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Randi's Rock Star Fiction

Love Bites-Chapters 1-50

A Joe Elliott Story

Part 1 Wednesday Evening…

“Randi, I am so glad you are finally home. I have been trying to call you all evening.” “What’s wrong Marie? You sound like you can barely catch your breath. Sorry I haven’t been home. I had to go grocery shopping.”

“I finally got them. It took me all morning but I got them.”

“Uh, got what Marie?”

“Tickets, I got tickets for the Def Leppard concert on your birthday.”

“Really, I can’t believe you got through. What row?”

“Are you sitting down Randi? I got 5th row center stage!!”

There’s a loud THUD on the other end of the phone.

“Randi, are you ok? Randi, what happened? Hello?”

“Yeah, I am here Marie. Sorry I dropped the phone. I thought I heard you say you got 5th row center stage tickets. There’s no way there is tickets that good left the concert is in a week and a half.”

“You did here me say that Randi. You and I are going to be sitting 5 rows away from The Leps on your birthday. I guess I just got lucky, or should I say you got lucky!”

“Marie you are the best friend any one could ask for. Thank you so much. Wow what a birthday present, 5 rows away from Joe while he sings his heart out.”

“So that’s what you had up your sleeve, and why you asked for today off.” Randi said. “Yeah, you caught me. Well Randi, I will let you off here so you can float on your Lep cloud for a while. I will see tomorrow. Bye.”

“Bye, uh hey Marie?”

“Yes Randi?”

”Thank you.”

“No problem. That’s what friends are for. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight. Bye.”


Part 2 Two Days Later…

“Thank God it’s Friday” Randi said as she got in her car after work. “What a week this has been. I am glad its over. Now its time to go shopping.”

Randi went home to shower and change her clothes before she went shopping. And she had to call Marie and ask her to go with her. She couldn’t believe she forgot to ask her before they left work. After all, if it weren’t for Marie she wouldn’t have a reason to be shopping for new clothes. If she was going to be 5 rows away from Mr. Joe Elliott on her birthday, she had to look her best. 

“Oh who am I kidding? Joe wouldn’t notice me in a million years. With all the pretty women who go to the concerts I would be the last one he noticed. Well, maybe if I look nice I will catch some ones eye. Even if it isn’t Joe.” Randi thought to her self, but she wasn’t going to let it get her down. She new she would be close enough to watch his every move even if he didn’t notice her. The phone started ringing, bringing Randi out of her thoughts.

“Who could that be? Hello?”

“Hi Randi, it’s Marie.”

“Oh hi, I was just about to call you. Do you want to go shopping with me? I want to get a new outfit to wear to the concert.”

“Sure, I’d love to go. I need to get something to wear too.”

“Ok, I will be over to get you in about 30 minutes.”

“Ok, see you then. Bye.”



Randi hung up the phone and went to get dressed. Since she was going to be trying on clothes she just slipped on a t-shirt and an old pair of jeans.

“No sense in getting dressed up to go try on clothes,” she thought to her self. “Well, I am not going to get a new outfit just standing here. I better go get Marie so we can get going.”

A few minutes later Randi was on her way to get Marie. When she pulled up to Marie’s house she saw her in the window waving for her to come in. So she turned off the engine and headed toward the door.

“Sorry I am not ready. My friend Mandy called, and you know how she is when she gets on the phone. It’s talk, talk, talk. I liked to never got her to shut-up so I could hang up and get ready.”

Laughing Randi said, “Yes I know how Mandy is. Its ok, I understand. We still have a few hours before the mall closes. We should have plenty of time to find new outfits.” “Ok, I will be ready in a few minutes. I need to brush my hair and put on my shoes. I see you had the right idea. No fancy clothes. It’s so much easy to try on clothes when you wear old stuff.” Then she disappeared into the other room.

“Yeah, I know.” Randi said loud enough for Marie to hear.

Randi sat on the couch waiting for her friend to get ready. While she waited she daydreamed about Joe and how wonderful it would be for him to make eye contact with her just one time and flash that sexy smile of his at her.

“What a great birthday present that would make,” she said.

“What would make a great birthday present?” Marie said as she walked back into the room.

 Randi about jumped off the couch from the scare her friend had just given her.

“I am sorry. Did I say that out loud? I was just thinking of how wonderful it would be if Joe made eye contact with me and flashed his sexy smile. But I know I am only kidding myself. Why would he notice me when he could have any of the pretty women who come to the concert?”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself Randi. You never know, we will be 5 rows away. That’s close enough for him to see you. After all, it will be your birthday maybe you will get lucky. Besides think about how much fun we are going to have. You don’t need to get yourself down in the dumps. We are doing this to have fun remember.”

“Yeah, I remember. You are right. I won’t be able to enjoy what does happen if I keep worrying about what won’t. Thanks Marie, what would I do with out you as my best friend?”


Part 3 At The Mall…

“I can’t believe we have been to almost every store and I still haven’t found anything. That leopard shirt you got looks so good on you. Why can’t stuff like that look good on me?”

“Randi you are to hard on yourself. It looked good on you too. You are just too picky. Well this is the last store left, if you don’t find something in here I don’t know what you are going to do.”

“I will pick out something in here. I promise. Should I wear pants or a skirt?”

“Get a skirt. You wear pants all the time. You need to live a little. Besides how are you going to catch Joe’s eye if you don’t look your best?”

“Ok you are right. I will get a skirt.” Randi walked towards the skirts and Marie went to look at the shoes.

“I don’t know what I am going to do with that girl,” Marie thought to herself. “She worries too much. I sure hope Joe notices her. Maybe it will boost her self-esteem a little. She needs it.” Marie continued looking at the shoes, even though she had already got a pair, but hey you can never have to many shoes. Just as she bent down to pick up a pair of heels, she heard Randi’s voice coming from the dressing room.

“Hey Marie, come here. I found the perfect outfit.”

Marie walked over to Randi so she could see what she had found. “Ok let me see what it is. It must be great for you to be this excited over clothes. You never get this worked up over shopping for clothes.”

When Randi walked out of the dressing room Marie gasped. She couldn’t believe the way her friend was dressed. She looked damn good, but Randi never dressed that way. “Well what do you think? Is it too much?”

“Wow.” Marie managed to say.

“Is that all you are going to do is stare and say wow? Do I look good or not?”

“You look great. Girl you are going to turn everyone’s head. Maybe even Joe’s.”

“Do you really think so Marie?”

“Now Randi, would I lie to you?”

“Ok you are right. Thank you so much.”

“Now you need to find some shoes. And I think I know just the pair.”

The ladies got the shoes then went to pay for Randi’s new outfit. Then they left the mall and headed for home. Randi dropped Marie off then went home. It had been a long day and she was tired. She got so excited over finding the outfit she had wore her self out. She was ready for bed, and happy about her choice. She just knew the concert was going to be great.


Part 4 The Day Of The Concert / Randi’s Birthday…

‘Ring, ring, ring’

“Ok, ok I am coming. Give me a chance to get to the phone. It’s to early for phone calls anyway. Hello?”

Marie’s voice was on the other end. “Happy birthday to you.  Joe is going to see you. Happy birthday dear Randi, happy birthday to you. Good morning and happy birthday. Are you ready for the concert? I figured you would be up before sun rise getting ready.” “Me up that early? You know better then that.” Randi said laughing. “Thanks for the birthday wish. I sure hope Joe sees me.”

“Well if we are going to go get our nails and hair done for the concert you better be getting up. I made us an appointment at Mandy’s Salon.”

“Yeah, I know. I am getting up. Come on over when you get ready and we will take my car.”

“Ok, see you in a little while. Bye.”

“Bye.” Randi put on some comfortable clothes to go get her hair and nails done it. She didn’t want to put her new outfit on right now and take a chance in getting some thing on it. Marie arrived just as Randi was finishing her breakfast.


“Hey girl!! Are you ready for this?”

“You know it. I have a feeling this is going to be the best birthday I have ever had. And it’s all thanks to you.”

“Well Randi we better get going or we won’t be ready in time.”

“Ok let’s go.” Marie and Randi left to get their selves fixed up. They pulled up to the salon and luckily no one else was there.

“Well at least we will get done quick.” Randi said to Marie.

“See aren’t you glad I called and woke you up?”

“Ok, you win. Yes thank you for calling and waking me up. Its my birthday, I don’t need to sleep all day.”


“Hello ladies. How may I help you?” Mandy asked.

Randi spoke up, “We both need our nails and hair done. We are going to the Def Leppard concert tonight.”

“I know Marie told me, happy birthday Randi” Mandy said. “I love Def Leppard. They rock. I am going too. I am sitting up in the balcony, but hey its better then nothing. Where are you sitting?”

“5th row center stage. Its her birthday present from me.” Marie said.

“Well I will have to make you look extra special since you are going to be so close to Joe.” Mandy said smiling.

“Thanks.” Randi said blushing.

“Well lets get started. Follow me ladies.”

Randi got her nails painted red. She figured it would go good with her outfit.  Then she had Mandy curl her hair. The long brown hair fell softly around her shoulders, and brought a lot of attention to her face. She just knew Joe would see her tonight. He had to. Marie got her hair permed and her nails painted a light tan color to match her leopard shirt.

“Well ladies, you both look great. I hope you have a wonderful time tonight. Maybe we will run into each. Oh and happy birthday Randi.” Mandy said again, as they were getting ready to leave. 

“Thanks for your help Mandy. I hope you have a good time tonight too. Bye.” Marie said walking out the door.

“Have fun. Oh and thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. Bye.”

Randi and Marie went out for lunch before going home to get ready. When they returned to Randi’s house Marie told Randi she was going to go home and get ready and would meet her back at her house at 5:00. They wanted to get to the arena early so maybe they would get a chance to see the band and their manager before the show.


Part 5 Before The Concert…

“Look Randi. Isn’t that Malvin over there?”

“I think it is. Lets go see if he will lets us get a picture of him.”

“Ok” Marie said to her friend.

“Hi Malvin. My name is Marie, and this is my best friend Randi. Today is her birthday.” “Well ‘ello Marie and Randi. ‘Appy birthday luv, I ‘ope you ladies enjoy the concert. And might I say you look wonderful. If Joe sees you, you will get a big thumbs up.”

She was wearing a black mini-skirt, high heels, and a black shirt with Love Bites wrote in red. Randi started blushing.

“Thank you Malvin you are sweet. Do you really think Joe would give me a thumbs up?” “Of course luv. Joe loves to see ‘is fans wear things that not many people ‘ave.”

Then Mandy walked up. “Wow you look wonderful. You really picked out a great outfit for the concert. I hope you are enjoying your birthday.”

“Thank you for fixing my hair so nice today. It helped a lot. And yes I am enjoying my birthday.”

While Randi was distracted talking to Mandy, Marie thought it was the perfect time to talk to Malvin with out her noticing. “Mal, do you think the band would do something for a fan?”

“Well it depends on wot it is luv. Wot can I do for you?” he asked.

“I told you today is my friends birthday. She has been anxious about tonight every since I got the tickets. Her favorite song is “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad?” And I know it would make her happy if she could hear it live.”

“I can’t make any promises, but I will see wot I can do luv. Where are you sitting?”

“Thanks Mal. We are in the 5th row, center stage.”

“Hey what are you two talking about?” Randi asked as her and Mandy walked back to Mal and Marie.

“Oh nothing, just the concert, and I was asking him if we could get our picture taken with him.” Marie responded.

“Of course you can luv. I never turn down the chance to get me picture taken with beautiful women.” Mal said smiling real big. That time Randi and Marie both blushed. “Will you take the picture for us? Then I will take a picture of you with Mal if you would like.” Marie said to Mandy.

“Sure. I’d be happy to.”

The ladies got their pictures taken and talked to Mal a few minutes longer before he had to get back inside. Before he left he gave Marie a wink. She knew he was going to try to do something for her friend. They talked with the Mandy for a little while and decided they would get extra prints of their pictures so she could have a copy to since she had helped them look so wonderful. Then they went inside to find their seats.


Part 6 Waiting For The Concert To Start…

“Wow. This is going to be so cool. I can’t believe we are sitting this close to the stage.” Randi said excitedly. “I can’t wait for the concert to start.”

“Excuse me ma’am.” A male’s voice said right behind Marie.

“Yes?” Marie asked as she turned around.

“I am from the radio station 94.7. Are you Marie?” The man asked.

“Yes, I am Marie. Is there something wrong?” she asked.

“No nothing at all, unless you consider that you are our winner bad.” He said.

“Winner? What is he talking about Marie?” Randi asked with a puzzled look on her face. “Your friend here put her name in our drawing for an upgrade to the first row for two people. And we drew her name. So if you ladies would please follow me I will show you your new seats.” He said smiling.

Randi just stood there with a look of disbelief on her face.  “Marie pinch me. Wake me up. I must be dreaming. I thought he just said we was being upgraded to the first row.” Marie reached over and pinched Randi’s arm.

“Hey Randi. Snap out of it.”

“OUCH” Randi yelled, “I didn’t mean for you to really pinch me.”

“Well I had to do something to bring you back to your senses.” Marie said to her friend. “Now come on before he changes his mind and gives the seats to some one else.” Marie and Randi followed the man to the front row. He congratulated the ladies once more and told them to enjoy the concert before he left to go to his own seat. Randi sat in her seat staring at the stage.

“I can’t believe this is happening. I am setting right in front of Joe’s microphone.” Randi said with tears in the corners of her eyes. Marie looked at her friend and seen she was about to cry.

“Don’t start crying. You will ruin your make-up. Joe is going to be right in front of you. You don’t want to have black eyes now do you?”

“You are right. I just can’t believe I am going to be this close to Joe. Oh Marie thank you so much. This is all because of you.” Randi said smiling.

“You are welcome. You’re my best friend. And you deserve it.” Marie thought to herself ”This is wonderful. Now I know Joe will see her. I sure hope Malvin had a chance to talk to Joe. But oh no, I told him we was in the 5th row. Well he always comes out before the concert starts anyway. I will try to get his attention before he leaves the stage.”

When Mal came out to welcome the crowd he noticed right away that Marie and Randi had been moved to the 1st row. He seen Marie watching him and gave her a big smile before he began speaking.

“ ‘Ello everyone. The band is back stage getting ready for you.” Malvin said to the crowd. Everyone started to cheer. “They ‘ave a wonderful show to perform for you tonight. And who knows, maybe even a surprise or two. Enjoy the concert everyone. It will start in about 10 minutes.” 

Then he turned to walk off the stage and winked at Marie before leaving. Marie knew Mal had talked to Joe and they had some thing planned. She could just feel it. Luckily Randi didn’t notice that Mal had winked at Marie or she would be asking questions. She was too busy trying to look backstage in hopes of a glimpse of Joe. Marie and Randi talked for a few more minutes before the lights went dim. Then they jumped to their feet cheering as the band came on to the stage.


Part 7 The Concert part 1…

Rick was wearing his Union Jack shorts and no shirt. Sav had on blue jeans that were unbuttoned and a ripped up yellow tank top. Viv wore cut-off jean shorts and a red shirt. Phil had black jeans and a white shirt on, which was pointless because everyone new it would come off after 2 or 3 songs anyway. And Joe, he was wearing black leather pants that sculpted his body very well and a black vest that showed most of his chest. Marie looked over at her friend whose eyes were glued to Joe.

She thought to herself “He hasn’t even said anything yet and she is already drooling. She really needs a man before she drives herself crazy.”

Randi looked at Marie and said, “Look at him Marie. He is so sexy.”

“Yeah, I know. But look at Phil. I think he looks pretty hot myself. So you go ahead and drool over Joe while I watch Phil for a while.” Marie said smiling.

Then the music started. They started off with a few songs from On Through The Night and High ‘N’ Dry. Randi never took her eyes off Joe the whole time. She stood there just waiting for Joe to look at her. She didn’t even notice that Phil had ripped his shirt off and a lot of females including Marie were screaming and whistling. And then, it happened. The music to “Love Bites” started, and Joe made eye contact with Randi. Marie seen what had just happened, and judging from the look on her friend’s face she was afraid she was going to faint.

“Hey Randi, why don’t you sit down for this song? You look like you need to take a breather.” Marie told her friend. Joe was still looking at Randi. And she kept staring at him. When Marie realized what was happening she grabbed her camera she wanted to make sure she got a picture of it for her friend. As Randi sat down Joe smiled and gave her a thumbs up then began to sing.

Randi sat there in disbelieve watching Joe and saying to Marie

“Did you see that? Malvin was right. He gave me a thumb’s up. I can’t believe it. Joe noticed me.”

“See I tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen to me. I told you he would see you and that he would like your shirt.” Marie said to Randi. “Maybe from now on you will listen to me when I tell you something. And you know, you aren’t the only one who is turning heads. Phil has been watching me most of the night, but you have been to wrapped up in Joe to notice.”

“I am sorry I haven’t noticed Marie. Phil has been watching you? Wow, that’s great. I know that makes you happy since he is your favorite.” 

As the song ended Phil winked at Marie. Then she looked over just in time to see Joe blow a kiss to Randi.  She smiled real big.

“Hey Randi, I hope you aren’t in a hurry to get home tonight.”

“Of course not. Why?”

“I think we should hang around after the concert for a while. Maybe we will get lucky and be able to meet Joe and Phil.”

