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Randi's Rock Star Fiction
Love Bites-Chapters 101-150

A Joe Elliott Story

Part 101 Randi Talking To Her Mom On The Phone…

“Hi Mom. How are you?”

“Oh hi Randi. I am fine. How are you? You sound extremely happy. What’s going on? I haven’t heard from you in a couple of months. I was beginning to worry about you.”

“I am sorry Mom. I haven’t been home much.” Randi told her trying to figure out how she was going to tell her Mom about Joe.

“You haven’t been home?” Her Mom sounded confused. “What about your office? Did you and Marie have to close it up? Is everything ok, do you need some money?”

“Mom, please calm down. Everything is fine I promise. The office is still open. And I don’t need any money. We have kind of been on a vacation.”

“Oh? Where did you go?”

“Well… Ok Mom, I won’t beat around the bush. I have a boyfriend.”

Her mom was silent for a minute. Randi waited to see what she was going to say. “Who is it dear? Is he a nice guy? Please tell me you didn’t find another guy like Frank. I can’t stand the thought of you going through that again.”

“He’s is nothing at all like Frank. I promise. You can even ask Marie. She knows all about him. She is dating one of his best friends. They are both great guys.”

“So what is his name?”

“Joe...” Randi paused for a moment. “Joe Elliott.”

“That name sounds familiar dear. Have I met him before?”

“No, you haven’t met him, but I am sure you have heard of him. Mom do you remember what band I used to talk about all the time?”

“Um, wasn’t it Def Leppard or something like that?”

“Yes Mom. That’s the band.”

“Well what do they have to do with your new boyfriend?”

“Are you sitting down Mom?”

“Yes dear I am now please tell me what’s going on.” 

“Joe Elliott is the lead singer of Def Leppard. And Marie is dating Phil Collen. He is one of the guitar players.” Randi’s mom was silent for a minute.

“How did you girls hook up with them?”

Randi proceeded to tell her mother about the concert on her birthday and everything that happened at the concert. She just didn’t tell her how serious they were. And she told her about being on tour with them.

“Oh honey, I am so happy for you. When are you going to bring him to meet your father and I?”

“Well they will be on tour for about another month. The last concert is here. I think he will be staying with me for a few days after its over. Maybe we can come then. You have to promise you won’t embarrass me.”

“I promise I won’t as long as he shows manners. Why don’t you bring Marie and her friend too? Its been along time since I seen her.”

“Ok Mom, I will see what I can do. Now I need to go. Give Dad a kiss for me and tell him I love him.”

 “Ok dear. We love you. See you soon.”

“I love you too. Bye.”

Randi hung up relieved that she had finally told her Mom about Joe. She just hoped her Dad was as happy as her Mom was.


Part 102 First Day Back To Work…

Marie and Randi went back to their office and opened it up.  Everyone was thrilled that they were back and wanted details about their trip. Randi and Marie told them some, but not too much. They knew the guys wanted to keep their privacy. During lunch Randi told Marie she had told her Mom about Joe.

“You did? What did she say?” Marie asked.

“Well…” Randi paused.

“Please tell me she didn’t get upset.”

“No not at all. She was happy, just concerned that I may have found another Frank.” “Eww.” Marie shook at the thought. “She should know I wouldn’t let that happen.”

“I know. Any way, she asked me to bring Joe to meet her and Dad after the tour is over. She wants you and Phil to come too.”

“Really?!” Marie said jumping up from her excitement. “I would love to go see them. I love your parents. Oh I hope Phil will go.”

“Me too. Mom really wants to see you. Do you want to swing past Mandy’s salon after work and invite her to go see Meg at work?”

“Sure it sounds good to me.”

Randi and Marie’s lunch hour was over and they got back to work. They couldn’t wait for the day to end so they could see their friends. When the day was over they closed up and headed to catch Mandy before she left.


Part 103 The Ladies Going Out After Work…

Marie and Randi pulled up out side Mandy’s salon just as she was locking up. Marie honked the horn to get her attention. Mandy looked up then smiled and waved. She walked over to the car and said hi.

“We are going to go see Meg. Do you want to come with us?” Randi asked.

“Sure it sounds like fun. I need to run home first so how about I meet you there?” Mandy told them.

“Ok see you in a little while. Bye.” Marie said as she started to pull away.

Mandy got in her car and went home to change. Marie and Randi went on to the restaurant where Meg worked and found a table. When Meg seen them sit down she went to their table and started talking.

“Mandy will be here in a little while.” Randi told her.

“That’s great. I get off in about 20 minutes so I think I will stay and talk with you for a while.”

“Good, we came so we could see you.” Marie told her.

“Really? Thanks, I will join you as soon as I can.” Then she went to finish up her work, while another waitress waited on them.

Mandy came in while they were ordering and quickly looked over the menu and ordered too. Then they sat and talked while waiting for their food and Meg. Meg finally came and joined them right as their food was being served.

“So is Joe feeling better?”

“Yeah, I think so. He seemed to be better, but I told him not to over do it just to be on the safe side.” Randi told her.

“When do you two get back? I thought you would stay with them for the rest of the tour.” Mandy asked them.

“We came back a couple of days ago. We needed to get the office opened back up.” Marie told them.

“Oh I see.” Mandy responded.

“Ok, their last concert is here and they want us to come. I promised you two would be with us. So make sure you don’t make any plans. Mal and Rick will be disappointed if you don’t come.” Randi told them.

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” Mandy told her.

“Me either. Mal is a nice guy. We became really good friends while we was traveling with them.” Meg said smiling.

“Good, I am glad you are both coming. The guys will be glad too.” Marie smiled.

The ladies ate their dinner and talked for a while before calling it a night. Then went home. Joe and Phil would be calling Randi and Marie later.


Part 104 Two Weeks Later…

The phone woke Randi up. She picked it up and answered it. It was Joe.

“Good morning beautiful.”

“Good morning Joe. You are up awful early. Didn’t you have a concert last night?”

“Yea’ we did. But I ‘ave been laying ‘ere awake thinking of you.”

“Thank you Joe.” Randi said blushing a little. “How is your back?”

“Its fine, but I will be better when I am with you again.” Joe said making Randi giggle. “Well it won’t be much longer. I think we can make it another two weeks.” 

“Man, two more weeks. I will be glad when it’s over.”

“Um Joe.” Randi paused.

“Yes luv?”

“What are you and Phil planning to do after the tour is over?”

“Spending time with our ladies of course.”

“I mean are you going to stay here for a while or what?” She asked.

“I don’t know wot do you ‘ave in mind?”

“Well I have been needing to ask you about something.”

“Wot is it?”

“Well my parents…”

Joe interrupted. “I should ‘ave known this was coming. Let me guess they ‘ate me already right?”

“No, not at all. But they do want to meet you. Phil too. They love Marie like their own and want to meet then men who are making us so happy.”

“We’ll see. No promises.” Joe said.

“Please Joe. It’s important to me. And Marie is really excited about it too. She was going to talk to Phil about it next time she talks to him.”

“Oh alright. If it makes you ‘appy I will go. Now I better be getting off ‘ere for now. You ‘ave a good day and I will talk to you soon. I love you.”

“Thanks Joe. I love you too. Bye.”

“Cheerio.” Randi hung up the phone then called Marie right away to tell her Joe agreed to go and she needed to talk to Phil before Joe did. Marie agreed and said she would call him right away.


Part 105 Marie Calling Phil…

“‘Ello?” Phil answered the phone.

“Hi Phil.”

“Well good morning luv. ‘Ow are you today?”

“I am fine. How are you?”

“I am doing good. I can’t wait to see you.”

“Phil I have a favor to ask you.”

“Any thing for you luv. Wot is it?”

Marie hesitated for a moment. “Well Randi invited us to go some where with her after the tour is over.”

“Uh, just us?” Phil asked with a confused voice.

“No.” Marie laughed. “Joe too.”

“Oh, Joe is going?”

“Yeah, Randi just talked to him a little while ago. He agreed to go.”

“Ok I guess so.”

“Thank you Phil you are the greatest.”

“Marie luv?”

“Yes Phil?”

“I just ‘ave one question.”

“What’s that?” Marie asked.

“Where are we going?”

Marie blushed from embarrassment. She asked him to go on a trip and didn’t tell him where they were going. “We are going to see Randi’s parents.”

“Oh ok. Sounds great luv.”

“Well I will let you off here. Thank you Phil. Randi and her parents will be thrilled.”

“No problem luv. Talk to you soon. Cheerio.”

“Bye Phil.” Marie hung up with Phil and called Randi back to let her know he agreed to go. They both squealed with delight. They was going to introduce Randi’s parents to the two greatest guys they had ever met.


Part 106 A Week Later Randi On The Phone With Her Parents…

“Hi Dad. How are you?”

“Hello dear. It’s nice to hear from you. I am doing just fine. How are you?”

“I am great. Has mom talked to you yet?” Randi asked nervously.

“Yes she has. And we are looking forward to seeing you and Marie and meeting the gentlemen you told your mother all about.”

“We can’t wait to see you. Joe and Phil both agreed to come. So we will see you in about two weeks.”

“Ok honey. Would you like to say hi to your mother?”

“Sure. I love you Dad.”

“I love you too.” Randi waited while her mom got on the phone.

“Hi Randi.”

“Hi Mom.”

“Well are you coming to see us?”

“Yes the four of us will be there in about two weeks. Is that ok?”

“Sounds wonderful. See you then. I love you. Bye.”

“I love you too Mom. Bye.”


Part 107 The Day Of The Last Concert…

Meg took the day off so she could meet with Marie and Randi. The three ladies went to Mandy’s salon to get their hair and nails done. They wanted to look good for the guys tonight.

“Hi Mandy.” Randi said walking in.

“Hi Randi. Hi Marie. Hi Meg. Its nice to see you.” Mandy said smiling.

“Hi Mandy. How are you?” Meg asked.

“I am doing good thanks.”

“Are you excited about seeing Rick tonight?” Marie asked.

“Yeah.” Mandy blushed. “He is a nice guy, and a good friend.”

“I bet you are glad the tour is going to be over tonight. You two will be able to spend more time with Phil and Joe.”

“Yeah, we are going to see my parents next week.” Randi said.

“That will be fun. I am sure they will love Joe.” Meg said.

“I sure hope so.” Randi said nervously.

“Oh come on Randi, you know they will. Joe is a good guy.” Marie told her.

“You are right. He is. There is no need in me worrying myself over it.”

“That’s more like it.”  Mandy fixed the three lady’s hair and painted their nails. They agreed to meet at the arena before the concert and they would all go in together. They wanted to see the guys before the concert started.


Part 108 Meeting At The Arena…

Randi and Marie took separate cars to the arena. When the concert was over and the band was done with the meet and greet with the fans Joe would be going to Randi’s and Phil would be going to Marie’s. When they got there Mandy and Meg were there waiting. The band had already arrived and was inside doing the sound check.

“Hi Marie. Hi Randi.” Meg said as they walked up. 

“Hi” They both said at the same time.

“Are you ready to see the guys?” Mandy asked.

“I am past ready.” Randi laughed.

“Well then lets get going.” Marie said and started walking to the back entrance of the arena. They were stopped by security.

“Do you ladies have passes?”

“No, but…” Randi started to explain. Before she could say anything else Mal popped his head around the corner.

“Its ok. Let ‘em in. That’s Joe and Phil’s girlfriends and their friends.” Mal told the security guard. “Ok Mal. Sorry about that ladies.”

“Its ok.” They all answered as they walked past him.

“‘Ello luv.” Mal said as he walked up to Meg. “‘Ow are you?” He asked as he kissed her hand.

“I am doing good Mal. Thank you.”

“‘Ello ladies.” He said as he gave each one a hug. “Rick, Phil, and Joe will be ‘appy to see you. Follow me and I will show you where they are.”

They followed Mal to the room where they had met the band on Randi’s birthday. The guys were eating. Mal walked in first.

“‘Ey you ‘ave some visitors.” They all looked up to see who had come in with Mal. Joe knocked Sav out of his way trying to get to Randi. And Phil spilled his drink on Viv because he got up in such a hurry.

“Everyone steer clear, there a couple of ‘orny love birds on the loose in ‘ere.” Sav laughed.

“Really, now I am going to ‘ave to take another shower. Thanks Phil.” Viv said laughing. Joe and Phil neither one heard what Viv and Sav were saying. They were both to busy getting a kiss from there ladies.

“Hi Rick.” Mandy said as her and Meg slipped passed the two couples.

“‘Ello luv. ‘Ello Meg.” Rick said smiling. “Its nice to see you again. Are you ready for the concert?”

“Yes. I am ready. I have been ready all week.” Mandy said as she hugged him.

“Me too.” Meg added. Marie and Randi finally said hi to the rest of the band, and told them they were looking forward to the concert.

“Well I guess I am off to shower again.” Viv said. “Thanks Phil.”

“Any time mate.” Phil laughed as Viv walked out of the room.


Part 109 The Last Concert Of The Tour…

The ladies sat off to the side of the stage during the concert. They had a great view, but it wasn’t too noticeable to the other fans that they were receiving special treatment. Mal would walk over from time to time to make sure they were enjoying themselves.

“I think he just keeps coming over here so he will have an excuse to kiss your hand again Meg.” Marie teased.

Meg blushed. “I know.”

Randi was off in her own little world watching Joe perform. She was thinking about how much her parents were going to love him. She had finally found a great guy. Some one she could be proud to take home to her parents.

“Rick looks like he is wore out.” Mandy said watching Rick.

“I think they all are. I am sure they are glad this is the last concert on this tour.” Meg said.

“I know I am. I can’t wait to spend some time with Phil.” Marie said smiling.

