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Randi's Rock Star Fiction
Rikki's Rocket

A Rikki Rockett Song


By: Randi Snoddy


Come on Randi, please stay for a while and party with us. Mandy begged her friend. I cant Mandy. I have to work tomorrow. You stay and have a good time. I will see you tomorrow. Randi told her. You are such a party pooper. Mandy said rolling her eyes. Whatever. Randi answered back.

Rikki, Brett, CC, Bobby, it was a pleasure to meet all of you. The concert was great. Sorry I cant stay longer. Randi said as she walked up to each of them for a hug, waiting until the last to hug Rikki. Maybe next time you are in town I can hang out longer. Randi said hopeful that she would get another chance to see them. Thanks for allowing me to come backstage with Mandy. I really had a nice time. Goodnight. Randi said as she hugged Rikki a little longer than she did the others.

All the guys from the band told her goodbye and Randi headed towards the door. Rikki sat there watching her for a moment before looking around at his band mates. He jumped up and went to Randi before she got to the door and opened it for her. Do you mind if I walk you out? Rikki asked smiling. Sure, that would be nice. Randi answered as her heart fluttered. Randi and Rikki walked out the door and he took her hand into his.

Once they were out of earshot, the rest of the guys and Mandy started laughing. They all wondered if Rikki was going to get the nerve to make a move or not. He had kept his eyes glued to Randi every since her and Mandy came backstage. And Randi had done her share of looking at him too.

When they reached Randis car, there was an awkward moment of silence.  Both had their thoughts about how they wanted their goodbye to go, but neither knew what the other was thinking. Finally Rikki broke the silence. I really enjoyed meeting you tonight. I wish you didnt have to rush off. I enjoyed meeting you too Rikki. And I hate to rush off, but I have to work in the morning. Randi said sadly.

Do you think I could see you again sometime? He asked her. I would like that. Randi said smiling on the outside, but on the inside she knew shed never hear from him. She got into her purse and got out a pen and paper, then wrote down her phone number for Rikki and gave it to him. As Rikki took the piece of paper from her, their hands touched, giving them both chills.

Before Randi knew what was happening Rikki leaned down and captured Randis lips with his. Randi closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Rikkis neck and started running her fingers through his soft hair. Rikki pulled Randi close to him, wrapping his arms tightly around her waist. Randi parted her lips slightly, inviting Rikki to deepen the kiss.

Rikki slowly traced Randis lips with his tongue until he felt her getting weak in the knees. Then he slid his tongue into her mouth, ravishing her tongue with his. Randi heard herself sigh. And Rikki felt his member come to life. He knew if he didnt break the kiss soon, he was going to want to take her right here, right now. And he knew Randi wasnt the groupie type, and would never go for that.

Randi was disappointed when Rikki broke the kiss, but she really did need to get going, or she would never get any sleep. She was both breathless and speechless, so she just looked at Rikki waiting for him to speak. Thanks for the kiss, you are amazing. Rikki whispered, smiling at her. Randi blushed. Thanks, so are you. As much as I hate to do this, I really do need to get going. Its ok. I understand. You will hear from me soon, I promise. Rikki said as he kissed Randi gently again. Ok. Goodnight Rikki. Randi told him as she opened her car door. Goodnight Randi. Rikki said as he watched her climb into her car and close the door, then drive away.

Rikki stood there for a moment watching Randis car pull out of the parking lot, wondering what he could do to see her again before the band left. Finally he went back in to join his band mates


Randi drove home, lost in her thoughts. She was tingling all over from the moment she had just shared with Rikki. She never imagined when Mandy asked her to go with her tonight and meet her friends from Poison, that she would end up kissing Rikki. She was a little upset with herself for leaving after the kiss between her and Rikki. She wouldnt be getting any sleep tonight anyway. She should have just stayed and had some fun.

Randi went inside and got ready for bed. She slipped into her favorite silk nightgown, and then brushed out her long brown hair. She turned on her CD player, then shut off the light and got in bed. Randi was dozing in and out of sleep, with images of Rikki dancing through her head, when she heard Mandy come in. Then she realized she wasnt alone. So she got out of bed and slipped on her robe so she could go see who was with her


When Rikki got back inside, Mandy and the guys were laughing, talking, and having a few drinks. Rikki joined them, and Brett handed him a beer. So did you kiss her? CC teased. Thats for me to know, and you guys to wonder. Rikki said as he took a drink of his beer. So did you ask if you could see her again? Bobby asked. Yeah. Well what did she say? Brett asked, anxious to find out just what his band mate had done. She gave me her phone number. Rikki said feeling proud of himself.