“Ok Marie. That sounds great to me.” Randi said as she turned her attention back to Joe as he started to sing.


 If you've got love in y’er sights, Watch out, love bites… When you make love, do you look in the mirror? Who do you think of, does ‘e look like me? Do you tell lies and say that it's forever? Do you think twice, or just touch 'n' see? Oooh babe… When you're alone, do you let go? Are you wild 'n' willin' or is it just for show? Ooh c'mon… I don't wanna touch you too much baby ‘Cause making love to you might drive me crazy I know you think that love is the way you make it So I don't wanna be there when you decide to break it No… Love bites, love bleeds It's bringin' me to my knees Love lives, love dies It's no surprise Love begs, love pleads It's wot I need… When I'm with you, are you somewhere else? Am I gettin' thru or do you please y’er self? When you wake up, will you walk out? It can't be love if you throw it about… I don't wanna touch you too much baby
'Cos making love to you might drive me crazy… Love bites, love bleeds It's bringin' me to my knees Love lives, love dies It's no surprise Love begs, love pleads It's wot I need…
I don't wanna touch you too much baby 'Cos making love to you might drive me crazy I know you think that love is the way you make it So I don't wanna be there when you decide to break it No… Love bites, love bleeds It's bringin' me to my knees Love lives, love dies Love bites, love bleeds It's bringin' me to my knees Love lives, love dies It's no surprise Love begs, love pleads It's wot I need… If you've got love in y’er sights Watch out, love bites… Yes it does, bloody ‘ell…”


Part 8 The Concert part 2…

Marie waited until her friend came back to her senses before trying to talk to her again. Randi and Joe had their eyes locked on each other during the whole song.

“Hey Randi, are you alright?” Marie asked.

“Yeah, I will be fine. I am just in awe at the moment.” Randi answered.

Marie decided she needed to snap her friend back to reality before she completely zoned out and missed the rest of the concert.

“You know Randi, as much as we are enjoying having Phil and Joe look at us, we really should at least give Sav, Viv, and Rick a look. I mean what are the chances of us ever being this close to them again. We better take advantage of it while we can.”

“You are right. I have always wanted to see just how Rick looks in those shorts. And Sav with that ripped up shirt, and unbuttoned jeans of his. He really knows how to tease the ladies.”

“And look at Viv in those shorts and that tight shirt. He has some nice muscles. I am so glad I was able to do this for you. You deserve to have a great birthday you are always doing things for everyone else. Its time for you to get something in return.”

“ ’Ello ladies and gentlemen, I am Joe Elliott thank you for coming to see us tonight. I would like to introduce you to a few people. First we ‘ave Mr. Rick Savage on bass guitar.”

Several ladies in the crowd start screaming as Sav gave the crowd ‘the look.’

“And over ‘ere we ‘ave Mr. Vivian Campbell from Belfast, North Ireland.”  Viv smiled real big and waved to the fans as they started cheering.

“Back ‘ere ladies in gentlemen we ‘ave the most talented drummer there ‘as ever been Mr. Rick Allen, The Thundergod.” Rick beat on his drums a few times then stood up and gave the crowd a thumb’s up. Every one started cheering and whistling.

“And last but certainly not least all the way from London Mr. Phil Collen. Marie started whistling and waving at Phil. He smiled real big and waved back at her. As the crowd began to calm back down they began to play another song.

“Did you see that Randi? Phil waved at me.”

“Yes Marie I seen him. This has been a great night for both of us.”

“Excuse me ladies.” A security guard said to Randi and Marie.

“Yes?” They both asked at the same time. “Malvin asked me to bring this to you. Have a good night.”

“Thank you sir. Well Randi open up the envelope and see what it is.”

“Ok, ok, give me a second. There is a letter in here and something else.”

“Well read the letter. What does it say? Who is it from?”

“ ‘Ello Luv, ‘Appy birthday. I ‘ope you ladies are enjoying the concert. ‘Ere is a birthday present for you from Joe. And one for y’er friend too from Phil. See you after the show. Mal”

“What does he mean ‘see you after the show’? What else is in there Randi?”

Randi reached into the envelope and pulled out two back stage passes. “Look Marie its backstage passes.” Still in disbelieve Randi just stared at them. “And did you hear what that letter said? They are from Joe and Phil. Can you believe it? We are going to meet Joe and Phil.”

“Yes I heard it. Wow I can’t believe this either. This is great.”


Part 9 The Concert Part 3…

The two friends were so shocked the completely missed a couple of songs. They had spaced out thinking about the fact that they would be meeting Joe Elliott and Phil Collen in just a little while. But they was soon brought out of their thoughts and back to what was going on up on the stage when they heard Joe talking to the crowd again.

“I want to thank you all for coming to see us tonight. We ‘ave enjoyed performing for you. And we ‘ope we can come back and do it again real soon. I want to do something a lil’ different tonight. Something we ‘ave never done before, and possibly may never do again. Before we came on stage tonight our tour manager Malvin came to me and ‘e said ‘Joe I ‘ave something to ask you. I talked to a lady this afternoon who brought ‘er best friend to the concert as a birthday present.’”

Marie was trying to hide her smile from Randi. She didn’t want her to know she knew what was going on. She wanted it to be a surprise and if she seen her smiling it would ruin it. Randi was looking at her friend wondering if it was possible that she was the lady. After all she did bring her for her birthday and she was talking to Malvin while she was talking to Mandy. Marie was acting kind of funny when Randi walked back over to her and Malvin. Normally Randi wouldn’t have even let the thought of something like this be about her, but after then way things had went all night she wasn’t sure what to think anymore.

Joe continued, “So I asked ‘im, Mal wot is it that you need me to do? And ‘e told me 

‘Well Joe she was wondering if you blokes could play a certain song tonight. Because it would make ‘er best friend so ‘appy if she could see it live.’ So without wasting any more time ladies and gentlemen… Follow me with the spot light to the first row.”

Before Randi could say or do anything the spot light was shining right on her. Her face turned bright red. She knew everyone in the arena was looking at her. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She looked over at Marie. Marie was looking at her smiling with tears in her eyes because she knew how much her friend wanted this and how happy it was going to make her even if it did embarrass her. 

“What is going on Marie? What did you do?” Randi asked. “Happy birthday Randi.” “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like for everyone to look right ‘ere in the front row at this beautiful lady wearing the shirt that says ‘Love Bites’. By the way, I love y’er shirt. Any way as I was saying. Today is this lady’s birthday. So boys if y’er ready, Randi ‘appy birthday. This song is for you.”

The music started and tears of joy began to fall from Randi’s eyes. Joe had just dedicated her favorite song to her in front of thousands of people. Joe Elliott, the man that she thought about day and night did some thing special just for her. Out of the thousands of fans that were at the concert he picked her.

Then the music began and Joe started to sing.

“ ‘Ere I am, I’m in the wrong bed again It’s a game I just can’t win…”

Joe was looking Randi right in the eyes as he sung it. It was as if she was the only person in the crowd. She was so wrapped up in Joe staring at her she didn’t even notice that Phil was doing the some thing to Marie.  She couldn’t help but wonder with everything that had happened all ready what would happen once they went back stage. But she knew whatever Joe and Phil had planned would be wonderful. For Randi and Marie it seemed as if the song lasted for hours having Joe and Phil look them in the eyes while they were singing it. And they knew it would be a long time before they ever forgot this night, or had a night better then this one. When the song was over Rick came down from the drums and every one bowed and waved to the crowd. They thanked everyone for coming to see them and promised they would be back to do it again. Then they said good night and left the stage to freshen up a little before their guests with backstage passes joined them.


Part 10 Waiting To Go Backstage…

The concert ended and the crowd started leaving. Marie and Randi went to the restroom to freshen up a little before they made their way to the backstage area. As they waited for some one to assist them, they talked about the things they wanted to ask Joe and Phil. “Marie why didn’t you tell me you put your name in the drawing for an upgrade to the 1st row?” 

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to be disappointed if we wasn’t picked. To be honest, I never dreamed they would draw my name.”

 “ ‘Ello luv. Did you enjoy the concert?” Mal asked as he walked up behind them. “Sorry to keep you waiting. I ‘ad to find some one else before I took you ladies backstage.” Randi and Marie turned around to see whom he had with him. It was Mandy. “I figured y’er friend ‘ere deserved to go backstage as well. I almost didn’t catch ‘er before she left. I will be with you ladies again in just a minute to take you backstage.” Then Mal walked away to talk to security.

“Hello Randi and Marie. Can some one please tell me what is going on? Why am I getting to go backstage? Not that I am complaining, I am just wondering why. I mean, I know we are friends and all, but we didn’t sit together or anything.” Mandy said to the ladies.

Marie explained, “Well I am sure you heard Joe dedicate that song to Randi.”

Randi interrupted, “I am sure everyone in the building did.” Then her cheeks got red again.

“Anyway,” Marie continued, “a security guard brought backstage passes to us right before ‘Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad.’ So I guess since you was with us outside earlier Mal thought you should come with us.”

“Really?” Mandy asked. “This is unbelievable. Thanks you guys. This will be great. By the way Randi, you must feel really special having Joe dedicate a song to you. What a wonderful birthday present.”

Mal walked back to the ladies. “ Well luvs are you ready to go backstage? I think there is a few people waiting to meet you.”

“Yes we are ready.” They all answered at once.

“ Well follow me this way then please.” Mal said as he started walking away. The ladies quickly followed.

“Thanks so much Mal.” Marie said to him. “It was so sweet of you to help us like this.” “Don’t thank me, I didn’t issue the backstage passes. That was Joe and Phil’s idea. I just asked ‘em to play the song.” Mal told her. “So you need to thank them when we get back ‘ere.”

“Yes, thank you Mal. Even though it embarrassed me having Joe dedicate that song to me, I can’t think of anything that could have been a better birthday present.” Randi said with a smile.

“Mandy luv, y’er being way too quiet.” Mal said in a teasing voice.

“I am sorry Mal, I am just in shock. I never even thought of anything like this happening. Thanks for including me.” 

“No problem luv. Now if you ladies will just ‘ave a seat right in this room, the band will be in ‘ere shortly. Make y’er selves comfortable, feel free to eat or drink anything you would like. That’s wot it is ‘ere for. ‘Appy birthday Randi, enjoy y’er selves ladies. I will see you again before you leave tonight.” Mal kissed each lady on the cheek and walked out the door.

“Look at all this food. I have never seen so much food in one room my whole life.” Randi said with a shocked look on her face.

“Well I don’t know about the two of you, but I am starving. I am going to eat something before they get in here.” Marie said to the other two ladies.

“Yeah so am I” Mandy said. So the three ladies made them a plate of food and got a drink then sat down to eat. Just as they were finishing up the band started coming in.


Part 11 Backstage Part 1…

Sav was the first to come in. He said hello to the three and congratulated them on getting backstage passes, then thanked them for coming. They all thanked him and told them how much they enjoyed the show. He signed their shirts and took a couple of pics then made his self a plate and excused himself.

Next Viv came in. “ ‘Ello ladies, nice to meet you.” He said with a shy grin. “Did you enjoy the concert?”

“Yes we did, thank you.” Marie answered.

“By the way, ‘appy birthday Randi. Joe really enjoyed singing that song for you tonight. It’s been a while since we performed it live.” Viv said to Randi.

“Thank you. I enjoyed hearing it.” Randi told him as she began to turn red again.

“ Well ladies I am going to ‘ave to excuse myself in a few minutes. I ‘ope you don’t mind. My daughters are with me this time and they are waiting for me to tuck ‘em in before they go to bed.”

“We understand. Thanks for talking to us. You put on a great show tonight.” Mandy said to him. Then Viv signed their shirts and took a couple of pictures and left to tell his daughters goodnight.

Shortly after Viv left Rick walked in. “ ‘Ello. ‘Ow are you beautiful ladies doing tonight?” he asked with a big smile on his face.  First he walked up to Randi “ ‘Appy birthday I ‘ope y’er ‘aving a nice time.” 

“Thank you Rick. I am having a wonderful time.” Randi said smiling.

Then he walked up to Marie. “You must be a really great friend to do all this for Randi. She is lucky to ‘ave you as ‘er friend.”

 “She deserves it. She does things for me all the time. I wanted to pay her back for being such a good friend to me.”

Mandy had been sitting there quietly trying not to move. She couldn’t believe it. Rick Allen was only a few feet away from her. He was getting ready to talk to her. She never dreamed she’d get the chance to meet him.

“ ‘Ello luv. Y’er being awfully quiet.” Rick said to her as he gently lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it softly. “I don’t believe Mal told me y’er name.”

“I am Mandy.” She stuttered. Her checks were still flushed from him kissing her hand. “I am Marie and Randi’s friend. I am also the beautician they go to.”

“Well Mandy, might I say y’er a very lovely woman. Would you mind spending the rest of the evening with me? I would enjoy y’er company.” 

Mandy looked at Marie and Randi with a shocked look on her face. “I’d love to Rick. I wanted to tell you I think you are a wonderful drummer. I really look up to you.”

“Thank you ma’am. After I get me a bite to eat we can get to know each other a lil’ better. Ladies, did you ‘ave anything you wanted me to sign for you?”

Marie and Randi both held out their shirts. Rick signed them then let them get a couple of pictures before making him something to eat. While he was making his plate Mandy talked nervously to Randi and Marie.

“I can’t believe he asked me to spend the rest of the evening with him. You don’t mind if I leave do you? I don’t want to be rude. After all you guys are the only reason I am even back here right now.”

“Of course we don’t mind.” Randi told her. “Go have a good time. I am glad Rick wants to get to know you. We will see you after while.”

“Thanks you guys.”

Rick came back. “Are you ready luv? Phil and Joe will be in ‘ere before to long. They always take forever. ‘Ave a good night ladies it was nice to meet you.”

“Goodnight Rick.” Randi and Marie said at the same time. Then Rick and Mandy slipped out of the room. Marie and Randi began talking some more and becoming more nervous about the idea of meeting Joe and Phil soon. Randi thanked Marie again for making her birthday so wonderful. And soon they were lost in conversation about everything that had gone on that day.


Part 12 Backstage Part 2…

Randi and Marie were so busy talking they didn’t even notice that Phil had walked in and was listening to them. Finally he decided to talk to them.

“ ‘Ello luvs.”  Phil said to them. They both jumped as soon as he said it. “ ‘Ow are you tonight? I am sure glad you accepted the backstage passes. Joe and I really wanted to meet you. Didn’t Mal catch y’er friend before she left?”

“Hello Phil.” Marie said with stars in her eyes. “Thank you for the passes. It means a lot. Mandy came back here too, but when Rick came in he asked her to spend the rest of the evening with him.”

“Ah, I see. May I?” he asked as he took Marie’s hand and lifted her up off the couch. Then he kissed her cheek. “Y’er a very pretty lady, and a wonderful friend. It takes some one special to do wot you did for Randi tonight. By the way, ‘appy birthday Randi, Joe will be in ‘ere shortly. ‘E ‘ad to do something before ‘e came back ‘ere.”

“Ok Phil. Thank you for everything. We have had a great time tonight. Can we get a couple of pictures of you?” Randi asked him.

“Of course you can luv. Take as many as you like. I will sign y’er shirts too if you would like.”

They took a few pictures and as Phil was signing their shirts Joe walked in the room. He was carrying a rose and a birthday cake. Randi’s eyes widened and her cheeks began to turn red. She was starting to get nervous. Joe was getting ready to hand her a rose. She couldn’t believe it, a rose from Joe Elliott.

“ ‘Appy Birthday luv, this is for you.” Joe said as he handed her the rose.  “I ‘ope we didn’t embarrass you to bad out there tonight. I just couldn’t resist me self. It’s been a while since we performed ‘ ‘Ave You Ever Needed Someone So Bad’ and when I seen ‘ow beautiful you was, I just ‘ad to let everyone know we was singing it for you.”

 Then he took Randi’s hand in his and brought it to his lips. He kissed the back of her hand gently, and then kissed both her cheeks.  Randi could feel her cheeks turning red. She was starting to feel a little lightheaded again.

She thought to herself, ‘I must be dreaming. Joe Elliott just kissed me. This can’t be real.’ “By the way, I love y’er outfit. I ‘ave never seen a shirt like that before. It looks great on you. Y’er bloke won’t mind that we gave you backstage passes will ‘e? I don’t want to cause any trouble for you.” Joe asked Randi.

“Excuse me?” Joe’s question had caught her off guard. “I don’t have a boyfriend Joe. You don’t have to worry about upsetting any one.”

“A beautiful lady like you doesn’t ‘ave a boyfriend? That’s ‘ard to believe. You must ‘ave men knocking at y’er door all the time.” Joe said as he flashed Randi a smile.

“Well believe it. I don’t have a boyfriend. And I don’t have anyone knocking at my door. I am as single as it gets.” Randi told him feeling a little embarrassed. While Randi and Joe were talking, Phil had turned on some music and him and Marie started dancing. Marie looked like she was floating in the clouds, as Phil pulled her against him and she laid her head on his chest.

“It looks like Phil and y’er friend really ‘it it off. Phil did nothing but talk about ‘er from the time we left the stage until ‘e came back ‘ere to meet you ladies. Would you like to dance luv?” Joe asked Randi as her took her by the hand and led her away from the couch.