Randi was bought out of her thoughts when her friends jumped to there feet screaming. The music to ‘Pour Some Sugar On Me’ had started. Randi joined her friends. They all sang along word for word. All the women in the crowd were screaming. And the band loved it. When it was over and the crowd had calmed down a little they started playing ‘Love Bites’. Randi was worried what Joe had up his sleeve this time. She really didn’t want him drawing attention to her again. She cringed as Joe started walking towards her and the other ladies. Her friends started laughing. When Joe seen the look on her face he smiled. Randi thought he was about to say something to the crowd about her. But instead he gave her the thumbs up like he did at the concert on her birthday. Randi smiled and blew him a kiss. Then Joe turned and walked back towards the middle of the stage and began singing. Randi was relieved he hadn’t said anything.

“Hey Randi you can breath now.” Marie laughed. “He didn’t mention your name or anything. You better take a breath before you pass out.”

Meg and Mandy started laughing too. Randi didn’t even realize she had been holding her breath. She released her breath and relaxed. 

“Sorry I just didn’t want the spot light on me again.” Randi said smiling.

“The concert isn’t over yet.” Meg teased.

“Don’t remind me.” Randi told her.

“Oh come on, you know you enjoy the attention.” Mandy said smiling as Rick made eye contact with her.

They played a couple more songs and just as Randi thought she was going to make it through the concert without Joe saying anything else, she slumped down in her seat praying he wouldn’t have the spotlight shined on her.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we want to thank you for coming and seeing us again. This ‘as been a great tour and we can’t wait to do it again. This is the last song we are doing tonight. We ‘ad stopped performing it live, but because of popular demand from the fans we ‘ave started doing it again. So until next time, and there will be a next time.” Joe spoke loudly into his microphone.

Randi was still frozen slumped down in her chair waiting for the spotlight to hit her. Marie, Meg and Mandy were looking at her laughing. Joe seen how embarrassed she was and decided to be nice and not over do it. When Joe started singing and the spotlight wasn’t shining on her Randi relaxed and sat back up.

“‘Ere I am, I'm in the wrong bed again It's a game I just can't win There you are breathin' soft on my skin, yea’ Still you won't let me in So come on Joe started singing looking Randi right in the eyes. Then blew her a kiss. Randi’s eyes started getting moist. Then the chorus started and Phil joined Joe on the side of the stage.

‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea, ‘ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad?”  Phil was singing to Marie.

When his vocals were over he blew Marie a kiss and mouthed the words “I love you” to her. Marie was in shock. She just sat there looking at him. Phil was still watching her smiling. The other ladies saw what Phil had said and were excited. 

“Oh Marie, I am so happy for you.” Randi said hugging her friend. Marie was still in shock.

“Marie that’s wonderful. I am glad Phil finally told you.” Meg said smiling big.

“He is so romantic.” Mandy said giving Marie a quick hug. Marie finally started to talk. “Randi he said he loved me.” She was stuttering a little. “Did you see that? He told me. I can’t believe it.”

“Yes Marie I seen. We all saw. I think it’s wonderful. You are in love with him aren’t you?” Randi asked.

“Of course I am. I just wasn’t expecting him to say it.” 

“Well we are happy for you.” Mandy spoke up.

“Yes we are. You two are cute together.” Meg told her.

The song finally ended and the guys said their goodbyes to the crowd. Then the crowd slowly started filing out of the arena as the band left the stage.


Part 110 After The Last Concert…

Joe came off the stage first and walked over to the ladies.

“Did you enjoy the concert?”

“Yes.” They all answered.

“Are you ‘appy I didn’t put you in the spotlight again?” Joe laughed.

“Yes, I am thank you.” Randi told him.

“Well we thought about not playing it tonight, but Phil wanted too.”  Joe said looking at Marie. “Did you like y’er surprise?”

Marie was still in shock. “Phil said he loved me.”

Joe started laughing. “Yes I know ‘e did. ‘E told me ‘e was going to. I am glad ‘e did.” “Me too.” Marie blushed.

Viv and Sav came off the stage and joined Joe and the ladies.

“Glad you ladies came tonight.” Sav told them.

“Yea’, me too.” Viv said smiling. “Jewels will be disappointed that she didn’t get to see you ladies.”

“So will Paige.” Sav added.

“Don’t worry I am sure we will ‘ave plenty of time to get together now that the tour is over.” Joe assured them.

Rick came down from the drums and asked Mandy if she wanted to go out for a drink after the meet and greet. Mandy agreed and said she would wait for him to get done. Phil was taking his time leaving the stage. Marie could tell he was nervous.

She started thinking to herself. ‘I hope he isn’t thinking that it was a mistake. I wish he would come down here.’ Phil finally came down from the stage. He was blushing a little.  “‘Ello luv. Did you enjoy the concert?” He asked Marie.

“Of course. I love you too Phil.” Marie said as she gave him a big hug.

“I ‘ate to break up the party.” Mal said as he walked up. “But you ‘ave some fans eager to meet you.”

They all agreed and told the ladies they could come back stage and meet the fans too. The ladies decided it would be fun and followed them. They went on with Mal to the room where the fans with backstage passes were waiting while the guys got a shower.


Part 111 After The Meet And Greet…

When the meet and greet was over Mandy and Rick said their goodbyes then left. Mal said goodbye to Meg and promised he would keep in touch and told her he would try to stop and see her at work before he left the next day. Viv and Sav both had a plane to catch.  They were both going home to be with their families. They told the ladies Paige and Jewels would keep in touch with them. Joe, Randi, Phil and Marie hung around for a while visiting with Mal and some of the other crewmembers before calling it a night. “Ladies, if either of these wankers give you any trouble you just get in touch with me and I will ‘andle ‘em for you.” Mal said laughing.

“Thanks for the offer Mal.” Randi said smiling.

“Yeah, thanks, but I don’t think you will have to worry about that.” Marie said as she gave Phil a kiss.

“Well it’s getting late. Why don’t you lovebirds run along now? I think everything is about done ‘ere. I will talk to you in a few days.” Mal told them.

“Ok Mal. Good night.” Joe told him.

“Sounds good to me. See you later.” Phil said. “Are you ready luv?”

“Yes I am ready. I am beat.” Marie told him.

“Me too.” Randi spoke up.

“Good night ladies.” Mal said as he gave them both a hug.

“Bye Mal.” Randi told him. “Have a good night.”

“You too luv.”

“See you later Mal. Thanks for everything.” Marie told him.

“No problem at all luv. It’s been my pleasure.” Mal said with a big grin.

Then the two couples walked out and headed for the parking lot.


Part 112 Leaving The Arena…
Note: slight adult content

Marie, Phil. Randi, and Joe walked out to the parking lot together. They wouldn’t be riding in a fancy limo and going to a fancy hotel this time. No rock star treatment tonight. The tour was over and now they could relax. Tonight they were just a couple of guys in love.  Phil was going home with Marie and Joe was going home with Randi. They got to Marie’s car first. Randi hugged her friend who was still floating in the clouds over Phil’s confession. While the ladies were saying good night Joe and Phil talked for a moment.

“‘Ave a good night Phil.” Joe said with a mischievous grin.

“Oh I am sure I will.” He smiled.

“I will talk to you sometime tomorrow.” Joe told him.

“Ok good night.” Phil said as he got in the car.

“Good night Marie.” Joe said and gave her a hug.

“Good night Joe. Thank you for everything.” Marie said with a big smile. “Good night Randi. I will call you tomorrow.” “

Ok good night. Bye Phil.” Randi said waving.

“Good night Randi.”

Marie and Phil got into her car and Randi and Joe walked on to hers.  Marie honked the horn and her and Phil waved as they pulled out of the parking lot. Joe and Randi waved back and got into the car.

“I sure am glad the tour is over and I can spend all my time with you now.” Joe said as he captured Randi’s chin in his hand and moved closer to her.

“So am I.” Randi said as she started kissing Joe passionately.  Joe felt his pants getting tighter and stopped kissing Randi.

“Maybe we should stop and get out of ‘ere. Lets go so we can finish this in private. There may still be people ‘ere.”

Randi’s cheeks where flushed from the kiss. “Ok. That sounds like a good idea. I love you Joe.”

“I love you too Randi.”


Part 113 Arriving At Marie’s House…

Marie pulled up in front of her house and shut off the engine. Phil hadn’t said hardly anything during the drive from the arena to Marie’s house. Marie was afraid that his silence was a sign of something being wrong. It wasn’t like Phil to be so quiet.

“Well we are here.” Marie said as she took the keys out of the ignition.

“Yes we are ‘ere. Finally a much needed break. No stressing over the next concert. Its time to relax and be with you luv.” Phil said smiling.

“Phil are you ok? You are acting like you have something on your mind.”

“Actually luv, I am wonderful. I feel like a ton of bricks ‘ave been lifted off my shoulders.” Phil said taking Marie’s hand in his.

“Really? What brought that on?”

“Because I finally was able to tell you wot I ‘ave been wanting to say for weeks now.” Marie blushed. “Really Phil?”

“Yes luv, really. I love you with all my ‘eart.”

“Oh Phil I love you too.” Marie said as she kissed him on the cheek. “Lets go inside. There’s no need in sitting out in the car when we can be the house where it’s more comfortable.”

“Ok luv, let’s go in.” Phil said as he opened the door. “You stay right there until I get around there to open y’er door.”

Marie blushed again, but didn’t touch the door. “Oh Phil, you are such a sweetheart.”

Phil opened Marie’s door and reached for her hand. She gladly accepted and let him help her out of the car. Phil shut her door and they walked hand in hand to the door. Phil took the keys from her and unlocked the front door and opened it too. Just as Marie was about to walk inside Phil stopped her. Marie stood there waiting to see what he was going to do. “Marie do you remember the last time I was ‘ere with you?” Phil asked.

“Of course I do. It’s the only other time you have been here. And as I recall, when we was getting ready to leave we shared our first kiss.” Marie blushed.

“Yea’, and I will never forget that kiss. You ‘ave the softest lips. I believe that after we kissed I asked if you was ready.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Marie said looking him in the eyes.

Phil bent down and kissed Marie then stopped and looked at her. “Are you ready luv, ready to start our life together?” 

“Yes Phil I am ready.” Marie said as she took his hand and led him in the house closing the door behind them.


Part 114 Rick And Mandy’s Night…

Rick and Mandy went to a small quiet bar. They found a table in the back. They sat talking for a couple of hours. Rick told Mandy he would be leaving to go home the next day.

“I have really enjoyed getting to know you Rick.”

“It’s been a joy spending time with you as well. I ‘ope we can remain friends and stay in touch.” Rick said as he took a sip of his drink.

“I would love that Rick. You are a great guy and a wonderful friend.” Mandy said smiling.

“You know the rest of the band and myself get together from time to time when we aren’t on tour. When we do y’er more then welcome to come. I would like that, and I know you would enjoy it.”

“That sounds great Rick. I agree I would enjoy that.”

“I will come visit you too every once in a while. And y’er always welcome to visit me. I ‘ave plenty of room.”

“I would like that a lot Rick. Thank you.”

“No problem at all luv. Well I ‘ate to be a party pooper but I ‘ave an early flight in the morning and I need to get to sleep.”

“Rick?” Mandy paused.

“Wot is it?”

“If you want to stay with me tonight you can. I will take you to the airport in the morning.”

“Ok luv. That sounds like a plan to me.”

Rick paid the tab then they left. They went to Mandy’s and she fixed up the guest room for Rick. He thanked her and kissed her on the cheek before going to bed.


Part 115 Arriving At Randi’s House…

Joe and Randi arrived at her house. They quickly went inside. Joe was wore out and ready to get off his feet. Randi turned on a light and Joe sat down on the couch. 

“Make yourself at home.” Randi told Joe as she walked into the kitchen. “Are you hungry?”

“I am starved. Do you want to order a pizza or something?” He asked her.

“Well if that’s what you want, but I was going to offer you something. I made some homemade chicken noodle soup earlier. I can warm you up some if you like.” “‘Omemade?” Joe asked smiling. “Sounds a lot better then delivered pizza. I would love some.”

“Ok Joe. I will warm it up. Go ahead and watch TV or whatever you want.”

“Where is y’er tape of the concert on y’er birthday at? I ‘aven’t got to watch it yet.” Randi blushed. “Do you really want to watch it?”

“Of course I do. Y’er in it. I want to see the look on y’er face again. So where is it?” Joe asked again.

“Its in my bedroom in the VCR. You can go get it if you want.”

“Ok luv, I think I will.” Joe told her as he got up from the couch. He carried his bag to the bedroom with him. Randi went back to the kitchen to finish getting their supper ready. She wondered what was taking Joe so long to get the tape and come back out. Just as she was sitting the soup down on the coffee table Joe came back out. He had changed out of his leather pants and silk shirt. The only thing he was wearing was a pair of boxer shorts. And it was obvious that he was aroused. Randi blushed a little when Joe gave her a mischievous grin.

“Don’t you want to eat first?” She asked.

“Of course. I can’t wait to taste y’er ‘omemade soup. By the way, there is something on the bed for you.”

Randi looked at him confused. “Joe what did you do?”

“You will find out. Go ahead and go in there. I will wait for you to come back before I start eating.” Joe smiled.

Still not sure she wanted to know what Joe was up to she walked slowly into the bedroom. She turned on the light and looked around. She didn’t see any thing so she turned around and looked at Joe.

“Go on in there.” Joe said smiling. “Its in there, you just got to look.”

Randi went in the bedroom farther. She was about to tell him she didn’t see anything when the light reflected off the neck of her leopard.

“That’s strange.” She thought to herself. ‘What’s wrong with my leopard?’  Randi walked over and picked it up. She couldn’t believe it. Joe had put a gold necklace on her leopard. It had a charm on it that was heart shaped and said ‘I Love You’ in the middle. Randi took the necklace off her leopard and walked back into the living room. Joe was sitting there watching her with a big smile on his face.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“Oh Joe I love it. Thank you so much. I love you.” Then she bent down and kissed him and handed him the necklace. She sat down in his lap and lifted her hair. “Will you put it on me please?” She asked.

