was hard to tell what they were going to find out today and how it might alter the life of everyone who was involved. Finally Randi opened her door.

“Well we might as well get this over with. Sitting out here isn’t going to change anything.” Her voice was shaky. Everyone else followed her lead. Joe held her hand as they walked in.

Bonnie met everyone at the door. “Good morning. If everyone will just ‘ave a seat out ‘ere, the doctor will be with you soon.”

“Ok Bonnie. Thanks.” Joe said as everyone found a seat.

The group set in silence waiting for Dr. Sparks. They were all scared and didn’t know what to say. Dr. Sparks finally emerged from the back.

“‘Ello. Me name is Dr. Sparks.” He said as he shook Thelma, Marie and Duane’s hands. They introduced themselves then followed the doctor into another room. Joe could tell Dr. Sparks did not want to tell them what the results of the blood work were.

“Everyone please ‘ave a seat.” Dr. Sparks began speaking. “Randi, wot was the name of the name of the doctor that you were going to in South Carolina?”

“Dr. Parnell.”

“And did this Dr. Parnell ever give you a reason as to why ‘e didn’t remove the cysts from your ovaries?”

“He told me the medicine he put me on would dissolve them.” There was a pause for a few moments. Dr. Sparks was thumbing through Randi’s records. And looking at the results from the tests he had done the day before.


Part 166 The Results…
Note: possible tissues

Everyone waited patiently for Dr. Sparks to continue. He was having a hard time doing this. He had known Joe every since Joe moved to Dublin. And he hated having to break this to him about the woman he was in love with.

“Ms. ‘Enderson, you ‘ave cysts on both ovaries. You’re the ones on the left can be cut out and it will be fine. ‘Owever…” He paused and looked around the room at everyone. “I am afraid you need to ‘ave the right ovary removed. If you let me get you into surgery within the next week or two, I should be able to just ‘ave to remove it and nothing else.” “Dr. Sparks,” Joe interrupted. “Why does she need to ‘ave ‘er ovary removed? Can’t you just cut out the cysts on both ovaries?”

“I am sorry Joe. I wish it were that easy. Ms. ‘Enderson, y’er showing signs of cancer starting.”

Everyone in the room was in a state of shock. Then tears begin to fill everyone’s eyes. “No, it can’t be.” Randi whispered.

Joe was trying to control his anger. He knew that it was more then just a cyst. Why did she hide it from him? If she had told him to begin with maybe he could have got her help sooner.

“Ms. ‘Enderson, if you get the surgery within the next week to two weeks I should be able to remove just the one ovary and nothing else. It doesn’t look as though the cancer ‘as affected any thing other then the right ovary. I must tell you though, even if I am able to save the left ovary there will still only be a 5% chance if that ‘igh of you ever getting pregnant.”

Randi buried her face into Joe’s chest sobbing. Duane was holding onto Thelma who had tears rolling down both cheeks. And Phil was holding onto Marie who was trying her best not to cry, but tears were still slipping out of the corners of her eyes.

“Go ‘ome and talk about it. Then give me a call in the morning. If you decide you want to go through with the surgery Bonnie will schedule you for surgery. I know this doesn’t help any, but if Dr. Parnell ‘ad cut out the cysts when they didn’t go away after a couple of months it would not ‘ave progressed this far. I am sorry.”


Part 167 After Finding Out The Results…

Phil drove home. Joe was in no shape to drive. He was shaking as bad as Randi was. He held her the whole ride home. Joe couldn’t believe it. Randi didn’t deserve this. He just hoped it wasn’t too late and that Dr. Sparks was right. Only the right ovary would have to be removed. Everyone was silent on the ride home. Everyone was crying. Even Phil, it was killing him seeing the woman he loved and his best friend so upset.

When they returned to Joe’s, Tina had lunch ready for them, but no one felt like eating. Joe asked Tina to join them in the living room. No body wanted to talk about what the doctor had said. But they knew it had to be done. Tina was nervous and wasn’t sure why Joe had asked her to join them. After all she was just the housekeeper.

“Joe?” Tina asked. “Why do you want me in ‘ere too? I am not family and this seems like a family matter.”

“Well Tina, for the most part you live ‘ere. And Randi is going to be living ‘ere for a while. And I am going to need y’er ‘elp.”

 “Ok Joe. I understand. Wot did Dr. Sparks say?” Tina asked.

“I am showing signs of cancer starting.” Randi said as she started to cry again.

“I am so sorry.” Tina said and got up and hugged her.

“Randi are you going to let Dr. Sparks perform the surgery?” Joe asked.

Randi was quiet for a moment. Everyone held their breath. This was no time for her to be stubborn.

“I guess I really don’t have much of a choice. Yes I will go through with the surgery.” Everyone was relieved that Randi wasn’t going to be stubborn.

“Alright then. Randi, I think Mandy and Meg, and the other band members deserve to know.” Joe told her.

“Yes I agree.” Phil spoke up.

“Ok, but tell them they don’t have to make a special trip to Ireland because of me.” Her stubbornness was showing.

“Ok luv. I will tell ‘em.” Joe told her, but he knew as soon as he told them they would be on the next flight out.

“I need to lay down.” Randi spoke up.

“I think that’s a good idea honey.” Duane told her.

“Yes, I think we could all use a nap right now.” Thelma said.

“I agree too.” Marie added. “Phil will you lay with me for a while.”

“Of course I will luv.”

Everyone went to their rooms and lay down. Joe got Randi comfortable then laid down with her, holding her belly. Tears were falling from both their eyes. They were both terrified.

“Joe what if it’s too late?” Randi asked.

“Its not too late. Don’t think that way. Y’er going to get better. I promise. Now go to sleep.” Joe told her as he gave her a kiss. Randi finally fell asleep. Joe stayed with her for a while before getting up to call their friends and break the bad news to them.


Part 168 Joe Making Phone Calls Part 1…

Joe called Rick first. He knew Mandy was in California with him. And since Randi and Marie were both sleeping he didn’t know how to reach Mal and Meg. But Mandy would. Joe’s fingers were trembling as he dialed Rick’s number. It rang a few times and he was about to hang up when Rick finally answered.


“‘Ey Rick its Joe.”

“’Ey Joe. Wot’s up? Are you still at Randi’s?”

“No Rick. All of us are at my ‘ouse.”

“Who exactly is all of us?”

“Phil, Marie, Randi, ‘er parents, and myself.”

“Ok why are Randi’s parents at y’er ‘ouse? I thought the four of you were going to their ‘ouse.”

“We did Rick. Listen, I ‘ave some bad news. Is Mandy still there with you?”

“Yes she is. Wot is going on Joe?”

Joe took a deep breath. “I brought ‘em to Ireland so I could get Randi into a better doctor.”

“A better doctor?” Rick sounded confused. “I didn’t know anything was wrong.” “Neither did I until ‘er parents told me. Then she ended up sick while we were there.” “Wot’s wrong with ‘er?”

Joe started crying. “Randi is in the beginning stages of cancer. She needs surgery immediately.”

“I am so sorry Joe.” Rick told him. “Is she going to ‘ave the surgery?”

“Yes I am going to call the doctor back in the morning to schedule it.”

“‘Ow soon do we need to be there?”

“Well Randi told me to tell everyone you didn’t need to come.”

“Nonsense.” Rick raised his voice. “When will she ‘ave the surgery?”

“The first of next week.”

“We will be there by Friday Joe. Do you want me to call anyone?”

 “Yes please. Marie and Randi are both sleeping so I don’t know ‘ow to reach Meg. And Mal is still with ‘er.”

 “Ok Joe. I will get a ‘old of ‘em. If you need any thing just call.”

“Thanks Rick. Cheerio.”

“Cheerio mate.”


Part 169 Joe Making Phone Calls Part 2…

Rick and Joe hung up. Rick got Meg’s number from Mandy. Then told her what was going on and asked her to start packing her things. Then he called Meg and told her and Mal. They said they would meet them at Joe’s. Joe called Sav to tell him what was going on. He wasn’t home. But Paige was. He told her everything and she began crying. Randi was such a sweet lady, and she had done a good job at hiding it from them. Paige had no clue that anything was wrong with her. She told Joe she would call Jewels and Viv so he wouldn’t have to and that they would be there as soon as they could.

Joe hung up the phone. Phil had got up. Everyone else was still sleeping. Tina was cleaning. Phil sat down at the table with Joe to see what he had found out. And to make sure he was ok.

“Are you going to be ok Joe?” Phil asked.

Joe was still crying. “Yea’ I think so. I can’t lose ‘er Phil. I can’t.”

“And you won’t Joe.”

“Thanks Phil.” “

So is everyone else coming?”

“Yea’ I think so. They should be ‘ere by the end of the week.”

“Joe ‘ave you thought any more about asking Randi to marry you?”


“Well when are you going to ask ‘er? Or are you ‘aving second thoughts?” Phil asked. “No I am not ‘aving second thoughts. I will marry her. I am just not sure ‘ow to ask ‘er. We will talk about it more when the others get here.”

“Ok Joe. I am sorry you ‘ave to go through this. I hope its not too late.”

“Me too Phil.”


Part 170 Calling The Doctor…

Joe called Dr. Sparks Wednesday morning. Randi wasn’t brave enough to do it on her own. He talked to Bonnie and scheduled surgery for Monday. Dr. Sparks had given Bonnie a message to relay to Joe and Randi.