Well Rikki, did Randi mention to you, that we are roommates? Mandy asked. Uh, no She didnt. Rikki told her. Well I was just talking to the rest of the guys, about your plans for the night, and the rest of the time you are going to be here. Mandy said. Yeah, we are going to go stay at Mandys tonight. CC said as he wrapped his arm around her. Are you going to come with us? Yeah, we are going to go hang out there and have some fun. Bobby said. Rikki just sat there not saying anything. He was sure they were trying to play some kind of joke on him.

Hey Rikki, snap out of it. Brett said snapping his fingers in front of Rikkis face. Are you going to go with us or not? Yeah, Ill go, it sounds good.  Rikki said trying to get his mind off the kiss he had shared with Randi. Are you sure Randi wont care? Rikki asked. Hey, its my house too. I have the right to have friends over any time I want, just as she does. Mandy told him. So shall we get out of here boys? Mandy said as she stood up.

The guys gathered up their stuff, and followed Mandy. Her and CC walked hand in hand. They tried saying nothing was going on between them, but everyone knew better. They both had stars in their eyes every time they looked at each other. They were great together. But Rikki couldnt help but be jealous of his friend. He wished he could have a chance to be with Randi


Randi walked out of her bedroom, not even thinking that it might be the guys from Poison with Mandy. She walked into the living room and had 5 pairs of eyes looking at her. Her cheeks turned red right away. Uh Hi everyone She stuttered when her eyes made contact with Rikkis. Its nice to see you again. I was just getting myself a drink of water, then heading back to bed. See you later. Then she turned and walked out, before they had a chance to say anything else.

Mandy stood there looking at the doorway where her friend had been standing and just shook her head. Rikki stood watching Randi as she got into the refrigerator. The rest of the guys stood watching him and snickering quietly about it. Make yourself comfortable guys. I will be right back. Mandy said as she headed off into the direction her friend had gone. Randi was already back in her bedroom.

Mandy tapped on the door then walked in before Randi had a chance to answer. Mandy flipped on the light, and Randi shielded her eyes. What? Randi asked. What the hell was that all about? Mandy asked. All what? You know that was really rude. You could have stayed in there and talked for a minute. Mandy told her. Yeah, I could have. Randi said sitting up in her bed. But if I had, they would have seen that my nipples were hard from making eye contact with Rikki, and thats the last thing I needed. WHAT? Mandy said almost yelling. He did kiss you didnt he? Mandy asked. Yeah he did, and it was amazing. Randi said dreamily with stars in her eyes. What am I going to do with you? Mandy teased. Well since you two seem to have connected so well, maybe I will just send him in here. You wouldnt Randi said. Mandy just laughed and walked out


Randi lay there tossing and turning for a while. Damn why did I have to go out there? Randi thought to herself. She jumped when she heard another knock on her door. This time they didnt just walk in so she turned on her lamp and told them to come in. Randi nearly fell out of her bed when Rikki opened the door. Uh Hi Randi said trying to cover herself with the blankets. Hi. Rikki said smiling. Mandy said you asked for me to come in here. Randis cheeks turned red. She couldnt believe Mandy actually sent him in here.

The rest of the guys and myself are staying here tonight. I dont care what CC says, there is something going on between him and Mandy. Rikki said laughing. Yeah, I know. She talks about him all the time. Randi said laughing too. So, do you mind if I sleep in here with you? I would really like to kiss you again. Rikki said feeling a little shy as he shut the door. I would like that. Randi answered back as her heart started beating faster.

Randi sat there watching Rikki as he shed his shirt. She felt herself becoming aroused, and longing to run her fingers down Rikkis face. She wanted to know if his baby-face was as soft as it looked. Rikki smiled as he saw Randis nipples poking through the silk material that covered them, and noticed the small bumps on the side of each nipple. Do you like what you see? Rikki teased. Yes. Randi whispered. Do you want to see more? Because Id sure like to see more of you. Randi was unable to speak, so instead she just removed her nightgown and tossed it to the floor. Rikki took that as his cue to remove his pants.

