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Randi's Rock Star Fiction

A Tommy Lee & Nikki Six Story

By Randi & Mandy


Part 1

Mandy and Randi were sitting at a small bar back in the corner in the dark having a drink and talking one night after work.  They were trying to decide whether or not to go to the upcoming Motley Crue concert. It had been a while since they had seen The Crue. Just then something on the radio that was playing caught Mandys attention. She stopped talking and listened for a moment before quickly pulling her cell phone out of her purse. She knew she wouldnt get threw, but she figured she might as well give it a try. Randi hadnt heard what was said and looked at her friend puzzled as Mandy frantically pushed numbers on her cell phone. So Randi sat back and took a sip of her drink and listened to the radio. Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue was playing.

Randi looked over at Mandy, she had a look of disbelief on her face. Hey Mandy, are you ok? Randi asked her, but Mandy didnt hear her. She was listening to the voice on the other end of the phone.


Hi whos this?? The DJ asked.

Um I am Mandy. She managed to say.

Well Mandy, are you ready to take a friend and party with Motley Crue? You are caller 9 and you just won 2 tickets for front row seats, and passes to a VIP party after the concert. The DJ told her.

Youre kidding right? Mandy said in disbelief.

No maam, I am 100% serious. You and a friend are going to one hell of a party.


After Mandy hung up she just sat there for a moment off in her own little world. Randi tried to snap her out of it, but was unsuccessful. She had heard Mandys end of the conversation, but had no clue what was going on. Finally the song ended and the DJ started playing back the conversation he and Mandy had. Randi sat there staring at the radio, so sure she was dreaming it.

Mandy finally looked over at Randi and a huge smile spread across her face. Oh Randi, can you believe it? I won. I actually won. We are finally going to get the chance to meet Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee. This is so great. I cant believe I actually got through. By this time Randi was excited too. Both women started to get tears in their eyes as they hugged. After all the concerts they had gone to together, they were finally going to get to be up close with the men they admired so much. Not that either of them would actually be brave enough to talk to them. They would sit in a corner and admire them from afar it was safer that way. As long as they were together and stayed hid no one else could hurt them.

And they both knew that even if Nikki or Tommy did talk to them it would just be out of kindness because they were VIP guests and not because they were interested in them in any way. Mandy and Randi decided to finish their drinks then pay their bill and head home. They were both so excited they wanted to get out of there and get home. They were out in public and they didnt want to draw attention to themselves because they were both so happy. The less focus on them, the better.

Part 2

Mandy and Randi walked out of the bar and headed for the car. Like always, Mandy drove. Randi had never got her licenses. She had never been brave enough to get behind the wheel of a car. She was too afraid. And Mandy was about the only person she would ride in a car with. Mandy was her best friend and the only person in the world that Randi trusted. She was the only person in her life that hadnt hurt her. And Randi was sure that she never would.

They cranked up the radio and rolled down the windows. Since the radio station had been giving away tickets for the Motley Crue concert and VIP party they were playing a lot of their songs. Mandy and Randi sang all the way home. By the time they got home, they were both wired from being so excited. They knew it was going to be a long night. Neither of them would be able to go to sleep.

The concert was only a few days away. They had so many decisions to make. What were they going to wear? How would they fix their hair? They were talking excitedly when all of a sudden Mandy noticed that something was troubling Randi. Mandy went to her friend and sat down beside her.

Hey Randi, whats up? Are you ok? Randi forced a smile. Yeah, I just had a thought about something. Would you rather skip the party? You know I dont like crowds anymore then you do. I will understand completely if you dont want to go. And I wont be upset. I promise. Mandy told her. Its not that I dont want to go. I am just afraid. What if Tommy and Nikki try to talk to us and I make a fool out of myself? Randi said sadly. Dont worry Randi. It will be ok. I thought about that too. And I am afraid as well. But we will be there together. And we will just hide in the corner like always. As long as we stick together, no one can hurt us.

Randi smiled and hugged Mandy. Even though Mandy was just as afraid of everyone and everything as Randi was, she always seemed to find away to look out for her. Randi admired her for that. It was something no one in her life had ever done for her before. And it meant the world to her. She couldnt imagine not having Mandy in her life. They had been through so much together.

Once Randi was feeling better, they went back to talking and making plans for the concert. They finally went to bed around 4:00 A.M.  Both had a smile on their face as they slipped of to sleep, Mandy dreaming about Nikki and Randi dreaming about Tommy. Even if they were too afraid to tell them how much they admired them, no one could take their dreams away, and they didnt have to worry about getting hurt.

Part 3

The days flew by for the girls; they were so excited, happier than they had been in a long time. Finally one of their long time dreams was coming true. They would be up close and seeing their idols play the music they loved. Randi and Mandy had their outfits hanging up near the bathroom, just waiting for the time they could put them on. Randi lay on Mandy's bed talking to her as they painted each others toes and nails for the big

"Mandy this is so great that we finally get to see Motley again, I am so glad that you called in." "I am too, if we wouldn't have won, would be going?"  "I don't think so, it was almost sold out, and there would have been a lot of people."  "Yeah, I agree. At least with VIP we can hide in the corner and not be noticed but still get to see the guys." "Yeah. That is going to be great. I am so excited. You don't know how happy this makes me." "It makes us both very happy Randi, we are going to see the men who we adore together again. What can be better than that?" Mandy asked, knowing that Nikki
would never like her because she was not a blonde and not his type. "Your right Mandy, we are going together, we can protect each other, we wont be alone and we will have
just as much fun as we always do. I just don't want to talk to anyone."  "I hear you, we will be fine. We know our ways. We can leave whenever we want to."  Randi said sitting up, it was almost 5pm.almost time for them to get ready for the show.

She could finally put on her outfit; Mandy and her had picked out some really cute outfits. They both had ripped up jeans, and Randi was going to wear a pink tank top and Mandy was going to wear an orange t-shirt.  They both had some tights to wear under the pants, not feeling secure enough to wear just the jeans. Mandy had some plaid tights. She always seemed to be different. And Randi was going to wear pink ones to match her shirt.  "And Randi, if you don't feel comfortable staying for the VIP party, you just tell me and we can leave. I know your fears. If you are not comfortable we can leave." Mandy said, her excitement growing along with Randi's. 

Going to see Motley Crue always excited them, it was there dream band.
"Can we get dressed now? I cannot wait any longer. I want to go to the concert."
"I agree. Lets get dressed, then we can go get something to eat before we go to the arena."  Mandy said jumping up helping Randi too, they ran to the bathroom and put on their outfits.  "Randi, you are the greatest friend. I would be lost without you. Thank you so much for being here for me and going to see Nikki with me." "It is my pleasure, and hey we are going to see Tommy too. I suppose we should say we are going to see Vince
and Mick too. Heck we are going to see Motley Crue." 

"Yes!!!! We are going to have so much fun." Mandy giggled.  "Front row we are going to see them, then we get to see them at the party."  Randi said excited, hardly being able to hold her excitement back any longer. "Thanks for coming out with me that night. If we wouldn't have gone out we wouldn't be going." Mandy said hugging her best friend.  "No thank you, you called them and got us the tickets. I thank you with all my heart. You are the best friend I could have."  Randi said finishing her hair, and smiling. "Ready to go luv?" Mandy asked when she stepped out of the bathroom. Of course, where do you want to catch our dinner?"  "Its your choice." Mandy said opening the passenger door for Randi. "Okay."  Randi said happily climbing in.  They drove to a local diner and ordered their food; sitting there they talked about previous concerts and talked about what would happen at this one. They wondered if they would get brave enough to go up and talk to Nikki and Tommy.

Part 4

After they ate, Mandy and Randi headed for the arena. They were both giggling because they were so excited. Just for a few minutes they put their fears aside and thought about how great tonight was going to be. They reached the arena and went in. They went and bought souvenirs for themselves before going to find their seats. Mandy and Randi sat down in their seats and sat their bags on the floor.

Mandy and Randi each got out their cameras. They knew they would never have the chance to be up this close to The Crue again. So they wanted to get all the pics they could. They would add them to their collection of pics from all the other concerts they had been to. They looked at each other and smiled. This was going to be great, front row, center stage. Mandy and Randi settled back in their seats and waited for the concert to start.

Soon the lights dimmed and the crowd started to cheer. They heard the music start and the curtain fell. Mandy and Randi looked at each other and smiled then looked back at the stage. They couldnt believe this was really happening. They were sitting right in front of the band they admired so much. Mandy and Randi were in awe. Vince noticed them right away and flashed a smile at them. That made them both feel good, but they really wanted Nikki and Tommy to notice them.

Mick was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. Vince was wearing a black outfit too His shirt was open and his chest was showing. His pants were leather; they were tight and looked really hot on him. Nikki was wearing a leopard print shirt that was also open and black leather pants. Mandy got lightheaded when she seen it.  He was so sexy. Randi couldnt see Tommy real well yet, but it looked like he was shirtless and had on a hat and black pants. She couldnt wait to get a better look at him.

After a few songs Mandy caught Nikkis eye and he winked at her. Mandy blushed and Randi started laughing at her. Nikki walked back towards Tommy. They seemed to be trying to talk about something. The women just shrugged their shoulders and continued singing along. At the end of the song Tommy stood up from his drum kit and waved at the crowd. Randi started jumping up and down. She was so excited. There was a small pause before the next song.

When the music started back up Mandy and Randi noticed Tommys drum kit going up in the air and started waving at him. Mandy told Randi that she thought Tommy was looking at her, but she insisted that she was wrong. Why would Tommy be looking at me? She told herself. But then a moment later when Tommy was directly above them she saw something coming towards her. She was afraid of getting hit by it and covered her head with her hands. Mandy reached up and caught it before it hit Randi, and before anyone else grabbed it.

OH MY GOD Mandy yelled excitedly and as she handed it to Randi. Look at this can you believe it? Mandy said jumping up and down. Randi took it from her friend. It was a set of drumsticks from Tommy. This explained the pause in the music. Randi smiled big, but at the same time had tears forming in the corner of her eyes as she looked up at Tommy and seen that he was looking down at her smiling. He had signed the drumsticks just for her. They read To the beautiful lady in the pink tank top. With love, Tommy.

Tommy returned his attention to his drum kit. He was smiling to himself. Thankful that the woman in pink that Nikki had pointed out to him was the one who got them. He really hoped that both her and her friend that Nikki thought was attractive would be at the VIP party. Randi continued to watch Tommy, and Mandy turned her attention back to Nikki. After the song was over Nikki tossed her a guitar pick.

Both girls were beaming with happiness. The men they had idolized for years noticed them and gave them each something. Even if they didnt get the guts to talk to them at the party, at least they had the drumsticks and the pick to treasure for the rest of their lives. And of course all the pics they were taking. They ended the concert with Home Sweet Home. Nikki watched Mandy the whole time. And Randi was in Heaven watching Tommy play the piano.

When the song was over Tommy walked away from the piano and came to the front of the stage with Nikki, Vince, and Mick. They all bowed and thanked the audience for coming. Before they turned to leave the stage Nikki blew a kiss to Mandy. She felt her knees get weak and butterflies in her stomach then blushed as Nikki smiled and walked away. Tommy waved at Randi then winked when she held up the drumstick and started smiling. He was so glad she had got the drumsticks.


Part 5

The women waited until most of the crowd had left before getting out of their seats and heading for the backstage area. They showed the guard their passes. He told them where to go and wait. Limos would be picking up the guests for the VIP party and taking them to the hotel where the party was being held. Randi clung tightly to her drumsticks. Her and Mandy stayed close together so no one could bother them. The limo finally arrived to pick them up and they were escorted by another guard.

Mandy and Randi were overwhelmed. They had never been in a limo before, and never dreamed of having the chance to be in one. Then suddenly Randis smile faded as the limo started to move. Whats wrong Randi? Are you ok? Mandy asked. Its just you know me, I am afraid to ride with anyone besides you. Randi said nervously. Dont worry, it will be ok. I promise. The hotel isnt that far away. Just close your eyes and relax until we get there. It will only be a few minutes.

Randi relaxed and did like Mandy said, and before she knew it the limo pulled up in front of the hotel. Randi opened her eyes as the driver opened her door. They both got out and went in. They were the first guests to arrive, which was a good thing. The only people there where the waitresses, etc. They were able to get first choice where to sit, and they didnt have to worry about everyone staring at them as they walked in. They found a table in the very back of the room. It was kind of dark and very secluded. It was perfect for them. After sitting her bag down Mandy went up to the bar to get herself and Randi a drink before the other guests started to arrive.

Mandy and Randi sat and talked about how great the concert was and how they still couldnt believe they had sat in the front row, got signed drumsticks, a guitar pick, and now they were at a VIP party and any moment The Crue would be here. They were so lost in their conversation they hadnt even realized other guests were arriving. They were brought back to the rest of the world when they heard clapping and screaming. They looked up just as Nikki, Tommy, Vince, and Mick walked in.

Most of the people there, especially the women flocked over to them, but not Mandy and Randi they stayed hid in their corner hoping not to be noticed by the other guests. They both sat there staring at the band. Mandy had her eyes locked on Nikki, and Randi on Tommy. They didnt even notice the waitress come up and they both jumped when she started talking, asking if they wanted another drink. They both ordered something then turned their attention back to Tommy and Nikki.

As they were sipping on their second drinks, they watched as the guys went to a table and sat down. There were several groupie looking women hanging on them. All the guys seemed to be enjoying it very much and Mandy and Randi knew right then they wouldnt be meeting the guys tonight.

Well Randi, I guess this means we dont have to be afraid to talk to them now huh? They arent going to waste their time talking to us, when they have women like that hanging on them. Mandy said slightly disappointed. Yeah your right. But as long as no one else is bothering us, we might as well stay and get as many pics of them as we can. Its not like we will ever get a chance like this again. Randi said. Ok sounds good to me. Mandy said as she got her camera out.


Part 6

Mandy and Randi watched as The Crue signed things for other guests and had their pics taken with them. They both wished so bad that could be them, but they were both too afraid and shy to do it. They continued drinking and talking, and never taking their eyes off Nikki and Tommy.

After a while the party started to die down. Some of the guests left, and some were escorted out by security because they had drunk too much and were starting to cause trouble. Mandy and Randi were still in their corner talking and watching the men they adored. The only person who had bothered them or even seemed to notice that they were there was the waitress. But that was ok with them; they didnt want to be noticed by anyone anyway.

Suddenly they noticed Nikki and Tommy getting up. They both felt their hearts sink. They thought for sure they were leaving. Not that either of them was going to talk to them anyway, but they was enjoying just watching them. Randi and Mandy were confused when instead of going towards the door; Tommy and Nikki started walking towards their table. Both women felt themselves panic and looked at each other as if asking what they should do. They turned their attention back to Nikki and Tommy just as they reached the table.

Hello ladies. Nikki said. They both blushed. Do you mind if we sit here with you? Tommy asked as he flashed a sexy smile at Randi. Both Mandy and Randi were at a loss for words. All they could do is nod their heads yes. Nikki sat next to Mandy, and Tommy next to Randi. Both women were sure they were dreaming. No way would Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee ask to sit with them, especially with all the other women that were guests.

Tommy decided to try and strike up a conversation, but he knew he had to be careful with what he said. He could tell both of the ladies were a nervous wreck, and he didnt want to do anything to scare them off, before him and Nikki had a chance to get to know them. So why are two pretty ladies like yourselves hiding in a corner all by yourselves? Tommy asked. Randi just looked at him, unable to speak. Yeah, why didnt you come over and talk to us like the other guest did? Nikki asked. Dont you want to be here?

Mandy started talking. We just decided it would be better for us to sit back here out of the way. We know you have a lot of people who wanted to meet you, so we was trying to be polite and leave you alone. Well you are guests too, and you have just as much right to talk to us as the other guests do. Tommy pointed out. Then he looked over at Randi who still hadnt said anything. She was sitting there staring at him. May I? Tommy asked as he reached for her hand and started to pull it towards his lips. He felt Randi get tense and stopped. All I want to do is kiss your hand. I promise I wont do anything else. Randi relaxed and Tommy placed his lips gently on Randis hand, and then sat it back down on the table. Randi felt her heart skip a beat.

Randi looked over at her friend who was smiling ear to ear at her. Mandy was so happy for Randi. Just then Mandy jumped as she felt Nikki stretch his arm out behind her. She turned and looked at him. I hope you dont mind if I stretch out a bit. I am worn out. Nikki said smiling. Mandy gulped. No not at all. She said and managed a small smile. So did you get the drumsticks I tossed down for you? Tommy asked trying to get Randis attention again. Randi felt her cheeks turn beet red as Tommy started talking again. Yeah, thank you so much. She said shyly. No problem, and I meant what I wrote too. Tommy smiled sexily.

So do you ladies have any plans for the rest of the night? Nikki asked them. Randi and Mandy looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Well we have to figure out a way to get back to the arena to get my car since a limo brought us here. Mandy told them. Dont worry, we will make sure you have a way to get back to get your car. Nikki told her, and then he looked at Tommy and nodded his head slightly. Well then, if you dont have anything else to do, would you ladies be interested in spending the rest of the evening with us? Tommy asked. Mandy and Randi looked at each other, their eyes got real big and they had an overwhelming feeling of nervousness come over them. Randi was froze and speechless. Mandy finally started talking. Could you two please excuse us for a moment? We need to talk alone. Sure no problem. Nikki and Tommy both said as they stood up to let the ladies out.


Part 7
Mandy and Randi walked towards the bathroom where it was quiet and they could talk. "Mandy what are we going to do?"  Randi asked, scared of being away from home too long and especially over the fact that Tommy and Nikki wanted them to come a long with them for the evening. "I don't know Randi, you know we've both dreamed of them, and wanted to be near them for so long. We have two choices." Mandy stated looking Randi in the eyes, seeing fear and desire both at the same time.

Tommy and Nikki sat at the table, talking amidst each other as the ladies talked near the bathroom, in the light Tommy and Nikki could see the beauty surrounding them, they weren't like the groupie girls. "Nikki, these girls are certainly different, one is really shy, and the other one dresses really odd, they seem so afraid of everything, what do you say we change that?"  Tommy asked his friend and band mate seeing a look he hadn't seen in a long time in his eyes, one that was saying he wanted to save the girl with the plaid from whatever seemed to be bothering her pretty little heart.
"I think that is a great idea Tommy, but I don't want to scare them anymore than they are scared. Did you see how much they froze when we walked over and then when you kissed her hand and I stretched out?"  "Yeah, lets just take it slow, and if things happen
they happen and if they don't. At least we gave them the chance of a lifetime to meet us and to hang out with us." "Yeah, and at least we tried." Nikki said smiling at Mandy when she looked their way.
"Randi we can either turn them down and go home, and miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime, or we can go with them and have as much fun as we can. What do you think we should do? Randi its all up to you. I will be by your side the whole time. I promise nothing will happen to you." Mandy said looking over to their table where Tommy and Nikki sat, and a round of drinks were waiting for them.
Randi looked over at the table, and saw the man she adored for so long sitting there looking at her, which made her blush. Mandy saw this and took her friend by the hand, drawing her attention back to the question. "Mandy, you know I would love to, but I don't feel safe with anyone, except you. I don't want to miss out on a chance of a lifetime. Will you promise me you won't leave me alone?"  "Of course Randi, you know that. I love you, and you're my best friend. You know as well as I do that I wouldn't have it any other way." "Thanks Mandy, it means a lot to me. Now shall we go have some fun, and when you are ready to leave let me know."  "And you do the same." Mandy said hugging her friend, reassuring her that they would have fun and be fine.


Part 8
Randi and Mandy walked back to the table to be helped into their seats by Tommy and Nikki. "Thank you, you are too sweet." Mandy said looking at Randi, who was
embarrassed by the kindness the men had shown them. "Well, what are you plans for the night. Are you going to join us?" Tommy asked, staring at Randi. Randi stared down at her drink, as Nikki watched Mandy.  "We would really like to have you with us.
Consider it our thank you to you for coming to our concert."  Nikki said, again putting his arm on Mandy's chair, her flinching as he touched her chair once again. Mandy remained silent, waiting for Randi to make the final decision as to if they were going to go with them. "Yes, we will go with you. Thank you for inviting us. But we need to get our car before it gets towed. Can we follow you to where you want to go?" Randi said boldly although she was shaking with fear inside. Never had Mandy let left her out on the limb
like that before.
"Yes, or we can ride with you if you don't mind. I am hungry and could go for a bite to eat, what do you guys think? Its your evening too. Don't be afraid, speak up." Tommy said grabbing his coat, noticing the girls weren't wearing anything but the tank tops they
had on in the concert, he handed his coat to Randi, and Nikki did the same for Mandy.  Mandy and Randi took the coats without hesitation, it was getting colder outside and they were too excited to grab their coats as they left. "I know where there is a nice diner that
is open 24 hours." Mandy whispered, noticing that they were the only ones left in the room.
"Okay, well shall we get going?" Nikki said reaching for Mandy's hand. "Yeah, but we cant stay out too late." Randi said looking at Mandy, seeing fear all over her face, she
looked like she was about to bolt out of the room never to be seen again. "Thats fine, whenever you ladies would like to go home you can. Just let us know and we will call a ride for us."  Tommy said, looking at Randi who was drowning in his leather coat, although it was too big for her, she still looked so cute, her pink tank top showing through the opening, and her cut up jeans the perfect fit.
Randi caught him looking at her and became suddenly self-conscious again. "Why did he keep staring at me?" She thought to herself, looking at the floor so he wouldn't notice her blushing.  Mandy walked beside Nikki, he still held her hand, although lose enough that she could get out if it she wanted to, she felt no reason to let go. He felt oddly safe and okay, and she was still very fearful, but headed on with an open mind and heart, for Randi, who deserved the happiness and the enjoyable evening more than anyone.
Mandy looked over at Randi and saw the joy on her face through all the other emotions and knew that they had made the right decision to go with them that night.

Part 9
A few minutes later Randi, Mandy, Nikki and Tommy climbed out of the limo and into Mandy's car. Mandy and Randi sat in the front, and Nikki and Tommy climbed in back.  As soon as they were in the car, Mandy started the engine and headed off to the diner
that had great food and was open all night. So many late night talks had happened in that diner between Mandy and Randi, in a small booth hidden in the corner.
"You ladies order anything that you would like, its our treat." Tommy said when they were sitting in the booth that Mandy and Randi had sat in so many times before.  "We can pay for ourselves." Mandy stated, as she slid in.  "No, we invited you, we want to pay. It is our treat remember." Nikki said winking at her, sending chills down her spine.
Randi and Mandy didn't bother to argue anymore, instead they just ordered their food when the waitress came and stared at the table.  Nikki and Tommy asked them questions trying to get them to open up and talk, but they got one-word answers and then silence again.
Nikki started to have second thoughts about these women when he decided to ask them to ask them questions, which seemed to liven them up. They asked questions about each of them, who had been in the band longer, how long they had been playing and when they
planned on releasing solo albums. Randi asked Tommy about his piano playing, confessing that was what she liked of him the most. Leaving out the part about him
being the sexiest piano player she had ever seen.
Before they knew it their food was out, and they all ate silently. An hour later Tommy paid the bill and they headed back out to Mandy's car. "So ladies what would you like to do now?"  Nikki asked, "How about we watch a movie at the hotel?" Tommy asked, seeing no sign of the ladies talking "Ok, but as soon as the movie is over we have to get
home." Mandy said looking at Randi who looked freaked out again. Mandy leaned over and whispered something in her ear that Nikki and Tommy couldn't hear. Randi nodded and then Mandy looked back at the men sitting in her back seat. " We would really like to go to the hotel and watch a movie but we are both tired, and would like to go home." Mandy said smiling at Randi, who had a look of relief on her face.  Mandy felt the
same way, the night had been great but it was time they headed home.
"Okay. Thats fine with us." Nikki said disappointed, he wanted to get to know Mandy, but understood the look on her face, knowing she was not only speaking for her friend but herself as well.  "Thanks for the great time." Randi said smiling up at Tommy who was leaning against the door in the back seat. "It was our pleasure. Can we see you again when we come here next time?" Nikki asked hoping they would say yes.
"We will definitely be at the concert." Mandy said, stopping in front of the hotel that they were previously at.  "Thank you again for the great time Nikki, Tommy. We had a great time and will cherish this time forever." Mandy said, looking at Nikki. "It was our pleasure. We would like to see you guys again. Are you busy tomorrow? We don't have to go back on the road till Friday, we would love to see you again." Nikki repeated.

Part 10
Tommy and Nikki left the car and walked inside, stopping inside the doors to see the girls off safely. Mandy and Randi both took a breath of air once they were gone, the car smelled so sweet. Just like them.  They started off in silence but not a block down the road they were both recalling memories of the happenings at the concert, from getting the drumstick and guitar pick to having diner with them at the small café. Soon they had recalled all the memories and were talking about how amazing they were when Randi
realized they still had the coats they let them borrow. "Mandy, we need to go back." Randi stated.
"Why? Do you miss Tommy already." Mandy joked.  "No, Mandy we have their coats, they are still on us. We never gave them back." Randi said taking in the scent of Tommy in from the jacket. "Oh we do, should we go back now or later?" Mandy asked.  "Now, we don't want them to think that we don't plan on returning them." Randi said insisting that they must turn around.  "Okay, lets turn around up here and go give them their
jackets." Mandy said looking at Randi who seemed eager to return to the hotel.
"Yeah, that sounds good." Randi said excited to see them again. She felt safe when she was around Tommy, she didn't feel safe with any man, how was Tommy different?
When they got to the hotel, they went up to the desk and to ask for their room and the desk clerk wouldn't give it to them. "Sorry ladies, you cannot have their room number. We were asked not to give it out."   "We understand that, but we need to get them their
coats. They let us wear them when we were out, and forgot to give them back." Mandy stated, trying to get the clerk to see the urgency of the situation. " I understand your situation but I still cannot give you their room number. I will call them and ask them about it if you would like."  "Yes, sir we would like that very much, thank you." Randi said, trying to be strong, although she hated to be around people and wide-open places.
The clerk called and asked Tommy if he knew two ladies who were claiming to know him. One was in jeans and a tank top, and the other was in an orange shirt and plaid cut offs. Tommy said he knew them and encouraged the clerk to send them up right away. "He will be waiting for you at the elevator." The clerk said, as the girls dashed off to the elevator.  "Can you believe this Mandy, we are going to be in the same room as Tommy and Nikki."  Randi said feeling so brave. "Randi, you look like you are so complete now, Tommy really makes your day doesn't he?"  Mandy said smiling at her, glad that Randi had fun and was enjoying herself.  "More than you can ever imagine." Randi said dreamily.
"That is so great Randi, I am so happy for you. I am having a great time as well, and am so glad that you decided to return. I cant wait to see Nikki again." Mandy said remembering his touches and the softness of it.  "Me too." Randi said, not saying anymore, because the door opened. Mandy and Randi stared at the floor when Tommy and Nikki appeared. Standing on each side of the elevator, leaning on the wall, there heads on the steel, you could see the reflection. Leaning like they were, they looked truly amazing. You could see their muscles ripple with strength as they pushed themselves
"Welcome, ladies. Glad you came back." Nikki said taking Mandy's hand. "We were just discussing how to get a hold of you guys. We wanted to see you again." Tommy said reaching for Randi. This time Randi didn't flinch and let him take her hand. They walked to the room talking as they went, Tommy was making most of the small talk, the ladies just listened and clung to the guys, they weren't sure what to expect when they entered the room.


Part 11
When they entered the room they were so relieved to see that it was only them in there. They were watching a movie and that was it.  "Would you ladies like to watch the movie with us? We would like your company."  Nikki said leading Mandy over to the chair he was sitting at.  "No we really need to get going. We are really tired and had a lot more excitement than we planned for tonight."  Mandy said feeling suddenly tired.  "We promise that if you fall asleep we will not let anything happen to you and we will not touch or bother you. We just want to spend some time with you." Nikki said squeezing her hand.  "If you fall asleep we will put you in the beds and leave you alone." Tommy said, making a point to show them the rooms. And Nikki and I will sleep out here on the couches.
"Randi is it okay if we stay for awhile and watch the movie?" Mandy asked when she saw Randi smelling Tommy's jacket. She already knew the answer.  "Yeah, that would be great." Randi said, hoping that no one noticed her smelling his jacket.  Tommy pulled her with him to the couch and sat down urging her down with him, so they could sit together.
They sat down and the ladies got comfortable. Mandy removed Nikki's jacket and put it on the couch next to them, Randi kept Tommy's jacket on. She wanted something to remember, and if all she remembered was his scent, she would be happy for a very long time.
"We're watching Wrong Turn, so far this guy left for a trip and while looking for his cell phone he hits a family in a van." Tommy explains using lots of hand gestures making everyone else laugh. "Sounds easy enough to follow." Randi said responding with hand gestures of her own. Tommy just laughed and tried to get closer to her, but she tensed up.  Nikki and Mandy watch the movie, talking a bit till Mandy felt safe enough to get closer, feeling a little cold, she scooted closer to Nikki, allowing Nikki to put his arm around her, that was all the warmth she needed, feeling the heat of his arm touching hers, just made her skin grab goose bumps.
Randi wanted so badly to be near Tommy, but instead stayed away for a while. Sitting up and watching, till the odd backwoods man jumped out of the woods and strangled one of the people with razor wire, which made her jump back into Tommy. Her back was touching his chest and she felt safe, like everything that was happening on TV wasn't going to hurt her, and the world was off limits to her soul and to her mind and body as well. Just those few minutes in his arms made her feel safer than she had felt since she couldn't remember when.
Mandy eased a lot of the fear and sadness, but some of it could only be solved by the one true love you find in your lifetime. She knew though that he was only being nice, and that she shouldn't think too much of him protecting her, but somehow she felt safe and secure and she liked the feeling. Mandy would glance over every once and awhile to see Randi tuned into the movie, with Tommy holding onto her whenever she would gasp or start to scream when it would just go freaky. Nikki held onto Mandy whenever he noticed her getting stiff and he could feel when something bad was about to happen, Mandy would just freeze.
Even though the movie was a scary one and one that kept you glued to it, Randi and Mandy were really tired and started to drift in and out of sleep. Trying to keep themselves awake, they didn't want to make themselves vulnerable. Randi glanced over at Mandy and nodded, Mandy nodded back saying it would be okay if she were to fall asleep. She would stay awake and make sure nothing happened.
Within minutes Randi had her head on Tommy's chest and was asleep. Her lips were parted in a smile, a dream had come true, and her life seemed more complete because of it. She slept with sweet dreams of Tommy in her head, and in her presence. Mandy stayed awake as long as she could, but wasn't able to stay awake much longer than Randi.  She
drifted in and out, finally laying her head on Nikki's chest to get a more comfortable position. Nikki looked over at Tommy and pointed at Randi, Tommy nodded and smiled. Both the women they had seen at the concert, that were so into the music were sound asleep with smiles on their faces.
Nikki and Tommy picked up the girls and carried them to the bedrooms, and laid them down and covered them up, leaving a light on and a door cracked in each room, so they could hear them if they stirred or anything happened. They went back and finished watching the movie.
Feeling strangely alone, when Mandy and Randi weren't around them. Both recalling the time spent with the girls. They were so rigid and afraid, very cautious of everything they did and very afraid of touch and very afraid of attention being given to them. They kept a
close eye on each other, it seemed like they were the only people they had, and they couldn't imagine seeing one of them without the other.

