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Randi's Rock Star Fiction

Love Bites-Chapters 51-100

A Joe Elliott Story

Part 51 On The Buses At The Next Venue…

Phil and Rick had both called the ladies they spent the week with. They were both happy with the way things were going and couldn’t wait to see them. They were pumped up and ready for the next concert. They knew that the quicker they got the concerts over with, the sooner they could go see Marie and Mandy again. Viv and Sav were relieved that Joe had talked to Randi. He was in a better mood. He wasn’t biting their heads off just for looking at him. Joe seemed like the phone call had relaxed him and he was ready for the next concert. Like Rick and Phil, the yearning to be with her again pushed him on.  Even though Joe was in a better mood, he still couldn’t get Randi out of his mind. And he couldn’t stop worrying about her. He knew he couldn’t wait until the next break they had to see her again. He was going to have to fly to see her the next time they had two or three nights is a row off. He was going to go nuts not having her with him. He needed her in a way he couldn’t put into words. He needed to hold her while he slept and needed her around when he was awake to keep him going. Joe took Mal the present he had for Randi and told him to make sure it was sent out first thing in the morning. He wanted her to get it as soon as possible. Mal said he would gladly take care of it and for Joe to get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. Joe agreed and said good night then went to bed. Mal just shook his head and went on.


Part 52 Two Days Later Randi’s House…

Marie went home to get a few things, and then was going to go back to Randi’s. When she returned Randi’s mail had just been delivered. Marie got it out of the mailbox and took it in with her. There was a package for Randi, but it didn’t say whom it was from. Marie gave it to Randi and she opened it. It was a videotape. They were both confused. “Well let’s see what it is.” Marie said taking it from her and putting it into the VCR. Randi reached into the package and found a note but before she could read it she heard Joe’s voice. Randi looked up at the TV. She couldn’t believe it. Joe began talking. “Randi, when Mal asked me to sing that song for you I decided to ‘ave the concert taped so you could relive it as many times as you wanted. I want you to know I love you and nothing is going to change that. I promise I will be back to see you as soon as I can.” Then the tape went fuzzy for a few seconds and the concert started. Randi had tears in the corner of her eyes. And Marie was jumping up and down. 

“Oh my Goodness Randi. I can’t believe this. I am so happy for you. Joe is such a sweet heart. This is so exciting. Look there we are.” Marie said pointing at the TV.

Randi smiled at her friend. “Yes Marie I can see. I know we are there. I haven’t forgot yet.”

Marie laughed at her as they sat there watching it and laughing at each other.

“Look there he is giving you the thumbs up and here comes the kiss he blew you.” Marie giggled.

“I know Marie. And look there is Phil watching you.” Randi said to her.

“Oh isn’t he such a sweet heart. He looks so good up there on that stage with no shirt on.” Marie blushed.

“Now don’t get yourself too worked up. Remember it’s going to be a while before you see him again. You don’t want to drive yourself nuts do you?” Randi asked laughing.

Marie looked at her. “Randi, that’s not funny…” She took the pillow that was on the couch and threw it at Randi and started laughing when it hit her. Randi threw it back at her and laughed some more. They stopped laughing and started watching the tape again. “Look Marie there’s the security guard bringing us the backstage passes.”

“I know this is so cool. I can’t believe Joe had this taped for you.”

They watched a little longer in silence then Marie spoke up again.

“Here it comes Randi. Here is your big moment.”

“I know.” Randi said barely able to speak. As Joe asked to have the spotlight follow him and he told her happy birthday, Randi’s eyes filled with tears.

“I feel so special. I still can’t believe he did that for me. Look at all the other fans looking at me Marie.”

“I can see them Randi. Isn’t it wonderful?” Marie asked her.

“Yes.” Randi answered. “I can’t believe he is in love with me. I have never been so happy my whole life.” Randi got up and walked over to Marie and hugged her. “Thank you Marie.”

“Why are you thanking me? I didn’t make him fall in love with you. You did that on your own girl.”

“Yeah maybe, but if it wasn’t for you I would have never went to that concert. And none of this would have happened. Thank you Marie, thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me.”

“No problem, you would have done the same for me.”


Part 53 Back To Work For Randi And Marie…

Randi and Marie returned to work. In a way it was relief, especially for Randi. They had something to keep their minds occupied instead of thinking non-stop about Joe and Phil. All their patients noticed there was something different about Randi. She had a special glow to her that wasn’t there before. She seemed much happier then normal. Many people commented that she looked exceptionally pretty for some reason, but they couldn’t figure out why. Marie hadn’t seen her friend this happy in a long time. She was enjoying. It was about time Randi was happy for a change. Later in the day a delivery truck pulled up out front. Randi and Marie weren’t sure what was going on. The deliveryman walked in as Marie and Randi stood there watching to see what he was doing.

“I have couple of deliveries to make, but before I bring them in I want to make sure I am at the right place. I have a delivery for Marie.”

“That’s me.” She interrupted.

“Ok.” He smiled. “And one for Randi.”

“That would be me.” Randi told him.

“Ok then ladies I will be right back in. If you could just sign this saying I was here I would appreciate it.”

Then he walked out the door. Randi and Marie both signed the paper as he walked back in. Marie and Randi both gasped. He was carrying two bouquets of roses. There were two-dozen red roses in each one and a stuffed animal leopard for each of the ladies. “There you go ladies. Have a nice day.” He told them.

“Thanks you too.” They both said to him as he walked out. There was a note on each of them. Joe and Phil had them delivered.

Marie’s note said: “‘ello luv, I ‘ope y’er ‘aving a good day at work. ‘Ere is something to brighten y’er day. Talk to you soon. Phil.”

Randi’s note said: “Randi, I miss you more then you will ever know. I ‘ope these flowers can ‘elp make my absence a lil’ easier for you. I promise to be back to see you soon. I love you. Joe.”


Part 54 Same Day At Mandy’s Salon…

Mandy was busy finishing a perm on a lady when Meg walked in. 

“Hi Meg, what’s up?” Mandy asked her.

“Not much, just here for my weekly nail job. Oh and I need you to trim my hair.” Meg told her as she sat down.

“Ok I will be with you in a few minutes.” Mandy finished up with the lady’s perm and she left.  Meg went and sat down in the chair to get her nails done. They were talking about everything that happened while Mandy stayed with Rick. And Meg thanked her for introducing her to the guys. Just as Mandy was finishing up Meg’s nails the delivery truck pulled up. It was the same guy who had visited Marie and Randi.

“Hello, I have a delivery for Mandy. Is she her?” He asked.

“I am Mandy.” She told him. Meg started giggling. The guy walked back outside. “Maybe I should come in every day.” Meg told Mandy. “This makes twice in a row that I have came in and you had something delivered to you.” Mandy blushed. Meg’s eyes got big when the deliveryman walked back in.

“OH MY!!!” Mandy cried out when she seen what he was holding. She got the same thing Marie and Randi had gotten. Rick sent them to her.

“Have a nice day ladies.” And the deliveryman left.

“Wow!” Meg exclaimed. “You are so lucky. I envy you. But I still say I should come in everyday. I seem to bring you good luck.” Meg laughed.

“You are right you do.” Mandy told her. “When they come back to town I will make sure you get to see them again.”

“Really?” Meg asked. “Thanks, I would love that.”

“No problem. Rick, Joe, and Phil all thought you were nice. I am sure they would like to visit with you again.”


Part 55 Out On Tour 1 Week Later…

The band was getting ready for the concert they had that night. Joe was anxious to get it over with. He had already talked to Mal. They had the next two nights off. As soon as the concert was over he was leaving. He was going to surprise Randi and fly in to see her. Phil and Rick decided to wait a little longer to go see Marie and Mandy. Joe needed to be with Randi more then they needed to see Marie and Mandy. The concert went great and as soon as it was over Joe got his stuff read to leave. The rest of the band went out to greet the fans that were waiting so Joe could slip away without being noticed. Mal told Joe to make sure he was back in time for the next concert. It was too late to reschedule it. Joe promised he would be back in time then headed for the airport. He had to wait for an hour before his plane left. He was getting impatient. He couldn’t wait to see Randi. He longed to hug her, run his hands through her hair, to kiss her soft lips, to look into her beautiful green eyes. Joe stopped himself. He was going to go nuts before he got there if he kept thinking like that. He decided to try and get some rest before he got there. He was tired from the concert and he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep once he arrived at Randi’s. Joe slipped off to sleep with a smile on his face. He knew when he woke up he be a few minutes away from seeing Randi again.


Part 56 Arriving At Randi’s…

Joe woke up as the plane was touching down. He stretched and looked at his watch. It was 3:30am. Joe figured he could be at Randi’s within half an hour. He just hoped he didn’t scare her by knocking at her door at 4:00 in the morning. Joe exited the plane then waited for his bag. After he got his bag he caught a taxi and headed for Randi’s. He was starting to get really excited. He could wait to see her; he just had to tell her face to face again that he loved her. But this time he wasn’t going to leave before she had a chance to respond. Randi was sound asleep holding her leopard Joe had sent her. She fell asleep with the tape from the concert in the VCR. It continued to play. Whenever it was over it would rewind and start over again. She had a picture of her a Joe blown up and it was lying on her extra pillow on the bed. When she heard the doorbell ring she thought she was dreaming at first and started to go back to sleep. Then she heard it again and jumped up. She looked at the clock and thought to herself. ‘4:00am who in the world would be here in the middle of the night?’ She slipped on her robe and went to the door. She unlocked it all but the chain and opened it enough to see who it was. Joe was standing there with a big smile.

“JOE!!” She yelled and shut the door so she could unchain it. When she opened it back up Joe held out his arms. Randi jumped into his arms and he wrapped them around as she hugged him.

“‘Ello luv. Are you surprised?” Joe asked then kissed her.

“Oh Joe you know I am. What are you doing here? Its not time for the next concert here.” She said still hugging him.

“I told you when we ‘ad a couple of days off between concerts I would come see you. Didn’t I?”

“Yes Joe. Oh I have missed you so much. I am so happy you are here. Did Rick and Phil come too?”

“Nope just me this time.”

“Oh Joe you are such a sweet heart. Lets go inside before we wake the neighbors.”


Part 57 Joe And Randi At Her House 4:00am…

Joe and Randi went inside. Joe threw his bag on the couch and they went straight for the bedroom. When they got in there, Joe laughed.

“I see y’er enjoying y’er tape and leopard.” He smiled as she kissed him.

“Well of course I am they are from you. Thanks a bunch, I sleep with my leopard every night.” She blushed.

“Not while I am ‘ere.” He grinned mischievously. 

“No not while you are here Joe.” She hugged him again. “Joe I have something to tell you.”

“Wot is it Randi?” He asked not sure what was going on.

“I love you Joe.”

“I love you too Randi.”

Then he stripped his shirt off and tossed it on the floor. Randi smiled as she walked up to him and began planting kisses all over his muscular chest. Joe groaned as he started getting excited. Randi smiled and continued working her way down. She left a trail of kisses down the center of his chest to his belly. She paused at his belly button leaving a few extra kisses before working her way to the button on his jeans. Joe moaned quietly as Randi unzipped his pants. Giving his growing member a little relief. Randi smiled again as she started kissing Joe again.

“Come ‘ere to me.” Joe said as he tugged at the belt on Randi’s robe.  When it came undone Joe’s breath caught briefly as he seen her naked flesh exposed. Her nipples were already hard from being so aroused.

“‘Ave I told you ‘ow beautiful you are?” He asked her.

She blushed. “Yes Joe you have. Thank you.” Joe slid Randi’s robe off her shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor. Then he shed his remaining clothes. He laid Randi down gently then started kissing her passionately. Randi kissed back hungrily. She had been longing to have Joe in her arms again every since he left. As Joe put his mouth over one of her breast, and slid his hand between her legs she cried out his name and moaned.

“Oh Joe that feels so good. I have missed you so much.” She cried out

“I missed you too luv. I want to taste you.” He said in a low voice. Then slowly moved down towards her swollen bud. She shivered as his hair tickled her belly then giggled. Joe smiled. Randi thought she was in heaven as Joe took her clit into his mouth and started working his magic. He was teasing her, doing just enough to drive her wild but not enough to send her over the edge. Joe slowly slipped a finger inside of her making her whimper.  He continued his assault on her throbbing clit and proceeded to slip another finger inside of her.

“You feel so good Randi. I want you so bad.” Joe growled as he was getting more aroused.

“Oh Joe I want you too.” She cried. Joe removed his fingers from inside of her. Just as she thought he was going to start making love to her he bent back down and plunged his tongue deep inside of her. Randi whimpered as Joe’s tongue continued to probe around inside of her. When Randi thought she would go insane from the sensations Joe was giving her he stopped and raised up. Randi was breathless. Joe balanced himself over top of her. Randi spread her legs apart and he entered her. Slowly at first then he started going in deeper and increased the speed of his thrusts. Randi cried out in ecstasy as her muscles tightened around Joe’s throbbing cock. That sent Joe over the edge and he spilled into her. Exhausted from the long night he had, and the passion they had just shared Joe rolled over and took Randi in his arms holding her as close as he could.

“Good night Randi. I love you.” He whispered in her ear.

“I love you too Joe. Thank you.”

“Sweet dreams luv.”

They kissed once more then slipped off to sleep in each other’s arms.


Part 58 9:00am…


Joe and Randi were woke up by the phone ringing. It was on Joe’s side of the bed so he answered it for her.

“‘Ello?” He answered. His voice was hoarse from the concert.

“Um…” The voice on the other end said. “Is Randi there?” Then they realized who had answered the phone. “JOE? What are you doing there?”

More awake now that Marie had just screamed in his ear he explained. “I got in around 4:00 this morning. I ‘opped a plane after the concert and I am spending a day with Randi before I ‘ave to go back for the next concert. I will let you talk to ‘er now.” He handed Randi the phone.

“Hello Marie.” Randi said.