“Joe thank you for playing the song for me. You have no idea how much I enjoyed it. When I see you singing it I get goose bumps all over me. It is my favorite song. I am glad you liked my shirt. I bought it just for tonight. I hoped you would notice me because I had it on. ‘Love Bites’ is another favorite song of mine.”

“Well I am glad I was able to make you ‘appy. Now if you would please join me, I would like to dance with you.” Then he pulled her as close as he could, wrapped his arms around her and slowly began to dance. Randi closed her eyes as she laid her head against his chest.


Part 13 Backstage Part 3…

After they had danced for a while the four decided to sit down and talk a little bit.

“Thank you for dancing with me luv.” Joe said to Randi. “I love to dance.”

“It was my pleasure Joe, thank you for everything you have done tonight.”

“Wot do you ladies do for a living?” Phil asked hoping to get a conversation started.

“I am a massage therapist.” Randi answered. “Marie is my assistant.”

“Really?” Joe asked as a big smile came across his face. “We could use you ladies while we are on tour. It would be great to get a massage every night after a concert.” Then he looked at Randi and winked. Phil knew what Joe was thinking now. He didn’t say it though.

“We ‘ave the next few days off. And I would love to get to know you a lil’ better while we are ‘ere. Would you like to go out to dinner with me tomorrow night?” He said to Marie as he took her hand in his once more.

“I ‘ave a better idea.” Joe interrupted. “ ‘Ow would you ladies like to come see our ‘otel room?” Before they could answer Rick and Mandy walked in.

“ ‘Ello again ladies. ‘Aving fun?” Rick asked. “We won’t be in ‘ere long. I just needed to get some thing.” Rick walked to the tables with the food and drinks to find a bottle of wine. Joe and Phil followed him so the ladies could talk for a moment.

“Hi Mandy. Are you enjoying yourself?” Marie asked.

“Yes, thank you.” She said and started blushing. “He asked me to go to his room for a drink.” When they came back over to the ladies Mandy introduced herself to Joe and Phil. “Hi I am Mandy; Randi and Marie’s friend and beautician.”

“ ‘Ello ma’am.” Phil said to her. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Did you enjoy the concert?” Joe asked.

“Yes I did. You guys are great.” Mandy answered. “Can I get a picture of you guys?”

“Of course you can.” Phil told her. So she got a couple of pictures, then told her friends goodnight.

“Now Rick, you take good care of the birthday girl’s friend.” Joe teased.

“Don’t worry I will.” He responded then winked at Mandy. “Good night ladies.” Then Rick and Mandy left to go to Rick’s room.


Part 14 Getting Ready To Go To The Hotel…

As they were leaving they ran into Mal.

“ ‘Ello luvs, are you ‘aving a nice time?”

“Yes.” Randi and Marie both answered.

“You didn’t sign our shirts earlier Mal. Would you please sign them for us?” Randi asked.

“Sure luv, anything for the birthday girl.” He answered with a big smile. “Now ladies, if these two wankers give you any trouble you just let me know and I will take care of ‘em.” Then winked.

“Bugger off Mal.” Joe and Phil said at once.

“Where did y’er friend go?” Mal asked.

“Oh she is with Rick.” Marie answered.

“I should ‘ave known. After Rick seen me bringing ‘er backstage ‘e started asking all kinds of questions. Well ‘ave a good night ladies, maybe I will see you again some time.” “Oh don’t worry, I am sure you will Mal.” Phil said to him.

“Cheerio Mal, see you tomorrow mate. Are you ready ladies?” Joe asked. “Follow me, the limo is waiting for us.”


Part 15 Going To The Hotel Part 1…

Joe and Phil each opened a door for the ladies to get into the limo.

“I have never been inside a limo before.” Randi said looking at the inside of the limo. “Me either.” Marie replied.

“Well if you enjoy this, we might ‘ave to see that you get to ride in one more often. Wot do you think Phil?” Joe asked.

“I agree. These lovely ladies deserve to ride around in a limo.”

Randi and Marie both blushed.

“Do either of you ladies need to go ‘ome and get anything? You won’t be going ‘ome tonight if that is ok with you. We would like for you to stay with us tonight.” Joe said as he put his arm around Randi and pulled her next to him.

“We would be ‘appy to ‘ave the driver stop past y’er ‘ouse before going to the ‘otel luv. ‘E won’t mind.” Phil said as he kissed Marie on the cheek.

“Yeah, I guess it would be a good idea. We don’t live to far from here.” Randi said. She gave the driver directions to her house.  When they pulled up Joe got out with her. Then he walked up to the driver’s window and told him to go ahead and take Marie to get her things then come back to get them and take his time. Randi went ahead and went up to unlock the door. She wondered what Joe was saying to the driver. The limo pulled away and Joe started walking towards the house. Before she could open it Joe took her hand. “Allow me luv. A lady should never ‘ave to open a door when there is a man present.” Then he opened the door and followed her in. Randi got ready to turn on the light so they could see.

“No not yet, the light can wait. It will be a few minutes before they get back. I told the driver to take ‘is time.” Then Joe pulled Randi to him and kissed her on the lips gently at first then slowly began to slip his tongue into her mouth. As Joe began to kiss her more passionately she felt her knees getting weak. Joe could tell it to so he picked her up and continued to kiss her. When the kiss ended and Joe sat her down, Randi was so shocked at what had just happened she didn’t know what to say to him.

She thought to her self ‘If I turn on the light now he will see how much that kiss affected me. I don’t want him to see me like this, especially if it didn’t bother him any. Oh what am I going to do?’ Joe touched her arm. She jumped.

“I am sorry Randi. Did I upset you? I guess I should ‘ave asked before I kissed you like that. It’s just that y’er so pretty and such a nice lady I couldn’t resist.” He reached to turn on the lamp that was next to him.

“No Joe, don’t turn on the lamp yet please. You didn’t upset me. I enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed it too much. I don’t want you to see how red I am right now. I am sorry Joe I shouldn’t have let it affect me so bad.” Randi told him while trying to move out of his reach.

“Its ok. There is no reason to apologize for liking it. I liked it too. I wouldn’t ‘ave kissed you if I didn’t want you to like it.” Then Joe turned on the lamp, and took Randi’s hand pulling her back over to him. “Y’er a beautiful lady Randi. I really want to get to know you better. Please give me a chance.”

“Thank you Joe. Thank you for being so nice to me tonight. It’s been a long time since I had a man treat me as decent as you have tonight. In fact I don’t think I have ever had a man open doors for me. I would really like to get to know you too. Now I better get my stuff before they get back. You can come with me if you want.”

“Y’er right. We don’t want to keep ‘em waiting. This is a beautiful ‘ouse you ‘ave.” Joe said as he followed her to the bedroom. “I would like for you to stay with me until we leave if you don’t mind. So get you a couple of pairs of clothes.”

“Ok Joe. I will bring a couple of pairs of clothes, but I am not promising I will stay the whole time you are here. Ok?”

“That’s fair. I understand. Can I ‘elp you with anything?” Joe asked as he walked over to Randi. 

“Sure.” She said with a nervous smile. So they packed her bag, and talked a little more. Then sat in the living room waiting for the limo to return.


Part 16 Going To The Hotel Part 2…

“Thank you for agreeing to spend the evening with me. I am really enjoying y’er company Marie.” Phil told her as they rode to her house.

“No thank you for asking me. I never dreamed I would be spending the evening with you.”

“Uh about spending the evening. I think Joe was going to ask Randi if she would stay the whole time we are ‘ere. I was wondering if you would like to stay with me. Maybe since you two are friends it won’t be so awkward for you.”

“Um, ok I guess if Randi stays I will too. You are a sweet heart Phil.” Marie reached up and kissed Phil on the cheek as they were pulling up to her house. “Oh, I am sorry Phil. I just couldn’t resist. You are being so sweet to me; I just had to give you a kiss. Well this is my house.”

“Ok luv, can I come in with you?”

“I guess so. My house is kind of messy. We left in a hurry today. So if you don’t mind seeing the mess.”

“I am not ‘ere to judge y’er ‘ouse. I am ‘ere to ‘elp you pick out wot to bring with you. Besides don’t you think that I am used to seeing messes. I mean Rick and I share a bus while touring. We are both single. It gets messy.” Phil opened the door of the limo and got out. Then he held it open for Marie. He took her hand and led her up the steps to her house. “I really ‘ope Randi agrees to stay with Joe. I really want to spend a few days with you. If we decide we like each other maybe we can get together again sometime.”

“I would like that very much Phil. I really hope Joe and Randi get along ok. She needs some one to treat her decent. She has been through so much. That’s why I bought her the concert tickets anyway. She needed to have a little fun. And thanks to Mal, Joe and you, I think she will be glowing over tonight for months.”

“Well trust me luv, Joe talked about Randi nonstop from the time we left the stage until I left ‘im behind to come meet you. I don’t think you ‘ave to worry about Joe ‘urting y’er friend on purpose. ‘E is a good guy and if ‘e didn’t really want to get to know ‘er, ‘e wouldn’t sang that song for ‘er or gave ‘er a backstage pass.”

“Really? Wow, Randi would really feel special if she knew that. You guys really are the greatest. You will both make some lady very happy one day.”

“Yeah maybe, but I don’t look for it to ‘appen anytime soon.”

“Why do you say that Phil?”

“Well we are on the road a lot and most women don’t like that. It makes it ‘ard on the relationship. Especially when they won’t travel with you.”

“I wouldn’t mind traveling with you.” Marie’s eyes got real big and she covered her mouth with both hands.

“Wot was that luv?” Phil asked, even though he heard what she said.

“Nothing, I shouldn’t have said that. Me and my big mouth, when I am going to learn to keep it quiet.” Marie said getting mad at her self for saying something so stupid.

“ ‘Ey no need to get y’er self upset over it. I think that it’s wonderful that y’er willing to try something like that. Who knows maybe sometime you could go on the road with me for a few concerts.”

“Really? Do you mean that Phil?” 

“Of course luv, I wouldn’t ‘ave said it if I didn’t mean it. Well we better get the rest of y’er things and get going before Joe and Randi think we forgot about ‘em.”

“You are right. I am almost done.” Marie threw a few more things into her bag then told Phil she was ready. Before he opened the door he took her bag and sat it down beside him.

“May I?” He asked as he leaned in towards her. Then tilted her head slightly and softly kissed her on the lips. “Are you ready luv?”

“Yes Phil I am ready.” Then he picked her bag up and opened the door for her. She walked outside and Phil locked and shut the door for her. They held hands walking to the limo. The driver opened the trunk and took Marie’s bag from Phil. Phil opened the door for Marie and got in after she did. Then they were on their way to get Joe and Randi so they could go to the hotel.


Part 17 Going To The Hotel Part 3…

When the limo arrived back at Randi’s house Joe and Randi was so wrapped up in the kiss they were sharing they didn’t hear the driver honk. He honked once more, but they still just kept on kissing. Joe had laid Randi down on the couch and was kissing her passionately plunging his tongue deep into her mouth. Randi kissed back enjoying every moment of it hoping it would never end. Then there was a knock on the door. They both jumped up.

“Randi, Joe, is everything alright? Its me Marie.”

Randi quickly straightened her clothes. And opened the door. “Yeah, every thing is fine.” “The driver honked didn’t you hear him?” Marie asked.

“He did? No I didn’t hear him. We were talking. Sorry we kept you waiting.” Randi said to her friend hoping she would believe her.

Marie thought to herself. ‘Yeah right, I bet they were just talking. If that’s all that was going on Randi wouldn’t be so nervous.’

“Well ladies,” Joe said, “Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Randi answered. “Just let me grab my bag.”

“I will get it. I told you earlier there is no reason for a lady to ‘ave to do things like that when there is a man around.” Joe told her as he picked up her bag. 

“Ok, if you insist, but really I can carry it myself.”

“Nonsense, I will carry it for you. I want to do it for you.”

“Randi,” Marie spoke up. “You might as well not argue with him about it, if he is anything like Phil, you won’t win. So just let him carry it for you.”

“See y’er friend knows wot she is talking about.” Joe said smiling.

“Ok, you win.” Randi said as Marie walked out the door. She shut off the lamp and walked out. Joe followed and closed the door. He put her bag in the trunk and they were on their way to the hotel. As they were riding to the hotel Joe put his arm around Randi, and they began to kiss again. But only for a minute before they were interrupted by Phil. “ ‘Ey you two love birds, get a room.” He said laughing.

Marie started laughing too and Randi blushed. 

“Oh don’t worry mate you won’t ‘ave to see us smooching much longer we are almost there. Wot’s a matter Phil, are you jealous? I am getting kissed and y’er not.” Joe laughed.

“Me jealous of you?” Phil said to him. “In y’er dreams wanker, wot makes you so sure I ‘aven’t got a kiss tonight?”  That made Marie blush then Randi started laughing at her. All four started laughing at each other as they pulled up to the door of the hotel. Joe got out and held open the door for Randi and Marie while Phil helped the driver get their bags out of the trunk.

“Thanks for y’er service tonight mate. We appreciate it.” Phil told the driver.

“No problem, just doing my job.” Phil tipped him and the driver left as the four headed inside.


Part 18 In Rick’s Hotel Room…

“So did you enjoy the concert?” Rick asked Mandy as he handed her a glass of wine. “Yes I did. I only wish I had been sitting closer. I was up in the balcony and it was kind of hard to see you.”

“Aww, I am sorry luv.” Rick said as he sat down beside her. “We should be playing ‘ere again before this tour is over. I will make sure you get to sit closer when we come back.” “Really? That would be wonderful. Thanks Rick, you are the sweetest man I have ever met.”

“I am sure you don’t mean that.” Rick said with a smile. “You must know a lot of nice guys.”

“No not really, most of the guys in this town are creeps.”  Mandy said as she sipped her wine.

“Well maybe you should give me a chance. We will be in town for a few days. It gets kind of lonely some times on our off days while we are on tour. Maybe you could show me around town.” Rick said as he put his arm around her.

“That would be great, but I have to work tomorrow. I can’t just not go in. I own my salon and I have a few appointments, so I have to be there for them.” Mandy said disappointed.

“Well, that’s ok luv. The limo can take you to work in the morning, then when you get off I will ‘ave the limo pick you back up and we can go out. If that’s ok with you.”

“Take me to work? Are you asking me to stay the night? I thought you just wanted me to spend the evening with you.” She said to him with a lump in her throat. She thought to herself, ‘This can’t be real. There is no way Rick Allen would ever ask me to spend the night with him. I must be dreaming. Maybe I have had to much wine.’ So she sat her glass down.

“Is something wrong?” Rick asked as he put his hand over Mandy’s hand that was trembling. “Did I upset you? I am sorry; I wasn’t meaning to scare you. If you don’t want to stay I understand. I won’t be mad, I promise.” He turned to look her in the eyes, as he tried to steady her trembling hand.

“No Rick, you didn’t upset me, or scare me. I just never dreamed you would ask me something like that. I never even dreamed I would ever get to meet you. I am just a little overwhelmed that’s all. I will be fine, really.” She said as she took a deep breath trying to calm her self. “I would love to spend the time with you as long as you can get me to work in the morning. I can cancel the appointments for the first of next week and close up the salon for the rest of the time you are here, but since I didn’t give any notice to my customers I can’t miss tomorrow.”

“That sounds great. I promise you will ‘ave a nice time while I am ‘ere. I think Joe and Phil was going to ask y’er mates to stay with them tonight, so maybe we can all get together in the morning for breakfast before you go to work. ‘Ow does that sound?”  Mandy’s hand had stopped trembling so Rick took his hand from hers and put his arm back around her. Mandy gladly let him and laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes. “Thank you Rick, thanks for being so understanding. I am sorry I got so nervous, it was stupid of me.”

“Don’t apologize, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t ‘ave sprung that on you so fast. But I ‘ave to admit I am ‘appy you said yes. You may not be able to tell, but I am a lil’ nervous too. This is the first time I ‘ave ever brought a fan back to my room. There was just something about you that caught my eye when I seen Mal bringing you backstage.” Rick told her as he pulled her closer to his chest.

“You nervous?” Mandy asked as she lifted her head and looked Rick in the eyes. “I don’t believe that. I can’t imagine some one like you who performs in front of thousands of people all the time getting nervous.”

“Well believe it. Just because I am in a band, doesn’t mean I am not ‘uman anymore. I still ‘ave the same feelings as any other person. I get nervous, sad, angry, lonely, and any thing else other people do. I also want to be loved by some one for who I am on the inside, not just because I am the drummer of Def Leppard.”

“Rick, I would love the chance to try to make you happy, and to show you that there is at least one woman out here who thinks highly of you for other reasons then just because you are Def Leppard’s drummer.” Mandy realized what she had just said and turned red. She couldn’t believe she had told him that. She probably just ruined any chance she had of getting to know him. Why didn’t she just keep her mouth shut? Rick seen her turn red and could tell she was arguing with herself over something. He decided not to say or do anything just yet; he could tell she needed a minute to sort through her thoughts. He just sat there watching her and admiring how beautiful she was. Finally he decided he wanted to talk to her some more.

“Mandy?” He said bringing her out of her thoughts. She jumped a little.

“Yes Rick? I am sorry I stepped over the line. I shouldn’t have thrown myself at you like that. I am such a fool. Why do I always…”

“Mandy luv” he interrupted “You didn’t do or say any thing wrong. Don’t be so ‘ard on y’er self, and stop worrying so much. I am not going to get mad at you for sharing y’er feelings and being ‘onest with me. In fact wot you said made me feel kind of special. Now calm down please and come ‘ere.”