Part 12
Nikki had put Mandy in the room he was using, and Tommy put Randi in his. Like they had promised the ladies, they stayed in the living room and let them rest. Tommy had left his jacket on Randi when he carried her to bed, he was worried he would wake her or scare her off if he didnt. Even though both guys kept their word about not bothering the ladies, they both found themselves wondering how it would be if they could lay with them and just hold them. Nothing else, they just wanted to hold the beautiful ladies who had spent the evening with them. It was obvious that something terrible had caused them lots of fear and pain. Tommy and Nikki both wished they could take those feelings away, what ever had happened to them, they didnt deserve it.

Both Mandy and Randi were sound asleep and still had smiles on their faces. They were so exhausted they didnt even know they guys had carried them into the beds. They wasnt used to so much excitement in one night. Randi sighed in her sleep as she dreamt about Tommy kissing her hand earlier that night, and how he tried to make her feel so safe during the movie.
Nikki and Tommy continued to watch TV even after the movie had ended. They were talking, quietly so they wouldnt wake Mandy or Randi. They both agreed they wanted to get to know the ladies, but they knew they had to take it slow or they would scare them off, ruining any chance they might have had with them. They finally decided to call it a night and turned off the lights and started to go to sleep. And just like Mandy and Randi was dreaming about them, they were dreaming about Mandy and Randi. Tommy had just gone into a deep sleep when he heard a scream. At first he thought he was dreaming it, and then he remembered Randi and Mandy and realized it was Randi screaming. Him and Nikki both jumped up.
Randi sat straight up in the bed with tears rolling down her face. She was scared and confused. She had a nightmare from watching the movie, and wasnt sure where she was. Mandy heard her friend scream and jumped up right away to go check on her. She felt so guilty. She knew what was going on, it always happened when Randi watched a scary movie. When she reached the bedroom Randi was in, she froze. She couldnt believe what she was seeing. Tommy was sitting on the bed cradling Randi in his arms, and smoothing her hair with his hands. And Randi had her head on Tommys chest. She was crying, but seemed to calming down.

Mandy jumped as Nikki came up behind her. Are you ok? He whispered. Yeah, I heard Randi scream and I wanted to make sure she was ok. This is all my fault. Mandy said blaming herself. What do you mean? Nikki asked puzzled. I knew she would have nightmares if we watched something like that. Dont beat yourself up over it. From the looks of it, Id say Tommy has things under control. Mandy sighed I know, and I cant believe she is letting him hold her like that, but I am glad he is getting her calmed down. Me too, now why dont you go back to bed and get some sleep. If Randi asks for you, I will make sure to let you know. Nikki said as he put his hand on Mandys shoulder. Ok, thanks. Mandy said smiling. No problem. Nikki said as he kissed her on the cheek making her blush.

Randi sat up and wiped her eyes then looked at Tommy. I am sorry. She said feeling both embarrassed and mad at herself over the scene she had caused. Shh Tommy said as he wiped a tear off her cheek with his thumb. There is nothing for you to apologize about. If anyone should be apologizing it should be me and Nikki for asking you to watch a movie like that. Randi forced a weak smile. Thanks for coming to check on me. I really appreciate it. It was my pleasure. Are you going to be ok if I go back to the couch now? Tommy asked not wanting Randi to think he was trying to take advantage of her being so scared. Yeah I think so. Thanks again. Goodnight Tommy. Good night. Tommy said as he squeezed her gently and got up and started to walk out of the room.

Tommy Randi said nervously, almost in a whisper. In fact she had said it so low Tommy wasnt sure if she had really said his name. He stopped and turned around. Did you say something? Um Yeah I was, I was wondering if Randi trailed off and looked down at the bed. Tommy walked back over to her. What is it? You can tell me. Tommy said as sweetly as he could as he picked up her hand. He could feel her starting to tremble again. Randi continued to look down at the bed, but started talking again. Her voice was still shaky. I am still scared Tommy. I was wondering if you would mind holding me for a little while longer, just until I can fall back to sleep. Then you can go back in there. Tommy smiled. You dont have to if you dont want to. Randi said nervously after she realized what she had said. I know you must be tired and worn out from tonight. I am sorry for waking you up Randi started rambling again. Tommy gently place two fingers on Randis lips then kissed her hand. Its ok, really it is. You dont have to keep apologizing to me. And of course I will hold you, as long as you are sure. I dont want to make you feel like I am pushing myself on you. Tommy told her. I will tell you if I become uncomfortable. Randi said smiling weakly.

Randi lay down and Tommy walked over to the other side of the bed. Do you mind I get under the blanket? If it makes you uncomfortable I can get another one for me. No thats ok. I will be fine. You can share this one with me. Randi said as she snuggled down into the bed. Tommy lay down beside her and pulled her close to him. He could still feel her body shaking a little, but slowly she relaxed. You can turn the light off if you want. Randi said quietly. Tommy reached over and turned the lamp off then put his arm back around Randi. She cuddled up closer to him and closed her eyes. She felt strangely safe having him hold her. And soon she was asleep.

Tommy lay there awake so he could go back to the couch like he promised. When he was sure Randi was ok and asleep he tried to ease away. When he moved Randi stirred and cried out his name quietly. Tommy ran his hand across Randis hair. What is it? He whispered. Dont leave me please. Randi whispered back.


Part 13

Mandy lay in the bed tossing and turning, wondering if Randi was ok. Should she go check on her again? Or should she just stay in here and not worry about it? She knew she wouldnt be able to get any sleep until she knew for sure that Randi was ok. She finally got up and walked quietly out into the living room. She didnt want to wake Nikki or Tommy. She was surprised to see Nikki sitting up on one of the couches watching TV and Tommy wasnt in there.

Nikki noticed her standing there and started talking. Hey what are you doing up? He said kindly. Mandy walked over to him. I couldnt get back to sleep. I am too worried about Randi. By the way, where is Tommy? Mandy asked as she sat down beside Nikki. He is still in there with Randi. I got up and peeked in there a little bit ago. They were both asleep and the light was off so I came back in here and decided to watch some more TV until I fall asleep. Mandy was shocked. She couldnt believe Tommy was still in there. She just hoped Randi had asked him to do it. She didnt want to see Randi freak out.

Well I cant sleep, would you mind if I sat in here with you and watched some TV? Mandy asked. Sure that sounds great. Nikki said smiling as he made room for Mandy to sit down beside him. Mandy smiled and sat down. Nikki stretched his arm out across the back of the couch. The next move was up to Mandy. Nikki wasnt going to force himself on her, but he was letting her know he would hold her if she wanted. They watched TV in silence for a few minutes before Mandy slowly slid closer to Nikki. She laid her head on his shoulder and Nikki wrapped his arm around her. Mandy relaxed instantly and Nikki smiled. He was so glad they had changed their minds and came back to the hotel.

Mandy and Nikki talked some, but not much. They mostly watched TV. Mandy finally started getting sleepy, and cold, even though Nikki was holding her. Hey Nikki, I am getting cold. I think I will go back to the bedroom now so I can cover up, and you can go to sleep. Well you dont have to worry about me, I am perfectly comfortable, and unless you just really would rather go back to the bedroom, I can get a cover for you. Its not a problem. Nikki told her, hoping she would agree to stay on the couch with him. Mandy was quiet for a moment while she argued with herself. She knew what she wanted, but she didnt want Nikki to think she was leading him on, or for him to think she was just another groupie. The choice is yours, whatever you are more comfortable with. Nikki told her.

A few minutes later Mandy had made her decision and told Nikki. He happily agreed and followed her to the bedroom. Nikki waited for Mandy to get laid down before crawling into the bed himself. Again he waited for Mandy to make the move. Finally she scooted closer to him and put her hand on his chest and closed her eyes. Nikki slowly wrapped his arms around her. Mandy relaxed instantly. And like Randi felt with Tommy holding her, Mandy felt safe with Nikkis arms around her. Within minutes they were both sound asleep.


Part 14

Randi started to wake the next morning. She remembered how Tommy had came rushing to her when she had the nightmare, and how safe she felt having him lay with her just holding her. She was looking forward to opening her eyes and seeing him lay beside her. For some reason she felt complete. Randi slowly opened her eyes and had a smile on her face. But her smile quickly faded, and her heart sank. Tommy wasnt there. Had the whole thing been a dream?? Did she just dream that Tommy had came to her rescue?

A few moments later she heard a peck on the door. She slowly looked over, trying to blink away the tears that had formed in her eyes. She instantly felt better when she seen Tommy walk in holding a tray of food, and a single rose. He smiled sexily at her and walked over to her. Good morning beautiful. How did you sleep after having that nightmare? Tommy asked with a look of deep concern in his eyes. Randi didnt speak right away, instead she thought to herself. Well I guess that answers that question. I guess he did come to my rescue. She smiled at him then started talking. I am sorry for waking you last night Tommy, but I want you to know it means a lot to me that you came in here to make sure I was ok. She paused for a moment. I also appreciate you staying in here with me. I hope me asking didnt make you think badly of me. Randi said feeling self-conscience. Tommy bent down and kissed her gently on the cheek as he sat down her tray of food. Of course I dont think badly of you. I am glad you let me comfort you. I was really worried about you. It was my pleasure to lay here and hold you. Its nice to find a fan that isnt just out to get in my pants. Now, enough of that talk, you just eat your breakfast. Oh and by the way, here is a beautiful rose for a beautiful lady. Tommy said as he picked the rose up off the tray and handed it to her causing Randi to blush instantly.

Nikki carried a tray into Mandy. She was still sleeping and had a smile on her face. Nikki longed to hold her in his arms again. She gave him a feeling he hadnt felt in a really long time. And he knew something terrible must have happened to both her and Randi. Him and Tommy desperately wanted to take away that pain for them, if only the ladies would let them. But he knew they were both unusually afraid of everything, even afraid of having someone be nice to them. And it was going to be a long, slow process trying to get their complete trust.

Nikki sat Mandys tray down on the nightstand and sat on the edge of the bed. He inhaled deeply; he could still smell the perfume she had on from last night. She smelled so good, and looked like an angel lying in the bed. Nikki gently ran his fingers through Mandys hair. It was so soft and pretty. He brushed a few strands of hair out of her face before leaning down and kissing her lightly on the cheek. Mandy stirred a bit and sighed. She started to open her eyes and smiled sleepily when she seen Nikki sitting beside her. Good morning. Nikki said with a hint of desire in his voice. Hey, good morning. Mandy said smiling at him. What smells so good? She asked when she felt her belly growl. Well I can tell you that you are one thing in this room that smells good. I love your perfume. Nikki said flashing a smile at her. Mandy felt her cheeks flush and looked down. Nikki chuckled and started talking again. The other thing is your breakfast. Nikki reached over for the tray of food he had brought in for Mandy. But before you eat, I have something for you. He picked up the rose that he had laid on the nightstand and handed it to her. Mandy blushed again. She had never had a man serve her breakfast in bed, let alone bring her a rose with it. Nikki handed Mandy the rose, their hands touched as she took it from him, giving them both chills. Mandy closed her eyes as she breathed in the scent of the rose. Nikki just sat there watching her quietly, admiring how beautiful and innocent she looked.


Part 15

Nikki went and got his breakfast and brought it into the bedroom so he could be with Mandy. He didnt know how long she would stay so he wanted to be with her every moment he could. They sat on the bed talking while they ate. Mandy hadnt felt this happy and secure in a long time. It was a feeling she didnt want to ever end, but she knew it wouldnt last. As soon as they went back out on the road, shed never hear from him again. Mandy tried to push those thoughts aside. She wanted to enjoy the experience while she could.

Tommy and Randi were about to start eating when she realized she was still wearing Tommys jacket. She decided to take it off before she ate. Tommy helped her slide it off. Randi smiled and began eating. But as soon as she had the jacket off she felt herself starting to panic inside. Not having the jacket on made her afraid. She felt so safe with Tommys jacket on, and she didnt understand why. Tommy noticed immediately that something was wrong. Whats a matter Randi? Are you ok? Yeah, I am just a little cold now after taking your jacket off. Randi told him, she wasnt about to tell him the truth and make herself look and sound stupid. Well lets try something. Tommy said as he sat down his fork. He picked up his jacket from behind Randi. Randi instantly had that same feeling of being safe again when Tommy draped his jacket over her shoulders. Hows that? Can you eat ok with it like that? Tommy asked, wanting to make sure she was comfortable. Yes, thanks Tommy. No problem. Tommy said smiling as they returned to eating their breakfast.

Nikki and Mandy had finished eating and Nikki carried their trays out into the living room then returned to the bedroom. Mandy was sitting on the side of the bed waiting for him to return. She smiled when he returned to the room and sat down beside her. She was about to start talking when she realized that Nikki was going to say something so she waited. Nikki turned to her and ran his fingers through Mandys hair. Mandy didnt flinch or tense up when Nikki did that, so he decided to try and take it a step farther. Nikki brushed the hair out of Mandys face and slowly traced her lips with his finger. Mandy had so many emotions pulsating through her she didnt know what to do.  Her lips were tingling where Nikki had touched them. Part of her longed for him to continue, but part of her was begging him to stop.

Nikki didnt make any more moves. He was waiting for Mandy to do something, tell him to continue, tell him to stop, or at least look at him. She finally looked at him. Nikki could see both fear and desire in her eyes. Are you ok? He asked her. I think so. Mandy said trying to smile. She could feel herself starting to tremble. Nikki looked her deep in the eyes, as if he was searching for an answer to what caused all her fear. Mandy returned his stare, looking at him as if she was asking him to save her from the demons inside her that made her so fragile and afraid of everything.

Mandy blinked, breaking the stare. May I? Nikki asked as he took Mandys chin into his hand. Mandy couldnt answer him. She was trembling inside; she didnt know what to do. Nikki didnt say or do anything else. It was her call. As badly as he longed to feel her lips against his, he didnt want to do anything to make her uncomfortable. Mandy finally nodded her head telling Nikki it was ok. Mandy closed her eyes as Nikki came towards her. She was tense at first so Nikki took it slow. When their lips touched Mandy jumped at first, but then Nikki placed his other hand on Mandys back and tangled his fingers into her hair. Mandy relaxed and let Nikki kiss her. Mandy couldnt control what she was feeling inside. She had never been kissed like this before. It was powerful and intense, yet passionate and tender at the same time.

Mandy sighed and parted her lips just slightly. Nikki took this as his cue to take the kiss a step farther. He gently ran his tongue around Mandys lips. Mandy relaxed and melted against Nikki instantly, then spread her lips farther inviting Nikki to kiss her more deeply. Mandy gasped as Nikki slid his tongue into her mouth. As their tongues continued to dance around with each other, Nikki slowly began to lay Mandy back onto the bed. They lay side by side with their arms wrapped tightly around each other. Mandy was lost in the feelings Nikki was causing inside of her. She forgot about all her fears and insecurities, and just wanted that moment to last forever.

Part 16
Nikki pulled away from Mandy to see a tear slide down her face, Nikki was afraid he had done something to fast
                           and sat up quickly. Did I do something to fast? If I did I am sorry. 
                           No, Nikki. Mandy gasped, It was wonderful, I am not used to such sweetness. I am sorry if I scared you. she finished
                           sitting up, pulling her mind together again, Nikki really had a way to make everything just disappear. 
                           Oh, I thought maybe me kissing you like I wanted to was too much. I didnt want you to think that I was pressuring you
                           into anything. I wanted you to feel something that wasnt pain. Nikki whispered. 
                           I dont know what came over me, at first it was all so new to me and then it was like it was meant to happen. Mandy
                           whispered back, not afraid to let her feelings go when with him.  So you liked
                           it? Nikki asked in a teasing voice. 
                           Oh Nikki, you are so wonderful. Thank you for showing me a wonderful evening and morning. Mandy said hugging him.  Nikki just held her as she held him, knowing the moment had to end; they both stayed
                           in each others arms as long as they could. 
                           and Randi finished there breakfast making small talk as they went, when they finished Tommy brought out the trays to the kitchen,
                           and noticed that Nikki and Mandy were still in her room and the door was open a bit so he peeked in to see if everything was
                           okay.  He had a few concerns about these girls, feeling that they were more afraid
                           and had been hurt a lot more than they were letting on. He had great envy for them being so strong and willing to trust them.
                           He felt relieved when he saw Nikki and Mandy holding each other. He felt a sense of hope when he saw that. Now all he had
                           to do was get them to agree to be with them more.  He knew how happy that Mandy
                           made Nikki, and he knew that life was better with Randi by his side, even though they had only been together for less than
                           a day, he felt so much more complete. 

Part 17
Tommy walked back into the room he had shared with Randi to see her still sitting there with his coat on, she wasn't aware of him standing there watching. She was sitting there with her head down taking in the scent of his jacket. He stood there and smiled.  Seeing more completeness in her since he had held her last night.  "Randi, may I sit by you again?" he asked walking in making her jump.  "Certainly." Randi said blushing, hoping he hadn't seen her sniffing his coat.   She gladly let him sit by her, not wanting to leave his side, enjoying the time they spent together.
"Randi, I have really enjoyed our time together this past evening and this morning. You are a wonderful woman, and you have made me very aware of how wonderful true fans are.  I really had a great time with you at the concert. You're love and heart lighted up our whole set."  "Thank you." Randi said blushing. Never had she had a man say such nice sweet things to her before.   "No Randi, thank you. Before I saw you I thought it was going to be just another concert, another performance, and another VIP party with groupies hanging all over us and then we leave and nothing is said or done to let our true fans know that we appreciate them." Tommy said leaning closer to Randi, being sure to go slow so not to scare or freak her out.  When he leaned in closer, Randi didn't even move or get scared, she wasn't afraid of Tommy and knew that he was a good man, despite his notorious bad boy image that the media flocked to.
"Tommy, I do appreciate all the kindness you have given me and my friend Mandy. She really appreciates it as well.  Thank you. We have loved your music for years and have been to many concerts. But never have we been this close or been to a VIP party. Thank you guys so much. It has made our day to meet you guys." Randi said rambling on, wanting so badly to taste Tommy's lips but felt inside that he had no interest other than to be a good host to her.
Tommy sat there staring into Randi's eyes amazed at how deep and hidden they were, they were so emotional like a storm was constantly raging in them hiding memories that were dying to be let go of.  He was so mesmerized by her voice, how sweet and innocent it was, telling him her feelings about the band, and about his playing, she really had a sweet way of putting her love into words.
When Randi stopped talking, Tommy took his fingers and put them on her lips.  "Shh. I want to look at you and get an image I can remember for always." Tommy whispered his lips getting closer to her, his eyes still fixated on hers. Randi stayed still, keeping her
eyes fixed on his eyes. She felt an urge to break away, but it quickly faded into desire, desire for the man who captivated her dreams so many nights, and her CD player during the day.
Tommy leaned in closer, slipping his fingers down her chin to her neck, slowly so not to frighten her.  He stopped at her collarbone, and left them there, he could feel Randi relax more, the longer he left his hand on her. Feeling it was okay to move on, he placed his lips on hers, placing his other arm around her slim frame, and wrapped his hand in her hair that smelled of rose buds in the spring.  Randi thought she was dreaming till she felt more pressure on her lips, and his tongue tracing her lips, urging her lips open. Randi obeyed willingly, letting him discover her mouth, while she kept tracking every moment in her memory. Definitely making sure that what was happening wasn't a dream.

Part 18
The morning flew by, before they knew it, Tommy and Nikki were to leave for the next city. Mandy and Randi had spent the whole day with them, talking and having fun.  "We would really like it if you came with us." Nikki said holding Mandys hand.  "We cant though, you are busy and don't want to take up your time." Mandy responded.  "I have to work and Mandy does as well." Rand said. Mandy was shocked at how talkative she was being with them around. Normally she was really quiet unless it was just them. Tommy certainly did something to her to bring out her personality.
"Can we call or visit you at least?" Tommy said. Seeing distraction in Randi's face as he commented.  "Yeah, we want to keep in touch with you. You were a lot of fun. Maybe we can have you come on tour with us for awhile, when you want to." Nikki said wanting so badly to take Mandy with him, to save her from the demons that had captured her. "That would be nice, but we have a business to run, so we cant take a long period of time off, we got to pay the bills somehow." Mandy replied, getting the worried feeling again, thinking she would never hear from them again, so why get her hopes up.
"Tommy, we run our own record store in town, called Mystic Records. When you guys have some time off and would like to do an autograph signing why don't you call us and we will gladly let you sit in the store." Randi said happily, feeling a lot better than Mandy
did at the moment.  "Thank you Randi, it would be our pleasure." Tommy said taking the business card from her, seeing both their cell numbers on it as well as email addresses.
Mandy said in fear of how heartbroken Randi would be if she didn't hear from him again. She would worry about it for ages, making both of them sick wondering about it. Mandy desperately wanted to see Nikki again, to taste his lips on hers again, to share breakfast with him and to talk with him, but knew in heart that was a far off dream.
When they said their goodbyes both women had tears in their eyes and happy memories in their heads. Mandy Raye was given a shirt signed by both Nikki and Tommy, and was promised that Mick and Vince would sign it as soon as they were back in town. Tommy gave Randi a shirt as well, signed and his jacket to keep warm with, in the pocket was a bottle of the cologne he wore for her enjoyment. He noticed she smelled the coat a lot and must have liked the smell so included it as a small gift. Both men kissed their ladies
goodbye, and hugged the other, promising they would be in contact for a signing and for more encouragement to go out on the road with them.
Randi and Mandy watched as they boarded their bus, and headed off, waving till they couldn't see the bus any longer.  "Mandy, did you have a good time with Nikki?" Randi
had to ask when they were driving home. Still seeing the worry in her friends eyes.  "It was wonderful it really was, but why was he so nice and so giving if he will never see me again. Do you think he treats all the fans like that?"  "Mandy, you are more than a fan to him, he considers you a friend, obviously, he let you stay in his room and wants to see you again. I think he likes you." "If anyone likes anyone its Tommy, he is head over
heals for you. I saw the way he kissed you goodbye." Mandy said making Randi blush.
"He does not, he was just being polite." Randi again said blushing more.  "Is that what that's called?"  Mandy said teasing, enjoying seeing a smile on her best friends face. They drove the rest of the way home in silence, thinking of everything that happened that day and the previous evening.  Both glad they had agreed to close the shop for the day, thinking they would need the extra sleep, not actually getting any. Rather they spent the day with the boys from Motley Crue. They both had many pictures to get developed and a lot of memories to remember them with. Secretly hoping that they would return to them soon, already their lives seemed better by seeing them.


Part 19

Mandy and Randi went home and decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing. They each went to their room to put away their souvenirs. Randi sat the bottle of cologne Tommy had given her on the nightstand beside her bed. That way if she started missing him in the middle of the night she would have something to comfort her a little. She knew nothing would be able to take the place of him holding her, especially after the kiss they shared, but at least she had something.

After they had put their things away the both returned to the living room. Mandy flipped on the TV as she sat down. She noticed Randi was still wearing Tommys jacket and couldnt help but laugh. Randi looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Whats so funny? Oh nothing. Mandy said smiling. Whatever dont give me that. Now whats so funny? She asked again. You are going to have that coat wore out within a week if you dont take it off some time. I will take it off in a little while. Randi told her as she inhaled Tommys scent again.

Both ladies sat watching TV and talking about the wonderful time they had. They still couldnt believe it had happened and was waiting to wake up and realize it was just a dream. And as much as they both wanted to hear from Nikki and Tommy, and see them again, they knew it would never happen. Nikki and Tommy had probably already forgotten their names, and threw their business cards away as soon as they got on the bus. They tried to push those thoughts aside and tell themselves, that even if they didnt hear from them again, at least they would always have the memories.

Mandy and Randi both fell asleep watching TV. They were so exhausted. They never had so much excitement at one time. Both ladies had smiles on their faces as they dreamt about the kisses they had received. Neither of them had ever experienced anything like it before. No man had ever treated them with such respect, or showed them such tenderness and passion.


Part 20

Mandy and Randi were still asleep when Mandys cell phone started ringing. She didnt hear it, but Randi did, it was just a few inches away from her. So she woke Mandy up and gave it to her.  Mandy answered it sleepily. Hello. Hi Mandy, how are you? Do you miss me yet? The voice on the other end said. Who is this? Mandy said yawning and confused, still not awake enough to realize who it was. You mean you forgot me already? Nikki asked with a slightly hurt tone in his voice. When he said that Mandy knew right away who it was and sat straight up, immediately becoming excited. Randi knew right then who it was. She was extremely happy for her friend, but deep down she was envious because Nikki had called, but not Tommy.

Randi smiled at Mandy as she got up and walked to her bedroom so they could talk in private. Mandy was smiling ear to ear, beaming with happiness. She couldnt believe he actually called her. They talked for what seemed like an eternity, and Mandy was blushing the whole time. She had been so wrapped up in her conversation with Nikki she completely lost track of time.  When they finally hung up it had been and hour and a half. She went to check on Randi. She wasnt in her bedroom. She heard noise coming from the bathroom and went and tapped on the door.

Hey Randi Are you ok? Mandy asked. Yeah I am fine, I am just taking a bath so I can go to bed. Randi told her. Ok well I will leave you alone and we can talk when you are done. Mandy told her. Ok. Randi said trying to hide it from Mandy that she was close to tears. She didnt want to ruin how happy Mandy was. Mandy returned to the living room and Randi finished her bath.  Mandy sat with the TV on, but was so lost in her thoughts she had no clue what was on. And Randi lay in the bathtub wondering what she had done wrong and made Tommy decide not to call her.

After her bath Randi returned to the living room, Mandy was still lost in her thoughts. So Randi just sat down and left her alone. Mandy finally snapped out of it and started talking, telling Randi all about her phone call with Nikki. Randi smiled and listened to her friend talk excitedly.  About 10:00 Randi decided to call it a night and told Mandy she was going to bed. She just wanted to be alone. Mandy told her goodnight and turned off the TV and decided to get ready for bed too.


Part 21

Randi went to her room and shut the door. She usually slept with it open, but she didnt want Mandy to hear her crying. She was so happy that Nikki called her; Randi didnt want to ruin it. Randi laid Tommys jacket on her bed. Then picked up the bottle of cologne and inhaled deeply causing her eyes to fill with tears. Why didnt he call her? Randi started to get mad at herself. She knew better then to think he actually cared about her. No man ever had, and no man ever would. It was time for her to realize that. Mandy was happy and thats all that should matter. Mandy deserved to be happy.

Randi turned off her light and lay down. Even though Tommy had hurt her deeply, she still pulled his jacket close to her and laid her head on it. The tears continued to stream down her cheeks. She turned on her radio hoping to keep Mandy from hearing her, but when she did, Home Sweet Home was on and just made her cry more. Mandy walked past Randis door and heard noises, but didnt think anything about it at first. She went to the kitchen and got a drink. When she came back through she stopped at the door and listened. Randi was crying. Mandy knocked on the door, but Randi didnt answer. She took that as a hint to let Randi have her space and went on to her room.

When Mandy reached her room she dialed Nikkis cell phone. She knew exactly why Randi was crying, and she wanted to know why Tommy hadnt called. Nikki answered, happy to hear from Mandy so soon. They had just got on the bus, and where heading for the next town. Mandy explained to Nikki what was going on, but before Nikki could even respond, Mandy heard Randis cell phone ringing. She ran to the living room to get it. Tommy had no idea Nikki and Mandy was talking about Randi. He was in the back of the bus, and Nikki was in the front. Tommy felt horrible for not calling Randi when Nikki called Mandy. He hoped she wouldnt be too upset with him.

Mandy asked Nikki to call her back in a few minutes while she told Tommy what was going on. Tommy felt horrible and was extremely mad at himself for hurting Randi the way he did. He knew he shouldnt have taken that nap this afternoon. He asked if Mandy thought Randi would talk to him. Mandy said she would try. She knocked on the door again. Randi told her to go away, she hadnt even heard her cell phone ring. Mandy walked in anyway and flipped on the light. Randi hid her face with a pillow so Mandy couldnt see that she had been crying. I said go away, I am tired. Randi told her. You have a phone call. Mandy told her. Whoever it is, tell them to call back tomorrow. I am too tired to talk to anyone tonight. Randi said still holding the pillow over her face. Randi, knock it off and take that pillow off your head before you suffocate yourself. Stop acting like that and take our phone. Its Tommy. Mandy said raising her voice just a little. Randi uncovered her face and looked at Mandy. Really? She asked as she took the phone.