“Dr. Sparks asked me to relay a message.” Bonnie told Joe after they scheduled the surgery.

“Wot is it Bonnie?” Joe asked her.

“‘E says ‘e wants Randi to rest as much as possible. ‘E also asks that you make sure she is eating and drinking plenty of liquids. She needs to keep ‘er strength up as much as possible. But even if she is feeling ok, ‘e doesn’t want ‘er doing anything. She can take baths, watch TV, and things like that. But no cooking or cleaning, or anything else that requires a lot of energy.”

“Ok Bonnie. Tell ‘im not to worry I won’t let ‘er overdo it. Thanks for y’er ‘elp.”

“We’ll see you Monday morning then.” “

Thanks. Cheerio.” Joe hung up the phone and told everyone what Bonnie had said.

Randi had to be at the hospital no later then 7:00am on Monday morning. It would take about an hour to prep her for surgery, then if everything went smoothly surgery would last about 2 hours. The amount of time Randi would have to spend in the recovery room would depend on how well the surgery went. Then she would have to spend at least a week in the hospital for observation. Everyone was welcome to come to the hospital and wait while she was having the surgery, but it would depend on Randi’s condition whether or not they would be able to see her before she was released into the room she would be staying in for observation.


Part 171 Friday…

Everyone arrived at Joe’s on Friday. Rick and Mandy were the first to arrive. They got there early in the morning. Joe and Tina were the only ones awake. Rick took Mandy and showed her the room he usually stayed in and they unpacked their things. After they unpacked, they talked with Joe. He told them more details about what was going on.

Sav and Paige showed up shortly after everyone but Randi got up. Sav’s brother kept the boys for them Paige didn’t think Randi would feel like having any kids around. Joe introduced everyone.

After that he went to check on Randi. She was still sound asleep. He sat beside her for a moment running his hand across her belly. His eyes started to fill with tears as he thought of what she was going through. He decided he should go back to the living room before he woke her up. She needed to sleep.

While he was in with Randi, Meg and Mal showed up. Phil took care of introducing them and told them what was going on. Thelma and Duane thanked everyone for being so kind and making this trip because of their daughter. They were happy to see so many people who were so concerned about Randi.

A few hours later Randi woke up. She slipped into some comfortable clothes and went to see what everyone was doing. She didn’t know that any one was coming today so she was surprised when she walked in the living room and found everyone. They immediately got up and hugged her, telling her they were sorry and hoped she would be ok. Joe got her sat down and comfortable while Tina made her some thing to eat. 

While they were talking Viv and Jewels showed up. They apologized for taking so long to get there. But they took the girls to Viv’s parents before coming to Joe’s. Like Sav and Paige, they felt like the children shouldn’t be there. After everyone was unpacked and settled in Joe asked all of the guys if they could talk without the ladies. So they went to “The Garage” and left the ladies in the living room to talk to Randi. They tried to assure her that everything was going to be ok.


Part 172 Saturday…

Randi stayed in bed most of the day Saturday. She was becoming more nervous about the surgery. And the more upset she got the worse she felt. So she tried to stay in bed as much as possible.

While Randi was sleeping Joe and Phil went into town for a little while. Joe needed to pick up a few things. Everyone else stayed at Joe’s and talked. The ladies took turns checking on Randi and making sure she didn’t need any thing.

When Phil and Joe came back, Joe carried in a huge bouquet of roses for Randi, and a get well soon card. Everyone signed it and wrote her a little note. Randi got up to eat supper with everyone. Joe gave her the flowers and card after they ate. Randi’s eyes filled with tears. She never dreamed she would have so many people who cared so much.  She thanked everyone for being so kind. Then asked if any one was interested in watching TV. She had been in bed all day. She felt like sitting up for a while. So they all went to the living room and watched a movie.

Randi fell asleep during the movie. So Joe carried her to bed. Randi woke up as he was laying her down and asked him to stay with her for a while. So Joe lay down until she was back to sleep before rejoining the others.


Part 173 Sunday Evening…

Joe asked everyone to come out to “The Garage” while Tina was finishing up supper. The guys had been in there quite a bit over the weekend, but the ladies had not. They had no idea why Joe wanted them out there. Paige and Jewels had been in the garage before, but this would be the first time for the other ladies. Joe told everyone to find them a spot and get comfortable, and told them they would be eating supper out there.

Luckily Randi was feeling pretty good and was able to join them. None of the ladies had any idea what was going on. But they did know that the guys had been acting funny all day. Tina served supper. And everyone ate. They were talking about Randi’s surgery that was scheduled for the next day. Everyone was assuring her that everything would be fine and she would be as good as new in a couple of weeks. Randi thanked them, but deep down she was asking her self why she couldn’t be as confident as they were.

While Tina cleared up the dishes from supper the guys set up their instruments and microphones. Just as the ladies had expected the guys had something up their sleeve. The guys sat back down and talked a while longer waiting for Tina to finish with the dishes so she could be out there too.


Part 174 After Supper Sunday…

Randi and the other ladies admired “Joe’s Garage.” The guys had obviously put a lot of work into it. Randi was sitting in her chair still looking around when Tina returned. Out of the corner of her eye she happened to notice a video camera. Joe seen that she noticed it and smiled. Now Randi really wanted to know what he was up to. Tina sat down, and the guys got up and went back to their instruments. And Mal got up and turned on the camera. Randi was really wondering what they had planned. She just knew they were going to embarrass her in front of her parents. She could feel it. And she knew Joe enjoyed doing it.

Joe started talking to the ladies and Duane.

“Since Randi is going to be in surgery tomorrow, and in the ‘ospital for at least a week, I want to do some thing special for ‘er tonight.”

Randi looked around at everyone wondering what was going on. She just knew that her parents and friends knew what was going on. Everyone shrugged their shoulders. They didn’t know any more about what was going on then she did. Joe started talking again. “Mates are you ready?” Joe asked. “First we are going to play ‘Love Bites.’ That is the song we was about to play when I first noticed the love of my life, Ms. Randi ‘Enderson.” Then the music began and Joe started to sing.

If you've got love in y’er sights, Watch out, love bites… When you make love, do you look in the mirror? Who do you think of, does ‘e look like me? Do you tell lies and say that it's forever? Do you think twice, or just touch 'n' see? Oooh babe… When you're alone, do you let go? Are you wild 'n' willin' or is it just for show? Ooh c'mon… I don't wanna touch you too much baby ‘Cause making love to you might drive me crazy I know you think that love is the way you make it So I don't wanna be there when you decide to break it No… Love bites, love bleeds It's bringin' me to my knees Love lives, love dies It's no surprise Love begs, love pleads It's wot I need… When I'm with you, are you somewhere else? Am I gettin' thru or do you please y’er self? When you wake up, will you walk out? It can't be love if you throw it about… I don't wanna touch you too much baby
'Cos making love to you might drive me crazy… Love bites, love bleeds It's bringin' me to my knees Love lives, love dies It's no surprise Love begs, love pleads It's wot I need…
I don't wanna touch you too much baby 'Cos making love to you might drive me crazy I know you think that love is the way you make it So I don't wanna be there when you decide to break it No… Love bites, love bleeds It's bringin' me to my knees Love lives, love dies Love bites, love bleeds It's bringin' me to my knees Love lives, love dies It's no surprise Love begs, love pleads It's wot I need… If you've got love in y’er sights Watch out, love bites… Yes it does, bloody ‘ell…”

When it was over everyone clapped. Then the guys started to play their instruments again. Randi didn’t recognize the music.

“Randi this is wot we ‘ave been working on all weekend. This is for you. It’s called Promises.” Joe said as he started to sing.

“Last night I was blown away. I said a million things I'd never say. I was knocked right down it got to me. Gonna get me some of y’er chemistry. You want me to promise you that everything is true. I won't make promises that I can't keep. I won't make promises that I don't mean. I'll even mean the things I tell you in my sleep, yea’. I won't make promises babe that I can't keep. Oh my, my, I lost control. I told you everything I said it all. You came right out and said to me. “Gonna get me some of y’er ‘onesty”. You want me to promise you that everything is true. I won't make promises that I can't keep. I won't make promises that I don't mean. I'll even mean the things I tell you in my sleep, yea’. I won't make promises babe that I can't keep. You want me to promise you that everything is true. I won't make promises that I can't keep. I won't make promises that I don't mean. I'll even mean the things I whisper in my sleep. Oh, let me tell you I won't say a single thing darling that you can't believe. You gotta believe me. I won't make promises that I can't keep. Oh baby believe me now. I won't make promises that I don't mean. Oh baby believe me now. I'll even mean the things I tell you my sleep, yeah. I won't make promises that I can't keep. Baby, you gotta believe me now.”

Everyone stood up and clapped. They loved the new song. And now maybe Randi would believe Joe really meant everything he promised. After everyone had calmed down and sat back down Joe started talking again.

“Thank you. But we are not done yet.” The guitars started playing followed by the drums. They were about to play her song. Joe started singing.

“‘Ere I am, I'm in the wrong bed again. It's a game I just can't win. There you are breathin' soft on my skin, yea’. Still you won't let me in. So come on.” Then Joe was silent and the others began singing. “Why save y’er kisses for a rainy day. Baby let the moment take y’er ‘eart away.” Joe joined them. “‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? And you're the girl I gotta ‘ave I gotta ‘ave you baby, yea’.”