“Of course I will luv.” Joe said as he put it on her. “Now turn around and let me see it on you.” 

Randi stood up and turned around so Joe could see it.

“Beautiful, just like the lady wearing it.”

Randi blushed. “Thank you Joe.”

 “No problem luv. I am glad you like it. You deserve it. Now lets eat so we can go to bed.” Joe said and winked.

“Ok.” Randi smiled knowing exactly what Joe had in mind.


Part 116 Marie And Phil’s First Night At Her House Part 1…

Note: Mild Adult Content

Marie and Phil went inside and went straight for the bedroom. Marie offered Phil something to eat, but the only thing Phil was hungry for was having Marie in his arms. He wanted to hold her, to kiss her, to feel her body against his. He finally worked up the courage to tell her how he felt and now he wanted to show her.

Phil found Marie’s leopard lying on her bed and laughed.

“I see you keep y’er leopard close by.”

“Well of course I do. It’s from you. Why wouldn’t I keep it close? I sleep with it every night. I have to have some thing to hold when you aren’t here.” Marie smiled.

“I guess so. I am glad you found something to fill my place.” Phil said smiling and trying not to laugh.

“Nothing could take your place Phil.” Marie said as she sat down on the bed.

“Well that’s good to ‘ear.” Phil said as he smiled and sat down beside her.

“Would you like a massage? I am not quite as good as Randi, but I am working on it.” Marie said blushing.

“That sounds good to me. I would love one.” Phil said as he stripped off his shirt.

“Let me get my oil and we will get started. Just lay down and get comfortable.” Marie told him as she stood up.

Phil smiled. “Get comfortable? Ok sounds even better.”

“Well you go right ahead and do what ever it takes for you to be comfortable. I will be right back. I need to get something to drink. Would you like anything?”

“Sure luv, I will be waiting for you.” Phil said as she walked out of the room.

When Marie left the room, Phil walked over to her dresser and looked in the top drawer. He found a leopard print nightgown.

“This is sexy.” Phil said quietly. “I want to see this on Marie.” He smiled and walked back to the bed. He slipped into his boxer shorts just as Marie came back. She saw her nightgown on the bed.

“Are you hinting at something?” She asked smiling as she sat their drinks down.

“Please? For me?” Phil asked with puppy dog eyes.

“Sure Phil. No problem, give me just a second.”

“Ok luv.” Phil said as he lay down. Marie picked up the nightgown and walked into the bathroom. Marie changed into the gown and got her oil. Then walked back into the bedroom. When she did Phil smiled.

“Do you like it?” She asked blushing.

“I love it. You look so sexy. Now come ‘ere luv.” Phil said with a sly grin. Marie walked over to the bed and told Phil to turn over. He turned over and Marie began to apply the oil to his back and shoulders. Phil noticed she had sat a couple of bottles down. He thought one of them said something about being flavored but he wasn’t sure. 

“Wot are those other bottles for?” He asked as he lifted his head and looked at her.

“You will find out soon enough.” Marie winked.

“Oh ok.” Phil said and laid his head back down. Marie began rubbing his back. She found a few tense spots and worked them out. Then started working on his neck and shoulders. “Y’er really good at this.” Phil said smiling. “I could get used to this real quick.”

“Oh really?” Marie said as she continued to rub. “Well I would be happy to give you a massage when ever you want.”

“Thanks luv.”



Part 117 Marie And Phil’s First Night At Her House Part 2…


Marie finished massaging Phil then wiped the oil off his back. 

“Thank you luv, that felt great.” Phil said smiling. He was still wondering about those other bottles Marie had sat down.

“You’re welcome Phil. I am glad you liked it.” Marie noticed he was eyeing the bottles she had brought from the bathroom again and smiled at him.  “Ready to find out what that’s for?”

“You bet I am.” Phil said in a low voice.

Marie smiled as she slipped her nightgown over her head.

Phil smiled. “I am liking this already.”

“Good, that’s what I was hoping for.” Marie said as she started kissing Phil passionately. “I missed you so much luv.” Phil said in between kisses.

“I missed you too. Ready to make up for lost time?”

Phil laid Marie down and started kissing her again. He stopped long enough to remove his boxers then continued kissing her. Marie’s nipples started to swell as she became aroused. Phil noticed and took one into his mouth rolling it around with his tongue. Marie moaned quietly as she started running her fingers up and down Phil’s back. Phil got a chill down his spine from Marie skimming her fingers across his back. Marie smiled when she felt Phil shiver.

“Are you ready to see what those other bottles are for?” Marie asked reaching for them. “Ok.” Phil said as he moved out of the way so Marie could reach them.

“Lay down and I will show you.” Marie said as she opened one of the bottles.

“I ‘ave a feeling I am really going to like this.” Phil said with a big grin.

“Oh I am sure you will.” Marie started stroking Phil, making him harder. She looked at him and smiled as she put a few drops of the cinnamon flavored oil on him.

“You naughty lil’ girl.”

“Me naughty?” Marie laughed. “Never. Just trying to have a little fun.” 

Phil’s breath caught as Marie went down on him. He called out her name as she started to breath on him, making the oil heat up.

“Mmm luv, that feels so good. I am glad you decided to ‘ave a lil’ fun tonight.” Phil said smiling.

“Me too.” Marie said as she put some more oil on Phil’s throbbing member. Marie started teasing the head of his cock with her tongue before going down on him again. She felt Phil’s muscles tighten and knew he was about to cum. She increased her speed and took him in all the way just as Phil released. Marie got up and lay down beside Phil and wrapped her arms around him.

“Did you like that?”

“Very much luv. Now its my turn.” Phil smiled mischievously. “Wot’s in the other bottle over there?”

“Go ahead and pick it up and take a look at it.” Marie smiled.


Part 118 Marie And Phil’s First Night At Her House Part 3…


Phil reached over and picked up the other bottle and began to read out loud.

“Peppermint flavored ‘ot lickable love oil. Sounds good to me.” He smiled as he opened the bottle.

He placed a couple of drops on Marie’s nipples. She smiled as he blew on them. He put one nipple in his mouth and sucked all the oil of it. Marie was whimpering quietly. “Do you like that luv?” Phil asked knowing what her answer would be.

“Yes, please keep doing it.” Marie said as Phil took the other nipple into his mouth nibbling slightly on it. Marie slipped her hand down between her legs and began touching herself.

“You really are a naughty lil’ girl.” Phil smiled. “And I like it.”

Marie blushed.  Phil picked up the oil again and moved Marie’s hand aside. He put several drops of oil on to her swollen folds. Marie smiled as Phil started spreading the oil around. Then he started skimming his tongue across her. Marie cried out as the tip of Phil’s tongue touched her clit.

“Are you enjoying this luv?” Phil asked right before he slipped a finger inside of her. Marie was barely able to speak.

She finally managed to say, “Yes.” Then moaned as Phil put another finger inside of her. Phil covered her clit with his mouth. The more the oil heated, the more aroused Marie became. He felt her starting to tighten up and smiled. He continued to suck and lick her clit until he had licked all the oil off of her. Then her muscles tightened again and he removed his fingers, replacing them with his tongue, tasting every bit of the juices that Marie was releasing. When Marie relaxed Phil got up and lay down beside her.

“That felt wonderful Phil. Thank you.”

“Anytime luv, I am glad to pleasure you.”

“I love you Phil.”

“I love you too. Sweet dreams luv.” 

“Thank you Phil. Good night.”

Then Marie shut off the lamp and they got under the blankets. Soon they were sound asleep in each other’s arms.


Part 119 First Night At Randi’s House Part 1…

Joe and Randi sat on the couch and watched the tape of the concert from Randi’s birthday while they ate.

“This is really good Randi.” Joe said while he was eating. “Where did you learn to make this? Its fantastic.”

Randi blushed. “Thank you Joe. I am glad you like it.”

“I love it.” Joe smiled. “‘Ey look there’s you and Marie.” Joe pointed at the TV.

Randi looked up at the TV. “Yes I see that. I have watched this over and over.” Randi laughed. “Thank you for sending it to me.”

“You’re welcome luv. You know I am really glad Marie asked Mal to ‘ave us sing for you. I ‘ad forgotten ‘ow much I enjoyed performing that song. And if she ‘adn’t asked, we may ‘ave never met.”

“I know, I am glad she asked too. I am happy we met. I love you.” Randi said as she scooted closer to Joe.

“I love you too.” When the tape came to the part where Joe was dedicating the song to Randi he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his lap. He looked her in the eyes and smiled. Randi reached up and kissed him.


“Yes Joe?” She asked.

“‘Ave you ever needed some one so bad?” He asked as the music began playing.

“Not until I met you.” Randi said as she leaned against Joe.  Joe started singing along with the tape to Randi. Randi blushed as she wrapped her arms around him.

“‘Ere I am, I’m in the wrong bed again. It’s a game I just can’t win. There you are breathing soft on my skin. Yea’, still you won’t let me in. So come on.” Joe sang as he ran his hand through Randi’s hair.

He paused for the chorus and kissed Randi gently. When it came time for his next solo part he began to sing again. 

“There you go, midnight promises again, yea’ but they're broken by the dawn. You wanna go further, faster everyday, baby but in the morning you'll be gone. And I'm alone.” This time he continued to sing. “Why save y’er kisses for a rainy day? Baby let the moment take y’er ‘eart away. ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad?”

Randi began to quietly sing along with him.

Every dream I dream is like some kinda rash 'n' reckless scene. To give out such crazy love, you must be some kinda drug. And if my time don't ever come, for me you're still the one. Damned if I don't, damned if I do I gotta get a fix on you.”

 Joe heard her singing and wrapped his arms tighter around her.  She looked up at him and smiled. Joe continued singing.

“‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? So bad. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone? Yea’. Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? And you're the girl I gotta ‘ave. I gotta ‘ave you baby. Yea’. It's a game I just can't win, oh.”

Then Randi finished singing the song with him.

“‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone, you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard? Yea’.”

When the song ended Joe shut off the TV and lifted Randi and himself off the couch and headed for the bedroom. They kissed passionately the whole way.


Part 120 First Night At Randi’s House Part 2…

Randi could feel how hard and muscular Joe’s chest was while he was carrying her to the bedroom. He was holding her as close to him as he could. And it was turning Randi on immensely. When they reached the bedroom Joe sat her down on the bed.

“Thank you Joe.”

“For wot?”

“For singing that song to me like that. That is the most romantic thing anyone has ever down for me.”

Joe blushed a little. “Y’er welcome. I enjoyed singing it to you. I love the look on y’er face when you ‘ear it.” Joe smiled.

“And I love to watch and hear you sing it Joe.” Randi said as she began to undress herself. Joe was already aroused and ready to make love to Randi again. After Randi had stripped down to her bra and panties Joe moved closer to her and took her hands in his. “Allow me.” He said as he put her arms to her sides.

“Ok.” Randi said willing to let him do whatever he had in mind. Joe pulled Randi up against him and wrapped his arms around her. He began kissing her seductively. Randi’s knees started getting weak so she held on to Joe. When she did she got closer to him. Joe groaned as Randi’s body rubbed against his growing bulge. Joe broke the kiss and moved to Randi’s neck. He began kissing and sucking gently before moving down her chest. Joe began to nibble slightly on one of her breasts. She sighed and started pulling him towards the bed. She didn’t know how much longer her knees would hold her up. Joe knew what she was trying to do and lifted her up then gently laid her on the bed. Then he lay down beside her. He began kissing her again and ran his hand across her belly slipping his hand just inside her panties. He continued to tease her, rubbing just above her swollen nub. He was enjoying watching her get so excited. Joe finally moved his hand and lifted her up slightly and removed her bra then laid her back down. He began sucking on Randi’s nipples again, teasing her with his tongue. She reached and held on to him through his boxers. Joe was throbbing. He stopped what he was doing long enough to take off his boxer shorts and to remove Randi’s panties. Randi took him in her hand again and began stroking while he continued to work his magic on her breasts. Randi continued to stroke him and slowly he ran his down her belly and slipped his fingers between her legs. Joe growled when he felt how wet she was and began kissing her deeply again. Randi moaned as Joe’s fingers started moving in and out of her.

“I ‘ave missed you so much Randi.” Joe said in between kisses. “You feel so good. I want to make love to you all night.”

“Oh Joe, I missed you too. Please don’t stop.” Randi cried out as she began to tighten around Joe’s fingers. Joe moved down and lowered his head and covered Randi’s clit with his mouth intensifying her orgasm. Randi cried out his name as she climaxed and continued to stroke him. Joe suddenly stopped what he was doing and rolled over on his back rolling Randi with him.

Before she knew it she was on top of Joe and he was throbbing inside of her. Joe was caressing Randi’s breasts while he moved inside of her. Randi slowly started sliding up and down on him. Joe tightened his grasp on her breasts and moaned. Randi slid up him again then went back down as far as she could. When she did Joe began to cum.

“Oh Randi, that feels so good. I love being inside of you.” Joe said trying to catch his breath. When it was over he pulled her down against him and began kissing her again. They were both exhausted it had been a long day and they were both ready to go to sleep. Randi turned off the lamp and cuddled up to Joe.  He pulled her back on top of him and wrapped his arms around her. Randi laid her head on his chest and sighed.

“Good night Joe.” Randi said as she closed her eyes.

“Good night luv. Sweet dreams.” Joe said to her and quietly began singing to her again while running his hand up and down her back.

‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave? Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad?”

But before he could sing any more she had already fell asleep. Joe smiled and kissed her forehead then slipped off to sleep too.


Part 121 Rick And Mandy The Next Morning…
Note: language

Rick and Mandy woke up early and had a small breakfast together before he had to catch his flight.

“Thank you for letting me stay with you.” Rick told Mandy while they were eating. “Your welcome Rick. I don’t mind at all. I enjoy having your company. I am going to miss you.”