Part 22
Mandy sat and listened for a few minutes, before she was shooed away. Randi wanted privacy while talking to Tommy and Mandy willingly gave it to her. Mandy went and made herself some tea before going back to wait for her return call from Nikki. She
smiled with happiness, Randi was finally getting what she always deserved and was happy and Mandy was happy for her.
"So Randi, how has your day been for you?" Tommy asked, hearing sadness in her voice. "Good. Rather uneventful. We don't usually get VIP treatment by men in bands you know." Randi mentioned as she grabbed his coat and smelled it.  "Well we are glad to be the first, and I for one would like to do it more often. Will you let me?" Tommy asked pressing for a definite answer as to how she felt.  "If you must. I don't like to be handed things, I like to be my own person." Randi said feeling this was one battle she could not win if he was serious.  "If I didn't want to give you things you wanted, I wouldn't. By the way how is my cologne treating you?" Tommy asked with a teasing voice.  "Just fine, its on my nightstand." Randi said blushing. "Thank you very much, that was a great surprise as is the jacket." Randi finished, pulling the jacket closer to her heart, feeling an odd chill
in the air, which normally wasn't there. "Thats good I knew you liked it. Every once and a while I noticed you sniffing my jacket so that is what you must have liked." Tommy replied, getting eyed by Nikki who was still on the phone with Mandy. "Yes I did. Thank you." Randi said again feeling the chill.

"Hey Tommy can I ask you a question?"  Randi said bravely.  "Sure dear what is it?" Tommy said dreamily.  "Why didn't you call earlier? I wanted to hear from you all day. I thought you forgot me already." Randi said in a sad voice.  "How could I do that? You are truly one in a million heart, I wanted to call you earlier but wanted to wait till I was about to go to bed. So I could hear your sweet and innocent voice before I fell asleep."
Tommy admitted, knowing it made her blush.  "Thank you Tommy, that means a lot to me. I feel better knowing you think of me as innocent. I am glad I make you happy and make you think of me in the most sweetest of times." Randi breathed, thinking of the
kiss they had before.

"Well luv we are about to get on the road and moving. I promise to call as soon as we get to the next stop." Tommy said with sadness dripping from every word. The girl was amazing.  "Okay, and thank you for calling. It was great to hear from you." Randi said feeling the sadness he was feeling just as much.  "Goodbye dear, and take care."  "I will and I hope to hear from you soon." Randi said with a tear in her eye.  "You will. Bye now." Tommy said before he hung up the phone, if he didn't get off the phone when he did he would have been booking a flight back to her.

Part 23
A few days went by and both women were adjusting to receiving items at the store, and phone calls at night with the men saying it wasn't them. How could it not be though, who else would send them gorgeous flowers and balloons like they were receiving with notes saying they would see them soon?
It was Thursday afternoon and to the girls it was odd, they hadn't received anything from UPS that day, they didn't think bad of it, but was just curious what was going on, Mandy and Randi both agreed that something was going on; that Tommy and Nikki had something up their sleeves and they didn't know what.
Just when Randi and Mandy were ready to close up shop, they heard customers walk in. Randi walked out to see who it was, and almost dropped the stack of records she was going to stock. "Good evening ma'am may we look around?" Nikki asked quietly. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be on tour?"  Randi whispered back, knowing how happy Mandy would be to see him.  "Yes but someone wanted to see you.  He's outside smoking, he didn't want to smoke in here." Nikki said, seeing Randi's face light up.  "Thanks Nikki, you are a true sweetheart." Randi said
as she ran out the door.
Nikki was left standing in the store alone; looking around he saw pictures and posters of them, hanging everywhere. Especially behind the counter, along with two furry pink chairs and lots of music magazines. Also on the desk were some pictures of the ladies, from very young till just recently. Randi in all the pictures looked like she was more into everyday things and Mandy was always in something plaid or tie-dye. He smiled at the most recent pic of them; it was at Firehouse, he was guessing by the shirts the band was
wearing. They both looked happy and looked like they were having fun.
After he looked at all the pictures he started to sort through records and CDs. Not aware that Mandy had walked out of the back, and was also sorting and putting away stuff. He was absorbed in the music that was playing and didn't notice her. A few minutes went by before she said anything. "Can I help you find anything?"  Mandy asked not recognizing him as Nikki with his back turned and a dark trench coat on. "Yes, I am looking for this really cool band, Motley Crue. Can you give me an idea where they would be in here?"  "Sure, they are right over here." Mandy said pointing. "Did you see them last time they were in town?" she questioned "Yeah, they were great. I heard that there were some lucky fans that got to go backstage. Were you one of them?"  Nikki asked, hoping he had disguised his voice well enough.
"Yes, my best friend Randi and I did. It was so much fun. The band is real nice, and they put on a great show." Mandy said, sensing she knew the person she was talking to. The voice sounded almost familiar.  "Yeah they do. Say what is your name?" Nikki said
enjoying the game. "Mandy why?" she asked and Nikki turned around to see a shocked and embarrassed Mandy standing near him.  "Nikki, why didn't you tell me it was you?" Mandy said going up to him to give him a hug. "Because I wanted to see what you would say." Nikki said laughing.
Meanwhile outside Tommy and Randi stood holding each other.  "Tommy, I missed you. I like talking to you and being near you. Why didn't you come in with Nikki?" "Because he needed to talk to Mandy and I wanted to see you." Tommy said kissing her forehead. "Oh, thanks.  I am glad you came for a visit, but don't you have a show this week?" "Yes, but not till Sunday, we have a flight Sunday morning. Vince said it was cool if we weren't with them the next few days, said he saw our interest in you from the moment we saw you at the concert."  "Is that true Mr. Tommy Lee?"  Randi asked trying so hard to be serious. "Yes, my dear it is. I am so glad you went to the VIP party with Mandy, and that she came as well. Nikki has talked nonstop about her, as I have you." "Thank you." Randi said happily as they sat on the bench and talked.


Part 24

After a Tommy finished his cigarette him and Randi went inside hand in hand so Randi could help Mandy close up. They stopped at the door when they saw Mandy and Nikki standing by the counter. Mandy had her arms wrapped around Nikkis waist and Nikki had his hands tangled into Mandys hair. They were engaged in a very deep passionate kiss. Neither of them even realized that Randi and Tommy were watching them.

After a few minutes when Nikki and Mandy still had not stopped kissing Randi spoke up feeling brave with Tommy still holding her hand. Ok you two break it up, save it till later and get a room. I want to close up and get out of here. Tommy busted out laughing when Nikki and Mandy both jumped and Mandy started blushing. I hope we can continue this later. Nikki whispered seductively into Mandys ear making her blush even more.

Mandy and Randi finished closing up while Nikki and Tommy continued to look around the store talking quietly to each other. Did you ask her? Tommy asked Nikki. Yeah, but I still cant convince her. Nikki said disappointed. DAMN. Tommy said a little louder then he intended to. He looked up to make sure neither of the ladies heard him. He didnt see either of them, so they continued talking.

About five minutes later Randi and Mandy came out of the back room and asked Tommy and Nikki if they were ready to go. Randi, Tommy, and Nikki went on out to the car, while Mandy locked up. She was surprised when she got to the car and Randi was sitting in the back seat with Tommy, and Nikki was in the front. She just smiled at Randi and got in.  Once they got going down the road Tommy stretched his arm out across the back of the seat. Randi slid over as close as she could to him, placing her hand on his leg. Tommy wrapped his arm around her and breathed in her scent. It was a mixture of leather and his cologne, and roses. It was intoxicating to him, and she looked so sexy in his jacket.

Tommy finally broke the silence. So Randi, do you wear my jacket everyday? Tommy said with a cocky grin. Mandy immediately started laughing and Randi felt her cheeks flush, unable to answer him. Yes Tommy, she does. And she keeps it close to her at all times. Mandy told him then looked at Randi in the rearview mirror. Randi was blushing furiously, refusing to look at Tommy. Is that so? Tommy asked. Randi just nodded her head, still blushing. He leaned down closer to her so he could whisper in her ear. She was already embarrassed enough, he didnt want to make it worse by letting Nikki and Mandy hear what he was about to say. I am honored that you like my jacket so much, and I think you look sexy in it. But I want to spend some time alone so I can take it off you and feel your lips against mine again. Tommy whispered seductively. Randi gasped, she felt her heart pounding, and her body began to tingle at the thought of kissing Tommy again. Randi looked up to the front seat to make sure Mandy hadnt heard her gasp.

So where do you guys want to go? Mandy asked as Nikki placed his hand on hers. Nikki looked back at Tommy and Tommy shrugged his shoulders. Why dont you take us to your house? Nikki suggested. Yeah, that sounds good. Tommy agreed. Ok. Mandy said as she head towards home.  A few moments later they pulled up and Mandy turned off the engine. Well this is it. She said as she opened her door. Nikki got out and followed Mandy to the door, walking hand in hand. Randi started to get out and Tommy stopped her. Randi felt herself panic a little. Mandy and Nikki was already inside. She couldnt believe Mandy had left her like that.

Tommy just looked at her, staring deep into her eyes. Randi had to blink to keep the tears from forming in her eyes. Tommys stare was intense and breathe taking. I meant what I said a few minutes ago. I really want to kiss you again, if thats ok with you. Randi couldnt answer him she just slowly nodded her head and closed her eyes. Tommy pulled her close to him and crushed his lips to hers. Randi was on fire; her heart was pounding, and was her breathing was short and heavy. Tommy pulled her over onto his lap so their chests were against each other. Randi wrapped her arms around Tommys neck and began kissing him again. Tommy wrapped his arms around Randi again and pulled her as close as he could to him. He finally broke the kiss. They were both gasping for air.

Tommy watched as the look in Randis eyes went from desire to fear. She looked away feeling self-conscience again. Are you ok? Tommy asked. Yeah, I am sorry Tommy. Randi asked. Sorry for what? Tommy asked confused. I shouldnt be acting like this I am sorry. Randi said as she slid off his lap. If anyone should be apologizing it should be me. I shouldnt have threw myself at you like that. Tommy told her. I was enjoying it very much Tommy. Randi said blushing. Did I do something wrong? Not at all. Tommy told her as he smoothed down her hair with his hands. Then why Why did you stop? Randi asked nervously. I stopped because I didnt want you to feel like I was pressuring to into doing anything you arent comfortable with. I respect you, and I dont want to hurt you. Tommy said forcing Randi to look at him. Randi smiled. Thanks Tommy, that means a lot to me. No problem. Now why dont we get inside before those two start wondering what happened to us? Tommy said smiling.


Part 25

Randi and Tommy walked into the house. He had his arm around her shoulders, not wanting to let go after the kiss they had shared in the car. Randi looked around for signs of Nikki and Mandy, but didnt see them. She just shrugged her shoulders and went on into the living room. Tommy followed close behind, watching every move Randi made. She led him to the couch and they sat down. Randi gave Tommy the remote and told him he could watch whatever he wanted.

Mandy and Nikki was in her bedroom talking. They sat on her bed while talking. Mandy how can I change your mind? Nikki asked. Nikki I really want to, but I cant. Mandy said looking away. Why? Why wont you come out on tour with me? I dont want to be away from you. Nikki pleaded. Nikki, Randi and I have a business to run. Everyday we arent open, is money we arent making. And if we arent making money, we cant pay our bills. Mandy told him trying to make him understand. Nikki sighed, he had to do something to convince her to go, and Tommy wanted Randi with him too.

Nikki decided to drop it, for now anyways. So how about what I said at the store? Nikki grinned. Mandy felt her cheeks redden. Ok. She whispered. Just a second though. Mandy stood up and walked over to her door closing it part of the way. She didnt know why she felt the need to close it. All they were going to do is kiss. She returned to Nikki and sat down on her bed. For some reason she felt nervous again. Nikki noticed the distraction in her eyes.

Are you ok? Nikki asked gently. Yeah, I am just not used to being treated so kindly by a man. Mandy admitted looking away. Well my dear, as long as you let me stay around, you will continue to be treated this way. The same goes for Randi with Tommy. He thinks she is amazing, and I think the world of you as well. Nikki told her as he brushed his hand across her face. Mandy smiled at him and looked deep into his eyes, praying that he was being honest with her. She couldnt handle being hurt by him. Nikki returned her gaze as if begging her to trust him and let him help her past the demons from her past that tormented her.

Before Mandy knew what came over her she was leaning towards Nikki. Nikki stayed still, wanting Mandy to kiss him on her own. She closed her eyes as her lips touched his.  Nikki kissed back slowly. Mandy moved closer and put her arms around Nikki, hoping he would do the same. Then deepened their kiss. Mandy heard herself sigh as Nikki began to tease her with his tongue. Mandy parted her lips so Nikki could enter her mouth with his tongue. Nikki groaned as Mandy began running her fingers up and down his back. He knew he had to stop soon or else, he was going to want more then Mandy was ready for and he didnt want to put her through that.


Part 26

Nikki and Mandy decided to go see what Randi and Tommy were doing.  They found them in the living room, still on the couch. Randi had her head in Tommys lap, still wearing his jacket. Her eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face. Tommy was asleep with the remote to the TV in one hand and his other hand rested gently on Randis shoulder.

Mandy and Nikki tiptoed past them hoping not to wake them up. They went into the kitchen so they could talk. Mandy made a pot of tea for herself and Nikki. Nikki noticed a pile of pictures on the table from the concert where they had met. Can I look at these? He asked. Sure go ahead. Mandy said smiling. Nikki laughed over how many pictures there were of just him or Tommy. Then he noticed several of Tommy while he was playing the piano. So he decided to say something about it. I take it that Randi enjoys seeing and hearing Tommy play piano. Yeah, she thinks he is great. Home Sweet Home has been her favorite song every since you first released it because of Tommy playing the piano. Mandy told him as she got up to pour them each a cup of tea. Well I am sure Tommy would be happy to hear that. What about you? Whats you favorite song? Nikki asked. Mandy thought for a moment Glitter. She told him. Really? Nikki asked. Yes, its a very pretty song.


Randi woke up and slowly got up so she wouldnt wake Tommy. She heard voices coming from the kitchen so she walked in there. Hey. She said as she walked in and sat down with Mandy and Nikki. Do you want some tea? Mandy asked her. Sure that sounds good. Randi told her. Mandy got up and poured Randi a cup and sat back down. So what do you and Tommy want to do tonight? Randi asked Nikki. We thought about asking you ladies if we could take you out, our treat. Nikki told her. No, you have already taken us out. You dont need to do it again. How about I make supper for us? Randi blurted out, not wanting it to seem like they were just using Tommy and Nikki for their money. You dont have to go to the trouble to cook for us. Nikki told her. Its no trouble really. I dont mind. Randi said looking at Mandy who was staying out of it. Are you sure? Nikki asked. I am positive. Randi smiled. Well ok then, its been a long time since we had a home cooked meal. It sounds really good. I am sure Tommy would agree.

Randi got up and started looking through the cabinets getting out everything she needed to make supper for them. Nikki and Mandy continued talking. About 30 minutes later Tommy walked into the kitchen rubbing his eyes and yawning. What smells so good? I am starved. Tommy said as he walked up to Randi and kissed her on the cheek making her blush. I see you finally took my jacket off. He teased when he realized she wasnt wearing it. Yeah, I didnt want to get anything on it. Randi told him as she continued cooking.

Tommy sat down at the table with Mandy and Nikki. Randi poured another cup of tea and sat it in front of Tommy, then walked back to the stove. Tommy smiled and took a sip of his tea. Do you need some help? Mandy asked. She already knew Randi wouldnt let her help cook. She never let her. Randi looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Well I could at least set the table for you. Mandy said rolling her eyes at Randi. Sure that sounds good. Thanks. Randi said turning her attention back to the food on the stove. The timer went off for the biscuits. Randi got a potholder and pulled them out of the oven. She sat them on the counter and covered them with butter.

Its almost ready. She told Mandy, Nikki, and Tommy. Mandy had finished setting the table and was waiting to see if Randi was going to let her do anything else. Do you need any more help? Mandy asked. No, its all done. Thanks for setting the table. You can come make your plate now if you want. She said looking at Tommy and Nikki. Tommy and Nikki both got up and went to the stove. It looked and smelled wonderful. They could both feel their bellys grumbling from hunger.

They sat down and started eating, in silence at first. Then Tommy started talking. This is great Randi. You did a wonderful job. Randi blushed. Yeah, thanks. I forgot just how good a nice home cooked meal tastes, its been so long since I had one. Nikki told her. Randi blushed again. Thanks guys, but it was nothing really. I didnt mind.


Part 27

After they ate Tommy asked Randi if she felt like going for a walk. She had a look of panic on her face as she looked at Mandy. She tried to avoid the question. What are you and Nikki going to do tonight Mandy? I dont know. She said looking at Nikki. I thought you might want to sit and talk, just spend some time alone. He told her. Mandy noticed Tommy and Nikki looking at each other as if they were trying to figure out a way to convince Randi to go for a walk with Tommy. So Mandy spoke up. That sounds good to me. Randi I know how much you enjoy walking. Why dont you go?  Randi looked at Tommy. He was watching her. Please. Tommy said to her.

Randi nervously agreed to go for a walk with Tommy and put his jacket back on. Both her and Mandy had a feeling the guys were up to something else. Mandy had an idea what it was, but Randi had no clue. Mandy loaded the dishes from supper into the dishwasher after Randi and Tommy left. When she was done her and Nikki went to the living room and put in a movie.  They cuddled up together on the love seat and Nikki draped a blanket over Mandy.

Tommy took Randis hand into his as they walked down the sidewalk. So where do you want to go? Randi asked. I dont know, you tell me. I dont know much about this town. Tommy said giving her hand a small squeeze. Randi thought for a moment. Well there is a small park not to far from here. That sounds great. Tommy told her. Ok. Randi said as they headed towards the park.

They reached the park about five minutes later. Tommy led her over to a swing. It was like a porch swing, big enough for them to sit together. Tommy pulled Randi close to him and put his arm around her. Randi rested her head on Tommys shoulder, and laid her hand on his leg. She loved the way it felt to have his arms around her. He gave her a safe and protected feeling she had never felt before.

So what do you want to talk about? Randi asked. Well there is one thing I wanted to discuss with you. Tommy said as he reached for his wallet out of his back pocket. Ok. Randi said confused. Tommy opened up his wallet and pulled out a plane ticket. Randi was even more confused now. Whats that? She asked. Its a plane ticket. Tommy told her. Well I know that much, I meant why are you showing me a plane ticket? I want you to go back out on tour with me. Just for a few days. Tommy pleaded. I cant do that Tommy. I cant leave Mandy here to run our shop by herself. Randi told him. You wouldnt be leaving her. Nikki is asking her to come a long as well. Then who would run our shop while we are gone? We cant close it up. We need the money. We have bills to pay. If we arent open, we arent earning money. Randi said with a hint of disappointment in her voice. Would you go if Nikki and I gave to the amount of money you would normally make? Tommy asked, trying to think of anything to convince her. No Tommy. I told you before, I dont like to be handed things. I want to be my own person. I cant take your money. Randi told him seriously. Ok, how about a loan? Would you and Mandy go if we loaned you the money? You can pay us back, then that wouldnt be us handing it to you. Tommy said desperately trying to change her mind. He wanted to be with her so bad. I dont know. I have to talk it over with Mandy first. Ok? Randi said hoping he would be satisfied with that. Ok, that sounds good.

Tommy noticed that Randi seemed to be getting cold. The sun was going down and the temperature was slowly dropping. Are you ready to go back to your house? Yeah. Randi said as they stood up. Tommy pulled her close to him and kissed her gently. You are beautiful, absolutely breathe taking. Tommy whispered to her. Randi blushed and looked away not saying anything at all. She just took his hand and started walking. She wanted to get home before the sun went down.


Part 28

Mandy and Nikki were still on the love seat watching TV. Randi could tell as soon as Mandy looked at her, that Nikki had asked her the same thing. Mandy I need to talk to you for a minute if you dont mind. Randi told her. Ok. Mandy said as she got up and followed her to Randis bedroom. Did Nikki ask you anything while we was gone? Yes. Why did Tommy ask you too? Mandy asked. Yes. Randi said not knowing what to say or do next. I told him we couldnt let them give us their money. Yeah, so did I. Then Tommy asked if we would go if they loaned it to us and we pay them back. Randi told Mandy. I dont know. What do you think? What do you want to do? Mandy asked. I am leaving the decision up to you this time. Whatever you decide is fine with me. Randi told her. Mandy rolled her eyes. Gee thanks. Hey, payback for forcing me to make all the decisions the night of the concert. Randi said laughing.

Nikki and Tommy sat in the living room talking about what each of the ladies had said. Tommy seemed to have had better luck with Randi, than Nikki did with Mandy. At least Randi said she would talk it over with Mandy. Mandy just refused. Both guys were crossing their fingers hoping the ladies would agree.

Randi and Mandy walked back into the living room. No one said a word about them going with them when they left on Sunday. Randi went and sat down by Tommy and Mandy went back to the love seat with Nikki.  They finished watching the movie that was on without talking much. Tommy and Nikki were both really tired. It had been a long day. The day had started early for Mandy and Randi too, but not as early as it did for the guys.

Finally Nikki spoke up. I hate to be a party pooper, but I am really tired. Its been a long day. Yeah, so am I. Do you care if we stay here, or would you rather us go to a hotel and come back tomorrow? Tommy asked. NO. Randi blurted out causing Mandy to jump. Randi rarely raised her voice. No we cant stay or no you dont want us to go to a hotel? Nikki asked, not sure which part Randi was saying no to. You can stay here. There is no reason for you to spend the money for a room. Randi told them looking over at Mandy hoping she was ok with it. Thanks. Tommy and Nikki said at the same time.

Randi stood up not sure what to do next. She wanted so badly to lie next to Tommy and feel his arms around her again. But she was afraid to ask. She walked to her bedroom. Mandy noticed the disturbed look on Randis face and followed her. Tommy and Nikki just looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

What was that all about? Mandy asked as they reached the bedroom. All what? Randi asked pretending not to know what she was talking about. You know damn well what I am talking about You yelling no like that and then taking off. Mandy said. Oh that Nothing. Randi said. Dont feed me that shit. You ask them to stay then run off. That was real polite. Mandy said sarcastically. I didnt know what else to do. I couldnt tell him what I was thinking and wanting. I dont want Tommy thinking I am just out to get in his pants. Randi admitted. Well what exactly is it that you want? Mandy asked. I just want him to sleep in here with me and hold me. Thats all I want is to be held. Randi admitted. And you acted like this over wanting to be held? Mandy said a little upset with her friend for acting so stupid. What in the hell am I going to do with you? Mandy asked as Randi headed for her door. Good night Mandy. I am going to get ready for bed now. Then she walked out of her room and went to the bathroom. Mandy threw her hands up in the air and walked back into the living room.

Nikki and Tommy were just sitting there, waiting to see what was going on. Neither of them was quite sure what had just happened. Mandy went and sat back down with Nikki. Is she ok? Tommy asked. I wasnt meaning to cause any trouble. Yeah, she is fine. She was just having some issues. If you want I will show you where her room is so you can go to bed. She is in the bathroom getting ready for bed. She will be back in there shortly. Mandy said standing back up. Ok, thanks. Good night Nikki. Good night Tommy.


Part 29

Randi stood in the bathroom looking at her reflection in the mirror and scolding herself for acting so childish and stupid. Tommy would never want to be with her if she kept acting like this. Oh well she thought to herself. He would never honestly want anything serious with her, and it was time for her to get that through her head.

Randi walked out of the bathroom just as Mandy and Nikki went into her room closing the door behind them. She sighed and went to her room. Randi was shocked when she saw Tommy sitting on her bed. Hi. She said nervously looking down at the floor. Hey are you ok? Tommy asked her. Yeah, I am fine. I am sorry for acting so stupid. I am just having trouble dealing with some of the feelings I am having. Randi said feeling more and more ridiculous with each word.

Randi started to brush out her long brown hair. Come here. Tommy said in a low voice. Randi stopped and walked over to him, still holding her hairbrush. Can I do that for you? Tommy asked her. Randi looked at him confused, no man had ever asked to brush her hair before. Why? Randi asked looking at Tommy still puzzled. I think your hair is beautiful. I have wanted to brush it for you every since I ran my fingers through it the first time. Tommy admitted. Oh. Randi said blushing. Is there something wrong? Tommy asked her. No I have just never had anyone make such a big deal over my hair before. Randi admitted.

Tommy slid farther onto the bed so Randi could sit in front of him. Please let me brush it for you. I promise to be gentle. Ok. Randi said as she gave him her brush and sat down on the bed in front of him. Tommy gently pulled all of Randis hair around to her back and began brushing it. Randi got chills every time he touched her. Tommy breathed in the scent of her hair. She smelled so good. Randi closed her eyes and relaxed; enjoying the sensations she was getting from Tommy brushing her hair.

After what seemed like forever, Tommy lay the brush down and moved Randis hair to one side. Then began whispering into her ear. You are so beautiful. I want to be with you all the time. Please Randi, give me the chance to try and make you happy. I promise never to hurt you. Tommy stopped talking and wrapped his arms around Randi, then started gently nibbling and sucking on Randis ear lobe. Tommy felt her tense up and tightened his grip on her. Its ok, I promise I wont hurt you. And I promise I will stop if you ask. I just want to make you feel as good as you make me feel. Tommy said seductively into Randis ear.

Randi didnt say anything. She remained completely still. Part of her wanted him to stop, for fear of getting her heart broke, but the other part of her was begging him to continue. Tommy began kissing the side of Randis neck, sucking gently and swirling his tongue around on her skin. Randi was on fire. She felt herself relaxing and longing for more, but didnt move or say anything. Tommy continued his sweet assault on Randis neck while he began to trace her collarbone with his fingers. Randi gasped. Her head was spinning. All she could think about was the feelings Tommy was causing.

Tommy gently titled Randis face towards him and covered her lips with his. Randi heard herself cry out. Tommy deepened the kiss in response. They continued kissing until they were both out of breath. When they stopped Randis cheeks were flushed from the heat of the kiss. Her eyes were full of desire and passion, but Tommy could still see the fear. Do you mind if I sleep in here with you? Tommy asked never taking his eyes off Randis. Yes. She whispered. Randi stood up and let Tommy up. Randi felt her breath catch as he removed his shirt. Do you mind if I sleep in my boxer shorts? Its kind of uncomfortable sleeping in jeans. Tommy asked. Ok. Was all Randi could say. Randi lay down in bed and got under the blanket. Tommy shut off the light and joined her, pulling her close to him.


Part 30
Mandy and Nikki sat on the couch till about 2 a.m. talking and watching of Mandy's favorite shows that happened to be on.  Mandy loved The Nanny, and Nikki wanted to be with her so he willingly stayed up and watched it with her. During commercials they would talk and laugh about things that weren't even funny but both were so tired that for some reason they were funny.
Although they were tired and just having fun, Nikki liked that Mandy was getting calmer and used to being with him. He liked how she felt safe with him and was willing to relax. He was happy that he helped her out in some way with making herself feel comfortable.
"Nikki, Im ready for bed. If you would like to sleep in the bed with me, you are more then welcome." Mandy said even though she felt unsure, but knew that she persuaded Randi into letting Tommy sleep in her room, so she was going to stick by that decision as well for herself.
"If you wouldn't mind. I wont touch you, and I wont do anything that will scare you. I am honest, and just want you to feel safe and happy." Nikki said rubbing her neck feeling a tattoo.  "Thanks Nikki, I appreciate how nice you are being to me, but why are you so nice?" Mandy questioned, wanting to find out his intentions.  "Mandy, I don't know what happened in the past to cause such pain and heartache for you but I want to take it away, I want you to be happy and secure and be able to trust someone. Mandy I want to be that person. Will you please let me prove that to you? Come on tour with us for a few days so I can prove it." Nikki pleaded pushing her curls out of her face once again. They seemed to always be in her face.
"I cant just leave our shop.  I love that place, we worked really hard to start it. And as much as I like to spend some time with you I cant leave it, even for a few days. We have bills to pay and wouldn't be able to pay you back for a long time if you gave us a loan.
I'm sorry Nikki, but I cant go with you." Mandy said standing up and walking away towards her bedroom. When she reached it she wasn't sure what she was doing.
Suddenly she felt afraid to be alone in her room, memories came flooding back, and she wanted to turn around and run back to Nikki's arms but knew she couldn't do that either. She was a strong woman and could sleep alone, how many years had she done that; she thought to herself.  If she was going to stay strong she had to get into bed and go to sleep. As much as Nikki meant to her, she had to prove to him that she was strong and was independent.


Part 31

Nikki sat staring where Mandy was just sitting, feeling himself getting sad. What had he done to upset Mandy so much? All of a sudden she wasn't able to even discuss her going and wouldn't even take the loan. Mandy was afraid of something, he just knew it but
couldn't say what it was.  He wanted to take away the demons she faced; he wanted to bring her happiness and safety but couldn't do that without knowing what those demons were.
He walked back over to the stack of pictures from the concert, he smiled at most of them, staring deeper into some that the girls had taken of themselves. Inside both sets of eyes were fear and sadness and a lot of heartbreak. Even in the pictures Nikki could see the fear and uneasy feelings the girls felt.  After staring at the pictures for a few more minutes, Nikki decided it was time to call it a night and headed back towards Mandy's room. Not sure if he was still welcome or not.
When he walked to the door he could see just enough from the light that shown through the window, to see that Mandy was still awake and crying, the other side of her bed was pulled down, as if waiting for someone to join her.  "Mandy is it okay if I still sleep in here with you?" Nikki asked, although if she said no he would completely understand.  Mandy jumped, not knowing that anyone was out in the hall and especially because she
didn't think that anyone was watching her.  She didn't want Nikki to see her crying, so she just nodded her head so he wouldn't. She wanted him to know she was strong.
"Mandy, I'm sorry if I upset you. Will you please tell me what's wrong?" Nikki asked as he took off his shirt and jeans, sliding into the bed.  "Nikki you didn't upset me. I just don't know how to react when people are as nice as you. It just doesn't seem right that you treat me so kindly." Mandy whispered close to tears again.  Nikki just sat on the edge of the bed, wanting so badly to reach over and take all of the demons away, instead he did what he knew to do and touched her shoulder gently and whispered back. "You deserve the niceness that is being given to you, you are wonderful and have given so many people dreams to follow and collect. You are a great woman and I for one think you are very strong to work so hard and care for your business as much as you do. You are one dedicated person, and I am sure a lot of people appreciate it. I know I do."  Nikki said removing his hand and lying down for the night.
Mandy just lay there thinking of what he said; he was so caring and honest. Hopefully he meant everything that he said. She was glad that he came back, but also wanted to be alone. So much was happening, she wasn't sure if she could handle if it turned out to be
another mistake. She wanted so badly to know that he was serious, but knew in her heart that would never be, he's a rock star who has his choice of women every day of the week, and was only being nice to her because he wasn't playing for the week.  Mandy fell
asleep dreaming of another life, one where Nikki would truly love her and they would be a couple. How wonderful that would be, she dreamt. With Randi and Tommy with them, neighbors on a country road, with lots of pets.
Nikki stayed awake for a while longer listening to Mandy sleep. She seemed so content when she slept, must have been dreaming of something happy. He stayed awake thinking of a way to make Mandy realize that he was serious, and wasn't going to take her for a ride. He was going to be totally there for her, and would take care of her. He had seen and been with a lot of women in the past and none of them had captured his heart like she did. He needed to prove that to her before they left on Sunday.