Randi’s eyes had filled with tears. Joe was looking her right in the eyes. She couldn’t help but wonder why he had decided to do this. The others were silent while Joe began singing again.

There you go, midnight promises again, yea’. But they're broken by the dawn. You wanna go further, faster everyday, baby. But in the morning you'll be gone. And I'm alone.” Everyone began to sing againWhy save y’er kisses for a rainy day? Baby let the moment take y’er ‘eart away. ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad?”

Everyone was watching Randi as Joe’s next solo came up. Marie and Randi’s parents had a feeling they knew what was coming.

“Every dream I dream is like some kinda rash 'n' reckless scene. To give out such crazy love, you must be some kinda drug, And if my time don't ever come. For me you're still the one. Damned if I don't, damned if I do. I gotta get a fix on you. ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad so bad? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone ‘ave you ever wanted someone? Yea’. Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? And you're the girl I gotta ‘ave. I gotta ‘ave you baby. Yea’ so bad.”

Joe walked to Randi while the others continued to sing and got down on one knee. “Randi luv, I ‘ave never needed some one as bad I need you in my life.” Joe paused and took a small box out of his pocket and opened it. “You’re the girl I gotta ‘ave. Will you marry me?” Then slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her hand. The other guys finished the song while tears fell from everyone’s eyes.

‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone, you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard? Yea’.”

Randi sat there staring at the ring while the tears continued to stream down her cheeks. “Yes Joe I will. I have never needed some one the way I need you.” Then they began to kiss.

When the song was over the other guys got down and went to their ladies. Everyone was crying tears of happiness. After Joe and Randi stopped kissing everyone began hugging her. Thelma couldn’t seem to stop crying. Her baby was going to get married to the man who swore to make sure she got better. She was still thanking her lucky stars that they had gone against Randi’s wishes and told Joe that she was sick.


Part 175 After Joe Proposed…

After Randi accepted Joe’s proposal and everyone had congratulated the two they went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long stressful day. And everyone needed to be well rested. It was hard to tell what time they would return from the hospital. Joe carried Randi to their bedroom. They were kissing the whole way.  Randi never expected him to propose to her tonight.

They decided to get into the hot tub in Joe’s bathroom before going to bed. After all the excitement Randi figured it would do her some good and help her relax before she went to sleep. Joe was aroused, and wanted to make love to the woman he was going to marry, but he was afraid with as sick as she had been it would hurt her. As they climbed in the hot tub Randi noticed Joe’s erection and smiled. She was aroused too, but like Joe she was afraid it would hurt her. But then again she thought about how wonderful it felt every time they made love.

After they got settled into the hot tub Randi began kissing Joe passionately. Joe responded by plunging his tongue deep into her mouth. Randi wrapped her arms around Joe’s neck and pulled herself closer to him. Joe growled and pulled her onto his lap. He broke the kiss and began sucking lightly on one nipple then the other. Randi started running her fingers through Joe’s hair and sighed. She wanted to feel him inside her, but she knew he would be too afraid of hurting her. She reached between them and started stroking Joe’s hardened cock. He wrapped his arms tightly around her. Then slipped his hand between her legs.

They only lasted a few moments longer in the hot tub before getting out and drying off. Then Joe carried Randi back into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. They started kissing again immediately. Joe slipped his hand down to Randi’s throbbing clit. Randi moaned and Joe smiled. He knew she wanted him to make love to her, but he was too worried about hurting her. Instead he stopped kissing her and covered Randi’s mound with his mouth, bathing her swollen bud with his tongue. He caressed her belly as he pleasured her.  Randi lay there letting Joe work his magic.

The whole time thoughts kept racing through her mind.  Some were good others were not. She was thinking about how happy she was about Joe’s proposal. Joe Elliott, the man she had admired for years wanted to share his life with her. A few months ago she never dreamed of ever even getting the chance to meet him, not to mention being his wife. She also thought about the surgery she was going to go through the next day and it scared her. What if something went wrong, or Joe decided it was too much to deal with and changed his mind? Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt her muscles start to tighten. And soon she felt an intense orgasm start washing over her. She cried out Joe’s name as she climaxed. Joe growled as his own excitement became more intense.

When Randi had relaxed she began stroking Joe again until he cum.  They talked for a little while before turning out the light. Joe placed his hand on Randi’s belly and sang her to sleep.

”‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad so bad? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone ‘ave you ever wanted someone? Yea’. Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? And you're the girl I gotta ‘ave. I gotta ‘ave you baby.”


Part 176 Morning Of Randi’s Surgery…

Everyone was a nervous wreck Monday morning, as they got ready to take Randi to the hospital. If Dr. Sparks was right and he was able to cut the cysts out of the left ovary and only have to remove the right ovary, then Randi would be fine. But if he found anything else after he got in there it was hard to tell what would happen. Tina made everyone breakfast, but everyone was so upset about what Randi would be going through in a few hours no body ate much.

Joe kept Randi close to him all morning. He didn’t want her away from him for even a second. He knew he would not be able to hold her again for a while. Marie helped Randi pack a small bag to take to the hospital with her. Things like her hairbrush and toothbrush.

They sat in Joe and Randi’s bedroom talking. Randi cried on Marie’s shoulder. She was so scared of what was going to happen. And she just couldn’t believe that she was this sick. She had always done her best to take care of herself. So why was this happening to her? Marie did her best to calm her friend and stay strong, but she just couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. Marie hugged Randi and they both began to cry harder.  They had been best friends since they were little girls. Marie couldn’t stand the thought of something happening to Randi. 

Joe walked in to the bedroom and saw the ladies crying and his eyes filled with tears too. He was just as upset over it as they were. But he had faith in Dr. Sparks; he knew he could make her better. If he didn’t think he could he would have told Joe to take Randi to some one else. He walked to the bed and hugged both of them, then tried to tell them it would be ok.

A little while later everyone loaded up and headed for the hospital. Phil drove again so Joe could be with Randi. He kept her wrapped in his arms the whole way with his hand on her belly. Randi laid her head on Joe’s chest and quietly cried. What if this was the last time she ever got to be in his arms?


Part 177 Arriving At The Hospital…

They arrived at the hospital and went in. Everyone found a seat in the waiting room while Joe helped Randi get registered and put into the computer. After they were done they went and waited with the others.  Everyone tried to remain as calm as possible and kept a smile on their face. Randi needed them to be strong because she couldn’t be farther from it.

After a few minutes a nurse came and got them and took them to another waiting room. This is where they would be waiting while Randi was in surgery. The nurse told them a few things that they already knew. Such as how long the surgery would last and when they would be able to see Randi.  Then she said someone would be out to get Randi in a little while to take her back to prep her for surgery and she could have one person come with her. But as soon as they knocked her out they would have to leave.

When the nurse left Randi sat there quietly. She couldn’t chose just one person to go with her; she didn’t want to hurt any one. So she didn’t say anything. She wasn’t going to ask anyone. She would just go by herself.

Finally Thelma spoke up. “I don’t know about anyone else, but I think Joe should go back there with you Randi.”

Joe was silent. He just sat there staring at Thelma. Why was she telling him to go with Randi? After all it was her daughter. He figured she would want to be back there. Or even Marie. Marie and Randi had known each other a lot longer then he had known her.

“Yes I think so too.” Marie agreed.

“Doesn’t one of you want to be with ‘er?” Joe asked.

“We will be with her in spirit.” Thelma told him. 

“If it wasn’t for you Randi wouldn’t be getting the help she needs.” Duane told him. “You deserve to be with her. She needs you Joe. And so do the rest of us. So please go back there with her.”

Joe looked at Randi. She had tears falling from her eyes. “Ok then if everyone is sure. Randi is it ok with you luv?”

“Yes.” Randi told him as she got up and hugged her parents. “I love you Mom. I love you Dad.”

“We love you too.” They both answered.

Then Randi went to Marie and hugged her. “Thank you for everything Marie. I don’t know what I would do with out you as my best friend.”

Marie couldn’t say anything. She just hugged her back as her tears started to roll down her cheeks. Then Randi hugged everyone else and thanked them for caring enough to come to Ireland because of her. They all hugged her back and said they wouldn’t have it any other way.


Part 178 Getting Ready To Be Prepped For Surgery…

A few moments later a nurse came into the waiting room to get Randi. Joe took her by the hand and led her to the nurse and they followed her to a small room. She gave her a gown and told her to change into it. She also told her she had to take her jewelry off. Randi started to cry. She hadn’t removed her necklace from Joe since he gave it to her. And she hated the idea of taking her engagement ring off. Joe seen the hurt in her eyes and promised her he wouldn’t let anything happen to either one and as soon as she was out of recovery he would but them back on her. The nurse walked out so Randi could change.

After she changed into the gown Joe took her necklace and ring off her and put them in his pocket. And promised her once again that nothing would happen to them. Joe laid her down on the bed and held her hand. He was fighting the tears. Randi started talking to him.

“What if I don’t make it out of the surgery Joe?”

“Don’t say that Randi. Everything will be fine.”

“I am so scared Joe. What if the cancer has spread farther then Dr. Sparks thinks? What if he has to remove both ovaries? I will never forgive myself.” Randi cried.