“I am so sorry I called Randi. I had no idea he was there. Why didn’t you tell me he was coming?” 

“Well if I had known he was coming I would have, but this was a complete surprise for me. He woke me up at 4:00am. Now I don’t want to be rude, but I would really like to spend as much time as I can with him while he is here. So I am going to go now. I will call you later. Bye Marie.”

“Bye Randi.”

Randi handed the phone back to Joe and he hung it up. She rolled over into Joe’s arms and kissed him.

“I love waking up with you next to me.” She smiled as Joe pulled her on top of him.

“I love waking up with you too. ‘Opefully it can be a permanent arrangement soon.” Randi blushed. “Now how about that massage I never got to give you?”

“Sounds wonderful luv.” Joe smiled as Randi got up. Randi got up to get her massage oil while Joe rolled over onto his belly. She walked back over to the bed and squirted some of the oil on Joe’s back. He let out a groan as Randi started loosening the tense spots in his back. 

“I am sorry Joe. I know it hurts, but trust me you will feel better once I am done.” She told him as she continued. While she massaged she marveled at how muscular he was. She had never seen anyone with such a perfect body before. Then more she worked on his tense back, and looked at how muscular he was, the more she wanted him again. She continued to rub the oil on Joe, and he finally eased up. As hard as Randi tried to hide that she was getting aroused again, Joe still noticed. The thought of it made Joe excited. And before Randi knew it Joe had got up and laid her down on the bed. Joe smiled wickedly at her as he began to kiss her.

“Thank you luv, that was wonderful. Now it’s me turn again.” Randi thought he was going to give her a back massage, but instead her picked up one of her feet. Then put a little oil on it. He began rubbing it gently. Randi sighed. He picked up her other foot and kissed it making Randi giggle. He slowly started working his way up her legs, rubbing every inch. As Joe worked his way towards her mound Randi could see him becoming more aroused. She couldn’t wait to pleasure him again.

“Come here Joe. I want to make you cum.” She whispered. He shook his head no.

“Not until I am done taking care of you. Y’er more important. After you ‘ave been satisfied then you can make me cum.” Joe continued to work his magic, causing Randi’s yearning to grow. When Joe finally ran his finger across her silky folds she whimpered. Joe smiled and continued. Randi lay there letting Joe have his way with her. She couldn’t get enough of the way Joe made her feel. It was like he could read her mind, touching her in just the right spots. Joe slipped his fingers inside her. Randi moaned as he lowered his head and teased her clit with his tongue.

Before Randi knew it she was climaxing, bucking her hips toward Joe. He increased the flickering of his tongue and moved his fingers deeper. As Randi relaxed Joe entered her, but only for a second. 

“Joe...” Randi begged. “Please let me make you cum.”

“Ok luv.” Joe smiled and lay down.  Randi took Joe’s throbbing member in her hand and smiled. Joe groaned as Randi went down on him. Randi teased him until he thought he would explode. When Randi felt he had been tortured long enough she took him in completely. Joe called out her name as the tip of him brushed the back of her throat. Hearing Joe being so aroused excited Randi all over again.

“That feels so good Randi.” Joe called out just as he exploded, spilling into her mouth and down her throat. Certain he was satisfied Randi lay back down beside him and took him into her arms.

“Joe I am so glad you are here. I wish we could be together every day. I need you.” Randi confessed.

“I feel the same way. And I promise we will be soon.”


Part 59 Later That Day…

“Randi I want you to call Marie and Mandy and ask ‘em to come over.” Joe told her. “Um, ok Joe. Is something wrong?”

“No I just want you to ‘ave ‘em come over. Oh and tell Mandy to get a ‘old of Meg and bring ‘er too.”

“Ok Joe.” Randi picked up the phone and called Marie. Marie said she was on her way. Then she called Mandy and asked her to come over as well. She asked if she knew how to reach Meg. Mandy said she did. So Randi told her to bring her with her.

“What’s this all about Joe?” Randi asked suspiciously.

“You will find out when y’er friends get ‘ere. All of ‘em, not just Marie you ‘ave to wait for Mandy and Meg too.” He told her. Randi shrugged her shoulders.

“Ok what ever you say Joe.” Shortly after that there was a knock at the door. It was Marie.

“Hi Joe. It’s nice to see you again. I wish Phil could have come too, but I am still happy you came to see Randi. She has really missed you.”

“I missed ‘er too.” Joe responded. “And Phil misses you. ‘E promises ‘e will see you soon.” Marie blushed.

“Ok. So what’s up? Why did you want me to come over Joe?” Randi interrupted.

“You might as well not even try. He said he isn’t going to say anything until Mandy and Meg are here too.”

“Oh.” Marie said with a stunned look on her face. “Joe, please tell me that nothing is wrong.”

“I promise Marie nothing is wrong.” Joe told her. Finally the doorbell rang. It was Mandy and Meg. Marie let them in.

“Hi everyone” Meg said shyly.

“‘Ello Meg. It’s nice to see you again. ‘Ey Mandy glad you came.” Joe said.

“Hi Joe, hi Marie.”

“Hello.” Mandy said.

“Ladies if you would all sit down I want to talk to you.”

“Ok.” All four said at once as they found a spot to sit. Joe found his bag and got an envelop out.

“Ladies, I ‘ave to leave in a few ‘ours and get back with the rest of the band so we can get ready for the next concert.”

“Do you have to leave tonight?” Randi asked disappointedly trying to fight the tears. “Yes luv I do. ‘Ow ever…” Joe said still holding the envelope. The other three ladies were eyeballing it wondering what was in it. “I know you all ‘ave jobs, but...” He stopped and opened the envelope and pulled out four tickets. “I would like for the four of you to come with me.” All four women gasped. Meg was the first to speak.

“Um Joe, I can understand why you want Randi, Marie, and Mandy to go, but why me?” “Well” Joe began. “Rick and Phil are really missing Mandy and Marie. And since y’er their friend I thought it was only fair if you came too. They don’t know I was going to invite you guys to come back with me. So this is a surprise for ‘em too.” Marie jumped up and started dancing around.

“I get to go see Phil. Woooohoooo!!!!!” then she stopped when she seen Randi wasn’t as excited as she was. “What’s wrong Randi are you excited?”

“Marie I can’t just leave the office. I have bills to pay and if I am not open then I am not making any money. No money means I can’t pay my bills. You three go ahead and have fun. Joe came to see me it’s only fair you guys go see Rick and Phil.” Randi said close to tears.

“But Randi.” Marie pleaded as Mandy and Meg sat quietly listening not sure what to do. “Randi” Joe said, “You don’t need to worry about not ‘aving the money to pay y’er bills. Do you ‘onestly think I would let you go without something you need? I love you and I want to ‘elp take care of you. Please come with us.” Joe begged.

Mandy and Meg sat quietly with their mouths wide open. Joe just said he loved her. They didn’t know things were that serious between them. Then Marie started begging again. “Please Randi, please come. It wouldn’t be the same if you don’t come.” Marie pleaded with her. Randi looked over at Joe and could see he was begging for her to come. Then Mandy and Meg started begging too.

“Yeah Randi it will be fun. Please come with us. You are the reason any of this even happened in the first place. Please Randi.” Mandy and Meg begged. Randi argued with her self a little longer before finally speaking.

“Oh what the heck!! Why not? It not like I do this all the time.”  Joe smiled and Marie, Mandy and Meg jumped up and hugged her. The four of them were jumping up and down and dancing around in a big circle. Joe sat back and laughed not saying anything until they had calmed down. When the ladies calmed down Joe spoke up.

“Well if you want to go you need to go get y’er stuff packed and be back ‘ere by 7:00 so we can leave for the airport. You better bring plenty of clothes. Its ‘ard to tell ‘ow long you will be gone.” Then he winked at them. Marie, Mandy, and Meg hugged Joe and thanked him then left to get their stuff. When they had all gone Randi thanked Joe too, then they started packing her things.


Part 60 Getting Ready To Go To The Airport…

Every one had returned to Randi’s with their stuff. Joe called a limo to pick them up. While they waited Marie and Mandy talked excitedly about seeing Phil and Rick. Meg talked to Randi about feeling kind of odd about going. She felt like she was going to be in the way. “Nonsense, if Joe thought that he wouldn’t have invited you to go.” Randi told her. Joe was in the kitchen talking to Mal letting him know he was coming back. He also let him know that the ladies had agreed to come back with him. Mal was the only one who knew about Joe’s plan. Mal told him to be careful and he would see him in a few hours. Joe hung up just as the limo pulled up and honked. Joe told the ladies to go on out and he would get the bags. Marie, Mandy, and Meg went on out. Randi shut the door and kissed Joe then thanked him for what he was doing.

“Don’t worry about it luv. I want to do this. Now we need to go so we don’t miss the plane.” Joe said as he picked up all the bags.

Randi thought to her self “Wow he is strong. Carrying four women’s bags all at once, plus his own.” Randi opened the door for him and he walked out. She shut off the lights and locked the door shutting it tight.  Then she went out to the limo just as the driver was closing the trunk. Randi got in and Joe followed. He shut the door and they were on their way to the airport.


Part 61 Being Picked Up At The Airport…

The plane touched down and Marie and Mandy checked their make up. They wanted to look great when they got to the hotel and seen Phil and Rick. Meg went directly to the bathroom when they unloaded. Mal was waiting for them. Mandy, Marie, and Randi ran to him hugging him.

“Hi Mal” They all said at once. Joe just laughed.

When Joe seen Meg coming he started talking to Mal. “‘Ey Mal?”

“Yea’ Joe wot do you need?”

“I ‘ave a surprise for you.”

“Oh really, do I even want to know wot it is?” Meg walked up right then.

“Mal, this is Meg. Meg, this is Mal. Mal is our tour manager. Meg is a friend of Marie, Mandy, and Randi. I thought it was only fair she get to come too.” Meg had stars in her eyes. She was unable to say anything. Mal grinned real big.

“‘Ello luv. Nice to meet you.” He said as he took her hand and kissed it gently.

Meg blushed. “Hi Mal. Thanks for including me.”

“Oh don’t thank me luv. Thank Joe ‘e didn’t tell me about you. But I am sure glad you came.” He said as he kissed her other hand.

“Well we better get going. I know a couple of other guys who will be ‘appy to see who came with me.” Joe said as he grabbed their bags.

“I ‘ave a limo outside waiting for us.” Mal said as he reached for Meg’s hand. Meg blushed but let him take her hand. And they walked out of the airport hand in hand. Then Mal helped her get in the limo.


Part 62 Arriving At The Hotel…

The limo pulled up at the hotel. Joe got out first and held open the door for all the ladies except Meg, Mal insisted he would help her get out. They got all the bags out of the limo and the limo pulled away. Mal told them Rick and Phil was in the hotel bar when he left. “Well why don’t we go ahead and take the bags to the rooms. Then we can go find ‘em.” Joe suggested.

“Ok” Everyone agreed.

“Meg luv, would you like to stay in my room? I would be ‘appy to sleep on the couch and let you ‘ave the bed.” Mal asked. Meg looked nervously at the other ladies for support. They all encouraged her to do it.

“Mal is a big sweet heart Meg. He won’t do anything to you.” Mandy urged.

“Ok I guess so.” She said nervously.

“Great.” Mal said with a big grin. “Well if everyone will follow me I will show you to y’er rooms.” Everyone followed Mal. They stopped at Rick’s room first. Mandy went in and sat her bag down and came back out. Then they went to Mal’s room so Meg could put her bag up. Last they went to the penthouse where Joe and Phil would be staying. Joe, Randi, and Marie took their bags in and came back out so they could find Phil and Rick. When they went down to the bar, Mandy seen Rick right away. He standing at the bar ordering a drink. Then Marie seen Phil sitting at a table with his back to them she snuck up behind him. When she got to him she slid her arms around him and whispered in his ear.

“Hello sweetheart.” When Phil heard her voice he almost choked on his drink and jumped up.

“Wot are you doing ‘ere luv?” He asked her as he hugged her. Then he saw Randi, Mandy, and Meg standing with Joe and Mal “Joe why didn’t you tell me you was bringing ‘em back with you?”

“It wouldn’t ‘ave been a surprise if I told you now would it.” Joe told him. Rick walked back to the table then and saw Mandy. He almost dropped his drink on Phil trying to get to her.

“Oh Mandy I missed you so much. Joe you sly lil’ devil you. I should ‘ave known you ‘ad something up y’er sleeve.” Then he hugged Mandy lifting her up and spinning around in a circle. Mandy giggled.

“I missed you to Rick. Now please put me down before you hurt yourself.” Rick squeezed her once more.

“I won’t ‘urt myself luv, don’t worry.” Then he kissed her cheek and put her down.

“I asked the ladies to come stay with us for a week or two. I know I am miserable with out Randi. And I know you and Phil wanted Mandy and Marie to go out on the road with us. I also figured Meg and Mal would ‘it it off so I asked ‘er to come along too. Didn’t want ‘im to feel left out you know.” Joe said to Rick. Phil spoke up.

“From the looks of it I would say they ‘it it off alright.” Every one turned around and to their surprise Mal was giving Meg a kiss on the cheek. Every one started laughing.

“‘Ey go get a room you two. We are at a ‘otel. I am sure you can find one.” Joe laughed. Meg blushed.

“Don’t mind ‘im luv. And you mind y’er own business. I will kiss this beautiful lady’s cheek whether you like it or not.” Mal told Joe.

“Let’s all sit down and ‘ave a drink.” Phil said. Everyone sat down and had a couple of drinks and talked. Then they decided to call it a night and everyone slipped off to their rooms. Tomorrow would be a long day.