Part 32

Both Mandy and Randi woke the next morning before their alarm clocks went off. Randi was trying not to wake Tommy, but he still had his arms around her, and when she tried to get away he stirred. Good morning. Tommy said to her smiling. What time is it? Its almost 7:00 a.m. I have to get ready for work. You can stay in here and sleep as long as you want. Randi told him. Ok. Tommy told her then reached over and kissed her on the cheek.

Mandy beat Randi into the bathroom, so she went to the kitchen and got some breakfast. Nikki came into the kitchen just as Randi sat down. Good morning Nikki. Randi said to him. Morning. Nikki said, obviously not quite awake yet. Randi can I talk to you? Sure, whats up? Randi asked. What can Tommy and I do to convince you and Mandy to go with us? Just for a few days. Thats all we ask. Nikki I am sorry, I want to spend more time with Tommy, and I know Mandy wants to be with you. But thats just not our lifestyle. We cant just drop everything. We have a life here and we cant ignore our responsibilities. Randi told him. Nikki sighed not knowing what else to say.

Mandy came into the kitchen, followed by Tommy a few seconds later. The four sat at the table talking. So what are the two of you going to do today while we are at work? Mandy asked. If you dont mind I think I will just stay her and relax. Tommy spoke up. Yeah that sounds good to me too. Nikki agreed. Thats fine with me. What do you think Mandy? Randi asked. Sure. Our work number is by the phone if you need to reach us for anything, and you have our cell phone numbers. Mandy told them.

Mandy looked up at the clock. It was after 8:00. Well Randi are you ready to get going? Yeah. Lets go. See you tonight Tommy. Randi said as she stood up and put on Tommys jacket. Have a good day. Tommy said as he kissed her hand. Bye Nikki. Mandy told him. Later. Nikki said as he kissed her cheek.

Randi knew something had happened between Mandy and Nikki last night after she went to bed, but she didnt know what. She just knew there was too much tension between them this morning. Mandy? Randi said once they started going down the road. Yeah Randi? Mandy asked. Whats going on? Nothing. Whatever Mandy, I know better, now whats wrong? Randi pressed. Fine, if you must know Yes I must know. Randi responded with the same tone Mandy had spoke to her in. After you jumped my ass last night for the way I acted, yes I must know. So spill it now. Randi demanded. Mandy sighed. Nikki was trying to convince us to go out on tour with them. He cant get it through his head, that we just cant do it. Oh. Yeah, Tommy is trying to convince me too.

Mandy pulled up in front of their record store and shut off the engine. Both ladies got out and went to the door. Mandy unlocked it and they went in. The day started out slow, but finally they got some customers. They even got a phone call for a very large order. Mandy and Randi were both ecstatic. They hadnt had this big of an order in a long time. It was really going to help them get ahead.

Around noon they seen a cab pull up outside. They didnt think anything about it at first until they saw who got out of it. It was Nikki and Tommy. Luckily getting the big order had put Mandy in a better mood. So Randi was hoping she wouldnt be so cold to Nikki now. Nikki and Tommy walked in and didnt say anything. They didnt even walk up to the counter. Both went right to the shelves and started looking. Randi just shrugged her shoulders and went on. She figured they were trying to play it safe and not upset Mandy even more.

Mandy sat in her pink furry chair, reading a magazine. Even thought the big order had put her in a better mood, she wasnt going to go running to Nikki. If he wanted to talk to her, he knew where she was. She would look up every so often to see what they were doing. Nikki and Tommy were each in different areas of the store, and both had several CDs in their arms. Mandy just rolled her eyes and went back to reading. Randi looked up when she noticed Tommy walking back towards the door and picked up a basket to put his CDs in then went back to looking.

Finally they both came up to the register, each with a basket full of CDs, music DVDs, posters, and a few other things the ladies sold in their store. Randi raised an eyebrow and Mandy rolled her eyes. Hi. Randi said. Did you find everything ok? She found herself stumbling over her words. She never acted like this with customers so what was her problem. Yeah, I did, but I think Nikki was needing some help finding something. Ok. Randi turned to Mandy who was still reading. Mandy can you go help Nikki while I ring Tommy up please? Mandy sat her magazine down and stood up. What is it that you was looking for? Its this really cool box set called Music To Crash Your Car To I heard its awesome. Nikki told her as he flashed a smile at her. Mandy rolled her eyes as Randi and Tommy both laughed. Ok, come on I will show you where it is. Mandy said as she walked out from behind the counter.

After they were away from Tommy and Randi, Nikki started talking. So are you still upset with me? No, I am sorry for the way I acted last night and this morning. I just have a real hard time dealing with people being nice to me, especially men, And when they are as great as you are it makes it even harder to deal with. Mandy felt herself choking up and turned her head so Nikki wouldnt see the tears forming in her eyes. I am glad you arent mad at me anymore. I really care a lot about you. I have never met any one like you before. I just want to make you happy. You deserve it more then anyone I know. Nikki told her. Here you go, your box set is right here. Mandy said as she picked it up, trying to avoid the subject at hand. Thanks. Nikki said as Mandy turned to walk away. Mandy She turned around and looked at him. What? I just want to tell you how much I admire you for everything you do. You are such a strong and wonderful person. Then he kissed her on the cheek. Thanks Nikki.

Nikki and Tommy didnt stay long. They had plans, a surprise for the ladies when they got home from work. Randi started talking excitedly after they left. Mandy can you believe this? Believe what? Mandy asked looking up from her magazine.  How much money we have made today. Between the order we got this morning and everything they just bought, we have made more today then we have in the last 2 months. Yeah I know. Mandy said trying not to let on that she was happy too. The truth was she felt guilty because Tommy and Nikki had just spent so much of their money. But Randi was so happy; she didnt want to ruin it for her.

They had a few more customers, but not many. When no one had came in for over an hour they decided to close up early. They figured with as much money as they had made today, it wouldnt hurt to close up a few hours early. They really wanted to spend some more time with the guys.


Part 33

Back at the house, the guys had no idea the ladies were coming home early. Luckily they had just about all of it ready for them. The ladies werent sure what to say when they walked in. There were bouquets of flowers all over the house. Some were roses others were mixtures of flowers. They were making the house smell wonderful.  Nikki and Tommy walked out of the kitchen when they heard the ladies come in. Hey you are home early. Tommy said as he walked over to Randi and kissed her on the cheek. Yeah, we were dead so we decided to close up early. Great. Nikki said. Hi Nikki. Mandy said starting to feel guilty for the way she had acted. Hello Mandy. Do you like our decorating? Nikki asked. Tommy started laughing. Yeah, the flowers are beautiful. But you two really didnt need to do that. Mandy told them. Nikki leaned in and whispered into her ear. Not as beautiful as you are. Mandy felt the temperature rise in her cheeks as Nikki kissed her.

Tommy led Randi to her bedroom. He knew Nikki wanted to be alone with Mandy, and he wanted to talk to Randi. Randi walked into her room just to find more flowers. You really didnt need to get us all these flowers. We wanted to. Tommy told her. Ok. Randi said. Why dont you like them? Tommy asked. No, its not that at all. I love them. Mandy and I just arent used to things like this and we feel really bad about you and Nikki spending so much money on us. Randi told him. We wouldnt do it if we didnt want to. Tommy smiled.

So how was your day? Tommy asked trying to act like he knew nothing about the big order they had received, and like all the money that Nikki and him spent was no big deal. It was great. We did really well today. Randi said smiling, feeling proud of herself and Mandy. Really? Thats great. Yeah, we havent made that much money in a long time. Really? Tommy asked. Well what was so different about today? Well you and Nikkis purchases helped a lot, and we had a big order today. The biggest special order we have ever had. Randi looked over at Tommy. Really? Thats great. So how much did you make today altogether. About $5,000. Randi said. So did our special order put you far enough ahead that you and Mandy could go on tour with us for a few days? Tommy asked quietly. Randi stopped what she was doing and turned around to look at Tommy. He had a sly grin on his face. Excuse me What did you just say? What do you mean our special order? Randi asked so sure she had misunderstood him. Just what I said. That was our manager who called you. Tommy admitted hoping Randi wouldnt be mad.  Tommy that really wasnt necessary, and neither was all the money you and Nikki spent in there today. Randi told him. Why not? Everything we bought is stuff we have both wanted to get. So we decided Mystic Records was the best place to go.


Part 34

Randi walked over to her dresser. She wasnt sure what to do or say so she turned on her radio. Her and Mandy had no idea that Nikki and Tommy were behind the big order they received today. She was afraid that Mandy wouldnt take it well when she found out. As for Randi, she was confused. She didnt know what to do about the feelings she was having. Running Mystic Records was her passion, but she found herself longing to be with Tommy more and more. And even though Tommy had done nothing, but be nice to her Randi was still filled with fear.

Tommy stood up and walked up behind Randi. He wrapped his arms around her waist and looked at their reflection in the mirror. Randi was looking at their reflection too. Randi please, I am asking you from the bottom of my heart. Please let me make you happy, just give me a chance. Randi didnt respond. She had too many things running through her mind. Too many flashbacks and memories, too many mixed feelings. It became too much for her and tears began sliding down her cheeks.

Tommy continued to stare at their reflection, watching the tears slide down Randis cheek. He could tell by the look in Randis eyes that she didnt want to talk right now. So Tommy just wrapped his arms tighter around her, not saying anything. Randi watched as Tommy held her tighter. She wanted so much for this to be real, but she had been hurt so bad, she just couldnt convince herself that he was being totally honest.

There was a commercial on the radio. When the music started again more tears fell from Randis eyes. Tommy turned her around making her face him. Randi just looked at him as he pulled her close to him and wrapped his arms around her waist. Randi laid her head on Tommys chest as he slowly began swaying her back and forth dancing to Home Sweet Home. After the song was over Tommy lifted Randis head so he could look into her eyes again. He could see the turmoil brewing deep within them. He had never seen a woman who held so many dark secrets and painful memories inside.

Randi just stood there as Tommy began to wipe the tears from her cheeks. Randi didnt move she just stood there letting him remove her tears. Can I kiss you again Randi? Tommy asked. If you dont want me to just say so. Randi was silent for a minute before reaching up to kiss Tommy. They both closed their eyes as their lips brushed against each other. Randi ran her fingers up and down Tommys back before resting her hands on his hips. Tommy ran his fingers through Randis hair before placing a hand on the back of her head, gently pushing her closer to him in effort to deepen the kiss.

Randi felt her knees getting weak as Tommy began to suck gently on her tongue. Tommy felt her getting weak and broke the kiss, leading her over to the bed. He gently lay her down on the bed then joined her. They started kissing again. Tommy ran his hand up and down Randis side. Randi squirmed a little and Tommy smiled. Randi broke the kiss when she felt her nipples starting to tighten up. Whats wrong? Tommy asked. As soon as he asked he noticed Randis hardened buds poking out through her thin shirt. Randi knew he had seen and covered herself quickly and sat up. Her cheeks were red; she was so embarrassed and ashamed.

I am sorry Tommy. She said looking at the floor. Sorry for what? Tommy asked. For reacting like that. I dont know what came over me. It was just a kiss for crying out loud. What the hell is wrong with me? Randi said getting more and more upset with herself. There is no reason for you to feel bad. You are a woman, a beautiful woman at that. You are allowed to react that way. Even over just a kiss. Tommy told her. Yeah, and now I look like some low down slut groupie. I shouldnt act like that. I dont deserve to feel the way you make me feel. Randi said still looking at the floor. Tommy forced her to look at him. I dont know what happened to you that makes you act and feel this way about yourself, but what ever it was you didnt deserve for it to happen. And you do deserve to feel good. Why do you think you dont deserve it? You are nothing like a groupie and you are not a slut. So please dont say that about yourself. Randi looked at him unable to speak. Randi havent you ever had a man be good to you? Randi looked away again, ashamed of herself once more, as she shook her head no. The only man she had ever been with was always telling her she wasnt good enough and he wasnt going to make her feel good until she learned to please him better.





Part 35

Nikki took Mandy into her bedroom, where there were more flowers waiting for her also. Nikki didnt know how to tell her what him and Tommy had their manager do. He figured the easiest way would be to just come out and say it. Nikki led Mandy over to her bed and sat down pulling her down with him.

Mandy I need to talk to you. Nikki said. Mandy felt herself panicking inside. She was so afraid Nikki was about to tell her he wanted nothing else to do with her. She fought back the tears and looked at him. Ok, whats up? Mandy said trying to be brave. I know you and Randi made a lot of money today. Nikki began. Yeah so Mandy paused. Wait a minute. How do you know we made a lot of money today? Promise you wont get mad at me and take off like you did last night? Mandy just looked at him. Please? Nikki pleaded. Fine whatever. Mandy said rolling her eyes.

Our manager is the one who made that special order. There is a lot of stuff Tommy, Vince, Mick, and myself have been wanting and couldnt find. Tommy and I seen some of it at your shop so we had our manager call and order all of it from you. Plus we wanted to help you and Randi out. Nikki confessed. Mandy just sat there looking at him, not believing what she was hearing. I cant believe you did that. Why not? Everything we bought was stuff we wanted. And we figured we would buy it from someone who appreciates us as much as you and Randi, instead of going somewhere and giving our money to someone who has no respect for music. Nikki told her. Well I guess if you put it that way I cant be mad at you. Are you sure thats the real reason you did it? Mandy questioned him. Nikki breathed a sigh of relief when Mandy didnt take off on him. He looked her deep in the eyes and noticed a softness he hadnt seen before. There is one more thing. I was wondering if the money you made today would be enough to convince you to close up for a few days so you and Randi can join us on the road. Mandy sighed. Why Nikki? Why are you doing this? Come on Nikki lets face it. You and Tommy are both rock stars. Randi and I are no bodies that own a music store, big deal. You two can have your choice of women everyday of the week. I cant handle having my heart broke again, and I dont want to see Randi hurt either. Neither of us can handle it. Mandy told him. Mandy what do Tommy and I have to do to prove to the two of you that we care about you and want to make you happy? Please Mandy, talk to me. I am begging you. I want to know what happened to you that has made you so afraid of everyone and everything. Please Mandy, let me help you, let me make you happy.

Mandy just looked at him unable to speak. She knew if she said anything the tears would start again. She jumped a little as Nikki twirled one of her curls around his finger. Mandy turned to face him. Nikki could see that her eyes were moist. Please Mandy, just give me a chance. Nikki whispered as he moved closer to her. Mandy closed her eyes and Nikki began to kiss her. Mandy kissed back. She tensed up as Nikki began kissing her neck. Relax, I wont hurt you. Nikki said to her, then turned his attention back to Mandys neck. Mandy relaxed, letting Nikki have his way with her neck. She wasnt sure what to do or how to feel. Part of her wanted to run, to run and hide and never see Nikki or anyone else again, the other part of her longed for more. Nikki Mandy whispered. Thank you for what you did today, and thank you for being so good to me. I wouldnt want it any other way. Nikki told her as he stopped kissing her neck and looked into her eyes. I will talk to Randi about closing up the store for a few days, but I cant make any promises. Ok, I can accept that. Nikki said smiling. Nikki? What is it Mandy? Can we just lay here for a while? I want to feel your arms around me. Mandy said nervously. Of course we can. Nikki told her as he laid her back on the bed and wrapped his arms around her.


Part 36

Mandy and Nikki laid on her bed for awhile, Mandy thinking of the best way to ask Randi about going with the guys for a few days, knowing that the shop was just as important to her. They had dreamed of that store for years, and fought more than once to keep it when times were tough.
Meanwhile Tommy and Randi were still locked on each other, Tommy trying to discover what had hurt her so bad that she was afraid of being cared for and for feeling good when a man touched her.  Randi didn't know what to do or how to react; no one except Mandy
had said that she shouldn't talk like that about herself. Every man she knew thought of her a slut, and were disgusted by her action, when it came to band, she worked hard to get where she was and no one expect Mandy appreciated it.
"Randi, I want you to know that I am being honest, if I had no interest in you I wouldn't have came back here with Nikki. I don't search the ones out that have interest in me; I don't want that kind of relationship. From the moment I saw you, I knew you were a serious woman who had her own life, and who came out for the music. Please Randi let me show you that you are one to be loved and that you can enjoy a mans touch." Tommy pleaded running his thumb over her cheek.  Randi just laid there not sure what to say, not wanting tears to fall. She wanted him to save her, take her away from the misery that she was in, wanted him to take away all the demons that ate at her heart daily and that captured her dreams at night. But she couldn't take that chance. After her last relationship, both Mandy and Randi promised each other that they would not let their hearts get broken again, and wouldn't let any man intrude on their lives.
Tommy finally gave up his pleading and walked out of the room, frustrated with himself for again getting nowhere with her.


Part 37

Randi lay there tears falling, feeling so bad for shutting him out, wanting more than anything to get up and run to him, but couldn't, she was too ashamed to let herself be loved, she didn't feel she deserved it and couldn't stand to get her heart broke again.
Tommy walked out of the house and headed down the block. Maybe he was wrong to try to make her feel safe and wanted. Maybe he was wrong to care, after all she had won the tickets to show. He thought to himself. He could see her still sitting there alone, and wanted to go back, he could feel her wanted to be safe, wanting to be with him, but he couldn't help her if she didn't want it. All he could do now was be by her and be willing to lend a shoulder when he needed to.
Tommy walked a bit longer, not wanting to go back yet, he didn't get to many days where he could just walk and be alone, and he was going to enjoy it as long as he could. He walked by the neighborhood park and felt so much longing in his heart. He saw happy couples together, laughing and walking and wished he could have a day like that.  At the house, Nikki and Mandy were still in her room, talking. Nikki trying to discover what was terrorizing Mandy.
Randi was still in her room as well, but was fighting with herself, trying to make a decision that would affect the rest of her life. Afraid to make the decision alone, Randi went to find Mandy, not wanting to interfere with them but needing to talk to Mandy,
there was no choice. Mandy was sitting at her desk when Randi walked in since the door was open, she knew it was okay, and Nikki was lying on the bed.
"Hey Nikki, how's your day been?" Randi said smiling at him. "Not bad, and how has your day been?" he asked her, seeing a look of pure torment on her face. "Mandy, can I talk to you in my room please?" Randi asked, looking at Mandy, seeing a look of I need to talk to you too, on her face, avoiding Nikki's question all together.  Mandy saw the urgency in Randi eyes and voice and grabbed her hand they walked out, leaving Nikki alone in Mandy's room.  "Randi what is going on?" Mandy demanded once they were in her room.

Part 38

"Tommy told me how he was seriously interested in me and wanted to let me feel like a woman should feel." Randi said almost afraid to admit it. "Randi that is wonderful, isn't that something that you have always wanted?" Mandy said, although she knew that they promised each other that they would never part, and would never let another man interfere in their friendship or their lives.
"Mandy, I cant let him know that I have feelings for him, I don't know his intentions, he's a rock star for crying out loud. He could be being nice and making me think that he has nothing but good intentions, but what if he leaves on Sunday and I never hear from him again. What if this is..."  "Randi, stop thinking of the horrible things that could happen." Mandy said cutting off Randi in the middle of her sentence.  "Randi, he likes you a lot, and me and Nikki can see it. You deserve everything that he is trying to give
you. Give him a chance and let him close to you, I have a good feeling about this one.  I don't think you have anything to worry about. Let him know you, just because you let him know you, doesnt mean that you have to sleep with him or tell him anything that has
happened." Mandy continued knowing that her friend was in deep thought herself and wasn't hearing a word she was saying. "Randi, luv what is it?" Mandy asked after
a few seconds. 
Randi snapped out of her thoughts, when Mandy touched her shoulder. "Mandy I cant just let him see me, I cant leave you and I cant leave the shop. If I go then you go too. I want you to have love in your life as much as I want it in my life. We have had tougher
times than this and aren't we both due for a vacation?" Randi questioned her best friend, seeing the walls go up again.
"Randi, as much as I want to go with you and to be happy, I cant. One of us has to stay here and keep the shop open. I know how much Tommy cares for you, so I am asking you to go, take a few days off and when you come back if I want to I will take some time off. You deserve it.  You can leave me for a few days, I know you will be in safe hands and you will be with someone who cares for you." Mandy said, seeing the hurt in her
friends eyes, when she said she wouldn't be going with her.
"Mandy but why? Nikki cares for you, and wants to be with you as well." Randi questioned, looking deep into her friends eyes. "Randi I just cant, you know we cant afford to shut the doors, we need to stay open if we want to get ahead for the winter."  Mandy said fibbing just a bit, that part was true but that wasn't the real reason she
didn't want to go.


Part 39

Randi stared at Mandy, not sure what to say if anything, never had her friend been this dishonest with her, and all of a sudden, she didn't want to get away from Mystic for any reason. Mandy couldn't bear to see her friend hurt anymore, she turned to walk away when Randi stopped her. "Mandy Raye, what is wrong? You have been acting strangely for the past 2 days. What the hell is wrong? You know you can tell me, so tell me now."  Randi said in a stern voice. One she didn't use very often.
"Randi, I wont let myself get used by Nikki, he cant like me, look at me I am an ugly duck. I don't have one good feature, I have ruined my chances of having a pretty face, he doesn't want a girl that is full of holes, and covered in tattoos. There is no way he wants me, he is just here for Tommy, so that I wont feel bad and wont upset with him spending time with you. Well I am not buying it." Mandy snapped.
"You really believe that don't you Mandy, that you are not worth the love of a guy and especially one like Nikki. I am going to prove to you that he is here for a reason other than to support Tommy." Randi snapped back. It wasn't very often that they fought, but when they did, it was a battle to the finish and Randi was about to finish it. She was sick of Mandys attitude and her weird behavior of the week. She walked past her and headed into her bedroom with Mandy on her heels, knowing what Randi had in her mind to do, and wasn't looking forward to it.  Before Mandy could stop her, Randi started talking to Nikki. "Nikki, are you here just to Tommy can see me?"
"No, why?"  "Well my friend here seems to think that you are here just so that Tommy can visit me, and that you have no feelings for her whatsoever. She thinks that you are
going to use her. Is that true?" "No." Nikki started. "Because if you have any intentions to hurt my best friend and the one person in my life I can trust you can leave now and never
come back, same goes for Tommy, if he has any intention on using or hurting me, he can kiss my coming with you guys goodbye. I wont stand to see my best friend hurt, and I don't need to be hurt either. So tell us now, what are your intentions with us and why all
of the concern. You don't even know us." Randi finished, out of breath and with 2 pairs of eyes on her. "Did I come back at a bad time?" Tommy asked. Although he heard the whole confrontation.  "No, you needed to hear that too, sit down now and tell us your intentions. We aren't wasting our time, sitting here with you and taking days of from work to go with you are we?" Mandy asked Tommy, getting just as brave as Randi. "Girls, both of you please sit down here. I have some things to let you know." Nikki said staring at Mandy. 

The girls both obeyed, sitting on the beanbags that were in front of Mandy' band shrine in her room.  "Mandy, I saw you at the concert, thought you were a fan sent from heaven, never have I seen a woman so into music and so into life, one who lived the lyrics of our music. I saw your friend here too and knew I couldn't let Tommy have a chance at seeing the most gorgeous air drummer in the world, so I told him about you Randi, that's when he went overhead and gave you the sticks. If you were going to play air drums you need some sticks." Nikki started, smiling widely at the ladies, recalling his first glimpse at them.  "Nikki came back and whispered to me that a beautiful brunette was air drumming with me and I checked you out Randi, and thought it was love at first sight. We hoped to see you again, wanted to see you again, if you wouldn't have been at the VIP party we would of looked for you in other places. I don't usually go to those VIP parties, especially since they contain a lot of groupies and we are not interested in them. Girls, we play for thousands of people a night, we are tired and like to go home, but that night we wanted to see you guys again, we hoped to see you again. When we first didn't see you at the party, I was let down, knowing it would take a miracle to see you again." Tommy stopped, and let Nikki take over. "When we saw you, we stopped everything to talk to you and to see you. Do you think that is enough proof that we care for you and want to get to know you? If we were going to use you we would of have tried by now. Mandy and Randi, I think Tommy will agree, we care about you very much, we see a lot of love in you two, you need to let go and let us share in the love you hold.  We found you and talked to you because we wanted to and because we wanted to show you how much we care about you, that's why we want to take you with us." Nikki finished when he saw tears flowing from
both the ladies eyes. Tommy didn't say anything, just picked up Randi and carried her out to the living room to rock her, letting her cry as long as she needed too. Nikki stayed in the room with Mandy, sitting softly next to her. Waiting for her to make the next move. It was an important step for her, to trust him enough to reach for him. He knew it and she knew it.

Part 40

Tommy carried Randi to the rocking chair, pulling the quilt off the back and covered her in it, gently sitting down rocking her, humming a song that had no words or title yet, just a rhythm.  Randi lay on his lap and listened to it, feeling his movement every time he started it over, wanting so badly to say something but didn't know what to say.
Meanwhile Nikki and Mandy were still sitting on the beanbags. Nikki felt really uncomfortable now that he had said what he said, wanting to hold her like Tommy did for Randi, but knew that he needed to stand firm. If Mandy were truly the woman he knew she was, she would say the first word.
Mandy sat face down, wanting to speak, dying to speak. Wanting to say that she trusted him, and wanted to be free from everything that happened. Her senses were telling her to run to him, to tell him about the rape, beatings and abuse that went on; but her heart said to run away and not trust him. Finally she made up her mind and started the conversation since she knew that he wasn't going to.
"Nikki, I have been taught to follow my heart, but my heart is telling me not to trust you, not to believe the words you say and not to feel the feelings you make me feel." Mandy started, looking to see fear written all over Nikki's face. "I am not going to listen to my heart on this Nikki, my senses are telling me to run to you with open arms, let you care
for me and let you make me feel good. If this turns out to be a mistake, I will never forgive myself."
Mandy finished looking up to see hurt and understanding both on Nikki's face. "May I?" Nikki asked holding out his hand. Mandy smiled weakly, nodding, not sure what he wanted to do. Nikki took her in his arms and hugged her tightly whispering in her hair. "Mandy I wont hurt you, I wont leave you, you wont ever be afraid again. Don't let
the world get the best of you. You are better than that.  Don't be afraid no more." Nikki whispered over and over, wanting her to know he meant what he said.
A few minutes later, Mandy was going to lie down, was feeling tired, and Nikki went to see what Tommy and Randi were doing. When he saw the rocking chair he smiled and walked away, in the rocker were Tommy with Randi on his lap sleeping together under one of the blankets. They looked so good together that Nikki went back to join his girl in her slumber, hoping that their talk had changed things and she would be more willing to be loved and cared for, like he desperately wanted to do for her.


Part 41

Nikki walked back into Mandys bedroom. She was laying in her bed sound asleep. To Nikki she looked like an angel lying there with her hair spread out all over her pillow. Nikki stripped down to his boxers and quietly lifted the blankets and slipped into the bed beside Mandy. Nikki tried not to disturb his sleeping beauty, but when he got into the bed, Mandy stirred.

Nikki lay still not wanting to do anything to make Mandy uncomfortable. He watched as she moved a little more before opening her eyes just a little. Nikki? Mandy whispered not quite awake. Yes Mandy? What is it? Nikki asked her. Mandy yawned before speaking again. Will you hold me? She paused for a moment. Please Nikki. Of course I will, if you are sure thats what you want. I dont want to make you uncomfortable. Nikki said quietly. I am sure. I want to know what its like to not be afraid of a man holding me. Mandy said her voice getting lower with each word. She was falling back to sleep.

Nikki slipped an arm underneath Mandy and pulled her close. Mandy draped a leg over Nikkis legs, and wrapped an arm around his waist. Then she laid her head softly on his chest. There was enough light shining in the window that Nikki could see her. He laid watching her sleep for a while, enjoying the way her breath felt on his skin, and inhaling her sweet scent. Nikki smiled to himself as Mandy sighed in her sleep and a small smile spread across her face.

Nikki ran his other hand gently through Mandys hair and pushed a curl out of her face before wrapping that arm around her too and closing his eyes. He soon drifted off to sleep with a smile, thankful that Mandy was starting to let him close to her. He wanted more then anything to make her happy.


Part 42

Tommy woke up around 2:00am. He realized him and Randi had fell asleep in the rocking chair. He looked at Randi. She was sleeping peacefully with her arms wrapped around Tommys neck. Tommy slipped the blanket off them and tightened his grip on Randi as he stood up. Randi mumbled something, but Tommy couldnt understand her. He just smiled and carried her to her bedroom. Tommy lay Randi down into her bed and covered her up.

Tommy snuck quietly out of the room and went into the kitchen. He got himself a drink and sat down at the table. He was trying to figure out what else him and Nikki could do or say to convince Mandy and Randi to go with them tomorrow when they left to go back on tour. He finally gave up and returned to Randis room.

Randi was still sound asleep. Tommy had left the lamp on when he put Randi into the bed. Tommy stripped down to his boxers and sat down on the edge of the bed, admiring Randi. He looked at her tear stained face, feeling guilty because he knew that he was the reason she had cried. All he wanted was to care for her, and show her what it is like to be loved by a man.

Tommy sighed and lay down in the bed beside Randi, then turned off the lamp. He scooted as close to Randi as he could and pulled her against him. He loved the way her body felt up against his. Tommy lay there thinking of how wonderful it would be to make Randi feel like the woman she deserved to feel like. But he knew he had to take it slow with her. And he was ok with that. He cared so much about her, he told him self he would wait the rest of his life for that chance if thats how long it took.

Tommy closed his eyes and slipped off to sleep with Randi in his arms, and praying that in the morning when they woke, Randi and Mandy would agree to leave with him and Nikki.