“Randi this isn’t y’er fault. Stop blaming y’er self please.” Joe pleaded.

“I am sorry, I just feel like I won’t be worth marrying if I am unable to give you a family. You deserve to have someone who can give you children. I know you want a family.” “Nonsense Randi. Don’t you think I ‘ave already thought of that? Yes, it would be nice to ‘ave a family some day, but y’er the one I want to be with. And if y’er not able to ‘ave a child then that’s the way it was meant to be. Don’t ever say y’er not worth marrying again. I love you for who you are, not wot you might or might not be able to give me.” Joe had tears rolling down his face.

Randi was a bit startled at the way Joe had just spoke to her. “I am sorry for saying that Joe. I know you will still love me no matter what. I just hate that I am putting you through this. I love you with all my heart.”

“I love you too Randi.” The nurse walked back in and asked if Randi was ready. Then pushed Randi and the bed out of the room with Joe following close behind.


Part 179 Prepping Randi For Surgery…

The nurse took Randi and Joe into the operating room. Dr. Sparks was already in there. He shook Joe’s hand and then Randi’s. Her hand was trembling from fear.

“Everything is going to be fine. I promise I am going to get you taken care of. And in a few weeks you will be feeling good as new.”

“Thank you Dr. Sparks.”

“Joe you can stay in ‘ere until she falls asleep, then you will ‘ave to wait out in the waiting room with your friends and loved ones.”

“I understand. Thank you for allowing me to come back ‘ere.”

“No problem Joe. If there is anything you should know about during the surgery some one will come tell you.”


“Now Ms. ‘Enderson, I am just going to feel around on your belly a little bit.” Then he started pressing on her belly to make sure there wasn’t any changes since he saw her last. Bonnie came in the room with an IV. While Dr. Sparks was checking Randi’s belly Bonnie hooked Randi up to the IV. Joe held her hand the whole time. Randi would squeeze his hand when Dr. Sparks hit a tender spot. 

Shortly after the IV was hooked up an anesthesiologist came in to hook Randi up to the gas that would put her to sleep. Joe knew he would have to leave soon. Bonnie and Dr. Sparks moved out of the way so the anesthesiologist could do his job and Joe could say goodbye. They were done until Randi was asleep. After Randi was hooked up Joe walked back to the side of her bed and took her hand in his.

“I love you Randi. I will be waiting for you when you wake up.”

“I love you too Joe. I am scared Joe please don’t leave me.”

“Everything will be fine.”

“Don’t leave me.” Randi was starting to fall asleep. Joe began to sing softly to her.

”‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad so bad? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone ‘ave you ever wanted someone? Yea’. Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? And you're the girl I gotta ‘ave. I gotta ‘ave you baby. ”

Joe sang and Randi slipped off to sleep. “I love you Randi.”

“Thanks for keeping ‘er calm for me Joe.” Dr. Sparks told him as he shook his hand. “Some one will come get you when it’s over. If the surgery goes smoothly you can sit with ‘er in the recovery room.”

“Ok.” Joe said as he turned to walk out of the room, but then he stopped. “Dr. Sparks?” “Yes Joe?”

“Thank you.”

Dr. Sparks just nodded his head and smiled then Joe went back to the waiting room.


Part 180 Randi’s Surgery…

Dr. Sparks started the surgery. He kept his fingers crossed that he was right and the cancer hadn’t spread to anywhere else. If it was just on the one ovary Randi would be fine, but if it had spread she would have to go through months of chemotherapy.  He had never seen Joe so concerned about anyone in all the years he had known him. Ms. Henderson must have been a truly special woman for Joe to show such concern about her. He hoped everything went smoothly; he didn’t want to have to break any more bad news to Joe, or Randi’s family.

After he got done removing the cysts off the left ovary and sewing it up he began looking at the right ovary. This poor woman, it was no wonder she was in such pain. Dr. Sparks had half a mind to call that Dr. Parnell himself, and then see what he could do to get his licenses revoked. There was only one explanation for what was going on with Randi. All Dr. Parnell cared about was getting his money. And as long as Randi was still having problems she would have to continue seeing him. Randi should have had surgery for these months ago. If she had, it wouldn’t have became cancerous. Just as he had predicted the cancer was only on the one ovary. Nothing else had been affected.

Dr. Sparks let out a deep breath of relief. As promised he was going to be able to make her better. It took a little while for him to get everything removed from Randi and get her sewn back up. It had been two and a half hours since Joe had left the room. Dr. Sparks knew Joe was probably going nuts worrying if Randi was ok. But she had more cysts then he thought and it took a little longer to work on the left ovary then he had expected. Finally Randi was sewn up and taken to the recovery room. Dr. Sparks washed up then went to the waiting room to tell everyone Randi would be fine.


Part 181 Waiting To Hear About Randi…

Everyone in the waiting room was silent. Dr. Sparks said the surgery wouldn’t be more then two hours and it had been over two hours. They were all starting to fear the worst. Why hadn’t any one came out and told them something? Joe was becoming impatient and scared. He stood up and started pacing. No one dared say a word to him. All the guys knew Joe well enough to know that when he was like this you don’t bother him. And they let everyone else know too so they didn’t try to talk to him.

Dr. Sparks finally emerged into the waiting room. Everyone was on their feet immediately and standing around him waiting to see what he had to say. No one could breath. This was the moment they had been waiting for. Was Randi going to be ok, or was there more wrong then they thought?

“Ms. ‘Enderson is going to be just fine.” Dr. Sparks said as everyone released the breath they were holding in. “As I predicted the cancer was only on the right ovary. All of the cancer ‘as been removed out of ‘er system and I expect nothing but a complete recovery.”

Everyone started hugging and shaking Dr. Sparks’ hand and thanking him for taking care of Randi. After everyone had calmed down he began to speak again.

“Ms. ‘Enderson is in the recovery room right now. You should all be able to see ‘er in about an ‘our. ‘Owever if it is ok with everyone, I am going to let Joe go ahead and go back there with ‘er. Ms. ‘Enderson was very frightened right before she went to sleep and we promised ‘er Joe would be there when she woke up.”

They all agreed that Joe should be in there with her. So Joe followed Dr. Sparks to the recovery room while the others returned to their seats.


Part 182 In The Recovery Room…

Dr. Sparks took Joe to the room Randi was in. Before he left them alone he assured Joe that everything was going to be fine. Joe’s eyes started getting wet. And he hugged Dr. Sparks then thanked him again. Dr. Sparks excused himself right away. He couldn’t let Joe see how choked up he was getting.

Joe went to Randi’s side and sat down in a chair. He held one of her hands and ran his fingers through her hair. He talked quietly to her. She was still sound asleep, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t tell her enough times how much he loved her, and how grateful he was to have her in his life. About 20 minutes later Randi started moving around a little and Joe knew she would be awake soon so he started to sing as quietly as he could.

”‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad so bad? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone ‘ave you ever wanted someone? Yea’. Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? And you're the girl I gotta have. I gotta ‘ave you baby. ”

Randi could hear Joe’s voice and slowly opened her eyes. She was confused; she didn’t know where she was. She looked at Joe and smiled. He had tears in his eyes.

“Joe where am I?” She asked almost in a whisper.

“Shh.” Joe said as he placed his finger over Randi’s lips. “Don’t talk luv. Just rest. The surgery is over. Y’er going to be fine. I promise.”

“Ok Joe.” She whispered and closed her eyes again.


Part 183 Putting Randi In Her Room…

About an hour later Randi was moved into the room she would be staying in. After she was settled in the nurse told Joe that everyone else could come in and see her, but no more then 3 people at once. So Joe went and got Thelma and Duane and took them to Randi’s room. Joe stood back while they loved on their daughter. Thelma was crying. Her baby girl was going to be ok. Joe had kept his promise and got her the help she needed. Randi was happy to see her parents but she was also still very sleepy.

“Mom, Dad?”

“Yes honey?” Thelma asked.

“I love you both.” They both hugged her and told her they loved her.

“Randi you have other people who would like to see you. Do you feel like having some more company?” Duane asked her.

“Who wants to see me?” Randi asked. She was still kind of out of it from the medicine.

“Marie is waiting to see you. And so is your other friends.” Thelma told her.

“Ok.” Randi smiled and closed her eyes again.

Duane and Thelma left the room and Marie and Phil came in. Phil stood back out of the way with Joe so Marie and Randi could visit. Marie sat down in a chair beside Randi and touched her hand. Randi opened her eyes and smiled at her.

“Hi Marie. Thanks.”

“Thanks for what?” Marie asked her.

“For being my best friend.”

Marie smiled. “See I told you everything was going to be ok.”

“I know. I guess I should start listening to you better. You are always right.”

Marie blushed and Joe and Phil giggled a little. They could see Randi’s stubbornness starting to melt away a little.

“Where are Joe and Phil?” Randi asked.

“We are right ‘ere luv.” Joe said as him and Phil walked over to the bed.

“Thank you for taking care of us.” She told them. “I want to go to sleep now.”

Then she closed her eyes. Joe. Marie, and Phil all went back to the waiting room and told everyone Randi was sleeping. Everyone who hadn’t seen her said they understood and would wait until later to see her.