“Well, maybe you can come stay with me for a few days in a week or two.” Rick said smiling. “I would love to ‘ave you over. Maybe we could even go see Viv and Jewels.” “That sounds good. I will let you know. Ok?” She asked him.

“Ok luv. Anytime you want to come visit y’er more then welcome. Just let me know and I will get you a plane ticket.”

“Ok Rick. Thank you.”

“Well we better get going so I don’t miss my flight.” Rick said looking at the clock.

“Ok I am ready when ever you are.”

Rick got up from the table and went and got his bag out of the bedroom he slept in. When he came out he sat it by the door then walked over to Mandy. He wrapped his arm around her and gave her a hug. Then gently kissed her lips. Mandy could feel the temperature in her cheeks rising.

She thought to herself; “Why did he have to do that? Damn it. Now it’s going to be even harder on me for him to leave.  I really wish he wasn’t leaving. Oh what the hell, why don’t you just open your mouth and tell him how you feel? He cares for you or he wouldn’t be so kind.” Mandy continued to argue with herself. Rick could tell she had a lot running through her mind.

“Mandy?” He spoke trying to bring her back to reality. “Are you ok? I am sorry I didn’t ask before I kissed you.”

“Its ok really. Its just that…” Mandy trailed off.

“Just wot Mandy? Wot’s wrong? I am sorry if I upset you. I didn’t mean to.” Rick pleaded.

“It’s nothing like that. You didn’t upset me at all. It’s me.”

“Do you want to talk about it?? Rick asked. “I can catch another flight.”

“You don’t have to do that Rick. I know you are ready to go home. I don’t want to keep you. I know you are wore out.”

“I know I don’t ‘ave to, but if you need or want me to stay I will. Yes I am tired, but I don’t ‘ave to get ‘ome right away. Please Mandy tell me wot is wrong.” Rick begged.

Mandy was getting nervous. She didn’t know how to tell him how she really felt. After all they had agreed to just be friends. What if he didn’t feel the same way she did? Then she would look stupid. Mandy started stuttering.

“Rick, I, I want….”

“Wot is it luv?” He asked taking her hand and leading to her the couch and sitting down. “You don’t ‘ave to be afraid to talk to me. I promise. Just tell me wot’s on y’er mind.”

Finally she blurted out. “Rick I don’t want you to leave.”

Rick had a shocked look on his face. He wasn’t expecting that. “Really luv? Why not?” He asked.

“Because I am, I mean you are a really nice guy.” Mandy stuttered.

“Calm down and relax. Talk slower so I can understand you.”

“Rick, I really like you a lot. I don’t want you to go. I want to be with you.” Mandy blushed as Rick started smiling.

“I thought you didn’t want to be in a relationship right now?” He asked.

“I didn’t think I did either but I was wrong. I want to see how well things could be between us.”

“I am glad you feel that way. I ‘ave been ‘oping you would change you mind for a few weeks now.” Rick smiled.

“Really Rick? Why?” Mandy asked shyly.

“Yes really, because I think y’er a very sweet and kind lady. And I enjoy spending time with you. Now ‘ow about I skip this flight and tomorrow we will both catch one and go to my ‘ouse for a few days?”

“Ok Rick. That sounds wonderful. Thank you.”

“For wot?”

“For not thinking badly of me for wanting to be with you.”

“Now why would I think badly of you? I am ‘appy you want to take things a step farther. I am glad you opened up to me. I ‘ave wanted to tell you ‘ow I felt, but I was afraid I would scare you away if I did. And I didn’t want to chance not even ‘aving you as a friend.”

“Thanks for understanding and being patient with me Rick.”

“No problem luv.” Rick said as he began to kiss her again.

This time she kissed back and didn’t worry her self over the way it was making her feel.


Part 122 Mal’s Morning…

Mal woke up around 7:00am and decided to go see Meg at work after he got showered and dressed. When he was ready he caught a cab and went to the restaurant where Meg worked. When he walked in Mal noticed Meg waiting on a table. He told the hostess he wanted to be seated at one of Meg’s tables. The hostess seated him and he started looking over the menu. Meg hadn’t seen him come in so when she got to his table she was surprised to see him sitting there.

“Good morning luv.” Mal said smiling. “‘Ow are you today?”

“Hi Mal. I am glad you came in. I am doing well today. How are you?” She asked smiling.

“I am doing just fine. So wot do you recommend for breakfast here?” Mal asked looking at the menu again.

“Well the biscuits and gravy is pretty good.” Meg told him.

“Ok then, biscuits and gravy it is. Oh and hot tea please luv. Also could I get an order of bangers and mash?”

“Sure thing Mal. I will be right back with your hot tea.” Meg wrote down what Mal had ordered and started to walk away when she realized what he had said. “Uh Mal?”

“Yes luv?” Mal asked.

“What exactly is ‘bangers and mash’?” Meg asked.

Mal chuckled. “I am sorry luv. I forgot, I am in America, not England. Its sausage and mashed potatoes.” 

“Ok Mal. I will be back shortly.” Meg walked away. Mal began to read the paper he had bought while he was waiting. Meg returned with his hot tea shortly after that. “Your food will be out in about 5 minutes.” She told him as she sat his hot tea down. “If you need anything else just let me know.”

“Ok luv. Thanks.” Mal said as he took a sip of his hot tea.

Meg went on and waited on other tables. Mal read the paper while waiting for his food. He had just started reading the comics when his food arrived.

“Here you go Mal.”

“Thanks luv smells delicious.” Mal said as Meg sat his plate down. “Wot time do you get off work today? I would like to see you before I leave.”

“I am sorry Mal. You said your flight was at 1:00 I don’t get off until 2:00.” Meg said disappointed.

“Well luv, if y’er not going to be busy after work I will just change my plans and ‘ang around longer. ‘Ow is that?”

 “Ok Mal. If you are sure it’s not a problem.”

“Of course not. I don’t ‘ave anyone waiting for me to come ‘ome. I will be back ‘ere about 1:30 ok?” 

“Ok. Enjoy your breakfast Mal.”

“Thanks luv.” Mal said as he started to eat his breakfast.

When he was done he kissed Meg on the hand and told her he would see her later on. “‘Ave a nice day.”

“You too Mal. Thank you. Bye.”

“Cheerio luv.” Mal said as he walked out the door.


Part 123 Marie And Phil Waking Up…

Marie woke up with Phil’s arms still wrapped around her. He was still sound asleep, but he was dreaming. He had a smile on his face and was moving his mouth like he was saying something. Marie giggled as she gently rubbed his chest. 

“Oh Phil, I love you so much.” Marie rubbing his chest was waking Phil up. He heard her tell him she loved him and smiled.

“I love you too Marie.” She jumped and looked at him.

He was laughing. “Sorry luv didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“Its ok. I just didn’t know you was awake.”

“‘Ow did you sleep?” Phil asked.

“Fine. How about you?” 

“Great.” Phil smiled.

“So what was you dreaming about right before you woke up?” Marie asked grinning. “You.” Phil smiled as he gave Marie a kiss. “And ‘ow sexy you was last night.”

Marie blushed. “Oh Phil.”

“Wot?” He asked. “I am serious. I really enjoyed last night. I liked seeing you act that way.” Phil grinned. “I like watching you be naughty.”

Marie blushed again. “Well you know, you was being pretty naughty yourself last night.” “I know.” Phil smiled. “So ‘ow about some breakfast? I am starved.”

“Ok Phil. What would you like? I will make you something.”

“Well wotever you feel like making, but I was thinking about going out where Meg works. Wot do you think? We could call Joe and Randi to if you would like.”

“Ok Phil. If that’s what you want. I am sure they would enjoy that.”

“Great. Do you want to call ‘em or do you want me to?”

“Go ahead, the number is memory 1.” Marie said as she got out of bed. Phil whistled as Marie started walking towards the bathroom. Marie turned and looked at him blushing. He called and talked to Joe while Marie was in the other room. They agreed to meet in about an hour and hung up.


Part 124 Meeting For Breakfast…

The four friends met about an hour later. Meg seen them come in and smiled then motioned for them to come over to her. They all followed and several customers started staring and whispering. Joe and Phil just laughed.

“Hello.” Meg said as they reached her. “Too bad you didn’t get here about an hour sooner.”

“Why is that?” Joe asked.

“Mal was here for breakfast.” Meg blushed.

“Oh really?” Phil teased. “And wot did Mal want?”

“To see if we could get together after I got off work.”

“I thought he was leaving this afternoon?” Marie asked.

“Well he was supposed to, but he decided not to leave yet when I said we could get together this afternoon.” Meg blushed again.

“Aww, that’s so sweet.” Randi said. “I am happy for you.”

“Thanks Randi. You can sit at this table. It is one of mine. What does everyone want to drink?” Meg asked.

“I want ‘ot tea.” Joe said.

“Make that two.” Phil added.

“I will take orange juice.” Marie smiled.

“Water is fine for me.” Randi told her.

“Ok I will be right back with your drinks and to take your order.” Meg said walking away.

“I knew Mal was going to do that.” Joe laughed.

“Do what?” Marie asked.

“Come see ‘er then not leave.”

“Yea’, ‘e is a nut about ‘er, but ‘e’s too shy to tell ‘er.” Phil added.

“Well Meg is shy too, so this should be interesting.” Randi laughed.

Meg came back with their drinks. “Does everyone know what they want to eat?”

“I will take scrambled eggs, bacon, ‘ash browns, and toast.” Joe spoke up.

“I want an omelet.” Marie said.

“Ok.” Meg said. “Randi? Phil? What do you want?”

“I think I will ‘ave pancakes.” Phil told her as he closed his menu.

“And I would like a small order of biscuits and gravy.” Randi told her. “They are the best in town. Can’t pass them up.” Randi laughed.

“Ok I will be back as soon as your order is done.”

“Ok.” They all said at once as Meg walked toward the kitchen.


Part 125 Eating Breakfast…

While they were eating a few customers nervously walked up and asked Joe and Phil for their autographs.  They gladly signed their names for the customers and would laugh when some one acted like they were afraid to ask. When they were about half done with breakfast Meg came and sat down with them. They were the only customers she had at the time, so she decided to take her break.

“So Meg did Mal say wot ‘e wanted?” Joe asked trying to start a conversation.

“No he just said he wanted to see me before he went home.” Meg told him.

“Oh ok.” Joe smiled.

“Well I hope the two of you have a nice visit.” Randi said

“Thanks Randi. I am sure we will. He is such a sweetie.” Meg blushed.

“I am sure you will too.” Phil joked. “‘E thinks pretty ‘ighly of you too.”

“Really?” Meg asked, as she blushed deeper.

Joe spoke up. “Yes really. ‘E about drove us nuts after you went back ‘ome from being out on tour with us.”

“You don’t mean that...” Meg told him.

“Oh yes ‘e does.” Phil interrupted. “The man is crazy for you. ‘E is just too shy to tell you.”

“Oh.” Meg giggled. “Wow, I didn’t realize he was that interested. I thought he was just being polite to me.”

“Mal is polite to everyone, but trust us, ‘e ‘as got it bad for you. ‘E is a nice guy. You should give ‘im a chance.” Joe urged.

Meg looked down at her watch. “Well my break is over. I better get back to work.” She said jumping up quickly. “Thanks for filling me in. If you need anything else just let me know.” Meg said nervously. She had just found out a lot more then she expected.

When she left the table Randi spoke up. “Good going guys.”

“Wot?” Joe and Phil asked at the same time.

“Now she is a nervous wreck.” Marie answered. “Just look at her. You two have got her worried to death.”

“We didn’t mean anything bad by it.” Phil told them.

“Yea’, we was trying to ‘elp ‘er and Mal out a lil’ since neither one ‘as the guts to speak up ‘em selves.” Joe added.

“Well let’s just hope it helped and not made things more awkward for them.” Randi told them.

They finished their meals and told Meg they would see her later and to have fun with Mal. Then they paid and left the restaurant. The couples decided to go back home for now. They would get together again later.


Part 126 Mandy And Rick Later That Day Part 1…

Mandy and Rick decided to spend the day at her house alone. Rick helped her pack her bags so she could go stay with him for a few weeks. They left the house long enough to go to her salon so she could cancel her appointments for the next few weeks. Then they went back to her house. They sat on the couch snuggling and watching TV. Around noon the phone rang. Mandy answered it.


“Hi Mandy this is Meg.”

“Oh hi Meg. How are you?”

“I am fine. Are you busy?”

“No I am just watching TV with Rick.”

“Rick is still there? I thought he was leaving this morning.”

“Well he was, but there was a change in plans. I am going to go home with him for a few weeks. We are leaving tomorrow.”

“Wow, Mandy that’s wonderful.”

“So what is going on with you? You sound really excited.” 

“I am. Mal came in to see me this morning and asked if we could get together when I get off work. He canceled his flight too.” Meg said blushing at the thought.

“Really Meg? That’s great. I hope you have fun. I am glad he wants to see you before he goes home.”

“So am I.  Well listen my break is about over so I need to go. If I don’t talk to you again before you leave, have fun.”

“Thanks Meg. Bye.”

“Bye Mandy.” Mandy hung up the phone and sat back down with Rick.

“Wot was that all about?” Rick asked her.

“That was Meg. She was calling to tell me her and Mal are getting together when she gets off work today.” Mandy told him.

“Really? That’s great. I am glad Mal stopped being such a chicken and decided to try to get to know ‘er a little more.”

“Yeah me too.”


Part 127 Mandy And Rick Later That Day Part 2…


Mandy and Rick continued to watch TV for a little while longer. Then they ate a small lunch.  After lunch Rick started yawning.

“Do you want to go lay down for a while?” Mandy asked him.

“Yes, I think I do.” Rick told her.

“Care to join me?”

“Um, ok, I guess so.”