Part 43

Mandy woke early this next morning. The sun was just coming up. She started to get up when she realized someone had their arms wrapped around her. Startled, she opened her eyes. Nikki was lying beside her sound asleep. Mandy finally managed to get out of his arms and sneak out of the room without waking Nikki.

Mandy tiptoed her way to Randis room and walked in quietly so she wouldnt wake Tommy. Randi was a light sleeper so Mandy knew she wouldnt have any trouble waking her. Mandy walked to the side of the bed Randi was on and nudged her. Randis eyes flew open. She hated having anyone touch her when she was sleeping. Tommy holding her didnt bother her since he was holding her when she went to sleep. But when it came to an unexpected touch, she was not happy.

Randi looked up to see Mandy standing over her. What time is it? Randi said hoarsely. All the crying she had done the night before had gave her a sore throat. Its about 6:00am. Mandy told her. Its Sunday, why are you waking me up so early? Randi asked, clearly not happy about being waked up. We need to talk now. Mandy demanded. Randi sighed. Fine.

Mandy walked out of Randis room and went to the living room to wait for her friend. Randi climbed out of her bed and rubbed her eyes as she went to see what was so important. She found Mandy in the living room on the couch. Randi sat down in the rocking chair where her and Tommy had sat the night before. Ok whats so damn important that you had to wake me up at the crack of dawn? Randi said a little irritated. Randi I done a lot of thinking Mandy paused. Oh boy do I even want to hear this? Randi said rolling her eyes. Yes, so just listen to me. I made a decision. Ok, whats up? Randi questioned. Nikki and Tommy were right, we made enough money to put us ahead for a while. And they seem sincere enough about caring about us. I know how happy Tommy makes you, and as much as I hate to admit it, Nikki makes me happy. So I am leaving the final decision up to you. Mandy stopped and looked at her friend. Ok Mandy, its too early in the morning to beat around the bush with me. What are you talking about? Just spill it. Randi said yawning. Randi, I know you wont go with the guys unless I do, so I decided if you really want to go with them, we can close up the shop for a few days and go with them. But only if you want to. Mandy said all in one breath.

Randi sat there staring at her friend with a look of disbelief on her face. Mandy, are you running a fever, or am I still asleep? I know you did not just say what I thought you did. I am fine, and you are awake. You heard me right, if you want to go with the guys when they leave today, we will go. Randi stared at her friend a little longer before a smile slowly spread across Mandys face. Randi jumped up out of the rocking chair and ran to Mandy. They hugged each other tightly. Thanks Mandy, youre the best friend I could ever ask for. Randi said as a tear slid down her cheek. No problem, and you are the best friend I could ever ask for. Now what do you say we start packing our stuff before the guys wake up? Mandy said trying not to let her emotions get out of control. Ok that sounds great.

Randi took off to her bedroom to start packing. Mandy sat their for a moment longer praying that they werent making a mistake, before she returned to her room and started packing herself a bag.


Part 44
Mandy tried to be quiet, didn't want to wake up Nikki as she picked out some cute shirts which was hard to do, she usually wore band shirts and blue jeans. She opened her bottom drawer and picked out 4 bright colored tank tops. She hadn't worn them in such a long time; it was going to feel odd.  Mandy was in her own world packing, her headphones were blasting music, and Nikki was sitting in her bed watching as she picked up shirts and folded them neatly and put them away again.

He couldn't help but smile, if you put a CD in a CD player and Mandy was around she was going to listen to it. He didn't want to bother her so he stayed on the bed, looked at the walls that were covered in pictures of bands new and old, lots of pictures of Motley
Crue, Poison and Def Leppard. One wall was covered in Crue pics, another in Def Leppard pics, another in Poison pics, and the remaining wall was covered in other bands. Mandy and Randi sure were into music, music fans sent from heaven. They followed and lived though music.
Mandy looked up from her packing and saw Nikki staring at her walls. "Good morning luv." Mandy whispered. Nikki jumped, he was deep in thought. "Good Morning. What time is it?" Nikki asked scooting to the edge of the bed.  "7:30, I didn't want to wake you. You got enough sleep right?" Mandy asked, turning off her stereo. "Yeah, thanks. What time did you get up?"  "I've been up since 6, trying to decide what to wear, when we take our vacation." Mandy said slyly not wanting to completely tell Nikki she was going to make it yet.  Nikki was quiet for a while, looking at Mandy's bag and at her. Still in her jeans and Poison shirt. Mandy stood up after a few seconds and walked in front of Nikki. "You made a lot of decisions for me last night. You made my mind up about love and trust." Nikki started to speak when Mandy touched his lips with her fingers. "I want to know what love is, I want to trust you, I want to fall in love so hard it hurts." Mandy said sitting on his lap.  "Let me show you." Nikki said pulling her closer to him. Mandy leaned her lips down to his, when their lips met, it was like a fire was lit, completely mind blowing. Nikki ran his hand up her spine, stopping at her neck, pressing on it, letting her know he was going to be there to support her and everything was okay.  Mandy relaxed some, letting him take control. Nikki lifted her up with his other hand, keeping his one hand on her spine and neck, laying her on the bed, he followed her down, straddling her hips with his knees covering her with his presence, making it harder for Mandy to resist such love and lust.


Part 45
When Randi got to her bedroom; Tommy was already awake, lying on the bed. "You're up early." Tommy whispered.  "I have to be, I got to pack to go with you guys." Randi said excited. You mean you're going with us?" Tommy started. "What about Mandy. Is she going too?"  "Yeah she woke me up this morning to ask what I truly thought about going and left the decision up to me." Randi explained.
"Can I ask you a question Randi?" Tommy asked, concerned for her and Mandy. "Yeah, what would you like to know?" Randi asked, although her guard was up and was very cautious. "What happened to you and Mandy to make you so scared and Mandy so skeptical about everything and everyone?" Tommy stopped afraid if he didn't he would ask too much. Randi didn't answer right away. She wasn't sure if Mandy wanted her story known. She thought for a few minutes before she started.
"Tommy, Ive been hurt badly in all the relationships I've been in. Ive been raped, hit, beat and emotionally abused. After my last relationship I promised myself that I would fall for another man again. That's why I have been so skeptical and scared to trust you."
"Randi I am so sorry. I'm not like the rest of the guys in your life. I wont hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable in any way." Tommy said squeezing her hand reassuringly.
"Thanks Tommy. Its just going to take time to forget all that happened." Randi said feeling oddly comfortable with Tommy's words.
"Mandy has had it rough, her family was less than kind, and men have always taken advantage of her, and have never been the least bit respectful or kind to her." Randi finished, not wanting to say too much and upset or hurt her friend. If she wanted her story
told, she would say so. "Poor girl, Nikki will do nothing but give her happiness. He's head over heels for her. He only wants to give her happiness. If he hurts her, he not only
will have to deal with you, but me as well. Mandy is a wonderful girl. I don't want to see her hurt. Same goes for you Randi. I want to give you everything you can ask for. I want you to have more happiness and more love that you can ever ask for or want." Tommy
responded pulling Randi closer.  "Thank you Tommy. Thank you." Randi whispered in his hair, taking in the intoxicating scent. "Shall we finish packing?" Tommy whispered looking at her suitcase, with only jeans in it. Randi giggled and blushed.


Part 46
Nikki broke the kiss, pushing up on his elbows, his mind was cloudy with desire, and his lips were puffy with need. "Mandy." he breathed, "May I?"  He asked touching her stomach pulling on the t-shirt that covered her. Mandy wasn't sure what was going on or what was happening but still she liked the feelings she was having. Afraid she'd ruin the moment, she pulled his faced down again, briefly kissing his lips before tugging at the bottom of her shirt. Nikki took her answer as a yes, and put one hand under her shirt,
discovering a navel ring. He knew he must take things slow as to show her he really cared and she meant the world to him. He left his hand on her navel until he felt her relax again, slowly moving under her shirt more till he felt her nipples taunt and with jewelry
surrounding them, pushing out on the lace that covered them.
"Mandy, are you okay? If your not, we can stop." Nikki whispered, his voice thick with desire. Mandy felt secure enough to use her voice. "Its okay Nikki, go on. Please."  Mandy whispered back trying not to beg.   Nikki started to rub her left breast making it harder, and then massaging it till it looked as if Mandy was going to burst with pleasure. Then he worked his way to the other and repeated the pleasing torture. Leaning on
the supporting arm, he kissed her neck, and around her face, surrounding her with kisses of love before capturing her lips once more with his, teasing them open with his tongue, discovering and capturing her mouth as his.
Feeling Mandy tense up again, he looked up to see why she had froze. Standing in the doorway with a look of shock was Randi. Nikki quickly pulled out his hand and sat up, trying to act as if nothing had happened. "Hey Mandy." "You know you can knock." Mandy yelled, upset and saddened the moment was over. "And you can lock your door." Randi teased back, glad that Mandy was finally being treated, as she should. "What do you need dear?" Nikki asked, seeing Randi wasn't mad about what was going on. "I was going to let you know that I'm all packed, and to ask if you would like to get breakfast before we leave." "Yeah that would be great," Mandy started, Nikki nodding in agreement.

"Do you and Tommy want to go to Mystic and put up a sign and change the machine
letting everyone know we wont be there till next Monday."  Mandy asked staring at Randi, hoping she would get the point that she ruined the moment.  "Yeah, we'll meet you at Perkins in an hour." Randi said giggling, and winked at Mandy as she left the room, making Mandy blush.


Part 47

Randi and Tommy took Mandys other car. Randi got in the passengers seat. She felt really odd, being in a car without Mandy, but for some reason she wasnt scared. Tommy looked over at Randi who seemed to look lost in her thoughts. Are you ready? He asked as he started the engine. Yeah, we better go before Mandy decides to come kick my ass for interrupting her and Nikki. Randi said and they both started laughing.

Tommy placed his hand on Randis leg as they started down the road. To his surprise, she seemed quite relaxed, even though she seemed to have something on her mind. Randi dear, are you ok? Tommy asked trying to start a conversation. Yeah, I am fine. I just cant believe Mandy agreed to go. She needs a break from Mystic. All she does is work, unless there is a good concert. Randi said. Well what about you? You need a break too. Tommy told her. Yeah, I guess, but Mandy deserves it more then I do. Randi said sighing.

They reached Mystic and got out. Tommy waited for Randi to unlock the door then opened it for her. Tommy followed her in. Can you lock the door back Tommy please? Randi asked as she walked towards the counter. Sure thing. Tommy said as he watched Randi. He locked the door then went to where Randi was. Randi was busy making a sign saying they would be closed. When she was done she asked Tommy to go hang it on the door for her.

Tommy took the sign and Randi went towards the back. Tommy watched her for a moment then went to hang up the sign. When he was done he went to look for Randi. He walked into the back room, and chuckled a little. There was a pink fuzzy futon that matched the chairs behind the counter. Randi was standing by it. I should have known there would be more pink furniture back here. Tommy said laughing. Yeah, we keep this here for when we have all night sales. Mandy and I take turns tending to the store while the other rests.

Tommy noticed Randi still seemed to have something on her mind. Randi are you sure you are ok? Yes, I will be fine. I just have a lot on my mind. Tommy moved closer to her. Randi was avoiding looking at him. Tommy took her by the hands and turned her towards him then gently pulled her down to the futon with him. Do you want to talk? Tommy asked. Randi looked at him, not sure what to say.

You can tell me Randi, I promise I will listen. You dont have to be afraid to talk to me. Tommy said as Randi sighed. I just cant believe I told you the things I did earlier. I never tell people about my past. And of all people, I cant believe I told you. Tommy looked hurt when Randi said that, Tommy didnt say anything. He didnt know what to say. Randi realized how what she said had sounded and kicked herself for it. I am sorry, I didnt mean that the way it sounded. Randi said looking at the floor. I trust you, I didnt mean anything bad about you. I just cant believe I was so stupid to admit that to you. I can only imagine what you must think of me now. Randi said fighting the tears. For the first time, she finally met a man she was starting to trust and she had to open her big mouth and ruin it.


Part 48

Back at the house Nikki and Mandy were still in her room lying on the bed. Mandy was so embarrassed that Randi had walked in on them. She wanted so badly to continue, but she was afraid Nikki wasnt interested now. Nikkis voice brought her out of her thoughts. Mandy luv, would you like to continue what we started? Nikki asked with a sly grin. Mandy thought for a moment before speaking. You arent upset about what just happened? Not at all, Randi had no way of knowing what we were doing. It was an accident. Nikki said as he ran his hand across Mandys cheek. Ok. Mandy said blushing.

Nikki leaned over and started kissing Mandy again. She closed her eyes and kissed back as their tongues mingled. Nikki ran his hand up and down Mandys side, causing her to squirm a little. They stopped kissing and smiled at each other. Now where were we? Nikki smiled. Mandy didnt answer, she just lay there waiting to see what Nikkis next move would be. Mandy tensed up a little as she felt Nikkis hand skim across her stomach. Nikki drew circles around her navel ring with his finger causing Mandy to break out in goose bumps. Nikki laughed and looked Mandy in the eyes. He could see she was still a little nervous, but her desire outshined the fear.

If I do anything you dont like or you want me to stop all you have to do is tell me. Ok luv? Nikki told her. Mandy just nodded her head, never taking her eyes off his. Nikki started moving his hand up towards Mandys breasts. Her nipples hardened before he even touched them. The anticipation was driving Mandy nuts. She couldnt believe the way Nikki was making her feel. No man had ever taken the time to pay so much attention to her.

Nikki smiled his approval when he touched Mandys left nipple and it was straining against the lace of her bra, begging to be touched. Nikki ran his fingers across it, and then turned his attention to the right nipple.  Mandy was still, not knowing what to do. Are you ok? Am I moving too fast? Nikki asked. He wanted so badly to make Mandy feel like the woman she deserved to feel like, but he didnt want to push his luck and ruin any chance he had. I am fine. I promise, I will tell you if I want you to stop.

Mandy wanted to touch Nikki, but she was afraid. Afraid she would do something wrong, or disappoint him because she wasnt good enough. So she settled for running her fingers through his hair. Nikki smiled, Mandy was slowly getting braver. Nikki stopped and sat up pulling Mandy up with him. Nikki shed his shirt and Mandys breath caught. He was so gorgeous. She couldnt believe she was sitting on her bed with Nikki Sixx. Mandy jumped a little when Nikki touched her. He didnt say anything at first; he just waited to see what Mandy was going to do. When she didnt move or say anything he started talking to her. Mandy, I am not asking you to have sex with me. I just want to show you how good a man is supposed to make his woman feel. We will have plenty of time for sex, when and if we decide to take that step. Mandy nodded her head slowly then took her shirt off and tossed it to the floor.

Nikki waited to see what Mandy was going to do next. Mandy sat there arguing with herself. She couldnt decide if she wanted to let Nikki see her without her bra or not. She finally decided to just leave it up to him. If he wanted it off her, he would say so. Mandy lay back down. Nikki joined her. They started kissing again while Nikki teased Mandys nipples. Nikki broke the kiss and stopped touching Mandys nipples. Mandy felt herself panicking. Did, did I do something wrong? Mandy stuttered. Shh Nikki said as he placed two fingers on her lips. You are fine, you didnt do anything wrong. Nikki assured her. He kept his eyes locked on Mandys as he reached for the clasp on the front of her bra. He wanted to make sure the look of desire in her eyes didnt change to fear.

Mandy didnt move or breathe as Nikki undid her bra. She fought the urge to cover herself after Nikki had pushed it off her shoulders. Nikki broke the stare and looked down at Mandys firm breasts. You are beautiful Mandy. Nikki whispered. Mandy felt her cheeks got hot, and looked away. No man had ever said that to her. Mandy can I continue? Nikki asked. Mandy couldnt speak, so she just nodded her head, not sure what Nikki had in mind but she knew she didnt want him to stop.

Mandy gasped as Nikki lowered his head and took a nipple gently into his mouth, while covering the other with his hand.  Nikki sucked and nibbled softly, making sure he didnt hurt her. After a few minutes he switched. Mandy was lost in the sensations going through her. She felt dizzy, and her womanhood was throbbing. At the same time Nikki realized how uncomfortable his growing member was becoming in his pants.

Nikki stopped and looked at Mandy. Suddenly Mandy felt unusually brave. Nikki I want more. I want to know how it feels to have a man touch me. As soon as the words let her mouth Mandy became embarrassed. She couldnt believe she had said that, but it was true. She felt safer with Nikki then she had ever felt with a man. Are you positive luv? I dont want to rush you. Nikki said, knowing he couldnt rush her. Yes Nikki, I want to feel you touching me. Nikki stood up and took his pants off, leaving him in just his boxers. Then he helped Mandy slide off her pants.

Mandy could see Nikkis member straining against the fabric of his boxers. She felt herself getting scared again as Nikki got lay back down with her. Nikki sensed that she was nervous so he started kissing her. Mandy began to relax and kissed back. Nikki broke the kiss and moved to Mandys neck, placing kisses all over before moving down to her breasts again and sucking lightly on each one. Mandy had relaxed again and was back to longing for Nikki to touch her. Nikki slipped his hand under the waistband of Mandys panties. He ran his fingers through her silky curls. They were damp from her desire. Nikki felt himself get harder as he slid first one finger then another into Mandys wet folds. Oh God luv, you are so wet. Nikki whispered. Mandy couldnt respond. All she could think about was what Nikki was doing to her.

Mandy sighed as Nikki ran his thumb across her clit. She closed her eyes and tried not to freak out as Nikki began to slide his fingers up and down the length of her. Nikki watched intently as Mandys facial _expression went from being unsure and afraid, to pure desire. Nikki continued to rub Mandys clit with his thumb while running two fingers up and down her slit. Mandy could feel her hips starting to rock against Nikkis hand. Nikki just smiled and gently slipped a finger inside of her. Mandy, you are so tight and wet. Nikki said then slid another finger inside of her. Mandy gasped for air as Nikki began moving his fingers in and out of her.

Mandy cried out Nikkis name as her muscles began to contract and tighten around his fingers. Her hips rocked violently against his hand. Thats it luv, cum for me. I want you to feel good. Nikki whispered in her ear. And tear slipped down Mandys cheek as her body continued to shake from the intensity of the orgasm. When Mandys body finally relaxed Nikki took his hand out of her panties. He wiped the tear away with his other hand. Are you ok baby? He asked, worried that he had hurt her. I am fine. Thank you so much Nikki. Mandy said as she pulled him close to her and kissed him deeply.

Mandy broke the kiss when she noticed the clock. If they didnt get moving, they were going to be late meeting Randi and Tommy for breakfast. Nikki was a little disappointed, because he was hoping they could continue. But he decided it was better to have the blue balls until he could take care of it himself, then it would be to try to push Mandy to fast. He didnt want to lose her.


Part 49
"Randi, everything is okay. I understand your fears, and trust me, I wont do anything to hurt you, or break your heart. You are the one that I want, and I wont let anything happen that you don't want to happen, if you want to just remain friends all you have to do is tell me. I don't want to hurt you, and I will wait if you want me to. You are very dear to me and you have every right to have fears and be afraid." Tommy said pulling her chin up to look in her eyes. "Thank you Tommy, that really means a lot to me. I want to trust you and to know what love is as much as any woman, I am just so afraid, I don't want to get my heart broken again." Randi said quietly, not wanting him to hear the desperateness in her voice. 

They were quiet for a few minutes, as they sat and stared at each other. Randi wanting so badly to be near him, to touch him and to feel his touch but her heart was still afraid that it was all a dream. Wanting to know it wasn't a dream, Randi slid her hand over Tommy's chest, even through his shirt, she could feel his nipples getting hard which created the desire to heat up more.
"May I touch you?" Tommy asked their eyes glued to each other. Randi nodded and leaned closer to him. Tommy taking that as a yes took his right hand and pulled her back onto the fur, smiling inside, Randi's hair glowed with the fur. He crawled up to her side
and touched her stomach, which made her quiver. "Can I show you how love is meant to be?" he whispered to her, between nips on her earlobe.  Randi loved what he was doing and wanted more.  "Tommy I want to feel you.  I want you to touch me." Randi breathed,
her voice filled with lust.
Tommy followed her direction and shed his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans to be more comfortable. Randi was in awe. He was muscular and all decorated with some of
the most beautiful tattoos she had seen. Sure Mandy had tattoos but nothing like the ones she was seeing now. He then leaned Randi up and helped her off with her shirt. He stopped and smiled down at her, she was gorgeous.  Her nipples were so smooth and so tight, amazingly beautiful even in the bra that held them confined.  Tommy noticed small bumps on each side on Randis nipples and grinned.
He wasn't sure if he dare take off her bra, or just work around it so he started to lick circles around her navel, feeling her get jumpy, and all goose bumps. He ran his hand up over her satin bra and dragging his fingers over her nipples. When he felt them, he knew what was causing the small bumps that showed through the satiny material.  "Tommy, you can take it off, if you want it off." Randi said tugging at the straps, freeing her breasts somewhat but they were still tight against the satiny material.  Tommy took his command and followed through with it by biting the front clasp with his teeth loosening it then taking the right cup in his teeth and pulling it aside, repeating the drill on the other side.  Randi was enjoying the touch so much, the slight breathes she felt on her skin sent shivers, and she had to touch him.
She took her petite fingers and ran them down Tommy's chest to his navel and back up again, driving the desire Tommy had higher. Tommy took one of her nipples in his mouth nibbling on it till it was as hard as he could get it, being sure he didnt pull to hard on her nipple rings, then sucked in her wonderful taste till he could feel Randi tighten with passion, licking a trail of love across to the next one, doing the same thing.  I never pictured you as the type to have body jewelry. Tommy said looking up at Randi. She started blushing. Do you like them? It was Mandys idea, she convinced me to get them. Like them? I love them. They add to your sexiness. Tommy said smiling as he began sucking on them once more. Randi was speechless, she couldnt respond so she just lay there, letting Tommy continue his sweet torture. Feeling that Randi was okay with what was happening, Tommy took his free hand to her jeans and unbuttoned them, waiting to see if it frightened her, but it didn't, she bucked at his touch, wanting more.
He slipped his hand down into her panties, discovering the same satiny feel on them as her bra.  When he touched her wet curls she jumped a bit. "Want me to stop?" Tommy breathed out, so deep in pleasure. "No, I want more, I want to feel you." Randi said pushing up towards him, feeling him and feeling his need against his jeans.  She touched his pants with her hand, and Tommy jumped, shocked at how forward Randi was being.
Tommy rubbed his thumb through her thick curls, and down to her slit, Randi was enjoying it so much, she wanted more and arched against his hand, trying to get him to do more, but he was content with the pleasure he was giving her, and was receiving from Randi, although all she was doing was rubbing his hard member through his jeans, he was enjoying it very much. "More Tommy, more."  Randi said arching up for him to give
him a better access wanting to feel more of him. Loving the feeling that he was giving her, never had she ever felt more complete.
Tommy took the arch as a clue that she wanted more, and slipped one finger into her moist fold, making a groove for them to rock to, then slipped in another making Randi gasp with delight.  He kept the pace for a few minutes till he knew that Randi was okay and inserted a third finger, and pacing it faster. Feeling the heat from his fingers he wanted to feel more, and encouraged her on, with his lips on her nipples, her breath got shorter and shorter, her pleasure level was higher than it had been ever, and she felt she was going to lose it. "Cum my luv. I want to see you cum, let pleasure take over. That's it babe." Tommy encouraged, feeling her sweet wet cum over his fingers. He pumped till he could feel her relax and he slid his fingers out if her. Kissing her on the lips, he saw a hazy look in her eyes. "Did you enjoy it?"  "Yes, I have never felt something so wonderful in my life." Randi whispered more content then ever before. She wanted to cry, she had so much pleasure. 

"Randi, can you do something for me?"  Tommy said, when he realized that her hand was still on his pants. "Yeah luv?" Randi said wanting to make him happy too, wanting to help him. Tommy didn't get time to answer; she was making her way with her soft fingers into his boxers, exposing his manhood for the viewing pleasure. She started stroking slowly till his breathing was restless and started stroking faster wanting to relieve him. Tommy was in pure heaven; he couldn't believe how wonderful a hand job could feel. Never had it felt so wonderful.
He knew he was about to cum and didn't want to freak Randi out, so tried to pull her hand away. Randi wouldn't budge with her hand, he gave her the pleasure she longed for, she was going to give him the pleasure he longed for as well. She kept stroking with her gentle fingers till she felt the warm cum slide over her fingers and heard Tommy moan with pleasure. "That was wonderful luv. Thank you." Tommy said kissing her forehead.  Randi was pleased with herself and felt comfortable with what was going on between them that she wanted it to continue but knew that they would be late if they didn't get going. She let Tommy help her with her bra and then slipped into her shirt, while Tommy went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up and returned with a smile on his face, and a joy he hadn't felt in a long time. 

"Shall we get going luv?" he asked taking her hand in his. "Yeah, and Tommy I am sorry about earlier, I should of trusted you, but its been so long since I have found love and pleasure from a man. Thank you for setting my spirit free." Randi said bravely, standing on her tiptoes to kiss him. Tommy took her words to heart, it had been a long time since he held a woman and made love to her. He liked the feeling and wanted to experience it more often.


Part 50

Nikki carried Mandys bag to the door, then went and got his bag. They wanted to make sure they had all their stuff ready to go so that when they got back from breakfast they could just grab it and go. Mandy came into the living room and asked Nikki if he was ready to go meet Randi and Tommy. Nikki held open the door for her then locked it and walked out. They went to the car hand in hand, and were on their way to Perkins.

Randi quickly finished up what she needed to do at Mystic, so they could get going. Her cheeks were still slightly flushed from the closeness her and Tommy had shared just moments earlier. But she was much more relaxed now. And she couldnt remember the last time she felt so good, so safe, and so happy. It was a feeling she hoped would never end. Tommy came out of the bathroom shortly after Randi had finished what she needed to do.

Well I am all done. Are you ready? Randi asked him. Almost. Tommy said looking at Randi. She looked at him confused. Whats wrong Tommy? Nothing, I just need to do something before we leave. He told her. Oh. Randi said not sure what he was talking about. She soon found out as Tommy closed the gap between them. He pulled her close and wrapped his arms tightly around her. I just wanted to thank you for the best damn hand job any man has ever received. Tommy said staring into Randis eyes. Randis cheeks turned red instantly, but before she could respond, Tommy crushed his lips against hers. Randi, breathless, broke the kiss after a few minutes. Tommy, if you keep kissing me like that I am going to have to drag you into the back room again. She said smiling shyly. Tommy chuckled. Ok luv, I got you. Lets get going before they think we got lost.

Tommy and Randi left and headed for the restaurant. Randi was lost in her thoughts the whole way there. Tommy knew what just happened between them was a big step for Randi so he decided to be quiet and let her think. Mandy and Nikki was already there when they arrived. They were sitting at Mandy and Randis usual table waiting for them. As soon as Mandy and Randi made eye contact with each other, they both knew what the other had done. They just smiled and went on acting as though nothing happened. There would be plenty of time to talk about it later. Right now they needed to get their breakfast ordered so they could get going.

After they ate, they all returned to the house. Mandy called a cab while Nikki and Tommy carried all the bags outside. Randi went through the house making sure everything was turned off and they werent forgetting anything and grabbed the jacket Tommy had gave her. The ladies walked out as the cab pulled up. Nikki and Tommy loaded their bags into the trunk, and then held open the doors for the ladies.

Then they were on their way to the airport. Mandy and Randi were both so excited. They couldnt believe how much their lives had changed since they went to the Motley Crue concert a couple of months ago, and they wouldnt trade it for anything.


Part 51

As they got closer to the airport Mandy became more and more nervous, and Randis excitement grew. Randi had always wanted to fly, but Mandy was terrified. Nikki sensed that Mandy was becoming upset and wrapped his arm around her. Whats wrong Mandy? I am just a little scared about flying. I have never been on a plane before. Mandy said with a shaky voice. Well dont worry, we will be on a small private plane. And I will hold you the whole time if you would like. Mandy smiled and looked up at Nikki then kissed him on the cheek. Thanks.

They reached the airport and got out. Mandy stayed as close as she could to Nikki, while Randi and Tommy walked hand in hand. Since they were taking a private plane they didnt have to wait long. Soon they were boarding the plane and on their way. As promised Nikki held Mandy close the whole time. After a while she finally relaxed. Tommy and Randi sat on the opposite side of the plane. He kept his arm around her and Randi looked out the window watching the clouds. She was lost deep in her thoughts thinking about what her and Tommy had shared at Mystic.

Mandy finally relaxed and laid her head on Nikkis chest and dozed off. Nikki was glad to see she finally relaxed, and he slipped off to sleep too. Randi stopped looking out the window and looked over to Mandy and Nikki. Since they were both asleep she decided to talk to Tommy about what happened at Mystic.

Are you ok? Tommy asked. Yes I am fine. I am glad she finally calmed down. Randi laughed looking over at Mandy. Tommy laughed too. Tommy? Whats up luv? I just wanted to tell you thank you for what you happened at Mystic. Randi said blushing. Tommy looked at her and raised an eyebrow. If I remember correctly, I think I should be thanking you. Randi blushed. Tommy, no man has ever made me feel that good before. You are the only one who took the time to pleasure me instead of just worrying about what I could do to them. Randi said looking down feeling ashamed of herself. Tommy took Randis chin into his hand and made her look up at him. Randis eyes were glossy like she was about to cry. Well luv, I enjoyed every minute of doing it and you deserved it very much. And since you enjoyed it too Tommy paused and leaned down to whisper into her ear. I will just have to do it again real soon. Randi got a chill down her spine as her eyes got big and her cheek flushed. Tommy smiled and leaned down to kiss her.

A few minutes later the pilot announced that they would be landing soon. That woke Nikki and Mandy up. Mandy was much more relaxed now that she had taken a nap, but she was glad they would be back on the ground soon.


Part 52

There was a limo waiting for them when they landed. The driver loaded the bags into the drunk while Nikki and Tommy helped the ladies out of the plane and into the limo.  They were taken directly to the hotel where Vince and Mick, and the rest of the bands crew were staying. Vince and Mick met them at the doors when they arrived. Neither of them had got a chance to talk to Mandy and Randi at the VIP party. They were anxious to meet the two ladies their mates thought so highly of.