It was after noon and everyone was getting hungry. Rick suggested they go get something to eat. Joe told everyone to go with out him. He didn’t want to leave Randi. So Phil said he would bring him back something to eat. Joe thanked him then went back to Randi’s room as everyone else left.


Part 184 Sitting In Randi’s Room…

Joe sat in Randi’s room beside her bed. He held her hand and talked to her even though she was asleep. He was so glad she was going to be ok. And he was even happier when he thought about the fact that when she got better he would be marrying her.

Joe smiled as he thought back to everything that had happened to bring them together. Mal coming backstage confused about how to ask them to wish a fan happy birthday and perform her favorite song. And giving Randi and Marie backstage passes. The look on Randi’s face as the spotlight hit her. How innocent she was while they were at the hotel together, getting scared while watching the movie, and the way she made him feel when she made love to him. The way the tears fell from her beautiful eyes when he confessed that he loved her. Then he thought of how excited she was when he showed up at her house in the middle of the night unannounced.

Then he thought of how close he was to losing her because of Tammy. He got mad for a moment, but then let it go. It was over with and Tammy wouldn’t be causing any more problems. Joe thought about the way Randi had came back to take care of him when he got hurt even though she was needing someone to take care of her. He stood up and kissed Randi on the forehead. She took care of him when he needed it, now he was taking care of her. And he would take care of her for the rest of their lives. Joe was still lost in his thoughts and didn’t hear Phil come in. When he spoke Joe jumped.

“‘Ey mate, is everything ok?” Phil asked.

“Yea’, I was just sitting ‘ere thinking about ‘ow much I love ‘er.”

“I know you do. ‘Ere better eat while it’s still ‘ot.”

“Thanks Phil.”

“No problem. If you need anything just let us know. Everyone is out in the waiting room.”


Phil walked out and Joe started to eat. He noticed Randi moving around so he sat his food down and went to her. She opened her eyes and smiled. She was more awake now.

“Hi Joe.”

“‘Ello luv. ‘Ow are you feeling?”

“Like a new person.” Joe laughed a little. “Well that’s good to ‘ere.”

“What smells so good? I am hungry. And where is everyone? I want to see our friends.” “That would be me lunch that you smell. And I will go tell the nurse y’er ready to eat, and tell everyone y’er ready to see ‘em.”

“Ok Joe thank you.”

“Y’er welcome luv.”

Then Joe walked out of the room to find Randi’s nurse and to tell everyone she was awake again and more alert this time.


Part 185 The Next Day…

Joe stayed at the hospital with Randi all night. He said he wasn’t leaving until she did. Everyone else had gone back to Joe’s the night before so they could rest.  Dr. Sparks came in early Tuesday morning to check on Randi. She was recovering a lot faster then he expected. And told her and Joe if she continued at the rate she was going she wouldn’t have to spend a whole week in the hospital.

After Dr. Sparks left Randi’s breakfast arrived.  Randi picked at her food not really eating.

“Wot’s wrong luv? Aren’t you ‘ungry? You need to eat so you can keep y’er strength up.” Joe told her.

“Yes I am hungry, but not for this stuff. I am ready to go back to your house and eat what Tina cooks. Her food is a lot better then this.”

Joe laughed. “Yea’ Tina is a good cook isn’t she?”

“Definitely. But you are right I need to eat so I guess I have to settle for this. I want to get out of here. I hate being in the hospital.”

A little while after Randi had finished her breakfast and the nurse took her tray their friends and Randi’s parents started to arrive. Everyone had gifts for her. Since she was doing so good, they allowed everyone to come in, but told them if Randi started getting tired, or weaker then what she was they would have to leave.

Viv and Jewels brought Randi balloons that said get well soon on them. Sav and Paige brought a teddy bear. Rick and Mandy, and Mal and Meg pitched in together and bought flowers. Marie and Phil got her a music box. And her parents bought her an angel figurine.

Randi thanked everyone for being so thoughtful and for coming to see her. She knew that their love and support was part of what was keeping her going. They finally convinced Joe to go home for a while so he could shower and rest up a bit. At first he argued that he couldn’t leave Randi alone. Marie said she would stay until he returned. So Randi finally convinced him to go home for a while. She told him he wouldn’t be any help to her if he ended up sick from lack of sleep. He admitted that she was right and gave her a kiss and went home.


Part 186 Two Days Later…

Everyone was at the hospital visiting with Randi when Dr. Sparks came in to see her. He was very impressed with the progress she was making. He asked if he could have everyone except Joe leave the room for a few minutes while he examined Randi. He needed plenty of space and he wanted to talk with Joe and Randi. After he examined her he began talking.

“Y’er recovering much faster then I expected. All of the tests we ran yesterday look great. And I am ‘appy to say we successfully removed all of the cancer.”

Randi smiled then Joe smiled and hugged her then shook Dr. Sparks’ hand and thanked him for taking care of Randi. Then Randi shook Dr. Sparks’ hand. He just smiled back at them.

“Ok now, when I let you go ‘ome y’er not allowed to anything.” He looked at Joe and Joe nodded his head. Then he turned back to Randi. “And when I say y’er not allowed to do anything, I mean nothing at all. I want you to stay in bed.  You eat in bed, if you ‘ave visitors they are to come sit in the bedroom with you. Stay in bed unless y’er going to the bathroom and even then I expect some one to ‘elp you walk. No exceptions, no excuses. Am I understood?”

“Yes sir.” Randi told him. Then Dr. Sparks turned to Joe.

“Don’t worry Dr. Sparks you know I won’t let ‘er do anything. I promise she will stay in bed.”

“Alright then, Ms. ‘Enderson ‘ow are you feeling?”

“I am feeling a lot better today. The soreness has gone down a lot.” 

“Do you feel well enough to go ‘ome?”

Randi looked at Joe and smiled. “Yes I think so.”

“Joe do you promise to make sure she does as I asked?”

“Yes sir. She won’t be doing anything other then resting.”

“Ok then, I am going to let you go ‘ome. If anything ‘appens that concerns you, or you start ‘urting real bad, or if you experience any ‘eavy bleeding I want you back up ‘ere immediately. And I want to see you in my office Monday morning for a check up.”

Ok Dr. Sparks she will be there.”

“Well you continue to get well and if you ‘ave any questions don’t ‘esitate to call me. A nurse will be in shortly to unhook your IV and send you on your way.” Dr. Sparks said as he walked out of the room.


Part 187 Getting Randi Home From The Hospital…

Joe had gone out to the waiting room when Dr. Sparks left the room. He told everyone Randi was being released. So everyone decided they would go ahead and go back to Joe’s since Randi would be getting out soon. Joe pushed Randi out in a wheel chair.

When they got home Phil come out to carry Randi’s things in. And Joe carried Randi in the house and straight to the bedroom. Tina had already turned down the blankets, put extra pillows on the bed and fluffed them.

Randi was relieved to be out of the hospital. Joe’s bed was so much more comfortable then that hospital bed. But was it really the bed or just the fact that at home Joe could hold her at the hospital he couldn’t. After Joe got Randi situated Tina brought her some lunch.

Dr. Sparks gave Randi an extra dose of pain medicine before he released her since she would be moving around so much getting in and out of the car, and into the house. So she was getting very sleepy. Everyone was anxious to visit with her, but she just couldn’t stay awake to visit. So after she ate she asked Joe to hold her while she went to sleep. Joe took Randi’s dishes out to the kitchen and told everyone she was too tired to visit right now and that they were going to take a nap. They all understood and said they would visit later. 

Joe went back to the bedroom and Randi was barely awake. When she heard Joe come in she opened her eyes and patted the bed for Joe to come lay with her. Joe slipped off his shoes and shirt then got into bed with Randi. He gently placed his hand on her belly below where she had the surgery. Randi smiled and started to whisper. 

“‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad?” Joe continued. “‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn’t ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard?”  

He looked over at Randi and she was already asleep. He smiled and pushed her hair away from her face.

“I love you Randi. I am so glad y’er back ‘ome with me.” Then Joe closed his eyes and fell asleep too.


Part 188 Over The Weekend/Monday Morning…

Randi stayed in bed all weekend like she was told. Everyone would come in and visit with her through out the day when she wasn’t sleeping. It helped knowing that so many people cared so much about her. Other than Marie and her parent’s she had never had anyone else care about her like this. And everyone’s support and encouragement gave her the strength to continue healing.

By the time Monday morning came around Randi was feeling great. After breakfast Joe helped Randi get washed up and dressed in very loose clothes. Then they left for her appointment. When they arrived Bonnie and Dr. Sparks were waiting for them. Dr. Sparks was very pleased with Randi’s progress. He had never seen someone who was as sick as Randi had been recover so fast.

“Randi, y’er recovering wonderfully. I am very pleased. ‘Ow are you feeling?” Dr. Sparks asked her.

“I am feeling a lot better. My stomach is still a little sore, but I feel a lot better then I did a week ago.” Randi told him.

“That’s great. Now, I don’t want you overdoing it. You may be feeling better, but that doesn’t mean y’er completely ‘ealed.”

“I know.”

“Ok then, you can start doing little things such as sitting on the couch and watching TV. Or sitting in the living room while you eat. But if y’er going to be somewhere other then in the bed, I want you to sit in something with lots of cushioning. No sitting at the kitchen table or anything like that. You need to stay comfortable. And you can start relaxing in the tub if you would like. ‘Owever I don’t want you out running around. Ok?” Dr. Sparks told her.