They went to Mandy’s room and started to lie down. Rick took off his shirt before getting into the bed. Mandy was feeling a little nervous. She knew that if Rick touched her she would start wanting him again. They had shared that one night together pleasuring each other. But that night they had both had a little to drink. What if it was just the drinks that made Rick act the way he did. She would look like a fool if she let on that she was aroused and he wasn’t ready for that again. Mandy tried to keep from touching Rick as she lay down. She wanted to make sure he had plenty of room so he would be comfortable.

“Mandy luv?” Rick asked. “Why are you lying so far away from me?”

“I just wanted to make sure you have enough room.” Mandy tried to sound convincing. “Wot do you mean make sure I ‘ave enough room? I ‘ave plenty of room. Y’er almost ‘anging off the bed y’er so far away. Don’t you want me to ‘old you?” He asked.

“Oh, I didn’t realize that’s what you wanted Rick.”

“Well of course I do. Why wouldn’t I? We both agreed we wanted to take our relationship a step farther. So wot is bothering you luv?”

Mandy exhaled long and slow before she spoke again. “Rick the truth is I know if you touch me it’s going to turn me on. That’s why I acted the way I did when you kissed me this morning. It turned me on. And I don’t want to seem like I am trying to throw myself at you.”

“I don’t think y’er throwing y’er self at me. In fact I am glad you enjoyed me kissing you so much. It turned me on too. Now scoot over ‘ere and let me ‘old you.” Rick said as he reached out his arm.

“Ok Rick.” Mandy said as she scooted closer to him. Rick asked her to turn over and face him then pulled her against him. He began kissing Mandy tenderly hoping she would relax and let him make love to her. He wanted to see her the way she was the last time he made love to her. She was so innocent looking and felt so good.  Mandy finally began to relax and started kissing Rick back, intensifying the kissing. Rick knew she was relaxing now and decided to take it a step further. He let go of her then rested his hand on one of her breast. When she didn’t move or tense up Rick slowly began to rub it. Mandy smiled at Rick and he knew she was going to be ok.

Mandy wrapped her arms around Rick when he slipped his hand inside her shirt.  Mandy sighed as Rick reached around to her back and unfastened her bra freeing her breasts so he could get touch them better. Rick slid his hand back to her breast and began rolling her nipple around between his fingers. Mandy tensed up a little.

“Are you ok luv?” Rick asked as he paused.

“I am fine. That just feels really good.” Mandy smiled.

“Really? Well ‘ow does this feel?” Rick asked as he lifted her shirt and began running his tongue across her nipples.

“Oh Rick.” Was all she managed to say.

Rick smiled and continued.


Part 128 Mandy And Rick Later That Day Part 3…


Rick was pleased with the response he was getting from Mandy. He knew that it wasn’t the alcohol working on her this time. This time it was what he was doing, nothing else contributing to her feelings. Rick asked her to remove her shirt so she did and lay back down. When she did Rick began sucking on her nipples again.  Mandy reached down and rubbed Rick’s cock through his pants.

“Do you want me to take ‘em off?” Rick asked her.

“Yes.” She answered as she let go and began undressing herself the rest of the way. Rick smiled as he stripped out of his clothes.

“I am glad I stayed luv.”

“Me too.” Mandy told him as she began stroking him.

“Oh Mandy that feels good.” Rick gasped. Mandy blushed and started kissing Rick again. He slid his hand between her legs teasing her clit for a moment before he tensed up. “What’s wrong?” She asked him.

“Nothing other then if you keep that up I won’t last long enough to make love to you.”  “Oh, do you want me to stop?” Mandy asked shyly.

“Well if you want me to make love to you first you better.” Rick said smiling.

“Ok.” Mandy told him as she let go. Rick and Mandy started making love and when it was over they both fell asleep.


Part 129 Mal Meeting Meg After Work…

About 1:30 Mal showed back up at Meg’s work as promised. He had a coke while waiting for her to get done. When her shift was over she walked up to Mal and told him she was ready to leave. He turned around and held out his arms to give her a hug.

“‘Ello luv. ‘Ow was y’er day?” He asked smiling.

“Fine, thank you.” She told him as she hugged him. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes ma’am. Let’s go.” Mal said as he stood up. They walked out to the parking lot and went to Meg’s car. Mal opened the door so she could get in. Then walked around the car and got in too.

“So what did you want to do?” Meg asked as she started the car.

“‘Ow about we just go to y’er ‘ouse for a lil’ while? Maybe later we can catch a movie or something.” Mal smiled.

“Ok Mal. That sounds good to me.” Meg said as she pulled out of the parking lot.

They pulled up in front of Meg’s house a few minutes later. It was the first time Mal had seen her house. It was a small one bedroom.

“Well this looks like a cozy lil’ ‘ouse.” Mal said as he got out of the car.

“It’s not much, but I like it.” Meg said blushing.

“That’s all that matters then.” Mal said as he and Meg started walking to the door. They went inside and watched TV for a while and talked about this and that. After they had talked for a couple of hours Meg noticed the Mal had stopped talking as much. He seemed like something was on his mind.

“Mal?” Meg asked.

“Yes luv?”

“Are you ok? You seem like something is bothering you. Do you need a drink, or do you need to lie down for a while? You can go lay in my bed if you need a nap. I don’t mind.” “I am ok. I just ‘ave a lot on my mind that’s all.”

 “Do you want to talk about it? I would be happy to listen.” Meg told him smiling.

“Well luv, actually I do want to talk.” Mal said.

“Ok. What’s up?”

Mal mumbled. “I just don’t know ‘ow to say it.”

“What was that? I didn’t catch that Mal.”

Mal started rubbing his head. “Oh boy….”

“Mal are you sure you are ok?”

“Yea’, I am sure. Ok luv I am just going to come out say it. There is no need in beating around the bush.”

Meg was starting to get a little confused. “Umm, ok Mal. I am listening.”

“Meg the reason I didn’t leave today is because I wanted to ask you something.” He paused.

“Yes Mal? What is it?”

“I know we ‘aven’t know each other very long, but I would be ‘onored if you would be my girlfriend.” Mal said nervously. “There I said. Finally I got it out.” He looked at Meg not sure what to expect. Meg was shocked and blushing. She wasn’t sure she understood him correctly.

“Mal?” She said still blushing. 

“Yes luv?”

“Did you to ask me to be your girlfriend?”

“I think so.” Mal stuttered. “I mean, yes Meg I did. Will you be my girlfriend? I like you a lot.”

Meg smiled as she reached over and hugged him. Mal hugged her back.

“Yes Mal I will. And I am honored to know that you think that highly of me.”

“Well luv, now that we got that out of the way. Wot do you say to dinner and a movie? My treat.” Mal said as he stood up and extended his hand to Meg.

“Ok Mal let’s go.”


Part 130 Mandy And Rick Leaving For His House…

Rick and Mandy got up early to go to the airport. Rick had called last night and got them tickets for a 7:00am flight. Mandy had called Marie and Randi and told them she was going to California with Rick for a few weeks. They were both very happy. And Joe and Phil were glad Rick had asked her out. They caught the plane and were off to Rick’s. They were both tired. They hadn’t got much sleep. They were up most of the night. Mandy decided to talk to Rick for a few minutes then she was going to take a nap. The only other time she had been on a plane was when Joe came and took her and the other ladies out on tour with him. And she was nervous. She figured the trip would be less stressful if she slept.

“I have never been to California before.” Mandy told him.

“Really? Well I am sure you will like it.” Rick told her as her put his arm around her. “Are you ok? You look a lil’ pale.”

“I will be ok. I am just a little nervous about flying. This is only the second time I have been on a plane. If you don’t mind I think I will just take a nap. Maybe it won’t be as bad that way.” “I think that’s a good idea. I don’t want to see you get sick. I would feel awful. In fact I think I will take a nap also.” Rick said as he gave Mandy a slight squeeze.

“Ok Rick. Thanks.” She told him as she rested her head on his chest.

“No problem luv. I am just glad y’er with me.” Then Rick closed his eyes and they were soon both sound asleep. Rick woke up about 30 minutes before the flight was over. Mandy still had her head on his chest. She was sound asleep and looked so peaceful. Rick leaned down and kissed her head. He sat there looking at her for about 15 minutes and thinking how lucky he was to have met her.

He slowly started trying to wake her up. He wanted to make sure she was fully awake before they landed.

“Mandy luv.” Rick said as brushed a strand of hair away from her face. “Wake up we will be landing soon.”

Mandy mumbled something. And released a long breath. Rick tried again.

“Mandy wake up its Rick.”

She slowly started to open her eyes. “What is it?” She asked yawning.

“We will be landing soon. Wake up luv.”

Mandy sat up and stretched just as the captain began to speak. 

“Everyone please fasten your safety belts we will be landing shortly. Thank you.”

Rick and Mandy did as they were told and soon the plane was touching down. After they had exited the plane and got their luggage Rick waved down a cab and they were on the way to his house.


Part 131 One Week Later…

Note: I have no idea where Mal lives, so I am going to say he lives in Sheffield England.

Mal and Meg were really hitting it off. The day Mal asked Meg to be his girlfriend they went to the hotel he was staying at and he checked out. Meg asked him to stay with her. Mal would go eat breakfast at Meg’s work every morning then go back to her house and wait for her to come home. He even invited her to go back to Sheffield with him for a vacation.

Mandy was having the time of her life with Rick. They went swimming every morning and relaxed in the hot tub of an evening. Rick was taking her out and showing her the sights. She had talked to Jewels a few times too. Viv and Jewels planned to come visit while Mandy was there.

Marie and Phil spent the night with Randi and Joe. They would be leaving to go to see Randi’s parents today. They decided to drive instead of fly. That way they wouldn’t have to rent a car to use while they were visiting. Joe and Phil loaded the car up while Marie and Randi made breakfast for everyone. After they ate breakfast they got in the car and headed for Louisiana. Randi’s parents couldn’t wait to see her and Marie. And they were excited about meeting the guys who were being so good to them.

Normally Randi would stop at a hotel over night when driving to her parents, but since there was four people on this trip who could drive they decided against staying anywhere. Joe was still a little nervous about meeting Randi’s parents even though she had said how happy they were about the relationship. For the most part the parents of the women he had dated in the past looked down on him because he was a rock star. They didn’t even give him a chance to prove himself a nice guy before they immediately deemed him no good for their daughter. He just prayed Randi’s parents didn’t do that.


Part 132 Arriving At Randi’s Parent’s…

They pulled up to Randi’s childhood home around noon on Sunday. Her parents were sitting out side on their swing waiting. As soon as they got out of the car Thelma and Duane came running to hug their daughter and Marie. Phil and Joe stood back while they were exchanging hugs.

“Hi Mom. Hi Dad.” Randi said as she hugged each of them.

“Hi honey. Oh I am so glad ya’ll are finally here.” Thelma said as she kissed her daughter’s cheek.

“So am I.” Duane added. “We have missed you so much.”

Then they both hugged Marie and told her how nice it was to see her again.

“Mom, Dad, I want you to meet Joe.” Randi said as she took Joe by the hand and led him over to them.

“‘Ello Mr. And Mrs. ‘Enderson. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Joe extended his hand and shook Duane’s hand then reached for Thelma’s. “May I?” He asked then placed a small kiss on her hand.

Thelma blushed. “Well aren’t you a gentleman.” Duane just smiled, his wife didn’t blush often and he always got a kick out of seeing some one make her do it.

“And this is Phil.” Marie spoke up. Phil shook their hands.

“‘Ello sir.” He said to Duane. “Its nice to meet you ma’am.” He said as he turned to Thelma.

“Ok let’s get one thing straight right now.” Thelma spoke up. “We appreciate you boys being so polite, but I am Thelma-Louise. You can call me Thelma, and this is Duane. None of this Mr. And Mrs. or sir and ma’am got that boys?” Joe and Phil looked at each other with a confused expression on their faces.

“Ok.” They said at the same time.

“Now let’s go in and eat. I have lunch ready and waiting.” 

“Great.” Randi said. “I am starved.”

“Me too. What did you make?” Marie asked her.

“I hope everyone likes chili.” Thelma said as she walked in the door.

“I love your chili Thelma.” Marie said.

“I know you do dear. That’s why I made it.” Thelma said smiling. “How about you boys?” she asked turning to Joe and Phil.

“Yes ma’am.” Joe answered.

Thelma raised an eyebrow at him. He called her ma’am again.

“Sorry, it’s a ‘abit.”

“Well it’s time to break that habit. At least when I am the one you are speaking to any way.” Thelma said sternly.

“Ok I will try.”

Phil was looking at Joe smiling. Joe shot him a look and Phil turned his head to keep from laughing.


Part 133 Eating Lunch…

Every one sat at the table enjoying the chili Thelma had made. Duane and Thelma was asking Joe and Phil lots of questions. Phil didn’t mind too much. After all they wasn’t his girlfriend’s parents. But Joe was a little uncomfortable. He didn’t mind talking and answering the questions, he was just afraid of being labeled no good. He loved Randi with all his heart and he desperately wanted her parent’s to approve of him. Randi was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

“What’s the name of the band you boys are in?” Duane asked them.

“Def Leppard.” Phil told him.

“Ah yes, now I remember. Randi and Marie used to talk about ya’ll all the time.” Duane smiled. Marie and Randi both looked at him then at each other and blushed.

Joe and Phil both smiled.

“Oh really?” Joe asked.

“Heavens yes. Def Leppard is all we heard about for a while.” Thelma spoke up. “The girls have been nuts about you for years.”

Marie and Randi were both turning bright red. Marie turned to Randi with a look begging her to make them stop telling Joe and Phil about the way they used to act.

“Mom please.” Randi said.

“What dear?” She asked innocently.

You promised.”

“Promised what?” Duane asked.

“Promised not to embarrass us.”

“We aren’t trying to embarrass you. We are just talking.” Thelma said smiling.

Randi rolled her eyes and continued eating.

“This chili is fabulous.” Phil said trying to change the subject.

“Thank you Phil.” Thelma told him

“Well there is plenty in there. You boys eat up.” Duane told him.