The hotel staff carried the bags to the room Nikki, Tommy, and the ladies would be staying in, while Vince and Mick introduced themselves. Mandy and Randi both felt nervous and shy when they spoke to them. Nikki and Tommy noticed and did their best to comfort them. Nikki wrapped his arm around Mandy and Tommy held onto Randis hand giving her a slight squeeze.

They decided to go to the hotel restaurant for a bite to eat before going to their rooms to rest before the concert. Vince and Mick were both polite to the ladies and tried to talk to them a little. But both ladies seemed really nervous about talking and all the looks they were getting from the other hotel guests who were at the restaurant as well.  They knew from what Nikki and Tommy had told them after the night they had met Randi and Mandy that it was going to take some time for them to get comfortable talking to them and all the attention that went with being around rock stars.

Shortly after they ate they went to their rooms. All the guys needed to get some sleep before the show later that night.  Mandy and Randi were both tired from the flight as well. It was the first time either of them had been on a plane. And they knew it was going to be a late night, so they wanted to be well rested.

Vince and Mick went to their rooms while Nikki and Tommy led the ladies to theirs. Like the last hotel they stayed at with them, Tommy and Nikki were sharing a penthouse suite. The guys went to lie down as soon as they got in there. Mandy and Randi decided to stay up for a little while. They had been going nuts waiting for the chance to talk without the guys hearing them.


Part 53
Randi and Mandy sat watching TV for a bit, making sure that the guys were asleep before they did anything, wanting so badly to tell each other what had happened.  When they felt safe enough to talk, Mandy could barely hold back what she was going to say. "Randi, you don't know how wonderful Nikki is. He is so gentle and safe feeling, do you know how close I was to forgetting all that I have worked to protect?" Mandy started, barely able to hold back her happiness.
"Tommy is so nice as well Mandy, and he laughed at our couch, but then I think he liked it." Randi said winking. "Randi, what did you two happen to get into on that couch, your face tells a story that I don't know if I want to know." Mandy asked, having a pretty good idea.
"Mandy, we didn't have sex, not yet anyways. But we were having fun." Randi said giggling, knowing how many times they had talked about meeting Tommy and Nikki, never in a million years did they think they would have actually done anything with them.  "Randi, do you know how wonderful that is, just tell me that we don't need a new couch, because now with this vacation we cant afford one." Mandy teased.  "No we don't, so what were you and Nikki doing when I walked in to ask if you wanted to go eat?"  Randi said dying to find out what happened with Nikki that Mandy was so happy.
"Nothing, we were um, just talking."  Mandy said blushing. "I don't think you were just talking, by the looks of things, you were in some serious feelings." Randi said raising her eyebrow. "Randi, what I do in my bedroom is so your business." Mandy exclaimed excited to tell her best friend what had happened. She started off with the touch of his
fingers on her skin and how they sent shocks of desire through her, and when he removed his jeans, how large he looked and how badly she wanted to touch him.  When she was finished, she left out a few minor details but knew that Randi would be able to figure them out just fine.
"So Randi, what did you and Tommy do that you had to comment about the couch?"  Mandy questioned, wanting to know what they did, so she knew whether or not she took it too far with Nikki.  "Mandy, we were just sitting there when I touched his chest with my hand, and it went from there, he pleasured me and I pleasured him. It was so odd Mandy, never did I think that I would be able to make a man happy, especially not a rock star." Randi said blushing, feeing embarrassed all of a sudden. "Randi that is nothing to be embarrassed about. Just tell me one thing, did you enjoy yourself?"  "Yes, very much. I wanted so much to do more, but I don't want him to get the wrong idea. If this is the one love lesson I learned, I want to make sure everything goes right before I go too far." Randi said, glad that her friend understood what she was talking about. "I know what you mean Randi, but we both know that is the best thing we can do, is wait. No matter how much we both want it. We really should wait and make sure this is a true thing, not just something for their enjoyment." Mandy said hugging her friend.
They watched a little more TV, before calling it time for a nap, since they wouldn't be with the guys for the show, they both decided that they were going to take a nap before the show with them. "See you later love." Mandy said when they were both at the rooms they were staying in with the guys. "Thanks Mandy, thanks for understanding." Randi said before slipping into her room to see the man of her dreams sleeping quietly, he looked so peaceful, like an angel, she was afraid to disturb him, but wanted sleep as well, so took her chance and slid into the bed with him. Tommy stirred enough to put his arms
around her and he mumbled something but it was too unclear for Randi to understand. She placed a kiss on his lips before closing her eyes and sleeping as well.

Mandy stood outside her door for a few seconds, wondering why she was with Nikki. She was just a normal street girl who was in love with the music they created. She wanted to badly to believe that this was all real, but deep in her heart festered a wound that made it hard to believe that Nikki truly was in liking of her. She erased the thoughts from her mind and went in. Sleeping with the covers down to his waste, Nikki lay with his shirt off and an arm stretched out. Nikki stirred when he heard the door shut. "Come lay with me
love." he whispered. Mandy obeyed, she took off her jeans and t-shirt, she wasn't ashamed of her body with Nikki, he made her feel so wonderful earlier, she didn't mind showing him her scars and tattoos and her leopard print panties and bra.  "Cute." Nikki said smiling still half asleep.
Mandy just smiled and untied her hair. When she was done taking her hair down, she crawled into bed with Nikki. Nikki scooted closer to her and laid his head
on the pillow near hers. "Sleep tight my little leopard." Nikki whispered, already falling asleep again. Mandy just smiled, and lay there watching him, she was tired but her mind was spinning with a million questions.


Part 54
Later on in the day Mandy and Nikki woke and talked for a bit before he headed to sound check. "Are you coming with us love?" Nikki asked Mandy who was still wrapped up in the blankets from earlier. "I want to but if Randi doesn't want to I am going to stay here
with her but judging by her earlier comments when we talked she will be going as well." Mandy said snuggling closer to Nikki Mandy so badly wanted to touch him, to touch an angel while they are together.
Mandy really needed to get a life, she thought. She was thinking of how excited Nikki made her and he was just lying there. She could just imagine if he touching her, what that would do to her. Mandy closed her eyes, for a few seconds, and she felt a hand touch her stomach, she didn't freeze but rather felt a tingle of desire, she slowly opened her eyes to see a sleepy Nikki staring at her with a content smile on his face. "Little leopard." Nikki
said looking over Mandy. Mandy blushed but didn't cover up, she was comfortable in her surroundings.
"Was your nap good?" Mandy asked pushing her hair out of her face. "Much better with you here." Nikki said pulling Mandy on top of him, so she was sitting on his stomach. Mandy was afraid that she was hurting him but knew that he was strong and relaxed about it, if Nikki only knew how much he made her stomach flip, he would probably disown her right then and there. Nikki felt Mandy relax and pulled her down to his chest, so that they were chest to chest. "Mandy, you make me so happy. What took me so long to find you?"  "Maybe because you're a Rock star and I am a fan?"  Mandy teased. "Yeah, but lets not think of all that. We are together now and that's what makes me happy." Nikki said kissing her lips passionately, deepening the kiss as the seconds went by. "Nikki, I want you so much, but I know I have to wait. Will you pleasure me like you did before?" Mandy gasped, as she felt a hand on her breast.  Nikki felt the urgency in her words and rolled her over so she was on the bed and unsnapped her bra. Nikki started
sucking on her nipples, and playing with her navel ring. Mandy wanted more though and tried to encourage him.  Before they knew it, it was time for Nikki to be going to sound check, neither of them wanted to leave each others arms but for reasons they both knew,
they had to. Mandy picked out Nikki's outfit for the night and walked out to see where Tommy and Randi were, but there door was still closed and she wasn't about to walk in on then, not after what she had learned earlier.


Part 55

When Tommy woke up he was on his side with his arms wrapped around Randi. She was sound asleep still, with her head resting against his chest. The blankets were folded down at her waist. Tommy felt himself becoming aroused just looking at her lying there beside him topless, with just her satin bra. He moved his leg over against hers and became more aroused when he realized she had taken off her pants as well.

Tommy leaned closer to Randi and inhaled her sweet scent. He wanted so badly to touch her again, to pleasure her, and see the look on her innocent face when she climaxed from his touch. But he was worried he would upset her if he started touching her without her asking him to.

Randi stirred a little but didnt wake up. She moved enough that Tommy had access to her neck. He gently pushed Randis hair out of his way and began placing light kisses all over her throat, flicking his tongue every so often. Randi squirmed and opened her eyes slightly and looked at Tommy with a shy smile. Tommy smiled back. Hello luv. Did you have a nice nap? Yes thank you. Tommy leaned down to whisper into her ear. I want to pleasure you again Randi. I want to watch you climax and feel your warm sweet cum on my fingers again. Randis cheeks turned red and her nipples got hard just from the thought of Tommy touching her again.

Tommy noticed Randis nipples become erect and leaned down towards them, nibbling on them through the satin material covering them. Randi closed her eyes and sighed.  May I take it off you? Tommy asked. Randi nodded her head. Tommy unfastened the clasp and pushed the bra off Randis shoulders. He ran his hand up and down the middle of her chest and stomach giving Randi chills. Tommy placed a hand on each breast and fondled them, making Randi more aroused. She could feel herself getting wetter and longed for Tommy to touch her womanhood again.

Randi ran her fingernails down Tommys back then pulled him closer to her. She was getting braver.  She captured his lips with hers, and kissed him passionately. Tommy groaned as Randi slipped one of her legs in between his and brushed against his member. Tommy wanted to feel Randi, all of her, but he knew she was not ready for sex. He decided to see how far he would let him go. He had never wanted to make someone feel as good as he did Randi.

Tommy took his arms off Randi and laid her flat on her back. Randi just watched him not saying anything, wondering what he was about to do. Tommy rose up and positioned himself gently over her. Randis eyes got big, she didnt know what he was doing, but she felt herself starting to panic. Tommy noticed the fear in her eyes. I wont hurt you luv. I promise. I dont want sex; I just want to feel you next to me. If you start feeling uncomfortable just tell me and I will stop. Randi just nodded her head, unable to speak because she had felt Tommys throbbing member brush against her womanhood.

Afraid she would ruin the moment if she spoke, so instead she put her fingers on Tommys chest, tracing lines along his muscles and drawing circles around his nipples. Tommy became more and more aroused with each passing second. He stared down at Randi. You are so beautiful. Thank you, so are you Tommy.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Damn Tommy said low enough that only him and Randi could hear it. What? Tommy said looking towards the door. Are you awake in there? Nikki asked. Yeah we are awake. Tommy answered. Well we need to get going for sound check. Nikki told him. Alright give me a minute. Tommy looked back at Randi who looked disappointed. Dont worry luv, I promise we will continue this tonight. That is if you want. Ok Tommy, I would like that very much. They kissed once more before Tommy rolled off her and got up. Randi got up too and they both got dressed and joined Nikki and Mandy.


Part 56
A few minutes later Randi and Tommy walked hand in hand down to the hotel lobby, where Nikki, Vince, and Mick were waiting. Mick was gazing off into the world, and no one seemed to mind his inattentiveness. Vince watched Tommy and Randi walk towards them, she was so not the ordinary, but then again Vince thought, neither was Mandy in her plaid and argyle sox.  He was very happy to see Nikki and Tommy so happy and not as rowdy as they usually were, he was able to be calm with them. These women meant a lot to them to bring them on tour with them. With all the temptations out there, they usually kept the girlfriends at home.
"Hello Randi." Vince said winking at her, making her blush. "Hey Vince." Randi managed to stutter.  Vince smiled, never had he seen women so shy around them. But he
wasn't going to push anything on them that they did not want. They were lovely women who were treated badly, from what Tommy and Nikki had said, although they didn't give any details, and they deserved to be treated with the utmost respect.
"Are you ladies joining us on stage tonight?" Mick asked, making Mandy jump from her thoughts, she squeezed Nikki's hand and he squeezed back in reassurance. "I want to, as long as Randi wants to." Mandy whispered, after looking at Randi, seeing a look of need on her face, that only meant one thing, she wanted to see Tommy play.  "I would love to accompany you guys to the center, then we can sit with the rest of the fans." Randi answered her friend.  "Nonsense, if you come with us, you can stay with us on the side of the stage." Nikki said looking at Mandy, sensing some discomfort with the whole group
activity. People were staring at them, and she wasn't quiet sure how to deal with it. So he moved them on toward the limo that was waiting for them. "You guys will be treated with the best of everything while on tour with us, you don't need to worry about the other fans asked questions or treating you badly because you are with us, and you will be with us on stage. We would feel safer with you up there." Tommy said looking down to Randi who was looking at Mandy.
They rode the rest of the limo ride in silence, Mandy and Randi both knowing that they wouldn't win if they tried to argue. They kept looking at each other as if trying to read each others minds. Mandy wanted so badly to be with Nikki forever, he made her so happy and made everything that was wrong disappear, even the hurt in her side seemed less, when he was around. Randi was happy too, and had a smile and a glow to her
face Mandy missed seeing. Randi could sense that something was bothering her friend, but wasn't sure what. She seemed to be doing so good with her illness and her issues with self- confidence, and she was less pale, and had a lot of dreaminess in her eyes. As much as her friend hated to admit it, Nikki was doing a lot for her, and was making her happy and was making her healthier.
When they got to the arena, Nikki took the girls to where they would be standing for the show, and showed them around backstage then took them to the dressing room to watch TV and talk while they went and did sound check, promising them both that they would be back in no time. Randi and Mandy looked forward to the time alone, they hadn't got a lot of time to talk lately.
When the door was closed and they were sure that the men were gone, Mandy started the conversation. "Why did you look at me the way you did earlier?"  Wanting to know why Randi kept staring at her earlier. "Mandy, is everything okay, you look like you are in
heaven but hell is knocking on your door?" Randi responded, glad that she had brought it up.  "I am fine, I am less tired then I have been, and am having the time of my life. I am so glad to see you happy and to see that you have found the man that makes your dreams come true." Mandy said, tears forming in her eyes.
"Mandy, as much as you don't want to admit it, you are in love as well, Nikki has helped you a lot, you have color in your face, your happy and dreamy. I want you to admit that you are falling for Nikki, no one else can hear you just me." Randi pleaded to her friend, knowing that her admitting it would make everything so much better.  "Randi, I have fallen for Nikki, and I've fallen hard for him. He makes everything better, makes me feel
less sick, and puts my dreams at the front again." Mandy said wiping her tears.  "Mandy, there is nothing wrong with that. You deserve it.  I am head over heals for Tommy. I wouldn't change what has happened with us for anything." Randi said comforting her friend. Holding on to her as she cried, admitting she was in love was a big step for her.
Nikki and Tommy were done early with sound check, everything seemed to be put together perfectly for the nights show, so they decided to go and be with the ladies for a while before they had to perform.  They wanted to surprise the ladies so walked in without knocking, to see them both in tears holding each other, afraid they had interrupted the moment, Nikki tried to shut the door, but Randi yelled for them to
come in, they spent the rest of the afternoon talking and hanging out.
Fifteen minutes to show time, the guys walked the ladies to the backstage area and kissed them both for good luck. "Please don't embarrass us." Mandy whispered to Nikki. Nikki smiled and walked off. Tommy kissed Randi and held her hand till he couldn't hold
it anymore and walked off with Nikki, talking amongst themselves. Mandy and Randi waiting and watched as they went to their positions to start the show. As soon as the guitar solo started off, Mandy got chills down her spine, wanting so badly for Nikki to play for her. Randi watched as Tommy started, and listened, dreaming of a moment to be with him when he played the drums.
They watched the show in awe; they had never been so close to a show before, or that close to the men they adored.  Before they knew it, the show was over, and the guys were headed back to their locker room. The stage manager directed the girls to the dressing room where Nikki and Tommy were waiting for them.
"Did you enjoy the show?"  Mick asked when he saw the ladies walk in.  "Very much, it was amazing. Better than the last time we saw you." Mandy commented, quickly finding Nikki.  "I loved the drum solos. They were great." Randi said winking at Tommy.  Vince and Mick just laughed, they were two unique people and made Tommy and Nikki very
happy.  Vince longed for that type of relationship but was just not ready for the commitment quiet yet, but was happy for his friends and band mates.  They sat in
the dressing room for a bit, talking and just hanging out, before they called it a night, and headed to the hotel.
When they got to the hotel, Nikki took Mandy to their room, and Tommy led Randi to their room. They were all tired and exhausted and wanted to be alone. They all agreed to meet up in the morning for breakfast before they headed out to the next show. Mandy had chills running through her spine, she wanted to know what Nikki had in store for them, and wanted to be alone with him, longing to be loved by Nikki again.
Randi, looked forward to the end of the show, as much as she loved to hear them play, she wanted to continue what was started earlier in the day, when they were prevented from doing when they had to get to sound check. Randi smiled at Mandy and followed Tommy into their bedroom. Mandy smiled back and looked at Nikki, taking the lead, with him behind her into their bedroom.

Part 57

Tommy made sure the door was locked and Randi went and sat on the edge of the bed. For some reason she felt nervous and afraid. Maybe it was because of all the woman at the concert that were doing their best to catch Tommys eye. And Randi knew Tommy could have any one of them if he wanted.  Randi sat looking down at the floor, lost in her thoughts, so sure that Tommy wouldnt want to pleasure her now after seeing all those other women.

Tommy noticed that Randi was deep in thought, and he had a good idea what she was thinking about. He wanted to erase those thoughts from her mind and show her that she was the one he wanted. Randi was so deep in her thoughts she didnt even notice Tommy walk past her, or feel him get on the bed. Tommy shed his shirt and threw it on the floor.  He scooted behind Randi and gently pulled her hair to the side. Tommys touch brought her out of her thoughts and she got chills.

Tommy began kissing the side of Randis neck, suckling it ever so softly. Randi leaned back against Tommy. Tommy moved up to her earlobe and began nibbling on it. Randi closed her eyes as Tommy started whispering to her. I want to finish what we started earlier. She couldnt speak to respond, so she turned and started kissing him. She deepened the kiss making Tommy groan with pleasure. She finally broke the kiss and spoke. I would like that very much.

Randi stood up and took off her shirt. Her nipples were already hard from being aroused. Tommy couldnt wait to touch them. Tommy got up and slid his pants off, giving relief to his throbbing member, then lay down on the bed. Randi removed her pants too and her bra, then joined Tommy. Tommy immediately covered one erect nipple with his mouth, sucking and licking it, causing Randis breathing to get heavy. Then he did the same to the other.

Tommy Randi whispered, almost breathless. What is it luv? Tommy asked looking her in the eyes. I want to feel you on top of me. Randi said feeling a little embarrassed for saying that. Tommy got up and positioned himself over her, holding himself up with his arms. He didnt want to make her uncomfortable by putting too much weight on her. Randi gasped as Tommys hard on rubbed against her.

Are you ok? Tommy asked. I am fine. Kiss me again Tommy. Promise you will tell me if you become uncomfortable? I promise. Tommy gently lowered himself against Randi. It was Tommy who got chills this time as Randis nipple jewelry brushed against his chest. Tommy closed his eyes as Randi wrapped her arms and legs around him and pulled him closer to her so she could kiss him. Tommy wrapped his arms around Randi as they kissed passionately until they were both out of breath. Tommy was throbbing, longing for Randis touch, and Randi felt like she would explode if Tommy didnt touch her soon.

Randi started running her fingernails up and down Tommys back, then ran her fingers through his hair. Tommy lay on top of Randi enjoying the way her body felt against his and the way her fingers felt touching him. Tommy looked Randi in the eyes; she seemed to be thinking hard about something. Randi suddenly felt really brave. Tommy I want to do something. Get off me please. Are you ok luv? Tommy asked worried that he had frightened her. I am fine, I promise. Randi said smiling. I just want to do something for you, and I cant do it with you on top of me. She started blushing as soon as she said it.

Tommy got off of her and lay down on the bed. He wasnt sure what Randi had in mind. He was surprised when Randi got on top of him and straddled him. Randi leaned down and started blowing in Tommys ear, then left a moist trail of kisses down his neck.  Randi continued to work her way down, leaving kisses the whole way.  When she reached the waistband of Tommys boxers she sat up so she could free his hardened member from the confines of the fabric.

What are you doing? Tommy asked. He didnt want to ruin the moment, but he didnt want Randi doing more then she was comfortable with either. Youll see. You just lay there and relax. Randi said smiling wickedly. Randi removed Tommys boxers and tossed them on the floor. Randi ran her fingers up and down the length of Tommys hardened shaft. She felt Tommy shiver and smiled. Tommy watched Randi intently, never taking his eyes off her. Randi lay down on the bed between Tommys legs and slowly covered the head of him with her mouth. Tommys eyes got big and he thought he would cum right then.

Tommy urged himself to calm down and stay under control. Randi slowly swirled her tongue around the tip of Tommy. He continued to watch, not knowing how much more he could take before shooting his load.  Randi began to move farther down on him, inch by inch, and then began gently rubbing his balls with her hand. Tommy felt like hed died and went to Heaven watching Randi move up and down on him. Oh God, where did you learn to do that at? That feels so damn good babe. Tommy said in between breaths.  Randi just continued without saying anything. She felt his body starting to tense up. She wasnt comfortable enough yet to swallow so she put her hand where her mouth had been. She continued to stroke Tommy until he cum, letting it shoot all over her breasts and stomach.

Tommy lay there breathless. He couldnt believe what had just happened. Randi was so sexy, and he still couldnt believe she had let him cum all over her like that.  Randi got up and wiped herself off, then lay back down with him. She needed him to touch her now she was going nuts.  Tommy looked at Randi and smiled. Thank you Randi, that was wonderful. Now its your turn. Randi started to panic. She wasnt ready for him to see her completely naked yet. No Tommy. Its ok, really. I didnt mind. I wanted to do that for you. Randi said nervously. Tommy sighed, but he didnt push her. He knew she would tell him when she was ready. Well can I at least feel you? Tommy asked. Yes. Randi lay there with her eyes closed waiting for the pleasure she knew Tommy would give her.

Tommy slid his hand into Randis panties. She was so wet and warm. Her clit was swollen with desire. Tommy slid one finger up and down her slit making her tremble. Tommy smiled as Randi arched her back as if she was begging for more.  Tommy slowly put a finger inside of her, then another, and began moving in and out of her. You are so tight Randi. Tommy whispered.  Randi blushed slightly. Dont stop. Randi whispered. Tommy began rubbing her clit with his thumb as he continued to move his fingers in and out of her. Randi could feel her body tensing up and began rocking her hips back and forth to match the rhythm Tommy had set.  Oh God Tommy. Randi gasped as her orgasm began to claim her, sending ripple after ripple of pleasure pulsating through her whole body.  Cum for me baby, thats it. Tommy coaxed gently. When Randis body relaxed Tommy slowly removed his hand from her panties.  His fingers where covered in the juices Randi had released.

Thank you Tommy. Randi said quietly. No, thank you Randi. Tommy lay down beside Randi and pulled her close. Randi laid her head on his chest and cuddled up to him. Good night Tommy. Good night luv. Tommy kissed her on top of the head then turned off the lamp. Soon they had both drifted off to sleep with smiles on their faces dreaming about what had just happened between them.


Part 58
When Nikki and Mandy walked into their room, Nikki stopped when Mandy stopped, not wanting to run into her. Mandy turned around and looked wickedly at Nikki, licking her lips as she walked her fingers up Nikki's chest to his chin. Then she spun around and walked away, leaving Nikki turned on and confused. "What was that for?" Nikki asked aroused just by her touch. "I wanted to affect you like you did me earlier when you walked by me and touched my leg and walked off." Mandy whispered, dropping her curls out of their clip and unbuttoning her shirt, she had decided since her and Randi's talk earlier in the night, she was going to get more involved and let herself live a little. She wanted to touch Nikki more than anything, to feel him holding her, and touching her, but didn't want to move to quickly.
"Mandy, are you sure you want to do this? I don't want to move to quickly and hurt you or scare you. I care a lot about you." Nikki stuttered, shocked by her wild behavior but liking it none the same.  He walked behind her to catch her bra and to look at the dragon
on her back, it was so detailed and so bright, he longed to touch it, and to feel what her body felt like, but knew that Mandy was in charge and she would let him know when she was ready to take the next step.
"Yes, luv I do. I want to make sure that I remember every minute spent with you." Mandy said dropping her jeans to the floor, stepping out of them effortlessly. Nikki stared after her, not sure what to say or do. Just stared at her climbing into the bed. When he looked up to her eyes, he saw a desire he didn't usually see from her, and wanted to feel what she was feeling in her eyes.
"Mandy, what would you like me to do?" Nikki asked, shedding his shirt and leather pants and climbing on the bed with her. Mandy stared at him in awe; he was so muscular and amazingly tan.  " I want you. Nikki, I want you to make love to me, and I want to make love to you." Mandy said looking evil as she rubbed her hand over his already throbbing member that was straining at the boxers that covered him.  Mandy winked at him once more, before she tugged his boxers off, and laid them to the side, and started rubbing his hard erect manhood, making Nikki groan, never had a woman been this direct with him before, and he was liking it.
"Mandy, please, don't go so fast that you scare yourself. I want you to enjoy being with me. Don't think that you have to please me to be with me." Nikki gasped, when he felt cold steel on him. Shocked at first, he wasn't expecting to receive another job from her. Mandy started to flick her tongue over his tip, sending desire through his body like a wildfire. "Oh Mandy, stop, before I cant stop myself." Nikki breathed out. Mandy could feel he was about to come, and licked the tip a few more times before she started to stroke again, since she was never one to swallow, even if the men wanted her to.
When Nikki came, Mandy jumped, and then let it run down her chest. Embarrassed she jumped up and got a towel and wiped if off. She looked at Nikki, and it looked like Nikki was at the gates of heaven and ready to be taken to the angels. He looked over at Mandy and smiled. "Leopard, that was great. You are truly amazing, and make me a very happy man, now come here so I can make you a happy woman." Nikki said, sitting up to pull Mandy to the bed, so he could make her has happy as he was feeling.
When he laid her on the bed, he claimed her lips and took over the lovemaking. Mandy was in complete heaven, she felt so much better since her and Randi had talked earlier. She knew that Randi was right, and that she too needed to be taken care of and happy.
When Nikki tugged at her lip with his, she thought was going to explode from pleasure. Then he laid kisses down her chest to her stomach to her panties. "May I love?" he asked, tugging at the tie on the side. Mandy nodded, feeling safe enough to let him see her nude.
When he untied the other side and slid her panties off, he took one hand and rubbed her curls and Mandy spread her legs willingly wanting to feel him again.
When he placed his face near her womanhood, Mandy thought she was dreaming, then she felt his wet tongue near her slip and froze, afraid that he didn't like what he was feeling. Nikki looked up and smiled. "Nice love. You don't look the type." and bent down again and started to suck on her clit ring.  Nikki wanted to taste her sweetness, so he licked farther down, till he felt her tighten up, and started to lick faster, making Mandy arch and groan in pleasure. "Nikki, please more. I want more, I want to feel more of you."
She panted, trying to get him to touch her more. Nikki took his cue and put a finger in her tight wet sex, then two and started moving them in and out of her till he felt her tighten up, knowing that she was about to cum, he leaned into her and licked at her piercing till he felt her sweet hot juices flowing out of her, and she was calming down.  Nikki climbed up next to her, and looked at her face, she was dripping with sweat, and looked pleased. "Thank you Mandy for letting me please you." Nikki whispered, before kissing her. Mandy said, kissing him back. When they lay down for the night, Mandy held Nikki close to her, wanting to never leave him. 'If you keep treating me so well, I will fall more in love with you and never want to leave you.' Mandy thought to herself, as she drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the love they had shared earlier. Nikki watched as she fell asleep
before he fell asleep, dreaming of how he was going to keep his curly haired leopard by his side.


Part 59

The rest of the week flew by. Randi and Mandy both started to fall deeper in love with the new men in their lives. And they couldnt imagine their life without them now. They had even started getting more comfortable with Vince and Mick, although they were both still too nervous to be around either of them without Tommy and Nikki.  They went to each concert, and every night they put on a better show then the one before.  Then each night after they were alone Nikki would pleasure Mandy, and Tommy would pleasure Randi. Neither of them had been brave enough to have intercourse yet.

Sadly the day had arrived when the ladies had to return home and get their shop opened back up. They didnt want to leave, and the guys didnt want to see them go, but they all knew they had no choice. Nikki and Tommy rode with the ladies to the airport to make sure they got off safely. They had arranged for them to fly on a private plane again so they wouldnt have to deal with the crowd.

Mandy and Randi promised to call them as soon as they got home, so that Nikki and Tommy wouldnt worry. And the guys promised they would be together again as soon as possible. After a long tear-filled goodbye, the ladies finally bored the plane. The guys watched them take off and finally left once they couldnt see the plane any longer. Now they just had to wait for Mandy and Randi to get home so they could at least hear their voices again.

Tommy and Nikki returned to the hotel where Vince and Mick were waiting for them so they could go to sound check. Vince could see the loneliness in his friends eyes. Mandy and Randi were certainly wonderful ladies who deserved nothing less than the very best. He knew Nikki and Tommy cared a lot about them, but he also knew how they act when they are lonely and get drunk. Vince hoped for their sake, and the ladies sake, that history would not repeat itself.