“Ok Dr. Sparks thank you.” Randi told him.

“Your welcome Ms. ‘Enderson. I am glad y’er doing so much better. Joe promise me you won’t let ‘er overdo it?”

Yes Dr. Sparks I promise.” Joe told him.

“Ok then, you can go ‘ome now. I want to see you back in one week. Bonnie will make an appointment for you.”

Ok Dr. Sparks. See you next week.” Randi said as she got up to leave.

 “Cheerio Dr. Sparks thanks for everything.” Joe told him as he shook his hand.

“No problem Joe. I am glad I could ‘elp.”

Joe and Randi scheduled her next appointment then headed back to his house to tell everyone how impressed Dr. Sparks was with Randi’s progress.


Part 189 Two Weeks Later…

Randi was feeling a lot better and had got most of her energy and strength back. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time. Everyone except Marie and Phil had went home. Duane and Thelma planned on coming back to visit in a month or two.

Rick and Mandy went back to her house. Rick was trying to convince her to sell her salon and move to California with him. She hadn’t agreed yet, but Rick knew she was close to giving in. Viv and Jewels went to his parent’s to get the girls. Then decided to stay for a little while before returning home. It had been a while since they had spent any time together.

Mal asked Meg to go to Sheffield with him so he could show her where he lived. She gladly accepted. She had never been to England before and was really excited. Sav and Paige had returned to Sheffield also. So Mal and Meg spent some time with them also. Paige enjoyed getting to show Meg around.

Marie was so happy that her friend was feeling so much better. And she was so excited that Randi and Joe would be getting married. The only problem was, once they were married, Randi would be living in Ireland and Marie would be back in the states without her. Randi and Marie had always lived close to each other. What was Marie going to do living so far away from her best friend?


Part 190 Phone Call From The Realtor…

The realtor who was in charge of selling Randi’s office called Joe and said some one wanted buy it. Then he asked Joe when he would be able to come to South Carolina to finalize the sell. Joe told him he would have to call him back in a couple of days after Randi’s next doctors appointment. He wasn’t about to leave when Randi had an appointment to go to. The realtor said that was fine and he would be waiting to hear from him. After he hung up Joe found Marie and Randi to tell them the good news. He knew it would take a load off their shoulders.  Both ladies had been worried that no one was going to buy it. Joe sat down on the couch beside Randi.

“Who was on the phone?” Randi asked.

“The realtor I ‘ired to sell y’er office.”

“Really? What did he say?” Marie asked.

“Some one wants to buy it. And ‘e needs me to come to South Carolina as soon as possible.”

“Well when are you going to go?” Randi asked him.

“I am so glad someone is finally going to buy that place.”

“I will go after y’er next doctors appointment.” Joe told her.

“Why not go now? I will be fine.”

“No way am I missing y’er appointment. If the person buying it can’t understand that, then that’s their problem not mine.”

“Ok Joe.”

“Hey Joe thanks for your help.” Marie told him.

“Don’t worry about it. I am ‘appy to ‘elp.”


Part 191 Randi’s Next Doctor’s Appointment…

Joe and Randi went to the appointment. Dr. Sparks said she was doing great. And within another couple of weeks she should be completely healed. Joe and Randi were both relieved. Joe decided to ask some questions.

“Dr. Sparks ‘ow much longer before Randi can travel?”

Dr. Sparks looked at him. “Not yet, that’s for sure. She needs to wait a few more weeks. Why?”

“I need to go back to the states later this week and I really didn’t want to leave ‘er ‘ere.” Joe told him.

“I am sorry, but that is not a good idea. Ms. ‘Enderson, y’er not well enough yet to be making a trip like that. And you don’t need to be alone yet either. Will someone be there to ‘elp ‘er while y’er gone?”

“Yes, my ‘ousekeeper will be there. And possibly Marie.”

“Ok. Well give it a few more weeks. I don’t want you taking any chances.”

Ok Dr. Sparks.” Randi told him.

“I ‘ave another question.” Joe told him then looked at Randi with a sly grin.

Randi got nervous all of a sudden. Judging from the look Joe had given her, she knew he was going to embarrass her.

“Yes Joe wot is it?”

“‘Ow much longer before we can make love?”

“JOE!!!!” Randi yelled as her face turned bright red.

“Wot?” He asked sweetly.

“I can’t believe you just asked that.”

Dr. Sparks chuckled. “I would say by the time you return from your trip to the states it should be safe.”

“Ok thanks.”

Randi was still bright red and couldn’t even look at Dr. Sparks. She couldn’t believe Joe had asked that.

“Ms. ‘Enderson?”

Yes Dr. Sparks?” Randi asked as she slowly lifted her head.

“No need to be embarrassed. I am glad Joe asked instead of taking a chance in doing it to soon and ‘urting you.”


“Now Joe, you ‘ave a safe trip. And Randi, don’t overdo it. I will see you in a couple of weeks.”

Thanks Dr. Sparks.” Joe told him.

“Bye.” Randi said as they got up and left the room.


Part 192 Leaving For South Carolina

Phil decided to go back to the states with Joe. He was going to help him with taking care of selling the building. He was also going to go home for a day and get some things. Marie and Randi each gave the guys a list of things to bring back from their houses. Neither had planned on being in Ireland this long. Marie and Phil was sitting in the kitchen saying their goodbyes while Joe got Randi in bed and comfortable. He was still uncomfortable about leaving her while she was still recovering. Tina tapped on the door while they were talking.

“Come in.” Randi spoke up.

Tina walked in and seen how upset and worried Joe looked.

“Joe don’t worry, I promise Marie and I will take good care of ‘er while y’er gone.”

“I know you will Tina. Thanks.”

She smiled sweetly. “No need to thank me. I don’t mind. Randi are you ‘ungry? Do you need any thing?”

“Not right now. Thanks for asking.” Randi told her.

“Ok well if you need any thing just let me know.” Tina told her as she walked out of the room closing the door behind her. Joe wrapped his arms around Randi after Tina left. They started kissing passionately for a moment before Randi broke the kiss.

“Wot’s wrong?” Joe asked.

“Remember what Dr. Sparks said? We can’t make love until after you come back from South Carolina.” Randi smiled.

“Yea’ I know.” Joe told her.

“Well if you keep kissing me like that you are going to drive yourself nuts before then.” Randi laughed.

“I guess y’er right.” Joe grinned. “Well you better be ready for me when I get back.” “Don’t worry I will.”


“I love you Joe. Please be careful.”

“I love you too. And don’t worry I am always careful.”

Randi rolled her eyes at him and giggled.

“I will call you when we get there. You don’t overdo it while I am gone.”

“I won’t I promise.”

“Ok.” Joe said as he looked down at his watch. “Well our flight leaves in an ‘our so I better go see if Phil is ready to go so we don’t miss it.”

“Ok Joe. See you in a few days.”

“Cheerio luv.” Joe told her as he kissed her again and caressed her belly before getting up to leave the room.

Joe walked into the kitchen and found Marie and Phil in the middle of a heated kiss. Neither one was aware of Joe’s presence. 

“‘Ey you two break it up. There are enough bedrooms in this house. You don’t need to make out at me kitchen table.” Joe laughed.

Phil and Marie both jumped when Joe started talking. Marie started blushing.

“Sorry Joe.” She told him.

“I was only kidding.” Joe grinned.

“Well luv.” Phil started talking. “Joe and I better get going so we can catch our flight. I will call you later.”

“Ok Phil. I will miss you.”

“I will miss you too luv.”

“Marie you and Tina make sure Randi doesn’t do too much. Tina knows Dr. Sparks number if you need to reach him. And if anything ‘appens you call me immediately.” Joe told her as he picked up his bag.

“Don’t worry Joe. She will be fine. I am not going to let her do any thing she shouldn’t.” “Thanks.”

Phil gave Marie another kiss before picking up his bag. Then they headed outside just as their cab pulled up.


Part 193 Arriving In South Carolina

Joe and Phil met with the realtor and the person who wanted to buy the building shortly after they arrived. The had enough time to drop their bags off at Randi’s and call the ladies to let them know they had made it safely. Joe lectured Randi about not overdoing it while he was gone. She told him to stop worrying so much; he was starting to sound like her mother. He laughed and said he would try.

The meeting went smoothly. And by the time it was over the office had been sold. The guys knew that would take a load off both Randi and Marie’s minds. Now they just had to work on convincing them to move permanently. Joe knew Randi would eventually since they would be getting married. But Phil wasn’t sure how easy it would be to convince Marie to move to California. He was in love with her, but wasn’t sure if they were ready for marriage.

Both Phil and Joe were exhausted from the flight and the meeting. So they went back to Randi’s house and ordered pizza for supper. Phil would go to Marie’s tomorrow to get the things she asked him to pick up for her. Tonight he just wanted to rest. And so did Joe. They just wasn’t sure how well they would be able to sleep without their ladies lying next to them. They would spend the next day and night in South Carolina and get everything Marie and Randi had asked for before heading to California to Phil’s house for a day and then back to Ireland.


Part 194 Getting Everything Packed…

Phil and Joe finally got up around noon. Neither one had slept well at all. So they just gave up. They missed having their arms wrapped around their ladies while they slept. Both were ready to get back. So Phil got up and showered then left for Marie’s house. While he was gone Joe got showered and began looking for the things Randi asked him to bring back.