Part 63 In The Rooms…


Mal led Meg back to their room. He carried her bag to the bedroom for her. He kissed her on the check and told her good night. Then as promised he went and slept on the couch letting Meg have the bed. Rick took Mandy back to their room. He helped her unpack and then they lay down. Both of them were exhausted, so they decided to just go to sleep. They slipped off to sleep in each other’s arms. Phil took Marie to their room and as soon as they closed the door they were kissing. They were ready to make up for lost time. Soon they were undressed and lost deep in the heat of passion. Joe and Randi was wore out from the love they had made while he was at her house. They decided to rest for now. They would have plenty of time for that while she was with him. Tonight they just wanted to hold each other. They got undressed and went to bed cuddling up as close together as they could. Then they slipped off to sleep.


Part 64 The Next Morning…

Joe and Randi were the first to get up.

“Good morning beautiful.” Joe said to Randi as she opened her eyes and looked at him. He had been awake for a while just laying there admiring how peaceful she looked.

“Good morning Joe.” She told him then kissed his cheek. “It feels so wonderful to wake up in your arms.”

Joe smiled. “Glad you enjoy it. I love waking up next to you too. Are you ready to meet Sav’s girlfriend and Viv’s wife? We are supposed to meet ‘em for breakfast this morning.”

“Sounds great.” She smiled as Joe started kissing her. They got up and went into the main room. Phil and Marie heard them and got up too.

“Good morning everyone.” Phil said as he came out of the bedroom. “Are you ladies ready for a busy day?” He laughed.

“I am ready for anything as long as I am with you.” Marie said with stars in her eyes. She was still floating from their love making the night before. Joe and Randi laughed causing Marie to blush.

“Yeah, I am ready. Thanks for convincing me to come. I know this is going to fun.”

The phone rang. It was Mal checking to see if they were up yet. He had already called Rick, Sav, and Viv and they were all up and getting ready to meet for breakfast. Joe told him they would be down soon and hung up. They went and got showered and dressed. About 30 minutes later everyone was ready. Then they headed down stairs to the restaurant where every one else was already waiting.


Part 65 At The Hotel Restaurant…

Joe, Randi, Phil, and Marie walked into the restaurant and found the others and went to sit down. Meg and Mandy had already been introduced to Paige and Jewels. 

“Good morning.” Joe said as he sat down.

“Joe, I thought you said you was just going to go see Randi for a day and come back.” Sav teased.

“I know, but I thought Phil and Rick would like to see their ladies too. I wanted to surprise ‘em.” Joe told him.

 “Well it worked. I nearly choked on my drink when they got here. Then Rick ‘ad to go and try to throw ‘is drink on me.”  Phil said as he jokingly jabbed Rick in the side with his elbow.

“You shouldn’t ‘ave been in me way.” Rick laughed.

“Hi, you must be Randi.” Paige said as she extended her arm to shake Randi’s hand. “We have heard all about you. I am Paige, and this is Jewels.”

“Hello, its nice to meet you both.” Randi said as she shook their hands. “This is my best friend Marie.”

“Yes, we have heard all about her too.” Jewels smiled as she shook Marie’s hand. Then Paige shook her hand.

“Well I don’t know about any one else, but I am ready to eat.” Joe spoke up and flagged down a waitress. The waitress came over and took everyone’s order. The ladies all talked, trying to get to know each other a little. While Mal talked to the guy’s about what they had to do today. Their food finally arrived and they all ate. When they were done they talked a little longer then went back to their rooms so they could get ready for the long day ahead of them. They had to get ready for the concert that was scheduled for that night.


Part 66 At The Venue Before The Concert Part 1…

Every one met at the venue that afternoon. Mal and the band got ready for the sound check while Paige and Jewels showed the other ladies where they stay while the guys are getting ready. Then told them if they wanted to go watch them they was more then welcome. The six ladies sat and talked for a while. They could hear the guys testing their instruments, and every once in a while Joe would sing a little.

“Randi, I don’t know what you did to capture Joe’s heart but I am sure glad you did. I think Paige, and all the guys would agree with me.” Jewels told her. “Other then when he gets down in the dumps because he is missing you, he has been a lot more pleasant to be around.”

“She is right Randi.” Paige spoke up. “I have never seen Joe so happy before. He talks about you all the time.”

Randi blushed. “I am sure you don’t mean that.”

Jewels and Paige looked and each other then back at Randi. “Trust us.” They both said at the same time.

“He is like a totally different person now. He needed to meet some one like you.” Jewels told her.

Marie spoke up. “Don’t let Randi try to fool you, she is the same way. She has been walking in the clouds every since her and Joe met. You can ask anyone who knows her.” Everyone giggled and Randi blushed again.

“So how about you Marie?” Paige asked. “What’s going on with you and Phil? He talks about you all the time, but he hasn’t really gave any details about the relationship.”

“To be honest I am not sure. I like him a lot, and he did mention me going out on tour with him some time. He seemed really pleased when I said I think I would enjoy that.” Marie told them.

“Sounds interesting.” Jewels smiled. “I hope things work out between the two of you. You make a cute couple.”

“Thanks.” Marie blushed. “I hope it does too.”

“So Mandy, we know you and Rick are just friends, but he speaks very highly of you. Do you think there is a chance of something more evolving between the two of you?” Paige asked her.

“I am not sure right now. He is a sweet guy, but I am not ready for a serious relationship right now.” Mandy told them.

“We understand that completely. It can be hard when they are out on the road like this.” Paige responded.

Meg spoke up. “Don’t both of you have kids? Why aren’t they with you?”

“Our girls are at my mom’s visiting her.” Jewels said. “They begged me to let them go see her. So I let them go so I could tour with Viv for a while.”

“And the boys are with Sav’s brother and his wife. They love going to visit them.” Paige said.

“So Meg, what do you think of Mal so far?” Jewels asked her.

“He has been a perfect gentleman. I am so happy Joe invited me to come too. I never dreamed I would be doing something like this.” Meg said smiling.

“So the guys won’t mind if we watch them rehearse?”  Randi asked.

“No not at all.” Paige told her.

“We do it all the time.” Jewels said. “Go ahead and go out there if you would like. You can even sit on the side of the stage and watch.”

“Really? I think I will. I would like to see Joe getting ready. Does any one else want to go with me?” Randi asked. Everyone else decided they would stay back there and talk for now, but encouraged Randi to go enjoy herself. So Randi left the other ladies and made her way out to the stage.


Part 67 At The Venue Before The Concert Part 2…

Mal seen Randi come out from backstage and smiled. Then waved for her to come over where he was. Randi walked over to Mal. Joe seen her and blew her a kiss.

“‘Ello luv. Come to watch the guys get ready?” Mal asked.

“Yeah, if its ok with them.” Randi told him.

“Well of course it is. Paige and Jewels do it all the time. By the way where are the rest of the ladies? Why didn’t they come out with you?” 

“They are talking. They might be out later. Where should I sit?”

“Right ‘ere is fine luv. You won’t be in the way and you can see Joe too.” Mal smiled. “Thanks Mal.”

“No problem luv. You know y’er friend Meg is quite delightful. I am glad Joe brought ‘er along.” Mal told her as he blushed a little.

 “Yeah, she is sweet. She thinks you are a gentleman.” Randi told him.

“Ah shucks, really?” Mal said smiling. “Well you just ‘ave a seat and enjoy y’er self. I need to get back to business.”

Randi sat down and began watching just as they were about to start rehearsing another song. Joe smiled at Randi and said he loved her. Randi told him she loved him too. Then the music started back up. Randi watched for a while. Then they stopped and Joe came over to her and said they were done rehearsing and had the next few hours to spend with her until it was time for the show. Joe stretched out his arm and reached for Randi’s hand. He helped her get up then gave her a kiss and hug.

“So are you glad you came?” Joe asked her.

“Yes I am thank you Joe.” Randi said smiling as she kissed his cheek.

“Well let’s go get something to eat. I am ‘ungry.” Joe told her.

“Ok.” Then she took Joe’s hand and they walked backstage.


Part 68 At The Venue Before The Concert Part 3…

All the guys went backstage and found their ladies. Then everyone had a bite to eat. Afterwards they talked for about an hour before the guys had to get showered and changed for the concert. Joe and Phil teased Randi and Marie asking if they wanted to help them shower.

“You two always think with the wrong head don’t you?” Jewels asked them.

“Of course we do, we’re men.” Phil said laughing. Jewels rolled her eyes.

“Don’t pay attention to them.” She told Marie and Randi.

“Not this time Phil, but maybe later.” Marie told him then winked.

“Alright!!” Phil exclaimed. “Well I will be back in a lil’ while luv.” Then he walked out of the room.

“How about I give you a nice massage later instead Joe?” Randi asked him.

“Ok, sounds great.” Joe said as he gave her a kiss.

“Mandy luv?” Rick asked.

“Yes Rick?”

“Remember when I told you I would make sure you got to sit closer at the next concert you went to?”

“Yes Rick I remember.” Mandy answered.

“Well I ‘ad Mal set you up a nice lil’ spot off to the side of the stage back by my drums. Is that close enough?” Rick asked smiling. Mandy’s eyes got big and she smiled.

 “Oh thank you Rick. Thank you Mal, that sounds terrific.” Then she gave both of them a hug.

“No problem luv, no problem at all.” Mal told her.

“So Meg, are you going to stand out there with me tonight? You never know I might need y’er ‘elp.”

Meg gulped. “I won’t have to get up in front of the crowd or any thing will I?” She asked nervously.

“No not at all luv. That is unless you want to.” Mal winked.

“No that’s quite alright. I will pass on getting up on the stage, but I will stand out there off to the side if you would like.” Meg said still nervous about the idea.

“Great luv. You will enjoy it I promise.” Mal told her as he took her hand and kissed it. “Randi, Marie, you ladies can sit with Jewels and I if you would like. We have our own little spot where we sit. It’s a great view if you are interested.” Paige told them.

 “Sounds good to me. What do you think Marie?” Randi asked.

 “It works for me. I am so happy to be here I don’t care where I sit. I am just glad I am here.” Marie said with a big smile.

“So what do we do now? I mean what do you two usually do until the concert starts.” Randi asked Jewels and Paige.

“Well the guys will have to meet with the fans who won backstage passes for before the concert after they shower and dress. By the time that is over with it’s usually about time for the concert to begin.” Jewels told her.

“We usually hang low until that’s over unless there is a fan who really wants to meet us. So it’s up to you. You can either stay with us or go with the guys while they sign autographs and such.”

“I think I will stay back here with you two. I don’t think I am ready to be introduced to the fans as Joe’s girlfriend. I just hope Joe doesn’t have different plans.” Randi said cringing at the thought that Joe might pull a fast one over on her and embarrass her again. The other ladies agreed to stay with Jewels and Paige too until it was time for the concert. Then they would all go watch the concert.


Part 69 Getting Ready To Watch The Concert…

It was finally time for the concert and the ladies all went out to find their seats for the show.  Mal led Meg to where they would be sitting. The Rick took Mandy to the spot Mal had set up for her. Randi, Marie, Jewels and Paige all found a spot off to the side of the stage where they could see the guys, but the crowd couldn’t really notice them.

“This is going to be great.” Marie said giggling.

“I know I am so excited. This is better then when we were in the front row on my birthday, although I wouldn’t trade that night in for all the money in the world.” Randi said as her excitement started to increase.

“Yeah, it is nice. But it gets old after a while. That’s why we don’t always travel with the guys. They never get enough, because they are out there performing. But when you just sit here every night it gets boring.” Paige told them.

“Yeah, plus its good to be apart some times. If you are together too much that’s when problems start. Especially being cramped up in the buses so much.” Jewels said as she waved at Viv. Mal walked out and introduced the band. The crowd started going wild. Joe gave Randi a kiss and said he loved her before he ran out on stage and waited for the curtain to fall. Marie noticed the guys were standing in a circle whispering about something. Jewels and Paige had Randi distracted and her back was to the guys. So she didn’t see the whispering going on. Marie wondered if the guys had something up their sleeve again. The guys split up and took their places just as Randi turned around. Joe blew her a kiss as the curtain fell.


Part 70 Watching The Concert…

The band started playing and the crowd cheered. Meg stood with Mal watching the concert and talking to him. Mandy sat with her eyes glued to Rick. She was amazed at how he played the drums. He was perfect not missing a beat, never hesitated. The other ladies sat back talking and watching. Before long they found them selves singing along as the concert went on. When ‘Love Bites’ started Joe turned and blew a kiss to Randi. Then Phil blew one to Marie. Several of the fans noticed and started cheering loudly, causing Randi and Marie to blush. Paige and Jewels just laughed. They continued on with several other songs and the fans continued to cheer and sing louder. Finally Joe told the crowd good night and thanked them for coming. Rick came down from the drums and gave the crowd a thumb up. Sav was giving ‘The Look’. And Phil, Viv, and Joe waved. They finally left the stage. The crowd continued to scream and cheer and was begging for more. Each of the guys gave their lady a kiss then returned to the stage. Joe began talking and Randi got the urge to sneak backstage. She wasn’t fast enough though.

“Ladies and gentlemen” Joe began. “There is a very special lady sitting at the back of the stage tonight.”  The crowd cheered some more. Randi wanted to disappear. The other ladies were laughing. Even Meg and Mandy were looking at her giggling. Joe continued. “So tonight, for the special lady we are going to play ‘er favourite song.”  As soon as the music started the spotlight hit Randi. The rest of the ladies were laughing so hard they could barely stay in their seats. And Randi was bright red. She thought to herself

‘This is more embarrassing then what he did on my birthday.’ The crowd was cheering wildly.

“Marie, you knew about this again didn’t you?” Randi said to her friend.

“Randi I promise you I didn’t know.” She looked to Jewels and Paige for support.

“She is telling you the truth. None of us knew what they were up to.” Paige told her.

“If you are going to be on tour with us you better get used to the guys pulling stuff like this.” Jewels told her smiling.

“They love to see us blush.”

“Randi luv” Joe said. “This ones for you.” Then he began to sing.