She leaned back towards Rick again and he captured her chin in his hand. He tilted her head and moved closer to her. Mandy closed her eyes. Rick began to kiss her gently, just enough to relax her a little. When Rick felt Mandy relax he stopped kissing her and looked her in the eyes.

“See I told you there is no reason to worry. I really am a nice guy. I just want to make sure you ‘ave a nice time while I am in town. And I promise I won’t try to take things any farther then wot y’er comfortable with. Ok?”

Still lost in the magic of the kiss they had just shared Mandy looked up at Rick with a tear in the corner of her eye and smiled.

“Wot’s wrong Mandy? Why are you crying?” Rick asked as he put his arm back around her.

“Nothing Rick really, I have just never felt so special in my life. I enjoyed that very much Rick, thank you.” Then she laid her head back on his chest. Rick put his arm around her and started running his fingers through her hair. Before he knew it she had fell asleep.  Rick smiled and said, “Y’er an amazing woman Mandy. You really are.”

Mandy moved just a little and let out a sigh. Rick knew she was sound asleep. He took the blanket from the back of the couch and wrapped it around Mandy, then shut off the lamp. Soon he was asleep too with Mandy’s head resting comfortably on his chest and her arms wrapped around him.


Part 19 In Joe And Phil’s Hotel Room Part 1…

“Wow…”Randi gasped as Joe opened the door to their penthouse. “This is bigger then my house.”

“It’s beautiful.” Marie said to Phil. “Thank you for inviting us to stay with you.”

“Follow me luv, and I will show you our room.” Joe said as he took Randi’s hand. Randi followed and soon they disappeared from Phil and Marie’s sight.

“Do you want to put y’er things away right now? Or would you rather wait a while?” Phil asked as he picked Marie’s bag up. 

“Um, I guess I should do it now and get it over with.”

“Ok my luv, while y’er putting y’er things away I will call room service.” Phil told her as they headed for the other bedroom. As they entered the bedroom Marie’s heart skipped a beat.

“Oh my,” she cried out when she seen the king size bed. “Phil are you sure you want me to be here with you?”

“Of course luv. I wouldn’t ‘ave invited you if I didn’t want you ‘ere. You can use that dresser.” He pointed to the bigger dresser then picked up the phone and dialed room service. “Room service, this is Phil Collen in the penthouse. I would like to order two bottles of champagne, and dinner for four.” There was a pause. “Yes that’s all, thank you. Just bring it on in and set it up on the table. Thanks.” He hung up just as Marie was putting the last of her things in the dresser. “It will be ‘ere in about 30 minutes.” Phil told her as he sat down on the bed. “Come ‘ere Marie.” And he patted the bed.

She went and sat down beside him wondering what would happen next. Phil wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer. They just sat there holding each other for a few minutes. Then before Marie realized what she was doing she reached up and kissed Phil on the lips. He gladly kissed back.

They were lost in the heat of passion kissing wildly when they heard the doorbell ring and a voice said “Room service. I have your meal” They both jumped.

“Well we better get out there.” Phil said to Marie as he helped her up.

“Ok Phil.” She said straightening her clothes.

“I promise we will finish this later luv.” Phil said as he winked at Marie.

She blushed again. “Ok.” She smiled and followed him out of the bedroom. They walked back into the main room of the penthouse where room service had just finished setting things up.

“Good evening ma’am” The guy said to Marie. “Here is your order sir.” He said to Phil. “If you need anything else just let us know.”

“Ok thank you.” Phil said to the man as he walked out.

“I wonder wot’s taking Joe and Randi so long.” Phil said as he sat down.

“Well judging from the way they were acting when we went to pick them up from her house we may not want to know.” Marie told him.

Phil started laughing. “Y’er right Marie. I didn’t think of that. O’well, if they wait to long to come out they can just order their own room service. Would you like a drink luv?”

“Yes thank you. Do you and Joe always share the penthouse when you are on tour?” “Usually we don’t even stay at a ‘otel. We sleep in the buses most of the time because we have to rush to get to the next concert. But when we are going to stay somewhere for a few days we normally share. Rick ‘as ‘is own smaller room. Viv and ‘is wife and kids ‘ave a room. And Sav and ‘is girlfriend and kids ‘ave a room.”

“Oh I see. Well I am really glad you are staying here for a few days.”

“Me too luv, me too.” Phil said to Marie and winked at her.


Part 20 In Joe And Phil’s Hotel Room Part 2…

Randi had unpacked all of her stuff and was putting it away. Joe lay on the bed watching her. When she was done he asked her to come lay by him. She blushed, but did what he asked.

“I know it’s y’er birthday, and y’er not at work, but I could really use a massage. I am exhausted from the concert. Would you mind rubbing my shoulders for me? I promise I will give you a massage later.”

“Sure Joe. I would love to give you a massage. Let me get my massage oil.” She started to get up but before she could Joe grabbed her arm and laid her back down. She lay there waiting to see what he planned to do next. Joe just lay there looking her deep into her eyes. 

“Randi y’er the most beautiful woman I ‘ave ever seen. I really want to get to know you better. I want the chance to try to make you ‘appy. Please will you give me a chance? I know I can if you would just let me.”

Randi was in shock. She didn’t know what to say to Joe. She just lay there looking at him admiring how sexy he was. And thinking about how wonderful he had made her birthday. She couldn’t think of anything to say to him so she reached up and began kissing him. Joe responded by kissing back. He wrapped his arms around her squeezing her against his chest.  She whimpered as Joe’s tongue plunged into her mouth. Joe started kissing her more passionately. Randi wrapped her arms around Joe’s neck running her fingers through his hair. They were still lost in the heat of the moment when they heard Marie yell. Joe and Randi both jumped. They ran out of the bedroom and into the main room with Phil and Marie.

“What’s wrong Marie?” Randi asked out of breath.

“I am sorry Randi, I didn’t mean to scare you. I dropped my glass and spilled champagne all over myself.” Marie said trying to dry off her shirt.

“Its ok. The way you yelled I thought you got hurt or something.” 

“No just shocked, I didn’t even realize it was slipping out of my hand until it was too late.”

“Are you ready to eat Joe?” Phil asked him. “The food ‘as been ‘ere for a while now. Its probably cold by now.” He said laughing.

“Yeah, I am starved. Thanks for ordering it Phil. Sorry, we was talking, lost track of time.” Joe told Phil giving him a look telling him not to push his luck.

“Ok, well there is still plenty ‘ere, ‘elp y’er self. There is still an unopened bottle of champagne for you a Randi. Should I order more?”

“Yeah go ahead, better to ‘ave extra then to run out.” Joe said as he sat down and started to eat.

“Randi?” Marie said. She noticed her friend seemed to be off in the clouds somewhere. “Yeah Marie?” She said as she snapped out of her daydream.

“Will you come help me please?”

“Sure Marie, I will be right there.”

Marie went on to her bedroom and Randi got her a drink before going back there. Phil picked up the phone and called room service again and ordered two more bottles of champagne. In the bedroom Randi was talking nonstop to her friend.

“Randi calm down, talk a little slower I can hardly understand you.” Marie told her as she found something else to put on.

“I am sorry Marie. I just can’t believe what just happened. Pinch me Marie, I need it.”

“Oh no… I am not pinching you again. You got mad at me earlier when I did. What happened in there that has got you so worked up?”

“I mean it Marie pinch me. I want to make sure I am not dreaming. I want to know for sure that this is real before I tell you what happened.”

“Ok, if you insist.” Marie reached over and pinched her friend’s arm.

“Ouch, ok I am not dreaming this is really happening. Oh my God, Marie you are not going to believe this.” Randi said stuttering.

“Well out with it already. What is your problem?” Marie demanded.

“Alright, alright I will tell you. Joe was lying on the bed while I unpacked. When I got done he asked me to come lay beside him so I did.”

“And?” Marie asked raising an eyebrow at her friend.

“He asked me to give him a massage and I told him I would I just needed to get my massage oil. But when I tried to get up he grabbed my arm and pulled me back down.” “Oh really?” Marie said smiling.

“Yes really, then he just laid there looking me in the eyes. He told me I was the most beautiful woman he had have ever seen and he really wanted to get to know me better. Then he said he wanted the chance to try to make me happy. If I give him a chance he knows he can if I would just let him.” Randi’s eyes started to fill with tears.

“Wow Randi, that’s great. I think you should give him a chance.  You never know he may be the one. Phil and I are hitting it off pretty good too. I wonder how things are going between Rick and Mandy? I hope she is having as good of a time as we are.” “Yeah me too, we better get back in there with Joe and Phil before they think something is wrong.” Randi told Marie.

“You’re right. How does this look?” Marie spun around in a circle showing Randi what she had changed into. 

“Its fine.” And they walked back into the main room where the guys where waiting.


Part 21 In Joe And Phil’s Hotel Room Part 3…

“Phil mate, wot am I going to do?” Joe asked as he ran his fingers through his hair pushing it back out of his face.

“Wot do you mean wot are you going to do? Wot are you going to do about wot Joe?” Phil asked as he took another drink.

“About Randi.” Joe said sharply. “I know I just met ‘er a few ‘ours ago, but there is just something about ‘er I can’t put my finger on. Phil I think I am falling in love with ‘er.”

“Wot?” Phil asked with a puzzled look on his face. “Y’er falling in love? I mean I know you would never do anything to ‘urt a lady on purpose, but I never thought I would ‘ear you say you was falling in love.”

“Well Phil, believe it.” Joe said.

“If it makes you ‘appy then go for it. But Joe just a lil’ warning, Marie has talked a lot about ‘er friend. She is really worried about ‘er. She’s been ‘urt a lot. She’s delicate, you better ‘andle ‘er with extra care.” Phil told him.

“You don’t have to worry about that Phil. You know I will be good to ‘er if she will just give me a chance.”

“Hey guys, is something wrong?” Marie asked as her and Randi walked back into the room.

“No nothing’s wrong.”  Joe answered quickly. “We were just talking about watching a movie. Would you ladies like to watch a movie?”

“Sounds good to me.” Randi answered as she walked up to Joe and kissed him on the cheek. Joe looked at Phil and he smiled then shook his head. 

“So wot movie would you like to watch Marie?”

“I don’t care. Whatever you guys want.”

“ ‘Ow about ‘Signs’ that Mel Gibson movie? I think it is still on pay-per-view.” Joe suggested.

“I hate to be a party pooper, but I am a big chicken. I really don’t like scary movies.” Randi spoke up. 

“Oh Randi, quit worrying. Joe won’t let the alien get you.” Marie giggled.

“Its not funny.” Randi snapped. “You know how easy I have night mares Marie.”

“She is right Randi. I promise I will protect you. I will ‘old you as close to me, and as tight as I can.” Joe told her wrapping his arms around her. Randi blushed.

“Thanks Joe that’s very sweet of you. I guess as long as you promise to hold me while we are watching it I will be ok.”

“Just while we are watching the movie?” Joe asked her. “I was ‘oping you would allow me to ‘old you all night.” She blushed again.

“Um, ok Joe.”

Phil and Marie sat down in the oversized chair and cuddled up. Joe and Randi took the couch. Randi laid her head in Joe’s lap. He started the movie then wrapped his arms around her as the movie began. Randi looked over at her friend. Marie and Phil had snuggled up together and were lost in a kiss. They weren’t even watching the movie. Joe noticed Randi watching them and started running his fingers through her long brown hair. The curls had straightened out hours ago. Joe’s finger brushed the back of her neck and she shivered.

“I am sorry Randi.” Joe whispered. “I will stop.”

“No, don’t please. I was enjoying it. I just had a chill. Please keep it up. That’s relaxing. Maybe I won’t get so scared over this movie if I am relaxed.” Randi pleaded.

“Ok Randi.  Don’t forget I am right ‘ere. I am not going to let anything ‘appen to you. I promise.” Joe said as he put his fingers back in her hair. Phil and Marie finally stopped kissing and started watching the movie. Everyone was being quiet watching the movie. All of a sudden something jumped onto the screen and Randi screamed then jumped moving closer to Joe. Marie started laughing.

“I am sorry for laughing Randi. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“I am not mad. Its stupid of me to be so scared. I shouldn’t have jumped like that.” Randi told her.

“Come ‘ere luv.” Joe whispered to her as he pulled her up to him. “Come ‘ere I will ‘old you. Every thing is fine. Just try to take y’er mind off the movie scaring you. Give me a minute and I will give you something to take y’er mind off of it.” Joe got up and got a blanket then wrapped it around Randi. He sat back down and pulled her over on to his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and told her to lay her head on his chest. Randi gladly did as she asked. Joe continued watching the movie along with Phil and Marie. Randi sat there in Joe’s arms soaking up the feelings going on inside her. He was so strong and sexy, but yet he didn’t let it go to his head like most guys. He didn’t try to be macho; he really was an honest, caring, good guy. Randi smiled to her self and cuddled up closer to Joe. He tightened his arms around her. Randi sighed; Joe kissed the top of her head.

“Good night luv.” He whispered. “Sweet dreams.” And Randi slipped off to sleep in his arms.


Part 22 Back In Rick’s Hotel Room 3:00am …

Mandy woke up. Rick still had his arm wrapped around her. He felt her move and woke up. 

“Wot’s wrong?” He asked her.

“Nothing, my neck is just a little stiff.” She told him.

“Aww, I am sorry Mandy.” Rick told her as his placed a kiss on the back of her neck.

“Its not your fault Rick. I was laying crooked that’s all.” She told him.

“ ‘Ow about you go lay in the bed? It would be more comfortable.” He told her. Mandy tensed up.

“Um, ok I guess that will be alright.”
“Mandy are you ok. I don’t want to push you. I just want you to be comfortable.” Rick told her.

“Yeah, I am fine. What time is it Rick?” He turned on the lamp and looked at the clock on the wall.

“It’s about 3:00am.”

“Ok I still have a few hours before I need to get up for work. I can go lay in the bed if you don’t mind.” Rick stood up then reached for Mandy’s hand. He pulled her up and led her to the bedroom. He flipped on the bedroom light and walked over to the bed. Rick turned down the blankets on the side Mandy would be sleeping on. Then fluffed her pillows.

“There you go luv.” And he pointed to the bed. “I will be in ‘ere on the couch if you need me.” Then he started to walk out of the room.

“Rick?” Mandy called out just as he switched off the light. He stopped.

“Yes luv?”

“Would you lay in here with me please?” She asked nervously.

Shocked Rick asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes I am sure.”

“Ok luv, if that’s wot you want.” So he walked back over to the bed and crawled under the blankets. “Mandy luv?”

“Yes Rick?” She asked. “Would you mind if I ‘eld you?”

“No not at all. I would love it. Thank you Rick.” Mandy scooted over closer to Rick.  “Goodnight luv.” Rick told her as he kissed her cheek.

“Goodnight Rick.” And Mandy fell back to sleep.


Part 23 In Joe and Phil’s Hotel Room The Next Morning…

When Randi woke up the next morning she opened up her eyes and looked around. This wasn’t her bedroom. Where was she? She tried to get up but soon realized she couldn’t move. Some one had their arm over her. Still confused she tried to turn over. When she did the person who was holding her moved.

“Good morning beautiful. ‘Ow did you sleep? See I told you I would ‘old you all night didn’t I?” Joe said to her as he hugged her. Now she remembered.

‘Wow, she spent the night with Joe. But how did she end up in the bedroom?’ “Joe?” she asked.

“Yes Randi?”

“How did I end up in here?”  She asked. “The last I remember I was on the couch.”

“You fell asleep during the movie. I finished watching it then when it was over I carried you in ‘ere so I could ‘old you like I promised.” Joe told her.

“Oh. Well thank you for keeping your promise.” She told him as she snuggled back up to him.

“No problem luv. I always keep my promises.”

Randi smiled and started to wrap her arm around Joe. Then she stopped. She just froze.  “Is something wrong?” Joe asked.

“No” Randi answered in a high-pitched voice.  Joe had taken his shirt off. She couldn’t believe it. She was lying next to Joe Elliott and he had his shirt off.

‘Wow what an experience.’ She thought to herself. They were just about to kiss when the phone started ringing.

Joe answered it. “ ‘Ello?”



“This is Rick. Did I wake you?”

”No, wot’s up?”

“Did Randi and Marie stay with you and Phil last night?”

“Yeah, why?” Joe asked him.

“Well their friend stayed with me and we was wondering if you all wanted to get together for breakfast before Mandy ‘as to go to work.”

“Ok let me run it past them and I will call you back.”

“Ok cheerio Joe.”

“Cheerio Rick.” Then Joe hung up the phone.

“Is everything ok?” Randi asked him.

“Oh, yeah. It was Rick. Y’er friend spent the night with ‘im and they wanted us to meet ‘em for breakfast.” 

“Ok, that sounds good to me. Well let’s go wake Phil and Marie up and see if they are going to join us.”  They walked out of the bedroom and found Phil already in the main room.

“Who was on the phone?” he asked.

“It was Rick. ‘E wants us to meet ‘im and Mandy for breakfast.” Joe told him.