Joe started looking around and found a few of the things, but was having trouble finding others so he called Randi. While he was talking to her and she was telling him where to look he seen something he hadn’t noticed before. Every time he had been in her bedroom he had been too wrapped up in other things to notice a whole lot. 

“Hi Joe. I miss you.”

“I miss you too. ‘Ow are you feeling?”

“Pretty good, but I will be better when you come back. I didn’t sleep very well without you.”

Joe laughed. “I didn’t get much sleep either. I don’t think Phil did either.”

“Marie misses him too.”

“Randi luv wot is this?”

“Uh, what are you talking about Joe? I can’t see what you are looking at.” Randi told him.

“There is a small wooden rocking chair and something beside it that looks like a toy box or something sitting in the corner of y’er bedroom. I never noticed ‘em before.”

“I have had those since I was a little girl. Marie has the same thing. My parents bought them for us one year for Christmas.” Randi told him.

Joe could tell she was blushing. “That’s sweet. So do you ‘ave y’er toys in it still?” He joked.

“Well… I mean no. No I don’t.” Randi said embarrassed.

Joe was amused by Randi’s reaction. “Really? Well wot do you ‘ave in there? Maybe I will just take a peek.”

“NO.” Randi said louder then she meant to.

“Why not?” Joe teased.

“Please Joe. Don’t get in there. It would embarrass me.” Randi begged him.

“Ok luv. I won’t I promise. Well I think that I ‘ave found everything. We will be going to Phil’s in the morning. Then we will be back.”

“Ok Joe. I love you. See you Friday.”

“I love you too. Cheerio.” Joe hung up the phone and packed up the rest of the things Randi had asked for. Then he went to the living room to watch TV. He was just about to doze off when Phil returned with Marie’s things. Joe was about to close his eyes again when Phil started talking to him.

“‘Ey Joe wot do you say we surprise Marie and Randi?” Phil asked.

“Wot do you ‘ave in mind?”

“I was thinking I could go ahead and catch a flight to California this evening and get wot I need and come back when I am done. Then we can head back to y’er ‘ouse early.”

“Ok that sounds good to me.” Joe told him.

“I figured you would like the idea.” Phil laughed.

“Ok well I will call the airport and see when the next flight is. So I can get there and get back.”


Part 195 After Joe Called…

Randi was taking a bubble bath. And Marie was talking to Tina while she made lunch. They were talking about how much better Randi was doing. And how nice Joe and Phil, and the rest of the guys were.

“So do you think you and Phil will get married?” Tina asked Marie.

“I don’t know. I haven’t even thought about that. Maybe some day, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon.” Marie told her.

“Well I think y’er cute together.”

“Thanks.” Marie blushed.

The doorbell rang just as Randi was getting out of the tub. She heard it, but didn’t think anything about it. Tina and Marie wondered who would possibly be there. Usually when Joe was gone he didn’t have any visitors. Tina went to answer the door and found a deliveryman waiting.

“Good afternoon ma’am. I ‘ave a couple of deliveries for this address.”

“Ok.” She told him.

“If you could just sign this paper saying I delivered the packages I will go get ‘em.” He said and handed her his clipboard.

Marie was standing a few feet away. Tina looked at her and shrugged her shoulders. She had no idea what was going on. Randi came out as the deliveryman returned to the door. “What’s going on?” She asked Marie.

“Oh just a couple of deliveries for Joe.”

“Ok.” Randi said as she started to go to the kitchen.

Tina took the two boxes from the man and closed the door. She looked at them and stopped Randi.

“These are for the two of you. Joe and Phil must ‘ave ‘ad them sent. One says Marie and the other says Randi on it.” Tina said as she handed each of them a box.

“I wonder what they are up to this time.” Randi said as she took her box and went into the living room. Marie and Tina followed. Randi’s box was bigger then Marie’s.

Marie opened her box first. Inside was a pair of diamond earrings. Marie was speechless. She didn’t know what to say. So Tina spoke up.

“Those are beautiful.”

“I know. Wow I can’t believe this.” Marie stuttered.

“Wot does the note say? That is if you want to read it out loud.” Tina said.

Marie read the note to herself first before reading it out loud. Just in case Phil had decided to be naughty. After seeing that he had behaved himself Marie read it to Tina and Randi.

“‘Ello luv. ‘Ere’s a pair of pretty earrings for a beautiful lady. I love you. Phil”

“That’s so sweet.” Tina told her.

“Yes it is. And those earrings are beautiful. Put them on.” Randi told her.

“Ok. What did you get Randi?” Marie asked.

Randi opened her box the rest of the way and blushed. Then read her note and blushed even more.

“Well what is it?” Marie asked again.

“Joe must be being naughty. Your face is bright red.” Tina smiled.

“Yes he is being a little naughty.” Randi said as she pulled everything out of the box to show them. Joe sent her a pajama set that was very thin, short, and made of silk and lace. The top said angel on it.

Marie started laughing. “Well I guess we know what he is thinking about.” Tina joined her and laughed too.

“Ha, ha, ha, very funny.” Randi said rolling her eyes. She started to read her note to them then stopped. “I am not sure I want to read this to you. I know you are going to give me a hard time.”

“No we won’t. We promise. Right Tina?”

“Right. Trust me Randi, I ‘ave worked for Joe long enough I know ‘ow ‘e can be.”

“Ok.” Randi said still not wanting to read it.

“For my angel. I can’t wait to see this on you, so I can take it off of you. Love, Joe.” Randi was blushing again. As promised they didn’t give her a hard time. They just smiled and said the pajamas were pretty.


Part 196 Phil Coming Back From California

Phil returned to Randi’s around 3:00am on Thursday. Joe was asleep on the couch. He knew Joe wasn’t very pleasant when he was woke up, but he was anxious to get back to Dublin so he could be with Marie. And he knew Joe was worried about Randi and wanted to get back. So he decided to take his chances and wake him up to see if he wanted to see if they could catch a flight out in the next couple of hours.

After a few minutes Phil finally succeeded at waking Joe. And as expected he was grumpy at first. But as soon as Phil explained why he woke him up his bad mood slowly went away and he got up and got ready to go while Phil called the airport. There was a flight leaving at 5:30am. That would give Joe enough time to wake up a little more, and they could grab a bite to eat. Joe woke up a little more then got his bag and Randi’s and sat them by the door. Phil already had his and Marie’s bags by the door.

Around 4:00am they left to find somewhere to eat before their flight. They remembered the restaurant where Meg works was open 24 hours and decided to go there. The guys ate a quick meal and drank a few cups of hot tea. Then they were on their way to the airport. In a few hours they would be back with the women they loved.


Part 197 Returning From The States…
Note: possible tissues

Tina, Marie, and Randi were sitting at in the den when Joe and Phil returned unannounced. Marie leaped up and ran to Phil jumping into his arms as he embraced her in a bear hug then gave her a deep kiss. Randi too got up quickly, although not quit as fast as her friend. She was feeling extremely well today. In fact she couldn’t remember the last time she had felt as good as she did.  Joe sat the bags down and picked Randi up then began kissing her.

“‘Ello luv. Did you miss me?” He asked with a grin.

“Of course I did.”

“‘Ow are you feeling?”

“I feel great.” Randi told him.

“Wonderful.” Joe told her then whispered into her ear. “I am glad because I feel like making love to you. Wot do you think?”

Randi blushed and looked around hoping the others hadn’t heard him. She whispered back. “I like the sound of that too, but don’t you think you should at least get settled in a little first?”

“Ok luv. I can wait a lil’ longer.” Joe kissed her again before sitting her down.

“I see you got y’er earrings luv. Do you like ‘em?” Phil asked Marie once they finally stopped kissing.

“I love them. Thank you. They are beautiful.”

“Just like the lady wearing ‘em.”

“Oh Phil, you are so romantic.” Marie told him as she kissed his cheek. Then led him back to the den. Joe and Randi followed.

“So did you get the office sold?” Randi asked.

“Yes luv it’s sold. As a matter of fact I ‘ave y’er checks right ‘ere.” Joe said reaching into his pocket and taking out his wallet. Then handed both ladies a check.

“Thank you Joe. Now I can get Dr. Parnell paid off and pay for my surgery.”

The expression on Joe’s face went cold and everyone was silent. Randi wasn’t sure what was wrong.

Nervously she finally asked. “Joe what’s wrong? I didn’t mean to upset you.”

 Joe’s expression softened a little, but not much. “You will do no such thing.” 

“I have to pay my bills Joe.”

“I said no. You don’t ‘ave any bills to pay.”

“What do you mean I don’t have any bills? Have you forgotten about the surgery I just had and how many months I seen Dr. Parnell?”

“No luv, I ‘aven’t forgotten. But y’er bills ‘ave been taken care of.”

“What do you mean Joe? I haven’t paid them yet. How could they be taken care of?”

“It’s simple really. I paid for y’er surgery before it was even performed.”

“Thank you Joe. Thank you very much. But that still doesn’t take care of Dr. Parnell’s bill.” Randi told him.

“I took care of that too.” Joe paused as Randi started to interrupt. He stopped her and finished his sentence. “No I didn’t pay ‘im anything. ‘Owever Phil and I paid him a lil’ visit while we was at y’er ‘ouse.”