“‘Ere I am. I’m in the wrong bed again. It’s a game I just can’t win. There you are breathing soft on my skin. Still you won’t let me in…”

 Randi’s eyes filled with tears as Marie hugged her. The Paige and Jewels both gave her a hug. Before she knew it Meg and Mandy was hugging her too. She wiped the tears away. “Thanks you guys. I am sorry for crying I just can’t believe he did it again. I thought they didn’t perform this song in concert any more?”  Randi asked trying to keep from crying any more. Jewels put her arm around her.

“Randi I can tell you exactly why he did it.”

“So can I” Paige added. They both smiled at her.

Then Jewels said; “He’s in love with you Randi.”

“He wants to do everything he can to make you happy. He talks about you all the time. You are all we have heard about since the week he spent with you.” Paige told her. The song ended and the band left the stage. Joe walked up to the ladies and seen Randi had been crying.

“Wot’s wrong didn’t you enjoy y’er song?” He asked her.

“Oh Joe, I loved it. Thank you. And I love you. You are the greatest.” Randi told him close to tears again. Joe wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up. Then he kissed her and sat her back down.

“I love you too Randi.”


Part 71 After The Concert…

After the concert the guys cleaned up then met with the fans that had backstage passes. The ladies, especially Randi, stayed hidden until it was over with. She didn’t want Joe trying to embarrass her any more. Mal walked up to the ladies.

“Well luv’s did you enjoy the concert?” He asked as he hugged Meg.

Every one told him yes.

“Mal, is Joe going to do something like this at every concert while I am here?” Randi asked almost afraid to hear the answer.

“Why luv, don’t you like it?” Mal asked her.

“Yes I do, but I would rather not have so much attention drawn to me.”

“Ok luv, I will make sure they don’t do it again.” Mal told her.

“Thanks Mal I appreciate it.” She told him and gave him a quick hug.

“Well ladies, there is a limo outside waiting if you want to go ahead and go back to the hotel. The guys will be along after while. I will call the ‘otel and ‘ave room service deliver y’er dinner as soon as you get there.” Mal told them.

They all agreed to go ahead and go then headed for the limo. Randi, Marie, Mandy, and Meg were exhausted. They wasn’t used to all the excitement. The ladies talked all the way to the hotel. The kept teasing Randi and telling her how in love Joe was. She blushed most of the way. When they got to the hotel they all decided to go to their rooms for the night. They were ready to go to sleep. They would see the guys in the morning; they were too tired to wait up for them.

Before Meg went on to her room she thanked the other ladies again for including her. “You know, you were right, Mal is a sweet heart, and a gentlemen. I am enjoying getting to know him. Good night, see you in the morning.” Then she headed to her room.

Mandy slipped off to her room. She was yawning and wasn’t sure she would even be able to stay awake long enough to eat.  Jewels and Paige decided to go to the hotel bar for a drink. They were used to this schedule and weren’t tired yet. They told Marie and Randi good night and headed for the bar. Then they went to their room. Randi and Marie’s dinner was delivered about 5 minutes after the got into the room. They sat on the couch and watched TV while they ate. Then decided to talk a little before going to bed. They hadn’t had a chance to talk since they got there.

“So Randi are you glad you came?” Marie asked her.

“Yeah I am, but I can’t believe he did that tonight. I was happy he did it on my birthday, but tonight it really embarrassed me.” Randi told her friend.

“Oh come on Randi, admit it. You loved every second of it and you know it.” Marie said poking at her trying to get her to smile.

“You are right I enjoyed it, but it still embarrassed me. So how did things go with you and Phil last night? Was he happy you came?”

“It was great. And yes he was happy, very happy. We kind of made up for lost time.” Marie said blushing. “How about you and Joe?”

“We made up for lost time at my house. Last night we just enjoyed being in each other’s arms. Marie do you think I may have finally found the right man?” Randi asked looking a little nervous.

“Are you nuts? Of course you have, you two are perfect for each other. I just hope Phil and I can get as close as you and Joe are. Phil is so romantic and such a sweet heart.” Marie said with a look like she was floating in the clouds again.

“Well listen, I am falling asleep. I can’t wait up no longer. I really need to go to sleep. I will see you in the morning. Good night Marie.”

“Good night Randi. I am going to go to bed too.” Then they both slipped into there rooms and were asleep in no time. Tomorrow would be another long day. They would be traveling on the buses all day and most of the night heading for the next venue.


Part 72 The Guys Returning To The Hotel…

Mal returned to his room first. He found Meg asleep in the chair.

‘Oh boy’ he thought to himself. ‘I ‘ope she doesn’t think I am trying to make a move on ‘er.’ He rubbed his hand over the top of his head then tried to wake her up.

“Meg luv wake up.” He said gently. Meg mumbled something he couldn’t understand. “Meg, its me Mal, wake up. I want to ‘elp you to the bed. You fell asleep in the chair.” Meg opened her eyes a little.

“Hi Mal, I am sorry. I sat down to watch TV I guess I fell asleep before I even turned on the TV.”

“Its ok luv, come on I will ‘elp you to bed.” Mal extended his hand and Meg reached out. Mal took her by the arm and led her to the bedroom. “There you go luv. Get some rest. I will be on the couch if you need any thing. Sweet dreams luv.”

“Thanks Mal, you’re a sweetie.” She kissed him on the cheek then lay down.

“Good night Mal.” And she was back to sleep before he even left the room.

‘Wot a delightful lady.’ He thought to himself as he shut off the light and walked out of the room. Rick found Mandy sound asleep in the bed. When he came in she woke up.

“Hi Rick, you was wonderful tonight. I really enjoyed myself. Will you lay with me? I want to be held.” Rick smiled.

“Any thing for you, I am glad you had fun.” Then he shut out the light and lay down. He put his arm around her and she cuddled up to him. Soon they were both sound asleep. Sav and Viv knew Paige and Jewels would be waiting for them in the hotel bar. So they went straight to the bar when they got to the hotel. The sat and had a couple of drinks before going to their rooms and going to bed. Phil and Joe came in together. Marie and Randi were both asleep. Randi was on the couch and Marie was in the chair. 

“Well it looks we both ‘ave a sleeping beauty to carry to bed.” Phil joked.

“Yep I guess so. Good night Phil see you in the morning.” Joe said as her started to pick Randi up.

“Ok Good night Joe.” Joe picked Randi up on the couch. She was so exhausted she didn’t wake up at all when he moved her. He took her to the bedroom and put her in bed. Then he lay down with her. He ran his fingers through her hair for a few minutes and told her how beautiful she was. He knew she couldn’t hear him, but he felt like he couldn’t tell her enough. He finally shut off the light and fell asleep holding her. When Phil picked Marie up she woke up.

“Phil I can walk, you don’t have to carry me.”

“Shh.” Phil said as he put his finger over her lips. “ Just lay y’er ‘ead back down luv. I will carry you. I want to carry my sleeping beauty to bed.”

“Oh Phil, you are such a sweet heart.” She kissed him on the cheek and laid her head against him. Phil carried her to bed then got ready for bed himself. As soon as he lay down and had Marie in his arms he was asleep too.


Part 73 Off To The Next Venue…

Note: I really don’t know what the inside of the tour buses look like so I just guessed that they would be like an apartment in a way.

Before they knew it they were loading on the buses heading for the next venue. Randi, Paige, and Jewels rode the bus with Joe, Sav, and Viv. Mandy and Marie were with Phil and Rick. And Meg rode the bus with Mal and some of the other crewmembers. This was the first time the ladies had seen the inside of the buses. They were amazed at everything in them. They were like an apartment. Randi talked with Jewels and Paige while the guys rested some more. Once the got to their destination it would be a big rush to get everything set up for the next concert.

“So Randi, are you enjoying being out on the road with us?” Jewels asked her.

“Yeah, it is kind of fun, but I feel so guilty for closing up my office. I have never done anything like this before. I just hope I don’t fall to far behind with my bills since I won’t be working for a couple of weeks.”

Paige spoke up; “Randi honey, I promise you Joe is not going to let you get behind on your bills. If you need help, he will take care of it.”

“And Phil, Rick, and Mal will make sure your friends are taken care of too. Trust us, they are great guys and they think the world of you and your friends. They won’t let anything happen.” Jewels assured her.

“Yeah I know, but I don’t feel right taking Joe’s money.” 

“There is no reason to feel bad about it. He wants to do it or he wouldn’t have offered.” Paige told her. “Jewels and I aren’t going to go to the concert tonight. We are going to go out for a few drinks. Do you want to join us? We’ll ask Marie, Mandy, and Meg too.” “Sure, that sounds like it would be fun.” Randi said smiling. “Listen, I think I am going to go lay down with Joe for a while. I am just not used to so much excitement. My body hasn’t adjusted to the schedule change yet.”

“Ok” Paige and Jewels said at the same time.

Then Randi walked to the back of the bus where Joe was sleeping. Jewels and Paige continued talking. Mandy and Marie were playing cards and talking about how much fun they were having. They still couldn’t believe they were out on tour with the guys. They never dreamed they would get to do something like this.

“So do you think Joe will ask Randi to marry him?” Mandy asked.

“I don’t know, but I sure hope so. He is good for her. I just hope if he does ask Randi isn’t stupid and tells him no.” Marie said rolling her eyes.

“Why would she tell him no?” Mandy asked. “I thought she was in love with him too.” “She is, but she is so afraid of getting hurt again I really didn’t expect her to come this far with him.” Marie said. “That poor woman has been through more then any one deserves. I just hope Joe can convince her that he really is different.”

“Me too, she seems so happy with him. I love watching them together. I hope that Rick and I will get that close eventually. He is a great guy. A lot better then the losers where we live.”

“That’s for sure. I feel the same way about Phil. He is so romantic. But even as happy as I am, I am still happier for Randi. She deserves some one like Joe.”

They played cards a little longer before they both started yawning. They decided to go lay down too since they had no idea what would happen that night. They wanted to be rested up for what ever the guys had planned. Meg and Mal sat in the bus talking quietly.

“So luv, wot do you do for a living?” Mal asked hoping to get to know her a little more. “Oh I am a waitress. Nothing important, I work in a small restaurant.”

“Really? Well I just might have to stop in and see you at work next time we play in y’er town.” Mal said to her. Meg blushed.

“I would like that. We have the best pie in town.”

“Mmm, I love pie. I will definitely ‘ave to come see you.” Mal said as he kissed her hand.  She blushed again. “So Mal, what are the other ladies and I going to do tonight during the concert?”

“Well you can ‘elp me out again if you would like. I don’t know wot the ladies have planned. So its up to you.” 

“Ok well I guess I will let you know when I find out.” Meg told him.

“Ok luv, sounds good.” Mal told her and winked then kissed her hand again.


Part 74 At The Next Venue…

One by one the buses slowly pulled up at the venue and everyone got out. The ladies all went inside with the band and stayed while they got ready. They would have to leave tonight after the concert to get to the next concert. They wouldn’t be staying the night this time. While the guys were getting showers Jewels asked the other ladies if they wanted to go with Randi, Paige, and herself tonight. They all agreed that it sounded like fun. So when they guys came to eat them let them know what their plans were and promised to be back before the concert was over. They hung around a little longer then had Mal call a limo for them. When the limo arrived the 6 ladies piled in and told the driver to take them to a small bar and grill that was just down the road. When they arrived at the bar no other customers were there. They chose a booth in the back of the bar that was kind of secluded. They didn’t want a bunch of drunken men hitting on them later in the evening. They all order a soda to start with and each got something light to eat. They talked and laughed getting to know each other better. After a couple of hours they started ordering drinks. Luckily the bar wasn’t busy. They didn’t have any one bothering them. Every one must have gone to the concert. The guys got ready for the concert and went on stage. They had a sold out crowd. The fans had heard about Joe singing to Randi and were hoping he would do it tonight. But since the ladies went out they decided against singing it. The ladies returned just as the concert was ending and they went straight to the buses. The guys still had to meet with the fans that had won backstage passes before they could leave. They guys quickly showered and meet with the fans and were soon on the road again. They had two shows to do at their next stop so they would be staying in a hotel again. There was also a party planned the night of the second concert for after the show. It was a charity benefit and the fans that bid the most were invited to a V.I.P. party with the band, the crew, and the ladies. The guys returned to the buses after a long tiring day. All the ladies were already asleep. Right away the guys joined them, and they were on the road again.


Part 75 The Next Afternoon…

The buses arrived at the venue and a couple of limos are waiting to take the ladies and all the bags to the hotel. Room service helped the ladies get everything to the rooms while the guys were at the venue preparing for the concert. Randi decided she wanted to stay at the hotel tonight during the concert. She needed a quite evening and a warm bubble bath. The other ladies went to the concert telling Randi to have a nice evening.

When Joe seen all the ladies besides Randi arrive back at the venue he asked where she was.

“She decided to stay at the hotel tonight. I think she is wore out.” Marie told him. “Nothing is wrong is it?” Joe asked a little worried.

 “No nothing at all. She just needs a little quite time. She is not used to so much excitement.” Marie assured him.

“Ok well I think I will give ‘er a call anyway, just to tell ‘er I love her.”

“I am sure she would like that Joe.” Marie went to find the other ladies while Joe called Randi. Randi had just ordered room service and was having a drink when the phone rang. She picked it up not sure who would be calling.


“‘Ello luv, is everything ok?” Joe asked.

“Yeah, I am fine. I just needed a little quiet time tonight. I hope you don’t mind. I am just not used to so much excitement.” She told him hoping he wasn’t upset.

“Not at all luv, I understand completely. Now you relax and rest up. I might need a massage tonight.” Joe laughed.

 “Ok I will be ready for you when you get in tonight. I love you Joe.”

“I love you too. See you tonight. Cheerio.”

“Bye” Randi hung up the phone and finished her drink. She decided to take her bubble bath then was going to rest for a while. Bubble baths always relaxed her and she knew she would sleep well if she took one.


Part 76 When Joe Came In…


Joe came in before Marie and Phil. The rest of the band and the ladies decided to go have a few drinks before calling it a night. When he walked into the bedroom he found Randi getting ready to slip into her nightgown. She had her back to him and didn’t hear him come in. Joe smiled and snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Randi jumped and screamed. 