“Oh ok. I will go wake Marie up.” Then he disappeared into his room. “Marie my luv.” Phil coaxed as he tried to wake her. “Wake up please.” Marie slowly opened her eyes and seen Phil standing over her. A smile spread across her face.

“Good morning Phil.”

“Good morning luv. Did you sleep well?” He asked her.

“Yes I did thank you.” Marie told him.

“Are you ‘ungry? Rick and Mandy are waiting for us to join them for breakfast.”

“Ok I will get up and get ready.”

“Alright I will go tell Joe to call Rick back.”

“Ok” Marie answered as Phil walked out of the room. Joe called Rick back, and told him they would meet him and Mandy in 30 minutes. Then he hung up and went to get dressed.


Part 24 At The Restaurant Part 1…

“Good morning ladies.” Rick said to Randi and Marie as they walked in.

“Good morning Rick, hi Mandy.” Randi said.

“Hi Randi, hi Marie.” Mandy said.

“Did you have a nice night?”

“Yes thank you for asking.” Marie answered. “Did you?”

“You have no idea.” Mandy smiled.

“Ladies, please ‘ave a seat.” Joe said to him as he pulled a chair out for Randi.

“Thank you Joe.” Randi said as she sat down.

“That’s wot I am ‘ere for luv.” Joe smiled and kissed her on the check before he sat down.

“Order wotever you would like luvs, it’s our treat.” Phil told them as he sat down.

“Thank you.” All three ladies answered at the same time. They ordered their food and ate. The three couples talked for a while, the ladies all talking about how much they enjoyed the concert, and they couldn’t wait to go to another one. After a while Mandy spoke up. “I am going to have to leave now. I need to get to work. I will see you guys later.”

“Bye Mandy.” Marie said.

“Have a good day.” Randi told her.

“I will be right back.” Rick told them. “I want to make sure she gets into the limo ok.” “Ok Rick we will be ‘ere.” Joe told him. Rick and Mandy walked away. He opened the door for her and followed her outside.  When the limo pulled up Rick wrapped his arm around Mandy and pulled her to him. He gave her a kiss. Mandy blushed, everyone who was outside was watching. Rick just smiled.

“I will see you this afternoon luv. ‘Ave a good day.” Rick told her as he opened the limo door for her.

“Thank you Rick. I will call you when I am ready to be picked up. Bye.” She blew him a kiss as he shut the door.  Rick waved then went back inside with the others.


Part 25 At The Restaurant Part 2 …

Rick walked back inside and sat back down at the table.

“Well ladies, thanks for introducing y’er friend to Mal. I am really glad ‘e gave ‘er a backstage pass.”

“No thank you guys for everything you have done.” Randi said to Rick. “This is the best time I have ever had. And I am sure Marie and Mandy would agree.”

“She is right Rick.” Marie spoke up. 

“ ‘Ey Rick.” Phil said. “Why don’t you tell Marie ‘ow messy our bus gets?”

Laughing Rick said, “Do you really want me to talk about that? Believe me Marie, you aven’t seen a mess until you ‘ave seen a tour bus that belongs to a couple of single guys.” Randi giggled and Joe rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah, those two need a maid.” Joe laughed. “I am single, and I am not that messy.” “Ha” Phil said to Joe. “Who do you think y’er kidding? We may not ride in the same us as you, but we know ‘ow big of a mess you make.” Marie and Randi both started laughing. Then Rick and Phil started laughing too.

“Very funny Phil.” Joe said. “Well I think I am going to get going. I want to do a few things before Mandy gets off work. I will catch you again later. Ok?” Rick said as he was getting up from the table. “I will take care of the bill. ‘Ave a good day ladies.”  They all told him bye and then he left.

“So wot would you ladies like to do today?” Phil asked.

Joe interrupted. “I want to spend the day with Randi alone if that’s ok with everyone.” Randi started blushing ‘I wonder what Joe has up his sleeve.’ She thought to herself. “That’s ok with me if it’s ok with everyone else.” Marie said looking at Randi.

“I wouldn’t mind spending the day alone with you too Marie.” Phil said as he reached over and kissed her check.

“Well I guess that settles it then. We can meet back ‘ere at 6:00pm for dinner.” Joe said. Randi butted in: “Excuse me gentlemen, I need to visit the little girls room before we take off.” 

“Yeah, me too. I will be right back Phil.” Marie and Randi went to the restroom while Joe and Phil sat at the table waiting.

“ ‘Ey Phil, would you mind doing something for me today?” Joe asked.

“Sure Joe, wot do you need?”

“I was wondering if you could take Marie out shopping or something. I want to be alone at the ‘otel with Randi for a while. I promised her a massage last night. Then I didn’t get to give her one. And you know ‘ow I feel about keeping my promises.”

“No problem Joe. I am sure we can find something to do today so you guys can be alone.”

“Thanks Phil.” Joe said as Randi and Marie returned.

“Well luv are you ready to go?” Phil asked Marie as he stood up.

“Yeah I am ready whenever you are.” She replied.

“Ok well then I supposed we should get going. Cheerio Joe, cheerio Randi. ‘Ave a good day you guys.” Phil said as he started to leave the table.

“Bye.” They both said at the same time.

“See you tonight Randi.” Marie said as she walked out the door. Joe and Randi just sat at the table for a few more minutes. Randi was starting to get nervous again. Marie had left her. She would be spending the day alone with Joe. It was hard to tell what he had in mind.

“So Joe, what did you want to do today?” Randi asked trying to break the silence.

“Well last night I promised you something and then I didn’t do it.” Joe told her. She looked confused.

“What do you mean?” She asked. “You promised to hold me during the movie and all night. You did both of those things. So what do you mean you promised me something and didn’t do it?” Joe ran his fingers through his hair.

“A massage Randi. I promised you a massage. Remember?” Randi cheeks started turning red at the thought.

“Its ok Joe. I told you I would give you one and I didn’t, so don’t feel bad about it.” “Well I do. I told you I always keep my promises. And I promised you a massage, I want to give you one if you will let me.”

“Um, I guess that would be ok. I am really not used to being the one receiving the massage, but if it’s that important to you then I will let you give me one.”

“Ok, good. Are you ready to go back to the ‘otel so we can get started?” Joe asked. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” Randi answered. Joe took her by the hand and led her out the door to the limo that was waiting for them. Then they headed back to their room.


Part 26 Marie And Phil Part 1…

“So my luv, wot would you like to do today?” Phil asked as he took Marie’s hand and walked out of the restaurant. 

“Um, I don’t know. You are the guest in town why don’t you decide.” Marie urged.

“Ah I see, but you know wot? I want you to decide. I may be the guest in town, but y’er my guest and I want to take you to do wotever you want luv.  Now tell me wot you want to do luv.” Phil told her as they climbed into the limo.

“Well Phil, I really don’t have the money to go do anything. I kind of used all my money for the concert and I don’t get paid until Friday.”

“Excuse me? You don’t ‘ave any money? Wot does that matter? If you think I am going to let you pay for anything while I am ‘ere y’er crazy. I asked you to stay with me, I will pick up the tab for every thing.” Phil said as he put his arm around her and the limo started to pull away.

“Oh, Phil, I can’t let you do that. I would feel terrible.” Marie cried out. Phil turned Marie’s head towards him. 

“I want to do it luv. Please let me.”

 Marie started to protest. “But Phil really…” Before she could say anything else Phil put his finger over her lips.

“Shh” He whispered. Then began kissing her. Marie forgot all about arguing over who was going to pay for everything. When he stopped kissing her, Marie was breathless. She just sat there looking Phil in the eyes. “Now luv, do you still want to argue with me?” “No” She whispered. “You win, I will let you do what you want.”

“That’s more like it.” Phil smiled then pulled Marie against him and put his arm around her. Marie rested her head on his shoulder as the rode down the road. 

“Thank you Phil.”

“No problem luv, no problem at all.” Phil said and gave her a squeeze. “Now wot would you like to do?” Marie thought for a moment.

“We could go to the park and walk around for a little bit, if that’s ok with you.”

“Sounds great luv. Driver, take us to the park please.” Phil spoke up.

“Ok sir” The driver responded. Then headed for the park.


Part 27 Rick While Mandy Is At Work…

Rick went back to his room after he had got Mandy off to work. “Wow, wot an incredible woman.” He said out loud. “Wot can I do to surprise ‘er?” Rick thought for a minute. “I know wot I will do. I just ‘ope it doesn’t embarrass ‘er too bad.”  Rick waited a minute longer then picked up the phone.  “I need a limo ‘ere to pick me up in 20 minutes.”

“Ok sir, I will take care of it right away.”

“Thanks.” Rick said and hung up. He got ready and went down stairs. His limo was already waiting.

“Hello sir.” The driver said to him. “Where can I take you?”

“Take me to the closest place that will deliver balloons please.”

“Ok sir.” They pulled away from the hotel and were soon in front of a little shop. “Here you are sir.” The driver said as he stopped. “Would you like for me to wait for you?” “Yes please. This will only take a few minutes.” Rick told him as he got out. When he walked in the lady at the counter greeted him.

“Don’t I know you from some where?” She asked, and then paused for a minute studying his face. “Why you are Rick Allen from Def Leppard!!” She exclaimed. Rick blushed. “That’s right ma’am. Can you ‘elp me?”

“Of course, any thing you want.” She told him.

“Ok, thanks. I need some balloons delivered to ‘Mandy’s Salon.’ ”

“No problem. Just pick out the balloons you would like and I will get them there right away.” She smiled.

“Thanks ma’am.” Rick picked out the balloons he wanted sent to Mandy then signed a card to go with them. He paid the lady and started to leave, but then he stopped and turned around. “Would you like an autograph?”

The ladies eyes got real big and she smiled. “Do you mean it? I would love one. Thank you.” Rick walked back to the counter and signed his name on her shirt. Then told her to have a good day and left. When he got back in the limo he told the driver to take him back to the hotel. He wanted to rest a little before Mandy got off work.


Part 28 At Mandy’s Salon…

Mandy was busy taking care of a customer who was a friend of hers named Meg. They were talking about the concert and how she met the band. She was just about to tell her about Rick when a deliveryman walked in.

“Can I help you?” Mandy asked.

“I have a delivery for Mandy. Is she here?” He asked.

 “I am Mandy.” She stuttered.

“Ok ma’am, I will be right back in.” Then he turned and walked out the door.

“I wonder what that is all about” Meg said to Mandy.

“Well I am not positive, but I have an idea. I was just about to tell you something else.” She paused.

“What Mandy? What’s going on? Who do you think it’s from?” 

Mandy blushed. “Well, I kind of spent the night with Rick Allen last night.”

“OH MY GOODNESS!!” Meg exclaimed. “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” Mandy told her. The deliveryman walked back in with a bunch of balloons and a box of chocolates tied to them. Mandy gasped. “Wow!” was all she could say.

“Here are go ma’am. Have a nice day.” Then he walked out.

“What does the card say?” Meg asked. “Was you right? Did Rick Allen have them sent to you?”

Mandy slowly opened up the card, and began to read.

“Dear Mandy, I ‘ope I didn’t embarrass you too bad by sending these to you at work. Thank you for spending last night with me. I look forward to spending more time with you. Y’er an amazing woman. See you in a few hours. Love, Rick.” A tear slipped down Mandy’s cheek, as she closed the card. 

“Are you ok?” Meg asked.

“Yeah, I am fine.” Mandy replied as she wiped her cheek with the back of her hand. “I was right. They are from Rick. He is so sweet.”

“That’s wonderful I am happy for you.” 

Mandy finished Meg’s hair and told her to have a good day. Meg thanked her and left. When she was gone, she picked up the phone and called the hotel Rick was staying at and asked for his room.

“I am sorry ma’am. I am not allowed to forward any calls to his room. If you want to leave a message we can give him the message and if he chooses to call you back he will.” The person who answered the phone at the hotel told her.

“Ok, I understand.” So she left a message and hung up. She was admiring her balloons and opened her box of chocolates when the phone rang. “Mandy’s Salon, can I help you?”

“ ‘Ello luv, did you like y’er surprise?” Rick teased.

“Yes thank you Rick. You are such a sweetheart. A few of my appointments for this afternoon called and canceled so I will be done about 2 hours early.” She told him.

“Ok luv, the limo will be there to get you when you get done. See you later.”

“Thanks Rick. Bye”

“Cheerio luv.”


Part 29 Joe and Randi Back In The Hotel Room Part 1…

Note: possible tissues…

“Joe are you sure you want to do this?  Why me? You could have any woman in the world that you want. Why do you want to spend your time off with me? Don’t get me wrong; I am enjoying every minute of it. I just don’t understand why you picked me. No man has ever even tried to treat me decent. So why do you want to?” Randi went on nervously. Joe walked over to Randi and firmly planted his hand on her shoulders. “Randi, please calm down. Please just give me a chance. Let me prove that I am different. I can’t promise that I won’t ever make a mistake. I am ‘uman. But I promise if you would just give me the chance I know I could make you ‘appy. Randi, wot do I ‘ave to do to prove to you that I am only asking for a chance? If it doesn’t work, then so be it. But if we don’t give it a try ‘ow will we ever know wot might ‘ave ‘appened between us?” 

“I don’t know Joe. I don’t want to get hurt again. I can’t handle being hurt again.” She told him.

“Is that wot you think? Do you think I am just out to ‘urt you?” He paused and looked at her. “Well do you Randi? Just because some men are jerks, that doesn’t mean all of us are. Do you ‘onestly think I would ‘ave done wot I did at the concert if I wasn’t sincere? Yeah, I give women thumbs up all the time. And I blow kisses to the crowd, just to make the women ‘appy. But I ‘ave never, and I repeat never dedicated a song to some one in the crowd like that before. And I guarantee that if I didn’t think you were some one special I wouldn’t ‘ave done it. You can ask Mal, or Phil, or any one else in the band.” Joe was starting to get mad, and hurt.

Randi started crying. “Joe I am so sorry. Please don’t be mad at me. It’s not you, really. It’s me. I am just so tired of being hurt. You have no idea what I have gone through. You are a nice guy. I shouldn’t hold what other guys have done against you. It’s not your fault.” Randi sat down on the couch then covered her face and started sobbing. Joe sat down beside her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Calm down Randi. Everything will be fine I promise.” Joe did his best to sooth her. Slowly Randi’s tears slowed almost to a stop. Joe ran his fingers through her hair and rocked her gently. Randi scooted closer and laid her head on him. “That’s better. Just relax luv.” Joe coaxed. Randi finally sat up and dried her eyes. Joe wiped a couple of tears off her cheeks.

“Can we try this again?” Randi asked. Joe looked down and seen that Randi’s hand was trembling. He took her hand in his and kissed it. “Yes luv, I would like that very much.” “Thanks for understanding Joe.” Randi told him as she hugged him.

“No problem luv.” Joe told her. “Randi?”

“Yes Joe?” Randi said as she looked up at him.

He didn’t say anything. He just looked her deep in the eyes. Then slowly Randi lifted her lips to Joe’s. They began kissing. Joe wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her against his muscular chest. Randi wrapped her arms around him and ran her fingers through his hair. Joe stopped but only for a moment. He stood up then took Randi by the hand and lifted her off the couch. He pulled her against him and started kissing her passionately. Joe slipped his tongue into Randi’s mouth then picked her up. Randi moaned as Joe lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him. Joe started walking towards the bedroom. The sudden movement scared Randi

“What are you doing Joe?” She asked.

“Are you ready for the massage I promised you?” Joe asked and smiled then started kissing her again before she could answer as he carried her into the bedroom.


Part 30 Phil and Marie Part 2…

“Oh Phil!” Marie exclaimed. “You are such a sweet heart.”

Phil blushed.  “Thank you Marie luv. Glad I made you ‘appy.”

Marie reached up and kissed his check. “Thank you.” She told him.

Phil had just bought her a dozen roses from a vendor in the park. It had been ages since any one had bought her flowers. In fact, she couldn’t even remember off the top of her head when the last time she had received flowers was. Marie walked smelling her flowers. She wasn’t watching where she was walking and tripped on a stick and fell.

“Marie” Phil yelled as he tried to catch her, but he wasn’t fast enough and she landed on the ground. “Are you ok luv?” He asked as he bent down to her. At first he thought she was crying, but then she turned over facing him and he could see that she was laughing. Still laughing Marie said; “I can’t believe I just did that. I guess that’s what I get for having my head in the clouds and not watching where I was going.”

“I am sorry I didn’t catch you luv.” Phil apologized. “Are you ‘urt?”

“Don’t apologize Phil. I am ok, really.” She looked at her elbows and knees to make sure she wasn’t bleeding. “See I told you I am fine. Not even a scratch.”

‘Ok luv.” Phil smiled and extended his hand to help Marie up. When she stood up she straightened out her clothes and started to brush off the grass and dirt. Phil stopped her “Allow me.” And he brushed the dirt off her shorts and shirt. Marie blushed over it. “There you go luv, all better.” Then he kissed her and the continued walking.

“Do you want to go get a soda?” Marie asked. “I am getting thirsty.”

“Ok luv, sounds good to me.” Phil said as he wrapped his arm around her waste. They found a small restaurant and started to go in, but Phil stopped. “I ‘ave a better idea. Lets go get a soda from the store and something to snack on and go sit on the beach.”

“Oh Phil, you are so romantic.” Marie giggled.

“Only with you luv. So does that sound good to you?” Phil asked.