“Thanks.” Joe said. “I think I will get me another bowl. This is the best chili I ‘ave ever ‘ad.”

“There is no need in trying to suck up to me Joe. Sucking up won’t make me like you. Just be yourself.” Thelma pointed out. 

“I wasn’t sucking up, just telling the truth.” Joe said as he stood up.

Thelma blushed again. Duane chuckled. He loved watching his wife blush over the fellows Randi and Marie brought with them.

“I think I will get another bowl too.” Phil said and stood up too.

“Randi, Thelma would either of you ladies like another bowl?” Joe asked.

“I can get my own thank you.” Thelma told him. 

“Why? I am already up I can get it for you.” Joe said smiling.

Thelma looked at her daughter.

“Yes Joe. I will take some more please. Just a little.” Randi told him as she handed him her bowl.

“Well I guess if you insist on doing it.” Thelma said as she handed her bowl to Joe. Marie handed Phil her bowl then Joe and Phil walked back into the kitchen to refill everyone’s bowl.

Randi looked nervously at her parents. “Well?” She asked.

“That boy is impossible.” Thelma told her. “Does he always insist on calling people sir and ma’am, and doing everything for other people?”

“Yes Mom he is always like that. So is Phil. And the rest of the band.”

Thelma looked at Marie.

“Is this true? She isn’t just trying to make him look good is she?”

“Yes it’s true. She isn’t trying to impress you. They have been like this from day one.” Duane spoke up. “I think its great that you girls found some nice boys. That Joe seems to be a lot better then that Frank character you was with.”

“Please Dad, let’s not talk about Frank ok?” Randi pleaded.

“Ok dear I am sorry.” Duane apologized as Phil and Joe walked back in the room.


Part 134 Unloading The Car…

After lunch Joe and Phil said they would unload the car.

“What room does everyone want to use?” Thelma asked after Joe and Phil went outside. “Well Mom, I think Joe and I will sleep in my old room. Marie and Phil can stay in the room she used when she would stay us.”

Thelma raised an eyebrow of disapproval.

“Mom, Marie and I are both grown women. We aren’t little girls any more.” Randi told her.

“She is right honey.” Duane butted in. “They are adults now.”

“Oh all right. But you kids better behave. I don’t want to hear any hanky panky going on in my house.”

“MOM….” Randi spun around.


“I can’t believe you just said that.”

Duane just laughed and opened the door as Joe and Phil walked up with the bags.

“Come on I will show you where to put them.” Randi said walking towards the hallway. Marie followed. Phil and Joe were close behind. Marie and Phil went into the room they would be using then Randi showed Joe where they would be staying. The couples unpacked their things and put them away before returning to the living room. While they were in there, Duane and Thelma talked quietly.

“Well it looks like they girls picked winner’s this time.” Duane smiled.

“Yes, I agree. I really like those boys. Randi and Marie both have a different glow about them. I can’t explain it.”

“I know dear. I noticed too. But if you keep acting like you are you will run them off.” “Acting like what?” Thelma said smiling.

“You know exactly what I mean. You promised Randi.”

Thelma laughed. “I know, but I just can’t help myself. I am just so overjoyed that she met some one she has thought so much of for so long and he is being so good to her.”

“Me too dear, me too. I am enjoying watching them make you blush too.” Duane chuckled.

“Is that so?” Thelma said to her husband.

“Yes it is.”

“Well I am glad you are getting such a kick out of it. You know I hate for any one to see me blush. Oh well as long as they make the girls happy I guess that’s the only thing that matters. I will just have to get used to blushing or learn not to let them get to me.”


Part 135 Monday Morning Part 1…

Joe woke up shortly after sunrise. He could smell bacon along with some other things cooking. He stomach growled. The aroma smelled wonderful. He looked over at Randi. She was still sound asleep. She stayed up late talking to her parents. He couldn’t believe they were awake already. Joe decided he would get up and go talk with them while Randi was still sleeping. He slipped on a shirt and went to the kitchen in his sweat pants.

“Good morning.” He said as he walked in.

Duane was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. Thelma was at the stove cooking. “Well good morning Joe. Did you sleep well?” Duane asked him.

“Yes I did thank you. Good morning Thelma. The food smells wonderful.”

“Hello Joe. It will be done in a few minutes. Have a cup of coffee.” Thelma told him pointing at the coffee pot.

“Is Randi still sleeping?”

“Yes she is. I thought I would come on out and visit with the two of you since I was laying in there awake.”

“That’s fine Joe. No need in laying in bed awake and hungry.” Duane told him.

“I wanted to thank you for inviting Phil and I to come meet you.”

“No problem. We are just glad Randi and Marie are so happy.”

“They are both special ladies. I care a lot about your daughter.” Joe said unsure of how they would respond to his confession.

“I am happy to hear that. Randi needs some one to take care of her.” Thelma said. “I am just so glad she got rid of Frank. I never liked that guy from day one. He was out to hurt my baby from the start.”

“Well I promise to do my best at taking care of ‘er. I would never do anything like ‘e did. You ‘ave my word.”

“I am going to hold you to that.” Duane spoke up. “I don’t want to see her hurt again.” “Ok.” Joe said.

“Well breakfast is done. Come and get it.” Thelma announced.

Joe and Duane got up and each made them selves a plate then sat back down and began to eat. A few minutes later Phil walked in yawning and rubbing his eyes.

“Good morning sunshine.” Joe teased.

“Yea’. Good morning. Something sure smells good. Wot ever it is woke me up.” Phil told them.

“Well help yourself Phil there is plenty to go around.” Duane told him.

“Thanks.” Phil said as he walked toward the stove.

 “There is fresh squeezed orange juice in the refrigerator if either of you boys would like some.” Thelma told them.

Phil got orange juice instead of coffee. Then he made him self a plate and sat down. Everyone ate in silence for a few minutes before Duane started talking quietly to Thelma. “Are you going to say anything to him dear?” He asked.

Joe and Phil both looked up hoping that neither of them had done something wrong. They did as they were asked. There was no hanky panky going on last night.

“Yes honey, I will. Just give me a minute. I want to make sure the girls aren’t awake. You know she will be mad at me if she finds out.” Thelma whispered. She picked up her napkin and wiped her hands off.

“Excuse me for a moment.” Then she got up and left the table.

“Um Duane is everything ok?” Phil asked. 

“Did one of us do something?” Joe asked nervously.

“No Joe, you boys didn’t do anything. But we do need to talk to you. Phil it might be a good idea for you to listen too. I am sure neither of the girls have talked to either of you about this.” Duane told them.

“Ok Duane.” Phil said.

“Ok.” Joe said still nervous. He was so afraid they were going to say they didn’t approve of their daughter dating him.


Part 136 Monday Morning Part 2…

Thelma checked on Randi and Marie. They were both still sound asleep. They always seemed to sleep in when they came. Maybe it was because they were out in the quiet country away from the city life they were used to. Or maybe it was because they were back where they grew up. Thelma didn’t know what the reason was, but it warmed her heart to see them so peaceful. She walked back in the kitchen and sat down.

“They are both still asleep. Joe, Phil, you both have to promise you won’t say anything to either of the girls about this right now. Randi will be very upset with all of us if she finds out we discussed it.”

“Ok no problem.” Phil answered first.

 “Um.” Joe paused. “Ok Thelma.” He didn’t like the idea of keeping anything from Randi.

“Has either of the girls mentioned Randi’s health troubles?” Thelma asked.

“Not to me.” Phil said looking to Joe.

Joe turned pale. That was the last thing he was expecting to hear.

“No they ‘aven’t said anything to me either. Wot is wrong?”

“Well I figured she wouldn’t say anything. She is so stubborn.” Duane spoke up.

“Wot is going on? I want to know.” Joe demanded trying not to raise his voice.

“Joe, there is more to why she was so worried about closing her office up to go tour with you then what you think.” Thelma said. “She has a lot more bills then what you think.” Phil looked at Joe who was still pale.

“Joe are you ok?”

“Yea’ Phil I will be fine. Just a lil’ scared right now.”

 Duane started talking. “She really enjoyed being out on tour with you. She called and told us all about it. But she also told us she wasn’t completely honest with you.”

“Oh boy.” Joe thought to himself. “‘Ere I am in love with ‘er, doing everything I can to make ‘er ‘appy. And now ‘er parents are going to tell me she is lying to me.”

Joe was lost in his thoughts and didn’t hear Thelma talking to him.

“‘Ey Joe. Snap out of it.” Phil said as he nudged him in the arm.

“‘Uh? Oh, sorry.” Joe said as he looked around.


Part 137 Monday Morning Part 3…
Note: language possible tissues

“Joe, the night that Randi skipped the concert because she said she was tired, it was more then just being tired from traveling.” Thelma told him. Joe was starting to worry even more.

“We know all about what happened at that party too.” Duane told them. “And there is more to her getting so upset then what you think.”

“Oh great.” Joe said to himself. “Now they are going to lecture me over that bitch Tammy. I don’t need this.”

Phil could see Joe was getting upset.

“Joe calm down and listen to wot they have to say before you get upset.”

“I know what you are thinking Joe.” Thelma told him. “We aren’t going to lecture you over the episode with your ex. We know it wasn’t your fault. We just think you should know the full reason for Randi getting so upset.”

“Ok I am listening. Just tell me wot it is. I will do anything I need to. Anything she needs I will take care of.” Joe told them.

“Ok boys, but remember you promised us you wouldn’t tell the girls we told ya’ll.” Duane told them.

“I will let Thelma explain it to you.”

“Phil I know you heard about Frank.”

“Yes I ‘ave. Wot a jerk.”

“Joe do you know about ‘im?” 

“Yes some wot.”

“Well when he started cheating on Randi she had just found out she had cysts on her ovaries and she may not be able to have children. That’s the reason Frank started sleeping around on her.”

“Bloody ‘ell.” Joe said in disbelief. “Wot an arsehole.”

“Him doing that to her made her feel like she wasn’t good enough to be loved any more. When she skipped the concert it was because she wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want you to know.”

“Why would she want to keep it from us?” Phil asked. “Everyone in the band and the ladies they are with think the world of ‘er. Mal our manager and Rick are both dating friends of Marie and Randi’s. She shouldn’t ‘ave kept it from us.”

“Joe?” Duane started talking.

Joe looked up at him.

“When she skipped the concert because she wasn’t feeling well and then the next day she seen that women kiss you at that party you went to she thought you was upset with her over being sick. And that you decided to move on to some one else who could offer you something she might not be able to.”

“That’s also part of the reason Marie stayed with her after you boys left. She was sick. When she gets upset and stressed out it gives her more problems. Some days she is just fine, but then she has days when it takes all she has to get out of bed.” Thelma told him. Her voice was shaking a little. Duane put his hand on hers and tried to calm her.

“Joe we are in no way trying to force you to take care of our daughter or pay her bills. So please don’t think that. We just think you deserve to know. We can tell how much you love each other just by talking to Randi on the phone and the little time you have been here.”

A tear slipped down Joe’s cheek. Phil placed his hand on Joe’s shoulder. It was all starting to make more sense. Why Randi was so scared to let him make love to her, why she seemed to sleep so much, and now he really understood why she got so upset when Tammy kissed him.  Tears were slipping from Joe’s eyes occasionally. He was looking down so Duane and Thelma wouldn’t see. He looked up and seen Thelma crying. He got up and walked over to her and gave her a hug. Then sat down in the chair beside her. Phil sat quietly listening and waiting to see what Joe was going to say because he was at a loss for words.


Part 138 Monday Morning Part 4…
Note: possible tissues

“Why didn’t she just tell me?” Joe asked. His eyes were red.

“She was afraid you would do her they way Frank did.” Duane answered him.

 “I am afraid she isn’t going to be able to keep making ends meet.” Thelma cried. “She isn’t making enough at her office to keep up with her doctor bills. And if she doesn’t keep them paid she won’t be able to keep going to the doctor. If she stops going to the doctor, I am scared it will get so bad she won’t be able to work at all.”

Another tear slipped down Joe’s cheek. Then he reached over and wiped a tear from Thelma’s cheek. Duane was close to tears too and Phil was breathing a little uneasy.

“Thelma I promise you I will do everything I can to take care of y’er daughter. I am glad you told me. Thank you.” Joe said as he hugged her again. “Duane I love y’er daughter with all my ‘eart. And I don’t think of ‘er as any less of a person because of this. In fact I think even more of ‘er now. She has had the courage and strength to keep fighting instead of just giving up.”

“Thank you Joe. You have no idea how much we appreciate that.”

“You can count on me too.” Phil spoke up.

“Thanks Phil.”

Joe let out a long breath. “Ok, I wasn’t going to say anything about this while we was ‘ere, but considering wot you just told me I think I will.”

Phil looked at Joe questioningly. Was he really going to do it? He had mentioned it once or twice, but Phil didn’t think he was serious enough to do it yet. Phil held his breath waiting to see what Joe said next.

Joe stood up.

“Mr. And Mrs. ‘Enderson…” Joe started. Thelma started to say something but Duane stopped her. “I would like to ask y’er permission to ask y’er daughter to marry me. I love ‘er more then anything in the world. I promise I will never do anything to ‘urt ‘er. She will ‘ave everything she wants and needs, and I promise you I will get ‘er into the best doctor’s available and get ‘er taken care of.”

Thelma started crying again then looked at Duane and nodded her head. She looked at Phil then back at Joe and smiled through her tears. Phil was just sitting there unable to say or do anything. He couldn’t believe Joe asked, but he was glad he did.

Duane stood up and walked over to Joe.

“Yes son you have our permission and our blessing.” Then he shook Joe’s hand. 

“Thank you.” Joe told him.

Thelma stood up and hugged Joe. “Joe I am so glad we was able to tell you. I have been so worried about her. Thank you for caring so much about our daughter.”

“Thank you for telling me. I appreciate it.”


Part 139 Randi And Marie Waking Up…

Randi and Marie both woke up around 10:00. They went into the kitchen to see what everyone was doing and what there was to eat. When they got in there Thelma was the only one in there.