“Joe you scared me half to death.”

“I am sorry luv. Will you forgive me?” Joe asked as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

 “Of course I forgive you. How was the concert?” She asked him as she started putting her nightgown on again.

“No don’t.” Joe said.

Randi looked at him with a confused look on her face. “You don’t want me to forgive you?”

Joe laughed. “I meant don’t put that on.” Then he shed his shirt.

“Oh I see.” Randi said and tossed her nightgown on the dresser.

“So do you still want a massage?”

“You know I do.” Joe said then started kissing her neck.

“As much as I am enjoying this if you keep that up you won’t be getting a massage.” Randi laughed.

“Ok I am sorry. ‘Ow about you give me a massage then I will take care of you? I really need a massage tonight.” Joe said as he shed the rest of his clothes and lay down on the bed. “I am really glad y’er ‘ere with me. I missed not being with you.”

“I am glad I am here too.” Randi said as she grabbed her massage oil. “Are you ready for me to massage your back?”

“Yes I am ready luv.” Joe said, as he got comfortable. “Thank you.”

Randi started rubbing Joe’s back. He was tenser this time then he was at her house. “Did you have a rough night? You are really tense tonight. You seem really stressed out.” “Yeah, the concert wasn’t the greatest. I think I pulled a muscle in my back or something tonight. But y’er the expert so I’ll let you see wot you think.” Joe told her as she continued to rub. “That feels so good.” Joe said then he jumped as Randi hit the area in his back that he hurt. “Bloody ‘ell.”

“I am sorry Joe. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”  Randi said as she continued to massage the same spot. Joe was extremely tense. “I think you are right. You definitely did something to it. You might need more then just a massage from me Joe. This could be serious.” “Nah, I will be fine really. Y’er doing a great job. A massage from you will be plenty.” Joe said trying to sound convincing, but he knew Randi was skeptical.

“Well if you say so, but I still think it might be serious.”

“I promise if its still ‘urting after the party tomorrow I will get it checked out on our day off. Ok?”

“Ok Joe.” Randi rubbed a while longer until Joe finally eased up.

“Thank you luv. Now its my turn.” Joe said as he turned over and smiled.

“Your welcome. I am glad I could help. I love you Joe.”

“I love you too Randi.” Joe said as he started kissing her. “Y’er so beautiful.”

Randi blushed. “Thank you Joe. I missed you tonight. I hope you don’t mind that I stayed here tonight instead of going to the concert. I just really needed to rest.”

“Of course I didn’t mind. If you needed to rest then I am glad you stayed ‘ere. Besides I would ‘ave ‘ated for you to be there to see me get hurt. I know you would ‘ave worried the whole evening. Will you please come to tomorrows concert? I would really like for you to go to the party. All the other ladies are going.” Joe told her.

“You are right I would have worried. And yes I will be at the concert tomorrow and I will go to the party if you promise not to do anything that will embarrass me.” Randi said to him.

“I promise. Now come ‘ere luv. I ‘ave something for you.” Joe said smiling as he pulled Randi against him. Randi laughed then kissed him. Joe slid his hand between her legs and put his mouth over one of her breasts. Joe teased Randi making her moan until he felt like he was going to explode. Then he pulled Randi on top of him and slid himself into her. She was warm and wet from everything he had been doing to her. Joe growled and started fondling her breasts. Randi slid her hand in between them and began rubbing herself. Seeing her pleasure herself like that aroused Joe even more. Randi began moaning and tightened around Joe as she climaxed and caused Joe to cum at the same time.

When it was over Randi laid down on top of him. Joe told her tomorrow would be a long day and they should get some rest. He thanked her for taking care of his back for him. Then kissed her goodnight and they both went to sleep.


Part 77 The Concert Before The Party…

The concert went good other then the fact that Joe was in pain. He tried to hide it as much as possible. Then fans really couldn’t tell, but it was obvious to the rest of the band and especially Randi. She kept her eye on him the whole night hoping he wouldn’t over do it. Marie noticed how closely Randi was watching Joe.

“Randi, is everything ok? You seem to be watching Joe awfully close tonight.” Marie asked with a concerned look.

“No not really. When he came in last night he told me he hurt his back, but tried to brush it off. When I was rubbing it he was in a lot of pain.” Randi said to her friend.

“Do you think he will be ok? Do you need me to help you try and take care of it tonight?” Marie asked trying to help.

“Thanks Marie, but I really think its more serious then what we can handle. He really needs to go to the doctor. He promised me if it wasn’t better tonight he would go to the doctor tomorrow. I am going to talk to him after the concert.”

The concert ended and the band left the stage. Randi followed Joe and started talking to him.

“How are you feeling?”

“I am fine really.” Joe answered. It was obvious he was in pain. She could hear it in his voice. “Are you ready for the party?”

“Yes I am ready, but I don’t believe you Joe. I can tell you are in pain.” She pleaded with him. Just then Phil walked up.

“Joe are you alright mate? You looked like you could barley stand out there tonight. What’s going on?” Randi raised her eyebrow at Joe.

“Ok, ok, you win. I will go to the ‘ospital. But not until in the morning, I can’t miss the party.” Joe said hoping Randi wouldn’t argue.

“So are you going to tell me wot’s wrong or not?” Phil asked.

“He hurt his back last night. I think he severely pulled a muscle. I tried to help him, but its more serious then what I am trained to do.” Randi answered before Joe had a chance to say anything.

“Oh boy.” Phil said. “Does Mal know about this?”

“No not yet, but I will let ‘im know in a lil’ while. Right now we need to get cleaned up so we can get back to the ‘otel for the party. Randi why don’t you go find the other ladies and all of you ‘ead back to the ‘otel? We will be there soon.” The guys went and got showered while Randi went and found the other ladies.

“Well did you talk to him?” Marie asked as Randi walked up.

“Yeah, I talked to him. He said he would go to the hospital in the morning.”

“That’s good. I am glad he agreed to go.”

“He said for all of us to go ahead and go back to the hotel. They will be there in a little while.” Randi told all the other ladies. They all agreed and went outside to find the limo waiting for them. They all piled in and went back to the hotel. The ladies went to the banquet room where the party would be held, and waited the guys, and the other guests.


Part 78 The Party Part 1…

The band finally arrived back at the hotel. They each gave their lady a kiss and asked if they enjoyed the concert. Everyone got a drink and the guests began to arrive. The band had no idea who would be there. They hadn’t been told who the winners were. The guests started coming in and the band greeted them congratulating them and thanking them for their generosity. Everyone mingled and talked, and then everyone got something to eat and found somewhere to sit. Randi and the other ladies were enjoying themselves and even talking with some of the guests. Another guest came in by herself. Randi noticed Joe out of the corner of her eye. He had an uncomfortable look on his face. She didn’t really think too much about it. She just assumed it was from his back hurting.  She excused herself from the group of people she was talking too and walked over to Joe. 

“Is everything ok? You look really uncomfortable.”

“Yea’, I am fine. My back just ‘urts that’s all.” Joe told her. He still looked uncomfortable and it seemed like it was more then just his back.

“Ok if you are sure, but I am still concerned. Promise me you will tell me if it gets too bad.” Randi said to Joe.

“Yea’, I promise now please enjoy y’er self and don’t waste the night worrying about me.” Joe said as he kissed her cheek. Randi returned to the group of people she had been talking to. She noticed the lady who had came in late looking at her. Randi just smiled and went on. As the night went on Randi noticed the lady watching Joe non-stop. She didn’t get close enough to talk she just watched from a distance. Randi just figured the lady was a fan and was too shy to try talking to Joe. She also noticed the lady was drinking quite heavily. Maybe she needed something to relax her so she would be able to talk to Joe. Slowly the lady worked her way closer to Joe and Randi. Joe was busy talking with some fans. Randi noticed the lady getting a bite to eat. She thought she would be polite and try to talk to her. Maybe if she assured her how polite and laid back Joe was she would go talk to him. When Randi got near the lady and began to speak she just gave her an evil look and walked away. Randi was a little shocked, but didn’t let it bother her too bad. She just figured the lady was jealous of her because Joe had kissed her earlier.


Part 79 The Party Part 2…

Note: language possible tissues

Joe had noticed what happened between Randi and the guest who had been watching him all night. He let out an uneasy breath but didn’t say anything. Phil also noticed what had happened. It was the first time he realized she was there.

He thought to himself. ‘Oh great this is just wot Joe needs right now. ‘Ow in the bloody ‘ell did Tammy get in here? Surely she didn’t bid to help a charity. She doesn’t care about any one but ‘er self. All she does is go around causing trouble and she ‘as done more then enough to Joe already.’

Randi excused herself again and went back to their room for a few minutes. She needed to use the restroom and change her shoes. Her feet were starting to hurt. While she was gone Tammy took advantage of her absence and made her way to Joe.

“Aren’t you even going to say hi to me Joe? You know I am one of the guests.” Tammy said to him.

“‘Ello Tammy.” Joe said sharply. “Wot are you doing ‘ere? You know I don’t want you around and neither does any one else in the band.”

Phil watched from afar trying to let Joe handle her on his own. Soon the other band members noticed and gathered around Phil talking amongst them selves about it. The ladies were all busy talking to guests and had no idea what was going on.

It was obvious Tammy had drunk way too much. Joe cringed every time she spoke because the alcohol was so strong.

“Wot are you doing ‘ere Tammy?” He asked again. She smiled wickedly and said

“Well I heard about your little dedication you have been doing for…” She paused and thought a minute. “For Randi. Isn’t that her name?”

“Yes that’s ‘er name. And wot’s it to you?” Joe asked starting to lose his patience with her.

“Well I just had to see for myself what was so wonderful about her. You never did things like that for me.” Tammy said sarcastically. “You know she don’t look like much to me. I can’t believe you would go for someone like that. She is so not your type.”

Joe’s anger was rising, but he didn’t want to cause a scene. He remained as calm as he could.

“You never treated me good enough to deserve anything like that. You only care about y’er self. And I ‘appen to love ‘er very much. I am very ‘appy with ‘er and I don’t need you around trying to screw it up. You’ve done enough damage to me already. Now will you please go?  You won an invite to the party so I can’t make you leave, but I am telling you to leave me alone and stay away from Randi.” Joe said in a hateful voice.

The ladies were busy talking and didn’t notice the heated argument going on between Joe and Tammy. Mal and the other band members had their eyes glued to them hoping that things didn’t get to out of control. Tammy looked up and noticed Randi coming through the doorway. She was the only person who noticed she had returned. Joe’s back was to Randi. She noticed that they were talking and smiled to her self; glad the lady had got the courage to talk to Joe. Tammy had an evil grin on her face as she looked at Randi.  Randi froze for a second. She couldn’t believe what was happening. After all the promises Joe had made her and now this. Tammy reached up and planted a sloppy kiss on Joe before he had a chance to stop her. She couldn’t see Joe’s face to see the extreme dislike and anger that was going though him at the time.  Randi’s eyes filled with tears and she turned and ran out of the room. Tammy seen Randi run out of the room and laughed. Joe couldn’t control his anger any longer.

“Why in the bloody ‘ell did you do that? I told you I ‘ave a new girlfriend.”

The other guys came running to try and keep Joe from losing control.  They were all just as pissed as Joe was. And no one knew that Randi had witnessed the kiss. Joe began to yell.

“I want ‘er out of ‘ere right now. I don’t care if she is a guest. She is not welcome ‘ere. Mal you either get ‘er out of ‘ere right now or I will. Which is it going to be?”

Everyone in the room turned and looked not sure what was going on. As Mal led Tammy out the other guys spread across the room trying to distract the guests from what was going on. Joe stood there for a minute his eyes burning a whole through Tammy. 

‘Damn ‘er, why did she ‘ave to do that?’ He mumbled to himself. Luckily Randi wasn’t down here when she did it. And none of Randi’s friends had seen either.


Part 80 Randi Leaving…

Note: possible tissues language

The party continued as Randi was in the room packing her bags. She was crying so hard she could barely see what she was doing. She called room service and asked them to call her a cab. She couldn’t believe it after she trusted Joe. After all the promises he made and she let her guard down he went and done this. And with her friends right there. She knew he hadn’t had that much to drink. Joe knew exactly what he was doing.  Randi left Marie a note telling her to stay and enjoy herself. She would run the office alone until she was ready to come home. Randi left the room carrying her things. Her cab was waiting when she got outside.

“Take me to the airport please.” She told the cab driver while trying to stop crying.

“Ok ma’am.” He said to her as they pulled away from the curb. “Ma’am if you don’t mind me asking, are you ok?”

“Yeah, I will be fine thanks.” Randi lied. “ Just please get me to the airport right away.” Then her tears began to fall harder as the memories came rushing back to her.

‘Marie, Frank, and Randi was at the bar having a drink. There had been a growing tension between Randi and Frank. Marie suggested they go out for a drink just to get out of the house. Randi had suspected Frank was cheating on her, but didn’t have any real proof. Marie and Randi excused themselves and went to the restroom to freshen up. When they returned they found Frank in a heated kiss with some blonde. Randi’s fears had been confirmed and she ran out of the bar crying with Marie chasing after her.’

Frank had broken her heart and now Joe did it too. She knew better then to let her guard down but she did anyway. Why was she so stupid? When would she learn? The cab pulled up in front of the airport and Randi got out. She paid the driver and went inside. Luckily there was a flight leaving in 30 minutes heading for where she lived. Randi got her ticket and went to the gate.  They finally loaded and Randi was on her way home with a broken heart. She looked out the window into the dark sky and began crying again. She eventually cried herself to sleep, sleeping the whole flight. She woke back up as the plane was touching down back in her hometown.


Part 81 Back At The Party…


Joe and Marie both realized that Randi hadn’t returned to the party. Joe asked Marie if she would please go check on her for him. It wouldn’t be fair to the welcome guests if he left. Marie agreed and went to the room. Joe continued to mingle with the guests, taking pictures and signing things. And he was trying to forget about what had happened with Tammy.