Part 60
When Randi and Mandy got home, they went right back into the store, and worked there asses off to make up for the week they were gone, they had a lot of call in orders and online orders to get out. They were lonely but didn't let it bother them, they had work to do and they needed to get it done, so they wouldn't have any dissatisfied customers. At night Mandy and Randi fell asleep listening to the Crue music, and wishing that their men were with them, they called as much as they could, and wanted to go with them again, but knew they needed to be at the shop, to make things work.
Mandy kept thinking of the bad possibilities and was feeling less energetic, she was used to being with Nikki, and without him she felt like she was nothing, didn't even want to go and have a drink after the shop was closed, Randi knew something was wrong and
bothering her but didn't know what.  "Mandy luv, what is bothering you?"  "Nothing, I am just lonely and want to go home, that's all." Mandy replied when they were sitting at
their booth in the small café they ate at for lunch.  "But you know that we have to be here, its our job and our life, we will be with Nikki and Tommy again soon, I know it. Don't you worry." Randi said squeezing her friends hand.  "I know, I just have never felt as I do about Nikki, and its scary, what if this is all a joke, and I am falling in love for no reason?" Mandy said, knowing her friend would understand her fears and her concerns.
"Mandy, I told you don't think like that. Nikki is a good man, and deserves you as much as you deserve him. Dont work yourself up and make yourself sick." "I wont, I just keep thinking about it and cant seem to think that this is really happening to me."  "I know neither can I, it was amazing the time we spent together, Mick and Vince are cool too. I loved being with them, but I couldn't do it for a long time, I like to be home too."  "I do to, but home was so much better with the guys with us." Mandy said cheering up some.
"Yeah it was, but they got to make a living too."  "Yeah, thanks Randi, I feel a lot better now."
Randi and Mandy talked to the guys almost every day, when they had time, and it passed the time, but they were all incredibly lonely. Mandy wanted to see Nikki again, but had to wait till the tour was over or they had some time off for a holiday. Randi was content
with talking to Tommy, although she wanted to see him as well, she understood that he had a job to do and did it well, and loved what he did.


Part 61

The band had a night off in between concerts. Tommy and Nikki desperately wanted to go see Randi and Mandy, but they knew they couldnt. They wouldnt have time to get there and back before the next show. So the settled for calling them and talking on the phone for a while before going out for a few drinks. Vince and Mick both chose to spend their night off relaxing.

Nikki and Tommy headed for a bar down the road from where they were staying. Vince and Mick both tried to convince them not to go, but was unsuccessful. Vince knew from past experiences that this was not a good thing. Both Nikki and Tommy were lonely. They missed Mandy and Randi. And drinking and being lonely at the same time never went over well with those two.

They arrived at the bar and each ordered a drink. Several ladies tried hitting on them, and at first were unsuccessful. But as the night went on and more alcohol was drank Nikki and Tommy were beginning to forget all about the promises they had made to the ladies. They were drunk and wanted some action. The started putting the moves on every woman that came near them, and soon they were on their way back to the hotel. Both were plastered out of their minds, and had a couple of groupie looking women each. They were ready to party.

Tommy and Nikki went to the room they were sharing, followed by all the ladies. They started drinking more, and turned up the stereo full blast. The hotel staff let it go on for a while before going up and warning them. They lowered it for a while, but were soon being even louder. Some of the women had started stripping and was trying to get into the guys pants. Both guys were so drunk they didnt care.

Vince and Mick were just returning from a walk when the police and news station pulled up in front of the hotel. They looked at each other and knew this wasnt a good sign. They headed for their band mates room. The police and news reporters were right behind them.  Then everyone went in. The cops broke everyone up, putting handcuffs on all of them. The news was recording it all.

Vince was finally able to convince the police to let Nikki and Tommy go. He promised that him and Mick would take care of them and make sure they didnt cause any more trouble. The women were all taken to jail to sober up, and the guys were warned that if they put even one toe out of line, they would be back to take them to jail.


Part 62

Mick shut the door after everyone had left. Nikki and Tommy were on the couch laughing about what had happened. They were so out of it, they didnt care. Vince was so mad at them he wanted to kick their asses. He longed to have some one who cared about him the way Randi and Mandy did for his band mates. He couldnt find anyone. They did and went and screwed it all up.

WHAT IN THE HELL WAS YOU TWO THINKING? Vince screamed. Kiss my ass. Tommy slurred. Yeah fuck off Vince. Nikki stuttered. They both tried to get up, but were stopped. Both of you just shut up and sit your asses back down. Mick demanded. What do you want? Nikki said hatefully. Mind your own business. Tommy yelled. What do we want? Vince asked. Ill tell you want we want. We want to knock the shit out of you for what you did tonight. Leave me alone. I am going to get another drink. Tommy told him. Like hell you are. You are going to sit right here, both of you, and sober up. Then you are going to call Mandy and Randi and tell them what you did. Mick told them.

I cant believe you two are such losers. You make me sick. Vince spat. Whats it to you? Nikki spat back. Like you have never brought groupies back to your room before. Not when I am in a serious relationship asshole. Kiss my ass, who do you think you are? My mother? Tommy mouthed off. If you dont sober up and get your heads out of yours ass, Mick and I are going to be your worst nightmare.


Mandy and Randi sat at home watching TV before turning in for the night. All of a sudden the news interrupted their show with a breaking news story. Both ladies sat there staring at the TV. They couldnt believe what they were seeing they had to be dreaming. It was Nikki and Tommy in a hotel room full of half dressed groupies, and everyone was in handcuffs. After all the promises they had made, and the ladies put so much trust in them, they did this. Every thing the ladies had been afraid would happen if they let Nikki in Tommy in had happened.

Both ladies sat on the couch speechless, with tears rolling down their cheeks. They felt as though someone had ripped their hearts right from their chests.


Part 63

Mandy got up, from her chair in the living room, and left the house. "Mandy No, don't you leave." Randi yelled after her, knowing that Mandy was hurt and hurt badly, and was going to react in a bad way. Randi went to follow after her but she was already off down the road, running to a destination unknown. Randi stopped, when she realized she couldn't catch up, turned on the porch light, and went to the bed, where her and Tommy had made love.

She sat there and cried till she couldn't cry anymore. She heard the door open, and went to see who it was. Mandy looked at her with hurt on her face, hate in her eyes and some wounds on her arms, then stormed past to her bedroom, slamming the door. Randi wanted to help her friend, knowing that Nikki hurt her deeply. But Randi was hurt just as bad, and went back to her bedroom, lay down and cried herself to sleep. Forgetting to take her medication before she went to bed. Rarely did they go to bed so early, it was only 11:30 and her and Mandy usually stayed up till at least 1 or 2 am.
When Mandy woke in the morning, there was a message on the answering machine. She pressed play and listened. "Hey ladies, its Mick. I want to apologize for the boys actions last night. They were uncalled for and they want to see you to apologize." and he hung up. Mandy looked at the machine before erasing it. Randi didn't need to deal with them right now.
Mandy had gotten up during the night to wash her arms and checked on Randi, she was shaking and having really bad dreams, and didn't want to make things worse. Mandy stared at the machine awhile longer before going to wake Randi up for the shop, although neither of them really wanted to be there. "Good Morning luv, its almost 7 and we need to get to work." Mandy said shaking her friend awake.
Randi tried to move, but felt pain all the way down her right arm, and her head but pushed it off, so that Mandy didn't worry, she had enough to worry about with Nikki. "Okay, I'll be out in a little bit, let me take a quick shower and I will be ready to go." Randi said stretching, although that made the pain worse. Mandy walked out of the room to change in her bedroom and to get some things together to keep her mind off of Nikki and everything else that was going on.

When Mandy walked back out, there still was no Randi. She went into Randi's room to find Randi lying on the floor, doubled over in pain, holding onto her head with the arm she could move. "Randi, did you take your medication last night like you were supposed to?" Mandy asked, trying to get Randi to look at her. "No, I forgot. I was so upset with what was going on, that I fell asleep crying. I cant go to work today, it hurts to bad, I just want to sleep." "You was having a seizure last night when I peeked in you weren't you? Damn it, I should have known when I seen you shaking it wasn't just a nightmare. Okay, then I will run to the shop and put a closed sign up. I will be back in about 20 minutes." Randi nodded slowly, as Mandy helped her onto her bed and covered her up.
The rest of the day Randi stayed in bed, not eating or drinking anything, trying to move as little as possible and letting the things that were going around her mind, eat at her. As the day went on, the sicker Randi got. Randi wasn't allowing herself to be happy or to get the thoughts out of her mind, all she could think about was the lying and the hurt that Tommy had caused. Knowing how safe he made her feel made her feel even worse, and she hated that she let Tommy into her heart, she knew better he was a rock god, and could have any woman, and lived the life of decadence to the max, why she ever fell for him, she would never know, but would never fall again.
 Mandy sat on the couch, crying at everything that she believed. Nikki was so right, why was right so wrong. He filled her heart with hopes and desires then crushed them, right in her view. He didn't care that she was falling in love with him; all he cared about was being in the spotlight, and getting what he wanted. She hated the fact that she trusted him, when she knew what rock stars did and how they behaved. Never again would she trust a man.

Part 64 (the boys the next day)
Vince and Mick took turns sleeping that night, after the incident with the groupies and with the cops, they didn't want them trying to leave again. Finally they passed out, and Mick and Vince took turns staying awake to make sure they didn't try anything. When
they woke up the next morning, Vince and Mick were still as mad as hell at them for being so stupid and for ruining the greatest thing that could happen, and would happen to them ever. "Mick, Vince, why are you in our room?" Tommy asked, his head hurt like hell, and he didn't remember a thing after the bar.  "Yeah, why are you in our room, man don't you have your own?" Nikki whispered, even that hurt his pounding head.
"You boys were very irresponsible and lost the best thing that you could have had, or ever will have. Let me tell you something, I have searched for years for what you found in one night, you have the loves of your lives and you go and mess it up by getting drunk." Vince started, noticing that Mick wanted to contribute as well.  "Nikki, Mandy is great, loves you to bits and is one hell of a catch, why would you mess around with a whore? And Tommy, you have such a lost soul, searching for love from you and you treat her like she is nothing special. Let me tell you guys something, they are more special than you will ever know." Mick finished before leaving.
"Vince man, what is he talking about, what are you talking about? We went out and had a few drinks last night. What is so wrong with that?" Tommy asked. "What is wrong with that? You guys were plastered, and brought home a bunch of whores, when we got here,
you guys were all half naked and the cops were ready to haul your asses off to jail. The news caught it all, you are lucky your not sitting in jail right now." Vince said playing the tape for them to watch. Both Tommy and Nikki watched in horror, what the whole world had witnessed. Mick was right, they fucked up big time, and there was no way to get them back. If they saw this newscast, their hearts were broken and were too far-gone ever to be won back.
Nikki walked out of the room, after it was over, upset with the happenings of his stupidness and needed some fresh air. Tommy stayed to talk to Vince while he was out. "What should we do man? Should we go see them or what?"  "Tommy, I don't know what to tell you, Mick left a message apologizing to them, but you know as well as I
do, that it will take a lot more to get them to ever forgive you. What you did was very wrong, and hurt them a lot. Tommy those women have very tender hearts, and you just bruised them badly." Vince said before he walked out of the room to go talk to Nikki.
Just down the hall sat Nikki on the steps. Sobbing, afraid that he had lost the one girl that he truly loved and cared for. "Vince, why am I so stupid, why do I always mess things up. I am on the verge of losing the best woman I know, she was so afraid, I helped her overcome fears, made her feel love and showed her what love was."  Nikki continued to sob.  "Nikki, we all make mistakes and you made a big mistake, you broke a heart, you taught someone to trust, and to love then you took it away from her. It will take a lot to get it back. Like I told Tommy, those ladies have tender hearts, and you bruised it very badly."  Vince said before he got up, they needed to be down to the lobby in a little while and he still needed to get ready.  Nikki just stared up at him with confusion in his eyes.  "Nikki, man we need to be in the lobby in an hour, I'd advise you to go take a shower and look more presentable, and think of what you are going to do."


Part 65

Mandy had got so upset that her side was killing her. She had decided it would be best to close Mystic for the rest of the week. Randi had let the whole situation get to her so deeply she had several seizures. She couldnt move her right arm at all, and her head hurt so bad she couldnt lift it off her pillow. She refused to eat anything, and Mandy had to force her to drink. Randi was so weak Mandy had to help her walk to the bathroom every time she needed to go.

Mandy lay on the couch with a heating pad on her side while watching TV. Every so often she would catch herself crying over Nikki again. She would curse at herself and dry up the tears, he didnt deserve to have tears shed over him. Even though she was sick and in pain, some how Mandy found the strength to take care of Randi, for she could not do it herself. If Randi didnt stop having seizures, Mandy was going to end up having to take her to the hospital.

There was a knock at the door. It startled Mandy. They never had company. Who could possibly be at the door? Mandy slowly got up off the couch and walked to the door, holding onto her side. She was shocked when she opened it and saw Vince and Mick standing there. What are you doing here? Mandy asked while trying to hide the wounds on her arms. We need to talk to you ladies. Mick told her. Do you mind if we come in? Vince asked. Mandy looked out in the driveway to the car they were driving. Dont worry, its just us. Ok.

Mandy let them in and they all sat down. Just as they were about to start talking Mandy heard commotion coming from Randis room and jumped up. Vince and Mick looked at each other confused and followed her. When Mandy reached Randi she was in a full-blown seizure. Her eyes were rolled back, she had bit her tongue, her whole body was jerking and trembling, and she was mumbling incoherent things.  Vince and Mick stood back watching, in shock, not knowing what to do or say, or even what was happening. Mandy sat beside Randi trying to talk to her and bring her out of it. 

Randis body finally started to relax and tears rolled down her cheeks as she whispered to her friend. I am sorry Mandy. I didnt mean to do it. Shh Dont talk Randi, just relax. Mandy coaxed. Randi continued to cry. My head hurts so bad. Why did Tommy have to do that? Randi said with each word getting lower and she dozed back off to sleep. Mandy sat beside her for a few more minutes until she was sure Randi was ok. She finally got up and realized Mick and Vince were standing there in complete shock. They had no clue what had just happened, but they knew it was not good.

They followed Mandy back to the living room. Mick noticed Mandys arms and pointed them out to Vince. Once they were back in the living room Mandy started talking So what are you two doing here? If you came to make excuses for your friends, you can leave right now. We didnt come to make excuses for those assholes. I promise you that. Mick told her. Mandy what happened in there? I mean what is wrong with Randi? Vince asked. She is sick, cant you tell? She has been having one seizure after another every since Tommy ripped her heart out. Mandy said with anger in her voice. I am so sorry Mandy. Why are you sorry?

Does she get like this often? Mick asked. Only when she gets really stressed out and forgets her medicine. Mandy told him as she put the heating pad back on her side. Does Tommy know she has seizures? Vince asked. I doubt it, not that he would care anyways. Mandy said rolling her eyes. And Mandy what did you do to yourself? Mick asked. I dont know what you are talking about. Mandy said acting innocent. You know good and well what I am talking about Mandy. Fine. I cut my arms, big deal. Its not like anyone cares anyway. Mandy said fighting the tears.

Look Mandy, I know we said we didnt come to make excuses for Nikki and Tommy. We are just as pissed at the as you are. But we want you to know they really are sorry. They got plastered. Neither of them even remembers what happened. And the cops were called before they did anything with those whores. If you dont mind, I want to bring them over here. I want Tommy to see just what he did to Randi. Vince told her. I think Nikki needs to see what he caused you to do also. Mick added. I really dont want to see them, but if you want to bring Tommy over here so he can see what he did to my best friend thats fine. I will just stay in my room. But you tell him he is not to say a single word to her. She doesnt need to know he is here. It will just make her worse. Mandy told them.


Part 66

Vince and Mick each gave Mandy a hug, and told her they would be back shortly. They returned to the hotel and found Nikki and Tommy. They let them have it again. Mick and Vince were even more pissed at their band mates now. Sit your sorry asses down now. Mick demanded. What did we do now? Nikki said looking at him. Just sit down and shut up. I hope you assholes are happy and proud of yourselves. Vince yelled. What are you talking about? We didnt leave this room while you were gone. Tommy said defending himself and Nikki.

Well thanks to your little night of fun, not only did you break two very special ladies hearts, you made them physically ill. Mick said hatefully. Mandy went out and hurt herself over you Nikki. Were those whores worth it? And as for Randi, well she cant even get out of bed. Mandy has to take care of her. She wont even eat. Does that make you proud of yourself Tommy? Vince spat at them. What are you talking about? They asked at the same time. Mandy cut her arms all up because of you. Vince hissed. Randi is having one seizure after another. She cant even lift her head off her pillow. Vince and I witnessed her having one while we was there. You should be ashamed of yourself Tommy. You make me sick. Mick said hatefully.

Nikki and Tommy were both close to tears. Come on now you assholes. Go get in the car. You are going to go over there and see what you caused. Vince demanded. Nikki and Tommy followed Mick and Vince like they were told. They reached the ladies house and Mandy opened the door. As soon as she made eye contact with Nikki she covered her face with her hands and ran to her bedroom crying.  Nikki noticed her arms before she took off. See what you caused you asshole? Mick questioned. Nikki hung his head low, hating himself for messing up the best thing hed ever had.

Now we are going to take you in here to see Randi. You are to keep your mouths shut. You dont talk to her, and you dont try to touch her. She doesnt need to know you are here. It will just make her worse. She needs her rest. You got it? Vince demanded. Nikki and Tommy both nodded their heads and followed their band mates. They walked quietly into Randis room. She was pale and sweating. They could tell she hadnt been eating, and her body had been through a lot. Her cheeks were stained from all the crying, there was a little bit of dried blood on her mouth from where she had bit her tongue.

Nikki stood there not moving. He didnt know what to think. He had never seen anyone look like that before. Tommy was as white as a ghost, his insides trembling. He hated himself for what he had done to her. Randi didnt deserve this. He longed to reach out to her, to cradle her in his arms again, but he knew he couldnt. Tommy hung his head down low and let his tears fall.

The four guys walked back into the living room. Are you two proud of yourselves now? Mick asked them. Nikki had tears in his eyes too. Neither of them could answer. If I was you two, I would suggest you find a way to make things up to these ladies. Although, I wouldnt blame them if they dont forgive you. Vince told them. Come on you two, you need to get back out in the car so Mandy will come out of her room Mick ordered.

Mick, Nikki, and Tommy walked back out to the car while Vince went to let Mandy know they werent in there any more. Mandy let Vince hug her. And he promised he would be in touch. He wanted to know how both her and Randi were doing.


Part 67

Nikki and Tommy sat in the hotel room hating themselves for what they had done. Images of Randi lying in her bed so helpless and sick tormented Tommy; he couldnt make them go away. He had to find a way to make it up to her. He just had to get her back. And Nikki felt horrible that Mandy had hurt herself because of him. He was so ashamed of himself.

Vince stayed in touch with Mandy. Randi had recovered from the seizures, but was still extremely sad, hurt, and lonely. Mandys arms were healing, but her side still hurt tremendously and she was full of the same feelings her best friend was. Nikki and Tommy both tried to get in touch with the ladies, but they refused to talk to them. They werent sure if they could ever forgive them.

They days turned into weeks and Mandy and Randi still wouldnt talk to Nikki or Tommy, but they did talk regularly with Vince and Mick. They spent all their free time working on a song they had came up with for Mandy and Randi. Nikki longed to be with Mandy again. He missed her so bad, but he was about to give up all hope. Tommy felt the same way about Randi, but suddenly he had an idea. He remembered someone the ladies had talked about. He went to find Nikki. His idea just might work. And if it did they would be able to perform their new song.

Nikki and Tommy discussed the idea. Nikki agreed it was worth a try. Tommy disappeared to make a phone call while Nikki went to fine Vince and Mick to make sure it was ok with them. Vince and Mick both agreed that it was worth a try, but told Nikki not to get his hopes up. Mandy and Randi were crushed and it would take a lot for them to recover.


A few days later Mandy and Randi were at the shop. Mandy had just returned from the house. She went to get their mail. Randi couldnt believe it when Mandy came running through the door. She was so excited she could barely talk. Mandy calm down. What is going on? Randi asked. Look, look at this! Mandy exclaimed holding an envelope up. She was so excited her hand was shaking. Mandy sit down before you hurt yourself. Randi told her as she took the letter from her.

Randi looked at the envelope. She didnt see what was so special about it. It was just an envelope addressed to the both of them She looked at Mandy and raised and eyebrow. Well open it already. Read what it says. Mandy said about to burst from her excitement. Randi opened the envelope and pulled the letter out. She was starting to think her friend had lost it, but her jaw dropped as she read the letter. She couldnt believe what she was reading.



Dear Mandy and Randi,

Id like to personally thank you for all the kind letters you send me every week. And for being such devoted fans and watching my show every day. As a token of my appreciation, I am including airline tickets; front row tickets to a taping of my show, and your hotel accommodations will be paid for by me. Looking forward to seeing you.



Mrs. O


Randi turned to look at Mandy. She was smiling ear to ear. Randi jumped up and reached for Mandy. They started hugging and jumping up and down. They had wished for this every since Sharon went on the air. They couldnt believe Sharon had written them personally and invited them to her show. It was going to be great. They couldnt wait for the big day.


Tommy was pleased with himself. He just hoped the plan worked. They had toured with Ozzy years ago, and Sharon had always been great to them. She was like a mother to them. He knew she would do whatever she could to help them. Now they just had to wait and see if the ladies would show up or not.  Nikki was happy too he missed Mandy so bad. Vince and Mick were proud of them too. The guys spent all their free time learning their new song, and practicing two others. They would be playing 3 songs while on Sharons show.


Part 68

The big day finally arrived. Mandy and Randi headed for the airport. They were thrilled about being on the Sharon Show. They still just couldnt believe that she had invited them herself. The thought that the guys were behind it, never even crossed their minds. All they cared about was that they would be seeing Sharon up close in just a few hours. And they couldnt wait.

Their flight went smooth. They talked excitedly the whole way. When they landed a limo was waiting for them. They were taken directly to the studio, and their bags were taken on to their hotel. Both ladies were so happy neither of them let their normal fears bother them. They found their seats and sat down. They got there at the last minute; it was about time for the taping to start. They hoped they would get to meet Sharon after the show. Mandy and Randi suddenly realized they didnt even know who was going to be on the show that day.

They noticed there was a drum set, a couple of guitars, a piano, and microphones set up on one of the stages, but didnt think anything about it. It could be for anyone. Sharon walked out and the audience cheered. She welcomed the audience and thanked them for coming. She talked for a few minutes about different things that had happened recently, and telling everyone how Ozzy, Jack, and Kelly were.  Then she said after the commercial break her first guests would be joining her.

Randi and Mandy were so excited they could barely control themselves. They hadnt been this happy since before the guys had hurt them.   But that happiness quickly faded when they returned from commercial. Mandy and Randi both felt sick to their stomach as the guest came out on stage. They tried to get up and leave, before they were noticed, while Sharon introduced the band but were unsuccessful

Mandy Randi Sharon called out. Both ladies froze. Where do you think you are going dears? She asked. Everyone was staring at them. They were both so embarrassed. Please sit back down. Sharon said as sweetly as she could. They returned to their seats, wishing they could crawl in a hole somewhere. They should have known there was more to them being invited onto her show then what was said in the letter. They felt so stupid for falling for it.

Both ladies wanted to cry, but they didnt. They were on national TV and didnt want to draw any more attention to themselves. Now if you two are done trying to sneak out on me Sharon teased. There are a couple of people who have something to say to you. So please just give them a chance to explain.


Part 69

Hello everyone. Vince said. The audience cheered. I am going to turn this over to Nikki and Tommy for a minute. They have a few things to say. Tommy started talking first. I know I hurt you Randi and I am sorry. I am sorry for everything. I would give anything for you to forgive me. You made my life complete and I am lost without you. Randi, I love you. Randi had tears rolling down her cheeks. Nikki started talking next. Mandy, I want to apologize to you as well. I was stupid for what I did, and I hate myself for it. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I never wanted to hurt you. You mean the world to me. I love you with all my heart Mandy. We wrote this song for you and Randi. I hope you like it, and I hope we can work things out. Mandy was crying now too.

Sharon interrupted. Before you start, I just have to say one thing. You know how much I care about you boys. You are like my own sons. I want to tell you I am very ashamed of you for what you did to these two lovely ladies. Nikki and Tommy both looked down at the floor, feeling even guiltier for what they did. But I am extremely proud of you for taking responsibility for your actions and trying to make things right. Thanks Sharon. Nikki and Tommy said at the same time.

Ok ladies and gentlemen, this song is called Afraid. Nikki and Tommy wrote it especially for Mandy and Randi, the most important people in their lives. Mick said, as they got ready to play the song.



















The crowd stood up and cheered. Mandy and Randi had tears rolling down their cheeks. They wanted to run to Nikki and Tommy, but they knew they couldnt. Sharon started talking. That was wonderful guys. Thanks so much for performing it on my show. Now, dont you have a couple of more songs planned? Yes maam. Vince said. This next song is called Glitter we chose to play this one today because its Mandys favorite Motley Crue song.
















The crowd cheered and clapped again. All the ladies in the crowd were jealous of Mandy and Randi. They wished that it could be them that the men of Motley Crue were dedicating songs too. Once the crowd had calmed down, Tommy started talking. Before we sing the last song He paused as he got up from his drums and walked to Sharon. I want to thank you for letting us come on your show Sharon, and thank you for all your help. He gave her a big hug then walked back over to the stage with his band mates.

The last song we are going to play is Home Sweet Home because it is Randis favorite song. Randi, I hope you enjoy this; I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. And my home sweet home will always be where ever you are. Tommy said as he walked up to the piano and started playing it. Tears flowed from Randis eyes; she was so sure this was all a dream.


You know I'm a dreamer But my heart's of gold I had to run away high So I wouldn't come home low
Just when things went right It doesn't mean they were always wrong Just take this song and you'll never feel Left all alone
Take me to your heart Feel me in your bones Just one more night And I'm comin' off this Long & winding road
I'm on my way Well I'm on my way Home sweet home
Tonight. Tonight I'm on my way I'm on my way Home sweet home

You know that I seem To make romantic dreams Up in lights, fallin' off The silver screen
My heart's like an open book For the whole world to read Sometimes nothing-keeps me together At the seams
I'm on my way Well I'm on my way Home sweet home

Tonight, tonight I'm on my way Just set me free home sweet home


When they were done the band was done playing they cut too commercial. Nikki and Tommy walked off the stage and headed towards Mandy and Randi. Both ladies stood up and met them half way. They guys embraced their ladies in big hugs and kissed them deeply. All four had tears flowing from their eyes. Everyone in the studio, the audience, and Sharons staff was cheering, whistling, and clapping for the two couples. Vince, Mick, and Sharon were elated. Tommys plan had worked.


Part 70
Sharon walked up to the women, after they were done hugging the boys, and hugged both of them after the show was done. It was so amazing how much love they had for them, 

Mick wasn't lying when he said that Mandy was a music nut, and that Randi was the most beautiful creature he had ever known. She was so delicate, and so petite, it was no wonder that Tommy fell in love with her, her green eyes were to die for. Mandy was shyer than anything, and was scared to look at her, Sharon smiled at her and Mandy looked at the floor, getting closer to Nikki.
"Ladies, it's a pleasure to meet you. The boys told me so much about you." Sharon said trying to talk to Mandy. Mandy just hid deeper in herself.  Randi smiled at her, and hugged Tommy tighter, "Thank you Mrs. O. We really appreciate all that you did for us." Randi said stepping away from Tommy, feeling incredibly strong and incredibly brave.  "Don't thank me, luv. It was all these men's doing. They called me and told me what was going on and what they had done to you. Let me tell you, they didn't get off easy when they told me what they did to you. Mrs. O really told them." Sharon said winking at Randi. Mandy was still hiding in her own world.  "Thank you though Sharon, we do love your show, and love to write and let you know what is going on, because we know that you truly do care. Thank you." Randi said hugging her. 
"Mandy, did you enjoy the show luv?"  Sharon asked her, making her jump out of her thoughts.  "Yeah, very much." Mandy stuttered, suddenly scared to talk to Sharon, the one person she had dreamed of talking to for so long.  "It was a pleasure having you here. By the way girls do you have a catalog for your store?"  Sharon asked, trying to get Mandy to talk.  "Yes we do, we own a record store known as Mystic Records, its great. You name it we have it or Randi or I will find it for you. We will get a catalog sent out to you and the rest of your family as soon as we get back." Mandy said happy to talk about her and Randi's dream shop. Sharon was shocked at the outburst, Mandy was so shy but you mention anything about her shop and she was all about talking. "Thank you dear, I appreciate it. I have a list of music I have been looking for."
"We even have Brett Michaels, The Other Side Of Me disk. Its really funny. He tried to go country."  Mandy said giggling, as much as she loved Poison, Brett should have never tried the art of country music.  Sharon laughed at her; she was so full of spunk. She should let it show more often, she was very entertaining. 

They chatted a bit longer, and Sharon gave both ladies gift baskets, from her and Ozzy. Thanking them for being on the show, and promised them to be in touch with her CD order. Mandy jumped for joy when she heard that, and hugged Sharon goodbye, before Nikki escorted her out to the limo. Tommy and Randi stayed behind a bit, to let Nikki and Mandy talk, knowing that Nikki had a lot of explaining to do, as did he. Vince and Mick hugged both ladies goodbye before heading to the limo, before leaving though they all promised Sharon to be at her house soon for some dinner. She swore they were thinner than the last time she had saw them. They all promised and before they knew it, they were all gone, and on their own.  Tommy had Randi in his sights, but still wasn't sure if she had forgiven him, and Nikki had Mandy by his side, but she wasn't saying much, and he couldn't see how well her arms healed, since she was in fishnets.