“Good morning Thelma.” Marie said as she came in.

“Good morning dear.” She said and gave her a hug.

“Hi Mom.” Randi said as she waited for Marie to move so she could hug her.

“Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep ok?”

“Yes thank you. What’s for breakfast? I am starved.”

“I think there is some bacon and eggs left. I can make some more toast too if you would like.”

“Ok Mom.”

“Thanks Thelma.”

“Mom?” “Yes dear?” 

“Where are Joe, Phil, and Dad?”

“Oh they went to our pond. They are fishing. I figured the guys could spend some time together so your father can get to know the boys. And we can go shopping. Is that ok?” “I’d love to go shopping Thelma. You know I love going shopping with you.” Marie said smiling.

“Yeah, sure, shopping it is.” Randi said. She didn’t understand why those two got so excited over shopping. What was the big deal?

“Ok girls well after you eat and get dressed we will go.” Thelma said as she buttered the toast and put it on their plates. Randi and Marie ate without saying much. They loved coming to visit. Randi’s mom always cooked the best food for them. And treated everyone so well. They were both relieved that they liked Joe and Phil.

After they ate they got dressed then went to the pond around noon and told they guys bye and were on their way to go shopping. Randi just hoped Joe and her father would continue to get along. And she hoped her mother and Marie didn’t plan on staying out all day. She wasn’t feeling the greatest, but she didn’t want to spoil any one’s fun. She was happy to be spending time with her mom.


Part 140 Out Shopping…

They spent about 5 hours shopping. Marie and Thelma were still going strong. But Randi was getting worn out. She had found some really nice things and was having a nice time, but she was getting tired and hungry.

“Are you guys about done? I am sure Dad, Joe and Phil is getting hungry. Its almost 5:00.” She used them as an excuse so she wouldn’t have to admit that she wasn’t feeling the greatest. She didn’t want either of them making a big deal over it.

“Honey, your father is a big boy. He knows how to cook. If they get hungry before we get back he can make supper.” Thelma told her.

“Ok.” Randi said rolling her eyes.

Marie could tell Randi was getting tired. So she decided to try and help her get her Mom to head home even though she wasn’t ready to leave either.

“Thelma, you know we will be here for a week. We could save some of the stores so we can go again before we go home.” Marie told her.

“Well ok. I guess if you are both ready to go we can always finish up tomorrow or the next day.” Thelma told them.

She hadn’t been around Randi enough since she had started getting sick to realize that was what was going on. Marie on the other hand had, and knew Randi needed to get home and rest. They left the mall and headed home Randi rode in the back seat. She was starting to feel worse. She knew this wasn’t good. She was too tired. She was going to have to rest. She just hoped Joe didn’t notice. She didn’t want him worrying about her. She would just go in and take a bubble bath. Maybe that would help ease the pain. It did the night of the concert she skipped. Before she knew it she had fell asleep. Marie noticed she was asleep and started talking to Thelma.

“She isn’t feeling good. I thought she was acting kind of funny today. Then when she started talking about going home to get the guys their supper I knew she was sick. She knows they can cook for them selves. She just didn’t want to admit to us that she wasn’t feeling well.”

“Marie honey, I am really getting worried about her. I wish those doctor’s would get her straightened out. She doesn’t deserve to suffer like this.”

“I am worried about her too. I wish she would tell Joe.” Marie said as they pulled in the driveway.

Thelma parked the car and shut off the engine. Randi was still sound asleep, the car stopping and the engine shutting off didn’t faze her. Even Marie and Thelma opening and closing their doors didn’t bother her. Thelma looked concerned. She didn’t know what to do.

“Just let her be. I will go get Joe. He can carry her in.” Marie said as she grabbed a couple of bags out of the trunk.

“Ok dear.” Thelma said as she started to get a few bags.

Marie walked in the house the guys were all watching TV.

“Well ‘ello luv.” Phil said as he got up to take the bags from her. “‘Ow was y’er day?” “Fine thanks. Joe we need your help please.” Marie said.

She noticed all three guys had a concerned look on their face. She hadn’t said anything was wrong so she wondered why they were looking at her that way.

“Sure Marie.” Joe said as he stood up. “Wot do you need?”

“Randi fell asleep. I think we wore her out.” Marie laughed trying to lighten the mood. “Can you carry her in?”

“Ok. No problem.” Joe said as he headed for the door.  Phil followed him.

“I will ‘elp carry bags in.” They both walked out side.

When they were out of hearing distance Marie began talking to Duane.

“She is sick again. She didn’t even budge when we pulled up. I am worried about her. I don’t think she took her medicine this morning.”

“That’s not good.” Duane said.

 “I know. I wish she would just be honest and tell Joe. He is going to find out sooner or later anyway. Why is she insisting on keeping him in the dark? He loves her and deserves to know.”

“I know Marie. But you know as well as I do that she is a stubborn girl.” Duane told her. “Yes I know. Trust me I know, you have no idea.”


Part 141 Monday Evening…

Joe got Randi out of the car and carried her in to the house. Thelma followed him into the bedroom and turned down the blankets so he could lay her down. He laid her down then covered her up and left the room closing the door behind him. Joe decided right then they was all going to have another talk while she was resting. This couldn’t be ignored any longer. She needed to get into a better doctor. Joe returned to the living room. They were discussing what to have for supper. When they seen Joe they stopped talking about food and looked at him.

“She ok?” Phil asked.

“Yea’ I think so. She is still sound asleep.” Joe told them trying not to let on in front of Marie that he knew what was going on.

Thelma spoke up. “So is fried chicken, corn, and mashed potatoes and gravy ok with everyone?” Everyone agreed and Thelma and Marie went to the kitchen. The guys returned to watch TV. Joe started talking quietly so Marie wouldn’t hear him.

“‘Duane, I know we promised not to mention this to the ladies, but I really think we should all talk to Marie and let ‘er know that Phil and I know. Then we need to talk to Randi about it when she gets feeling better. She has got to let me take ‘er to see a better doctor. She needs to go to Ireland with me for a lil’ while. Some of the local doctors are the best you can find.”

Phil nodded his head in agreement. Duane rubbed his chin not sure what to say. Finally he began talking.

“Ok Joe. I will see what I can do. I will get Marie out of the kitchen for a minute so I can tell Thelma.” Duane told them as he got up and headed towards the kitchen.

Marie and Thelma were busy getting supper started and didn’t even realize he had came in.

“Hello ladies.” He said making them both jump. Then he got into the refrigerator and got a couple of cans of soda out. “Marie could you take these to Phil and Joe for me please?” “Sure Duane just let me wash my hands.”

“Ok.” He said as he sat the cans down.

When she left the room he began talking to Thelma and telling her what they had decided. Thelma agreed that it was a good idea and said they would discuss it over supper. Duane headed back for the living room just as Marie returned to the kitchen to finish helping with supper.


Part 142 Eating Supper…

About 30 minutes later Marie went in to the living room again and told them it was done. Duane shut off the TV and the guys got up. Joe went to check on Randi before going to eat. She was still sound asleep. He went into the kitchen and made himself a plate then joined everyone at the table. No one said anything for a few minutes. Finally Phil decided that it would be best to go ahead and say something to get the conversation started just in case Randi woke up.

“Marie luv?” Phil said.

“Yes Phil?”

“We need to talk to you about something.”

“Umm, ok.” Marie said nervously. She had no clue what was going on. She looked around the table at everyone, waiting for some one to say something. “What’s up?”

There was a pause. Finally Duane spoke up.

“Marie we told the boys about the trouble Randi is having.” Marie was silent. She felt like she had been hit with a ton of bricks. She promised Randi she wouldn’t tell Phil and Joe and then her parents go and tell them. Well at least she wasn’t the one who did it. But she was glad some one had told them. Joe really needed to know.

“Marie…” Joe began. “Why didn’t you tell me? You lied to me the night she skipped the concert. You said nothing was wrong.”

“Oh Joe, I am so sorry. Please don’t be mad at me. I promised her I wouldn’t tell anyone. Especially you, I am sorry for not being honest. I just didn’t want her mad at me. I was afraid if I told you she would get mad at me then not let me know when she was sick again.” Marie said as her eyes welled up with tears. Phil put his arm around her.

“Its ok. I understand. I am not mad at you.” Joe said.

“Marie, Joe wants to help her. But we need your help. You are the only one she will listen to.” Duane told her. She looked at Joe. He nodded his head.

“Ok I will try. What do I need to do?”

“I want to take ‘er to Ireland. There are some really good local doctors. I think they will be able to ‘elp ‘er.” Joe told her.

“Joe I think that’s a wonderful idea, but she would never agree to it. You know how much she worries over our office.” Marie told him.

“Yes I know. That’s something else I want to talk to you and ‘er both about. I think she should sell it. She is in no condition right now to being trying to run her own business.” “She won’t sell that place. You know how stubborn she is. She is so worried about her bills she wouldn’t give it up.” Marie said trying not to cry. “She will worry about me not having a job either.”

Phil butted in. “Marie luv, you don’t need to worry about that. I will provide you with anything you need.” Marie didn’t know what to say to him. She just sat there with a blank look on her face.

 “And you don’t need to worry about ‘er paying ‘er bills either. Neither does she. From now on I am going to take care of ‘er bills. Its my responsibility now.” Joe told her.

Now she was really confused. “What do you mean it’s your responsibility Joe?” Joe looked at Thelma and Duane then to Phil as if to ask if he should tell her. They all nodded their heads yes.

“Marie this morning while you and Randi were still in bed…” Joe paused.

“Yes Joe? What is it?” What about this morning?” Marie asked him.

“This morning I asked Thelma and ‘Duane’s permission to ask Randi to marry me.” Marie was speechless. She just sat there looking at him. She finally looked to Thelma and Duane. They both had tears in their eyes. She looked at Phil with questioning eyes as if to ask if it was true. Phil nodded his head.

“Yes Marie ‘e really asked.”

“Oh my God, I am so happy I can’t believe this.” Then she jumped up and went around the table giving everyone a hug.

“Ok now, that we ‘ave got that part out of the way we just ‘ave to figure out ‘ow to convince Randi to let me ‘elp ‘er.” Joe said, as he got ready to start eating again.


Part 143 Randi Waking Up…
Note: possible tissues

Randi started to wake up she was confused. It was dark and she was in bed. How did she get in the bed? She was in the backseat of her mother’s car. She looked at the clock. It was 9:00pm. She slowly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She wasn’t feeling much better. She went into the living room and found everyone watching a movie. Thelma noticed her first.

“Hello honey, did you have a nice nap?” She asked. Everyone else looked up then.

“Yes thank you. By the way, how did I end up in the bedroom? The last I remember I was in the back seat of the car.” She said as she sat down beside Joe.

“I carried you in luv.” Joe said as he wrapped his arm around her. “‘Ow are you feeling?” Randi looked at him. Why did he ask her that? “I am fine. Why?”

“I was just asking. That’s all.” Joe answered quickly.

“Are you hungry honey?” Duane asked her. “Your mom and Marie made fried chicken.” “Yeah I am actually. I think I will go make me a plate.” Randi said then got up quickly. She was hoping no one would say anything else. She knew they could tell she was lying. When she walked out of the room everyone looked at Joe.

“Ok I am going to go talk to ‘er. She ‘as to know that I know wot’s going on. I think everyone of us can tell she is lying. She isn’t better. We ‘ave got to get ‘er taken care of.” Everyone nodded their head. 

“Joe we will come in a there after you tell her we need to talk.” Marie told him as he walked out of the living room.  Joe snuck into the kitchen door way. He stood back watching Randi for a moment. She was holding onto her stomach with one hand and trying to make her plate with the other. Her free hand was shaking and it was clear that she didn’t have any strength. Joe noticed a tear go down her cheek. He decided it was time to let her know he was there. 

“‘Ello luv.” Joe said.  Randi jumped.

“Hi Joe.”

“Do you need some ‘elp?” He asked trying to figure out how to confront her.

“No I am fine really.” She said as she sat her plate on the table. “What’s wrong? You look like you have something on your mind.”

“Randi sit down please. We need to talk.”  Joe told her as he pulled a chair out for her. “Ok. What do you want to talk about?” She asked trying to play innocent. She had a feeling she knew what he was about to say. She could tell just by the way everyone was acting today. “Randi, promise me you won’t get mad at anyone please. We are just concerned.” Joe told her as everyone walked in the kitchen and sat down.

She looked around at everyone. They all looked worried. She knew it. She was right. Joe knew what was wrong. Randi’s eyes filled with tears she just knew he was going to dump her right in front of her parents. She couldn’t believe Marie opened her mouth. She promised not to tell him. Now she was going to lose the only thing that was giving her the strength to keep going. Joe wouldn’t want her now that he knew how sick she was. She couldn’t go on, she couldn’t handle being hurt again. She just threw her head in her hands and began sobbing.


Part 144 Talking To Randi…
 Note: possible tissues

Marie spoke first. “Randi please sit back up and talk to us.”

“How could you do this to me Marie? You told me you wouldn’t say anything. You promised. Why Marie? Why did you tell him?” Randi said hatefully through her tears.  Marie started to cry.

Duane raised his voice causing everyone to jump including Randi. He very seldom raised his voice. “Now you hold it right there. That’s enough Randi. You apologize to Marie right now. For your information Marie didn’t tell him. Your mother and I did. Now if you want to be mad at someone, you be mad at us.”

Randi raised her head everyone was looking at her. Marie was still crying. Thelma was close to tears. And Duane was shaking a little because he was so upset.

“Marie I am sorry for yelling at you. Even if you had told him I shouldn’t have acted that way. I know you are just trying to look out for me.”

“Its ok.” Marie said as she hugged Randi.

“Mom, Dad, Phil, Joe, I am sorry for acting like this. I just didn’t want Joe to know.” Randi said still crying.