He still couldn’t believe she had done that to him. Why couldn’t she just butt out and leave him alone? She didn’t love him, she never did. She just wanted to be in the spotlight. Joe’s back was beginning to bother him even more. Mal asked if he was ok. Joe said he was and told Mal not to worry he would tough it out. But then a few minutes later Joe slipped and hurt his back even worse. Mal and the other band members came to Joe’s aid helping him up and into a chair. Mal insisted he go to the hospital now, and if the guests couldn’t understand that he was hurt then that was their problem. They shouldn’t be so self-centered. Most of the guests had seen what happened and was reassuring Joe they understood and begged him to go to the hospital.

“Not until Randi gets back down ‘ere. I am not going with out ‘er. You can go ahead and call an ambulance, but I am not leaving until she is with me.”

Mal said ok and had an ambulance called. While they were waiting Marie came back. She was white as a ghost and looked ill. Phil ran to her.

“Marie luv, wot is wrong? Are you ‘urt?” then Phil seen she was holding a piece of paper in her hand. “Wot is that Marie? Wot is going on?”

Marie stuttered fighting the tears. “She’s gone.”

That caught Joe’s attention. “Wot do you mean she is gone?”

Marie handed Joe the note and he read it to himself.

‘Dear Marie, I am going back home. You stay and have a good time. I can run the office without you for a while. You are happy I want you to stay that way. I on the other hand cannot handle being here any longer. I can’t be around some one who shattered my heart after making so many promises. Don’t try to catch me. I will be gone before you find this. Tell Joe I said thanks a lot. See you when you get home. Randi’

“BLOODY ‘ELL!” Joe yelled. “Why? Why did this ‘ave to ‘appen? This is all Tammy’s fault. I ‘ave to stop Randi before she leaves. Phil, see if you can find out when she left.” Phil left the room to go talk to the front desk. They told him she had asked for a cab over on hour ago and she sounded extremely upset over the phone. Phil returned to the banquet room with the information he had found out. Marie was talking to Joe.

“Joe what is she talking about? What happened? You guys were getting along so well. What do you mean it is Tammy’s fault? I mean I know you got into a little spat with that lady, but Randi wasn’t even down here when that happened. Was she?” Marie asked trying to figure out what had went wrong.

Phil spoke up. “Marie, Tammy is Joe’s ex-girlfriend. The reason Joe yelled at ‘er is because she kissed ‘im while Randi was gone.”

“What?!” Marie exclaimed. “When I didn’t see her kiss him.”

“You were busy talking with the other ladies and some of the guests. She kissed me right before I yelled. That’s why I yelled. She kissed me.” Joe stopped and thought for a minute. “Bloody ‘ell, Randi must ‘ave seen ‘er kiss me. That’s why she did it. She was trying to ‘urt Randi. That must be why she laughed the way she did after she kissed me.” Joe’s eyes began to fill with tears as the ambulance arrived.

Marie was already crying. Even though she knew it wasn’t Joe’s fault, and all the other guys confirmed that Joe was telling the truth she knew Randi would never listen. What was she going to do?

“Hello sir.” A paramedic said as he walked up to Joe. “Are you ready to go to the hospital?”

“NO” Joe snapped at him. “I am not going. I ‘ave to stop Randi from leaving.”

“Joe” Jewels spoke up. “I am afraid it’s too late. I just spoke with the airport Randi left out on a plane about 15 minutes ago. You might as well go and get taken care of. You really need to be checked out.”

Everyone agreed that Joe needed to go to the hospital.

“Fine I will go. Ok are you ‘appy? But if any one ‘ears from Randi you better let me know immediately.” They told Joe they would as they put him in the ambulance. Mal apologized to the guests and said the party was over.


Part 82 Randi Getting Home…

Note: language possible tissues

Randi finally got home; exhausted, broken hearted, and glad it was all over with. She was glad to be home now she could go back to work and get on with her life. But then she started thinking about how Joe had made her feel and all the wonderful things he had done for her. Randi’s eyes began to fill with tears again.

She went to check her answering machine. The first message was from Marie.

“Randi, please call the hotel when you get in. You have to let me talk to you. Please you have to come back. I am begging you.” Randi rolled her eyes and deleted it.

The second message was Joe.

“Randi luv, I am sorry it wasn’t wot you…” Randi deleted it before he finished.

Frank had used the same line on her. It wasn’t going to work this time. Randi began crying harder and decided to get ready for bed. She might as well get some rest the go straighten up the office tomorrow so she could reopen on Monday. Just as she was about to lay down the phone rang again

She picked it up. “Hello? What do you want?” She snapped. It was Marie.

“Randi please listen to me. You have to come back.” Marie pleaded.

Randi interrupted. “No I don’t, and I am not going to either. I don’t ever want to see or hear from Joe again.”

“Randi you don’t mean that.”

“Oh yes I do. Marie he promised me he wouldn’t hurt then as soon as I leave the room he starts kissing on another women, who by the way was very unfriendly with me.”

“That’s not how it happened.”

“Yeah Frank said the same thing. Its not going to work this time so give it up. You stay and have a blast. It is time for me to get back to the real world. Goodnight.”

“Randi wait please don’t hang up on me.”

“What do you want? You are not going to change my mind so just give it up.”

“Joe was rushed to the hospital after you left. He slipped and hurt his back even worse.” “Well I tried to get him to go to the hospital when it first happened but he wouldn’t so it’s his fault. Now I am sorry he is hurt, but he hurt me. Tell him to have a nice life and to stay out of mine. Goodbye.”

“Randi don’t…” Marie cried out as Randi hung up the phone. Randi hung up the phone then turned out the light. She turned over and cried herself to sleep.


Part 83 At The Hospital…

Everyone had gathered at the hospital waiting to find out about Joe. After the unpleasant phone call with Randi, Marie joined them. Everyone wanted to know what happened. Marie went on to tell them everything that Randi had said to her. Everyone was upset because they knew Joe hadn’t done anything wrong. But how were they going to make Randi believe that. The doctor came out to talk to the group about Joe.  He had pulled several muscles in his back and would not be able to perform for at least two weeks. Everyone groaned. 

Mal spoke up. “Well I guess I better be getting on the phone and get some phone calls made. We will ‘ave to reschedule part of the tour.” Then he walked away. 

“You can go see your friend now, but not all at once. Just a couple at a time, his room is not that big.” The doctor said as he walked away.

Marie and Phil went back first. “Well did you get a ‘old of ‘er? Is she coming back?” Joe asked as soon as they walked in.

“Yes Joe I got a hold of her. And no she isn’t coming back.” Marie said close to tears. “I am sorry Joe. She is hurt really bad. She doesn’t believe it wasn’t your fault. She caught Frank kissing another woman after she had left the room and I guess that’s just imprinted in her heart now.”

“I ‘ave to go to ‘er. I ‘ave to explain.” Joe said.

The doctor had walked in. “Hold on there lover boy. You aren’t going anywhere. We are going to release you, but you have to go straight to your hotel and go to bed. Understand?” He looked at Marie and Phil. They both nodded. “You are not to do anything for at least a week.” Then he walked back out.

“I ‘ave to go to Randi’s now. I can’t wait a week.” Joe said hatefully.

“‘Old on a minute Joe. You ‘eard the doctor. ‘E said no. So no it is.” Phil said. “‘Ow about I go talk to ‘er. Since we obviously won’t be going anywhere for a while I will catch a flight and try to talk to ‘er.”

Marie interrupted. “Don’t you think I should be the one to go? I mean I am her best friend.”

“No” Phil answered. “Luv, if you will I want you to stay ‘ere and ‘elp take care of Joe.” “Ok I guess, but I still think I should go.”

“Besides you y’er self said Randi told you not to come ‘ome right now. Don’t you think it will just upset ‘er worse if you do?”

“You are right. I will stay and help take care of Joe.” They helped Joe up and got him back to the hotel. Everyone went to their own rooms. It had been a long exhausting night for everyone.


Part 84 Back At The Hotel…

Phil called the airport to see when the next flight out was. He wouldn’t be able to leave until 10:00 in the morning. So he decided to go to sleep and get a little rest before he left. Joe started calling and making arrangements to have flowers and balloons delivered to Randi first thing in the morning. After he was done he decided to try and call Randi even though it was the middle of the night. He dialed her number praying she would answer. After about 5 rings Randi finally answered.

“Hello?” She whispered. She had a sore throat from crying so much.

“Randi its Joe please don’t ‘ang up. I love you. Let me explain please.” Joe cried out. But before he could say anything else she had hung up on him. “Great, wot am I going to do?” Joe said staring at the phone. “I can’t believe this. Randi is the best thing that ‘as ever ‘appened to me, and Tammy ‘ad to go and ruin it. I knew as soon as I seen ‘er I should ‘ave told Mal to make ‘er leave.”

Marie heard Joe talking to himself and pecked on the door. “Come in.”

Marie opened the door and found Joe with tears streaming down his cheeks. She couldn’t believe it. He was crying over Randi.

She knew he was telling the truth. “Did you call her?” Marie asked.

“Yea’.” Joe answered.

“And?” “She ‘ung up on me without saying anything.”

“Joe I am so sorry this happened. Just give her a little time. Maybe Phil can convince her to change her mind.”

“I sure hope so. Marie I don’t think I can go on with out ‘er. I ‘ave never felt so strongly about anyone or anything my whole life.” Joe cried.

“I hope so too Joe. Now please get some rest. You need it. I will see you in the morning.” “Thanks Marie. Good night.”

“Good night Joe.” Then Marie got up and walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind her. Joe laid in bed staring at Randi’s picture telling her how much loved her and eventually cried himself to sleep.


Part 85 The Next Morning…

Phil got up and got his things together to go see Randi. He kissed Marie good-bye and told Joe he would do his best to change her mind. Joe thanked him and told him to be careful. Phil left and headed to the airport.

Randi had planned on getting up and going to the office when she woke up, but she was just too weak and crushed to do anything. She just sat on the couch sipping on hot chocolate and watching TV trying to keep her mind off Joe. She missed him so much, but she wasn’t going to give in. she wasn’t going to be any ones fool any more. Randi was cuddled up on the couch and she noticed her leopard from Joe sticking out of her bag. She rolled her eyes and threw something over it so she wouldn’t have to see it.

Then the phone rang. It was Joe again.

“Hello?” Randi answered.

“I know you think I was kissing that woman at the party.” Joe began.

“Look I already told you I don’t want to talk to you any more. Now leave me alone. You have done enough already. Good bye.” She snapped.

“Randi please just listen.” Joe begged. But Randi just slammed the phone down and went back to watching TV. A few minutes later the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” she thought to her self as she got up to answer it. Randi opened the door and it was a man with a huge bouquet of flowers. Randi rolled her eyes and thanked the man. He told her to have a nice day and walked away. Randi closed the door and sat the flowers down. She looked at the card. They were from Joe.

‘Randi, I love you. Please don’t end it like this. Love, Joe’

She just pushed the flowers to the side and sat back down. About 30 minutes later the doorbell rang again.

“Now what?” she thought. She opened the door and another man was standing there with a bundle of balloons with different things on them.

The sayings ranged from ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, and ‘I am sorry’ among other things. Randi thanked the man and closed the door.  The card with them said.

‘Randi you mean the world to me. I would never do anything to ‘urt you. Please come back. I love you, and I need you in my life. Love, Joe’

Randi just tossed them aside too and returned to watching TV. About 10 minutes later the doorbell rang again. She was starting to get annoyed.

“I don’t want anything else from that man.” She said out loud as she jerked open the door. She was shocked. She was expecting to find another deliveryman, but it was Phil. She just stood there staring at him for a moment, not sure what to say.


Part 86 Phil’s Arrival…

“‘Ello luv. Are you surprised?” Phil asked smiling.

“Uh, yeah I am. What are you doing here? Is Marie with you?” Randi asked nervously. She wasn’t prepared for this.

“Nope, its just me luv. Marie stayed to ‘elp take care of Joe.”  Phil answered.

“Is he ok?” Randi said before she even realized she had said it.

“‘E will be fine. ‘E pulled several muscles and the doctors want ‘im to rest for a week or two.”

“Phil what are you doing here? If you came to make excuses for your friend its not going to work. I am not going to play the fool. Not this time. If he wants that other woman he can have her. I will step aside. I don’t want to interfere in his happiness.” Randi said trying not to cry.

“Well luv, I didn’t come to make excuses but I did come because of Joe and you.”

“Phil thanks but no thanks. I knew better then to let him in. I knew as soon as I put my guard down this would happen eventually. It never fails every time I let some one in they walk all over me. I am so tired of being hurt.” Randi started crying and covered her face. Phil gave her a hug and helped her sit down on the couch. “Randi luv, will you at least listen to wot I ‘ave to say? Then you can decide wot you want to do? Please.”

“Ok Phil I will listen, but that doesn’t mean I am going to just forget what happened.” “Randi, that lady that you seen kiss Joe, ‘er name is Tammy.” Phil began.

She interrupted. “Oh great, so he knows her by name. This is something that has been going on for a while. Has he been with her the whole time he has supposedly been in love with me?” She started crying again.

“Randi luv, please calm down y’er going to make y’er self sick. Marie told me ‘ow sick you got over Frank and I don’t want to see you like that. And I know Joe doesn’t either.” “What’s it to him? He has Tammy he doesn’t need me.” Phil was starting to get a little agitated. “No Randi, ‘e doesn’t. It’s not like that at all. Now please just listen to me.”

Randi looked at Phil. She was speechless. She had never heard him raise his voice before. “I am sorry Phil. I will be quiet and listen to you.”