“Any thing sounds good to me as long as I am with you.” Marie said with stars in her eyes.

“Well then lets go my luv. I suppose we should stop and buy a blanket for us to sit on while we are at.” Phil told her. They went and bought what they needed then headed for the beach.


Part 31 Mandy Getting Off Work…

As Mandy was cleaning up the salon so she could leave the limo pulled up and honked. Rick’s head popped up from the sunroof and he waved then blew Mandy a kiss. Mandy laughed and waved back. Rick got out and came in. 

“Are you almost done?” He asked as he walked in.

“Yeah, just about. Give me 5 minutes and I should be ready to leave.” Mandy said to him as she walked past him.

“Come ‘ere for a second luv. I ‘ave something for you.” Rick said smiling. Mandy walked over to him and he kissed her on the cheek. Mandy blushed. “I missed you today.” He told her. “I missed you too Rick. Ok I think I am done. I cancelled all my appointments for the first of the week. So I am free to spend the time with you.”

“Sounds wonderful.” Rick told her as they headed for the door. Mandy got her balloons and chocolates, shut off the lights, and locked up the salon then they got in the limo and drove off.

“I ‘ave a surprise for you Mandy.” Rick said as he wrapped his arm around her.

“Another one?” She blushed. “I am not sure I want another surprise from you. That really embarrassed me today.”

“Aww, I am sorry luv. Didn’t you like it?” Rick asked a little disappointed.

“Oh Rick I didn’t mean it like that. I loved it, I was just really shocked.” She said hoping she hadn’t hurt his feelings. “Hey Rick, if you want me to stay with you for a few days do you think we could go to my house and let me get a few things.”

“Of course dear.” Rick spoke up. “Driver take ‘er to ‘er ‘ouse before going back to the ‘otel please.” Mandy gave the driver directions and they went to her house. Rick told Mandy to go on in and he would be inside in a moment. When Mandy walked away he told the driver to call the hotel and tell room service to go set up what he had ordered. Mandy went in to her house and started to her things together. Rick walked in as she was putting her things in a bag. “I’ll get that for you luv.” Rick said as he took her bag from her. “Are you ready? We need to get going. Y’er surprise will be ready soon.”

“Ok Rick.” Mandy said as she blushed again. “I am ready.” They left her house and went back to the hotel. When Rick opened the door Mandy gasped. There was a candle light dinner for two on the table, with soft music coming from the radio.

“This is for you luv.” Rick said as he shut the door.

“Oh Rick, thank you. You are so sweet.” Mandy said as she kissed Rick on the lips. “This looks so good. I am starving. I didn’t take a lunch today. I wanted to make sure I got done as early as I could.”


Part 32 Joe and Randi Back In The Hotel Room Part 2…

Note: this may seem a little out of order but I done it this way on purpose. I wanted to fill you in on Phil and Marie’s day, and Rick and Mandy’s day, before I got to the massage ADULT CONTENT

Joe laid Randi down on the bed. Then he stood up and took his shirt off. Randi gasped. “Is something wrong?” Joe asked as he threw his shirt in the chair.

“No” Randi said in a high-pitched voice. Joe smiled.

“Now where is that massage oil you mentioned?”

“Its in the top drawer of the dresser I am using.”

“May I get in there and get it out?” Joe asked.

“Sure go ahead, you have already seen everything I brought with me anyway.” She blushed. Joe got into the drawer and found it. He got it out walked back over to the bed. He sat the bottle on the nightstand.

“Now I am going to go get us something to drink. While I am in there I want you to strip down to your knickers.”

“But Joe” Randi protested. Joe interrupted “I can’t put the oil on y’er back and shoulders if you ‘ave y’er clothes on. Now I promise I won’t watch you get undressed. I will knock before I come back in. Just lie on y’er belly and cover up with the sheet. That way I won’t see anything that is going to make you uncomfortable. Ok?”

“Ok I guess.” Randi said to him, still a little embarrassed at the idea. Joe kissed her on the head and walked out. Randi undressed like she was asked then lay down and covered herself up. Soon she heard Joe pecking on the door.

“Are you ready for me to come back in luv?” He asked through the door.

“Yeah, I am ready.” Joe walked in with a bottle of champagne and a glass for each of them. He sat the glasses down and poured a little in both. Then he went over to the radio and put in a tape.

“What are you putting in?” Randi asked him.

“Just a lil’ something I ‘ad Mal put together and drop off for me.” He smiled and pushed play. The music started and it was ‘Love Bites.’ Then walked back over to the bed and picked up the bottle of massage oil. He squirted a little bit on his hands then started to rub it on to Randi’s shoulders. She jumped. “Are you ok? Did I ‘urt you?” Joe asked.

“No I am fine Joe. I am just not used to being the one receiving the massage. Remember, I am a massage therapist.  I am used to giving massages all day, not getting one.”

“Well I ‘ope to change that. As long as I am around you will be receiving massages.” He smiled and started to rub her shoulders again.

At first she was really tense. But slowly Joe could feel her starting to relax. He added a little more oil to his hands and started working his way slowly down her back.

“Oh Joe, that feels so good. Where did you learn to do this at?” Randi said to him. She thought to herself. ‘This can’t be happening. I am in a hotel room with no shirt or bra on. And Joe Elliott is sitting on the bed beside me with out his shirt and he is rubbing my back. Oh my goodness, he is so sexy and so muscular. I want him so bad. Randi moaned out loud, before she realized it as ‘Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad’ came on. Joe started rubbing her shoulders more intensely.

“So I take it that y’er enjoying this?” It wasn’t until he said that, that she realized what she had done. She started blushing.

“I am sorry Joe. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Oh, but I am glad you did.” He smiled. Then bent down and started kissing the back of her neck. Randi let out a sigh as Joe stopped rubbing her back and lay down beside her. He gently pulled the sheet down that Randi was covering herself with. She started to protest. “Joe don’t please.” She was wearing a thong and didn’t want him to see. “I ‘ave to move the sheet luv. I need to wipe off the rest of the oil.” Joe took a damp towel and started wiping the oil off her. Then wiped off where the oil had run down to her panties. “I am sorry luv, I got it on y’er knickers.” He felt his groin area start burning when he saw that Randi was wearing a thong. Joe sat the towel down and started kissing the back of Randi’s neck again. Then he slowly started kissing her shoulders. Randi just lay there enjoying what Joe was doing. It had been so long since a man had treated her like this. Soon she felt Joe’s fingers skimming across the back of her neck, and then he ran them through her hair. She got goose bumps. Joe smiled and giggled a little.

“Sorry luv, I didn’t mean to give you goose bumps.”

“Its ok Joe.” Randi replied. Joe put his hand on Randi’s shoulder and gently turned her over so he could see her face. Randi realized her breasts were showing and blushed. Then tried to cover them quickly with her arms. Joe saw what she was about to do and stopped her.

“No.” He told her as he took her arm and laid it back on the bed. “I want to see. Y’er beautiful. There is no reason for you to be ashamed for me to see you.”

Randi blushed again. Joe bent down and started kissing her. At first Randi hesitated, but then she followed his lead. Joe put his hand on one of her breasts, and she whimpered. Joe whispered to her; “Do you ‘ave any idea wot y’er doing to me?”

Randi took a deep breath and gulped as Joe let go of her. She could feel him moving but was afraid to look and see what he was doing. Then she heard his zipper going down. Randi held her breath and waited to see what Joe planned to do next.


Part 33 Joe and Randi Back In The Hotel Room Part 3…

As Randi lay there holding her breath Joe put his hand on her chest.

“Give me your ‘and. I want you to feel wot y’er doing to me. I want to know if y’er feeling the same way I am.” Joe pleaded with her. He held out his hand for her to reach her hand out too so he could guide it to where he wanted it. She hesitated at first, and then she looked Joe in the eyes and could see how bad he wanted it. So she slowly put her hand in his. Joe lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it gently, then slowly moved it towards his throbbing member. Randi tensed up so he stopped for a moment. Joe bent down and started kissing her neck. Randi started to relax again. Joe started moving her hand down again. This time he managed to get her hand where he wanted it. He let go of her to see if she would keep her hand on him if he wasn’t holding her. Randi felt him let go; she started to move her hand. Then Joe started blowing in her ear. She tensed up and grabbed a hold of him. Joe groaned and smiled at her. He lowered his mouth onto one of her erect nipples. He started suckling it and slowly began rubbing his tongue across it  “OH MY” Randi cried out, but before she could say anything else Joe started kissing her on the lips again. Probing his tongue deep into her mouth. Randi held on to Joe a little tighter and started to stroke him. Joe got harder. He broke the kiss and looked at her. “Now, see wot y’er doing to me? I ‘ave been like this every since I seen you sitting in the crowd at the concert. Then last night when we was watching that movie and you got so scared and let me ‘old you it just made it more intense. And you can’t ‘onestly say y’er not enjoying this too.” Joe told her, staring deep into her eyes.

“Yes Joe I can see what I am doing to you. And I am enjoying this very much. It’s just been so long, and no one has ever made me feel the way you are making me feel.” Randi told him. Joe sat up on the side of the bed then stood up. He let his pants fall to the floor, and then kicked them aside. Randi just lay there looking unable to say or do any thing. Then Joe reached over and began tugging at her shorts. Randi got stiff, and then she thought about the way Joe was making her feel, she couldn’t resist him any longer. So she eased up and allowed him to undress her the rest of the way. Before laying back down Joe removed his underwear. Randi started breathing heavy when she seen how big he really was. She thought to herself’ ‘No wonder they call him ‘Python.’’


Part 34 Joe and Randi Back In The Hotel Room Part 4…


Joe laid down beside Randi, pulling her to him. Joe groaned as their naked flesh rubbed against each other. Joe reached his arm around Randi and slowly ran his hand up and down her back while he kissed her. Randi had put her nervousness aside and was letting the sensations Joe was causing flow freely through her. She moaned deeply as Joe slid his hand between her legs. Pleased with her response Joe slid his finger up down Randi making her shake. Randi reached over and took Joe’s throbbing cock in her hand. Joe smiled and slid his fingers deep inside her causing her to cry out.

“Oh Joe that feels so good. Please don’t stop.” She begged him.

“Y’er so tight and wet. I want to be inside you.” Joe whispered as he started tracing circles around her swollen clit. Randi tightened her hand around Joe’s cock, stroking it faster. “Mmmmm, that feels so good Randi.” Joe moved his hand, and rose up. He turned to look Randi in the eyes. “Are you sure you want this luv? I don’t want to push you any father then y’er comfortable with.”

“Yes Joe, I want it. Please Joe don’t stop now.” Randi begged him.

“Ok luv as long as y’er sure.” Then he raised himself over the top of her. Randi’s eyes widened. She could see every muscle he had, every curve, and every hair on his chest. This couldn’t be real he was just too gorgeous to be real. Joe slowly started sliding his cock into Randi. She jumped a little at first, but then relaxed again. Joe slid back out and teased her throbbing clit with the head of his cock. Randi moaned loudly and closed her eyes. Joe slid back inside her. She wrapped her legs around him.

“Deeper Joe, please.” She begged him tightening her legs around him, and placing her hands on his ass. Joe moaned as he thrashed deeper inside her, sliding almost all the way out of her, then back in again as deep as he could go. Joe leaned down and started kissing her passionately. He felt her muscles tense up and he started moving faster inside her. He reached between them and rubbed her clit with two fingers. 

“OH JOE” She cried out. “I think am going to cum”

“That’s it luv” Joe coaxed gently. “Just relax, let it the feeling take over you. Don’t fight it.” He felt her tighten again as her hips bucked towards him.

“Oh Joe, harder please.” Joe plunged into her harder and deeper. Randi put her hand on Joe’s head holding on as tight as she could. Just as she thought her orgasm was over she felt Joe release his seed into her. That sent her over the edge and she climaxed once more.  Joe collapsed on top of her as their orgasm came to an end.  He lay there still inside of her. Holding her as tight as he could. When he looked at her he noticed a tear slip down her cheek. He wiped it away with his thumb.

“Randi luv wot’s wrong? Did I ‘urt you?” Joe asked almost in tears himself. He made her cry. That was the last thing he wanted. He wanted to make her happy, not hurt her.

“Oh Joe, you didn’t hurt me. Please don’t think that. It was wonderful. That’s why I am crying. I have never had any one do that for me before. Thank you Joe.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. He bent down and gently kissed her. Then they feel asleep in each other’s arms.


Part 35 Phil and Marie Part 3…

Phil and Marie found a quiet spot on the beach. Phil spread the blanket out and told Marie to sit down. They sat and had a snack then watched the waves crash onto some near by rocks.  Phil scooted towards Marie until he was sitting directly behind her. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her. Phil started gently rocking Marie back and forth. Marie cuddled up closer to him and smiled.

“Oh Phil, you are so romantic.” Marie said happily.

“Thanks luv.” Phil said to her.  Before they knew it the sun had started to set. They watched as it slowly slipped from the evening sky.

“Well luv I guess we should be getting back to the ‘otel before it gets dark” Phil told Marie as he stood up.

“Y’er right. Randi and Joe might start worrying if we don’t get back soon.” They packed up their things and started walking from the beach. Phil flagged down a limo and they were on their way. They held each other all the way to the hotel. Marie was close to falling asleep when they arrived at the hotel.

“Marie luv, we are ‘ere.” Phil spoke gently. Marie lifted her head and smiled. They got out of the limo and headed up to the room. When they walked in it was dark and quiet. At first they thought Randi and Joe were out somewhere. Then they heard Joe snoring and knew that they were asleep.


Part 36 Joe And Phil’s Hotel Room Night 2 Part 1…

Note: ADULT CONTENT slight language possible tissues

Marie and Phil tried to be quiet so they wouldn’t wake Joe and Randi. The sat down in the living room and started watching TV.  They kept the volume up just enough so they could hear it without disturbing their friends.  They whispered quietly back and forth. Slowly they began kissing forgetting about the movie. Joe started to wake up. Randi was still in his arms, even though they had changed the position they were laying in. Joe was lying on his back. Randi had her head resting on his chest, an arm wrapped around his waist, and one of her legs draped over Joe.  Joe sighed and gave her a slight squeeze. He lay there watching her, and admiring how peaceful she looked. He ran his fingers through her hair and kissed the top of her head.

“Wot am I going to do with you?” He whispered knowing she was still sound asleep. “I think I am falling in love with you.”

Then he heard the TV going and knew Phil and Marie had come back. He decided he should get up and see how their day went. He gently slid himself out from under Randi, trying not to wake her up.  She mumbled his name and he stopped. As soon as she was peaceful again he got up and got dressed. He walked into the main room and found Marie and Phil watching TV. He sat down in a chair before speaking.

“Good evening, did you two ‘ave a nice day?” He asked them. 

“Oh, yes.” Marie answered. “Phil is so romantic.”

Phil blushed and said: “Thank you luv.”

“Where’s Randi at?” Marie asked Joe.

“Oh she is still sleeping.” Joe told her.

“Well did you guys have a nice day Joe?” Marie asked.

“I think so. I mean I ‘ope so.” Joe was getting frustrated.

“I am sorry Joe, I wasn’t trying to be rude or nosy. I was just hoping Randi had as good of a day as I did.”

“It’s ok Marie. Don’t worry about it. You didn’t do anything.” Joe said sharply. “Really, its not you at all. It’s me. I enjoyed today very much. I think Randi did too, but I don’t know. I just ‘ope she doesn’t decide it was a mistake, and think I was trying to ‘urt ‘er.” Phil spoke up; “Joe did you tell Randi wot you told me?”

That sparked Marie’s interest. “What are you two talking about?”

“Yes Phil I told her.” Joe said to him.

Marie interrupted. “What are you talking about? Is something wrong? It is my best friend you are talking about. If some thing is wrong I think I deserve to know.”

“Nothing is wrong with Randi. I promise.” Joe told her.

“Well Joe wot did she say when you told ‘er.” Phil asked.


“Wot do you mean nothing? She didn’t say anything at all?” Phil asked

“No, I told ‘er right before I came out ‘ere. She was still asleep. She has no idea I said it.” Joe lashed out.

Marie was getting more aggravated by the two. “Will some one please tell me what in the hell is going on here?”

Phil asked; “Joe do you want to tell ‘er or do you want me to?”

“You can I don’t want to talk about it any more right now.” Then he got up and walked back into the bedroom to check on Randi.

“Phil please tell me what is going on. You guys are starting to worry me.” Marie pleaded. “Last night when you went to change y’er clothes after spilling y’er drink Joe told me ‘e thinks ‘e is falling in love with y’er friend.” Marie’s eyes got big and her mouth dropped open. She didn’t know what to say. She just sat there with a blank look on her face. “Marie luv,” Phil coaxed. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I am fine. I just wasn’t expecting to hear anything like that. Oh Phil, do you think Joe really means it?  Randi needs someone who will take care of her and treat her good. Phil you have no idea what she has been through. If she gets hurt one more time by a man, I don’t think she will be able to cope with it.”

“Marie I promise you Joe will not do anything to ‘urt y’er friend on purpose. I ‘ave known Joe for a long time. ‘E just wants some one to love ‘im. ‘E ‘as a lot of love to give if ‘e could just find someone who would love ‘im in return, instead of just using ‘im for ‘is money.” Phil told her. “Now come ‘ere luv. Stop worrying about Joe and Randi please. Let’s finish watching the movie.” Then he wrapped his arm back around her.