“Randi why didn’t you want to tell me?” Joe asked.

“Because now you are going to leave me just like…”

Joe interrupted her. “No Randi, I am not. I am NOT Frank. I love you. And I want to take care of you. And I am going to do it.”

Thelma began crying. She was so worried about her daughter, but she was also overwhelmed with joy because some one was going to take care of her like she needed to be taken care of if Randi would just put her stubbornness aside.

“Joe it’s not your place to take care of me. I am a big girl. I can take care of myself just fine.” Randi cried out. “

Randi, come on. Who do you think you are kidding? You are in no shape to be trying to take care of yourself all alone.” Marie told her. “How many more times of you blacking out like you did today is it going to take for you to stop being so stubborn?”

Thelma started talking. “Randi we have already talked about it with Marie and she agrees. You need to sell your office. You are in no condition to worry about running your own business.”

“I can’t sell my office. Then Marie will be out of a job.” Randi said.

Phil interrupted. “Randi you don’t need to worry about Marie I will make sure she is taken care of.”

“What about me? What about my doctor bills? If I don’t have my business I don’t have any money. I can’t pay my bills with out money.” Randi yelled.

“Randi if you would listen and let me finish talking you would ‘ave answers to all these questions.” Joe said sternly. “Now will you please let us talk to you?” He looked at Duane and Thelma afraid he had angered them for being sharp with their daughter. They both just nodded their head and didn’t say anything.

“Ok fine. What do you want to say to me?”

“Randi I want you to sell y’er office and come to Ireland with me. I will pay for all of y’er doctor bills and any thing else you need.” Joe told her.

“What good will going to Ireland do me? My doctor is in South Carolina where I live.” Randi said looking up at him.

“Randi that so called doctor y’er seeing obviously isn’t a very good doctor. If ‘e were you wouldn’t keep getting so sick. I want you to go to Ireland with me so I can get you into a better doctor. Some of the local doctors where I live are the best in the world. And you deserve the very best.”

Randi began crying again and leaned over into Joe’s arms. “Thank you Joe. Thank you for loving me.”

“No Randi. Thank you for letting me love you.” Joe said as he pulled her over into his arms. “Come on lets get you back in the bedroom and into y’er pajamas.” Joe told her as he stood up with her in his arms. “You need to rest.” Then he walked out of the kitchen with her and headed to their bedroom.


Part 145 Getting Randi Comfortable…

Joe got Randi into the bedroom. He sat down on the bed with her still in his arms. He sat there holding her while she cried. He wished that he could just snap his fingers and make it all go away for her. She didn’t deserve to suffer this way.

“I love you Randi.” Joe said as she looked up at him.

“I love you too Joe.”  Then she reached up and gently kissed his lips. “Thank you Joe.” “You don’t ‘ave to thank me. I am doing this because I want to. Are you ready to get into y’er nightgown?”

“No actually I want to take a bubble bath. That’s what I planned on doing when we got home from shopping. It always helps ease the pain when I relax in a warm tub of water.” “Ok I will ‘ave y’er mom or Marie get you some bath water going. I will be right back.” Joe walked out of the room and found Thelma and told her what Randi wanted.

“Ok Joe. I will get it going right now. Thank you so much Joe.” Thelma said as she hugged him.

“You’re welcome. Thank you for giving me a chance to prove that I love ‘er.” Joe said and walked back into the bedroom as Thelma headed for the bathroom.

“Joe I am sorry I scared you today. I don’t know why I got so sick.” Randi told him when he sat back down by her.

“Its ok luv. Just promise me you will never keep something like this from me again.” Joe told her.

“I promise Joe.”

“Well come on lets get you in the tub. Y’er mom is getting it ready.” Joe said as he picked her back up again and took her to the bathroom.  Thelma was just shutting the water off.

“There you go honey. It’s all ready for you. If you need anything just holler and I will come help you.”

“Ok Mom. Thank you.” Randi said as Thelma and Joe walked out of the bathroom and closed the door. 

Randi slowly got undressed and eased her way into the tub. Right away she started feeling a little bit of relief. She sat in the tub and closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe what happened today. A tear slipped slowly down her cheek as she thought how close she could have been to loosing Joe forever. She couldn’t loose him. She needed him more then any one knew. And that’s why she had been so scared to tell him she was sick.


Part 146 While Randi Is In The Tub…

Thelma and Joe returned to the living room where everyone else was. They were waiting to see what Joe had to say. When he didn’t say anything Phil started talking.

“Joe I am proud of you for wot you did tonight.”

“Thanks Phil.”

“Thank you for treating our daughter with such respect.” Duane told him. “You have no idea how happy that makes us.”

“She deserves to be treated with respect. She is a very special and wonderful woman.” Joe told them. “‘Ey Phil thanks for ‘elping me out.”

“No problem mate. I am concerned about ‘er too.”

 “Marie I am sorry you caught the blame for Joe being told.” Thelma said.

“Its ok really. I am glad you told him. Her getting taken care of is worth getting yelled at.” Marie told her. “She is really starting to scare me some times.”

“Well I know we won’t be able to talk ‘er into leaving for Ireland until after we spend this week with you. So I will make plans for us to go next week. If you want to come too y’er more then welcome. I ‘ave plenty of room.”

“Thanks Joe. We appreciate that. Are you sure its ok?” Thelma asked him.

“Yes I am sure. I think Randi could use the extra support right now. Marie, Phil you can come too.”

“Ok Joe. Count us in too.” Phil told him.

“All right then it’s settled. I will make arrangements for the end of next week.” Joe said. “I am going to go check on her and see if she is ready for bed.” Then he walked out of the living room.


Part 147 Getting Randi To Bed…

Joe pecked on the bathroom door before going in. Randi was out of the tub and slipping into her nightgown.  Joe was relieved to see that she looked better then she did when she got in.

“Are you feeling any better luv?” Joe asked as he wrapped his arms around her.

“A little bit. Thank you.” Randi said as she hugged him.

“Well come ‘ere and I will take you back in to the bedroom.”

“I can walk Joe really.”

“Nonsense, you may be feeling a lil’ better, but I know y’er still feeling bad. I will carry you. I want to do it.” Joe told her as he lifted her up into his arms. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her down. “Do you feel like telling anyone good night?”

“Yeah they can come in if they want.” Randi told him.

Joe got up and walked out of the room. He returned with everyone following him. Phil came in first.

“Good night Randi. I ‘ope you feel better soon.” Then he hugged her quickly and moved out of the way so Duane could see her.

“I love you honey. I am so happy you found some one who will take care of you.” Duane told her.

“I love you too Dad. Thanks for telling Joe. I just wasn’t brave enough to tell him myself.” Then she hugged him. Marie sat down on the bed when Duane left the room.

“I am so sorry I yelled at you Marie. I just feel so bad today and I was so afraid I would lose Joe if he found out. Thank you for being such a good friend.”

“Its ok Randi. Don’t worry about it. I understand. Besides it was worth it. You are going to get the help you need now.”

“Thanks Marie. You are the best friend any one could ask for.” 

“So are you. Good night Randi. I hope you feel better in the morning.” Then she hugged her and walked out. Joe had gone in the other room for a minute so Thelma and Randi could be alone. Thelma sat down beside her daughter and tears began to fall from her eyes.

“Randi honey, I love you so much. I am sorry we did this to you, but I was so scared something was going to happen to you. I just wanted to make sure you would be taken care of. Its not that I think you aren’t trying, I just think you need a little help. Joe is a great guy. We are proud of you. What ever you do don’t let him slip away.”

“I love you too Mom. Its ok, I am glad you did. Even though I got mad, I really needed some one to do it for me. I just wasn’t brave enough to tell him myself. I am glad I made you proud of me. And I promise I won’t let him slip away. Good night Mom.” Randi said as she laid down the rest of the way.

“Good night Randi.” Thelma told her as she hugged her tightly and kissed her on the forehead. “Just get well, that’s all I ask.” Then she got up and left the room.

Joe came back in and closed the door. He got into his pajamas and tuned off the light. He lay down in the bed with Randi and placed his hand on her belly.

“Good night Joe. Thank you. I love you.” Randi told him as she was falling asleep.

“I love you too. And don’t worry I am going to get you taken care of.” Joe said as he gently rubbed Randi’s belly. “I am going to make sure they get rid of everything that’s causing you so much pain.” Joe kissed her cheek. Randi had already fallen asleep.


Part 148 Tuesday Morning…

Randi woke up before Joe. He had his hand planted firmly on her belly. She was feeling a lot better today. She was going to get up, but she couldn’t get out from under Joe’s arm. He had a tighter hold then normal. She didn’t have any choice other then to wake Joe up. “Joe.” Randi spoke into his ear. He mumbled something that Randi couldn’t understand. She tried again. “Joe wake up please.” She said then kissed his cheek.  Joe let go of her and stretched then opened his eyes.

“Good morning luv. ‘Ow are you feeling this morning?” He asked as he placed his hand on her belly again.

“I am feeling a lot better.” Randi smiled as she hugged him. “Joe I am so sorry for everything. I am sorry for hiding it from you, and I am sorry for being so hateful last night. I know you aren’t Frank, but it hurt so much when he did that to me I just couldn’t stand the thought of losing you over it too.”

“It’s ok Randi. I am just glad I know now. I was really worried about you yesterday.” Joe told her as he began caressing her belly.

“Joe you are the one thing that has been giving me the strength to keep fighting this. I need you more then anyone knows. I am scared Joe. They told me if they can’t get rid of all the cysts and figure out what else is wrong there is a chance of me never being able to get pregnant.” Randi’s eyes filled with tears. “That was what caused Frank to finally start cheating on me. He didn’t think I was worthy of being loved if I was going to be unable to give him children.”

“Randi I don’t think any less of you. In fact I ‘ave more respect for you now then I did. It takes a special person to keep fighting the way you have. And if y’er not able to ‘ave children then so be it. That’s just the way it was meant to be. I won’t ‘old that against you. I love you no matter wot.”

“Thank you Joe.” Randi said as she wrapped her arms around him and laid her head on his chest. Joe began running his hand up and down her back.

“‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? Yea’. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone you just couldn't ‘ave?” Joe sang quietly. Randi joined him. “Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad? So bad. ‘Ave you ever wanted someone? ‘Ave you ever wanted someone? Yea’. Did you ever try so ‘ard that y’er world just fell apart? ‘Ave you ever needed someone so bad?”

They heard Marie and Phil walking down the hall talking and decided they should get up too.

“Are you sure y’er ok?” Joe asked.

“Yes I am sure.”

“Promise me you will tell me if you start feeling bad again.”

“I promise Joe.” Randi told him as she got out of bed and started to get dressed. Joe got up and got dressed to then they went into the kitchen with everyone else.


Part 149 Eating Breakfast Tuesday Morning…

Randi and Joe walked into the kitchen. Everyone turned and looked at them waiting to see how Randi was feeling today.

“Good morning everyone. What’s for breakfast mom?”

“Good morning Randi. I made pancakes. Do you like pancakes Joe?” Thelma asked him. “Yes I do.” Joe answered.

“How are you feeling this morning honey?” Duane asked Randi.

 “Much better Dad.”

“You look a lot better.” Marie told her.

“Thanks.” Randi told her as she sat down.

Joe sat down Randi’s plate then made his own and sat down too. No body really said anything for a few minutes, but then Randi started talking.

“I am sorry I scared everyone so bad yesterday. I forgot to take my medicine. It just slipped my mind.”

“Its ok honey.” Thelma told her.

“But next time you aren’t feeling well you need to speak up.” Duane told her.

“I will I promise. I also wanted to apologize for being so hateful to everyone. I was just in pain and scared of losing Joe.” Randi said as she laid her hand on his leg.

“Its ok Randi. We understand. And don’t worry y’er not going to lose me.” Joe told her as he gave her a hug.

“So what does everyone want to do today?” Randi asked trying to change the subject.

“I think it would be best if you stayed here and rested today dear.” Thelma told her. “Mom I am fine. Really I feel much better.” Randi argued.

“I agree with Thelma. You need to rest today. You might be feeling better, but as sick as you got yesterday you don’t need to overdo it today.” Joe told her.

“Marie and I agree too.” Phil spoke up.

“Fine. I will stay here and rest today if that’s going to make everyone happy.” Randi said as she started eating again.


Part 150 The Rest Of The Week With Randi’s Parents…

The rest of the week went well. Randi was only sick one other time. Duane, Joe, and Phil got better acquainted. Thelma, Randi, and Marie shopped more. Randi enjoyed it more since she wasn’t feeling bad, and wasn’t worrying how she was going to take care of herself. Joe was relieved now that he understood more about why Randi reacted the way she did about certain things. But he was even gladder he was going to be able to take care of her. He was so happy her parents liked him. She was the best thing that had ever happened to him. And he intended to spend the rest of his life with her. He just had to figure out how to ask her.

Duane and Thelma were making plans to have everything taken care of for them while they were in Ireland. They would be taking a plane to South Carolina a couple of days after Randi, Marie, Joe, and Phil went back. Then they would all be flying to Ireland together. Joe and Phil were going to help Marie and Randi take care of selling their office. He just had this gut feeling that Randi was going to need to be in Ireland seeing the doctors for quiet a while. He hated the feeling he had and tried to pass it off as nerves, but he just couldn’t shake the feeling. He was sure there were more then just cysts that were causing her to be so sick.

Thelma continued to pamper everyone. Making big home cooked meals three times a day. Everyone was keeping a close eye on Randi even though she was feeling better. But no one wanted to give her a chance to have another episode like she did Monday. Joe slept with one arm around Randi and a hand placed firmly on her belly every night.

Phil and Marie continued to grow closer. Marie had a lot of stress relieved now that she knew her friend was going to be taken care of. She had spent so much time the last year or so worrying about Randi, sometimes she forgot to think about herself too. She was thankful Joe had convinced Randi to sell the office. She loved her job, but she knew Randi couldn’t handle much more.

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