“Thank you. Now as I was saying, that woman, that ‘orrible woman you seen kissing Joe, ‘er name is Tammy. That is Joe’s ex-girlfriend. She sneaks back into ‘is life like this from time to time just to cause problems for ‘im. Just like she did at the party. Joe was very upset that she was even there. And even more upset when she kissed him. And trust me, all of us guys seen when she kissed ‘im and it angered ‘im very bad. Joe yelled at ‘er, but you ‘ad already taken off. She ‘ad succeeded in ‘urting Joe again. Mal made ‘er leave before Joe lost ‘is temper. Right away ‘e thought of you. But by the time Marie went looking for you, you ‘ad already left.”

Tears were falling like rain from Randi’s eyes. Phil reached out his arm and hugged her. “Phil, I want to believe you, but I am just so tired of being hurt. Why don’t you just go on back and be with Marie and don’t worry about me?”

“I can’t do that luv. Y’er Marie’s friend and I care deeply for ‘er. She is worried about you. And Joe is one of my best friends and I know ‘ow much ‘e loves you. I can’t just walk away. ‘E needs you, and whether you want to admit it or not, I know you need ‘im. Marie told me ‘ow bad you missed ‘im while you were apart.”

“You are right Phil, I do love him. I just can’t take any chances in being hurt again. Now please, just go back. I need some time to think. Maybe after I get things sorted I will give you a call. Please take care of Marie.”

“Promise me you will call in a couple of days?”

“Yes I promise. I just need a little time to myself.”

“And don’t worry luv I promise to take care of Marie. You take care of y’er self, and I will talk to you in a few days.”

“Ok Phil”

“I am going to get back. They need me there to ‘elp with Joe. ‘E really is a mess. And ‘e needs you. I ‘ope you change y’er mind luv. Cheerio.”

“Bye Phil. Have a safe trip.”

Then as quickly as he had arrived he was gone again.


Part 87 Phil’s Return…

Phil went back to the airport and caught the next flight out. Within a few hours he was back at the hotel. Marie met him at the door.

“Well is she ok? How did things go?” She asked.

“Yeah I think she will be ok. She says she needs a few days to ‘er self to sort through things.”

“Do you think she believes that Joe is innocent?”

“Yeah I think so. She just needs a lil’ time to recover. She says she will call in a couple of days. ‘Ow is Joe doing?”

“He is sleeping right now. But when he was awake he was really depressed. He is going nuts with out Randi. And he is still mad at himself for not getting Tammy out of there sooner. Well while he is sleeping why don’t we sit on the couch and get a little rest. We both could use it.” Marie suggested.

“Ok luv, sounds good to me.” Then they settled on the couch and started watching a movie.


Part 88 Randi’s Decision Part 1…

Note: possible tissues

Randi sat on the couch for a few hours after Phil left thinking about what he said. She couldn’t figure out what to do. Part of her said stand your ground don’t go back. But another part of her cried you love him you know you do, you need him go back to him now. She decided to do some laundry and straighten up her house a little. She needed something to do to get her mind off of everything. After she had got done cleaning she decided to take a shower and go to bed. Maybe after a good nights rest she could think more clearly. Randi found her leopard Joe had bought her and put it on her bed. She got ready for bed and shut out the light. But she couldn’t go to sleep. She just kept tossing and turning. She couldn’t get Joe out of her mind. Randi thought about how wonderful Joe had made her feel and how special he thought she was. She thought about how much she cared about him. Then she thought about seeing Tammy kiss him and how bad it had hurt her.  When she thought about that she almost made up her mind not to go back. But then she thought about Marie calling and telling her Joe was taken to the hospital. She knew how bad he had hurt his back already and the thought of him hurting it worse made Randi worry.  Then she thought about the way Phil had flown to her house just to tell her the truth about Tammy. Randi couldn’t take it any more. She couldn’t stand lying in bed tossing and turning like she was. It was driving her crazy. She couldn’t get Joe out of her head as long as she was lying in bed, so she set up and turned on the TV in her room. Randi had forgotten that she had the tape from the concert in last. And when she turned on the TV the tape started playing. It was right before Joe dedicated her favorite song to her. As Joe started talking her eyes got moist. Then when the music started and Joe started singing, looking her right in the eyes, her tears began to fall.


Part 89 Randi’s Decision Part 2…

Note: possible tissues

Randi sat in bed watching the video singing along through her tears. She couldn’t stand it any longer. She shut off the TV and got up. Randi got up and got dressed. She repacked her bag and called the airport. The told her there was a flight leaving in an hour. If she hurried she would be able to make the flight. Randi called a cab and was soon on her way to the airport. She was going back to Joe, back where she belonged. She needed him, and he need her. They made each other’s life complete. She caught the plane and slept during the flight. It was 3:00am when the plane landed. She took a cab to the hotel and quietly tapped on the door.  Marie just happened to be up. She had checked on Joe a little while ago and hadn’t gone back to bed yet. When Randi knocked on the door it scared Marie. She couldn’t imagine who would be knocking on the door that time of morning. She opened the door just enough to see who it was. When she seen Randi standing there she threw the door open and was almost in tears.

“What are you doing here Randi? Phil said you were going to call in a couple of days.” Marie said almost yelling.

“Shh, are the guys sleeping?” Randi whispered.

Marie realized how loud she was being and lowered her voice. “Yes the guys are sleeping. I just checked on Joe a little while ago. He is out of it. They put him on some strong pain pills. What are you doing here?”

“Well Marie, I thought about what Phil said when he came to my house. And I thought about how wonderful Joe has been to me and how he has made me feel. Then I realized how stupid I was for acting the way I did and comparing Joe to Frank. That’s not fair to Joe. And I figured out how much I need Joe, and how much I love him. I just had to come back. I have to be with him. I can’t stand the thought of Joe being in pain and me not being here to help him.”

Marie reached out her arms to hug her friend. Randi gave Marie a hug and thanked her for being such a good friend.

“Well I am beat. I have been taking care of Joe all day, and worrying about you. I need some sleep.” Marie told Randi. “And there is some one in the bedroom in there who I am sure would be very happy if you was laying with him when he woke up.”

“Ok Marie thanks. Good night.”

“Good night Randi.” Then they both went to their bedrooms to go to sleep. When Randi entered the bedroom she turned on a lamp so she could see. Joe was sound asleep and had no idea she was in there. Randi got ready for bed then turned out the light. She lay down with Joe and wrapped her arms around him.

“I am so sorry Joe. I love you.” She whispered to him and kissed his cheek, then slowly slipped off to sleep with Joe in her arms.


Part 90 When Joe Woke Up Part 1…

Note: language possible tissues

Joe woke up before sunrise. He was still kind of hazy from the pain pills and exhausted from getting so upset over Tammy screwing things up for him with Randi. It was still dark in his room. He decided to try and sleep a little longer because he knew Marie and Phil were not awake yet, and if they heard him up out of bed they would both be on his arse about it. He groaned loudly from the pain as he turned over in the bed. He closed his eyes back and started to go back to sleep when he realized something was in the bed with him.

“Wot the…” Joe said out loud as he started feeling around trying to see what it was. Joe groaned again as he reached to turn on the lamp so he could see what was in his bed. Joe squinted and rubbed his eyes. The light was hurting his eyes. He was finally able to look over and see just what was in his bed. He couldn’t believe it. He must have been dreaming. He wasn’t really awake. This couldn’t be real. He pinched himself on the arm. “Bloody ‘ell that ‘urt.” He said. “Ok so I am awake.”

Randi was lying in bed next to him. When did she come back? Joe didn’t remember her being here. And he knew the pain pills weren’t that strong to make him forget something like that. He remembered hearing Marie peek in on him sometime in the middle of the night. But when did Randi slip in? Did any one else know that she was back? Joe reached out and ran his fingers through Randi’s hair. She moved just a little when Joe touched her. Joe’s eyes began to fill with tears.  She had come back to him. Was it something Phil had said to her or something else? Joe ran his fingers through her hair again and said her name. Randi mumbled something and kept right on sleeping. Joe tried again. He had to talk to her.

“Randi luv.” He coaxed gently. “Please wake up and talk to me.”

Randi slowly opened her eyes, a little confused at first. The last 48 hours or so had been stressful and exhausting. She was so tired she wasn’t sure where was at first.

“Where am I?” Randi said yawning. Joe gave her a minute to get woke up before he said anything else.


Part 91 When Joe Woke Up Part 2…

Note: possible tissues

“‘Ello luv.” Joe said as he ran his hand down her cheek. “When did you come back? Oh Randi I so glad you came back. I love you so much.” Joe was rambling on so wrapped up in the idea that Randi was there he forgot about his back and tried to turn over to hug her. “BOOLDY ‘ELL.” He yelled as he was quickly reminded of his injury. Joe was in immense pain and couldn’t move.

Randi sat up quickly and tried to help Joe ease the pain. Once he had calmed down enough to be able to talk she asked him when the last time he had a pain pill was. He said about 9:00 pm. Randi got up and got Joe a pain pill and some water. He took his pill and Randi lay back down beside him.

“Randi wot are you doing ‘ere? Does any one else know y’er ‘ere? When did you get in?” Joe started asking talking non-stop.

“Joe please calm down, and stop talking so fast.” Randi spoke up. “I got in about 3:30 this morning. Marie was up. She knows I am here. Joe I am sorry I left like I did. That wasn’t fair to you. But when I seen Tammy kissing you.”

“Damn ‘er.” Joe interrupted. “She is always messing things up for me.”

“Joe, please just listen.” Randi continued. “When I seen Tammy kissing you, I remembered catching Frank kissing another woman. And I just couldn’t handle the pain.” “Randi you ‘ave to believe me, I wasn’t kissing ‘er. She kissed me and I did not like it. I yelled at ‘er and told Mal to get ‘er out of there. She is my ex-girlfriend and she was a mistake from day one.” Joe carried on.

“Joe, I know that now. Phil told me everything. It was stupid of me not to trust you or even give you a chance to explain. When I left here I had my mind set that I was not coming back and I did not want to see or hear from you again. Even after I went home and Marie called trying to explain, then Phil showed up and told me everything I was still determined I wasn’t going to bend. But after he left and I tried to get you out of my head and rest I just couldn’t do it.” Randi started crying and laid her head on Joe’s chest. Joe wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head. Randi continued talking as her tears rolled down her cheeks and onto Joe’s chest.

“Joe I am sorry for not trusting you. I love you and I need you. I hope you can forgive me for treating you the way I did. Joe I want you to be in my life, for the rest of my life. Please can we start over?” Joe was crying now too.

“I love you too Randi. Of course I forgive you. I need you too. You fill the emptiness in my ‘eart. I am so glad you came back and I promise Tammy will never interfere with us again.”  Randi rose up and kissed Joe gently on the lips.

“I am sorry I ran out on you when you needed me the most. How is your back feeling? What did you do to hurt it worse? I promise I will take care of you until you are better.” “After Mal got rid of Tammy I slipped on something and ‘urt my back again. I said I wasn’t going to the ‘ospital with out you. And that’s when we found out you ‘ad left. I said I was going after you, but I kind of got out numbered. The guys made me go. Then the doctor said I couldn’t travel so Phil said ‘e would go talk to you for me.”  Joe told her. “Thanks for letting Phil come. I am glad he did.” Randi told Joe. “I needed some one to talk some sense into me.”

“I am glad ‘e did too.” Joe said. “Now we are both exhausted why don’t we get some rest before everyone gets up and comes over to see ‘ow I am doing. You need to get some rest, there is going to be a lot of people ‘appy to see you this afternoon.”

“Ok Joe lets get some rest. I love you.” Randi said.

“I love you too Randi.” Joe said then kissed her. They wrapped their arms around each other and were sound asleep with in a few minutes. They were resting peacefully for the first time since all this had happened.


Part 92 When Phil And Marie Woke Up…

Phil woke up and looked over at Marie who was lying in the bed awake, but she was lost in her thoughts.

“Good morning luv.” Phil said to her as he reached over and kissed her. Marie jumped. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t even realize Phil had woke up.

“Good morning Phil.”

“‘Ow did you sleep luv?”

“Not very good. I was up around 3:00 and checked on Joe. He was sound asleep, but when I was getting ready to come lay back down some one knocked on the door.”

Phil looked confused. “Who would be ‘ere at 3:00am? That’s a lil’ rude.”

“It was Randi.” Marie stopped and watched Phil as he almost fell out bed. He was shocked at what Marie had just said. He wasn’t sure he heard her right.

“Randi?” Phil asked with his eyebrow raised. “Y’er best friend, Joe’s girlfriend Randi?” “Yes Phil.” Marie answered.

“Really? I thought she said she would call in a few days. Is she back to be with Joe? Did she stay?” Phil asked.

“Yes Phil, she is back to stay.”

“Does Joe know she is back? Did you wake ‘im up?”

“I didn’t wake him up. Randi was exhausted and wanted to go to sleep. But who knows, he may have woke up by now. If so I sure hope he is happy.”

“Oh Marie, this is so wonderful. Was it because of me?” Phil asked her happy Randi had come back.

“Part of it was you, the other part was she realized how much she loves Joe and that she needs him.” Marie told him then looked at the clock. Phil looked at the clock too.

“Well I guess we better be getting up. Everyone will be ‘ere pretty soon to see Joe.”

They got up and got showered and dressed then ordered room service for breakfast. They went to the main room and waited for Joe and Randi to wake up, and for the rest of their friends to arrive.


Part 93 Randi Getting Up…

Randi woke up a little after Marie and Phil got up. Joe was sound asleep again from the pain pill he had taken earlier. She heard voices coming from the other room and decided to get up. Joe had his arm over her. Randi slid her way out from under him and went to the main room. Randi found Marie and Phil eating breakfast.

“Good morning.” Marie and Phil both looked up.

“Good morning.” Marie said to her.

“Good morning. I am glad to see you came back. And I bet Joe is too.” Phil said as he got up and gave her a hug.

“Yeah, me too.” Randi said to him. “Thank you Phil. Thank you for everything, for coming and talking to me. I needed some one to talk some sense into me.”

“No problem, just trying to ‘elp out me friends. There are some other people who will be ‘appy to see you back. They will be ‘ere in a lil’ while. Want some breakfast there is plenty ‘ere?”