Randi gasped when she saw that he was going commando, but then again, so was she. Rikki smiled when he saw Randi looking at his erect member. Can I join you? Id really like to feel those nipple rings with my tongue. Rikki said with his voice full of desire. Randi blushed as she scooted over so Rikki could join her.  She felt her womanhood getting slick and longed for Rikki to touch her. Rikki lay down beside Randi and pulled her in for a kiss, while kneading one of her breasts.  He felt himself getting harder, and couldnt wait to feel her.

Rikki broke the kiss, and took an erect nipple into his mouth, sucking and pulling on it with his mouth, while swirling his tongue around it. Then he gave the other the same attention. Randi began to speak. You know, I have always wondered if your name fit you. Rikki stopped what he was doing and looked up at her confused. What? You know, Rikki Rocket I always wondered if you had a rocket in your pants. Randi said smiling slyly. Rikki laughed. Well you saw what I have, what do you think? Well Id say its big enough to be a rocket, but now I want to know if its as powerful as a rocket. Randi told him as she straddled him.

I had no idea you were so feisty, but I like it. Rikki told her. And dont worry, you will find out just how powerful my rocket is, but first, I want to show you how well something else of mine works. Randi got off him and lay back down beside him. Rikki got up, and scooted down into the bed, positioning himself between Randis legs. Do you always stay shaved? Rikki asked smiling. Randi nodded her head yes. I like it, its sexy. Rikki said making Randi blush. Rikki spread her lips apart and Randis heart skipped a beat. Youre all wet for me. I like it. Rikki told her.

Randi gasped as Rikki flicked his tongue across her swollen clit. Rikki laughed, and continued. He slid his tongue up and down the length of her, until her breathing got heavy. Do you like that? Yes. Randi whispered. Please dont stop. You taste so sweet. Rikki said before covering Randis clit with his mouth.  Randi tensed up for a moment when Rikki slid a finger into her opening, but quickly relaxed, as he slid another in. You are so tight. I cant wait to feel you. Rikki whispered as he started moving his fingers in and out of Randi. Randi began rocking her hips back and forth, matching the rhythm Rikki had set.

He continued to suck and lick Randis clit, and pump his fingers in and out of her. Rikki felt Randis body tensing up and knew that she was close, so he increased his pace and began talking to her. Thats it sexy, cum for me. I want to feel your sweet cum all over my fingers. Randi started moaning and calling out Rikkis name as her body trembled from the orgasm. Rikki removed his fingers, and began lapping up the sweet juices Randi had released. He finally got up and lay back down beside her. I hope I didnt disappoint you. Rikki told her. Of course you didnt disappoint me. That was wonderful. Thank you. Randi said as she leaned over to kiss him.

Now its my turn. Randi said bravely as she sat up in the bed. She lowered herself down to Rikkis throbbing member. Rikki watched as Randi took the head of him into her mouth, swirling her tongue around him. That feels so good. Rikki told her. Randi slowly took him in inch by inch. Rikki closed his eyes, and let Randi work her magic. She continued to move her mouth up and down his shaft, making him harder and harder. Rikki started talking, and Randi jumped a little.

I want to feel you. I am really enjoying what you are doing, but if you dont stop, I am not going to last long enough to get the chance. Rikki told her. Randi got crawled up Rikki and kissed him deeply. Ok, big boy Im all yours. Lets see just how powerful your rocket is. Randi said smiling evilly, as she lay back down. I like the sound of that. Rikki said as he positioned himself over Randi, and entered her wet womanhood. You are so tight. Rikki groaned as he started pumping in and out of her. Rikki stopped for a moment, just long enough to grab Randis legs and place her feet on his shoulders so he could go deeper. Randi moaned deep in her throat as Rikki increased the pace. Rikki watched as Randi reached between them and began manipulating herself. Rikki thought he would lose control right then, but willed himself not to shoot his load too soon.

Thats so sexy. Rikki said as he stared at Randi. Randi smiled at him and continued what she was doing. Rikki felt Randi starting to tighten around him and knew she was close, so he increased the pace. Cum for me again. He coaxed. Randi closed her eyes, and bucked her hips towards Rikki. Rikki continued to pound in and out of her as their orgasms hit at the same time. He finally collapsed on top of her. They lay like that for a few moments before Rikki turned over, pulling Randi with him so that she was on top.

That was incredible Rikki. Randi whispered as she ran her hand across his face. So where you. Rikki told her. So did my rocket meet your expectations? He asked. More then I could have ever imagined possible. Randi said as she lay her head down on his chest. Rikki reached over and turned out the lamp, then wrapped his arms around Randi. And soon they both drifted off to sleep, dreaming about each other.

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