Part 71
Mandy sat in the seat opposite of Nikki, not wanting to be alone with him, even though she loved what he had done at the Sharon show, she wasn't sure if she was ready to forgive him just yet.  Nikki stared at her, wondering what to do, then got an idea. Pressed
the button for the limo to pull over and got out, holding out his hand for Mandy. He knew his way around California enough to know how to get to the park. He told the limo driver to wait for them, and that they would be back shortly. Mandy followed, not knowing what Nikki was planning or what he had in store. They walked in silence to the park and when Nikki found a bench that both of them could sit on, he sat down and asked for her to join him.
"Mandy, I know that you are still mad at me and I understand, what I did to you was very wrong and I should of never ever hurt you like I did. I have a few things to say to you, before you decide if you are going to forgive me and if you dont, I will understand." Mandy just stared at the ground, not wanting to look at him, her eyes were damp with tears, and she didn't want him to see them. "Mandy, I am lost with you, I am lonely and am miserable. I didn't know that I hurt you as bad as I did, until Mick and Vince kicked some sense into me. I didn't know how much I meant to you, till I saw the marks on your arms, Mandy please say you wont do that again, I am only a man, and will make more mistakes, I am not used to having someone to care for me and to care for, I am so used
to being alone, you have made me incredibly happy. And I want you to know that I promise that I wont ever hurt you again, if I do please tell me before hurting yourself. I know that Randi was sick too, and I am sorry for that. I love you Mandy." Nikki said, taking his hand and putting it on her chin, forcing her to look at him. "Mandy Raye, I love you and want you to know that I wont ever hurt you again. I want you to know that I want you and want to make you happy. You deserve it." He finished leaning in to kiss her
gently. Mandy didn't know what to say or do, but knew she had to say a few things before things went any farther.
"Nikki, I cared for you so much. I wanted so much for this to work, at first I didn't think it would, you couldn't want me. I am odd, and not normal and far from typical.  I don't own one pair of jeans, and haven't thought of nothing but you since I met you. You made me feel so happy and so safe, and my health issues seemed to disappear."  Mandy looked up, not wanting to finish but had to go on, even though Nikki looked so sad and out of place, just by her few words, she had to be strong and finish. "Nikki, when I saw you on TV with those women, my heart was ripped out, I promised myself I would never love again. I saw you leaving and never talking to me again, I saw my best friend lose the best thing that ever happened to her, I saw our world crashing down in front of us. Nikki, what you and Tommy did was very wrong, I understand that you guys make mistakes just like the rest of us, but damn it Nikki, cant you think of something other than hurting others for once. You have a band that is kicking ass right now, but damn it Nikki that isn't going to last forever. Music changes, your day will come when you are a name in the business and that is it." Mandy stopped seeing the hurt in Nikki's eyes, knowing she had reached his heart and was ripping it apart, but she had to finish.
"Nikki, do you want to only be known as a name, not someone who did something with themselves. Do you just want to be known as the guitarist of Motley Crue, if you are anything like I have thought you were, you would be doing more, you would care about yourself, and what is going on, you wouldn't swarm yourself with women who have no other desire but to fuck you, and you would be concerned for more than just a quick lay,
you would be concerned about your future, and what will happen to you once Motley is just a name."  Mandy finished; looking into Nikki's eyes, for sure that he would never talk to her again. Nikki stared at her for a few minutes, not sure what to say or do, all he knew was that she was right, he was being careless with his life, and not looking into the future, Motley wouldn't last forever, he should have some ideas of what he wanted to do with his life.
"Mandy, you are right. I am sorry that I messed with you like I did; I know that you care, and I care about you. But I am not used to being cared about, I am so used to the rock star life, but you are right. Its going to end soon, and I need to be able to deal with it." Nikki stared at his beauty for a few more seconds. "Falling into love is hard to do, luv. My life was so not what I expected when I found you, and fell in love with you. You were so the one person that I wanted to fall in love with. Mandy love, you were love at first sight, and I am sorry."
"Nikki, please if you are just saying this I don't want to hear it you have hurt me enough for one lifetime."  "No, Mandy, letting go is hard, but I want to let go of everything that I was before, and be your man. Will you give me a second chance? My lifestyle of partying
and groupies is over." Nikki said his voice cracking, from the tears that were catching. He wanted to cry to her, hold her and cry on her shoulder, but didn't know if it was the right time. He had to wait for her decision. Mandy didn't say anything this time; instead she leaned into him and put her head on her shoulder. "Nothing feels as good as letting go,
nothing feels as good as loving you." Mandy whispered as she tilted her head up to kiss him.


Part 72
Tommy and Randi walked to the hotel, Randi didn't say anything to Tommy either, he tried talking to her, but she just walked, a little ways away from him, wanting so badly to touch him and to feel his touch, but wanted to think of everything that went wrong before
she chose to accept his apology. Although it was sweet and they were very sincere, she didn't want to accept it just yet. She just kept thinking of the Reba song that Mandy played all the time, ever since they broke their hearts. "Tommy I will believe it when I feel it." Randi whispered, not loud enough for him to hear, it just made her feel better to let him know that she felt that way. She wanted to hold him and to feel his touch, but after the pain he caused, she wasn't sure if she could ever forgive him.
When they got to the hotel, Tommy led her to the suite they were sharing, and offered something to eat or drink. Randi could have been a smart ass, instead just said no. Not wanting to take anything from him, that he offered. She no longer trusted him. Tommy decided that he might as well start them talking, after all, they weren't going to fix the
problem if they didn't talk.  "Randi, I know that you hate me right now, and I understand.  I was very stupid and feel incredibly bad for what I caused you. You deserved none of it." Tommy started, Randi looked at him with disbelieving eyes, thinking it was just another trick to play to get her to fall in love with him again. "But Randi, damn it I didn't mean to, I didn't want to hurt you or cause you as much pain as I did. I wanted to make you happy, and to make you feel love. I know that you haven't had that in your life and I wanted to show it to you. And I fucked up big time. Randi I am so sorry, I don't know what else I
can say to make you believe me." 

Randi stared at him with anger in her eyes, tears burning wanting to get out. "Tommy, you cant even say that it was a mistake, all you can say is your sorry. Tommy I fell for you and fell hard and all you can say is sorry. I will not let my heart get broke again, I cannot be sick anymore. What happened to me when you did that hurt me very badly, if it wasn't for Mandy caring for me, I wouldn't be here today, I could have died, and for what
reason? For you to have fun and to get your kicks while you were on the road?" Randi threw one question after the other at him, not expecting any response. "Tommy, I don't ever want to fall for you again. You hurt me so damn bad, and I will never forgive you.
Please let me out of here, I never want to see you again." Randi said seeing the hurt flowing in Tommy's eyes.
"Randi, no I wont let you leave. I want to let you know something, I love you. What me and Nikki did that night was the worst of all mistakes I have ever done, and I don't ever want to do it again, I lost something that meant the world to me, I don't even enjoy playing Home Sweet Home, when I know that you aren't listening and aren't in my heart, that song never used to mean anything to me, but with you here, it means more than any other song. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I meant that when I said it." Tommy started, trying to get through the barrier that she had built around her heart. "Randi, please I want to help you. I know that you have been treated wrong, and don't
deserve me treating you as badly as I was treating you. Will you ever just forgive me?" 
" I don't know Tommy, you made me dream of things that I never dreamed of before, and wished for things to happen. Tommy I thought you could be my prince charming, but you turned out to be the evil one, who was meant to hurt me and to punish me for anything that I ever wanted."  "No, Randi, I didn't mean to hurt you or to inflict such pain to your heart, it just happened. I am so sorry, if I could change one thing in my life that would be it. I would change the fact that I ever took that first drink that led to the next that led to me hurting the most wonderful person that I had ever met. I am so sorry luv, and will do anything to make you feel the way you used to feel, and to wipe out all the pain." Tommy said, letting his tears fall.
"Tommy, you don't understand. I wanted to trust you, wanted to fall in love with you and wanted to make you happy. But I don't think that I am what you are looking for. I am not wild, I don't crave attention and I don't want to wake up and find you dead because of drinking and drugs. If it wasn't for you, I would of never known what love was, Mandy and me are close but we aren't that close, and you gave me things that I had desired for so long, then when I watched that newscast it was all taken away from me. I felt I had
lost again. I lost the one thing I worked so hard to have. It was ripped from my hands, and I didn't know why. I had no reason to go on, and no reason to believe that you are real and true." Randi said, forcing herself to look at him. Tommy was in tears and shaking.
"Randi, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. Thank you for staying and discovering the other side of me, the other side that wants to be loved by the right woman. You are the right woman, and I want to spend my life with you. Please don't ever leave me Randi, I need you more than you will ever know." Tommy said, shaking worse from the sadness that was creeping into his soul.
Randi didn't want to talk, just looked at Tommy for a minute, then knew that he was saying what he felt and felt loved, and missing the one person that meant anything to him. She understood that she was messing up as much as he did, and wanted to be with him as
much as he wanted to be with her. "Tommy, I love you. Kiss me like you mean it." she whispered, her voice dripping with love.

Part 73
Nikki and Mandy walked back to the limo, hand in hand. Mandy was smiling again, and glad that she had said what she did, hopefully it has made him realize that she was serious and wasn't just along for the ride.  Nikki, was still a little shaken by how dark Mandy was
talking, although he knew it was the truth, he had never seen or heard her get so mad before. It was almost arousing that she had that type of thoughts in her head. 

When they arrived at the limo, Nikki gave directions to the hotel, and then opened the door for her to get in. Following close behind her, this time sitting next to her. Mandy laid her head on his chest, Nikki wanted to kiss her again, to feel her soft lips on his, and to touch that neck that was as soft as silk. Knowing that the driver couldn't see them, he
took advantage of the situation, and pulled her lips to his, taking them roughly, wanting so badly to feel the wild side of Mandy.
Mandy was just as hungry, and took her frustrations out on him, by biting and nibbling his lips, and teasing his tongue with hers. She took her one free arm, and started rubbing her palm against his jeans, feeling his manhood come to attention with just one touch. Nikki groaned into her mouth and pushed her down to the seat, to make it for better access to her. He lifted up her shirt and put his hand on her breast, and started massaging first one then the other till it was hard, and she was moaning with pleasure. "Nikki I
want more." she whispered in his hair. As she explored his back, wanting so badly to feel more. Nikki took his hand out from under her shirt, and unbuttoned her jeans, to get to her womanhood as easily as possible without stripping off her clothing like he wanted to do. He put his hand into her panties, and could feel how wet she was, she was dripping with desire, as he rubbed his hand over her slit, making her moan and arch her back so she could feel more. 

Nikki looked up and realized that they were almost to the hotel and if he didn't stop, the
limo driver would see more than he wanted to see. Mandy was sprawled on the seat, with her jeans unzipped and his hand was down her pink panties. "Mandy luv, I would love to finish what we have started, but we are almost to the hotel, what do you say we finish this in our room, where it is private?" Nikki asked, wanting so bad to make her happy and to
satisfy her desires.  Mandy badly wanted to be touched, to be tortured with his sweet words and his sweet kisses, she felt dizzy with desire, and wasn't sure if she could wait till they were in their room.
She sat up though, and zipped her jeans, and then started to kiss on Nikki again. Nikki knew that if he didn't stop her, he wouldn't be able to control himself or his actions, so tried to get her to stop. When he pulled away, he looked at her, her hair all a mess and a sad look on her face. "I'm sorry baby. I want to be with you to, to make you happy but we cant in here. Do you want the limo man to get a show?"  When Nikki said that Mandy got embarrassed, and sat till they were out of the limo. Nikki thanked the driver and they walked to the elevator.
Mandy got a devilish look in her eyes when she realized that no one else was in the elevator. She looked around, Nikki noticed the look in her eyes and was turned on even more, and he liked the wild side of her, and wanted to know what she was up to. Mandy
started to stretch her arms and stretched toward the stop button, and acted liked she fell toward it and stopped the elevator, then lifted her shirt off, then unsnapped her bra. Before Nikki knew it Mandy was standing in nothing but her pink thong. "Make me cum,
baby. I want you here and now." Mandy said glaring at him, with that evil look in her eye.  Nikki was in shock, she had never been so forward, and he liked it but was scared as hell. Nikki didn't know what to do, so he just stood there. Mandy was very impatient and
wanted to feel him in her, so took it upon herself to help herself to what she wanted. Never had she ever been so straight forward before, and wasn't sure if she would regret it later or not, right now she knew that she wanted to feel him and feel him inside her. When Nikki had his pants around his ankles, and Mandy licking his nipples, he couldn't stand there any longer. He grabbed her by the hips; she swung her legs around him. He held her there for a second staring at her beauty and her innocence. "Are you sure you want this love? I don't want to hurt you." Nikki asked. "Yes, I want this more than anything right now. Please, I want to feel you." Mandy said trying to help him along.
Nikki slowly pushed her down, sliding himself into her. Mandy gasped at first, he was so big, and so hard, and she wasn't used to that, the most action she got was her toys. Nikki lifted her up and laid her on the floor where their clothes were laying, before entering her again. Nikki spread her legs and he entered her again, slowly at first till he knew that she was comfortable, and was ready for more. Soon they were rocking together in a rhythm that they both enjoyed. Mandy wanted more though and started to touch herself, which drove Nikki crazy, never had he seen a woman, let alone be with one that was that daring. He watched her rub her clit, till he couldn't stand it anymore, and plunged deeper into her. Mandy arched her back, and let out a moan. Nikki knew she was about to cum, and tried to hold on, but wasn't able to, and his seed spread through her as she screamed his name in pleasure.
They floated down together, and were both dripping with sweat. Never had a woman been so good to him while making love, and never would another have a chance. Nikki looked at Mandy, and smiled. He took his left hand and wiped a curl out of her face, before speaking. "Mandy, thank you so much. You don't know how much I love you for that." Nikki said kissing her cheek. Mandy just blushed and looked at him. "I love you Nikki." She said before they heard the elevator moving again. They both jumped up and dressed quickly. Mandy threw up her t-shirt, forgetting her bra. Nikki noticed it on the floor and stuffed in jeans, just in time. The door opened, and out in the hall stood Mick
and Vince, both looking at them with a curious eye.
"Sorry guys, it stopped, and we were stuck in there." Mandy said, grabbing Nikki's hand and running to the room. Mick tried not to laugh, and Vince tried not to say anything, but couldn't help but give them shit. "Oh Nikki." he squealed in his best woman voice before
closing the elevator door, laughing. Mandy and Nikki ran into the room, laughing and falling on the bed, Mandy leaned over to kiss Nikki, then curled up with him, soon they were both sound asleep. It had been a long day, and an even longer elevator trip.


Part 74

Randi and Tommy remained on the couch, covering each other in passionate kisses. They had missed each other deeply, and couldnt get enough of the others touch. They finally broke away from each other, both dripping with sweat. Tommys member was throbbing and Randis womanhood was slick with desire. Randi held on tightly to Tommy, never wanting to let go of him again.

Randi I want you to know that I meant what I said earlier. Tommy told her. Randi looked him in the eyes. What is that Tommy? That I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side and my home sweet home will always be where ever you are. Tommy said feeling himself choke up. Tears burned Randis eyes. I love you Randi, I love you with all my heart. You make life worth living. I need you more then you will ever know. I love you too Tommy. Please promise me you wont ever hurt me again.  I want to spend the rest of my life with you as well. Randi said as the tears slid down her cheeks. I promise. Tommy whispered.

Tommy stood up, pulling Randi with him. He took her by the hand and started to lead her into another room of the suite, and then he stopped and turned towards Randi. I have a surprise for you. Mandy told Nikki how much you like me playing the piano. I know we just played Home Sweet Home, but I want to play it again. Just for you, but first there is a present for you in the bedroom. Tommy led Randi into the bedroom and handed her gift bag. Randi opened it and pulled out a silk and lace pink nightgown. Do you like it? Its beautiful Tommy. I seen it and thought of you. I just had to get it for you.  Why dont you go try it on? Tommy said grinning. Ok.

Randi disappeared into the bathroom and slipped into the nightgown. Tommy stripped down to his boxers and waited for Randi to come out. When she emerged, Tommy was stunned. She was gorgeous. He felt his member straining against the fabric that covered it. Tommy went to Randi and embraced her in his arms, kissing her hungrily, before leaning down and sucking gently on her earlobe. Randi scraped her nails down Tommys back. Tommy She whispered. What is it luv? I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you inside of me. I want you to fill the void deep inside of me. She whispered fighting the tears.

Tommy was surprised at what she had just said to him. Dont worry luv, we will get to that. I promise, but first I promised to play the piano for you. He led her out of the bedroom and into the den of the suite. Randi was surprised when she saw a grand piano sitting in the middle of the room. Tommy led her over to it. Tommy sat her down on the bench then walked over to a stereo that was close by and hit play. It was a copy of the performance from Sharons show. Tommy joined Randi on the bench then pulled her onto his lap. They were chest to chest, and Randis back was against the piano.

Randi began kissing Tommys neck and inhaling his scent. She had missed him so much. Tommy felt himself getting harder as Randis nipples strained against the nightgown. He leaned down and nibbled on them one at a time through the fabric, causing Randi to arch her back. She plunged her fingers into his hair and pushed his head farther onto her swollen buds. Tommy broke away from her when Glitter came on and stood up with her in his arms.

Tommy sat Randi on top of the piano and gently laid her back. What are you doing Tommy? Randi whispered, her voice full of desire. Just relax, trust me. Tommy said to her. She could see the need in his eyes. Tommy slowly lifted the bottom of Randis nightgown until he had access to her sex. He was surprised that she wasnt wearing panties. It was the first time she had let him see her sex. He ran his fingers slowly through her damp curls. You are so beautiful. Tommy said with a thick voice. Randi was silent and still, waiting to see what his next move would be.

She soon found out her answer as Tommy slid a single finger down her slit. Randi thought she would climax right then. Tommy slid a finger into her opening then another and began moving them in and out of Randi. Randi began rocking her hips to match the rhythm Tommy had set. She gasped as he began caressing her clit with his thumb. It took all Tommy had not to pull her to the floor and shove himself into her right then.

Randi was disappointed when he stopped, but realized that Home Sweet Home was coming on. Tommy sat down and got ready to play his piano solo. Randi watched his every move. She had dreamed of this many, many times, the chance to watch him play the piano just for her. Randi had tears forming in her eyes as Tommy stared deep into her eyes while he played the piano. When the piano solo was over Tommy stood back up and gently laid Randi down again.

Randis breath caught and her heart fluttered as Tommy slowly placed kisses up and down her inner thighs.  He slowly made his way to her womanhood, longing to feel her soft folds against his tongue, and taste her sweetness.  Randi moaned quietly as Tommy flicked his tongue across her clit. He took that as a sign that she liked it so he continued, increasing his speed as he went.

You taste so good Randi. Tommy said to her. He could feel Randi starting to tremble and knew she was getting close. Cum for me luv. I want to taste your sweet juices. I want to watch you climax. He began sucking her clit, tugging and nibbling gently on it. He felt Randis body jerk beneath him as she cried out with pleasure. He slid two fingers inside of her to add to her pleasure. When her body had relaxed Tommy took his fingers out of Randi and put them up to her mouth so she could taste herself. Watching Randi suck on his fingers made him more aroused. He needed her now.

Tommy lifted Randi off the piano and carried her into the bedroom, laying her on the bed. Randi sat up and took off the nightgown she was wearing and tossed it to the floor. Tommy shed his boxers and joined her on the bed. Do you still want me to make love to you? Tommy asked, already knowing the answer. I want you now Tommy. I want to feel all of you inside of me. Just promise you will be gentle with me. Randi whispered. I promise luv.

Tommy got up and positioned himself over Randis delicate body. He guided his member with his hand, teasing Randis clit before slowly entering her. Randi cried out at first. Tommy, you are so big I dont know if we can do it. Shh Its ok; I promise I will go slowly. I wont hurt you. Tommy continued to ease himself into her. You are so wet babe so hot so fucking tight Tommy said in a husky voice as he slid the rest of the way into her. Tommy please make love to me. Randi begged, feeling more comfortable now that Tommy was in her.

Tommy began pumping in and out of her slowly at first so he didnt hurt her. But soon Randi started rocking her hips back and forth and she had placed her hands on Tommys hips forcing him to move faster and harder. Tommy knew he wouldnt last much longer, but he forced himself to stay under control a little longer so Randi would receive the pleasure she deserved. Randis breathing got shorter and heavier and she closed her eyes. Tommy knew she was getting close, so he pumped in and out of her harder.

Oh Tommy She moaned as her muscles started to contract. I am cumming Please dont stop. She panted as the sensation ripped through her. The sound of her voice and the look on her face sent Tommy over the edge and he lost control, letting his seed spill into Randi, and he collapsed on top of her. When they had recovered Tommy leaned up to look at Randi, she had a few tears rolling down her cheeks. Are you ok luv? He asked, worried that he had hurt. I have never been better. Thank you Tommy, thank you so much for showing me what love is supposed to feel like. I love you Tommy. I love you too Randi.

Tommy kissed her once more before rolling off her and lying beside her on the bed. He pulled Randi close and wrapped his arms around her. Randi laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes. As soon they had both drifted off to sleep, happy to be together again.


Part 75
Mandy woke up later that evening, and watched Nikki sleep. He was like a little puppy, shivering. Since the covers were at his waist, Mandy touched his leg when she tried to pull them over, and woke him up. "Sweetie, you are amazing, never have I felt the way I
do about you." Nikki said reaching for her to cuddle.  "Thank you luv, I really appreciate all that you have done for me." Mandy said, feeling so bad, about treating him so wrong after the news that night. Mandy and Nikki laid in bed for awhile, and then got up, they were both hungry and went to go see if any of the others would like to get anything to eat. Nikki went to find Tommy and Randi, and Mandy went to ask Mick and Vince, although she wasn't sure if she wanted to see Vince after they heard them.
Mandy knocked on their door, and waiting till one of them answered to go in, although Nikki said it would be okay for her to just walk in, she wasn't sure.  "Well hello Mandy. How are you doing?" Vince asked looking at her with a goofy look.   "I am great, thank you. Would you like to go eat with us? We are hungry." Mandy questioned, scuffing her
feet out of nervousness. "Yeah, sure we would just a little bit. I need to get dressed, and Mick is in the shower."  Vince said looking at Mandy's feet. They were painted with black polish, with tattoos all the way to her toes.  "Okay, we will meet in our room in a little bit and we can take the" Mandy trailed off, embarrassed now to say anything to Vince who was still smiling at her. "Okay dear, we'll see ya in a bit. Could you tell Nikki to get you quieted down?" Vince commented, kissing her on the cheek before she left. Mandy blushed even more, for sure he heard the whole thing in the elevator.
Mandy walked off to the room, to find Randi and Tommy waiting for them. "Vince said it would be a bit, they had some stuff to get taken care of and would meet us in our room." Mandy said happily, before walking off to change her clothes.  Randi followed her, letting her change, and then they needed to talk. She wanted to know what they did and to tell her that she was really shocked how big Tommy was. Since they were friends
they were allowed to do that.
They talked for about 20 minutes in Mandy and Nikki's room, about everything that went on, and had a blast, it had been so long since they talked, and been alone. They were having so much fun but didn't want them to get suspicious about what was going on so they hurried. But they both agreed that they were happy and glad that they went back to the boys.
A few minutes later, Vince and Mick showed up. And they headed to a restaurant. Mandy turned red when they got into the elevator, and Vince just smiled, knowing that she knew he knew. He thought it was cute that they made love in the elevator. She deserved to be happy and if that was what it took, then it was okay.  Nikki chatted with Mick on the way, as Mandy and Randi talked about everything that was happening. The guys let them talk; it was good for them to stay in contact with each other. Both of them wanted to feel
the men again, wanted to make love to them forever but had to eat as well.
When they got to the restaurant, Tommy and Nikki took the ladies to the table and left. They went with Vince and Mick, to another area and were talking. Mandy wasn't sure what they were doing, they were being so mischievous, she was afraid to know. Randi tried to figure out what they were doing but didn't know either. She stared at them as they pointed, and talked amongst themselves.


Part 76
Tommy and Nikki looked over at the girls one more time, before they knew they had to do it, they couldn't let them get away again, with Vince and Mick by their sides, they were sure that they would say yes, after all the heartbreak, and the making up, they
never wanted to lose them again. Tommy offered to go first, and so Nikki was going to let him, although he so badly wanted to have Mandy as the one to say yes first.
Vince handed them some rings, having kept them in his wallet for so long, when the boys said they would find their love and keep it forever, Vince never believed it would happen, but both of them had given him a ring to hold in case it did, they wanted him near them when it happened. 
Tommy and the rest of the band walked back to the table, both men holding something for the women, but decided it was best to wait till after they ordered food, they were all starving, so ordered first then Tommy started out the night of memories with Randi, he
took her hand, and stood her up. Vince looked on with approval; if anyone were going to tame his wild heart it would be this woman, the woman of dark hair, and mystery written in her green eyes. He looked at Mick and thought he saw a tear in his eye.
"Randi, would you please take my hand, and hold on real tight?" Tommy started, not good at asking women things of such a nature. Randi smiled and looked at him, squeezing his hand real tight. "Its going to be a wild ride, me and you rockin' all the way to the top. Will you hold on to me the whole way? Randi will you marry me?" Tommy asked, looking at the shock on her face, after all that happened, he still wanted her, and she wanted him just as bad. "Yes Tommy I will marry you. You make me happier than
I have been in so long. I love you." Randi said hugging him, and slipping the ring on. It looked so beautiful.  Mandy looked at her friend with tears in her eyes, she deserved to be happy, knowing that was one of the things that she had dreamt of for so long, to marry her knight in shining armor. 

Mandy was sad though, she knew she would never be married, and would never fall that deep in love, at least she could be happy for her friend.  Randi looked at Mandy, and knew that she was happy for her, but could also see that she was sad, after all, she had dreamt the same thing for so long, Randi knew that Mandy would marry Nikki one day, he just wasn't ready yet for the commitment. She kept her concern to herself when she saw Mandy look at Nikki with longing eyes, and knew it would come soon enough.

The rest of the night was filled with drinking and eating; they all celebrated the new couple, and had a great night. Vince was concerned though, Nikki wasn't proposing to Mandy, and Mandy looked so alone, the one thing that girl didn't do was hide her feelings well at all. Vince looked at Nikki and saw a look of sadness on his face as well, and wasn't sure what it was about. He tugged on his shirt, and lead him to the hallway right next to the bathrooms to find out what the hell was going on with him.
"Nikki man, why didn't you propose to Mandy? She looks like a lost puppy out there, and is about to cry."  "I cant right now, I want to but I just cant. Its not the right time. I want it to be perfect for her."  "Damn it man, cant you see that you have the best damn girl out there, feeling so out of place, wanting to run away. If you don't do something, and do
something soon, youre going to lose her." Vince demanded, poking him in the chest. Nikki got an idea, and left leaving all of them to wonder what he was doing.
Vince went back to the table and said that Nikki wasn't feeling well and would be at the hotel waiting for them. Instantly Mandy wanted to go and catch him, but Vince reassured her that it would be okay, and she could enjoy the rest of the night. Mandy obeyed, not
wanting to be on the streets alone.  They called it a night, soon after and all headed for the hotel, Mandy was glad to be leaving. She felt so out of place with them, they all had things to talk about and she just hid in herself, thinking of all that could be, but she knew would never happen.

Meanwhile Nikki was at the hotel, planning out making Mandy his forever. He had got some black rose petals, and added them to a bath, set out a lingerie, made out of purple silk by the bath, and found two towels to place next to the bath as well, then he went and found his matching purple boxers and slipped them on, he didn't want to leave he room so left a note on the door for Mandy to come in when she was home.  When Mandy and Tommy and Randi arrived home, Tommy and Randi headed to their room, and Mandy headed for hers, seeing the note on the door. 

"Mandy my love, please come join me for a night of romance.  Love Nikki"
Mandy smiled when she read the note, then folded it and stuck it in her jeans. She wanted to keep the happy memories to erase the bad. When she walked in, she found Nikki sitting on the bed, writing down what looked to be lyrics to a song. "Hey love, I have been waiting for you. Wont you join me for a bath?"  Nikki said seductively, dropping his robe, making Mandy gasp.  She followed him into the bath, to find rose petals in the water. She wanted to cry, no man had ever done anything so sweet.  Mandy took of her clothes, and slid into the warm water, tying up her curls so that they wouldn't cloud the
water, since there was hair dye, and she wanted to remember this bath forever. Nikki climbed in after her, and started to massage her back, Mandy started to relax, and Nikki started to hum Glitter to her.  When he knew that all of the stress that was clouding
Mandy's brain was released, he began talking to her.
"Mandy, before you, I thought all women were the same, all wanting just one thing, but I realized with you, that there are more to women than that. You make the world glow with your love and uniqueness. Mandy love, I want to show you that I love you, I fell for you the first time I saw you playing air guitar.  I knew you were the one, the one and only for me. Please Mandy will you promise me never to run away, or leave me." Nikki whispered, kissing her neck. Mandy breathed out a sigh of happiness before Nikki continued. "Mandy Raye, I love you with all my heart and my soul, you make my world glitter, and look so cute as a leopard. Will you please say you will marry me?" Nikki asked, pulling her chin up to kiss her, before he held the ring for her.
Mandy started crying instantly, not sure what so say. She was in shock; never in her world did she ever think that she would be getting married, especially married to Nikki. As much as she was in love with him, loved the feel of him and loved the thought of him
making her happy, she was skeptical. "Mandy love, I wont hurt you. I promise you that if I ever hurt you, you will never have to see me again. But I want to make it up to you, I still feel horrible for hurting you, and want to make you happy for the rest of eternity.  I don't want you to be afraid anymore. You are my girl, please say you will be my wife?" Nikki asked again.
This time Mandy couldn't say no, this time she looked him in the eye, and smiled. "Yes Nikki, I would love to be your wife, I would love to experience all of Nikki Sixx. I am proud to say yes, I will marry you." Mandy said before kissing him, pulling him under the
water with her.  Wanting to experience more and more with him.


Part 77

A few weeks later the two couples, along with Vince and Mick were standing in a small chapel. Mandy and Nikki, and Randi and Tommy were exchanging their vows. Randi and Mandy didnt have any one else in their lives except each other, and the men who had made them so happy. And Tommy and Nikki didnt care that no one else was there. Their two best mates was there to witness them being joined in marriage to the two most wonderful women in the world, and thats all that mattered to them.


I Nikki, take you Mandy to be my wife, in sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad. I am just a man, and I will make mistakes. But I promise you I will never do anything to purposely hurt you. I want you by my side for the rest of my life. You are the love of my life, and my best friend. Nikki said to Mandy as they stared each other in the eyes.


I Tommy, take you Randi to be my wife, in sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad. You make me want to be a better man, and you make my life complete. Without you I am nothing. I want to be with you for all eternity. Tommy told Randi as tears formed in her eyes.


Vince and Mick handed each of the guys the wedding rings.  The preacher continued the ceremony and soon Nikki slipped a ring on Mandys finger and Tommy slipped a ring on Randis finger. Nikki kissed Mandy passionately when the preacher announced them man and wife, and Tommy did the same with Randi. From this moment on Mandy was now Mrs. Nikki Sixx, and Randi was Mrs. Tommy Lee. After all the ups and down they had experienced together, they were determined never to let anything come between them again.

They left the chapel shortly after that. Each of the newly wed couples was on their way to start their new lives. And Mandy and Randi both knew that as long as their husbands were by their side, they would never have to be afraid again.

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