Part 37 Joe And Phil’s Hotel Room Night 2 Part 2…
Note: ADULT CONTENT possible tissues

Joe walked back into the bedroom. Randi had got up and was in the bathroom. Joe pecked on the bathroom door and walked in.

“Randi are you ok? Did you sleep alright?” Joe asked.

“I am fine Joe. I haven’t slept that good in ages, thank you.” 

“Randi?” Joe paused.

“Yes Joe? What’s wrong? You are shaking. Are you ok?” Randi asked as she walked over to him and touched his arm. She hadn’t got dressed yet. When she touched him Joe started getting a burning sensation in his mid section.

“Randi I need to talk to you.”  Joe said as he led her back into the bedroom. “Sit down please.” Randi sat down on the bed, still not dressed. She was starting to feel a little uncomfortable being naked with Joe dressed. Joe sat down beside her and looked her in the eyes. He was still shaking. Joe ran his hand down Randi’s cheek. Randi shivered. “Joe please tell me what’s wrong.” She pleaded as she laid her hand on his leg. Joe looked down at her hand. Then his eyes skimmed across her body.

“My God Randi, y’er the most beautiful woman I ‘ave ever seen.” Randi blushed and Joe started kissing her. When he stopped Randi asked him again why he was shaking. Joe let out an uneasy breath. “Randi, before you say anything, please just ‘ear me out ok.” “Ok Joe. I am listening.” 

“Randi, I know we just met yesterday, but…” He paused. Randi sat there looking him in the eyes. “Randi, I think am falling in love with you. I know its…” Joe stopped when he seen the tears falling from her soft green eyes. “Please don’t cry Randi.” He begged and tried to wipe the tears away, but it didn’t do any good. They just kept falling. “Oh Randi, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He told her as he took her in his arms and pulled her against him. He started rocking her and rubbing his hand up and down her back until her tears slowed. When she stopped crying she lifted her head and looked at Joe. He bent down and kissed her softly on her lips.

“Joe you don’t mean that. How could you be falling in love with me? I am a no body. There has to be some one else you would rather be with then me. I don’t deserve some one like you. And you deserve better then me.”

“No Randi.” He interrupted. “You are some body. Y’er a very special, amazing woman. And I do want to be with you. Y’er so different from other women. You throw y’er self at me and aren’t trying to sleep with me just because I am the lead singer of a band. Do you have any idea ‘ow much that means to me?”

“Oh Joe.” Her eyes started to well up with tears again.

“Please don’t cry. It ‘urts me to see you cry.” Randi could see Joe’s eyes getting wet. He was fighting the tears. She couldn’t believe he was close to tears because of her. No man had ever cried over her before.  She reached up and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you Joe.” She stopped. “Ok Joe I guess I need to be honest with you too. Joe what you did to me earlier, the way you made me feel, is a feeling I could never put into words. Joe…”

“Yes Randi?” Joe asked with a look of fear in his eyes. He thought to himself; ‘Wot am I going to do if she tells me she doesn’t want me to be apart of her life.’

“Joe?” She said bringing him out of his thoughts. He looked back into her eyes holding his breath preparing himself for the worst. “Joe, I think I am falling in love with you too.” Joe released the breath he was holding in. Tears began to fall from both their eyes. Joe laid Randi down on the bed and began kissing her again. Randi kissed back wrapping her arms around Joe and pulling him closer. Soon they were lost in the passion again, and forgot their fears of falling in love.


Part 38 Joe And Phil’s Hotel Room Night 2 Part 3…


Marie and Phil went to their bedroom so they could talk.

“Phil I really don’t want to see Randi get hurt again by any one. And I know if Joe hurts her she is going to be crushed. She has admired him for years; she thinks the world of him. If Joe tells her he loves her and then things go sour between them I don’t think she would be able to recover from it.”

“Marie please don’t worry y’er self over Joe and Randi. They are both adults. They can take care of ‘em selves. Can you please think about us for a while and let ‘em ‘andle it on their own?”  Phil pleaded with her.

“I am sorry Phil. I am just really protective of Randi. She is my best friend. She is like a sister to me. But you are right, she is a big girl and I should let her take care of her self.” “That’s more like it.” Phil smiled. “Now, come ‘ere luv.” Marie giggled and scooted closer to Phil. She wrapped her arms around him and started kissing him. Phil lay down on the bed, Marie followed. “We didn’t get to finish wot we started last night.” Phil said with a mischievous grin on his face.

“I know.” Marie told him. “Would you like to finish it now?”

“You know it luv.” Phil said as he started kissing her again.

“You are such a sweet heart Phil.” Marie said in between kisses. Phil laughed and stood up. He stripped off his shirt and lay back down.

“Care to join me luv?” He asked as his began to unbutton Marie’s shirt. 

“You know it.” She said smiling and started helping him. Phil soon had Marie’s shirt and bra off. They began kissing frantically. They rolled around on the bed and Marie soon found herself on top of Phil. Phil smiled when he seen how hard Marie’s nipples had got. “Are you cold luv?”

“No actually I am just getting warmed up.” Marie bent down and started kissing Phil’s neck, sucking just slightly. Phil took one of her breasts in his hand and began fondling it. Marie let out a low moan. Phil smiled and started doing the same thing to her other breast. Marie could feel he was growing more excited. “Do you like that?” She asked. “Very much luv, now why don’t you lay down, it’s my turn.” Phil said as he started to move out from under her. He stood up and undressed the rest of the way. So Marie did too. They lay back down and began kissing again. Phil started kissing Marie’s breasts. She smiled with delight.  Phil started kissing her neck for a moment, then back to her breasts, skimming his tongue across her flesh in between. Marie laid still letting Phil have his way.  She felt his hand slide down her thigh. Phil looked at her and smiled as he spread her open with his fingers. Marie gladly let him. Phil groaned as Marie began stroking him. He took his hand from between her legs and lay on his back. Marie smiled as she took the tip of his cock into her mouth, teasing it with her tongue. Phil grabbed Marie and pulled her up to him. Marie smiled.  Phil lifted her slightly and slid himself into her.

“Marie this feels so good. I am so glad y’er ‘ere with me.” Phil said as Marie slid up and down on him. He could feel her tightening around him. “Do you like that luv?”

“Oh yes Phil.”  Marie said as she started to climax. Phil took her nipple in his mouth, rolling it around. She tightened up more and slid down farther on him. When she did Phil began to cum.  They just lay there for a moment trying to catch their breath. When their breathing returned to normal Phil asked her if she would join him in the hot tub. She gladly accepted his offer. Phil got up and took Marie by the hand and led her to the hot tub.


Part 39 Rick’s Hotel Room Night 2 Part 1…

Rick and Mandy finished their meal then decided to talk for a while. Rick told her all about what its like being on tour, and asked if she had ever wanted to travel.

“I have never thought about it before Rick.”

“You never know, you might enjoy it. I would enjoy ‘aving you around.” He stopped and looked at her.

“Really Rick? That sounds like a lot of fun. But I have my salon. I can’t just up and leave. Besides you hardly know me.” Mandy told him.

“I wasn’t meaning for you to just up and leave everything right now. I thought maybe after we got to know each other a lil’ better you might want to go with me to a couple of concerts. I plan to come back and see you again. That is, if its ok with you.”

“Oh Rick, I would love that.” Mandy smiled and wrapped her arms around him giving him a big hug. He gladly hugged back.

“So luv, wot do you say we call up the others and see if they want to go out for a couple of drinks?” Rick asked.

“That sounds great.” Mandy said happily.

“Ok I will call ‘em.” Then he picked up the phone and called them. “Phil this is Rick. Would you guys like to meet Mandy and I for a few drinks?”

“ ‘Ang on let me ask Marie.” There was a pause. “Sure we will be there in a lil’ while.” “Wot about Joe and Randi?” Rick asked.

“I don’t know. They wanted to be alone earlier, but I will ask.” Phil told him.

“Ok see you in a lil’ while. Cheerio.” Then Rick hung up the phone.

“Well what did they say?” Mandy asked.

“Phil and Marie are going to meet us, but ‘e doesn’t know about Joe and Randi. I guess we will ‘ave to wait until we get there to find out.” Rick told her as he put his shoes back on. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, I am ready.” Mandy told him. Then they walked out the door and headed for the bar.


Part 40 At The Bar Part 1…

Marie and Phil was there waiting when Mandy and Rick showed up.

“ ‘I Rick, ‘i Mandy.” Phil said as they sat down.

“Hello.” They both said.

“Hi guys.” Marie said to them.

“Where are Randi and Joe at?” Rick asked.

“They said they would be ‘ere in a lil’ while.” Phil told him.

“Oh, ok.”

Then Meg walked in. Mandy seen her and asked the others if it would be ok to invite her to join them. Then she walked over to her.

“Hi Meg. How are you tonight?” Mandy asked.

“Oh hi Mandy. I am doing great. What are doing here? I thought you was staying with Rick Allen tonight.” Meg asked.

Mandy blushed. “I am staying with Rick. He is right over there.” She said as she pointed to the table they were sitting at. Rick and Phil waved. “Do you want to join us?”

“Sure I would love to. Thank you very much.” Meg said as she followed Mandy. “Everyone this is Meg. She is a friend of mine. She was there today when my balloons were delivered.” Mandy told them. “Meg, I think you know Marie. This is Rick Allen, and this is Phil Collen.”

“Hi nice to meet you.” Meg blushed as she sat down. “Thanks for letting me join you.” “No problem luv.” Phil said.

“Any friend of Mandy’s is a friend of mine.” Rick said.

“Mandy, I thought you told me Joe Elliott was in town too?” Meg asked.

“He is, Randi is staying with him.” Mandy responded.

“Why aren’t they here with you guys?” Meg asked.

Phil spoke up. “They will be joining us in a lil’ while.”

“Oh, ok.” Meg said. Rick ordered a round of drinks and the group started talking while waiting for Randi and Joe.


Part 41 At The Bar Part 2…

A little while later Joe and Randi showed up. They spotted the others and walked towards the table.

“ ‘Ello, sorry it took us so long to get ‘ere. We got distracted.” Joe told the others. Rick and Phil started laughing. Marie, Mandy, and Meg smiled.

“Yeah, I bet you was distracted. Did the python decide ‘e wanted to be uncaged for a lil’ while?” Phil asked with a smirk on his face.

Randi blushed, and Joe gave Phil a dirty look. Every one else cracked up laughing. Joe and Randi sat down with their friends and ordered another round of drinks.

“I don’t believe I ‘ave met you.” Joe said to Meg.

“Oh, hi. I am Meg.  I am a friend of Mandy’s. Nice to meet you.”

“Same to you.” Joe responded. Meg visited for a while and had a few drinks then said she needed to get going. The guys all signed the shirt she was wearing before she got up from the table.

“Thanks for letting me join you tonight.” Meg said to them. “I enjoyed myself.”

“We were ‘appy to ‘ave y’er company.” Phil said to her.

“Nice meeting you.” Rick said.

“Good night, drive safely:” Joe said to her.

The other ladies walked her out to her car. “Thanks so much for letting me join you tonight. I appreciate it a lot. You ladies have fun, and behave your selves.” Meg said laughing. They all laughed.

Marie said, “If you only knew.” Then she smiled. Randi blushed. The ladies all said good night and went back inside as Meg pulled out of the parking lot. Before going back to the table they went to the restroom to freshen up a little.

“So Randi what happened with you and Joe today?” Marie asked.

“I would rather not talk about it right now.” Randi replied sharply.

“Sorry I asked. He didn’t hurt your feelings or anything did he?” Marie pried.

“No Marie, he didn’t do anything wrong. I appreciate your concern, but I am a big girl. I can take care of myself. If I need your help I will let you know. Ok?” 

Marie was shocked. “Um, ok.” Quickly trying to change the subject she began talking to Mandy. “So Rick had balloons delivered to you at work today?”

Mandy blushed. “Yeah, and a box of chocolates too. He is such a sweet heart.”

“Hey Marie, I am sorry for snapping at you the way I did. I noticed some roses at the hotel. Where did they come from?” Randi asked hoping her friend would forget about how she had acted a few minutes ago.

Marie smiled real big. “Phil bought them for me today while we was walking in the park. Isn’t he so romantic?” Then she sighed.

“Wow, it sounds like you both had a great day.” Randi said to them. “I enjoyed my day with Joe. He is such a nice guy. Well I guess we should get back out there with them.” The ladies walked out of the bathroom and headed back to the table.


Part 42 At The Bar Part 3…

The guys sat at the table talking as they waited for the ladies to return.

“Phil?” Joe said.

“Yeah Joe. Wot’s up?”  Phil asked.

“I told her.” Joe said.

“And?” Phil said.

“I ‘ate to interrupt, but wot are you guys talking about?” Rick asked.

“I told Randi I was falling in love with ‘er.” Joe said.

“Oh boy…” Rick said.

“Well wot did she say Joe?” Phil asked him.

“She started crying...” Joe sad.

“I am sorry Joe.” Rick told him.

“Then after she calmed down she told me she thinks she is falling in love with me too.” Joe finished.

“Really Joe?” Phil asked. 

“Yea’” Then he smiled.

The ladies came back and sat down. Joe ordered another round of drinks for every one. After they started drinking them Mandy spoke up. “I hate to be a party pooper, but I am getting tired. I had to get up pretty early this morning. I am going to need to go after this one. Rick you can stay here and visit longer if you want, but I need to go to bed.” “Nonsense, are you nuts? I am with these two all the time. When you get done with y’er drink we will both go back.” Rick said laughing.

Joe and Phil both laughed.

“I am getting a little sleepy too.” Marie said as she yawned.

“Well after this round, we will call it quits for the night.” Joe said. They finished up their drinks and said goodnight. After paying they went back to their rooms.


Part 43 Rick’s Hotel Room Night 2 Part 2…


Rick and Mandy returned to their room. As soon as they shut the door Rick began kissing her. Mandy kissed back hungrily. The drinks had relaxed her. She had just enough to calm her nervousness, but she was still sober enough to know exactly what she was doing. After everything Rick had done for her today, she wanted to do something for him. Mandy stopped kissing him long enough to ask him if he was going to hold her again tonight.

“If that’s wot you want me to do, I would be ‘appy to.” Rick replied.

“Ok, well then why don’t we take this to the bedroom where it’s a little more comfortable.” She smiled shyly.

“Ok luv.” Rick said as he took her hand. “If y’er sure that’s wot you want.”

“I am sure Rick.” Rick led her to the bedroom and lit a few candles, and then turned the music on that was playing during their meal. Mandy sat on the bed and removed her shirt. Rick’s heart skipped a beat. She smiled as she seen the bulge in his pants starting to become more noticeable.

“Do you want to see more?” Mandy asked him. Rick didn’t answer. He stripped off his shirt and went to her. He sat down on the bed beside her and began planting kisses along her collarbone.  Mandy leaned back as Rick nibbled at her breast through her bra. Rick lifted her back up and removed her bra exposing her hardened nipples.  Mandy excused herself and went to the bathroom. Rick undressed and got under the blankets while he waited. When Mandy came out of the bathroom she was naked. Rick smiled as she walked back to the bed and got under the blankets with him. Mandy kissed Rick gently. Then said; “Promise me you will be gentle?”

“Any thing you ask.” Rick smiled ad he pulled her against him.  They started kissing again. Then Mandy started kissing Rick’s neck, making him more erect. She slowly worked her way down the middle of his chest until she reached his belly button then began working her way back up. When she had worked her way back up Rick stopped her, and laid her back down.

“Now its my turn.” He smiled as he took one of her breast in his hand and put the other in his mouth. He began sucking and nibbling as Mandy sighed. Rick threw the covers off the bed. He wanted Mandy to be able to fully enjoy what he was about to do to her. Mandy tensed up for a moment until Rick spoke to her, then she relaxed again.

“Are you alright? Do you want me to stop?” Rick asked her hoping she wouldn’t tell him to stop.

“I am fine, please go ahead. Do what you was going to do.” Mandy told him as she spread her legs apart. Rick slid his fingers up one of her thighs then down the other. Mandy shivered and Rick laughed a little. Then slid his hand back up her thigh and across her mound. Mandy let out a slight moan as Rick’s finger touched her throbbing clit. Then he slowly slid a finger inside her.  Mandy squirmed a little so Rick held still for a moment before continuing. When she was still again Rick slowly lowered his mouth onto her swollen mound. 

“OH RICK” She cried out. Rick just smiled and went on with what he was doing. He slid his tongue up and down the whole length of her before capturing her clit in his mouth again. He began sucking and flicking his tongue across it, just enough to drive her wild. He stopped long enough to ask her a question.

“Are you ok luv?” He asked. She was barely able to speak.

“Yes.”  Rick smiled and lowered back down. He began sucking harder then plunged his tongue inside her, tasting the sweetness that was flowing from her. Mandy moaned loudly and Rick returned to her clit sucking and licking just a moment longer before rising up and positioning him self over her.

“Do you want me to make love to you Mandy?” He asked as he rubbed his throbbing cock back and forth teasing her clit.