“Yes thank you. I haven’t been able to eat much since all this happened. I really need to eat. Maybe I will get some of my strength back.” Randi sat down and made her a plate. She talked with Phil and Randi for a while. They filled her in on what was going on with Joe, and what the doctor’s orders were for him. Then told her about the new tour schedule. And waited for their friends to show up.


Part 94 Joe Waking Up Again…

Joe started waking up. He was happy. Randi had come back. And he couldn’t wait to give her another kiss, and hold her in his arms again. He opened his eyes turned his head. He was getting ready to reach for Randi. She wasn’t there. Had he dreamed all that earlier? Were those pain pills really that strong? Joe looked around the room and didn’t see any signs of Randi being there. His eyes got moist. He could hear Phil. So he yelled for him. Randi and Marie had gone out for a little walk so they could talk. Phil walked into the bedroom to see what his friend needed.

“Well good morning. ‘Ow are you feeling today?”

“Well I thought I was better but I guess not. It was just a dream.” Joe said fighting the tears. Phil was looking at his friend like he was nuts.

“Uh, Joe wot are you talking about?”

“Randi.” Joe said trying not to cry. “I thought she was back, but I guess it was just a dream.” Just as he said that the bedroom door opened the rest of the way and Randi walked in. Joe’s eyes got big and he smiled. “Randi y’er back. Oh thank goodness, I thought I ‘ad lost you again.”

Phil just smiled and walked out of the room so they could be alone.

“Yes Joe I am back. I am back for good. I love you.” Randi said then kissed him.

“Oh Randi I love you too.” Joe said hugging her.

“Do you feel like getting up and sitting on the couch for a while? You have company on the way.”

“As long as y’er ‘ere I am comfortable with any thing.” Then they kissed again and Randi helped Joe into the main room so he could see his their friends when they arrived.


Part 95 Everyone Coming To Visit Joe…

Randi got Joe out to the couch and placed some pillows behind him so he would be comfortable. Then she sat down and they started talking with Phil and Marie while waiting for the others to arrive. Just before they got there Randi excused herself and went to the bathroom. While she was in there she heard the doorbell ring. Everyone started showing up. First Rick and Mandy got there, and then it was Mal and Meg. A few minutes later Viv, Jewels, Sav, and Paige showed up. Randi could hear the group of friends talking to Joe asking how he was feeling and things like that. When Randi walked back into the room everyone who didn’t know she was back, stopped talking and just looked at her with disbelief. When did she get in? No one told them she was back.

“Hi everyone.” Randi said nervously, not sure if any one was upset with her for the way she had acted.

Mandy was the first to speak. “Hi Randi, I am so happy you are back.”

Meg was next. “When did you get back?”

“I am so glad you changed your mind Randi.” Paige told her.

“Welcome back Randi. You belong here. We all missed you.” Jewels told her.

Then all the ladies gave her a big hug. After they were done each of the guys hugged her and said they was glad she didn’t let Tammy ruin every thing. Joe sat on the couch smiling while everyone welcome Randi back.

“I got in around 3:30 this morning. I couldn’t stand it any more. I knew I had to come back; I couldn’t end it like that. I need Joe, I love him.” Randi said with a tear rolling down the side of her face. “I am glad you guys aren’t mad at me for acting the way I did. I am sorry for being so stupid.”

“No problem luv.” Mal spoke up. “The important thing is you came back. You didn’t let that terrible woman, if that’s wot you want to call ‘er, ruin y’er love for Joe.”

“Yea’, and Joe needs you too. You know with ‘is back ‘urt and all ‘e needs some one to take care of ‘im seeing ‘ow ‘e is such a baby.” Rick laughed.

“Very funny Rick.” Joe said as he threw one of his pillows at Rick hitting him upside the head. Everyone laughed.

“Wot’s a matter Joe does the truth ‘urt?” Viv asked him laughing.

“Oh come on Joe, admit it you know y’er a big baby.” Phil joked.

“Just you wait until I get better. I am going to get you every one of you. Just you wait and see. I am not a baby. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.” Joe said trying to keep from laughing. “I just want a lil’ TLC that’s all.”

Everyone was roaring with laughter including Joe. They laughed until their sides hurt before they all settled down to talk about the change in the tour and other business matters. When they were done they ordered room service for lunch.

“‘Ey Randi.” Sav spoke up.

“Yes Sav?” She asked.

“I am glad you came back. Joe is a lot easier to put up with when y’er around.”

“That’s for sure.” Phil added. “‘E’s a pain in the butt. You need to keep ‘im under control.” Everyone started laughing all over again just as room service arrived.


Part 96 About Two Weeks Later…

Joe and Randi had patched things up and it was as if nothing had happened at all. Joe’s back was better and they were about ready to go back out on tour. Mandy and Meg had already returned home. They needed to get back to their jobs.  Randi and Marie would be returning home that evening. They needed to get their office opened back up too.

“Do you really ‘ave to leave?” Joe asked hoping Randi would change her mind.

“Yes Joe I do. I have been gone for close to a month. Marie and I really need to get back to work.” Randi said.

Joe looked at Marie and she shook her head yes, not the response he was hoping for. “I really want you to stay Randi. Marie I am sure Phil wants you to stay too.” Joe said looking at Phil.

“That’s right luv. I really wish you would stay.” Phil said.

“Listen you only have about a month left on the tour. I think you can manage without us for that long. As soon as the tour is over you can come see us. Besides, isn’t your last concert in our home town any way?” Randi asked. Joe let out a disappointed sigh.

“Yea’, I guess so. But I still wish you would stay. I love you, I want you to be with me.” “I love you too Joe, but I really need to get back home for a while.”

“Well luv, I guess I should ‘elp you pack y’er things since we can’t change you ladies minds.” Phil said to Marie.

“Thanks Phil. I appreciate it. It’s not that bad. Like Randi said you will see us in about a month. You are a big boy, I think you can handle it.” Marie said to Phil as she headed towards the bedroom.

“Ok then, if you must go back, I won’t try to make you change y’er mind. But you ‘ave to promise you will spend lots of time with me when the tour is over.” Joe said to Randi when Phil and Marie left the room.

“I promise Joe. We will spend lots of time together when the tour is over.”

“I love you Randi.”

I love you too Joe.”


Part 97 Randi and Marie Leaving…

Everyone met for dinner before Marie and Randi had to catch their flight. After dinner Joe and Phil rode to the airport with the ladies.

“Marie luv, you call me as soon as you get in and let me know you made it ‘ome safely.” Phil said hugging her.

“Don’t worry I will.” Marie said hugging him back.

“I will call too Joe. I promise. I know your two weeks are up, but I still want you to take it easy. Don’t over do it. I don’t want you injuring your self again.” Randi told him.

“Ok I promise not to over do it. I wouldn’t want you worrying about me.” Joe said. “And you be careful. If you need anything just let me know.”

“Ok Joe. I love you and I will see you in about a month. I promise we will be at your last concert. We will bring Meg and Mandy too.” 

“I’ll make sure Mal sends out backstage passes for you ladies.” Phil spoke up.

“Thanks Phil. Well we better go before the plane leaves us.” Randi said reaching for her bag.

“Bye Phil. I will miss you.” Marie said.

“I will miss you too.” Phil said as he kissed her goodbye.

“I love you Randi. See you in a month.” 

“Bye Joe. I love you too.” Randi said as she hugged him then kissed him gently.  Then the ladies picked up their bags and boarded the plane. Joe and Phil watched out the window as the plane took off.

“Well we better be getting back to the ‘otel. Tomorrow is going to be a long day Joe.” Phil said tapping Joe on the shoulder trying to bring him back to reality.

“I miss ‘er already. The end of the tour is going to last forever.” Joe said.

“I know I miss Marie already too. But ‘ey the quicker we get going the sooner we will be with ‘em again.”

“You’re right. Lets go.” Then they left the airport and headed back to the hotel.


Part 98 Returning Home…

Randi and Marie arrived at the airport in their hometown. Marie decided to just go home with Randi and spend the night. She could go home tomorrow. They took a cab to Randi’s and went in. As soon as they got their bags sat down they called the guys.

Joe answered the phone. “‘Ello?”

“Hi Joe. We are home. Marie is going to spend the night here tonight.”

“I am glad you called. I miss you already.” Joe said.

“I miss you too Joe. How are you feeling?” Randi asked.

“I am fine, just missing you. My back isn’t bothering me any. I ‘ad a good therapist.” He laughed.

“Very funny Joe.” Randi blushed. “Well I better let Marie talk to Phil before so goes nuts.” Joe laughed.

“Ok. I love you.”

“I love you too. Cheerio.”


Randi handed Marie the phone. “Hi Phil.”

“‘Ello luv. ‘Ow was y’er trip?”

“It was fine. I am going to stay with Randi tonight. I am really tired.”  Marie told him. “Ok luv. Well you take care of y’er self and get some rest. I will talk to you soon.” Phil said.

“Ok Phil. I will. Be careful traveling. Bye.” “

Don’t worry we are always careful. Good night luv.” Then he hung up the phone.

“Well I don’t know about you, but I am beat. I am ready for bed. You can stay up if you would like Marie. But I am going to bed.”

“I agree. I am ready for bed too. Do you want me to sleep on the couch?” Marie asked. “No, you can sleep in the spare bedroom. The bed is cleaned off. There are extra blankets and pillows in the closet if you need them.”

 “Thanks Randi. Good night.”

“Good night Marie. See you in the morning.”


Part 99 The Guys Getting Ready To Go Back On Tour…

Joe and Phil were packing up the last of their things as Mal knocked on the door and walked in.

“Are you guys about ready? The buses are loaded other then y’er things. We need to get going.”

“I am ready.” Phil said.

“‘Ow about you Joe?” He yelled into the other room. Joe came walking out with his bags in his hands.

“Ok I am ready to go. I think I got everything. Lets hit the road.”

 “Do you need some ‘elp carrying those?” Mal asked. “I wouldn’t want you to throw y’er back out again.”

“Thanks Mal, but I think I can get it. They aren’t that ‘eavy. If I need y’er ‘elp I will let you know.” Joe told him.

“Ok. Well let’s go. The others are waiting.”

Mal, Phil and Joe left the hotel and got on the buses. Soon they were on the way to there next stop. It would be the first concert since Joe had injured his back at the party. Everyone was crossing their fingers that Joe would be ok. As Joe got on the bus Viv and Sav wasn’t sure if they should talk to him or not after the way he acted the last time they left to go back out on tour with out Randi.  So they kept quiet until Joe spoke first. When the bus pulled out onto the highway Joe smiled and asked if they were ready to start performing again. Sav and Viv both let out a sigh of relief. He wasn’t biting their heads off this time. He knew him and Randi would be together again soon and he was happy. Joe couldn’t wait to get out there and get the tour over with. He wanted to be with Randi. “Yea’ we are ready.”

“Are you sure you are? Is y’er back going to be ok?” Sav asked.

“We don’t want to see you ‘urt again.” Viv told him.

“I am fine really. Randi did a great job with my back. She sure knows wot she is doing.” Joe said smiling.

Jewels and Paige came from the back of the bus and sat down.

“Hey Sav honey?” Paige said.

“Yes luv?”

“I think when we get to the next stop I am going to catch a plane and go home for the rest of the tour. Is that ok? I think the boys have been at your brother’s house long enough. Don’t you?” 

“Well I am sure that he doesn’t mind ‘em being there. After all ‘e did invite ‘em. But if y’er ready to go ‘ome I understand.” Sav told her and gave her a kiss.

“Viv, I think I am going to go home too. The last time I talked to Mom she said the girls were starting to complain about missing us. You have to finish the tour, but I don’t want them to drive Mom nuts.” Jewels told him.

“Ok that’s fine.” Viv told her. “Don’t want y’er Mum going nuts now do we?” He laughed.


Part 100 Rick And Phil Talking On The Bus…

“So do you miss Marie?” Rick asked trying to get a conversation started.

“Yea’, but I will be fine. Joe is the one we need to worry about.”

Rick laughed. “I know wot you mean. I ‘ave never seen ‘im so ‘ead over ‘eels about a lady before. Randi is really special. I am glad they ‘ooked up. Joe deserves to be ‘appy. I still can’t believe Tammy showed up and almost destroyed everything.”

“I know. She ‘as got a lot of nerve. I am just glad I was able to convince Randi that it wasn’t Joe’s fault.” Phil told him shaking his head at the memory of the party.

“If we never see ‘er again it will be too soon.” Rick said.

“Do you think things will get serious between you and Mandy?”

“I don’t know. She is a remarkable woman, but she just seems like she doesn’t really want to be in a serious relationship. I am ‘appy with the way things are right now between us. Just ‘aving ‘er as a friend makes me ‘appy.” Rick said smiling.

“I care a lot about Marie. I ‘ope that some day we will be together on a regular basis, but I don’t think it’s going to ‘appen for a while.”

“So wot about Joe and Randi? Do you think things will go farther between ‘em?” Rick asked wondering if Joe had mentioned any thing to Phil.

“‘E ‘asn’t really said wot ‘e wants, but its obvious they are in love. Judging from the way Marie talks about Randi, I ‘ope she doesn’t get scared and leave Joe behind. She ‘as been ‘urt really bad.” Phil said.

“I know, you can kind of tell. It’s really noticeable sometimes.” Rick told Phil. “Well wot ever Joe decides I wish ‘em the best of luck.”

“Yea’, me too. Randi told Joe ‘er and Marie would come to our last concert and they would bring Mandy and Meg with ‘em.”

“That sounds good to me. I am sure Mal will be ‘appy to see Meg again too. They seemed to ‘ave become really good friends while she was on tour with us.” 

“I know. Joe said Mal about broke neck ‘is neck trying to get to Meg and kiss ‘er ‘and when ‘e saw ‘er at the airport.” Phil laughed.

Rick started laughing too. “I would ‘ave loved to see that.”

“Me too.”

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