Randi looked at Phil who was grinning from ear to ear. “What did you do?” Randi asked, not sure she really wanted to hear their answer.

Phil took over. “Nothing really. Just told ‘im ‘e ‘ad two choices.”

“Oh no.” Marie said quietly.

“No worries ladies.” Joe began talking again. “We just calmly told ‘im to either wipe y’er bill clean, or ‘e would be ‘earing from me lawyer and would be receiving a bill for y’er surgery since it was ‘is fault you ‘ad to ‘ave it anyway.”

“Oh and don’t forget, the costs for all the pain and suffering etc. that you ‘ave experienced.” Phil added.

Randi got teary eyed as she stood up and went to Phil first and hugged him. Then to Joe and kissed him

“Thank you guys both so much.”

“No problem.” Phil smiled.

“Just looking out for you luv.”

Marie began talking. “Thanks guys. I don’t have any big bills to pay, but I would like to use my part for something certain.”

“And wot would that be luv?” Phil asked.

“Well Thelma and Duane did give us the money to buy the office, I want to pay them back. Randi you can use yours for you. But this is how I want to use mine. I had planned on paying them back someday anyway.”

“That sounds fair enough if that’s wot you want to do.” Joe told her.

“I agree Marie. Since I don’t have to worry about the doctor bills now, I will send Mom and Dad my part of it too. I know they can use it.”

“Ok then it’s settled. I will take you tomorrow to get ‘em cashed then write out a check for Duane and Thelma and get it sent to ‘em. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready to go to bed.” Joe said smiling at Randi. Phil pretended to yawn.

“Yea’ me too. Care to join me luv?” He asked Marie as he stood up. Everyone said good night to Tina then slipped off to their bedrooms.


Part 198 The First Night Back From The States Joe And Randi’s Room Part 1

After they went into the bedroom Randi slipped off to the bathroom while Joe got undressed and slipped into bed. When Randi came out of the bathroom Joe was stunned. He thought the pajamas he had sent her would look good on her, but he did realize how good. Randi noticed the expression on Joe’s face and giggled.

“So do I look good?” She asked blushing.

“Like an angel.” Joe responded. “Now come ‘err to me.”

Randi got in bed and lay down beside him. Joe noticed right away that something was on her mind.

“Wot’s wrong luv?”

“Nothing.” Randi said trying to avoid answering him.

“I am not playing that game. Now wot’s wrong Randi? Are you feeling bad? Are you in pain? Tell me.” Joe demanded.

“No Joe. It’s nothing like that. I told you I am feeling a lot better.”

“Wot is it then? I know something is wrong. You can’t ‘ide it.”

“I am just a little nervous that’s all.” Randi told him.

Now he was confused. “Nervous? About wot?”

“About us making love again.” Randi told him and sighed.

“If y’er not ready I understand. Are you afraid it will ‘urt?”

“It’s not that Joe…” She trailed off and looked away.

“Wot then?”

Randi still wouldn’t look him in the eye. “I really do want you to make love to me. I am just afraid I won’t be any good now. I don’t want to disappoint you.”

 Joe sat up and made her look at him. “Randi that’s crazy. If anything, it will be better now. Especially for you since you don’t ‘ave all those cysts and the cancer inside you now. If you start feeling uncomfortable or if it ‘urts at any time all you ‘ave to do is say so and I will stop. I promise. Ok?”

“Ok Joe. Thanks for talking some sense into me.”

“Don’t mention it luv.” Joe said as he began to kiss Randi gently.


Part 199 The First Night Back From The States Joe And Randi’s Room Part 2…


“So did you like the note with y’er pajamas?” Joe asked then started kissing Randi’s neck.

“Yes.” Randi blushed. “Even though it embarrassed me.”

Joe laughed and left a wet trail down the side of Randi’s neck with his tongue. “I missed you so much.” Joe told her as he started to become more aroused.

“I missed you too. I didn’t sleep very well without you. I am glad you came back early.” “So am I.” Joe said as Randi began rubbing her hands across his chest. “So can I do wot the note said?”

“I thought you would never ask.” Randi said as she sat up. Joe smiled and sat up too. Then gently removed Randi’s top. The shorts of the set where low cut. And the scar from her surgery was showing. Randi felt her self become a little uncomfortable. Joe sensed it and laid Randi back down. He began tracing his finger across the scar making Randi’s skin tingle.

“It’s ugly. Why are you touching it?” Randi asked.

“Don’t say that. It just adds to y’er beauty. It’s a part of you now. And I love you. Everything about you.” Joe said. Then he began kissing the scar lightly. Randi was still tense at first, but slowly she relaxed and accepted what Joe had said. Randi’s skin was still tingling after Joe stopped. Then she realized Joe was tugging at her shorts. She lifted her hips slightly and Joe slipped the shorts down Randi’s legs and tossed them on the floor. Then lay down beside her.

Randi rose up and began kissing Joe. Her nipples became harder as Joe slipped his tongue into her mouth. Joe felt one of Randi’s swollen nipples brush against him and smiled. Then covered her breasts with his hands. And began caressing them gently. 

“Joe I am ready to make love to you. Please.” Randi begged.

“It would be my pleasure.” Joe said as he laid her back down and positioned himself over her. “Now remember if you want me to stop just say so and I will. If it ‘urts please tell me.”

“I promise I will. Just be gentle.”

“Ok luv.” Joe started to enter Randi, but she tensed up so he stopped and looked her deep in the eyes waiting for her to relax.

“I am sorry Joe. You are just so big I am still a little afraid.”

“Its ok luv. I promise to take it easy.”

“I know.” Joe tried again. This time he succeeded. He began to move slowly inside of her. Randi closed her eyes and sighed. “I ‘ave missed making love to you. You feel so good.” Joe moaned as he lowered his head and began sucking on her nipples.

“Joe, I think I am going to cum. Oh Joe.” Randi said as Joe began to suck harder on her nipples and roll them around with his tongue.

Joe looked up and smiled at Randi as he felt his own orgasm growing closer.

“See luv, I told you everything would be fine.” Joe told her as he felt her tense up. “Are you ok?”

“Oh yes Joe. Please don’t stop.” Randi begged as she climaxed. 

“I won’t stop until y’er ready luv.” Joe told her as his seed began to release into Randi. When it was over Joe laid down beside her. Randi laid her head on his chest. And he wrapped one arm around her then placed his hand on her scar.

“Thank you for showing me that I am not less of a person now.”

“I enjoyed every minute of it luv. I can’t wait to make you my wife. Good night.”

“Good night Joe.”


Part 200 The First Night Back From The States Phil and Marie’s Room…


After they got in the bedroom Phil decided he wanted to take a shower.

“Do you want to take a shower with me luv?” Phil asked with a mischievous grin. “I will wash y’er um, back for you.” 

“Ok Phil. I will let you wash my back for me.” Marie laughed as they headed for their bathroom. Phil already had his shirt off. He had shed it the second they got into the bedroom. Marie started to take hers off and Phil stopped her.

“Allow me luv.” He said as he started to unbutton it.

While Phil was taking off her shirt Marie unbuttoned her pants and slid them off. Phil was quite pleased when he seen she wasn’t wearing any panties. Then pulled her to him and started kissing her giving himself an instant hard on. Phil pants were starting to get a little too tight for his growing member.

“Let me help you out of those.” Marie offered as she tugged at Phil’s pants. Once they were both naked Phil walked over to the shower and turned on the water. Then took Marie by the hand and helped her in the shower. He quickly followed. Phil grabbed the soap and started to suds up a washrag. As promised he was going to wash Marie’s back, but he planned to wash other parts of her too. While he did that Marie stood under the showerhead letting the water cascade down her body.

“Come ‘ere luv.” Phil said as he pulled her to him. “Now turn around.”

Then he began scrubbing her back for a moment. Soon Marie felt him pressing against her back and he wrapped his arms around her. Phil squeezed the washrag making soap suds slide down Marie’s chest, and then he tossed the washrag aside and smiled.  Marie scooted farther back against Phil as he began kissing her neck and cupping her breasts in his hands. Using the soap to help slide his hands around better. She could feel that Phil was becoming more aroused as his cock started poking her more. So she turned around and faced him. 

She reached down and started stroking him. Phil groaned and started kissing her. Then he slipped his hand between Marie’s legs and began caressing her hot throbbing folds. Phil felt her get weak and wrapped his other arm around her to keep her from falling. They were back under the showerhead and the soapsuds had been rinsed away from her breasts so Phil began nibbling lightly on her nipples. Marie’s knees were close to giving out on her. Phil was driving her nuts and he knew it. Before she knew it he had lifted her up and she was straddling him.

Somehow he managed to shut off the water and get out of the shower all while holding Marie. He carried her back to the bed and laid her down. He felt like he would explode any minute so he didn’t waste much time entering her. He teased her clit with the head of his cock for just a moment making her moan, before he plunged into her as deep as he could. Marie’s body tightened around him almost immediately. Phil could feel her juices surrounding him and it drove him wild. Marie started to relax as she thought her orgasm was over.

Then Phil started sucking, licking, and kissing her neck. And she began to tighten up again. This time it got the best of Phil too. He his seed mixed with the juices Marie had released with her orgasms. Before they knew it they had both fell asleep and hadn’t even shut off the lights.

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