“Yes Rick, I do. Please make love to me now.” She begged him. Rick slowly began to enter her, just a little at first then he plunged in to her, filling her completely. She cried out his name as he started moving in and out of her. He bent down and kissed her. She moaned again as her muscles tightened around him, and she could feel the warmth of Rick’s cum coating her. Rick collapsed beside her when they finished. Mandy turned and faced him. Rick smiled at her when he seen she was blushing.

“Well luv did you enjoy it as much as I did?” He asked teasing her.

“I enjoyed it more.” She smiled and cuddled up to him. Rick wrapped his arm around her as she laid her head against his chest. “Good night Rick.” Mandy said as she closed her eyes.

“Good night luv, sweet dreams.” Rick said as he blew out the candles, and then closed his eyes. Soon they were both sound asleep.


Part 44 Back In Joe And Phil’s Hotel Room Night 2…

Note: ADULT CONTENT possible tissues slight language

The two couples returned to their room. Exhausted from everything they had done that day they decided to call it a night and slipped off into their bedrooms. Marie and Phil, still hungry for more of what they had shared earlier started kissing again as they undressed each other. They fell to the bed deep in the heat of passion. And were soon making love again. Joe and Randi lay down and held each other talking quietly.

“Joe?” Randi asked. Joe turned and looked at her and kissed her forehead then pulled her over on top of him. She laid her head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. “What’s going to happen between us after you leave?” Randi asked. Her voice was shaking; she was close to tears again. She was starting to fear being hurt again. Joe had made her feel so good earlier, but what about when he had to go back on tour? Would he just forget about her and leave her with nothing but memories and a broken heart. Joe felt a tear fall onto his chest and he tighten his hold around her.

“Randi please don’t cry. I promise you I am not going to forget about you. I told you I want to be with you. ‘Ave I broke any promises to you?” Joe stopped waiting for her to answer. “Well ‘ave I Randi?”

“No Joe, you haven’t.” She said still crying.

“Alright then, and I don’t plan one breaking this one either.” He told her. “Please stop worrying so much about wot’s going to ‘appen. I want you to enjoy y’er self while I am ‘ere. It’s ripping me apart seeing you cry.”

“I am sorry Joe. I just can’t help it. I can’t help being scared and worrying and I can’t keep myself from crying. I am just so overwhelmed with fears. I don’t want to get attached to you then lose you.” 

“Randi, for the ‘undredth time, I am not like that. I would never dream of doing anything wrong to you.  I want you to go with me when we go back on the road for a couple of weeks.” Joe said as he kissed the top of her head and began playing with her hair.

“I can’t do that Joe.” Randi told him as she lifted her head and looked him in the eyes. “Why not? Don’t you want to even give us a chance?” He asked with a hurt voice.

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that. It’s just that I can’t just close up my office and skip town. We are on vacation this week, but then I have to open back up.” Randi told him hoping he would understand.

“I thought Marie was y’er assistant. Can’t she run it while y’er gone? Joe asked.

“She is my assistant, but I can’t leave her there alone to handle everything for a couple of weeks. She isn’t fully trained to do everything. That’s why she is my assistant.”

“Damn it!” Joe said as he slammed his hand down on the bed. “Ok fine, next time we ‘ave a day or two off between concerts I will fly back ‘ere to be with you then go back for the next show.”

“Joe you can’t do that.” Randi cried.

“Bloody ‘ell I can’t. I am going to be with you one way or another, regardless of wot I ‘ave to do. That is unless you decide you just don’t want to be with me at all. I don’t care wot I ‘ave to do to spend my free time with you. I am going to do it.” Joe said as his eyes started getting moist again.

“Ok Joe. I am sorry. I am a fool. I am so used to being hurt my guard goes up right away and I don’t know how to take it when some is truly trying to be good to me. Marie will tell you that. I even put my guard up on her some times and she is my best friend.”

“It’s ok Randi. I understand. Do you think you could come see me on a weekend or something when I can’t make it ‘ere to see you? I will pay for getting you there and back. I will pay for everything if you will.” Joe begged her.

“We’ll see Joe. Lets just see how things go.” Randi told him as she hugged him.

“Ok. Well I don’t know about you but I am beat…” He stopped as Randi let out a long slow breath she had already dozed off still laying on top of him. Joe smiled and ran his fingers through her hair. “I love you Randi, good night.” Then Joe slipped off to sleep.


Part 45 Time For The Band To Leave…

Note: possible tissues

Their time off flew by and soon it was time for the guys to leave. They had to get to their next concert. They had gotten very close to each other and were finding it very hard to leave the ladies and get back to work.  Randi, Marie, and Mandy stayed with the guys up until the minute they pulled out. Mandy and Rick decided it was best to just leave as friends. Maybe some day they would be able to take it a step farther. Rick promised he would be in touch and told her any time she wanted to come to a concert just let him know and he would arrange it. Mandy thanked him for everything and told him when they played here again later in the tour he was welcome to stay with her. Rick told her he would keep that in mind, and he would call her in a few days to see how she was doing. Phil and Marie kissed up until the time Phil had to get on the bus. Neither of them wanted Phil to leave.

“Marie my luv, I promise I will be back to see you very soon. And I will keep in touch. Let me know when y’er ready to go out on tour with me for a while”

Marie blushed, “Ok Phil, I’ll miss you, be careful. Thank you for a wonderful week, you are a sweet heart.”

“Cheerio my luv, take care.” He kissed her on the lips once more then got on the bus. Tears fell from Randi’s eyes as her and Joe said good-bye.

“Joe are you sure you want this? Do you really want to be with me? I know we have already been through this, but there are so many other women out there you could have. I just don’t want you to decide this is a mistake and then you end up miserable.”

“Randi wot ‘ave I told you about my promises...” Joe paused and looked at her. “Well wot ‘ave I told you?”

“I know.” She cried.

“And ‘aven’t I kept every single promise I ‘ave made to you since we met?” Joe asked her.

“Yes Joe you have. I am sorry, please don’t leave being upset with me. I just want you to be sure this is what you want.” Randi told him. The tears were still falling from her eyes. Joe wiped them away and pulled her against him, hugging her as tight as he could. Randi squeezed him back, not wanting to let go of him.

“This is wot I want Randi. I want to be with you. Now I will call you tonight and see ‘ow y’er doing and let you know when I will be back to see you again.”

“Ok Joe, thank you. Thank you for everything. This has been the happiest week of my life and it’s all because of you. You are a wonderful man. Be careful please.” Randi told him, as he got ready to get on the bus. They kissed once more before Mal told him they had to get going. They said good-bye and Joe started to get on the bus. Randi just stood there frozen watching him. Just as he was about to close the door he stopped and got back out.

“What’s wrong Joe? You have to go. They are waiting for you.” Randi told him.

“Randi I ‘ave to tell you something…” He paused and looked her in the eyes and started kissing her again.

“Randi I want you to know…” Joe stuttered. It was obvious he was getting nervous and close to tears. “I love you Randi.” Tears began pouring from Randi’s eyes again. She couldn’t say anything. She just stood there crying and looking at Joe. He kissed her once more then told her; “I ‘ave to go. I will call you later.” Then he got on the bus and closed the door, he couldn’t let her or her friends see the tears that were welling up in his eyes. Randi just stood there watching the bus pull away, the farther away it got the harder her tears fell. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. She wanted so much to believe it was true, but she was just to scared.


Part 46 After The Band Left…

Note: possible tissues

Marie and Mandy went over to Randi to comfort their friend. Neither of them knew why she was crying. They were busy telling Phil and Rick bye and didn’t see or hear anything that had went on between Joe and Randi.

“What happened Randi? Why are you crying?” Mandy asked her. Marie interrupted; “Did you two get into an argument? Please tell me you didn’t.”

“No we didn’t get into a fight. He…” Randi paused as she began to cry uncontrollably. Mandy and Marie got her sat down before she got hurt. They both tried to calm her. Marie tried to find out again what had happened.

“Randi please calm down and tell me what happened. You are starting to worry me.”

“He said…” She paused again as more tears fell. “Joe told me he loved me.”

Marie and Mandy were silent as Randi continued to cry. Finally Mandy decided to try and talked to her.

“Randi?”  Randi looked up at her. Her tears had slowed, but she was still crying. Marie gave her a hug and Randi gave a little smile, but it quickly disappeared. Mandy tried again.

“Randi, I thought you liked Joe? Isn’t that what you wanted? I am sure he didn’t want you to end up like this.”

“She is right Randi. I know Joe couldn’t stand to see you crying. He told Phil and I that. Please stop crying. We have had a wonderful week don’t let it get you down now that its over.” Marie said to her friend.

“You’re right, I am sorry. I am just so afraid of getting my heart broke again. But I guess like Joe said, I will never know if it will work out if I don’t give him a chance. Well listen I am going to go home. I haven’t been there in a week.” The others agreed and said their good byes, promising to keep in touch. Mandy left then Marie asked if Randi wanted her to come over for a while. Still shook up over Joe’s confession she said yes, she wasn’t ready to be alone yet.


Part 47 On The Buses…

Rick and Phil talked about their week with Mandy and Marie. They were both very happy with the way things had turned out. Rick and Mandy had built a good friendship, and Phil and Marie were well on their way to being in a serious relationship. They laughed and carried on over everything that had happened on their week off.  How ever they were worried about Joe and how well he was going to be able to deal with being away from Randi. They had never seen him act this way over a woman before. It was a pleasant change, but they still worried. Phil also worried about how well Randi would be able to deal with everything that had happened. Marie told him how bad she had been hurt and how fragile she was when it came to love. He knew Marie would look after her though until Joe could return. Joe on the other hand was being extremely grumpy and didn’t want Sav or Viv bothering him. They wondered what had gotten in to him. After all he had just spent a week off with a woman he dedicated a song to during a concert. There had to be something special about her for him to have done that so why was he in such a bad mood. Even though Joe had told them to leave him alone they can’t stand to be cramped up in the bus with him and him acting this way. So Viv and Sav decided to try and talk to him. “Joe…” Sav started. Joe gave him a dirty look and turned his head. Viv decided to give it a try.

“‘Ey Joe, are you sure you don’t want to talk? I think it would do you some good.”

“No I don’t want to talk.” He growled. “Can’t you just leave me alone?”

“No Joe we can’t.” Sav answered back being just as rude as Joe was. “Y’er in a rotten mood and to be ‘onest, we don’t want to ‘ave to put up with you. This bus is too small to ‘ave to put up with you acting like this.”

“Fine I will talk. There will that make you ‘appy.” Joe snapped at him. “I love ‘er ok. And I told ‘er that before we left. Now get off my back about it. I just want to be alone.” Viv and Sav just sat there looking at each other, then looked at Joe not sure what to say. They wasn’t sure what they had expecting him to say but it sure wasn’t that.

“Joe?” Viv started. “I think its great. I seen the way she was acting with you. I know she loves you too. And I am sure you know it. So why are you so upset about it?”

“Because I don’t want to lose ‘er over something stupid.”

“Wot do you mean?” Sav asked.

“I mean she is terrified that I am just out to break ‘er ‘eart. And it’s not true. I’m afraid she is going to call it off before I ‘ave a chance to prove to ‘er ‘ow much I care for ‘er. Now will you guys please leave me alone? I need to get some rest before I call ‘er later.” Sav and Viv both said ok and left Joe alone. He sat there arguing with himself for a while before he fell asleep. The whole time he was sleeping Randi and the magic they had share kept popping up in his head torturing him. What was he going to do? Even in his sleep he knew he wasn’t going to be able to make it through this tour without her.


Part 48 At Randi’s House Part 1…

Note: slight language

Randi was crying again by the time they got back to her house. Marie hated seeing her friend like this. It scared her. The last time she was like this was when her and Frank split up. She had done everything for him; she was wearing her self down trying to make him happy. Then the asshole started cheating on her, and she almost ended up in the hospital over it. Marie prayed she didn’t end up like that again. Marie got Randi to lie down on the couch and watch TV. She argued at first saying she was fine and didn’t need to rest. But she soon realized she wasn’t going to win and gave in.

“Hey Randi?” Marie said to her friend. “How about I stay with you tonight?”

“You don’t have to do that. Really I am fine.” Marie raised an eyebrow at Randi. Randi rolled her eyes at her.

“Fine, be my guest. Stay if it will make you feel better. But I am telling you I am ok.” Randi told her.

“I just don’t think you need to be alone tonight. Randi the last time I seen you like this was when….”

Randi cut her off. “SHUT UP. I told you I don’t ever want to talk about him again. I don’t even want to hear his name.” Randi started crying again. “Oh Marie, I am sorry I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that. It’s not your fault you are just trying to take care of me.” Marie walked over and hugged her friend.

“It’s ok Randi. I understand. I am not mad at you for yelling. I shouldn’t have brought him up. How about some hot chocolate? That always helps lift your spirits.”

“Ok Marie thanks. Hey can you get me a blanket first?” Marie gave Randi the blanket then went to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate.

“It’s done….” Marie walked back into the living room and found Randi asleep. She put her mug down and took Randi’s mug back to the kitchen. Then sat down and drank her hot chocolate while her friend got some much needed rest.


Part 49 At Randi’s House Part 2…
Note: possible tissues

Randi slept peacefully for a couple of hours. She dreamed about the last week with Joe. The concert, the thumbs up, him dedicating her favorite song to her, the back stage passes, the magic they had shared when making love. She moved a little and called out Joe’s name. Marie jumped when she heard Randi saying Joe. She got up to check on her. She was still sound asleep. Marie covered her up a little better then sat back down. Just as she started getting interested in what was on TV again the phone rang. Randi jumped up when she heard the phone. Her heart was pounding it had scared her. She was a little confused at first and wasn’t sure what was going on. Then she saw Marie with the phone. “Yeah Joe she is right here. Hang on a second I will put her on.” Marie handed the phone to Randi. 

“Hello?” Randi said still not awake.

“ ‘Ello luv. ‘Ow you doing?” Joe asked her.

“I am ok Joe. I was just taking a nap. How are you?” 

“I miss you already.” Joe told her Randi’s voice got shaky.

“I miss you too Joe.” Randi started to cry again. Joe could tell by her voice she was crying again.

“Randi please don’t cry. I can’t ‘andle ‘earing you cry any better then I could seeing you do it.”

“I am sorry Joe. I just wasn’t expecting you to tell me you loved me before you left.” Randi told him.

“Well it’s the truth and I couldn’t leave with out telling you.” Joe told her as he felt his eyes getting moist.

“Joe…” Randi paused.

“Yes Randi? Wot is it?” Joe asked afraid of what she was going to say next.

“I love you too Joe. I want to be with you. Please come back soon. Don’t forget about me. I need you.” Randi said as her tears flowed from her eyes. Marie had been listening and went to sit down beside Randi when she seen her start crying. 

“I promise I will be back as soon as I can. You ‘ave no idea ‘ow much better I feel now that I you told that.” Joe told her just as Phil walked in. Randi could hear Phil in the background talking

“Are you talking to Randi?” 

“Yes Phil” “Is Marie there? I tried to call ‘er and there is no answer.”

“Yea’ she is with Randi. When we are done I will let you talk to ‘er.”

“Ok thanks Joe.”

“No problem… Randi, sorry about that. Phil wants to talk to Marie when we are done.” “Ok she is sitting right here.”

“I will be back to see you in a couple of weeks I promise. And I will call you every night.”

“Ok Joe, thank you.”

“It will be my pleasure.”

“Joe I love you.”

“I love you too. Now get some rest. You need it.”

“Ok Joe. Good night.”

“Good night. Sweet dreams, cheerio.”


Part 50 At Randi’s House Part 3…

Randi handed Marie the phone and excused her self. As she went to the bathroom to freshen up a little Phil got on the phone. Marie talked quietly at first so Randi wouldn’t hear her.

“Marie is Randi ok?” Phil asked her. “Joe seemed a lil’ worried.”

Marie whispered. “No not really, she is taking it pretty hard that you guys had to leave. Listen tell Joe that I am going to stay here with her for a few days just to keep an eye on her. If any thing happens that Joe needs to know about I will let you know as soon as possible.”

“Ok I will tell ‘im. I am sure that will take a load off ‘is shoulders. Viv and Sav said ‘e was pretty grumpy when we left today… So do you miss me yet?” Phil laughed.

“Of course I do. What are you thinking? You be careful and try to keep Joe from worrying too much about Randi. I promise I will take care of her.” Marie told him.

“Ok I will. I need to get going. I will talk to you soon luv.”

 “Ok bye Phil. I miss you.”

“I miss you too luv. Cheerio.”

Then Phil hung up the phone. Marie hung up and went to check on her friend. She had just taken a shower and put on her pajamas. She looked like she was feeling a little better. Talking to Joe had lifted her spirits a little.

“How you doing? “ Marie asked.

“I am feeling better. Thank you for staying with me Marie. I appreciate it. Sorry I fell asleep on you.” Randi told her.

“Don’t worry about it. You needed the rest. And you know I don’t mind staying with you. You are my best friend.”

“How about that hot chocolate I didn’t get to drink earlier?” Randi giggled.

“Sure, I will go make some more right now.” Marie told her as they headed back to the living room. Randi and Marie sat in the living room drinking hot chocolate and watching TV for a few hours. And talking about how wonderful their week with Joe and Phil had been. Marie told Randi how happy she was to see her with some one who was finally going to treat her the way she deserved to be treated. Randi blushed and thanked her and soon they both slipped off to sleep, dreaming about the new loves in their lives.

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